Constant Changes

Xanadu Weyr - Feeding Grounds
A large portion of the eastern edge of the meadow has been fenced off, the corralling on three sides is located on the rolling meadow, while the fourth is located a short way up on the eastern hills. Within the large corral are a variety of beasts - ovines, bovines, and wherries - milling around, though the appearance of a dragon may send them one way or the other to try and escape. A small pond is set near one corner of the enclosure, and at times it reflects the low, bordering mountains.

Just at the forest's edge set under the tree line is a guest weyr for use in mating flights, a simple cottage made of weathered planking and grey stones.

Geeze. When did it become winter? Ka'el isn't quite sure of the season anymore. Autumn. Winter. It's cold, regardless, though snow has yet to begin falling and while some trees are stark naked, others still cling to golden and red leaves. Wearing a leather jacket and his trademark cold weather beanie, he leans against the fence of the feeding grounds. His hair is getting long again. Dark curls escape from the edge of his headwear and curl about the ears and forehead. But short hair isn't really necessary anymore. He's far used to everything weyrlinghood has to offer in regards to dragon care and upkeep. Kanekith is doing fine. The bronze has taken down a fat bovine and is feeding now. Ka'el isn't watching the bloody scene and instead is contemplating the cloudy sky.

No matter the weather all dragons need to feed, including Tahryth. The green swoops down from someplace, wings fluttering a few times before she lands outside of the pens for the moment, which allowed Idrissa to hop down. Though Tahryth doesn't wait for long, there is a grumblerumble for sure coming from the green's belly and once her rider is off the young dragon is off into the air once more. Rissa brushes herself off while she moves along, hand resting within her jacket pockets, her bright gaze soon catching sight of Ka'el whom she watches a few moments, pondering it seems. "Hey.." Is soon heard.."

Ka'el's eyes shift from the mass of gray to a dot of green that's lowering. Jnelle, Carolin, Reina, or Idrissa. Who will it be? Kanekith is too busy tearing flesh to give his rider a heads up. He knows it's Tahryth, and the green is given a shadow's pass to her thoughts as a greeting before he goes back to eating. Nom nom RIP TEAR BLOOD! -.-; Ka'el continues to watch til the features of the dragon become more apparent. A different hue than Kanyeth. Narjath is mottled. Laoshuth is dark. Tahryth is recognized before she lands, and he turns, pressing his back against the fence instead to watch Idrissa dismount. His eyes meet hers, and a smirk quirks his lips. "Hey. Hungry?" He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a mint candy. "…Ok, so it isn't food, but it makes the smell've blood less…well.. just less."

There is a soft rumble, a light brush of thoughts back to Kanekith in greeting while Tahryth is busy heading upwards in the cooling air so she can give the herds a good look over it seems. Idrissa ponders that, a faint smirk seen before she shakes her head. "Tahryth is more then me.." There is a pause at the offer of the candy before she reaches up tot ake it. "Thanks." Is said while she leans against the fence and looks out within the pen. "How goes?"

"Aren't they always? Kanekith's hunger's like nothing I ever felt," remarks Ka'el after passing the candy over to her. "It's like his stomach waits til the last moment, then .. bam, starvation." He snickers, head shaking. "He puts off eating til the last minute. As if he'll miss out on somethin' if he isn't around." A smirk and he reaches into his pocket to pull out another piece of candy to unwrap and pop into his mouth while considering her question. "I'm ….behind," he says with a nod. "Uh, procrastinating. Sneaking. Cramming … but I got an official lookin' letter this morning, so even with all that, I'm good." He grins crookedly. "You?"

Idrissa unwraps her piece of candy and soon pops it into her mouth, the wrapper is stuck into a pocket as she lets her gaze rest on the bronze a few moments. "Yeah.. I guess I can sorta understand why he'd feel that way… About worried on missing stuff and all." A shrug is seen and she soon glances over to Ka'el. "Letter huh, about your Weyr maybe?" She got one to it seems. "I've been alright.. Got the letter and went to look at mine." There is a slight pause before she shrugs. "Seems sort of strange getting a place now. I mean I knew it was going to happen at some point just never had a place to call my own." Tahryth has gona all quiet and is soon swoopin downwards heading towards a small flock of wherry that are at a bit of the pen off from the herdbeast. One wherry is grabbed and slammed into the ground under the eager talons of the green, she makes quick work of killing it and is going to work already in starting to eat dinner it seems.

