Vengeance Thy Name Is Ryeokie?

Xanadu Weyr - Candidate Barracks

A long, low ceiling room opens off the entrance hall to the arena, one wall slightly curved as it is set against the outer wall of the arena itself. Cots are set evenly the length of the room, in two rows, each with its own small press at the foot, for personal belongings. Wide windows are spaced along the outside wall, letting sunlight in, while other lights are available for the night time hours.

It's evening in the candidate barracks, and there really isn't a whole lot going on at present. It's pretty empty save for a few newcomers shuffling about. Way in the back though, on the cot at the furthest corner of the room pushed up against the wall…is none other than everyone's not so favorite harper. Pyriel. He's sprawled out on his spot there, propped up with his pillow, a small brown firelizard perched on his bent knee. The other leg is stretched out before him straight. He's currently, you guessed it, playing his guitar.

Kiley has taken her time in moving her things from her room, though reluctant, she respects the rule of the Weyr. Her thins are carried in a sack in which she takes to a cot and settles it down upon said cot. The guitar playing doesn't draw her attention right away as her thoughts are entirely elsewhere. She begins to neatly fold her clothing before putting them away and it is then that her attention is drawn to the guitar. Instantly the woman tenses and her eyes find the one playing the guitar before they drop back to her clothing and she tries to go unnoticed.

One of those newcomers just happens to be Ryeokie. The apprentice walks into the barracks, a small kitten cuddled in his arms and a sack slung over his shoulder. There's a quick glance around at the available cots…and it's really no surprise when he drops down on the one next to Pyriel's cot. He strokes the little furball quietly, dark gaze settling on the harper. But there's no word of greeting, the star crafter simply sits and stares.

Golden eyes rise when someone sits next to the cot, only a glance really and there's a missed note for the look that he was getting. It was difficult to concentrate when you're being stared at so intensely. At first, Pyriel's guitar playing simply ceases, though he gets this look on his face, as if he were trying to figure something complicated out. He looks up and around Ryeokie shortly there after, spotting Kiley and her desperate attempt to remain unnoticed. Things quickly drop into place from there. The harper swears under his breath, a word that he likely learned from Landers, or one of the other sailors aboard the Windy Waters. The firelizard tenses, and peers curiously over at the starcrafter, and his dinner…er…kitten. He licks his chops. Finally Pyriel starts up plucking the strings again, addressing Ryeokie, but not bothering to look his way again just yet. "That one's taken."

Kiley finishes putting her clothing away and seems to flounder about with indecision before she gives in and settles onto her cot with the sack and pulling a book from it. The book is open and she begins to read, in such a terribly slow pace that really can't be considered reading so much as her trying to strain her ear to potentially listen.

One hand wraps protectively around the kitten, holding it to his chest. For his part, the kitten simply hisses back, hair rising and teeth baring. Ryeo's mouth curls up in a slight smile and he leans back, one hand propping him up. "Really? Because before I put my stuff down, there was nothing there." And even if it had been, Ryeo was pretty persuasive, he'd get it eventually. "I hear you've been leaving a string of broken hearts for me to pick up. Not that I mind per say…."

The playing falters again upon hearing the starcrafter was going to be his neighbor for the duration of this adventure, Pyriel taking on a deeper frown which was nothing new. The brown firelizard chirps as he's hissed at, soon scrambling down the harper's leg and up his arm to hide in the safety of the space where neck meets shoulder. Really he tries to ignore the creature, but those talons hurt. Wincing for it, Py takes a moment to turn his head fully in Ryeokie's direction. He'd been in a fight again from the looks of it. Black eye, yellowing at the edges, split lip mostly healed but had at one time required stitches. Knuckles all banged up. Tsk, tsk. "If ya don't mind, then shard off." he growls, eyes narrowing.

Kiley is glancing up at Ryeo as he speaks, a look of horror briefly crossing her face before her gaze drops and she pulls her knees in close with the book resting partially on them as she continues to pretend to read. An occasional glance is made towards the pair before flickering back towards her reading material and this continues for as long as they are near one another.

"What I don't mind is helping them, what I do mind is your nonchalance about it….you're lucky we're candidates now." Now Ryeo's retribution plan couldn't be put in action and there's a small scowl for that, but it's quickly replaced by a worried frown. Rye leans forward, taking a sharp intake of breathe. "Shards…again? What in Faranth's name happened /this/ time? You avoid me for ages, and every single time I see you again you're all banged up." A hand reaches out, sliding under the harper's chin and tilting the head this way and that. "Stupid brat." The kitten? Well, the smug little furball purrs at the retreating lizard, gently padding in a circle on the crafter's lap before settling down and closing his eyes.

