Xanadu Weyr - Docks
The main dock of Xanadu Weyr has a T shape, the central pier extending out and then splitting into two branches. That central dock extends slightly past the branching, making a square often used as a staging area for supplies or simply as a spot to sit and relax.
Pointed away from the main beach, there's the dock where ships moor. The fishing vessels who make their home here are joined by trading ships and the occasional personal craft, bobbing on the waves.
In the other direction, there's an area used by the dolphineers. There's a shack with supplies, extra fins and breathing gear hung against the outside, and a large raft moored to the dock near a ladder. It floats low in the water, easy to clamber on or off, and on it is a Dolphin Bell, the rope dangling into the water to let the dolphins summon their crafters.

Paperwork? Not today. Today is a day to enjoy the warmth and sunshine. Kicked back on the edge of the dock, Esiae has even cast her flute and sheets of music aside, face upturned to bask in Rukbat's rays. Her outfit is simple, a cream one-piece swimsuit with a red skirt wrapped around her waist, the colors serving to set off the tan she's clearly working to maintain. Toes flick idly in Azov's waters, where Sonyxaeth is partially submerged, chin resting on the edge of the dock next to her rider, a low happy thrum rolling up out of her throat as the weyrwoman rubs her nose with absent-minded affection.

"And with that one, the counting is correct. Thank you a lot." E'tan addresses the white haired fisherman a warm smile and a farewell wave. Why would a Weyrleader check on a delivery at the docks? Tani certainly has more than his share to just grab other assignments. By the large smile on his face and the way he's carrying a particular crate, it's quite obvious that what's inside is special to him. Humming happily he swiftly turns to go back but a lazy silhouette finally catches his attention. "I assume you succeeded in losing that pesky Holder?" comes his voice asking as he deliberately shadows the sun, still holding his precious crate.

"Huh?" People have been coming and going from the docks all day, all of them chatting about various things, so it takes Esiae a moment to realize that perhaps that voice was addressing her. Her head rolls back so she can peer over one shoulder, brown eyes lighting up when she recognizes E'tan. "Oh, hey! Yeah, I think he finally gave up. He hasn't been back since, anyways." She's lazy, but not unobservant - the bronzerider's box is eyed curiously. "What'cha got there?" Sonyxaeth is curious, too. Her massive golden head finally raises off the docks, turning so she can peer down at E'tan with a quiet croon of greeting.

E'tan instinctively turns as if he could protect that box, a vain attempt considering the huge golden snout not very far. Oh shards, dangerously close. Coughing some, he puts the crate down and places a foot on its top, grinning. "You're lucky he's not persistent." Now he starts to chuckle some and feigns to finally notice the crate. "Oh that? Well…I don't know if I can tell…" he replies, giving Sonyxaeth a polite nod.

Sonyxaeth seems amused by E'tan's attempt to keep the box from her. Were she perhaps a little smaller, she might attempt to actually get it, but with age has come understanding of her enormous size, as well as knowledge about how humans seem to deal with it. Which is to say, not well. She chuckles then, a draconic and growly rendition, but a noise she's obviously picked up from over a dozen turns spent with Esiae. Don't worry, weyrleader-man, she won't touch your itty-bitty box. "I am," Esiae admits, teeth flashing in a fierce grin. "Though I might've implied that if he ever came back, I'd have Sony sit on him, so…" She says it so boldly that it might not be true, but then, she is Esiae, so who knows, really. At any rate, she raises one brow when E'tan says he doesn't know if he can tell her, lips twitching up in a smirk. "Aww. That's no fun. Is it for a girrrl?," she trills, voice sickly-sweet, clearly teasing.

E'tan did count on how reasonable a grown up queen dragon can be and obviously, his strategy did work. At least for now. He dips his head again at the gold, silently implying a grateful thank you. But now, her rider is another story altogether. Leaning on his knee some more, crossing his arms over it he doesn't seem that embarrassed. Was it part of some plans? "Well…it could be…actually." What? Did he just give up that easily? A simple harmless sweet tone of her voice and he's done? Nah. "Are you that interested?"