"You saw yours?" questions Ka'el with lifted brows. ".. Heh, I guess all've us are gettin' to that point, huh? The 'move out' phase of weyrlinghood." He grins at the thought, though it's a layered look. Eager. Wistful. "S'gonna be weird not sleepin' in the barracks. Weird but shardin' good, huh?" He looks at her now for confirmation. "No more 'everybody else'. Just you and your lifemate." He stuffs both hands in his pockets now to keep them warm, glancing out at the green zip that is Tahryth as she makes her kill. Blood and gore! "What does yours look like?" he asks, giving the girl a sidelong look.

Idrissa nods at this while she ponders. "Yeah.. Don't have to worry about stuff and all." Stuff, cause stuff can be serious after all. She is quiet for a few moments while Tahryth makes the kill, her eyes closing and she tilts her head to look away from Ka'el, a faint breath escaping her. The young green is quick to start ripping into her kill, tail wagging about behind while her wings tuck in close. It takes a few moments for Rissa to finally speak up. "It's nice, near the water, I bet I'll be able to see the sky nice at night. Even a place for RedFeathers so he doesn't have to stay at the stables anymore."

Ka'el is quiet as he continues to lean against the fence post, watching her with genuine interest as she speaks of her new weyr. Near the water, eh? Must be near the coast near some of the others he used to make deliveries to. His brows lift. "A place for your runner? Wow .. they must've really thought've you and what you have when they picked yours out. Lucky for you there was one with a stable near," he says with a grin before awkwardly rubbing a hand against the top of his head, grazing his palm along the soft fabric of his beanie. "I .. haven't been to mine yet," he admits. "Got directions," he pats a pocket of his jeans, "but … I dunno. Just haven't." Kanekith pauses briefly in his feeding, his head lifting fractionally to look at the two weyrlings, but whatever thoughts he may have are kept to himself as he munches on. "When are you going to move in?"

Idrissa nods, a soft smile seen while letting her chin settle against her forearm which rests on the fence post. "Yeah.. I dono who use to live there before but it's nice. I never had nothing to really call my own before.. Not like this, it's strange feeling that it's actually mine." A slight glance is sent towards Ka'el watching him curiously. "You should go see it, especially before it gets any colder. Can get stuff you might need for it an all before the snow falls." As for the question there is a shrug and she glances back towards the pen. "I figured when we're allowed to leave the barrks I'd just move in."

"I know the feeling," Ka'el agrees, nodding once. "First time ever, not havin' to share anything to anyone. No snorin'. No alarms that aren't mine goin' off. No havin' to sneak in…" A grin slowly begins to curve his lips at that. "It's going to be amazing. I don't get how some've the others didn't want this. It's shardin' crazy to me. And … I figure, if we got those letters…maybe we're allowed to leave. Move in when we're ready." He pushes off against the fence to stand without leaning now, eyes glancing off to the forest. "I should go see it," he says gently to himself before smirking over at her. "Want to come with me for the big reveal?"

Idrissa chuckles softly at the thought, a soft smile seen. "I'll take your word for it. Sam never much bothered me." Though there was other reasons as to why that may have happened. When Kanekith wandering over she smiles up at the bronze, a slight wave seen even. Tahryth isn't to much longer with her kill, one she is smaller then the bronze, and two she wasn't hungrey enough to try and take down something else. Once the green is indeed done she makes her way towards the others, a soft rumble escaping her as she casts a swirling glance to Kanekith. « Going to check your weyr then? » Did say yes to tagging along, though the offer of his arm has her pondering a moment. A slight smirk seen before she leans a bit closer letting her arm curl around his, only reason she has is becasue she is /cold/. "Onwards then."

« My … weyr. » Kanekith repeats the phrase as if he's never heard it before, the words a thick and spreading ink in the mind. His bloody muzzle is tilted as his head cants, considering the question given by his much smaller clutchmate. « Our weyr. … Yes. That is what is on his mind. But I cannot follow. I am too large." Wings unfurl and flap once, stretching. « I will follow above. » Ka'el grins to his bronze, nodding in agreement. "Kanekith can't move much further in from where we are. It's .. got to be in a clearing right?" He sounds vaguely worried, though … the AWLMs and whoever else wouldn't find a place so congested that his bronze couldn't get through, right? As his arm is taken, a warm smile is offered to Idrissa and, after taking a look at that note from Jethaniel, he leads her on while Kanekith takes to the sky.

« Yes, your weyr.. Well, you shall fly then so shall I. » Tahryth offers with a light warble as her wings open and she hops into the air, circling once before following after the bronze. "Sok, Tahryth will just follow along with him." Idrissa says while peering at the note curiously to see where abouts they could possible be heading.

