Night Out

Xanadu Weyr — Somewhere
Where is this place? Who knows. Maybe it's one of those 'invite only' night-life places that are never in the same area twice or hosting the same thing. How mysterious~

DISCLAIMER: There are shenanigans afoot. It's PRODDY RISA and RU'IEN, come on now~ Expect some mild language and innuendo below!

Did Leirith plan this? Nobody could blame K'vir if he was looking for a fault in the stars, unwittingly introducing long-dead Terran deities unto Pern with a whispered breath and fervent beseeching, seeking the answer to one mystery among so very many universal enigmas: why. Why him? Why them? Why now? Surely it was bad enough to be the victim of Risali's hooded hedonism, the subject elected to endure hitched breath every time she rolled the petite lines of her body against the hard expanse of his. Surely every, "You feel so good," whimpered as her lips dragged the length of his fingers, teeth grazing flesh, breath coming in staccato pulses was enough torture for one man to make it through sane, whole, alive. BUT THEN THERE WAS RU'IEN. Of course, for all we know, K'vir might SECRETLY LIKE IT, but whether he's cheering on the chaos, thriving on the giddy-high of a queenrider and his greenriding cousin, or if he's cowering somewhere far, far away, there is no changing what's happening now. First it was the enthusiastic collision, the pre-planned meeting at K'vir and Risali's abode, the shared application of make up, of compliments, of clothing. It was the drinks that started well before they were out the door — not strong enough to even warrant being tipsy before they left, but certainly just enough to make the night taste a little more alive. It was on the way out that Risali hooked one of her arms through Ru'ien's and leaned into him, that she shivered beneath and against the weight of his arm, and patted his forearm with an illicitly low-pitched, "I could eat you alive — they're certainly going to want to." AND WHO IS THEY? Everybody, if you ask Risali. Everybody with half a brain to their name, and a lack of Ru'ien already in their blood, anyway. THE POINT IS, tonight is a club night, and those bursts of giddy, unadulterated laughter from Risali as she stumbles through the night, drunk on the mind of her own queen, are only a mere suggestion of what's about to come.

That would depend on what ‘part’ of the plan, wouldn’t it? The aligned proddiness? Maybe Kihatsuth just thinks Leirith’s got the right of it for timing! Or was it the ‘plan’ for WHAT IS TO COME? Because she’d stick her (over-long) talons in that too (and slyly, maybe some of Inasyth’s suggestions for ‘good party ideas’). WHO KNOWS! But while some are probably cursing fate in six different ways and shades, Kihatsuth is cackling like mad wherever she’s laired herself up for the night — no doubt to live vicariously through her —puppet— rider. K’vir is definitely questioning A LOT in that moment and mainly what he ever did to fate to piss it off against him so!? WHY! Because he was into that moment with Risali and digging it and THERE to follow wherever it lead. THEN THERE WAS RU’IEN — he who liveth up to his UNFORTUNATE NAME! (And K’vir would like to interject LOUDLY that he does NOT SECRETLY LIKE IT —only a little— and is going for something akin to option three while supporting Risa’s choices…) Ru’ien is as Ru’ien does and is NOT APOLOGETIC for whatever it was he “happened” to intrude on and rudely interrupt. Cock-blocking his own cousin? FOR SHAME. He’ll apologize (okay maybe not) later, letting himself be swept UP in that whirlwind that is Risali and chaotic plans for a night out! No holding back! Make-up on, plenty of compliments and jokes (and distractions because Ru’ien is texture fixated so HALF THE TIME IS SPENT getting him to focus on outfits and not just specific fabrics). Drinks help! Drinks definitely make the night start off WELL! Just an added jolt of a different vibe and energy to an already charged setting. OFF THEY GO —into the wilds—! Ru’ien is all too happy to take her arm, to even let her lean into him (honestly, she’s perfectly ‘safe’ with him!). Her illicitly low-pitched comment earns her an equally low throated, husky laugh. His voice, playfully sultry. “They can try~” he teases, while giving her quite the appraising look (HEY, he can appreciate a great womanly figure, okay? Even if it doesn’t do nothing for him…). “You’re looking damn fine and delicious yourself — we’re gonna have to fight ‘em off tonight!” That might be HALF THE FUN. Because what is club night without it? Ru’ien’s going to go stumbling right along with her, their path anything but linear to their destination, but he is feeling GREAT and ALIVE (burning up burning up gotta move)! WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG FROM THIS? Nothing. That’s what! Because they arrive without incident at least but the NIGHT IS YOUNG! And that music? IT’S POUNDING. “They’ve already started!” Was Risa hoping for drinks first? To settle in before the storm? WELP. Ru’ien apparently wants to DIVE RIGHT IN and unless she stops him, he’ll be aiming to take her hand and go headlong into that dancing space where so many bodies are already pressed together.