Sonyxaeth returns that nod, and it looks a little silly coming from a dragon, but she's nothing if not polite. Giving him a last whuffle, the great, ruddy gold turns her attention elsewhere, perhaps listening to distant dragon-chatter. Esiae frowns a bit, squinting over at E'tan, as though she can divine what's in the box just by reading his expression. "It could be, huh?" Brown eyes flick down to assess the box, it's relative size, and it's importance, considering it was delivered by boat, rather than dragon courier. Plus, he's here to get it himself, instead of sending one of several messengers down from the weyr. "But it could also not be." She doesn't answer his question immediately, but she does make a soft, thoughtful noise before glancing back up at him. "I mean, it's a box, and you won't tell me what's in it. Am I supposed to be not interested?," she jokes, raising both brows at him this time.

Oh the marvel of tickling someone's curiosity and especially a woman's. E'tan is clearly, shamelessly, enjoying the moment and if she's trying to guess by reading his expression, he keeps his eyes locked on her, smiling toothily. To be really honest he would told the goldrider right away but now…"I guess that it depends on what I may do with it for it to be for a girl or not." There. Some more mystery causing him to chuckle as he adds. "And I didn't say I won't ever tell you. Okay…" he's not that cruel after all, "…here's a clue. A /fisherman/ gave it to me."

Esiae's not dumb. She knows she's being goaded on, but at least she seems to be playing along. She strokes her chin with a dramatic 'hmm' when he adds to the mystery. "Here I was, thinking it was just a simple gift, but now…" And then he says its from a fisherman, and, well, she can't pass that one up. Her expression smoothes out, lips comically straight and eyebrows only slightly raised, gaze so serious that it's almost funny all by itself. "Are you going to try to catch a girl with a fishing lure? E'tan, honey, that's not how these things work…"

"That's what you think, my goldrider minx…" Tani swiftly replies wiggling a finger in front of her nose and forcing himself not to chuckle at her sudden serious expression. And the tone and words he just used? It's clearly a side effect of being closer of such a playful soul. "…but know that all of your beliefs may be turned upside down by the time you eat my famous roasted eel meal." And with that he lifts his chin in defiance as if he just revealed his ultimate weapon.

Esiae blinks, at first, for being called a minx - a savage, a pirate, a brat, she's been those things, but a minx? - but after a moment she laughs at the idea, eyes rolling playfully for his finger waggle. "So it is a fishing lure?," she says in a mock-incredulous tone, still trying to find out what's in that box, despite his teasing. Still, the mention of eel seeps into some corner of her brain, and she pauses for a second. "Famous, huh?" Her gaze flicks up and down him, as though of all things, she hadn't expected him to be any good at cooking. "Or do you just get mystery-boxes delivered all the time so that, when women ask you, you invite them to dinner?", she asks, smirking triumphantly. Look out! She might be on to him!

E'tan is a young man of many talents but most of them unknown to everyone. He slowly crosses his arms over his chest, straightening some. "It happens to be a special delivery I expected for months now. One of my weaknesses, I must admit. Now…" and who said that this one can't adapt quickly and take advantage of any situations that may arise? "…like I said, I'm sure it'd have an effect. /You/…" and he wiggles his finger at her again. "…gave me the idea of turning it into a fishing lure." The amused snort that follows undoubtedly betrays his very little hope in that matter. As well as being a decent cook, he also learnt to know Esiae is too much of a wild fire to be tamed like that. He snorts again the sound turning into a laughter. "Alright…I give up. You discovered me. My mother used to believe I'm an excellent cook and eels are my meal of choice. Now if you like to live dangerously, I can give you a taste…" He coughs, nearly chokes as he quickly adds. "I mean…I can make some for you…."

