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Xanadu Weyr – Beach

The unerring range of subdued white rises and falls in a multitude of sandy dunes, creating an endless amount of tiny valleys constantly demolished and rebuilt by the frequent arrival or departure of a dragon. Smoothing out as it slopes gently to the edge of the deep blue water, the sand darkens and a shell here and there stands out for children to collect. The beach itself is set along a low cliff - the height lessoning as one heads eastwards, blocking a portion of the beach from direct access.
The wide wide stretch of water opens up to the east, the far distant shore way beyond the horizon and the beach curves ever so slowly round to east and west, distant arms of land embracing the wind-ruffled Caspian Lake. East leads up to the mouth of the Rubicon River, where the protecting cliff is merely an arms length higher then the sand, and beyond that, a winding road leading out of Xanadu's territory. Westwards, the beach narrows as the cliff swings out, leaving a path wide enough for dragons in single file before cutting in to the sheltered cove designated the Weyrling Beach. However, cut in the cliff face to the north are a variety of rough, wide staircases, providing access to the clearing and to the meadow.

Despite the chilling rain that pours down, Mikal's out and about exploring the beach though he's staying close to the low cliffs.

Idrissa has never had much of a problem with the weather that can be found near the sea. She has on a thicker jacket of sometype at the moment, along with a hat to try and keep some of the rain off her face. Her gaze drifts along the cliffs as she heads ever closer towards them and smirks once she catches sight of Mikal some distance off. "Hey! What ye doing?"

Mikal most likely lost his jacket somewhere or traded it for something. So needless to say he's bereft of jacket. Spying Idrissa he waves. "Heya 'DRissa. I'm out exploring!"

Idrissa can only wonder why it would be off exploring, in this sort of weather! Her gaze drifts upwards towards the sky and then back towards Mikal. "Whatever for?" She questions once closer to him, and half under a slight ledge so she isn't attacked by the falling rain for a few moments at least.

Mikal offers his best rakish grin. "For stuff that washes up on the beach." his tone indicates that this should be obvious, even to her. "'Sides, I don't mind rain! It's the best way to get cleaned without taking a bath!"

Idrissa glances to the cliffs a moment. "Well, yes I suppose stuff would get caught in stuff." There is a pause and she grins. "Did you find anything?"

Mikal heaves a heavy sigh. "No. Not yet." he sounds disapointed.

Idrissa hums softly and nods while she hops up to sit upon a rock that is half hidden under the cliff to offer some protection from the rain. She pulls the jacket around her a bit more. "Well, perhaps your trying to hard?" Is questioned with a curious glance towards Mikal. "Sometimes you just have to let things find you."

Mikal edges closer to the rock to perhaps claim some space of protection from the rain, despite the fact he's fairly well soaked already and without a jacket. He scoffs at her suggestion though his eyes flash briefly in curiosity. "Now how can I find /anything/ if I sit and wait for things to find me. That way." he pauses for dramatics. "I'll never find a firelizard clutch!" which could in part be what he's actually looking for.

Idrissa shakes her head slightly, a faint chuckle escaping her. "Your still looking for a firelizard?" She questions. "Its too cold for them to have clutch's around here. At least out in the wild's."

"But..but I was /told/…" argues Mikal. "..that there was a hidden clutch out here."

Idrissa pauses at this and watches Mikal. "Who.. told you that?" She is rather curious at the thought it seems and leans forward slightly wondering if someone told him that to keep him busy?

Mikal closes his mouth and crosses both arms tightly over his chest. Clearly he doesn't with to divulge the source of his information.

Idrissa frowns as he won't tell her and soon looks towards the water. "I bet no one told you anything. Pretty sure your just still wandering around out here looking for some and there arn't any to be found." Seems she'll try another way of getting the asnwer! It always worked on her brother.

Mikal's eyes widen. "Not true! I traded my /jacket/ to that stupid kid to get his information!" he blurts out.

Idrissa peers over at Mikal. "Oh sure.. Right.." She offers with a shake of her head, still not believing him! Her gaze turns to her hands and she half picks at a nail a few times.

Mikal's eyes narrow, his brows bunching together. "It's true! See…I aint got no jacket firelizard egg." he grumbles. "I'm gonna kick his butt."

Idrissa is quiet for a moment before looking back to Mikal. "So.. What kid told you about it then?" She is still curious!

Mikal shakes his head, disappointment still clear in his expression but he's not giving up the name. "I dunno his name."

Idrissa hums softly and nods while she hops up to sit upon a rock that is half hidden under the cliff to offer some protection from the rain. She pulls the jacket around her a bit more. "Well, perhaps your trying to hard?" Is questioned with a curious glance towards Mikal. "Sometimes you just have to let things find you."

Mikal edges closer to the rock to perhaps claim some space of protection from the rain, despite the fact he's fairly well soaked already and without a jacket. He scoffs at her suggestion though his eyes flash briefly in curiosity. "Now how can I find /anything/ if I sit and wait for things to find me. That way." he pauses for dramatics. "I'll never find a firelizard clutch!" which could in part be what he's actually looking for.

Idrissa shakes her head slightly, a faint chuckle escaping her. "Your still looking for a firelizard?" She questions. "Its too cold for them to have clutch's around here. At least out in the wild's."

"But..but I was /told/…" argues Mikal. "..that there was a hidden clutch out here."

Idrissa pauses at this and watches Mikal. "Who.. told you that?" She is rather curious at the thought it seems and leans forward slightly wondering if someone told him that to keep him busy?

Mikal closes his mouth and crosses both arms tightly over his chest. Clearly he doesn't with to divulge the source of his information.

Idrissa frowns as he won't tell her and soon looks towards the water. "I bet no one told you anything. Pretty sure your just still wandering around out here looking for some and there arn't any to be found." Seems she'll try another way of getting the asnwer! It always worked on her brother.

Mikal's eyes widen. "Not true! I traded my /jacket/ to that stupid kid to get his information!" he blurts out.

Idrissa peers over at Mikal. "Oh sure.. Right.." She offers with a shake of her head, still not believing him! Her gaze turns to her hands and she half picks at a nail a few times.

Mikal's eyes narrow, his brows bunching together. "It's true! See…I aint got no jacket firelizard egg." he grumbles. "I'm gonna kick his butt."

