Xanadu/Fort Weyrleaders Meeting

Fort Weyr - Council Chambers

A large table, spacious enough to seat all of the Weyrleaders of Pern simultaneously, takes up the majority of the space in this room. Comfortable chairs are placed at regular intervals around the highly polished table, and writing materials have been laid out at each place in preparation for the next meeting. Along the walls are a series of sideboard tables, meant to hold food and drink for longer conference sessions.

Things in Fort are rather at ease. Eggs on the Sands, candidates getting settled into place. It is simply the administrative side of things that still seems to be on a fine line of control and utter chaos. However, things have settled to the point where Dtirae wears the Senior's knot without hesitation and her relationship with Th'ero has come to be on a little more sturdy ground. It is a little later, just before dinner, a quiet hour for the Leadership, to wind down on their work and determine what to do tomorrow and what can be pushed to later dates. However, Dtirae is not among those determining those factors, instead, the woman settles in the Council Chambers, waiting.

Having not heard anything more of upheaval over the leadership change in Fort, there seems to be no urgency in the visit, just a routine call. Arriving together, bronze and gold trumpet greetings from Xanadu Weyr, a harmony that reverberates in the sky as they land in the bowl. Having been directed where to meet the Fort Weyrwoman, the Weyrleaders from Xanadu enter the council chambers a few minutes later. Thea is dressed, not quite formally, but nicely enough, shrugging out of a short fur jacket as she enters, sea green eyes seeking for Dtirae. Her steps quicken as she sees her, and she gives the younger woman an easy smile. "Dtirae. Hello. You are well, I hope? And Zuvaleyuth as well?"

Xe'ter follows on his Weyrwoman's lead, cutting a handsome enough figure…except that he still looks painfully young AND distinctly under comfortable with his role. If that means that Thea walks a good step ahead of him and does all the talking, Xanadu's bookish Weyrleader seems perfectly alright with it. His voice, creaking softly, adds to Thea's greeting, "Xanadu's duties to Fort, her Queens, and the dam on the Sands…" He casts his silvery gaze over Dtirae…but that's where his greeting falters a bit and he goes quiet once more.

Normally by this hour, if he can, Th'ero escapes to the privacy of his own weyr and the tiny office within to while away the last hours of the days with whatever he deems fitting to occupy his time. Duty or pleasure. But the Weyrleader isn't in his weyr and is instead alongside Dtirae, seated as comfortably as he can be in his chair as he waits. He's used to brooding over his thoughts in silence, so it'll be no surprise that his features have settled into a slight frown and that little to no conversation passes between either of them. It disappears though once Velokraeth informs him of the arrival of the Xanadu Leadership pair and there's a subtle shift in Th'ero as he sits just a fraction straighter. He's not dressed too formal himself, but neat enough. As both Thea and Xe'ter enter the chambers, he lets the greetings pass without interruption until he can edge his way in and oddly enough the uncomfortable and younger Weyrleader allows just such an entrance. "Fort's duties to Xanadu and her Queens." He replies in a cool and level tone, welcoming but not overly friendly or aloof. Just neutral. Brown eyes linger the longest on the other Weyrleader, having not met him before while Thea he has, albeit briefly and under far different circumstances. "Welcome to Fort. Please, make yourselves comfortable." And then there's a gesture to the empty chairs, of which there are plenty.

Dtirae rises from her seat as the Xanadian Weyrleaders enter, a pleasant smile on her lips. "Fort's duties to Xanadu and her queens." She greets, formally before settling into the informal. "Thea. Yes. We're doing well. Zuvaleyuth's clutch is on the Sands. There's ten eggs. And she is certain a gold is among them. I'm certain she's too full of herself." A chuckle and a quick look to Th'ero before she allows her gaze to settle on the Weyrleader. A brow lifts as the man ends his greeting with that falter, all witty remarks that normally would come forth are met with restraint as attention again settles on her own Weyrleader for a brief moment as the man remains neutral in his expression and demeanor. A shrug, a slight movement before she turned back to Thea. "What can Fort do for you, Thea?"

