Lizards on the Beach

Xanadu Weyr - Beach


The unerring range of subdued white rises and falls in a multitude of sandy dunes, creating an endless amount of tiny valleys constantly demolished and rebuilt by the frequent arrival or departure of a dragon. Smoothing out as it slopes gently to the edge of the deep blue water, the sand darkens and a shell here and there stands out for children to collect. The beach itself is set along a low cliff - the height lessoning as one heads eastwards, blocking a portion of the beach from direct access.

The wide wide stretch of water opens up to the east, the far distant shore way beyond the horizon and the beach curves ever so slowly round to east and west, distant arms of land embracing the wind-ruffled Caspian Lake. East leads up to the mouth of the Rubicon River, where the protecting cliff is merely an arms length higher then the sand, and beyond that, a winding road leading out of Xanadu's territory. Westwards, the beach narrows as the cliff swings out, leaving a path wide enough for dragons in single file before cutting in to the sheltered cove designated the Weyrling Beach. However, cut in the cliff face to the north are a variety of rough, wide staircases, providing access to the clearing and to the meadow.

A large platform, not more than waist high, sits squarely on the beach, while a variety of chairs are spread around it, erected there for the party that is to come, while each chair and the edge of the stage sport blue and orange ribbons - the colors of Xanadu. While a large bonfire is burning, the fire crackling in the crisp evening air, foods of all sort are spread around, alcohol plentiful, as are the games.

Cenlia is jumping up and down attempting to grab her brown firelizard, Trouble, who appears to have nabbed a tiny shovel and is flying out of reach. The tiny garden tool isn't much to look at, but Cenlia sure seems anxious to get it back. The naughty flit flies higher to avoid the Dalriath, but it isn't high enough, as he suddenly find himself grabbed by the green dragon! Trouble shrieks and then wisely decides to give up, chittering at the dragon even as he's caught. Running a hand through her hair, the Cenlia gives Rei a sheepish grin and says, "Yeah, he's mine. Been nabbing stuff the whole sevenday. Dunno what's got into him." The girl shakes her head, making a face, "He went and stole food and then some guy's underpants."

Satoris has had enough when it comes to work today. And he's trying not to get as drunk as he had been, either. Thus the Journeyman miner is taking a walk. Fresh air, potential distractions… All those lovely things that keep things like ale off his mind. Hands shoved deep into pockets, the man shuffles across the beach, but slows to a stop to watch Cenlia chase the brown 'lizard. There's a barely hidden hint of amusement in his features as he does.

Success! Dalri has caught a troublemaker! She looks proud of herself, but she is proddy, so it might just be that glowy look to her. The green looks at the brown and smacks her lips like she might eat him though. "Dalri! Bring him down here." Which she does, holding the paw with the trapped flit in it out to Cenlia. "So what did he take?" Rei is asking Cenlia, of course. She snickers a bit. "I see. Well firelizards steal food all the time, but underpants… that's pretty weird." Rei gives a wave in greeting to Sato, but… that's it. With Dalri proddy she's not feeling her usual social self.

Trouble creels in alarm when the dragon looks like she might eat him, though Cenlia is at the moment too irritated at the brown flit to care properly. "Thanks," Cenlia says with a rather relieved smile to the dragon, the girl reaching for the flit and his stolen loot. "Took my shovels," Cenlia tells Rei, the gardener girl grabbing the small tool first and then giving Trouble a glare, "Oy, where's the other one?" Trouble just chitters and nips at the girl's fingers. The firelizard was not dumb enough to try to bite the dragon, but apprently Cenlia is fair game. "He ain't the only flit stealin' underclothes, neither," Cenlia says, and then catches sight of Satoris, and has the decency to look a little more sheepish. "Er, hi," the girl says, attempting to stow the shovel in her toolbelt while keeping hold of Trouble. The girl's three other firelizards settle on the sand nearby, having grown bored now that the chase is over. Charmer lands by Geo and eyes the rock pile curiously.

"Is that why I keep hearing some of the miners complain about their underthings going missing?" Satoris muses this aloud as he approaches the trio — women and dragon —, taking Rei's wave as an invitation. He smiles to them, though there's a weariness behind it. "Other than caring for a thief… How are the two of you on this fine day?"