Listen, maybe it's Leirith who admires the timing of Kiha, who sees in the green's literal rise and precursor chaos a movement worthy of being followed. WHAT AN ACT, that multi-faceted green, and what kind of a badass would Leirith be if she did not seek to bolster such provoking dissidence with her own flavor of effervescent devolution? NOT A VERY GOOD ONE. COME HITHER, TO (pun probably intended) RUIN! And listen, K'vir, Risali just wanted to feel you, and taste you, and be felt back. That doesn't necessarily mean she'd be undulating hips and whispered pleas for absolution — at least, not in the way you're thinking. NAUGHTY BRONZERIDER. MAYBE THAT'S WHY HE IS LEFT BEHIND, while Risali clings to Ru'ien and laughs even as she shivers beneath the persistent throb of every nerve-ending catching fire and making her burn. THANKS FOR MAKIN' IT WEIRD, LEIRITH. "Mmm, I hope so. It's been a while since I —" Kicked some ass? Probably, but she's pressing her cheek to Ru'ien's shoulder and practically purring her contentment at the sudden distraction. AND THEN THEY ARRIVE, Risali's lips parting in a soft 'o' before a deviant smile, grey eyes coming at Ru sidelong. "They started without us." A moue pout. "Let's make them regret it." And THERE IS NO RESISTANCE. The queenrider is a willing participant in this stumble across the floor, more laughter blooming from somewhere deep in her chest as she threads her fingers through Ru'ien's and alternates winks and mocking salutes for those that make way but don't stop dancing. "I like your pants!" is called for one patron in particular, though they've come and gone in the moments it takes them to reach point b. And then she's dancing too, letting the music sink into her veins, rhythm filtering through her hips, attention suddenly snagging on Ru as she moves with him to the beat. It could be illicit — might appear to be just that for any outsiders looking in, but this is just Risali. This is how she loses and simultaneously finds herself in music: wholly, unrepentantly, undaunted. Or… somewhat undaunted, because suddenly she's slamming herself into Ru'ien's arm and pointing excited around to what rests innocuously behind him. "Ru'ien!" BREATHE, RISALI. Think. Form words. "POLE!" NUDGE. "POLE!" The second comes with the strength of a suggestion, wickedness crowding her lips as grey eyes turn up on his form with appreciative scrutiny.

K’VIR WANTS NONE OF THIS BUSINESS — okay, seriously though, the bronzerider does enjoy a night out of that kind (gasp! SINnammon roll, say it ain’t so!) but he’s not going to interrupt a “girl’s” night, alright? Even if it’s his own COUSIN HERE —let’s be honest, he’s probably relieved as Ru’ien isn’t a threat— ! No, K’vir’s gonna stay home —and sad panda— and enjoy some peace until HE NEEDS TO GO COLLECT (Risa). We all know it’s GONNA HAPPEN~ L I S T E N, Risa really has nothing to fear from Ru’ien and if he’s picking up on how she shivers when clinging to him, well — NO COMMENT! His temperature is high, his body running hot HOT H O T and then there’s that terrible issue of him texture fixating but thankfully his CLEVERLY made outfit has enough to keep his hands busy (and he will NOT TOUCH Risa unless she initiates). He’s proddy, but in some semblance of control — even if it seems like chaos has taken him wholly. OOH, but there she goes, pressing into him and purring, earning a wolfish grin in turn before they —kick down the door— make their debut! “Yes, let’s!” It’s his turn to positively purr in delight, ending with that mischievous glint in his eyes as he sizes up the crowds. THE NERVE! Already so established and playing THE GOOD STUFF before they even get there (who are they, anyways? NO ONE HAS NAMES HERE)! Ru’ien is playing it up right along side Risali, winking, wiggling fingers suggestively, blowing kisses, earning them plenty of passing attention and some playful kickback and laughter. Anything goes here, okay?

