A Day at the Beach

Xanadu Weyr - Beach


The unerring range of subdued white rises and falls in a multitude of sandy dunes, creating an endless amount of tiny valleys constantly demolished and rebuilt by the frequent arrival or departure of a dragon. Smoothing out as it slopes gently to the edge of the deep blue water, the sand darkens and a shell here and there stands out for children to collect. The beach itself is set along a low cliff - the height lessoning as one heads eastwards, blocking a portion of the beach from direct access.

The wide wide stretch of water opens up to the east, the far distant shore way beyond the horizon and the beach curves ever so slowly round to east and west, distant arms of land embracing the wind-ruffled Caspian Lake. East leads up to the mouth of the Rubicon River, where the protecting cliff is merely an arms length higher then the sand, and beyond that, a winding road leading out of Xanadu's territory. Westwards, the beach narrows as the cliff swings out, leaving a path wide enough for dragons in single file before cutting in to the sheltered cove designated the Weyrling Beach. However, cut in the cliff face to the north are a variety of rough, wide staircases, providing access to the clearing and to the meadow.

Tamasth is very big and not that easy to overlook, especially when bounding toward the water as fast as his legs can carry him. Why he'd want to run when he can fly faster and more gracefully is beyond anyone's guess until he reaches the water's edge. Skidding to a stop, he gathers all his energy in his haunches. His tail whips in agitation for a single moment just before he springs in the air, seemingly in flight. He drops to the water like a stone after a nifty little somersault, creating a huge splash. His water-logged warbles of pleasure seem to gain his lifemate's attention, who mumers, "Very nice" as she follows him much more slowly to the beach.

Denna is following along as well, shaking her head at the blue's antics. "Love, sometimes I wonder if he's ever going to grow up." She smiles fondly at the taller woman, as she carries a blanket for the two of them.

There are others along the beach this time of day, including a weyrling green dragon who seems to be parading around the far end, tailed by her rider as she holds a small kill up in her muzzle proudly. At first, Rogawani is watching these antics with an amused look on his face, resting atop a small boulder near the edge of the sands. Then, a streak of blue catches his attention and his eyes flash towards the draconic cannon-ball. Instinctively, he raises one arm to shield himself from the spray, even if it is quite light where he's sitting. "I wonder which one's the weyrling." The messenger teases a bit, easy-going as he is around most riders, casting a look towards the two following the dragon.

Blasphemy! Blasphemy and slander and probably some liable in there, too! Don't ask Tamasth, he's not a lawyer. What he does know are the evil words 'grow up'. He snorts in the direction of Denna and ducks his head under the water. Cirilia laughs lightly, "Probably not the best of suggestions there." Rogawani is appraised for a moment, Cirilia's smile fading just slightly as she tries to place this 'kid'. He's cute enough that the rider SHOULD be able to place him but for some reason…. oh well. The smile returns, and Cir just chuckles, "That's why we're not allowed to train. He's a bad influence… yes you are and stay away from her while she's hunting. Showing her up is NOT helping."

Denna laughs, and wraps her arm around Cirilia's waist, hugging her lover. "I don't mind you not being allowed to train, love. Gives me more time with you." Her eyes move over to Rogwani as she eyes him appraisingly, recognining the messenger's face, but not having a name to connect to it.

Rogawani can't help but be amused at the dragon's response to his rider, covering his mouth as to not seem -too- impolite. While he's quite comfortable with many of the weyr riders, he's at least slightly more guarded among those he doesn't know well. "That's Tamasth, right?" He asks, lifting his eyebrows. "I recognize the short muzzle." He places the palm of his hand near his face, as if squishing his own nose. "So, you'd be Cirilia?" He asks of the one speaking most obviously as his rider. "Not sure I remember your name, though." He eyes Denna curiously. "I'm Rogawani. Messenger." He introduces himself, inclining his head. Just then, the green weyrling goes running by, still dragging her kill with her as she makes for the weyrling beach, her rider flailing behind her.