Maybe that'll learn him not to steal? Probably not, as flits that were troublemakers tended to stay troublemakers. Dalri lowers herself into the sand then and watches the two non-rider humans for a second, before rolling over onto her back to show off. "No?" Rei blinks at Cenlia. "Should I put a lock on my drawers? Er, my dresser drawers I mean. I don't think they make locks for underwear. Well, I guess maybe. But being a greenrider that wouldn't be a very good idea." Ramble ramble… hey, Sato is talking! "Hi! I'm uh… good. Ish." Flushed now, and not from the heat. Dalri somehow wriggles herself on her back so that her snout is right in front of Rei, who gives her a shove. "Stop that!"

Cenlia looks mildly alarmed when Satoris mentions more underthings missing, and the girl gives Trouble a very suspicious look, but the brown firelizard just makes grumbly noises at her, apparently sulking. "I hope not," Cenlia mumbles, and then she grins a bit, "Am fine, tho' I ain't gettin' anymore planting done till he brings back the other shovel." She gives Trouble a glare. Trouble bites her thumb. With a grimace, Cenlia lets him go, and the brown chitters at her before slinking off down the beach to sulk some more. Cenlia shakes her head and saysto Rei, "Most of the time they only swipe my stuff, but ya might wanna ask Karashi is hers is still stealin' studd."

"That's good. It's… surprisingly, a really nice day." Spoken as if Satoris is truly just noticing this. Then again, for weeks now, he's been holing up in the Tavern and drinking himself near to death. He still has his hands shoved in his pockets, but pulls one free to cover a laugh at Dalriath's behavior. Ahem. A glance moves to Cenlia, then, pale eyes soon tracking her firelizard down the beach. "One of my idiots brought home some eggs. I can't find who's green they belonged to." He heaves a sigh, "Nor do I understand what a /brown/ would want with some eggs." She shakes her head briefly. "A shovel? I may be able to find one for you, if you need it now."

Rei peers back at her own little firelizard, Geo, who seems to be done building his rock next for a while. He examines it carefully, then sits sort of… around it as if to say 'mine'. Rei rolls her eyes at Dalriath. "Uh, you'll have to excuse her. She's glowy." She nods to Cenlia. "Strange… but okay. Guess I'll make sure anything valuable is locked away." Then the greenrider blinks to Sato, and giggles. "That is a little strange. Maybe it's the weather or something. Making all the flits go crazy." Dalriath is refusing to be ignored, flipping back over properly to sit her muzzle in Rei's face. "Shards, in a minute! Geez."

Did someone say crazy firelizards? As if on queue, three lizards appear, gliding over the beach. Gold, bronze, green. They circle for a moment, the bronze landing first and pointedly ignoring the two females as he preens one wing. The green and gold circle downwards and then sweep towards the meadow and back again with zooming speed. On the way back, however, they are followed by Rogawani, who seems to be a bit short on breath. "Jeeze, I'm coming already." He laughs as the green lands on his shoulder, carrying an armfull of things with him as he goes. A towel, and a box of other odd things is juggled haphazardly as he tries to place his feet.

Cenlia shakes her head whe Satoris offers finding a shovel, "It ain't urgent. Figure the little thief will bring it back when it's time to feed him. Probably need a break anyways." The girl sighs, then plops down on the sand, adding with a grin, "Eggs, huh? Better be careful. Could end up with a whole lot of little ones screaming at you at once. Shardin' things're more trouble than their worth." As if hearing her, Cenlia's bronze flit, Charmer, chirps and flies over, nuzzling and crooning until Cenlia chuckles and scritches his eyeridges. "They're lucky they're cute," she adds, and then stifles a giggle at the antics of Rei's dragon. "Gotta watch out for X'hil's blue flit," Cenlia says with a lopsided grin, "Think that one nabs anything shiny." The girl eyes the newly arriving firelizards warily, but then smiles as she spots Rogawani and waves, "Hey!"

