A Few Days Later

Xanadu Weyr - Candidate Barracks

A long, low ceiling room opens off the entrance hall to the arena, one wall slightly curved as it is set against the outer wall of the arena itself. Cots are set evenly the length of the room, in two rows, each with its own small press at the foot, for personal belongings. Wide windows are spaced along the outside wall, letting sunlight in, while other lights are available for the night time hours.

Since the incident with Kiley, Pyriel actually has been making himself scarce for a couple of days. Not that he misses curfew. He's up at the crack of dawn, and back just before lights out. What's he been doing? Why, he's been balancing harper lessons and candidate responsibilities. That was enough to keep anyone on their toes, and too tired to argue when they got back. It's lunchtime, and since everyone had to eat at some point, the harper snuck off for a break into the relatively deserted candidate barracks. Everyone else was likely off in the cavern socializing between duties or whatever it was that normal people did. With some meatrolls and mashed tubers to his name, Pyriel wanders in with his guitar on his back; a black and white checkered strap across his chest holding it in place. Setting his plate down, he draws the instrument over his head and gingerly sets it down up against the wall beside the head of his cot. That done, he picks the plate back up, and sits. There's a skin of water to drink, and a little pouch of meat scraps for Rhythm. The brown firelizard was roosting again at the the bar at the end of his cot that functioned as a footboard.

Iessrien is sprawled out on his back on his cot, one leg bent slightly at the knee, the other straight, while his arms lie crossed behind his head, hair falling short and dishevelled over his sleeves. The boy has not been up early at all, or particularly talkative since he moved in, though he's doubtless exchanged pleasantries with a few of his fellow candidates, having fallen in with a group of other holder lads from around the Xanadu area. Eyes study the ceiling, face composed into an expression of contemplation, though likely the pock marks in the stone are not what he's really paying attention to. The entrance of someone else draws a glance, pondwater-blue eyes following Pyriel as the boy enters, though no greeting is offered, merely that same studying look which settles rather on the guitar than the other boy. It's only after the instrument has been set down that Iess turns his eyes to watch Pyriel, almost bored look settling on his angular features.

To anyone that really knows Ryeo, its no surprise that he's just now waking up, especially on his day off from chores. 3 guesses where he was last night. He groggily sits up in bed, rubbing at his eyes and ruffling his hair. A hand reaches out, grabbing the glasses on top of his press and slipping them on. Perhaps he should have the good sense to put on a shirt, or even a pair of shorts over his boxers, but the starcrafter does no such thing. Rye glances around the room slowly, a hand raising in greeting to Pyriel. When he spots the other boy however, he just pauses. Apparently they haven't been introduced.

Since her breakdown, Kiley has avoided Pyriel and potentially Iessrien due to the fact that her shame was aired so publicly before the other holder. But since the days have passed without incident and other previous incidents have began to fade from memory, she has settled into a calm norm of being a candidate, doing her chores and maintaining some of her crafter duties. Things have calmed entirely for the woman who has now made complete and utter peace with the situation after a few letters to and from one of her brothers. So in she comes (and not so notably: probably two pounds lighter) walking with a little more pride than before and a sense of calm. She pointedly avoids looking to Pyriel's cot and to Iessrien's as she walks to her press and opens it once more, new books are placed quietly into the press and things are neatly arranged so not to clutter.

Pyriel picks up a meatroll and takes a bite of it, gold eyes flickering up and over towards Iessrien first, brows sinking down somewhat when he finds the holder kid watching him. A few blinks and he turns himself to that his back is to him, but finds Ryeokie waking up there. He jerks his head up in greeting back, far more focused on eating than talking or making nice with strangers. So he curls up on his cot and eats in silence. Kiley's arrival is noted, but that's about all she gets as well. Hungry, hungry. Food is inhaled and soon the plate is completely empty. Setting it down, the skin of water is opened and he chugs a couple swallows before trickles of it escape one corner, streaming down his chin and neck ti get soaked up by his shirt. Wiping his mouth with the back of his hand, he eyes all three candidates again, and then goes about feeding his firelizard.