A rider can't help but be proud when someone knows her dragon by the subtle nuances in his body. Like stablehands and runners, dragonriders seem to be able to notice every difference between each and every dragon and sometimes can't understand why others don't see it. But this Rogawani is different. Cirilia smiles even more warmly and nods firmly, "Aye, that's us. I apologize if he got you wet. He's been pouncing since he was smaller than the green over there." She nods toward the prowling little weyrling. "But he got in the habit of lake pouncing while we were at the 'Reaches. Easier to deal with cold water all at once." She glances at Denna for a moment, not commenting on her last statement.

Denna grins. "Master Denna of the Bakercraft, and head chef in the kitchens. It's a pleasure to meet you, Rogawani." She starts to spread out the blanket for her weyrmate and herself. "So, how are you today?"

"Ahh." Recognition forms on Rogawani's face as he shoots a more respectful look towards Denna. "Always nice to meet the people responsible for filling my belly." He laughs a little bit, rubbing at his stomach slightly before lifting his eyes towards Cirilia again. "No worries, rider. I've had to face down far worse than being wet. I'd take a splash or two over wild runners and escaped ovines any day." Running a hand through his hair, he shakes a bit of sand free. He seems momentarily unsure if Denna's question is to him or her mate, so he answers anyways. "I'm good. It's my day off the trails, trying to enjoy it however I can. You?"

Cirilia shakes her head slightly as she reaches to unweave one of the two pigtails her hair is currently tied in, "Please, Cirilia works.. or Cir. No need really to be very formal." She runs her fingers through her hair for just a moment before offering it to the messenger, "Pleased to meet you, though." She frowns, "Though.. don't take it personally if I don't remember the name." The blue raises his muzzle from the depths to trill lightly, and Cir chuckles, "Tamasth promises he'll help me." She shakes her head again, knowing that his memory isn't much better than her own when it comes to names.

Denna laughs, and grins. "I'll help you too, love." She settles down on the blanket, smiling happily. "It's certainly a beautiful day, isn't it. Perfect day for a day at the beach.

"Ahh, good." The boy chuckles to himself, still seeming quite relaxed as he shifts his feet in the sands, making small indents that linger where his boots press. "You can just call me Ro' then. That's what most do, less of a mouthful." Just then, a smirk spreads on his lips and he barks a bit of an amused laugh. "'Hey you' works too. Lots of folks use that when they want my attention with notes and packages. that sort of thing." Throwing his shoulders up in a shrug, he glances back towards Denna. "Yeah, nice day out." Pause. "So, any chance you could clue me in on what's cooking for dinner?" He asks slyly with obvious ulterior motives.

"Ro, it is, then," Cirilia smiles. "Much easier to remember. I'll /try/ not to use 'Hey you'. No promises on that one, though." She stretches and sighs, "So nice to be where it's warm." Tamasth clambors out of the surf, dripping wet. He considers shaking but thinks better of it in the last minute. Bad influence?? Yeah right.

Denna nods, and kisses Cirilia's cheek. "I'm glad that you're back from the reaches too, love. I missed you so much, I can't even describe it." She turns to Rogawani. "So, what brings you out to the beach today?"

"No promises." The amused look stays etched onto his features, but it lasts only as long as it takes for him to look over towards the blue dragon stepping out from the surf. His arm twitches upward, as if expecting to get shaken on, but then drops again when nothing seems to come. In the process, he misses the tender moment between the two, glancing back only after he feels it's 'safe' to do so. "You run away from all the snow and cold?" Rogawani asks, having caught that Cirilia was just returning from High Reaches. Then, he offers a smile towards Denna. "It's as good a place as any to relax. Too much noise in the forest with that clock, and there's still trouble in the meadows over some herder's pet project." He mutters this last part.

Cirilia smiles only slighty at Denna's kiss. She begins to unweave the other pigtail and shakes her head, "Not running away from the 'Reaches. Running back home. I was only on loan for a bit." She mutters, "Sharding hikers'll never learn." Tamasth looks intrigued by Ro's actions and drops his head to regard him more closely. Ok, so he's not big for a dragon. 25 meters can still be daunting, though. So when he nudges Ro experimentally toward the water, it's with the utmost care…. really….