"Glowy?" Satoris inquires, brow furrowing. His brain chugs through it and he finally pulls forth what that means. Oh, yes! "She's going to fly soon," he states, matter-of-fact. That explains it. "I think firelizards are always crazy. And generally idiotic." He doesn't have a high opinion of them. Which may be why he's ended up with three. "Oh, Faranth, no!" he says, loudly, in protest at Cenlia. "I'm going to put them in the Living Cavern and let someone else deal! There's no way I'm going to end up with /three/ mouths at once." He shudders, at the mere thought of it. "If you /do/ end up needing a shovel," he assures the gardener, "just let me know. We usually have a good number of them at the mine."

Dalriath finally moves her snout out of the way for a moment as Rogwani makes an appearance onto the beach. The green stalks after him oddly enough, eyeing up the box of oddities he's carrying. Rei nods to Cenlia, then giggles a bit. "They are cute. And useful if you can get them to behave, for certain things at least." There's a scared look towards Sato when he mentions the word fly, and she turns to look at her dragon. Thankfully still on the ground, and she gives an audible sigh or relief. "Mm. Best to let some of the weyrbrats find them really, and take them into the caverns to catch the 'snakes and bugs." Dalriath is now looming rather rudely over Rogawani, and Rei blinks. "She wants something out of your box, apparently. Just ignore her."

It's lucky that Dalriath has moved, otherwise it's likely Rogawani would have run right into the draconic nose. He blinks, looking between a towel and the box's side to see the dragon moving. "Excuse me there." He chuckles to himself, oblivious to the dragon continuing to follow him. "Hey Cenlia, I have your towel and book." He nudges at the towel with his shoulder, and looks around, eventually finding a flat rock to set the box down on. "Oh." Surprise shows on his face as he looks up to find the dragon looming there. "Uh, sure, feel free to take a look, but you can't have Cenlia's things. She'll beat me with a shovel." He shoots a sideways look, winking at the gardener. Besides the book and towel, there's a few small wrapped packages, some tiny shiny trinkets, and bag with small glass marbles leaking out of it.

Cenlia can't help but laugh, telling Satoris, "I got all of mine by accident, all at once. Them two hatched a sevenday apart, and tried to run off with my sammich each time," she indicates the two blues, who lift their heads and chirp innocently. She then nods to Satoris, asking curiously, "Find anything interesting in the mine?" As she watches Rei's dragon stalk Rogawani, the gardener girl stifles a giggle, grinning lopsidedly at them both and saying, "Or my pitchfork. S'tan gave me one for my turnday, and I ain't had a chance to break it in yet."

"The mine is mostly just firestone and a few other things that the smiths can use," Satoris explains to Cenlia, watching Dalriath as the dragon approaches Rogawani. "There's some other things, but…" He smirks, lopsided. "Can't talk too much about those." He falls back a bit, standing more alongside the gardener than anything else. Keeps him out of the way of the… apparently excitable dragon. No need to get squished. "Mine are probably fussing over the eggs. I think they think the eggs are theirs." He shrugs. No making sense of those beasts for the miner.

Morlanol wanders onto the beach, still somewhat learning his way around the Weyr. He edges away from Satoris, waving to Cenlia as he does, "H'lo, Cen, what's goin' on?"

After all the shoves from Rei, Dalriath wouldn't mind a bump to the snout. The green does take a look into the box when Rogawani gives her permission, seeming to take her time examining each thing, then moves back over to shove her snout into Rei's face. "Gah. Firestone, that's always fun. Other things?" She blinks a bit. Finally she relents when Dalriath nearly knocks her onto her rump. "Gah! Fine! Calm down!" Seeming satisfied, Dalriath starts off down the beach. "Anyways, I need to get going or miss important is going to get angry with me. So, I'll see you guys later!" She gives them a wave then runs after her dragon.

"I'd forgotten about the pitchfork." Rogawani winces, and then looks at Cenlia with his best, most innocent look. "But you wouldn't want to use that on little ole' me, right? I've got enough holes in me already." He chuckles to himself, and watches as the dragon roots around inside his box of many things. "Nothing to your liking?" He asks of the dragon, watching as she heads off down the beach with a confused, yet amused expression. "Dragons." Shrugging his shoulders, Rogawani reaches into the box and plucks up the towel and book, "Cen, catch." He tosses them towards her, and then looks over to Satoris. "So what's this about lizards?"