Thea has had the manners to keep to Xe'ter's side most of the way - at least until she’s spotted Dtirae though she recalls herself after a step or two, moving back to include the young man. As she greets Th'ero directly afterwards, her a smile that is a touch more reserved, though no less friendly as she inclines her head and murmurs, "Thank you." Her voice carries the measure of respect she holds for Xe'ter as she makes introductions, "My Weyrleader Xe'ter, Xe'ter, Weyrwoman Dtirae and Weyrleader Th'ero. We met in Ierne," she asides to him, leaving out any reference to the circumstances of the tumultuous events that followed, which he's surely already heard all about anyway. Likewise she's kind enough not to comment on his unease but waits instead for Xe'ter to get her chair, if he's going to, then seats herself gracefully. Her hold upbringing, it seems, is taking over for the moment. Meeting Dtirae's eyes, she begins, "And you are settling in- ?" before laughing lowly and taking a breath, including Th'ero in her glance, "We're here to ask you both the same question. Is there anything we can do to help your transition?"

Xe'ter seems unsurprised by Thea's pause…he moves with more physical grace than social as he pulls the chair back for his dark haired Weyrwoman, and then gently pushes her back towards the table before he gets his own seat…settling down with a bit less decorum, but only a little. At Thea's statement, his eyes go to Th'ero…wordless, but. Yeah. That's exactly why he's here! New Weyrleadership…especially unexpectedly gained? It's a real beast!

Th'ero's eyes drift from the Xanadu Weyrleader to Dtirae, just long enough to register that he's overheard the comment about the eggs and he's likely got his own comments, but he keeps silent, since the topic moves on and he leaves the two Senior goldriders to it. He must have some trust in Fort's newest Senior, since he doesn't seem to be hovering or guarding her too carefully. So it comes to pass that Xe'ter, unfortunately, becomes the Fortian Weyrleader's focus again for as much time as it takes for Thea to distract him again. "A short… visit, unfortunately. But it's a pleasure to meet you, Xe'ter and of course to see you again Thea." Titles can be dropped right? It seems Th'ero is at least taking the liberty to do so, even if it's bold and might not be welcomed by the visiting Leadership. Xe'ter's continued silence only earns him another long glance from the other bronzerider, possibly bordering on suspicious or curious. Maybe he's looking into a mirror? Clearing his throat a little, it's back to business it seems and he leans forwards just enough in his seat to rest his hands, now weaved together, on the table. "I'm sure there is some way Xanadu can help." Th'ero begins, pausing only to glance to Dtirae now and leaving it open for her to continue.

Dtirae looks to Xe'ter for the greeting, inclining her head slightly. "Well met, Weyrleader." A pleasant smile before the woman is moving to take her seat once more. "We've settled in now that things are handled." But, she leaves the circumstances out of it. It is enough information to sate the curious, but not enough to truly give away any of the circumstances surrounding it. As she makes herself comfortable, she leans back in her seat as she considers the question from the other Weyrwoman, casting a silent question. But, instead, he deflects to her and there's a brief look she sends him, fleeting but easy enough to read if one spends much time with her. "Perhaps we can make a trade then? We have some supplies that we seem to have an over abundance of. And, perhaps we could exchange for some things we are a little less supplied in if what we offer could help Xanadu at all?"

At Th'ero's informality, a subtle tension lifts from Thea's shoulders and her smile grows. "Likewise," she says before flickering a glance at Xe'ter, giving the man an encouraging nod - he's free to say whatever he'd like to, seems to be the look he's given. Warmly then, "I'm so glad to hear it, Dtirae. I'm pleased to hear the flight resulted in a sizeable clutch. Congratulations to the both of you." Her lips twitch ruefully at trade, "I'm afraid that Xanadu Weyr mostly exports technology and I-" Her hand flips negligently, "I am not the one to ask about it, having grown up in a hold that avoided modern technology totally. I should probably learn to be more concise." She grimaces and finishes, "When those crafters explain anything their language changes to something I barely understand. We have both glass and metal works at the Weyr and plenty of wood from the forests." She hesitates, then simply notes, "We have little cleared land, so no large herds. We could use some breeding stock to insert amongst the wild herdbeasts that run on the southern plains. Improve the scrawny lot that we hunt from." Seagreen eyes move from Dtierae to Th'ero. "If you have any to spare."