Xanadu Weyr - Kanekith's Arc Forge
Half-set into a forested knoll is a curved bulwark of stone, tracing out part of a circle. Slightly more than half, in fact. The curved outer wall is yellowed fieldstone, looking like the ruins of some ancient tower now tumbled to a single story's worth of height and adapted into a weyr. The circular shape is completed by a courtyard of red bricks, set into the ground in a houndstooth pattern. The inner wall is slightly concave, made of that same yellow stone, and the sloped roof is a partial cone made from red tile.

The heart of the clearing is a machine now. A small open forge is set out slightly from the wall. There's a bellows to coax the flame hot enough to melt iron and an anvil to work it over. A few wooden chairs provide a place to sit and listen to any avians not yet frightened away by the clang of metal, or perhaps to roast sausages on sticks over a forge whose coals have burnt down low.

To either side of the forge, there's a large archway that leads to a sheltered couch. It's fairly narrow, enough so that a large bronze might have difficulty turning around, but perhaps that's why there's one archway on each end, the openings cleverly angled to keep out most of the wind while still allowing the draconic inhabitant to keep watch on the approaches. Along the back wall of that couch, in the center, is a human-sized door leading further inside.

Ok so…the note says forest, towards the feeding grounds. Well, they were already there! Then to the right. Ka'el guides her to the first right that he sees, pushing aside a few bare branches. Above, Kanekith flies, visible thanks to the half naked trees. He circles above, slowing his flight and keeping his thoughts on Ka'el and Tahryth at the same time. More walking. Then a second left. And.. "Shards.." The path ahead is a maze of branches, bramble, and undergrowth that definitely needs to be trimmed back if he's hoping to have any visitors. For now, he unlinks his arm from Idrissa's and does his best to clear a path for her, pushing aside clawing branches and kicking at the brush. "So…if no one ever sees me again, assume I've been trapped in my own weyr and starved to death.." he snerks before finally the brush begins to clear and the clearing comes into view, as does the curved wall of a crumbled tower weyr and and forge before it.

Idrissa hums softly as they go moving on through the forest, yes the /forest/ of all places. Which for what it is worth she does tense up somewhat as they go wandering through to find a path, that may or may not lead towards a weyr. There might be felines around after all, and this is a thought that lingers in the back of her mind. She is so thankful that her weyr is off near the coast. Tahryth let's out deep rumble, hovering down low across the tree tops to show that all will be fine to her rider. Rissa casts a glance around and then back over to Ka'el, ducking under some branches as they continue forward. "Are you sure that it is out here..?" It seems, well.. Strange to say the least. She pauses and peers towards the sight of the weyr once they keep moving along. "Yeah because Kanekith would /so/ let that happen."

"He may. He doesn't like asking for help," notes Ka'el with a grin. "Though death might be the thing that makes'm swallow his pride." He grins over at her, lifting one last overhanging branch to clear the way and let her through before he turns around and faces … his new home. He pauses, eyes vaguely widening as he stares at the structure ahead. Large. Round. .. His? "Woah … woah is that a…" A forge? A forge! Yes, a forge in high need of upkeep and cleaning and a bit of repair but he knows a forge when he sees one. Above, Kanekith gets a bird's eye view of the place, which is in turn shared with Ka'el, whose speech is starting to fail him. But actions do not, and he reaches a hand over to touch at Idrissa's wrist, as if making sure she's real and thus making this anything but a hallucination.

Idrissa shakes her head, a soft chuckle escaping her. "I bet he would ask for help if you was in trouble." She points out with an amused tone at the idea. There is a pause as she slips around the branch and is quiet as she looks over the place, taking everything in with a soft oh escaping her. Though Tahryth does offers her a overview of the whole place. "Woah.. Look at all this.." Pause, the touch of her wrist is felt and she casts a glance over to Ka'el to eye him curiously. "What's wrong?.."

Good question. What's wrong? The expression on his face certainly doesn't hint that anything's wrong. There's awe in his eyes as he stares at his home. Overgrown. Abandoned. In need of a deep cleaning on the barren inside, most likely. But it's his. That piece of paper that's been stuffed back into his pocket says so. His and his alone. Kanekith comes to a heavy land now and gives his wings a few mighty flaps before folding them. Time for him to inspect his home, too! And he won't even mind if Tahryth inspects as well. It takes Ka'el a moment, but he does eventually blink and turns his somewhat wide eyes to Idrissa. The touch of fingertips to her wrist soon strengthens to a hand as his fingers wrap gently around, and he turns towards her. "It's a lot of change. Everything. Havin' weyr. Bein' riders. Everything's different than what it was a one, two turns ago. An' I figure, it's gonna keep changing. But .. eh, I don't want us to change. I never did. I still want you part've my world, you know? I've known you since we were thirteen, fourteen turns."