Cenlia chuckles, "Charmer hit his head once, was acting like a broody gold for a bit," the girl pokes the bronze flit with her finger, and promptly gets nuzzled. That is one affectionate firelizard. "Can't talk about, huh?" the girl raises an eyebrow at Satoris, but then asks, "There any spots with a lotta moisture? Was talkin' to Master Denna the other day, and there's lotsa stuff could grow down there. Any moss? Or mushrooms?" She seems genuinely interested. She /is/ a gardener, after all. The girl turns as she hears her name called and offers a, "Hey," to Morlanol. "You're that kid from the booze puddle," she says with a grin, apparently remembering him despite the mudfight that occurred. "Didn't catch yer name?" she says, and then waves as Rei departs, stifling another giggle at the dragon's behavior. But then she acks and has to put her hands up as a book and towel come flying her way. Cenlia manages to catch the book, but the towel flops over her head, momentarily covering her. Pulling off, Cenlia grins mischievously at Rogawani, "Maybe."

Morlanol smiles, glad she at least remembers, "M' name's Morlanol, an' yeah, from the clearing." He glances after the fleeing pair, then giggles when Cenlia ends up wearing the towel, "Looks like I missed some mischief."

Satoris blinks at all of Cenlia's questions about the interior of the mine. "Well, I… suppose there could be, but I have to admit we don't even check for that. Perhaps sometime you could come down into the mine and see if anything usable is growing. It is there to support the Weyr as best as possible." She raises an eyebrow at Cenlia's greeting to Morlanol and looks to the boy proper. "Have you finished your duties for today?"

Rogawani mouths the word 'booze puddle' with a questioning expression, and just eyes Cenlia and Morlanol with a curious expression on his face. "Maybe I shouldn't ask." He trails off, running a hand through his disheveled hair. As his hand comes down, he catches sight of the gardener with the towel over her head, and claps a hand over his mouth to keep from laughing outloud. That would be enough to get him skewered on a pitchfork right there. The firelizard on his shoulder chirps, and the gold above comes down to land on the box, picking at one of the small shiny toys. "Yes yes." He reaches in and grabs at the bag of marbles, and then tosses a handful into the sands. Both of the female firelizards launch off, chasing after the small pieces of glass, rolling them with their noses in the sand. "Firelizard entertainment." He explains, holding the rest of the marbles by a draw-string. "Speaking of booze, didn't you say something about some Benden Red, Cen?" Rogawani asks, looking at her speculatively.

"Only mischief 'round here is him," the girl jerks a thumb in the direction of her brown firelizard, Trouble. The grumpy flit hisses at her from his spot in the sand and goes back to sulking. The girl turns back and nods to Satoris, "Would like to check it out sometime. Lotta neat stuff can grow underground." When Rogawani throws the marbles, his flits aren't the only ones to go after the shineys. Cenlia's blue flits, Rogue and Mizzle, scurry over to investigate. Cenlia grins at them and says to Rogawani, "Oh! B'miel gave me another bottle for helping haul stuff." The girl reaches down to lift Charmer into her lap, the bronze chirping curiously as she eyes him. "Lesse if this'll work… if X'hil's brown can do it…" She stares at the firelizard for a moment, before he suddenlt pops *between* and disappears. Cenlia grins at Rogawani, "Been trying to teach them to fetch." She doesn't bother saying /what/ they fetch.

Morlanol nods curtly to Satoris, "Of course, sor. 'M sure th' records'll show I was workin' in the mines fer nine hours t'day." He glances at Trouble, then over to Cenlia, smiling again, "He's mischief? Looks sullen t' me."

Satoris studies Morlanol intently for a moment, taking in a slow breath. "They had better. I don't want to get any more complaints on you." He watches the brown go between and archs an eyebrow at Cenlia. "How have you been training them? I haven't been able to figure out anything for getting them to do what I want… As for going into the mines, just let me know when you'd like to and I'll take you down there so you can check it out."