Esiae sighs dramatically when the bronzerider once again hedges around telling her what's in the box. Despite his teasing, whatever it is must be something he just doesn't want to share and, well, as mentioned, there is some part of Esi that's polite. She's buried it under many turns spent with Sonyxaeth and companions like Zan'ri, but it's there. Letting him change the subject, the goldrider raises an eyebrow at him, chuckling when he admits he's using it as a lure metaphorically since it was her idea. "Alright, I guess I did at that," she says with a grin, one that widens when he finally gives in and tells her about the eel dish. "Really? Eels, though? I mean, I know folks eat them, but I've never tried one myself." Her nose is wrinkled a bit, but she's the sort to try anything once. E'tan's mild fit of coughing is marked with a grin and a shake of her head for his mistake in word choice. "You should really have a healer check that out. But alright, if it's that good, I'll give it a chance," she says, but in a tone of voice that implies she'll be doing him a favor, and she'll expect one in return.

E'tan goes on to sit on the crate now, idly running a hand through his hair once, spying her reaction when she finally realizes what's in that box. Of course he expected the nose wrinkling but also a polite discard of the invitation. Looks like he's been misgauging her but then her tone…"Don't worry about that cough." he first says, raising a dismissive hand. "And trust me, it's really good. Setting aside the whole dinner thing, I'm certain you will love it. And you may even wanna have some more." If his tone is as playful and clearly returning the favor, he adds a wink to spice it up just a bit.

To be fair, Esiae has no idea (unless it really is eels in that box), she's just being nice and not pursuing it further, for now! Grinning widely when he dismisses her note about his cough, the woman listens avidly, one brow raising as E'tan speaks. "Certain, are you? Well, lucky for you, I live a vaguely dangerous lifestyle. I dunno if I'll love it until I try it, but try it I shall." She openly laughs for his wink, using the butt of her palm to knock his knee now that he's finally stopped looming over her and has sat down on his box. "You're terrible," she drawls, but in the manner of one who enjoys and appreciates that he'll joke back at her. "What I meant was, I'll try your food if you try something I want to do." One finger points up at the sky. "Ever gone dragon-diving?"

E'tan doesn't move when she swats at his knee, expecting something like that. "Terrible hu? Maybe not that much. I get the feeling you can teach a lot more in that matter." He echoes her laughter, adding his own deep tone as he listens just as carefully. Dragon-diving? His gaze moves up, following her finger then back down to meet her eyes, his own displaying the flame of challenge. "Nope, I must admit. I can wake Sab from his usual nap…." *BUGLE* *wince* "….or not…."

Esiae's face twists up as though comically considering his words, but she's pretty quick to nod, shoulders rising and falling. "Yeah, probably," she admits, tone good-natured. "I learned a few good pickup lines from the old biddies at Monaco when I visited them last week. They have the best material, old women," she says with a fierce grin. Her own eyes light up in response to the challenge in his, the goldrider finally pulling her feet out of the water in order to roll to a standing position. "No? Shells, it's the best thing." She chuckles when, judging by his wince, his lifemate refuses, but both of her shoulders roll with a shrug. "Ain't no problem. Sony says you can come with us if want. There's conditions, though." Brown eyes twinkle down at him, hands on her skinny waist as, name mentioned, the gold stops pretending to not listen and glances over with a low rumble that sounds like laughter.

Lost in a silent battle with his more than stubborn lifemate, Tani doesn't quite get the Monaco old women allusion. Grumbling and frowning for a couple of more seconds, he finally throws his arms, giving up. "Stubborn bronze b—" his thinking out loud cut short by another rumble. As she stands up he crosses his arms over his chest again. Okay now two set of glittering eyes on him. "Conditions? Of what kind?" He may be up to the challenge but a laughing dragon doesn't quite augur anything….safe. "Oh, Shards, name them and I'll follow." Wow, bold!

Esiae watches that internal debate go on with a sort of patient understanding. She can't imagine what it's like, living with a lifemate that isn't up for an equal if not greater number of challenges, but she can sympathize. "Spoil-sport," she says of Saburath with a slight smile. "But alright." Amused by his boldness, Sonyxaeth stands, water falling from her bulk and sloshing heavily around her paws as she moves to stand right behind her rider. "First of all, you can't go dressed like that, so if you've gotta change and get your box back to your weyr, go now. You ain't gonna drown under the weight of your own clothes on my watch. Also, when we tell you to jump, you either jump, or you don't. Don't hesitate and jump later, 'cause you might get hurt. Got it?" Both eyebrows raise, waiting for an affirmative as she picks at the knot holding her wrap-skirt in place, not intending to disobey her own rules.