Idrissa is quiet for a moment before looking back to Mikal. "So.. What kid told you about it then?" She is still curious!

Mikal shakes his head, dissapointment still clear in his expression but he's not giving up the name. "I dunno his name."

Idrissa scratches at her neck a moment. "Alright.. Well.. When did you meet him? An. Don't go getting into a fight. You know that's not allowed."

Soriana wanders along the beach despite the rain, kicking a roundish stone out ahead of her. When she notices the other two hiding under a rocky ledge, she gives a wave.

Mikal looks rebellious at her words. "I won't get /caught/. And he deserves to be punched in the head. I met him in the hot springs last night. I was talking about being able to go and watch the clutching at Western Weyr.

Idrissa rolls her eyes as she hears Mikal. "If you /punch/ someone in the head your gona get caught!" She points out in a matter-oh-fact like tone. Her gaze soon catches Soriana and she smiles while waving back to her. "Hey Sori!" She peers back to Mikal. "Oh really?"

"Hey, Idrissa," says Soriana. She heads on over, and perches herself on a rock nearby. "You saw Western's clutching? How many eggs?"

Mikal shakes his head. "Will not!" he denies. "Oh really! IT's true. There were about 15. Maybe. I forget." he informs Sori. "Heya Sori."

Idrissa shakes her head and lets her arms cross in front of her chest. "I bet you will." There is a pause as Sori asks about the clutch. "Well, fifteen is a good number." There is a pause and she glances to Soriana to see what she thinks.

Geez, all that and he can't even keep an accurate count? Soriana smirks slightly. "Was there a queen egg?" she asks, not that she actually expects a reliable answer at this point.

Mikal arches a brow. "I bet you two marks I won't!" he argues. Casting a glance back to Soriana he shrugs. He's a boy all he was interested in was watching the eggs being laid. "Hey, it was cool to watch. There were two eggs that were great. Nearly all black. Queen? I dunno. Don't think so. There wasn't one much larger than the other."

Yeah, just like she thought. Soriana siiiighs a little at Mikal's lack of noticing the /important/ bits. "Fifteen would be a good clutch, yeah." If it even is fifteen. At the prospect of a bet, she hmms. "Do you even /have/ two marks?" Practical questions!

Mikal protests. "I do too! And 15 is a very good clutch. It could have been even more. I lost count!"

Idrissa smirks at Mikal and glances to Soriana. "Are dragons eggs all black? Everyone I've seen have been different colors I htought."

Mikal says "These two were!" Mikal puts in. "I'm right. I was there after all."

"They could be," Soriana answers Idrissa. "Dragon eggs aren't like avian eggs, they can look all sorts of colors and patterns in the same clutch. Black's just as much a color as any of them." She's actually agreeing with Mikal! Gasp! "'Bout the only egg that you can guess what's inside from is a gold egg, and that's just 'cause it's bigger… well, and the queen will fuss over it more, usually."

Did the world just stop for a brief second? PErhaps. Mikal's surprise does reflect in his expression when Sori agrees with him. He even puffs out his hest a bit. "I've seen a queen egg before!" Maybe. Maybe not. "Anyway I didn't see anything like that. I wonder if the next clutch /here/ will have a queen egg. Do ya think it will??" he asks eagerly.

Idrissa just peers at Sori, as if she grew two heads or something. Did she just agree with Mikal?.. "Suppose its possible, there was a queen egg in the last bunch wasn't there?" Well she thought she got a glimpse of one before getting sent off on a runner to send some messages that day. She missed /all/ the fun.

Mikal shrugs. "I wasn't here then so I duno."

"I dunno," says Soriana. "Last clutch did, yeah. Sonyxaeth. So… next queen to rise will prob'ly be Yumeth or Sahazyth, since that was Seryth's clutch… I dunno if either of them is likely to lay gold. Could be. 'Course, with four golds here now, maybe they'll be less likely. Dragons're smart like that."

Idrissa nods slightly as she hears Soriana. "That's what I thought." She ohs softly. "An that's true, wouldn't think more then four queens would be needed." Not like she knows great detail about such things. "Yes indeed dragon's are very smart."

"Prolly not needed. Unless one of those queens gets transferred or something." Mikal comments though he really doesn't know much about such things."

Soriana nods to Mikal. "Which might happen, but who knows?" She's quiet a moment, then grins. "Didja know that once, there was only one queen in /all of Pern/? I read about it in one of the history books."

Idrissa pauses and peers at Soriana a moment, her arms folding in front of. "When was that?.." She can't recall reading that before. Though how much reading does she actually get done?

Mikal scoffs a bit. "I've read that too. When I was in harper' classes at the hold."

Soriana nods. "During the eight interval. There was only one Weyr, Benden… and sometimes only one queen there. It's just sorta weird."

Idrissa is quiet for a few moments while picking at the rock she is seated on. A sudden oh escapes her. "Hey.. I remember that now." Seems she did read at times. "Isn't that when there wasn't any stuff an not as many dragons?" Yes 'stuff' because that explains everything!

With the stuff and the dragons and the… uh. Yeah. Something like that. Soriana mmmhs. "Yeah?" she offers judiciously. "Somethin' like."

Mikal mutters something unheard. Seems he doesn't remember all that much of the story.

A brownrider wanders down the length of the beach, heading toward the weyrling area, looking to be a man on mission.

Mikal looks out to the waters as the rain slows and then eventually stops while he was chatting with the two girls. He gives them another scoffing look. "I've read the history of our past about when they was only one weyr. There's plenty now." he points out, adding. "It stopped raining."

"Well, yeah, now…" says Soriana, and stretches a bit. "So what're you gonna do about? You got places to go?"

Idrissa glances towards the waves as the rain seems to lesson. A slight shrug seen while she looks over to Mikal. "Ya.. You still gona look for firelizards?"

Mikal shakes his head. "Dunno. PErhaps not. At least no more for today. Might go swimming." he decides.

Soriana has already spoken her piece on firelizards, she doesn't see a need to do it again! "It's gettin' colder… before long, maybe it won't be much good for swimming anymore."

Mikal sticks his tongue out at Soriana. "Then what would you suggest to do now that it's not raining?" he counters her discouraging the swimming.