Neither of Rogawani's lizards seem to mind sharing their little treasure trove, although the golden lizard does seem as if she is more protective of certain colors of marble. She noses her chosen ones together into a pile and then sits atop them as if she were brooding. The green, on the other hand, seems more than amused by pushing the little glass balls around with her snout. Rogawani pushes the box off of the flat rock, setting it onto the sand before sitting down, "I swear if Pern ran out of booze, he'd still find a way to get some for you." The boy muses to himself, and then props his head tiredly on one hand. There are shadows under his eyes. "Good luck with that. I've gotten my girls to do some things for me, but the boy is impossible."

"He's Trouble," Cenlia states, giving Morlanol a grin, "He's just grumpy 'cause a dragon stopped his fun. Serves him right, too." Trouble hisses again and curls up, and continues making soft, grumpy-growly noises in Cenlia's direction. No, he's not a happy flit right now. Cenlia just looks amused, nodding to Satoris and saying, "Kire showed me how he was using a ball he'd throw to get his to learn to fetch. Been using food, and doing this imaging thing A'dar told me about. Just imagine something and stare at them. Most times they get the idea right off." She makes a face, adding, "Just gotta teach 'em to /stop/ fetching stuff." Cenlia's blue 'lizards respect the gold's horde, and instead roll marbles between themselves, chirping at Rogawani's green flit to join them. Cenlia's grin widens and she winks at the messenger, "B'miel's the best boozer on Pern, I'll bet. 'Cept for my Uncle Cern. Should see his stockpile. Shards, I'd give anything to see-" at that moment, Charmer suddenly emerges from *between* right above Cenlia's head. The goldeny-bronze firelizard is flapping his wings furiously as he attempts to keep a large bottle aloft, but the booze slips, tumbling the short distance to clonk Cenlia soundly on the noggin.

Morlanol smiles, slightly cheekily, "Nor do I, sor. Las' thing I want is t' be sent back to Crom where I can't see th' world anymore. An'll be stuck in th' mines all day every day 'til I rot. Least here I c'n see the sun an' explore on rest days." He turns to Cenlia, "More booze? D' people drink more in th' south? I ha'en't seen as much booze in my whole life 'fore I came here as I seen in th' last week."

Satoris shifts to quickly grab the bottle, if need be. He's got fairly good reflexes, despite someone who has the look that they could use a drink. Poor guy's been trying his best to avoid it, despite how rough it makes him look. "Fun is all good and well," he quips, "but it must be earned. When you've worked hard and reach a rest day, it's all that much more enjoyable for it." He seems to be considering the firelizards' playing, perhaps thinking of his own and how to train them.

The smaller green lizard gives a little chirp of sound, watching the marble that moves between the two blue lizards. She crouches a little, and then leaps at it, rolling with it into the sand before nudging it with her nose towards the nearest of the two. Rogawani seems to be ignoring the lizards for now, as they keep themselves occupied. "Da still says I'm not supposed to drink. But what he doesn't know doesn't hurt him." The messenger chuckles to himself, growing more and more out from under his foster-father's boots as the turn has ticked closer to his sixteenth turnday. His eyes flicker to the bronze as he returns, and then shifts into a wince as the bottle falls. "Ouch." He says in sympathetic pain. A glance is shot towards Morlanol, and then he just shrugs. "Cenlia drinks more than most, I think, but that's part of her charm. Don't know about the rest of the weyr, though."

"Yow!" Cenlia yelps, raising one hand to rub the top of her head and grimacing when Charmer flutters down to her shoulder, crooning anxiously. The bottle tumbles off the girl's head and is luckily caught, unbroken, and apparently still sealed. It is indeed a bottle of Benden Red. Cenlia grins at Satoris, and looks triumphantly at the bottle he managed to catch, "If ya like your work, it ain't so bad, neither." She then glances sideways at Morlanol, raising an eyebrow and saying, "Dunno, but nobody here drinks as much as the Orchard workers in South Boll." She grins, still rubbing her head, but looking pleased. The gardener girl gives Charmer some chin scritches, saying, "Nice job, though next time watch where ya drop it, huh?" The bronze firelizard croons loudly, seeming exceedingly pleased with himself. Cenlia eyes Rogawani, the gardener girl's eyebrows rising, "You ain't supposed to drink?" She seems dubious, "How old are you? Shards, my uncle had me tasting brandies when I was ten turns." The girl smirks a bit and adds, "Ain't found anybody here who could drink me under - yet. B'miel came close, but S'tan stole the rest of the booze."