E'tan immediately raises to his feet, his turn to look down at her. "He can be at times, yeah. He thinks it's a waste of time since I can only dive and not properly fly." He shrugs, but shows his eagerness by grabbing the box. "Switch to proper clothes, got it." He begins to pass by, voluntarily bumping on her shoulder. "I shall be quick to return and…you don't have to worry. I quite never hesitate when my decision is set." With that he trots rather cheerful and vanishes from sight only to come back a little later, wearing a set of short black swimming shorts, a towel across his bare chest. "Okay, fearless Min…fearless Esi. I'm back and ready."

Esiae shrugs lopsidedly, shooting E'tan a grin. "Well, shows what he knows, doesn't it?" Still, she chuckles for his shoulder-bump and waves him off, folding her skirt's red fabric in her hands and moving to her own beach-side weyr. By the time he's back, she's ready and so is Sonyxaeth, thin cord straps made of a thick, quick-drying cloth secured about her chest. Partially submerged at the end of the dock for easy boarding, the dragon bugles for the bronzerider's return, excitement whirling in the gold's blue-green eyes. Esiae's flash with amusement when E'tan amends his statement, chin ducking in a nod. "You do learn," she jests. Then: "C'mon." Taking a leap, she clambers aboard her lifemate with quick, practiced movements, buckling a pair of quick-release straps around her knees before grabbing ahold of two loops that were clearly made for the task. There's a second pair of straps just behind her for E'tan, and two hand-holds as well, should he prefer to hang on to those instead of her. Clearly, the harness was made for exactly this sort of task, rather than everyday use. "Let me know when you're ready!"

E'tan gives Sonyxaeth a quick salute with two fingers from his forehead, grinning broadly as she bugles to his return. "Quick learner yeah…" And then he leaps as well but for a nice dive. Surfacing again he grabs one end of the harness to climb behind Esiae. "Always wise to taste the waters first." He says, securing himself as well and already spraying some water at her. Of course, the ethic would dictate the Weyrleader to use the hand-holds but just as he left his heavy knot in his weyr, he decides to grab a hold of her waist with one arm. "Reeeaaaadyyyyy!!!!" He practically yells in her ears.

Esiae laughs when the spray of water hits her. She's already buckled in, so there isn't much she can do, but when E'tan leans in to grab ahold of her, she definitely aims to give him an elbow in the ribs. "That was cold," she says, but she's grinning, too excited to be at all irritated. If that 'ready' is loud, her whoop is louder, and Sonyxaeth's bugle louder still. Wings explode out of the water, missing the dock by narrow yet calculated inches as the gold gathers her bulk beneath her and launches into the air. This - this is clearly where the gold belongs. Catching a thermal, they're high in the air in no time, Esiae letting loose a peal of giggles when the dragon spins and dips and otherwise shows off, giving E'tan plenty to feed back to Saburath to show the killjoy what he's missing. "Show off!," Esi laughs, leaning forwards against the bronzerider's arm to slap Sonyxaeth's hide. The gold executes a tight barrel-roll in response, really testing those leg straps before acquiescing and leveling out. "Alright, we're almost out far enough," Esi says, half-shouting to be heard over the wind. She peers back over her shoulder, flyaways from her braid whipping across her face. "Last chance to back out!" If there were ever a challenge, that was it!

E'tan finds himself in thrilling midst of wind, cheerful cries and gold dragon show off. It felt like ages since he had that kind of fun. And to think about it more, he's never experienced anything like it even during his early classes. Saburath isn't the one to blame for that tho. The young pair practically jumped from weyrlinghood to leading position. "Woooooooottt!!!!" is all that comes from Tani's throat as he deeply enjoys every of Sonyxaeth sharp and expert moves. The poke in his rib juste before they took airborn worth all that followed. And, yeah, he did that on purpose. Very quick learner with the right model. "Don't you think you'll get rid off me that easily." And not to yell in her ears again he replied, leaning closer her, lightly pressing his chest against his back for just a second. Still dripping cold chest that is.

