Sorbet Aftermath

Xanadu Weyr - Jmn Kiley's Room

Positions have shifted since the pair originally dropped off to sleep. Somehow, they've gotten under the soiled blanket while hands are held with fingers laced together while Kiley has taken to snuggling into Pyriel with their legs tangled together. And it isn't as if the woman is quite used to going to sleep with others, nope, but she's sound a sleep and sleeping peacefully against him. But she begins to stir, fingers gripping tightly onto his and she tries to shift but a soft groan of discomfort slips past her lips before she gives up and merely snuggles back into the warmth.

Pyriel was rather restless in his sleep, though for once he hadn't thrashed about and kicked Kiley out of bed. As he wakes, he barely registers the tangle of limbs or the heaviness on his chest. He was warm, but slightly uncomfortable. Brows twitch, and the ache in his head from his sorbet experience draws a low, painful groans from the boy. He tries to move, but one arm is pinned, the fingers of the other seem to be stuck in something, and his legs are asleep. The pounding in his head gets worse the longer he lays there, throbbing like the constant beat of a drum. It's the sound of another's groan, and their shifting that has the harper awake all at once, eyes flying open to find himself staring up at an unfamiliar ceiling. Then his hangover hits him full force and he has to slam his eyes shut once again, yanking his fingers free from Kiley's in order to pinch the bridge of his nose.

Kiley's fingers are free from Pyriel's and the woman lets out a soft sound of displeasure at the loss, but this also causes her to slowly open her eyes. Everything registers slowly to her, the fact that there's a person in her bed and that person is a man… And that person is naked, which turns her attention to the fact that she's naked and then the pounding headache that ensues next causes her to close her eyes and let out another groan of pain. Everything else begins to register then, the whole activity of the other day and up to the moment in which they fell asleep and the woman finally makes to untangle herself from him and then pulls herself out of the bed, careful to leave the covers over him. "Faranth.. Oh Faranth…" It's a soft panicked cry that comes from her lips as she opens her eyes again and stares at Pyriel.

"Just shut up." Pyriel growls, her quiet panic making his head hurt more. While he lays there, he slowly puts together the puzzle in a million pieces that eventually form to give a very clear picture of the past days events. The hand on his face freezes, and he goes stock still. "Uuuuuuuugh. Ya have got to be kiddin' me." he finally comes up with, and braves a turn of his head and a cracked open eye to reveal the very naked back of Kiley the computer crafter. There was a new groan emerging from him, but this ones was less of physical discomfort and more for mental anguish. He sits up all at once flinging back the covers, evidence of their activity pretty clear on both as his narrowed eyes take them in. Then he suddenly glares at the poor woman with a snap of his head in her direction before another throbbing pain hits his head and he winces as his eyes close tightly.

Kiley quickly grows quiet as he tells her to shut up, wincing visibly and then she quietly begins to separate their clothing from one another but folding his neatly while she does so. She doesn't turn to face him as he groans, simply finishing folding his clothes and then bringing them quietly over to the bed before hers are gathered and placed in a bin for the dirty clothing though the bra is tossed into a pail for garbage. Her avoiding his gaze and remaining in silence is her gathering her thoughts as she fetches herself some fresh clothing and begins to dress before her eyes finally move to seek his. But his eyes close and she continues to watch him with a mixture of uncontrolled and undefined emotions.

Pyriel shakes his head ever so slowly, and is completely unaware that Kiley is folding his clothes. That is, until he finally opens his eyes to peek out at the room, and finds them in a nice neat pile beside him. A twitch of something flutters across his features soon gone in the wake of him turning his back to the girl and standing up. Slowly. "My head…" he grumbles under his breath, pushing the heel of his palm to the ridge of one brow, half turning, and then grabs at his stuff. He gets himself dressed, mumbling something about needing to scrub himself raw in the bathing cavern, dropping to the edge of bed to roughly pull on his boots. That done, he's up and heading for the door without further ado. "Ya tell anyone about anything I said or did and I'll…." he snaps over his shoulder at her, hand on the door and yanks it open. Well, he leaves it at that as he steps out and slams the door behind him.

Kiley turns her gaze away as he begins to get dressed, quiet and submissive as she carefully avoids looking at him to avoid flashes of memory. His words, however, cause her to constantly grow tenser while shoulders slump and her form takes an almost defeated pose. His words, however, cause her to jump up and tense as she watches him approach the door. But she says nothing, merely nodding before the door slams shut. Tears build up once again as Pyriel seems to constantly bring this reaction, but she doesn't sob or break down and it takes even longer for her to get up the courage to leave the room to get something for the headache then to head to work.

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