Cenlia is wandering from the meadow, having managed to ditch her brother somewhere. She's dressed in a short halter top and has an indigo sarong tied about her waist - odd attire for garden work, but perfect for the beach, which is where she seems to be headed. The girl's firelizards swoop around her, and she's grinning as she watches the little creatures play. Spotting some familiar faces, the gardener girl heads that way with a wave and a friendly, "Hey." Tucked under her arm is a rather large book and a towel.

Denna lays back, grinning as she recognizes Cenlia. "Hey there, dear. You coming down here for a restday too?" She sits back up, and turns.

"Welcome home, then." Rogawani offers, nodding his head. At that point, another voice distracts him as he looks up, eyes catching a bit of light as his smile broadens. "Hey Cenlia, finally dug yourself out of the gardens?" He asks with a playful tone to his voice. His mouth opens to say something else, but then there's a blue nose nudging at him. Surprise finds a way onto his face, looking curiously at the dragon. "Can you give me time to get my boots off at least?" He asks of the dragon, not expecting an answer as he bends down to unlace them, not seeming too bothered by the nudging.

Boots, schmoots, this is fun. Tamasth gives another nudge. He seems pleased thus far with the result of his action, though Ro may not be so pleased if Tam ends up dumping him head over heels into the sand. Cirilia, too, notices Cenlia and for a moment isn't paying attention to the blue's antics (bad news for poor Ro). She only barely glances at Ro as he speaks her name, not enough to see Tamasth steadily pushing the messenger toward the water's edge. "Cenlia? Gardens?" A quirky grin, and she suggests, "Maybe you can help Denna with her herbs."

Denna laughs. "Cenlia, this is my Weyrmate, Cirilia. Cirilia, Cenlia's one of the local Farmcrafters. And finder of lost Ovines, it seems."

Cenlia grins at Rogawani, and spreads her towel nearby, plopping down and holding up her book - it appears to be a rather thick text on various weeds. "Finally got done haulin' the compost and everything's potted. Figure I could let the trundlebugs watch the garden for a bit," the girl chuckles, "Got flowers coming up all over the place and half the stuff don't look like it was planted on purpose." Hence the book, apparently. Cenlia flips it open as she nods to Cirilia and Denna, "Yup, I'm Cenlia, the gardener. And dun believe nothin' nobody says about them ovines. Shardin' disaster they are." But she's still grinning, so they can't be that bad, can they?

Halfway through removing one boot, the second nudge is enough to off-balance Rogawani a bit, causing him to nearly sprawl, catching himself on one knee. "Okay okay!" He laughs, and tries to push at the blue dragon's nose. "I'm going." He catches the other boot with his free heel, pulling his foot loose. Then, his arms reach up and pull the tunic up off of his shoulders, tossing it onto the rock behind him. He only has time to glance back towards the others, "As long as it's flowers and not those sharding weeds." He rubs at his nose in memory, and then begins walking towards the water.

Tamasth cocks his head at the boy. Wow.. that was easy. Ok, as long as we're headed that way… he trapses behind Ro, dipping his muzzle to gently nudge him once more against the small of his back. Cirilia's attention is still diverted by Cenlia. She grins, "Please, Cir is fine." an eyebrow raises, "Ovines, hmm?"

Denna smiles, and lays back, eyes closing. She does put her hand on Cirilia's, squeezing the younger woman's affectionately.

Cenlia laughs as she sees Rogawani being encouraged towards the water by the dragon, and she nods again to Cirilia, "Pleased to meetcha." At Rogawani's mention of weeds, Cenlia snickers, "Weeds flower too!" But she makes a face as she explains about the ovines, "Some ovines escaped from the feeding pens, and they got in the garden and wrecked the place. Sent half the weyr to the infirmary."