Xe'ter nods to that, and then notes, "And fish, of course. The bays provide quite a sizeable catch…we salt up a great deal of it, and freeze some up in the mountains against adversity…but after the first couple of Turns of my Weyrleadership with us under rationing…I don't think anyone but myself wants to see fish on the menu any more." He offers a faint smile, as if this were his idea of a joke…though his voice has risen and fallen like the sea. It's got a distinct tone to it too, as he carefully keeps track of his diction…because it sounds like there's an islander-fisherman's accent just trying to burst through. "I've some notes here, from the Headwoman, as to what we have in extreme abundance." He carefully lays a thick organizer down on the table before him, out of his lap, as if it were an object of great … reverence.

At Thea's congratulations, Th'ero only nods and offers the barest of smiles. This is the Weyrleader being friendly or at least open. It helps that the Xanadu Senior tension lifts, even subtly, as it is likely felt subconsciously by the Fortian Weyrleader and with a deep breath; he too relaxes a little in his seat. Dtirae's calm and rather well spoken response to both Xanadu Leaders has him turning his head to regard her curiously for a moment. Perhaps he hadn't expected that? And maybe, just maybe, there's a hint of the Weyrleader looking impressed before he's carefully masking it all under a neutral facade once more. When Thea mentions technology, there's a subtle shift to Th'ero's expression and a light frown knits his brows together. "You and I are from similar backgrounds then, Thea." He remarks as casually as possible, avoiding going into too much detail for either of their sakes. Past is past, after all. And it's obvious the Weyrleader does not want to go down that route. The rest of the offer, including the additions from Xe'ter, are noted carefully and it's only after a brief pause that Th'ero continues, glancing again to Dtirae as if to seek her approval as well. "We could always use glass and metals, but wood we have plenty of. Breeding stock… that could possibly be arranged. I'm afraid we've already traded most of our available wherry stock to Western Weyr, but our other herds could be thinned with no harm done." To Xe'ter's mention of fish, Th'ero can chuckle dryly, understanding in more ways then one. "Fort Sea Hold supplies us well enough with fish. Otherwise I'd say another good trade. But seeing as neither of us wish to drown each other in that staple…" And he pauses to gesture by spreading his hands. Might be best to leave that well enough alone? The organizer is given a long, almost wary look once the Xanadu Weyrleader lays it out for all to see. Once again, Th'ero leaves that for Dtirae to touch, seeing as she so deftly handled his first abrupt challenge.

Dtirae nods her thanks, "it was a great result, for her first." At the mention of technology, the woman's nose wrinkles and she does not restrain her disdain for that bit of information. "I don't find myself usin' them much, either. I think what we have is fine." A polite rejection that echoes her Weyrleader's rejection, with a little more words, however. There's no comments further, instead, she is looking to the organizer that the Xanadu Weyrleader place upon the table. There's a brief look spared to Th'ero as she gives a subtle nod, giving her approval of his words. "We have another herd that we haven't really touched upon, yet. We can take a few of their breeders from there." She agrees easily, thoughtful after a moment but says nothing more of it. No need for second guessing, apparently. "I should be able to go through what you all have and indicate what we can provide, then we can come to an agreement on what trades we'll make?"

Ohhh that multi-colored, be-tabbed organizer! Thea actually keeps a straight face as she catches it out of the corner of her eye. Though she mutters under her breath a, "And let's not forget the purple Weyrlings uniforms." Are those on his list and could they trade those away please? She just coughs at the mention of fish, but doesn't make Xe'ter feel badly for mentioning it. Her eyes crinkle at the corners as she watches the faintly impressed look given to Dtirae by Th'ero, reading it as a positive from the man for the once scared and overwhelmed young woman. Not that she's going to mention it out loud! Her expression shifts to the Fortian Weyrleader when he mentions their similar pasts and for a moment there's a wordless understanding passed between them. She likewise shares the sentiment of not going there, for what flashes in her eyes is dark, buried swiftly by careful attention to his next remarks. "Herdbeasts, and a bull if you can spare one," she says firmly, then chuckles. "We've enough wherries fattening themselves on the holders crops. Feel free to come hunting those sometime."