Then they’re in the thick of it and even before he’s fully aware of the change in gears, Ru’ien finds himself moving, flowing along with the dancing — he never was much of a dancer before (and maybe he’s still honing his skills) but at least here there are NO RULES! And oh, how he drowns into just letting himself go to the atmosphere and the emotions ruling all! He dances to his own rhythm, then in tandem with Risali, around her, with her and yes, perhaps at times his movements border on wildly inappropriate when solo and bordering on suggestive with her (he does not TOUCH, however, though his hands may ghost just over her with some of the more invasive gestures). All of a sudden, she slams into him and he finds himself drawn to the feel of her — HER CLOTHING, FOLKS and it takes her second nudge and use of the word to pull his focus away. Pole? Oh. OH! OH YESSSS~ Realization dawns, bright and feverishly wicked on Ru’ien’s expression and he practically laughs uproariously among the crowds and thrum of music. SAY NO MORE, RISA! Did she want a show? She's gonna get one (and everyone else, unfortunately) — because there he goes, climbing up on that makeshift platform and going right for the pole. Does he know what to do? NOT IN THE SLIGHTEST! Does that stop him? NOPE.

ADVERT YOUR EYES NOW, THEE OF WEAK HEARTS~ Ru’ien does nothing elaborate, but oh… oh, when he discovers a new niche of possibilities he goes as far out as his abilities will allow. There are a few spins, but much of his ‘dancing’ is stationary and involve much… well. Who knew bodies could move in such sensuous ways and hips could DO EVEN MORE when timed to the beat of the right music?

Let's be real: IF THINE HEARTS ARE WEAK, THOU EYES (IN FACT, THOU WHOLE SELVES) DO NOT BELONG HERE ANYWAY. And as much as Risali enjoys the heat-sway-dip of Ru's companionship when hedonistic music pulses in her blood, she enjoys watching the lines, the movement, the fluid (listen, you'll never convince her otherwise) grace of Ru'ien in motion even more. So he walks? She cheers. He climbs? She cheers. He finds the pole, undulates his hips, rides the rhythm and creates his own complementary rhyme? Risali cheers. She presses in against the weight of the crowd surrounding them both, hooks a hand against the elbow of a man or a woman or a faceless someone she doesn't really see (but certainly feels) to get closer to the show Ru'ien puts on, to pull others in on a collaboration of her appreciation for all that sensuous poetry given sensual form. She catcalls, cups her hands around her mouth and howls; she laughs and cheers and encourages with wild implications of just how good he looks doing it that one might question the status of his being cousin to her weyrmate. BUT IT DOESN'T STOP RISALI FROM DOING IT, from borrowing on that well of undaunted effervescence her lifemate exudes and applying it here, in copious amounts, to cheer Ru the hell on. She shouts herself hoarse and keeps calling, laughter bubbling up for sheer joy until she's ROBBING SOME POOR SOUL OF HIS MARKS and clamoring closer, waving the stolen currency in a show of appreciation RIGHT AT RU. DANCE LIKE ONE OF THOSE IERNE GIRLS. "YOU LOOK AMAZING!" she calls, voice cracking as she tries to be heard over music, over the raw energy of so damn many people in one space, pressed together, moving, calling after Ru'ien with their own support of such carnal inhibition. OKAY, SO MAYBE IT'S NOT QUITE SO EROTIC IN INTENT, but it is poetic, and Risali is swept up in the crowd. And she loves it. "DO ANOTHER SPIN! ANOTHER, ANOTHER!" Don't mind her whistling. She's always been a supportive backer for all things uncontrived and expressly evocative. GO, RU, GO. GOGOGOGO!