"I keep telling him that." Idrissa offers with an amused tone. "Mikal said someone told him there was a clutch around here." She glances to the water about the swimming. "Ya, I imagen the water is getting cooler, an even after the rain it could be a lot colder."

Mikal crosses arms over his chest. "I'll find one. Someday." he mutters about his distinct lack of finding a clutch of his own.

Soriana laughs, sitting near the other two on a beach soaked by recent rains. "Could play a game," she says to Mikal. "Though maybe we're a bit short for most of 'em. Or a bit too many, depending on the game. Three's a hard number." At the further mention of firelizards, she grins a bit. "Someday, sure… maybe before you're forty."

Mikal snorts. "Well I'd certainly like one before then! Preferably before I go off to apprentice somewhere."

Idrissa laughs out at this and hops up with a grin as she peers at Mikal. "Maybe!" She offers while hopping down off the rock to the sand. "What game you got in mind?"

It's been raining, so whatever IS Darsce doing outside? Oddly enough, the prissy Iernean is out walking - on the hard-packed sand so she doesn't ruin her pretty suede boots - hands thrust in jacket pockets as she happens upon the scene. "Or one will find you," she says to Mikal with a shudder. Miss manners she isn't, but does tack on a casual, "Hi" to all of them.

"Yeah, 'cause… if you were an apprentice, and found an egg, you'd have to offer it to your craftmaster. So unless you happened to get a nice one… no firelizard for you!" Soriana shakes her head sadly-like, then smiles to Idrissa. "Well, capture-stone, or kickball or something." At the greeting, such as it is, from Darsce she waves. "Hi."

Mikal gives an annoyed roll of his eyes. "Why does everyone want me to simply wait for something to find me?" he asks with a growl. "See…" he points to Sori. "I'd have to be not an apprentice so I can find one." if that makes any sense. To him it does. "And…hi." he gives Darce a mistrusting look. "Another girl." he mutters.

Idrissa glances over to the new voice, a smile an wave is seen to Darsce. "Hello there." Is offered softly while she brushes some sand off her pants. "Your find one if you are suppose to. Stuff happens for a reason you know?" This said with a smile. "So.. How about you pick what game we play then?" See, she is giving him something to pick!

Darsce withdraws a hand from her pocket, placing a well-manicured palm on her chest, "I am not a girl," she informs Mikal with feigned offense. "I am a woman." Sniff. Really now! Actually she's barely out of the teen years. The mascara'd lashes of one eye flutter in a wink at the boy before she steps closer a little idly to watch them play. She may look ladylike, but her smile is friendly enough. "You could just… ask for an egg you know," she states after a moment.

A woman, huh? Soriana gives a slightly suspicious look for that, but… the other female does seem friendly enough. So… okay, she supposes. Sori hehs at Idrissa's offer to Mikal, and shrugs. "We don't hafta play a game, anyway."

Mikal considers. "How about thread-tag?" he suggests. "It's just like tag but when you get tagged you gotta stay there like you've been hit by thread. And then someone else who's not it has to run by and save you by tapping your head." his explanation stops at Darsce explains how she's not a girl. "Well…excuuuse me. That could be worse you know…..what do you mean ask?"

Idrissa just pauses while she looks to Darsce at the 'woman' comment. A soft ah escapes her and shr scratches at the side of her head a moment and flicks some hair out of her face. "Well.. Alright.." She isn't to sure what to say, a glance even sent towards Soriana to prove she is rather confused. "Thread-tag.. Doesn't thread supposely burn an stuffs?" This questioned to Mikal.

"Eww!" Well, Darsce doesn't have grown-up language yet, apparently. "People who get hit by Thread, don't stand. They dissolve." There's bright laughter in her blue eyes as she flicks the other girls a wink this time, glossed lips twitching to keep from laughing outright. "I'll watch, if that's okay." Yes, she is lazy. Her answer is given to the boy with a nonchalant shrug, "Oh, like, find someone with a clutching female and, you know, ask if you can have one. Easy!"

"Well you can writhe around and howl like you've been hit by real thread. It is pretend, of course." he oohs a bit at Darsce and near pounces with his next words. "Do you know someone who's got a clutching female?"

"Sounds like a fun game…" says Soriana, then hehs. "Though yeah, thread's s'posed to eat everything. More the writhing and screaming in pain." She laughs. "So glad it's gone."

Idrissa makes a face as she hears Soriana and Darce at the idea. "Well, thank goodness it is!" There is a pause and she grins while eyeing Mikal playful like before reaching out as she was going to poke him. "Not it!" Is suddenly heard and she takes off running the other way! Game of tag is now started!

Darsce squelches the mischievous gleam in her eye and answers Mikal seriously enough, by all appearances totally sincere. "Well, my dad has a bronze and his weyrmate has a gold. I'll bet if you made yourself useful to them and offered to do odd jobs for it, by the time the gold lays eggs, they'd totally give you one." In other words, be underfoot, Mikal! "Just ask for Thea and D'had." And here she points a laquered nail-tipped finger encouragingly towards the coastal road. "They live thataway." And she steps back so she won't be in the way of the chasing.

Mikal is about to ask who her parents are when she supplies the answer. "I'm Mikal!" he's much more friendlier now towards the girl/women. "Hey…!" he objects as Idrissa takes off and he sprints off after her.

Soriana laughs as Idrissa takes off down the beach for a head start. She stands up, and adds, "Alzanbri's got a green, too…." not that Mikal necessarily hears her, what with the running off down the beach. She grins, and steps out a bit… not avoiding the chasing, but waiting for it to loop back around, because clearly… she's not the one who's it, nope. Not her.

Idrissa hears the conversation about who has what sorta firelizard. She'll have to remember that! Though after a moment she loops around and runs back towards Soriana and Darsce. She is careful not to get too close to Darsce knowing she didn't want to join in. "Better run Sori, his coming back!" This said with a half laughing tone in the process.

Oops! She never did introduce herself, did she? "I'm Darsce-" And the sand flies as the pair run off. Pulling her hand back, the blonde turns her head to watch the chase, cups it to her mouth and calls after him, "Offer to babysit and maybe they'll give you two eggs!" Nevermind that the 'babies' are nine and a half turns old. She shoves her hand back in her pocket and smirks knowingly at Soriana for not running.