Oh boy. If E'tan ever lets on out loud that he's never really had time for stunts like this, he'll find himself on the receiving end of infinite amounts of peer pressure. Their dragons are big enough that they can't pull off some of the neater stunts that blues and greens can manage, but even so, it's clear the goldriding pair believes in pushing it to the maximum, and wouldn't stand for it. Esiae laughs for E'tan's reassurance, head nodding fervently to show she's heard him… and then she squeaks when he presses against her, sun-hot shoulders hiking up around her ears with the sudden cold. "Rude!," she exclaims, aiming a needly glare back at him, but it's tempered with a fierce grin. Why? Because, thighs gripped tight around her dragon, the woman unclips both of her leg straps at once with a practiced gesture. Left hang swinging around to grab the handle in front of her, Esi shifts into a crouch, steadying herself against the buffeting winds so she can offer E'tan a bracing hand if he needs it so he can do the same. Sonyxaeth is swooping lower but they're still about ten meters above the water, which is flying by fast. "Keep your posture straight. On my count. Three, two, one!" And then she's flinging herself off her dragon's back, arms raised, legs straight. She pierces the water and disappears beneath it for a long moment before she surfaces, whooping and wiping the water out of her face before squinting around for E'tan.

"Sorry couldn't resist…" Tani swiftly replies, lifting both hands to shield himself for anything rougher then her glare is predicting. He's obviously not sorry at all but doesn't have time to savor his trick as she's in no time, freed from her straps and crouching. Offering her a broad smile, he as quickly s he can, works on freeing himself as well and if he had the intention to take her offered hand he didn't make it fast enough and it's with blinking eyes that he watches her plummet. "No waiiiiiittttt……" the sound turning into a scream as he follows her just in a blink. Sadly, his eagerness didn't help him gain a proper diving stance. *THUD-SPLASH* echoes noisily, after the bronzerider-turned-into-a-ball hits the surface. Reflexes. Fraught blesses his reflexes! All he succeeded to do was to grab his knees and bring them close to his chest. Surfacing again, he takes some times to float on his back, spilling waters and coughing.

Esiae can definitely tell he isn't sincere, judging by the smirk she shoots his way, but there's no flying elbows or revenge for him, this time! Besides, in mere seconds it's too late, and they're already in the water. Sonyxaeth, having likely noted his balled-up entrance, swoops back around for a swift landing of her own, the gold swiveling close with snake-like gestures to eye him carefully. "E'tan!" Esi isn't too far behind, but she's much smaller than the gold, and has farther to go. "Shells, you alright?" He's at least floating, but the coughing has her brows knitted as she draws near, shifting her body so she can tread water and hover close. Her eyes are still bright from the sheer adrenaline rush of it all, but for now, it is tempered by concern for the bronzerider.

E'tan is still floating, his slow breathing making him sink and then surface in rhythm. He doesn't cough anymore but doesn't show any signs of consciousness as well, his arms slowly parted by the water streams and the closeness of Sonyxaeth and the approaching goldrider. Once close enough, a weak sound can be heard but only if one gets very close…

If their flying was impressive, the teamwork exhibited by the goldriding pair is perhaps even more so. Inhaling deeply, Sonyxaeth slides carefully under the water without needing any sort of request or signal. "Crap." Esiae takes that last couple of strokes forwards in order to very gently tuck one arm under E'tan's head, the other around his middle, using strong kicks to keep her afloat. "E'tan? C'mon, wake up," she says in a strong tone, remarkably calm in the face of his worrisome posture and noises. Without any sort of communication seeming to pass between them, Sonyxaeth rises slowly under the gold- and bronzeriders so that they are eventually lifted out of the water upon her great golden back. "E'tan?" The goldrider shakes his shoulder hard, now that he's settled between the gold's 'ridges, giving him a second to come around himself before she attempts to resuscitate him. "Come on, you're scaring me…"