Wordless still, Iess merely continues to regard Pyriel, as if he were some particularly interesting type of avian, or maybe sitting around the barracks between chores is just that boring. If the holder boy has had lunch already, there's no sign of it. Though Pyriel's eating habits don't hold his gaze for long, Ryeokie catching his attention, or perhaps interest, instead. As Iessrien does not know Ryeo, the other candidate only now waking earns a sketpical browraise, totally judging. And maybe judging the lack of clothes too, as he peers across the way, not looking very impressed, either. He'll meet the other's glance if there's a look sent his way, no introduction offered despite having probably not met the boy properly yet. It's only once Kiley arrives that blue eyes flick away from the other boys, towards the girl, though there's less studying of her and more a brief glance before his gaze drifts away, returning to the previous examination of the ceiling. Apparently, Iess isn't going to be the one to break the quiet that's settled over the barracks. After the last time he encoutered those two together, perhaps that's unsurprising.

Rye being mostly ignored by Py? Nothing new. With a yawn, the crafter pulls the sheets away, standing and stretching. The entrance of Kiley earns a small smile and wave. And then he notices the slight difference, and that smile widens in approval. "Heya princess, looking good." But the apprentice is quick to catch Iess' judging gaze, and he smirks in response. He strides over, arms clutching the end of the other candidate's cot as he leans against it. "Ryeokie, senior apprentice at the starcraft and one of the resident nocturnals." Any tension or silence in the barracks? Ryeo doesn't notice, or if he does, the apprentice doesn't seem to care.

Kiley finishes her arranging and allows the press to close with a thud, smiling to herself before she's looking up to consider those who are there. Iessrien earns a brief glance, almost as brief as Pyriel's as her gaze comes to settle upon Ryeokie for his greeting and cheeks color a light shade. "Thanks, Ryeo.." Though the acceptance of soft and met with a slight incline of her head, her smile brightens just a bit before she's really considering the starcrafter. A brow lifts for his lack of clothing but then she doesn't comment on it as she's following him over towards Iessrien with her eyes alone and they settle upon him for longer than the first brief glance. Her name is not given this time, either, instead, remaining in silence to observe.

Pyriel leans back on his hand once the pouch of straps is opened and his firelizard is eating his little heart out. The harper coolly watches Ryeokie walk over to annoy someone else other than himself, but his gaze doesn't linger on the older boy for long. Especially not when the starcrafter was lacking apparel of any sort. He opens his mouth, perhaps to tell him to put something on, but squashes the action before it has a chance to bear fruit. The longer Iessrien had Ryeo's attention the better. He does note however, in passing, the color changing computer crafter which earns her a secret frown. No one was paying attention to the harper at the moment anyway. Back to Rythm his attention is dropped, and he idly pets the creature down the curve of it's tiny spine. It was barely a month old.

The starcrafter's approach draws Iessrien's gaze back from the ceiling, eyes flicking over toward Ryeokie again, this time eyelids lowered in faint appraisal of the other boy. It's only a second before he seems to decide something, and the holder lazily pushes himself upright, sitting with legs crossed on his cot. "Iessrien, son of lady Iessa and lord Kevdrien of Breakwater Hold," the whole introduction given in the tone of one citing off a particularly tedious list, lips twitching as he adds rather wryly, "resident displaced spoiled brat, at the moment." Well, at least he's honest. A hand is offered to the starcrafter, "Well met, Ryeokie," though Kiley's attention of them hasn't been missed, and he delibarately tilts his head to include her in the.. introductions? As for Pyriel, he totally isn't paying attention anymore.

Ryeokie winks at the blushing woman, "This self confidence thing is really working out for you." As he turns back, Py's silence and scowls catch his eye, but for once, the starcrafter makes no comment. For the moment at least, Iess has most of his attention. He smirks slightly at the introduction, or at least the tone in which its given before taking the hand and giving it a firm shake. "Well met. I think we're pretty much all displaced, though probably less spoiled." Ryeo notes the tilting of heads and the ignoring before he gives one of his trademark half moon eye smiles. "I guess you've met Kiley and Py. Interesting first impressions huh?"

Kiley earns a secret frown, but is unawares of it entirely as Pyriel is the avoided person at the moment and not so much for Iessrien now. "It's not really confidence, Ryeo." She insists, but, entirely half-hearted as she settles down at the foot of her cot to watch the starcrafter and holder. Though she doesn't entirely say something right away, taking a moment before she speaks. "Sorry about the other day," comes first, and this is said a little louder as if to add Pyriel into the apologies before it simply returns to Iessrien. "Kiley, as Ryeo said.. Journeyman Computer Crafter."