Idrissa always tends to jump to something being wrong over anything else. Too many things have happened for her not to just assume that even. Tahryth sweeps one way and then another before she lowers and settles down in a spot upon the ground. Wings tucking close and eyes a swirl as she looks over the area, there is a soft croon escaping her while she is off to explore, new things to sniff, perhaps lick knowing this one. As for Rissa she is left looking back at Ka'el watching him as the fingers stay upon her wrist, the words are heard and taken in before she turns her head to let her gaze follow after Tahryth. "Yeah everything had changed over the last few turns.. Sorta happens though with growing up and so forth." There is a pause and she glances back to him. "I know.. I want the same, it's just.. we've have changed, it can't be like it was before." Before being before they were something besides friends.

"I know it can't be exact," agrees Ka'el. "It shouldn't be exactly like it was. I'm not your boyfriend, and I know. But before we were that, we were friends. I want you to be my friend. I want my friend back because as we are right now, I don't feel like we're friends. I feel like we're .. sharin' space. Acquaintances at best. And I know I haven't done the best job at bein' your friend, but I will do better because with all these changes I know that you have to be one of the constants. You're not someone I can just forget .. and you aren't someone I'd want to forget." His hand continues to hold her wrist, though his grip isn't one that would stop her from pulling away if she wishes to. The look in his eyes is earnest. "I'll do better."

Idrissa nods slightly as things are said, agreeing with what has been said. A soft breath escapes her and she watches him. "I know Ka'el.. Not that I've done a much better job with any of it." No where close to it really. If he didn't have hold of her wrist this most likely would be a different conversation, even though she gets the feeling that she could 'escape' if needed she doesn't pull away, just watching him. "If your willing to do better then I am too." Well, it's sort of a start in the right direction perhaps.

At that, Ka'el smiles and now he does release her wrist. But this is only so that he can curl that same arm around her and collect her in a hug. Or at least, he tries to. Rejecting a hug from him … well, he'd understand why. But there's no harm in trying, and he does seem genuinely happy. And so, if she allows, he'll bring her close and his one-armed hug will turn into a two-armed one as his other joins around her, squeezing her a little as he secretly smiles for a happy moment. It'll last not long. Not lingering for a time that could be considered awkward or too suggestive, and he'll let her go easily, whether she accepts the gesture or not. Then, with a crooked grin: "C'mon. Let's see just how shardin' cool my weyr really is."

Idrissa hasn't had a hug in a while, well at least not from Ka'el. She isn't sure what to expect, even though yes it is just a hug. For a mere second she is left a but unsure before she gives him a light hug back. She'd missed that a lot more then she cares to admit, and she won't be bring it up that's for sure. When the hug is ended she won't complain, won't try to make it linger and offers him a slight smile. "Sure, lead onwards. Tahryth says you need some color in it though, maybe seashells?" Well of course the green would already thing shells would be good.. A matter of fact the young dragon is poking her head into a window snifsniffing around within the weyr. She is bound to sneeze at some point, and Ka'el should be very thankful that she hasn't had any firestone or that could have been a problem.

And so Ka’el, Idrissa, and their respective dragons explore the what could’ve been majestic tower in a time that no one remembers with as much gusto as two teens discovering something new would be expected to have. And thankfully, any dragon sneezes into windows do not result in a fiery end! After some time, with every inch examined by all four, the greenling pair departed by dragonback, perhaps to give another long look at their own new home, or to begrudgingly tuck away such leisure for another time in order to return to weyrling routines. Ka’el himself has stayed behind, and the young man stands in the middle of the living room of his weyr. What would be a living room, anyway. Right now, it’s an empty space with dust and dirt and creepy crawlies that wonder who has invaded their home. So much cleaning to be done. Wiping and sweeping and trashing and pulling weeds that have overgrown outside and portions within. But it is his space. His only. He revels in that fact, inhaling a deep breath of the stagnant air and exhaling through the mouth as a grin slowly spreads.

« This is ours? » Kanekith has situated himself within his couch, facing out. It’s roomy. Not roomy enough for some actions, but there are ways around it. It is comfortable and sheltered and he can see all who approach. He is the watchdragon of this dilapidated tower. This weyr. None shall pass without his say so and without his knowing, and that’s exactly how he likes it.

“Yeah buddy,” grins Ka’el, speaking aloud. “It’s home.”

And oh .. the parties. The epic parties to be had here! With just enough space for bodies of friends to crash and sleep off too much liquor and an overdose of awesome. ^^

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