Hopping on one leg, Rogawani begins to cinch up his trousers, tying them off with loose threads that hang down along his ankles. Finishing the first leg, so that it wraps just above his knee, a thin scar becomes visible along his calf. As he switches to try and pull up the second trouser leg, the nudge to his back nearly sends Ro' sprawling. He skids forward, catching himself on his hands before laughing. "Impatient aren't we?" He looks back towards the dragon, taking his time on the ground to pull the other pant-leg up. "Alright, let's go." He races towards the water, knowing that it's probably not quite warm yet, and bracing for the chill.

As he trapses off behind Ro, Tamasth rumbles faintly. Cirilia grumbles, "Sure! While you have fun, I'll go to the silly meeting." She sighs, "Tell them I'm coming….. killjoy." She stands and looks apologetically at Denna then at Cenlia, "Excuse me" and strides off toward wherever she's been called this time.

Denna sighs, as the slender redheaded rider stands and departs, then frowns as a little brown firelizard appears, note around his leg. She unties it, then jumps up. "And sounds like I have to go as well. Trouble in the kitchens."

"Iiiieee." The chill of the water is enough to make Rogawani's voice pitch up an octave or two higher than it normally would be. He gives one little 'oh my shards it's cold' prance on his toes before realizing that Cenlia is still on the beach. Right, can't look silly in front of girls. Coughing a bit, he steels himself and walks out a bit into the waves, just in time to get soaked by a wave from the dragon moving past him. "Ugh." Wet hair hangs into his eyes, which he pulls slowly away. "Bleh." He mutters, and then wraps his arms around himself. "You swim Tamasth. I'll just sit here and catch pneumonia."

Cenlia waves to the departing Cirilia, and at the mention of trouble in the kitchens, Cenlia raises her eyebrows, waving as Denna departs as well. "Glad it ain't my Trouble," the gardener girl grins, her brown firelizard, Trouble, snorting from where he'd curled up in the sand. Cenlia giggles at him, and then calls laughingly to Rogawani, "Shards, y'alright?" At seeing him get soaked, the girl conceals a snicker behind her book. The high pitched sound seems to have attracted the attention of Cenlia's firelizards, with bronze Charmer and blue Mizzle trilling in a similar manner and fluttering over to invstigate the water.

"P-p-perfect." Rogawani's teeth chatter a little bit as he makes his way out of the water again. Glancing over his shoulder towards the blue dragon, he raises one hand in appeal. "I promise, I'll swim with you when it's -warmer-. Otherwise I'll come out as blue as you are." Somehow, this seems to get the point across. Rubbing at his arms, he lets out a sigh of relief once his feet touch the warmer sand. "How come you get the dragons who save you from evil runners and I get ones that want to freeze my ba-..er my toes off." Apparently he was going to say something more crass but thought better of it. "Brr."

Cenlia's firelizards apparently don't mind the cold, as they start splashing down in the water. Cenlia grins at Rogawani, and has to snicker a bit at his near-crassness. Smirking slightly, the girl says, "'Least he didn't nearly eat you? If X'hil hadn't come running with a knife, I might'a been dragon food." But she's grinning all the same. She doesn't /really/ think the dragon was going to eat her, right? Holding her book out of the way as two very wet firelizards some swooping towards her, crooning for scritches, Cenlia adds, "X'hil was gonna teach me how to swim after that, but I ain't seen him too much lately." A brief frown passes over her face as she glances back towards the meadow, but then she turns back, smiling brightly, "Hey, B'miel just got back from Ierne, brought a whole bunch of Benden Red. If ya see him, could ya tell him I still got the stuff he left? He'll probably share some if ya mention the wine, too."

The cold air certainly isn't helping the shivers running through Rogawani, the hair on his arms standing up in goosebumps as he walks over to re-claim his tunic, throwing it on haphazardly and ducking his head into it. "I'd wait for it to warm up a bit more before you try swimming lessons." He mutters, his mouth half-hidden with the fabric of his shirt. Slowly, he walks closer towards her, sand clinging to his feet. He opens his mouth, about to make some quip about how she probably wouldn't be all that tasty to a dragon, but thinks better of it and looks down at his feet instead. His teeth clatter together audibly before he looks up again at the mention of wine. "Benden Red? Niiii-ice." He draws the word out into three syllables. "I'll pass the word along if I see him."