Pyriel slides his eyes over to Iessrien when the introduction is made, his expression one of deep thought even as his gaze lowers to the holder boy's knot and then back up to his face again. Likely this was committing name to face and knot. This done, the harper goes back to watching Rhythm gobbling down his scraps. They are completely gone shortly there after, and the stuffed 'lizard wobbles back to his perch to snuggle up and close his eyes. Recapping the water skin, he sets it aside and plucks up his plate. At the door however, pops a rather stunning young brunette with an apprentice harper's knot. "Hey Py? You got a second?" she asks, smiling at the blond. Brows crease, but Py bobs his head and wanders over there to talk quietly with the other harper. Whatever they are talking about, has her flushing and giggling. At one point Pyriel is awkwardly rubbing at the back of his neck before he gets a kiss dropped to his cheek and his plate is taken off his hands as the girl takes off to return it to the kitchens. Usual frown in place, he starts to shuffle back to his cot again. A pause is given in his movement to regard Kiley and her apology, lashes lower and he continues on his way to drop onto his cot again.

Iessrien's grasp is likewise firm, though the fingers are soft, at odds with the look of the rest of him, all toned and athletic. Someone who obviously gets out and about, if not working hard. Once he withdraws his hand, he leans back on his palms, arms behind him, merely regarding Ryeokie and Kiley. "Probably," he agrees good-naturedly with the starcrafter, lips twitching again, this time towards a smile, the question of first impressions earning a wry, "..You could say that." Head tilting toward Kiley again, there's a softer chuckle, the holder boy waving away the apology with a, "Don't worry about it. It's nice to meet you, anyway," not offering his hand as she's over on her own cot, but inclining his head nonetheless. Eventually, his own gaze travels back to Pyriel, though it's that brunette that has his attention really, Iessrien having missed Py's studying him entirely perhaps. Still no words for the other boy? Maybe Iess jsut doesn't associate with guys who make girls cry. Or he's just taking the lack of introduction at face value and leaving the guy alone.

Ryeokie rolls his eyes at the giggling girl and shakes his head. "Keep your gaggle of girls out of here Py, you create enough trouble and drama as it is." There's a hint genuine irritation behind the words though, not jealousy. Too many women folk gave Rye a headache. He does glance up at Kiley though, smiling, "If its not confidence, then that means you're really starting to think properly of yourself? Good." The apprentice would ruffle her hair or poke her or something, but Iess still has the greater part of his attention. Even when the hand is released, the crafter doesn't move, continuing to lean on the cot. Dark eyes graze over the boy in a manner equal to Iess' apparaisal from earlier. When Rye ends his little examination, he seems almost satisfied. "You're unworked…but there's something interesting about you. Things will probably be more fun now."

Kiley is really trying not too pay much attention to Pyriel past the apology but there is a girl appearing in the doorway and asking for his attention, so the woman considers her with the briefest of looks, and then Pyriel as he walks on over. She quickly draws her gaze away, at least until he's heading back to his cot and lingering only for when he pauses to consider her. She quickly turns attention to Iessrien and Ryeokie again and her smile grows a little wider and more genuine. "And you, too. Were you Searched right from your Hold, then?" Ryeokie's observation of her change is met with a shrug, unable to answer entirely. But it quickly is lost from her train of thought for his observation of the other candidate and a brow lifts in questioning but she makes no verbal comment towards her thoughts.

"She didn't even come in here." Pyriel protests, but just shakes his head and mumbles his typical 'whatever' under his breath before pulling open his press and pulling out some papers, and a something to write with. Careful not to disturb the sleepy brown firelizard in his way, as he decided to just bend over the footbar rather then get up and go around the cot. He settles in and starts scribbling, guitar taken up soon enough, and he's plucking notes and playing bars as softly as possible.

Iess certainly doesn't miss Ryeokie's return appraisal, and will meet the studying regard blandly, replying with ease, and maybe a hint of raised brow, "I should hope so." He does tilt his head again at the talk of confidence, considering Kiley a few moments before a hand comes up to run back through his hair, flattening the formerly dishevelled strands, some hesitation before he answers her question, "Uh, not from my hold, no. I was visiting on business from my father," though he faild to take up any sort of officious tone even at that, instead shrugging lightly, "I was asked to stand, and I can only imagine my father's face when he finds out." Not the /best/ reasons to accept candidacy, possibly. "I haven't sent a letter to let him know, yet," he admits, though already the corners of his mouth are twitching upward, even at the idea. "What about you?" is asked of the girl, ignoring Pyriel still. That is, until the soft notes begin, and there's a mildly curious look sent the other boy's way.