Morlanol nods, "Yes, sor, of course, I'm learnin' that." Morlanol jumps as Cenlia yelps, then turns towards her. He lets out a breath to see she's alright, "Y' ever thought of tryin' t' get 'em t' work together on th' heavy runs? It might keep yer head a bit safer."

"Can also depend on your job. Apprentices, candidates, and children aren't supposed to drink." Satoris shrugs, lifting the bottle to look it over. "Benden, eh? Not bad. I tend to prefer ales, myself." He offers the bottle to Cenlia. "Sounds a lot like bragging, to me. Have you purposefully tried to find someone who can or can't drink you under?"

"Fifteen." Rogawani replies simply enough, and then smirks. "Da's overprotective. Ain't got kids of his own so he forgets sometimes that I'm grown up, ya know?" Perhaps 'grown up' isn't the right choice of words, but certain enough, the boy has his own place at the Weyr and his own profession, which should speak for something. "Besides, it all goes away when I turn sixteen. If I tough it out for another month, I get my runner paid for and my freedom. Not so long to wait." He chuckles, and then gives her a wry look. "Besides, so long as he doesn't know I'm drinking, he can't get mad at me." The boy lifts his eyebrows and then teases slightly. "Wait a month and I'll be more than happy to try drinking you under the table." It's a challenge.

Cenlia's blue flits continue to play happily with Rogawani's green, though Mizzle is more friendly than Rogue, the latter eventually tiring of the game and returning to stand guard on Cenlia's shoulder. Cenlia tilts her head and seems to consider Morlanol's suggestion, the girl saying, "That ain't a bad idea." She takes the bottle from Satoris, grinning at him, "Sure have! But like I said, ain't found anybody that could, /yet/." And she winks, then nodding to Rogawani and saying, "Sixteen huh? A month ain't so long to wait. I'll save a bottle of Sunny Orchard for it." And then she adds, "Oh! I gotta get to work on your turnday gift too! It ain't finished."

Morlanol nods, "Pa always said tha' none of us ought t' drink 'cause he was only a journeyman." He smiles again at Cenlia, "I'm sure you'll find someone who can."

"I imagine a number of people could drink you under, considering some of what I've seen in the Tavern," Satoris muses. He toes at some sand, shoving hands into his pockets again. "I ought to go soon and check on my idiot 'lizards and the eggs they found."

"Psh." Rogawani waves a hand towards Cenlia and then shakes his head. "You don't have to do anything for my turnday. You're a girl. Girls are supposed to get gifts. Guys are supposed to be the 'suffer in silence' type." He sits up a little straiter, trying to look like some tough guy, but the yawn that slips out between his lips totally ruins the illusion. He slumps forward again with a chuckle, reaching his hand out to reclaim the forgotten marbles. His gold lizard looks at him. "Yes, I need those too. You can have them back later." The gold lizard stands up, stretching in a cat-like fashion, and then curls up in the sand a little distance away. Leaving the last marble to be played with between the green and blue, he tosses the filled bag back into the box. "I should probably pass on a drink tonight, though. I'm neary out as it is. Save me glass for next time?" He asks.

Cenlia chuckles, nodding to Morlanol, "I told Kire when he proposed to me that the person that could drink my brother Eled under a table could marry me, but I think they'd gotta be able to drink /me/ under the table too." The girl smirks slightly, and then raises her eyebrows, saying to Satoris, "I gotta spend more time in the tavern, then. Good luck with them eggs, though. Hope you dun end up with a load of little flits." She giggles at Rogawani, "Suffer in silence, huh? Wish my brother Eled thought like that," but she nods, tucking the bottle under one arm and standing. "I gotta find my shovel, too," she eyes Trouble who is still sulking a little ways off. The brown snorts in Cenlia's direction. Seeing that Trouble is still being a grump, bronze Charmer swoops over to the sulking brown and promptly sits on him. Trouble lets out an irate squawk and wriggles frantically, but it's a futile effort. Charmer has him pinned down, and the bronze croons smugly, showing no signs of wanting to move now that he's found a comfy seat. Trouble chitters loudly. How undignified.