Xe'ter clears his own throat, but then actually opens the organizer up to one of the tabs, and pulls a very sharp pencil out of his pocket…upon which he starts making notes in an entirely straight face. No need for fish. Too many wherries. No technology. Funny, the way he underlines that with a certain wordless vehemence. No. Technology. He does note, "Ocelara was quite effusive in her praise of the Hannista-blooded ovines, as well…if you've any need to improve ovine stocks for meat lambs or for wool. Then, I believe she's of Hannista blood herself, and perhaps a bit too fond of ovines for her own good." Yes, he just said that about one of Thea's best and dearest friends, as if he had no idea it might be rude. "The purple Weyrling uniforms were an excellent purchase, at a very good price, and they hide the stains well. Eastern's using them as well, and their Weyrlings look very sharp." Ahem. Yes. That. Well. What he doesn't do is look up at Thea. "We've a few naiescent trade agreements being discussed with Eastern, as well. They've got a pottery going now that's looking to be able — though I suppose any trade with Eastern's of little relevence here, unless there's something you'd like from them that you think we might be able to get at a better footing…" Erm. Yeah. Awkward silence falls after that.

When Dtirae rejects the offer of technology, Th'ero tenses for a moment, a subtle shift of his shoulders and the set of his jaw but nothing more. But seeing as neither the Xanadu Senior or Weyrleader seem to take offence, he relaxes again. The muttered statement from Thea isn't fully overheard or understood, but enough is caught to earn her a quick, quizzical look. What? But now is not the time to call that out to light. There's more pressing matters at hand. For a moment, Xe'ter's organizer is given another long, scrutinizing look and even more so when the younger Weyrleader begins to scribble down his notes. So focused is Th'ero on his obvious tastes for organization that he almost misses Thea's offer entirely. "Hunting? Within Xanadu's boundaries? Or the entire region your beholden to?" From his tone, this has obviously struck some cord in the Weyrleader and perhaps more on a personal note. While he was not born into a livelihood as a hunter, such as his counterpart at his side, its not unknown gossip in Fort that he enjoys a good hunt now and again. Hence the sudden interest. "I wish I could offer a similar offer in exchange, but… my thanks all the same." There's no comment for the mention of the uniforms, though Th'ero frowns and it's obvious enough from the look on his features that its unlikely the Fort Weyrleader will support that. At the mention of Eastern, he simply clears his throat. Awkward, yes. "Ahh. Good to hear they're doing well." Th'ero murmurs and not helping the situation at all before he lapses into silence as well. In fact, his comments seem to drift shorter and shorter, though no less polite. He turns inwards to thought, speaking only when needed but for the most part seems to be allowing things to drift between Dtirae and the Xanadu Leadership unchallenged. And he'll remain as such until their meeting concludes and after the usual farewells given, the Weyrleader will retire to his weyr, likely to pool over everything just discussed and making notes (far less organized!) to be reviewed and solidified in the morning.

Thea tries not to look crest-fallen at the pass on the technology and for the most part handles that with poise. "Well, perhaps we can find something," she says quietly into the silence that falls after Xe'ter speaks. Though she does chuckle a little under her breath and murmur, "I'm quite fond of lamb." She nods to Th'ero, "Wherever you'd like, but especially within the holdings. The wherries are a pest." As for the Xanadu pair, they don't linger, but not because they don't wish to or aren't enjoying the company. They all have things to do and it is late in Xandi as it is. They'll take their leave easily enough and with the invitation the Fort Weyrleaders pay Xanadu a return visit - for pleasure rather than business hopefully.

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