Ryeokie doesn't reply to Py's comments, nor does he notice Kiley's looks. Instead he tilts his head, waiting for the boy's answer. When it does come, the crafter nods, "I'd heard that someone had been sent up here from one of the holds, guess that was you." He shoots the boy a half smile before turning and going to his cot. He looks to Kiley at Iess' question towards her, "That was a fun afternoon. Wonder where those little ones got to." Rye digs a shirt and a pair of shorts from the press, slipping into them quickly before turning back around. "I'm going to the caverns to grab some food, you guys want anything?"

Kiley nods slowly in understanding, smiling. "I see, not that it is a bad thing being Searched from the Weyr, I believe that makes it easier on them for getting you." The woman offers a smile in response but, doesn't really connect the two as Ryeokie does. She's no one to listen to rumors, even if they may be truth. As for his father issues, she doesn't touch on that, only giving the slightest of nods in response before she offers, "Ryeo and I were searched together in the Caverns… Ah, with some kittens. Not that the kittens were Searched, but the rider had them." Cheeks color and fingers begin to play with the bracelet on her wrist unknowingly. "Oh, I don't know.. But I really did want to keep one." But she isn't a rule breaker. As for the offer of food, she shakes of her head. "No thank you, I've already eaten…"

Pyriel shakes his head at Ryeokie's offer, murmuring something distracting that may of actually been a 'thank you anyway' between notes being played, and things being scribbled. A frustrated look crosses his face, messing up his features before he's erasing something, and writing in something else. It is a process. He does look over at Iessrien when the boy mentions joining candidacy just to annoy his father, and another shocking development, Pyriel actually smiles at that. Which might explain why the kid didn't do it all that frequently. He was rather beautiful with a frown, but with the opposite, he gave the brunette from earlier a run for her marks. It's gone quickly enough, gold eyes lowered to the paper, lashes casting a long dark shadow across his cheeks.

Running a hand again through his hair, combing out some slight tangles with the strands settling more neatly into their styled cut, the holder boy offers Ryeokie a slow headhsake. "I think that was probably 'Pol. I.. sort of followed him," this admission coming with a sheepish smile, though wait.. wasn't he /just/ saying he was on business for his father? Ignoring the possible discrepency, Iessrien shakes his head again, telling Ryeokie, "I've eaten already. Thanks, though." He'll return Kiley's smile, however, moving along with a quiet chuckle, "Kittens? You didn't get to keep them, at least?" What, those things are cute. It's too bad Iessrien misses that smile, as all he's seen of Pyriel is, well. The frowning. There might be another glance sent his way, though again, no words are offered.

Ryeokie shrugs and nods at the trio, "I'll see you guys around then. Keep the good atmosphere up alright? Just keep talking about kittens and rainbows and such." Smirk. It's with those words and a sudden abruptness that the starcrafter leaves, ready to appease his growling belly.

Kiley blinks but makes no comment towards the contradiction of facts, easily moving along and returning to the topic of the kittens she smiles a little wider. "No, we didn't. They were terribly cute.. Maybe later, though, I'll see if I can get one from him eventually. Ryeo kept his for a little longer, too. I'm surprised he even gave his up." The woman muses with an easy smile sent towards the starcrafter before she's waving a farewell for his departure. "Later, Ryeo. Enjoy your day off."

Pyriel honestly would of hissed at Ryeokie for that last comment but the starcrafter is quick to disappear after dropping it. It doesn't stop the harper from narrowing his eyes at the older boy's back, even with that pencil eraser in his mouth until he vanishes from sight. "Bastard." he grumbles under his breath, though it's more after thought then genuinely meant as he hadn't even had the word completely out before he's plucking and strumming again. And making dots with flags coming out the top upon the long lines already printed on the paper. If someone was so observant as to see or care what the blond was up to.

Lips twitch with amusement at Ryeokie's words, Iessrien letting out a soft laugh, about as full of sunshine and rainbows as that Pyriel guy over there, a wry, "Will try," promised to the starcrafter, hand lifted vaguely in farewell to the other boy. Dropping onto his back once again, Iess stretches on his cot, arms curling lazily behind his head while his gaze flicks idly between Kiley and Pyriel. "That's cute," is said about the kittens, amusement flickering still, though an eyebrow moves up toward his hairline as he catches Py's grumble. Iess does glance that way, studying what the other candidate is doing, even if he can't quite make out all the little dotty things. "Shells, man, lighten up," is finally tossed over, with n small amount of bemusement, "Is that all you do? Play music, grouch, and make girls cry?" Nevermind that Kiley is sitting right there. Hello, lack of tact. The holder boy at least does speak his mind, when he gets around to addressing people.