Mikal is a quick runner but it's in sand. Wet sand. So he's unable to catch up. At one point he lunges and ends up sprawled upon the sand. The Wet Sand.

Soriana shudders. Babies! Nine turns or not… babies! Even Mikal is dangerously close to that line. Daaaaangerously close. She watches the runners for a moment, then adds, "Oh, I'm Soriana. Hey." She turns to give a smile, and then… whoa! Here's Idrissa coming back toward her (well, kinda toward) and shouting about chaos and/or attacking weyrboys. Though… Mikal seems to be having a rather hard time of it. Still, she readies herself, edging along the cliff…

Idrissa glances back towards Mikal and pauses long enough grinning as she looks to Darsce and Sori. "I'm Idrissa, nice ta meet you. Offer to babysit huh?" Is questioned with a curious tone, she looks at Mikal at the thought. That could pose a problem! Especially when the sand is beating him at the moment.

Oh ack! They're coming back! And see now, Mikal's sprawl is exactly why Darsce isn't running around in wet sand. "Nice to meet you," the Iernean tosses casually towards both Soriana and Idrissa, nodding simply about the babysitting. "Get 'em out of my da's hair." Even as she speaks, she starts to edge away from the fray just in case the sand-plastered Mikal comes running their way. You never know what the It-person will do, after all! "If you two would like me to do a make-over for you sometime, I have tons of makeup." Yeah, it’s girly stuff, but still.

Mikal has gotten up from the Wet Sand and is running full force towards Idrissa, arm outstretched in an attempt to tag her.

It's not often that ka-el is seen without his boots, though when one traverses to the beach, that's likely the norm, right? Possibly why his trousers have been rolled up to the knee as well. From further down the stretch of rolling, hilly sand, another youthful teenage form is seen approaching, holding a piece of parchment which he seems captivated. His eyes pan side to side as he studies whatever may be etched upon it as he goes, barely blinking an eye as he slides down a gently decline in the sand. It's only the sound of voices ahead that lifts his attention, and he raises a hand to shield his eyes to look ahead. He grins upon recognizing at least two of them, and his parchment is folded and pocketed as he heads over, lifting an arm in a wave that may or may not be seen, considering the game being played!

Soriana gets a brief dubious look at the idea of makeup, but it's not exactly negative. Just… dubious. Then she's darting away, along the cliff-edge and encircling around to behind Mikal as he runs on after Idrissa. Safest place to be in tag: behind the It! She, at least, is in a position to notice Kale, and so… she waves back!

Idrissa tilts her head while just peering at Darsce. "Makeup? I dono why I'd wear any, runners don't care about makeup." There is a pause while she glances to herself as if wondering whatever for? She lifts a hand to push back a few strands of wet hair and nods slightly while chewing on her lip at the thought. She soon erks! and takes off running again as she hears Mikal is quickly approaching. Doing so she catches sight of Kale and with a smile she waves at him. "Hey Kale! Playing tag.. Don't let Mikal get'cha!" She doesn't even ask if he wants to join, just inivtes him in.

Mikal is soo close! He reaches and just misses the arm of Idrissa. "Shards!" he exclaims loudly cause obviously when you curse it must be loud. He's intent though and as Sori tracks around behind him he spins and lunges!

Zinesha is up near the cliffs herself, hiding , crouched a bit, in shadows and just watching the action of the others. She's cleanly dressed and there are no smudges or any kind of dirt on her or her clothes. She fiddles with her thick braid that she has tossed over her shoulder. She does watch with interest though, her green eyes flicking back and forth as she catches all the action.

Being played by some. Not by Darce. She's not about to get her fancy clothes - even if she's not in a dress or anything, sandy. She snorts about the runners. "Not for them. Because it's fun to look pretty and watch the boys fall all over themselves when you wear it?" She tosses out reason number 101 in a 'dare ya' sort of way. The approaching Kale is given a flutter of pink-tipped fingers before she stuffs her hand back in her jacket pocket. And this is her cue to move on, the lunging Mikal. She's got a bit of a grin nevertheless. "Have fun!"

Tag! That's definitely a game that Kale /does/ know well. Granted, his family's version definitely included more shoving than tagging, which eventually led to more roughhousing than than playing…but the goal was the same! He grins the closer that he gets, eyeing the situatin. Hmmm, who's It? Possibly Soriana…but the question is soon answered by Idrissa's call. Mikal? He glances to the younger redhead. Must be him. His mouth opens as if to call, but whatever words he intend to say get caught somewhere high in his throat as he looks towards the other unfamiliar face, Darsce. What was that about watching boys fall all over themselves? "I uh…" Er, wait. She didn't exactly say anything to him, right? He closes his mouth then grins. The friendly thing to do is to go on over and introduce himself right? Right. Fingers are combed through his hair nonchalantly as he does just so, approaching at a casual walk. "Good day…" Pause. Keep talking, man! "Not wantin' to join?" he asks with a gesture to the others.

Whoops! There's Mikal going for her! Soriana laughs, leaning to the side in a dodge and then scrambling off along the sands. Her balance is kept - this time! On she runs down the beach! The trailing end of Darsce's comment is caught, and there's just another little flash of dubious - mixed with uncertainty. Hmm. Maybe it does bear thinking about, but… not right now! Eep, Mikal's right behind her, 'cause she went and slowed down while she was thinking. Noooo! She redoubles her efforts.

Idrissa glances back to see that Mikal has went after Soriana, a curious look offered to the older Darce. "Why.. would I want the boys doing that?" She questions curiously. Rissa isn't really at the age of where she is that interested in boys it would seem. Her gaze turns over to kale and she offers him a smile once more before looking towards runners and see if Sori can stay away from Mikal!

Mikal's feet sink into the wet sand. Squishy! Intent on his intention of tagging Soriana he has't even noticed anyone new on the beach. He gives an estatic whoop as he draws in closer and reaches to lay a solid tag on her shoulder. Expecting his tag to land he swerves after his attempt as if to run the other way/

Zinesha has started to wander closer, avoiding the wetter sections of sand and then speaks up quietly "Boys will bring pretty gifts to pretty girls." Her voice is soft, but not timid. "least that's what Daddy has told me." she says with a shrug "I've not had any boys bring my anything pretty." She doesn't seem too disappointed in the fact.