Nothing that comes from E'tan's mouth seems to be intelligible. Short groaning sounds are emitted when he's delicately grabbed by a worried Esiae. When she begins to shake his shoulder rather firmly on the back of Sonyxaeth, he coughs again, spilling more waters, his eyes half-opened by the sudden and violent quiver. Oh he should have known better. What was he thinking? Accepting risky challenges like this one without any training in that domain of any sort. Of course he survived his years of class with a fast growing and smart ass Saburath to cover his back but this….this….this is way too easy! *SPLASH* He lightening fast straightens to a sitting position before leaping on the poor worried goldrider using one of the gold dragon's neckridges. A very loud laughter accompanies their fall in the water again but this time, she'll be the one startled out.

Esiae shrieks when E'tan catches her by surprise, using his momentum to push them both into the water again. Sonyxaeth rumbles, clearly having enjoyed the joke but Esiae… not so much. She coughs and splutters when she surfaces again, but then she whips one hand back, hand cupped, and shoves as big of a wave of water as she can in the bronzerider's general direction. "Damnit, E'tan," she growls furiously, one hand pushing water and a few strands of clinging hair from her face before she treads water again. "That's not funny! I thought you were hurt." Now that he's clearly alright, though, the frown between her brows and the stress in her shoulders eases, only held there by sheer will and determination. He deserves to think he's in the doghouse for a minute for that little stunt! Hmph! Sony circles about them in the meantime, issuing another draconic chuckle, knowing why the fakeout bothered Esi so much, but also knowing how much it actually took to trick her lifemate like that.

E'tan tries to shield his face as well as he can but he's still recovering from that sudden attack he doesn't quite succeed. "Yes…" he's coughing again, swallowing some of Esi's anger wave of revenge. "…it is funny indeed." this time rubbing his eyes, he gives Sonyxaeth a knowing wink before setting his attention on the grumpy goldrider again. Some of her truly concern finally did reach his silly brain and he starts to swim closer. "Alright…I admit…I maybe shouldn't have went that far…But….look at you, Esi…" and his smile reappears on his face. "…all fierce and bold turned into an almost fragile worrying girl. What a contrast. I'm not made of sugar, you know. And Saburath would have kicked my ass way sooner and prevented me to do stupid things if he ever felt I was in any kind of danger…"

Poor E'tan. He's only trying to be silly, or reassuring, or romantic, or something but he's apparently gone about it the wrong way. Esiae bristles when he swims closer, eyes narrowing into dangerous brown slits. "I am not a girl, E'tan. I'm not some fragile little waif who's going to just… swoon because 'hooray, you are alive,' and you'd do well to remember that." If she were fierce and bold before, well, what is she now? "I have half a mind to get up on my dragon and leave you here. See how much you like playing dead when you have to swim your ass back to shore." The words come out harsh, but when Sonyxaeth pauses in her circling and nudges her rider, Esiae gives the gold a hard look and then sags a bit, fury ebbing away slowly. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean that. I just—" She huffs out of her nose, paddling for a moment before continuing. "I've worked on boats. I saw a man drown once. His dragon Betweened. His weyrmate was a wreck. It ain't pretty, and it ain't funny, alright?" A beat. "I really was worried." And okay, maybe there is a part of her that's fragile under all of that bluster, one that casts her eyes away as though not wanting to admit she'd briefly feared for the bronzer's life.

E'tan didn't expect that. Like at all. Yes, he may have wanted to try some stupid play dead joke. That's a fact and he won't ever pretend otherwise. But only to make her swoon? No. He may have been attracted at some point and maybe still is but he'd never expect her to just swoon. He's learnt to realize that she's not that kind at all. So he simply keeps his distance, face expressionless as he listens to her ranting fury. "You're not the only one who's seen terrible things. My brother drown himself saving me. I saw him sink just after he pushed me towards the shore. I saw his eyes…." He nearly breaks at that confession but straightens and continues through clenched teeth. "But here I am. Fooling around in the water with you. It took me turns to swim again but I did. Usually I'm to very keen but I sensed some of my brother's strength and way of considering life in you." he pauses to wipe his forehead. "I admit there was a lot of teasing and such but you helped me forget about my worries. Look….I am truly sorry, Esiae. I didn't mean to hurt. And maybe you should go back leaving me here if you're too angry. I'd understand. It's not a big deal. Sab will eventually come and pick me." And here his Weyrleader's mask covers his face again.