Kiley clearly has nothing more to say as the talk of kittens finish with the cute statement from Iessrien. And the woman shows her talent for turning the color red as the fact that she cried is brought up again and even her ears color as she quickly tries to turn attention elsewhere.

Pyriel gets lost in what he's doing after Ryeokie is gone, almost as if his only reason for paying any attention at all had suddenly left the room. He nearly misses being addressed by Iessrien, but he does glance up just in time for the holder to start talking at him. Very slowly, the boy's pierced brow lifts upwards and he blinks a few times. Like it wasn't sinking in at all. Iess spoke pernese right? So surely Py could understand what is being said, though it didn't explain that vacant bored look on his face. Okay maybe it did. Py was being Py. The pencil is put down and the harper's chin lifts ever so slightly, it gave him a haughty look that wasn't otherwise afforded him by birthright. "No I punch people too." he tosses back, and there he goes. Yep. It's another smile. Two in one day. Whoo. He's gunna need a nap soon.

Iessrien might, possibly, look very slightly apologetic once he notices Kiley's reddening face, though the amusement doesn't leave his face. There's another studying glance toward Pyriel, though this time he /does/ catch that smile, and it gives him pause, especially after the previously vacent look he was receiving. Eyebrows arch ever so slightly, Iess regarding the other boy for a moment, and then his own lips curve into a rather less radiant smile at that haughty look, "Huh." Some consideration later, and Iessrien turns back to his contemplation of the ceiling, an absent, "Oh yeah? Hmh, I like your music," apparently having decided about Py. "You owe her an apology, though," stated blandly, with a nod in Kiley's direction, "Only girls should away with making people cry." Where's that coming from? Likely not any sense of chivalry, the hint of mirth still flickering in pondwater-drab eyes. Maybe he's found a new source of entertainment.

Kiley is completely unresponsive and unhelpful, perhaps drowning out the conversation. Mostly because her player is tired and forgetting what she's doing.

The holderboy is rewarded with his decision about Pyriel with a furrow of brows and a fluttering of lashes. The harper, while beautiful and violent, was about as dense as they come. Not that he was stupid mind you, but when it came to certain things it would just go straight over his head. "Uh, thanks?" he says, perplexed. His gaze wanders over to Kiley, and a frown settles where the pretty pretty lead melting smile once was. Jaw set, it appears as if the harper wasn't going to comply with Iessrien's request but in the end, "Sorry Kiley." is actually voiced before the blond relocates his eyes elsewhere. Like the one making all the demands all of sudden. Golden depths take in the holder lad, head to toe before he simply goes back to writing his music and plucking at his guitar strings. "Don't really see why a girl would make someone cry but whatever makes ya happy, man." Poor dense Py, he really didn't have a clue.

Iessrien continues to regard the ceiling, missing the change of expressions on Pyriel's face. Then again, dense or not, it isn't as if Iess seems to be going out of his way to continue to be terribly talkative. That apology to Kiley, however, /that/ has his lips curving upward again, rather more than before, merely smiling to himself as he ponders the various curves and cracks in the ceiling. Who knows, maybe Iessrien simply likes being listened to. If he notices Pyriel eyeing him, Iess doesn't show it, stretched out lazile and relaxing on his back with arms crossed behind his head, completely at ease. "You'd be surprised," is all the holder boy explains, not really answering Pyriel, as his eyes close, possibly listenign to the plucked note, or possibly just having decided on dozing before his next round of chores.

The apology comes as such a shock to Kiley that her cheeks color a darker shade as she stares at Pyriel for a longer moment than what would be required before she nods mutely. It takes a moment for the soft "thank you" to part from her lips and then she considers Iessrien with a curious gaze as if she's trying to figure out /what/ he is. But her gaze drops away as the silence seems to pick up in the barracks and so she makes her way out to do her chores, without a farewell and lost in her thoughts entirely. Silly boys.

Pyriel eventually finishes up what he is doing, and just in time as a few minutes after Kiley has moved out of the room, that pretty brunette is back. All smiles and eagerness. The harper boy sighs as he glances up in mid-collection of his paper and instrument. "I'm coming, I'm coming." he says, waving at her in a distracted manner, but does eventually jog over to her. They exchange soft words, and the girl slides her arm into his as they depart.

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