After Avaeth's Flight

Xanadu Weyr - Zevida's Weyr

Largely made for the queen that resides and a few of her likely guests, suited to her tastes and hidden into the darker edject of the forest. Natural light does not fill the weyr, instead, carefully placed lamps along with red pattened shades. Pale gold curtains separate the weyr slightly, the sleeping aread where both the gold and her rider sleep is sectioned off. The sitting area has it's own place with a little pot for making klah. A shelf along with a few books, charts and papers. The final sectioned area is where the clothing is, a neat little dresser and a changing area, all hidden behind the final curtain. It's cozy, for the large gold. For any other it may appear abnormally large.

It's after the flight and Avaeth has returned to the weyr to curl up in her spot with enough room for Dhon to join her despite that she's not much of a cuddler. While Zevi herself is in the bed, still sleeping close to L'ton. Normally, she's up and shoving him out of the bed.

Dhonzayth is only too happy to settle with the gold while she still allows it, brassy hide against red-gold, in no rush to move. L'ton shifts a little, snuggling himself closer to Zevida, shifting to drape his arm around her middle, holding her close.

Zevida slowly tenses as she feels L'ton, eyes open as she sees him and there's a sight of relief. Her back turns to him and she allows him to pull her close. She's staring quietly at Avaeth and there's a silent conversation between the two.

Dragon> Avaeth bespoke Zevida with « I told you.. I told you… I called for him, Zevida. Our clutch will be fine.. »

Dragon> Zevida bespoke Avaeth with "You did..? I hope so.. You told me what?"

Dragon> Avaeth bespoke Zevida with « About the man.. »

L'ton rests his forehead gently against Zevida's shoulder as she scoots closer, nosing for a moment, a soft kiss. And then, after a moment, he's opening his eyes, blinking a surprised blink at the profile of the woman he's curled up with. "Z-Zevi.." He says, a bit shocked.

Zevida goes tense at the the nosing and kiss, but she's not turning around and intent on staring at Avaeth for the moment. When he's finally moving again, she tilts her head back and gives him a look. "What?"

"S-sorry." He murmurs softly, arms loosening as she tenses up, dropping his head back to the pillow, hand moving to rest lightly on her side, rather than moving away. "I.. Its… Habit.." He says quietly, remembering the last time he was in this position with the Xanadu goldrider.

Dragon> Avaeth bespoke Zevida with « He'll be nicer.. »

Dragon> Zevida bespoke Avaeth with "Than what?"

Dragon> Avaeth bespoke Zevida with « That man. » There's a flicker of image, pulled from Zevida's memories.. An image of Sarcon that fades in an explosion of fire.

Zevida nods slowly as he stutters, shifting the pillow from her head to her chest to hug it closely. "It's okay." She mutters softly, pulling her knees higher and holding the pillow tighter. "Avaeth said she called you." A soft sigh and she's hiding her face in that pillow, mumbling. "Said you'd be nicer.."

L'ton props himself up on an elbow as she shifts the pillow, hand squeezing her side as he blinks at her. "Aye.. We.. We got here as fast as we could.." He murmurs, before his hand is moving to push part of the pillow away so he can at least sort of look at her. "Nicer than wha?"

Zevida nods slowly, "it's okay.." She mumbles into the pillow, and when he pushes it away she doesn't try to pull it back any. Instead, she turns her head away slightly. "Someone.." She mumbles.

L'ton pushes the pillow a bit more, reaching for her chin to turn it back. "Fer who, li'bit? Ram? K'ael?" He offers a tilt of his head. "Cause, Ah dun blame ya. Think Dhon and Ah way out fly either of 'em." He says, lightly, watching her for a reaction.

Zevida almost whimpers as she faces him, shaking her head and trying to pull back. Tears are in her eyes again and she's trying to keep him from seeing. "No.. Not them." She murmurs, "had.. Someone.. A guy.. And.." She trails off, "didn't want Avaeth to rise.. So he fought with me and told me to stop her.. But I /can't/.. And he left.."

“Shards, Zevi.." He murmurs softly as she fights back the tears, murmuring an explanation. "It happens, trust me. No reason ta beat yerself up over it, Ah promise… If'n he's a good guy, he'll come ta his senses." L'ton offers, shifting to pull the blankets more closely around Zevida.