"Pfft." Pyriel responds with, returning the majority of his attention to his guitar as the soft playing once more starts up again. He certainly wasn't the worst off Ryeokie had ever seen him, but it wasn't exactly the result of runnerplay either. "Maybe if ya stopped trying to put yer tongue down my throat ya'd see more of me around." he says loud enough, intentionally so, for Kiley to hear. He makes no mention of what happened. Nope. Being called a stupid brat? He actually lets it go. Normally he'd pummel Ryeokie or something of the like, but he takes a deep breath and lets it out again instead.

Kiley remains the quiet observer to the conversation between the two, perhaps not entirely surprised that Ryeo does offer no defense on her part. There's a curious glance upwards for the concern shown to the harper but she doesn't say anything, though she certainly /knows/ what happened. Instead she bites her bottom lip and keeps from speaking about it. Like a good girl or a frightened one, really. Her gaze doesn't drop until Pyriel is talking about tongues and throats and the poor woman turns a light shade of red as she attempts to read once more, turning the page in silence. Well, except for the ruffle of the page turning.

Ryeokie laughs and gently places the kitten on the bed, standing and crossing the short distance between cots before bending down and looking at the harper. "I guess I should go look for some other boy's throat to stick my tongue down. Pity." The apprentice's mouth forms a smirk, but eyes glance over the rest of his face, the crafter taking mental count of the injuries before shrugging. When he finally looks back at the boy, the star crafter sighs, "And how'd this happen again?"

At this point Pyriel should just stop trying to play altogether, because once again he messes up what would of otherwise been a very pretty and soothing melody. It's not when Ryeokie puts the kitten down, not when the older boy stands, or crosses over. It's for what he says. The expression on his face isn't entirely easy to read at all in it's complexity, but his eyes widen just a touch and he stares blankly forward at nothing in particular. It's fleeting, and he tries to cover it up with a roll of his neck and a shrug of the shoulder that the firelizard isn't clinging to. "Do what ya want." he says at last, softly, and starts over on the notes he missed, the song going on. "I got in a fight, obviously." Flat and cold like the frozen tundra.

Ryeokie grins, his mouth close to the boy's ear. "I saw that look. And that's how the girls feel, brat." When he straightens up, there's a definite smirk on the starcrafter's face and he crosses back over to the bed, picking up the kitten before laying down. He places the small furball onto his stomach, and one knee bends. The other leg coming up and crossing over. "Luckily for you though, I've sworn off every other boy. You should be thankful that such an wonderful person is fawning over you."

Yeah, playing time is over for sure. The notes get really garbled as Ryeokie murmurs into Pyriel's ear, certainly stiffening in response. He remains thus until the starcrafter is settled, a shudder there after causing his entire person to shake. Soon though he slowly trains his eyes over to the boy camped out beside him. His turn to stare. What the older boy tossed his way at the end there? Final straw. The harper's hot white fury comes into effect and he's grabbing the guitar by the neck and standing. No rules about kicking…stuff. Right? His leg thrusts out, kicking Ryeokie's cot with enough force to move it crookedly several inches before he simply turns and gets his things out of the press. It was still in the sack. He hoists it out, and slams the press closed. He pauses, points at Kiley and then draws his finger across his own neck before he stalks off to the other side of the room to find another place to sleep.

Kiley peeks quietly at the pair, perhaps close to saying something but her mouth shuts tight and she glances back down to the book. Her expression is a mixture of emotions once again before a page turns but the words on the next one aren't read. She looks over to Ryeokie and then speaks softly, "I think you'll have to return the kitten soon…" Though she's trailing off as Pyriel is kicking the cot and color seems to fade from her skin as she watches him further and the gesture he makes towards her. Shoulders hunch and she visibly tries to make herself disappear.

Ryeokie sighs and looks after the boy, shaking his head, "You really think you can get away Py?" And then he throws a grin over in Kiley's direction and winks, "Don't worry princess, if there's anyone he'll kill, it'll be me. I'll return the kitten when they come for it." As if that explained everything there was to say, the apprentice closes his eyes, drifting off to sleep. The grey kitten and apprentice make quite the match in that cot.

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