Morlanol chuckles, watching the lizards sport, then turns to Satoris and Cenlia, having subconsciously walked a few paces towards the flits, "They are strange little creatures… How'd you guys get 'em?"

"I would challenge you," Satoris says to Cenlia, "except I would rather not find myself in a marriage contract whilst drunk." It's… meant as a joke, maybe? It's often hard to tell with the miner. There's a glance at Morlanol in response to the question and those pale eyes hold a bafflement in them. He blinks. "Honestly, kid, I couldn't tell you."

Rogawani's eyebrow lifts at this bit of news. "Kire proposed to you?" He seems incredulous, and certainly a bit surprised. However, the source of these emotions remains uner the surface. "Well, if that's your condition in getting married, you'll probably be single forever." He teases, his mouth twitching up at the corner as he pushes himself to his feet. His little green lizard hops onto the marble and picks it up in her mouth, flying over to deposit it in the box with a 'plunk' of sound. "Come on up, Kailio." He pats his shoulder before grabbing onto the box of lizard toys. The green obeys, curling onto his shoulder. His eyes sweep towards Morlanol. "Just keep your eyes out. Lots of lizards here so there's usually eggs about." He looks towards Satoris, and then pulls the box up a bit higher. "I should get a nap in now that the lizards are happy." He smiles towards the green on his shoulder. "See ya." He says informally, and then heads back up towards the meadow, shadowing his own footsteps from earlier.

"Was off minding my own business when their eggs hatched," Cenlia tells Morlanol, "The little things up and jumped on me and started screamin' for food. Guess I smell like lunch or somethin'," she shrugs, but gives the firelizards a fond smile. The girl gathers her towel and book and also starts heading slowly down the beach, scanning the sand as she goes and calling lightly after Rogawani, "He was drunk at the time!" She grins at Satoris, "Yer too old. 'Sides, it's 'm brother who they gotta drink under the table. I still got a bottle of ale stashed somewhere. Could bring it with me if I come see the mine? Can hold a right proper drinking contest afterwards?" She raises an eyebrow, still grinning, with just a sparkle of mischief in her eyes. Blue Mizzle returns to her other shoulder, now that the marble game is over, and Charmer finally lets Trouble go, the grumpy brown immediately going *between* while the bronze glides behind Cenlia, following closely.

Satoris looks taken aback at the mention of being old. His shoulders square up and he grunts slightly. "Sure, bring it by. Just let me know when you want to check it out." Huffing slightly, he nods sharply to Cenlia. "Have a good evening." And then, it would seem, the miner is intent to turn and head towards… maybe the Tavern?

Morlanol shrugs, watching the two walk off, before turning his own slight frame towards the dorms. He stops and turns back, "Sor? Will I be seein' ya at work t'morrow?"

Satoris slows up, glancing to Morlanol. "So long as nothing comes up, you ought to, yes. Just remember, as the senior Miner at this Weyr, I do often spend a lot of time /not/ at the Mines. I do paperwork, I have to go to other places to meet with other miners, and I at times help the Weyrstaff with projects."

Cenlia waves at the two, calling a, "Will do!," back at Satoris as she heads off to go find that shovel. She hasn't far to go before Trouble re-appears and taunts her with it, chittering and fluttering just out of reach. But it seems Charmer is ready for him, as the bronze flit tackles the brown as soon as he appears, forcing Trouble to give up the stolen shovel. The thing nearly hits Cenlia on the head, but she manages top catch it, the gardener girl grinning with a, "Hah!" at the firelizards before she heads up the beach towards the garden.

Morlanol nods, a small smile pulling at the corners of his lips, "I know, sor, bu' I think some o' th' other apprentices could probably use a talkin' to, too…"

Satoris gives a brief sigh at that statement. "Or perhaps get someone else to oversee things when I'm not there. Thank you, Morl."

Morlanol nods, "I believe most in a safe mine. Have a good evening, Satoris." With that, his tiny form disappears into the foliage.

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