Over her shoulder to Idrissa, "Try it and find out, why don't you?" Darsce’s lips are curved in a smile that hints at mystery and she's making tracks away from the game - and thus towards the approaching Kale. Iceblue eyes flicker in amusement at the greeting but her answer is a coolly absent of teasing as she offers a soft hand to shake. "To you as well. I'm Darsce," says the barely two sevendays from being a teen herself. "And no, tag is for- nor my thing," she amends, managing not to sound condescending but alluding that she is simply a terrible runner or something. "And other things, too!" She says brightly to Zinesha, adding a smile and a pert, "Hi!"

Kale's attention drifts to Zinesha, apparently having heard her comments too. The girl is given an encouraging grin. "I bet yeh will get somethin' pretty eventually. We're a bit slow, y'know. Take me for an example. I haven't given anything pretty to anyone an' I've seen my share of pretty girls," he admits with a gently lifting of his shoulders. His eyes flits to the game again, as if to see if the It has changed places yet, though if he's joining in he doesn't make any indications of it at the moment. Darce's outstretched hand is taken and given a shake as he dips his head to her in greeting. "Well met. I'm Kale."

C'mon, c'mon… noooo! Soriana is tagged! She tries to spin around quickly and get Mikal back, but misses. Well fine then. She'll just go catch someone new! Like, say…. huh. Kale seems to be not actually playing, standing as he is with Darsce. They're more with the talking, and the boy has somehow caught the …woman's… air of serious business. Same with the new girl who's showed up near them. Well… She frowns slightly, pausing in her run for just a moment before she picks it up again, chasing along the sands in pursuit of Mikal and Idrissa. /They're/ still playing, at least. Just like when the game started. So she'll just play with /them/. Sothere.

It's most likely a good thing that Mikal's not within hearing range of the girly/makeup conversation or else he'd been green from illness since girls aren't anything that he's wanting to look at all prettied up. His laughter of triumph rings across the beach as Sori's attempt to tag him misses and he tries to put as much distance between himself and her. "RUN IDRISSA!" he bellows as loudly as he can.

Idrissa hums softly while she glances to Kale and then Darsce looking confused once more over the idea. She ponders this an missing that Soriana is tagged. Her gaze lifts upwards at another voice and she offers a smile Zinesha and a waves to her as well. "Hello there." Though this is short lived as she hears Mikal and blinks while glancing over a moment and a half squeal escapes her as she takes off running again. "OH not you don't!" Is offered back to Soriana.

Zinesha's mouth twitches a little before she smiles at Kale "Oh, I suppose. Mama said the prettiness will have to grow into me." she wrinkles her nose a little "Whatever thats supposed to mean." She tilts her head a little at Darsce "What other things?" she asks curiously as she looks up at the older girl. Well, woman.

"They have to be old enough to afford pretty gifts," purrs Darce towards Zinesha while Kale is shaking her hand. Herein lies her logic of using makeup perhaps. Older boys. Or men. No offense Kale. She's at least nice enough not to say it out loud though? And isn't she nice not to bring up gifts that cost nothing like smooches and field-picked flowers that might freak out Mikal? Instead she dips her head to the game and says, "Hey don't let me keep you. I have to get. Have a date." Yeah right. Or she'll find one, because she has to make the best of her time while her daddy is off doing office-y things or sweeps so he won't scare the guy off. "Ta!" And she's off with a cheerful flutter of fingers.

Kale is totally old enough to afford pretty things! Not overly expensive things, but pretty things nonetheless! This is a wealth of knowledge that he's soaking up from Darce, for though romancing and impressing those of the opposite gender has never been too prominent on his mind, it's likely going to be a skill he'll be needing a few pointers in at some point in his life. Soonish. Maybe. Definitely not something he'll be practicing on the likes of say, Darce, though there's no harm in oogling her, right? He nods to her as she speaks of having to leave for a date, which seems certaintly, extremely, utterly likely in his opinion. And so as she goes he waves, grinning a bit lopsidedly, and then waves again because apparently he's forgotten he's already done so. Now is time to say something cool! Suave! Mature! "Good luck!" is all he's able to come up with, and his waving hand is smacked against his forehead as he cringes. Good luck? Yes. Very smooth. "Ugh…" His hand slides down and away from his face as he turns to Zinesha. "I'm not gonna be any help on that'un. They might be though," he says, pointing to Idrissa and Soriana. "But hey, all that's not important to ya right now already, is it?"

What'd Mikal have to go and /warn/ Idrissa for? Soriana grins, continuing her pursuit. She makes another failed swipe for Mikal, and then darts along to run after Idrissa. Maybe she'll have better luck with that, huh? Worth a try, anyway, because she's certainly not chasing any of the others on this beach, what with them appearing to not be playing. Havin'… more important things to do. Pff! As if. Darsce: leaving. Kale: talking to a little kid. Soriana: chasing Idrissa, in hot pursuit!

Mikal dodges deftly and ducks low to turn directions. Suddenly his own name is bellowed from someone at the edge of the beach. "Shards." he mutters. "My fostermum. I forgot I was supposed to help her with some indoor stuff today. By Idrissa, Soriana!"
Mikal adds. "And the others." as he sees more faces now. He zooms. "Girls still drool!"

"Flowers," is the blonde's brief and child-friendly version of what other things to Zinesha. There's a smirk over her shoulder at Kale's parting shot. It she doesn't have one already lined up, she will shortly, for Darsce is headed towards the tavern and won't Kale be surprised to see her flirting on the arm of some young man later if he passes in her vicinity? Though if he sticks around, he'll also be entertained by a growling Weyrsecond of a father chasing the guy off too! Unless she's extremely circumspect, but then, don't count on it. She's young enough to be sort of reckless. And she's not missing that oogling, either, hips swaying as she walks off. That's Darsce for you.

Idrissa eees as she continues to run away from Soriana in the process. She turns sharply to the side heading back towards Kale and the other. "You guys wana play?" Is questioned as she passes the two that are talking rather sure Sori is getting ever closer to her. Oh dear.. "I heard that Mikal!" She calls out towards his fleeing form with a mutter escaping her in the process.