Cenlia grins and scoots over in the sand and offers Rogawani the towel, saying, "I ain't been too near the water since then. Eled practically threw a fit when he found out about the runner." Bronze Charmer lands right in the girl's lap, dripping water all over her. Cenlia acks and makes a face, but she can't quite manage to scowl at the overly-friendly firelizard, especially when he starts crooning at her. With a sigh, she scritches the creature's eyeridges, setting the book well away from the flits as Mizzle lands on her knee. Cenlia rolls her eyes as the little blue tries to mimic the bronze in crooning for scritches. He's not nearly as charming, but she scritches his chin anyhow. "Shardin' nuisance they are," she says jokingly, "and thiefs besides."

It doesn't take more than the simple invitation for Rogawani to accept, sitting down as best he can while ackwardly still holding his arms around himself. "Speaking of runners…" His voice drops a little as he looks towards her warily. "One of the herders is trying to breed wild runners into the stock here, so try to keep clear of the paddock that's marked off, okay?" His eyes seem concerned, "Enkavir nearly got his brains plastered to a wall because of one of those things." All warnings aside, watching the girl and her firelizards does bring a smile back to his face. "I've got my own, but these last two are easier to train than my bronze." It's unlikely that Cenlia would know about his most recent addition to his collection of lizards. "Want me to take one?" He offers a hand out towards the blue on her knee.

Cenlia's brows rise as she listens to the warning, the girl saying, "Shards, he alright? My ma would lose her top if she heard I went near runners at all. After that one that got loose on the beach, I ain't goin' near one again. Figure me an' animals just dun get along. 'Cept for the flits, maybe." She nods to Rogawani, asking, "How many you got now?" as Mizzle chirps at his hand. But Charmer, ever the friendly one, suddenly decides he needs more attention and sticks his head out towards Rogawani, trying to clamber over to him first.

"I think so. He doesn't remember it at all though." Rogawani explains, his face managing to remain impassive, a careful mask. However, his mouth does curl up slightly at the edge when she mentions her bad luck with animals. "You and animals, me and tunnelsnakes." He snorts a laugh, and then just looks at the little blue curiously before offering his hand out towards Charmer instead. "I bet you'd like my girl, wouldn't you?" He murmurs, reaching up to scratch the bronze before looking over the lizard's wings towards Cenlia. "Three now. The last was an accident though." He says shyly, with a tone that suggests he's a bit embarrassed about it. "A rider gave me an egg to deliver to the hold, but it was during that messy Hannistan business. Had to take the long way around and she hatched right into my hands."

Cenlia wrinkles her nose, "Shardin' tunnelsnakes, almost as bad as ovines." /Almost/ as bad? The girl makes a face, "I ever see a tunnelnake in the greenhouse again, I'm takin' my shovel to it." Charmer hops right up onto Rogawani's hand, crooning sweetly and posing with wings half open. Cenlia grins, "Got all of mine by accident. Hard to be around this place and not end up with flits," she laughs, and then acks as brown Trouble suddenly takes off shrieking, back towards the meadow, tossing sand as he flaps off. Cenlia blinks, and then gets up to run after him, yelling, "Shardit what now?" Her three other firelizards follow, the girl forgetting about the towel and the book as she runs after the firelizard and disappears into the garden.

Curious surprise finds a way onto Rogawani's face again as the lizards fly off, Cenlia in tow. A single laugh slips out as he shakes his head, bemused. "She forgot her towel." He mumbles to himself, and then pushes himself back onto his feet, plucking the towel up and tossing it over one arm. It only takes a moment for him to go back to his sitting rock and re-claim his boots. "Well, so much for a quiet day at the beach." Smiling to himself, Ro' heads off towards the weyr proper, hoping just once when a rock catches his heel.

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