Zevida nods slowly, allowing the blanket to go up and she's turning away from him. Eyes close and she sighs softly. "I talked to him before, he was okay.. Then he said it's an excuse for me to sleep with other men…" The pillow is pulled closer. "I.. He gave me a rock.." A pause, "he said it reminded him of me.."

"Maybe ya just need to talk to him again.." L'ton offers, shifting as he does so, trying to locate his pants, which he finds and dons before returning to settle on the edge of the bed. "Ah dunno, sounds like he needs ta be hit a few times. Giving ya a rock, what's that suppose ta me?" More critical than normal, he gently rubs Zevi's back.

Zevida nods slowly, a pouty look on her face for a moment before she shifts to face him. "Maybe.. But, I don't know.. It looked like a rock to me.. He's a miner." There's a frown coming to her brows as she shifts back. "I threw it out.."

L'ton shifts to tap her nose as she looks at him all pouty. "A miner?" He asks, making a face, but his thoughts are withheld as he looks back. "Did he say why it reminded him of ya? Not like, cause yer hard as one or anything?"

Zevida squeaks then nods he heard. "A miner." She agrees softly then shakes he head. "No, just.. That it reminded him of me.. I didn't.. see anything about it.. Just a rock." Her brows draw into a frown. "It's somewhere out by the door.."

"Zevi.. If'n he's a miner.. It could be something special?" He offers, turning to look towards the door, and then back at the goldrider, gently touching fingers to her cheek. "How big was it? Brown? Black? Ah'll find it fer ya, and then ya should take a shower and find him." Though, he's not going to hang around to find out if she does or not.

Zevida puffs up her cheeks, "just.. Looks like a rock." She grumbles softly, watching him head towards the door. "'bout fist size." She curls up her fist, "color of a rock." Gray. "Fine.." She agrees softly, "if you found it.."

L'ton grabs his shirt on his way out, though only a single button is fastened to hold it on, as he meanders outside, pacing to locate the rock. Eventually, he heads back inside, two rocks in his hands, one more gray and one more brown. "These are the only big ones.." He offers, settling them on the bedside table.

Zevida is sitting up when he returns, then glances at the rocks. She picks up both and looks them over quietly, though she's not too sure what she's looking for. There's a moment and she offers the rock out towards him. "This one looks odd.. On the inside.." There's a hold on that rock.

L'ton settles himself on the end of the bed, holding his hand out as the rock is offered to him, and he's turning at it, looking, and brushing his thumb over the hole, before looking back at her. "Well.." He murmurs, turning it over in his hand again. "Ah.. Ah bet Ah could find something ta split it?"

Zevida is looking at the second rock with a frown, but she's settling it aside as he looks over the first. "Guess so.. Don't see how.. It's more than a rock." Though she shrugs, "you can split it open, if you want."

L'ton meanders away again, this time to the pouches and strap bags that thankfully made it to Zevida's with them, the bronzerider searching before the finds a chisle and an old knife handle, settling down outside. A few solid whacks later, there's a crack around the outside, and he's taking it, still closed, back to Zevida, offering it to her with a flourish of a hand.

Zevida is watching curiously as he split the rock, and then.. He's returning it to her. She takes the rock and is.. Staring, quite blankly at it. There are gems inside the rock, which probably would take a high price for fine pieces of jewelry.

"Zevi.." L'ton starts slowly as she opens the rock up, doing a bit of staring of his own, shaking his head. "Shards.." He murmurs. A pause, and he looks at the rock, then at her. "Ya… Ya should go shower. And talk. Ah'm… Ah'm gonna get out of here."

Zevida tilts her head, nodding a slow agreement. "Shards.." She repeats softly, then nods once more. The rock is stared at still before she murmurs. "Yeah.. If you want.. Should go." And she's staring at the gems again, frowning. "Shells.."

L'ton pauses, leaning across the bed to kiss the top of her head, hand squeezing her shoulder. "Go find 'em. Ah'll see ya soon, Zevi.." He murmurs, and as she's distracted and staring, he's gathering up the last of his things, sneaking out, though he lets Dhonzayth linger as long as the gold will have him.

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