Zinesha hmms thoughfully and nods "Daddy has brought Mama flowers." she states "Mama would smile real pretty like too." she glances over at Kale "Well, Mama always said you have to plan for the things that you want. So why not plan for a boy?" she asks curiously and then sighs "Though it's not like I've met one that seems even remotely interesting. There'll all so gross and all." she states as she sticks out her tongue with a blech face.

Kale doesn't miss all that sashaying going on by Darce, and it has the desired effect of or a sort of drunken grin from the young teen. He's brought out of his reverie by Idrissa's call and Zinesha's comments, and he blinks a few times as he regards Zinesha first. Flowers huh? He'll keep that in the back of his mind for future use! "Heeey.." he says, sounding playfully offended. "You're aware that you're currently speakin' to a boy? An' I think I'm very interesting. Jus' ask Soriana 'n Idrissa over there. They can tell ya. In fact, it's their mission to figure if I'm actually a ghost. Spirit. Apparition. But whether I am or I ain't, I don't think I'm gross at all." He grins, a normal boyish one now, and he nods in the direction of the other girls. "C'mon. Let's play." And it's /much/ easier for him to say that with Darce no longer around!

Soriana sticks out her tongue at the departing Mikal. So much for that! She continues to veer after Idrissa, chasing the other girl across the sands… though… if it's just her and Idrissa… Soriana starts to slow. Two player tag isn't very fun. But… oh, look. /Apparently/, now that there isn't a /woman/ around, Kale's willing to play. Hmph! The hmph, however, is not enough to stop her from turning and running toward him, reaching out to see if she can get in a tag. It'd serve him right to be it!

Idrissa glances back around to see Soriana heading towards Kale, uhoh. "Watch out Kale!" She calls out towards him. As if that would help seeing how close Sori is, worth a shot though. "Better run!" Is said to try and get him and perhaps Zinesha running if she is interested in the game of tag yet.

Well, Zinesha was never noted for being tactful. Course she reaches out to poke at Kale "You can't feel ghosts." she murmurs "You just hear them in your heads." she notes quite matter-of-factly as if she was the premier authority on ghosts. She does look a little dubious at the thought of playing tag. "I dunno. I'm not very good and Mama wouldn't be very happy if I come home all dirty." she says as she hangs back a little, though she looks a bit wistful as well.

Kale laughs as he's poked and shifts away from her. "You've met a ghost before then, have you? Well I think it jus' depends on the ghost. Some might not like bein' felt up and touched. Others, like perhaps me, might not mind it." And speaking of being touched… TAG! Soriana indeed succeeds in tagging him as It, as Idrissa's call didn't warn him in time enough. He's definitely taggable, and he "HEY!"s in protest. "I wasn't ready! That's what we call cheatin'!" he calls after her, though he dosn't appear to be truly angry. "You're playing with us. We won't push ya down," is spoken to Zinesha, "now /run/ before I tag ya!" He darts off then, head ducking down a little as he takes off after Soriana, though Idrissa is in his sights too!

Hah! Victory. "You had plenty of warning!" retorts Soriana as she flees. "If you hadn't been makin' googly eyes, you coulda been halfway across the beach!" Nope. She's not sorry, not in the slightest. On she runs across the wet sand!

Idrissa waves a hand to Zinesha and smiles. "Don't worry, we won't get ye dirty. Promise! An if it happens just blame me for it." She can see the girl wants to play, an who wouldn't? She blinks as she catches sight of Kale getting tagged and then running towards her. EEEE! She turns about running once more, laughing all the while. "Your not catch me!" Is said back to Kale. "AN ya.. what Soriana says!" Sori and Rissa may not be like Darsce but they can catch boys making oogly eyes are girls! There not blind after all.

Zinesha hesitates a moment and then she too is off and running, her braid thumping behind her as she runs on gangly stork legs. Or maybe it's wherry legs. "YOu're gross!" she calls off after Kale "Felt up. Ewww!" she giggles though as she skurries across the wet sand.

Making what eyes? "I wasn't!" insists Kale who has a feeling that he was. A lot. And now he's gross? His stride is broken a little as he looks over to Zinesha. "What? How'm I..? Oh..wait I didn't mean it like /that!/" he laughs, his grin back in full force. Girls, yeesh! He'll show them! He turns up the speed, zeroing in on Idrissa. He's not sure if she's been It already, but he's got her in his sights regardless! His barefeet make imprints in the sand as he goes, proving to be a pretty swift fellow. He stretches out his hand, reeeeeaching, trying to press his fingertips to the back of her shoulder.

He totally was. Soriana is, however, totally too grown up to play the 'Uh-huh Nuh-uh' game, so she just lets that slide and grins as she runs from his tag-oriented revenge! She darts in a different direction from Idrissa, and lucky her, 'cause Kale's going after that direction and not her! Excellent! She slows a little, but keeps on running, because well distance! From the It! Is a good thing!

Idrissa laughs as she continues to run, though she does pick up on the fact that Kale is basicly /right/ there! OHNOES!! She continues to run biting her lip in the process. "You totally WAS!" Is offered back towards Kale as he refuses to admit that he did it! She glances back in time to catch sight of him and a half laughing squeal escapes her and then she is *tagged* EEES! An as she turns to try and swing about to tag back one bare foot slides and she goes tumbling down upon the wet sand. For a second is she quiet before a laugh escapes her.

"Uh huh. Sure." Zinesha calls out as she runs, putting distance between herself and the older kids. She's not too old too. THen she's wincing as she watches Idrissa go tumbling down "You okay?!" she calls out as she slows down to a near stop.

OhYES! Mwuaha! As Kale feels his fingers brush against Idrissa, he immediately changes direction. Like her, he finds himself skidding against the sand as he attempts to turn around as quickly as possible, but he does manage to keep himself upright in the process. And then he's outta there! Now the hunter has turned into the hunted and he aims on distancing himself from her, taunting over his shoulder. But wait, girl down! Girl down! Like Zinesha, he slows, but hey this could be a trick!