To her credit, Esiae listens to all of that without interjecting, brown eyes eventually shifting from the horizon to flick over the bronzerider's face when he talks. Her expression stays on the low side of neutral, but her lips purse gently when he apologizes, head shaking ever so slightly. "Come up here." There's no sense in having a discussion this heavy in the water, where it takes so much physical energy to stay afloat, when Sonyxaeth is right there. Using the gold's straps, Esi pulls herself up onto Sony's back, dropping to a sitting position and patting the spot next to her. She won't blame him much if he chooses not to, but it doesn't seem like she's going to say anything else unless he's up there with her, weyrleader mask or no.

E'tan is indeed using both of his arms and legs to keep his head out of the dancing waters. His mask seems less strong than he thought it was as a weak dawn of a smile, very slowly, edges his lips when he life his gaze up to look at her. As if he just sobered from a hell of a beach party, save for the strong hangover, Tani nods and soon takes his place next to her, trying not to spray waters this time. "And yet it started so nicely…"

For a second, it seems as though Esi might sit there in silence after all, staring down at the water even after E'tan vacates it. Even when he remarks on how things started so well, she only snorts quietly, hands twitching on Sonyxaeth's hide as though resisting folding them across herself. "I'm sorry," she says eventually. It takes a second, but she eventually tears her gaze away from blue waters to look at him, eyes flicking over his face. "I didn't mean to imply that my experience was singular, and I didn't know- Wasn't-" Her brows twist into a frown, the woman clearly not good at apologizing. "I'm sorry," she repeats instead of fumbling further. "I ain't gonna leave you here, and I shouldn't've implied those things about you. I'm just… not good. With people." A beat. "Well I mean, I am good with people, just not… people," she says, flicking him a look in the hopes he'll understand. "I can charm a coin off a beggar, but I'm not much good at this, whatever this is." Friendship. Relationships in general that aren't more than surface-deep. Brown eyes lower with a huff. "And I'm sorry about your brother." She takes a moment, chewing on the inner corner of her lip. "I am glad you came with me, though. Maybe we can try it again. I'll try to be less awful to you." She shoots for a smile, but it's little compared to her usual ones, leaning her shoulder in to knock his. "We probably should head home, though. We both got stuff to do." Which is an excuse, but one that has at least some validity. There was always something to do, for them.

E'tan kept his icy blue eyes on her the whole time, listening to her attempt at apologizing. The bronzerider more than aware it's taking her greatest efforts to do so. At her second 'sorry' he tries to raise one hand to silence her but smiles instead. A poor shadow of on of his usual but still. "You're fine, really, Esi. We both didn't know it'd bring back troubling memories, if not sad ones. And please…for Xanadu's sake…don't ever stop being yourself. I wouldn't come back again with you otherwise. Now…" And he bumps his shoulder back into hers, playful. "Bring our sorry asses back to the Weyr, will you." His tone feigning some kind of command as he leans to gently pats Sony's hide.

Esiae looks grateful for his understanding, some of the stress leaving her expression. She even goes as far as to smirk and roll her eyes when he implies he wouldn't come back if she wasn't herself, and it's that more than anything that gets her back to her feet. "Yeah, yeah," she mutters when he borrows her words, nose scrunched with a smile as she pads up Sony's spine to her neck, careful not to slip on the gold's wet hide. "Well, buckle up so your 'sorry ass' doesn't fall off, then." As soon as he's settled, Sony bursts from the water as powerfully as before, the trip back to the weyr seeming much shorter without the exciting dips and dives. The gold pair doesn't linger once they return E'tan to the beach, Esi barely having time to flip a wave before Sony leaps and flaps the several dragon lengths to their cliffside, ship-shaped weyr.

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