Soriana pulls ahead a bit further, then clambers up onto a largeish rock. She uses that as a vantage-point (it's clearly superior, what with being higher than the others) to survey the game in progress. Ooh, there's a tumble from Idrissa, that looks… painful? Maybe? Can't be too bad, Riss is laughing about it. Hmmm. She stands where she is, observing.

Idrissa is fine, really, just now covered in wet sand. "I'm fine!" She offers while pushing herself up, she might get a few bruises out of it later but she doesn't show any affect to being to hurt. An amused glance is sent towards Zinesha and she playful moves to try and tag the girl. "Gotta be ready for all sorta surprizes." Though she doesn't really try to get the girl letting her possible turn an run off it seems.

Zinesha lets out a squeal and does turn to run. After all, not only is Idrissa it, but she's also covered in sand. And so off the girl goes, running. Course after the squeal comes giggles and all and then she's looking at Soriana up on the rock and biting her lip. Where to run too?

Ah ha! he knew it was trick! Upon hearing that Idrissa is not hurt, and epecially now that she's up and chasing again, Kale is off again. Where to go, where to go? Oh hey, look at Soriana up there! So of course he aims to join her, skedattling towards her perch to scale the rock as well. Whether there's room for him or not, he joins, /making/ room by squishing close to her.

Why, from here, Soriana can see the whole game! Not like those people down on the beach, no. They can't hardly see anything. She's far better situated, what with being practically a (firelizard) length up off the sand. Even Kale recognizes that fact! …and… is joining her. Well, it sorta works, so long as she stands like this and he leans a bit forward and… whoops, she'd better put a hand on his shoulder to stay balanced…

Idrissa giggles as she follows after Zinesha for a bit, her gaze turning towards Soriana and Kale up on the rock an smirks. With an amused look across her face she turns and runs over to said rock. Once there she reaches up attemping to tag one of there legs. "Nice for you to stay put!" She says with a laugh.

Zinesha can't help but giggle some more "Two for the price of one! That's a deal!" she calls out admidst her laughter. "Sillies, you're supposed to run not perch." She states as she stops running herself and catch a bit of a breather.

"Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time!" Kale laughs to Zinesha as he now finds himself trapped. Trapped, like a rat! You know, tag totally isn't a team game…and as Soriana steadies himself on him, he gets a devious look on his face. "Hey, I've just been It. So /really/ you /should/ probably tag someone like…I don' know…possibly Soriana!" And with that proclamation, he grasps at her shoulders and guides her forward a bit, not to push her off of their perch, but to instead offer her as a sort of .. offering! Mwuaha

So maaaaybe this is not optimal in terms of tag playing… but no! They have the higher ground! How can that _not_ be an advantage? Seriously! Just 'cause Idrissa is here now and tagging at their legs… lean! sway! dodge! veer! Yipe! …okay, the yipe was not so much planned. The yipe was Kale pushing her forward to try and make her be tagged! "Hey, whoa, no, see, I was already It, and he's -" Her hand on his shoulder tightens, and she tries to scramble back… but probably only succeeds in tangling her legs with Kale's and making them wobble dangerously. This rock is not actually all that big, as it turns out.

Idrissa leans against the rock and just eyes the pair playful like. She looks amused and soon just grin while shaking her head slightly. "You two are gona fall and bust somethin' worse then me if ye keep this up!" She offers with an amused tone while just waiting it seems to see whom wins the pushing match before trying to tag one of her dear friends again.

Zinesha wrinkles her nose "A trip to the healer is no fun, especially if yer laid up with a busted leg and all. That'd be no fun. No more tag or falling on top of each other." She tilts her head a little "Less you're wanting to be on top of each other?"

"Nah, I've the balance of a cat. Nimble. Gracef-.." Hmm, Kale possible would be more nimble and graceful if he wasn't battling Soriana on thier rockhold. But as it is, he /is/ and shuffling feet doesn't make grace very easy to come by! But he's holding his own for now, his hand not letting go of hershoulders as he's intent on making /her/ the easier target. And it's all going well….til Zinesha's comment. Wanting to be on to-.. "Huh?" He turns bewildered eyes on her, and she proves to be enough of a distraction for him not to avoid his feet to tangle up with Soriana's. "Woah..hey!" Wobble wobble, fall! And of course, letting go of her shoulders is an afterthought that doesn't come til /after/ he's already toppling to the sand, landing with a soft *fwoomph!* on his back, eyes closed in a wince.

Yeah, Idrissa and Zinesha have the right of it; this here is (was) a hazardous thing to be doing, and the fall was only to be expected. But she's not going to just give up to Kale! Not so easily, not her! The battle for the rock (and being tagged) continues, until…. wanting to be on top of each other? There's a momentary expression across her face not that disimilar to someone being hit over the head with a large stick. It's a sort of 'Uhhhh', that is quickly chased away by the 'Eeeeep!' of tumbling through the air, dragged along by Kale's arms and landing on top of him with a *thoomp* and a sprawl of limbs.

Toral pops out of between, doubtless drawn by the commotion and fragments of Soriana's thoughts. Toral gets an eyeful of Soriana, sprawled over the top of Kale. Toral chirrups inquisitively. Toral pops away between again. Firelizards are inveterate gossips, particularly to bored dragons, but they lack the ability to provide useful context and explanations for the images they've seen. Surely there's nothing compromising about that view, taken out of context? Right? Soriana, of course, has failed to notice her firelizard.

Idrissa tilts her head while she watches the two a few moments and smirks while she crouches down next to them. An amused look is clearly seen while she lets a elbow rests upon her knee and her cheek against her hand. She winks at them. "Should.. I leave you two alone?" A sly amused grin seen across her face before she giggles at the sight.

Firelizard? What firelizard? When Kale's eyes open, he gets an eyeful of a very close Soriana whose elbows are digging somewhere between his ribs. Ow. But really, the uncomfortable feeling of limbs poking and pressing against places on his body aren't registering as much as how close their bodies are to one another. No, not just close. They're all but merged together. On top of each other, like Zinesha so rightly said. He blinks owlishly up at her, then winces as he shifts, for all that does is press some bony part of her against some part of him that doesn't feel too good! "Uh…" He glances oer to the very amused looking idrissa, and he rolls his eyes exaggeratedly. Nevermind the /slight/ pinkish hue to his face. Slight, mind you. "Har har, you're a funny one. A little help, eh?"

Well. Ahhhh… here they are. They certainly are. Uhm. …wow, Kale is warm. And, uh… boney. This is perhaps not the most comfortable of positions from a purely physical standpoint, and never mind that Soriana is also pressed very close on top of a boy. Turns out? Boys do, in fact smell. Of, uhm… boy. It's not like it's a strong scent, or even an unpleasant once, exactly, it's just… well, there is a scent. Ah. She also blushes just a bit, and starts attempting to disentangle herself and scramble off him onto the sand.

Zinesha can't help but giggle at the sight of Kale and Soriana and she tilts her head a little. "Maybe we should leave them alone. They look, oh so comfy." Maybe not, but it sounds good. She looks up at the sky a little and tilts her head and then sighs. "I probably should get home though. Mama's gonna be after me for being out so long." she says as she waves to the three of them and then turns and runs off whistling some little diddy along the lines of K-I-S-S-I-N-G.

Idrissa snickers out softly and shifts to press her knees to the sand and helps try to untangle her friends.. If that is possible, geeze that must look strange helping untangle to that are laying upon one another! She giggles softly. "Well, why did ye get up on a rock of all places?" That that done she slowly stands and offers her hands to help pull Kale up seeing how Soriana is scramble off. A grin is sent towards Zinesha and she winks after the other. "Later!" Is called out.

"Because t'was my plan to push her off anyway to save myself," says Kale as Soriana eventually removes herself from him. His eyes follow her, though soon flit to Idrissa as she offers her hand. Reaching up, he grasps her and pulls himself up, bringing with him quite a bit of sand that clings to his back and the back of his trousers. "It /was/ a good plan at the time, but eh…I suppose I didn't think it through as much as I should've." Blue eyes turn to Soriana again, noting her quietness, and hoping that the color to his cheeks has faded by now. And in awkward situations like these, there's only one thing a boy can do: Escape! "I should head back though. Hope my boots haven't been nicked.." He lifts a hand to lightly rub at the back of his head, daring to look at Sori again, though backing up as he does so. The first steps of escape. "You're alright though, eh? I didn't break ya or anything?" Humor! Humor always saves the day!

"Traitor," retorts Soriana as Kale reveals his grand plan, but she's grinning as she says it. Though… what Zinesha's humming as she leaves makes her mouth do a momentary oh as a little more color creeps into her ears. She quickly looks away, giving her head a shake. Yeah. That. "Uh… no, 'm fine. Y'made a good pillow." Beat. "For landing on!"

Idrissa snickers out softly while she helps Kale up, and even goes about brushing some sand off of him in the process. "Some friend you are, using her like some shield!" She laughs out and shakes her head as he goes about moving off, her hands settled upon her hips and she peers at Kale before looking to Soriana and grins. "Looks like she's ok.. Have to find out more why she is turning red though."

Kale is totally /not/ paying attention to Zinesha's humming song. At least, he's made no indication of having heard it because he's doing an admirable job of ignoring it. And plus, acknowleding it would do nothing to assist in fixing The Awkward Situation! But it seems as if awkard is hell bent on sticking around, for her pillow comment brings forth both a grin and another rub to the back of his head. "Oh yeah right, sure," he agrees quickly to her amendment, nodding a few brisk times. For landing on. Of course. What else could she have meant? "Turnin' red? he echoes Idrissa. "…Ah…I don' think she' I don' see red," he insists. "T'was good runnin' into the two've yeh again. I bet you still haven't figured out what it is I do, have ya? Besides haunt beaches an' stables 'n such." His grin widens as he offers a light wave. "Good evenin' to ya both!" And with that he maks his great escape, moving off in the same direction in which he came.

Soriana nods in agreement to Kale. Yep, no red here, not a bit of it. There is nothing out of the ordinary going on here. Nope. At least, nothing that they aren't both going to deny vehemently. …oh shells and shards, Zinesha's just about the right age to be hanging out with those other brats. They're going to start saying how the tunnelcat-girl has a boyfriend. It'll be everything all over again, only a hundred times worse. Nooooooo! Vehement denials are _so_ the order of the day. "Aheh. We'll, ah… find out. Just you wait!" she says in an almost normal sounding sort of voice in response to Kale's parting taunt, and then just watches him go.

Idrissa rolls her eyes faintly an moves on to stand next to Soriana. "Not yet.. But.. We're gona find out. You just wait!" She pauses as Sori says that and just grins. Perhaps these two have been hanging around one another too long if there saying the same things! "Don't worry.. You can't keep everything hushhush forever." She too watches Kale leave and tilts her head. "His.. not to bad." Is murmured to Sori. Rissa actually finds she enjoys talking to that one for some reason.

Soriana sits down on the rock, so recently a battleground, with a little puff of breath. "Uh. Yeah…" she says to Idrissa, seeming a little distracted. "He's okay." Okay, is it? Such faint praise. Soriana is quiet again, with a thinking sort of face, and a careful /not/ looking at the direction Kale vanished to.
Idrissa glances over to Soriana and moves on over to her friend, sitting down next to her. "Hey.. You alright?" Is questioned while she peers at the other.

Soriana gives herself a little shake. "Huh? Yeah, I'm fine. Perfectly okay. Not even bruised." Quick, time for a change of subject! Like… say… "How's that runner with the injured leg doing?"

Idrissa watches her friend a few moments. "Your so lying." She points out with a smirk. "Ah his doing alright." Is soon offered while she looks back to the water. "He'll be up and out running in the paddock again soon."

Lying? Her? Soriana pretends she didn't hear that part. As for the runner, "Oh, uh… that's good." She stands up, brushing off the front of her legs. From, ah, sand, that she somehow got from being on top of a boy. Hey, there was being on the sand in there, too! "Anyway. I'd better get going. See you later." She waves, and heads briskly down the shore… in the opposite direction that Kale did, thankyouverymuch!

Idrissa blinks and glances after Soriana, a soft oh escaping her and she hopes she didn't make Soriana mad or anything. "Ya, alright.. Talk to you later Sori." She's quiet for a few moments before standing up and starts to wander off. Hands sliding into the pockets of her jacket while her bare feet splash to the waters as she walks along the beach humming some faint tune to herself in the process.

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