Do you think Ru’ien needs convincing!? Because he don’t! Not here, not now and while he’s got NO CLUE on the first thing about dancing on a pole —insert all terrible jokes here— , he’s damn well fine and confident about the level of fluid grace he carries. He’ll stroll his way on up there and one quick assessment and a little twirl and taste and — oh yeah. YEAH, he can own this! What has he discovered? Something new, something fantastic, something HIS to discover later when he remembers this and realizes… he liked it. No, not just liked it, LOVED IT and maybe little of it had to do with the influence of proddy-fuelled hormones igniting his blood and running him so hot (and devious, apparently)! Ru’ien’s movements are his and it’s evident he is out of his element but still digging it; hard not to, when Risali cheers him on so enthusiastically! It may not be “right” by whatever “standards'' are expected when it comes to the ‘art of pole dancing’ but damn it, he MAKES IT HIS and no one is going to take that away. Not when he’s drinking up all that attention, hearing those catcalls and whoops of laughter that are Risali and the voices of strangers. It brings his own laughter to the mix, spurs and encourages him to more and more and MORE! LISTEN, he’ll take those marks too, because it’s all part of the fun, right!? “DAMN RIGHT!” he calls back to Risa over the din and swell of music and voices. She wants another? They want another!? Ru’ien will oblige, until at last, even his vast amount of energy isn’t enough to keep him balanced (it’s hard work!). Breathless from his antics and more laughter, he’ll pose for the crowd, devouring all that attention too even in his ‘farewell’ from his impromptu launch to the stage. Then with a sashay of hips and forward strut, he’ll exit right ON OUT back into the crowds. Some will press him and Ru’ien weathers it all with a broad, wicked grin and coy looks — those who get a little too fresh are given playful warnings, rejection served with some sharp-cutting humor. He doesn’t mind attention and some touch of hands to his body is accepted, welcomed but there are lines, even when he is in this keyed up state. “RISA!” he shouts, almost cackling with gleefulness, punch-drunk giddy and they haven’t even got to REALLY drinking yet! Ru’ien moves to her side, looms over her, shifts around her among the ever moving mass of people. “Dunno about you,” Girl~ “But I am thirsty… and not for any of these fine pieces of work!” Cue a meaningful headtilt and a darted look at someone's assets in a pair of pants so form fitting tight it should be illegal. “I mean DRINKS!” He mimes having a glass and tipping it to his lips. SHE GAME?

GIVE RU A COUPLE FLIGHTS OR FIVE, AND HE'LL BE AN EXPERT. RIGHT? RIGHT. (EYOOOOOOOO!) Look, we clearly meant that this should be a constant REDO on the proddy event calendar, and YOU CAN'T TAKE IT AWAY FROM US. Honestly. (We mean, you can, but…) But back to what's really important because damn if Ru'ien doesn't own the night with those hips, with each movement that calls to the crowd and sings with the beat in their blood; damn if Ru doesn't command those eyes alighting upon him with that fiercely-wild willingness to just let go and be found . And damn if Risali doesn't cheer, doesn't support, doesn't lose herself in this endeavor even as Ru'ien comes back down to mingle with the masses. Risali fights off a couple of those hands herself with a snap of teeth, a baring of them in playful reprimand before she's swinging back into Ru the instant he calls her name. "I sure am!" Thirsty, she means. Though she also means she's thirsty like that because of him if the appreciative upward rake of her eyes says anything. And the heat of it is lost when the seriousness of the implication comes to light: a scrunch of her nose and more laughter. LISTEN, RU. YOU ARE A GOOD LOOKING MAN, BUT RISALI IS, EVEN CAUGHT UP IN LEIRITH'S INFLUENTIAL PROWESS, SAFE. So Risali shivers instead as she sinks one arm through Ru'ien's and tucks herself back in against his side, as she aims a vibrant smile up at him from where ALL THE WAY DOWN HERE and starts her way toward the bar and the promise of oblivion. "Where did you learn to do that!" she calls again, closer though they are, in a bid to be heard over so much noise. And then they're there, the noise somewhat less this far back, as if the full intent was to allow those seeking a temporary sanctuary from all elemental energy might hear renewed offers to dance… and more. Luckily, Risali's only saying, "Two shots!" Because she likes to start out dangerously, pointing between herself and Ru before she clarifies, "Each!" And well, then those grey eyes are on Ru as she pulls her smoll self into a stool and waits for him to not only join her, but put in his request as well.

WHO SAID HE’S ONLY GOING TO DO THIS FOR FLIGHTS? EYYY~ Ru’ien might’ve found a new ‘nightlife’ pastime, folks (for the rare, rare moments he has TIME)! He will only grin that foolish, broad grin of his, as Risali chases away and pushes back a few insistent lurkers, all too happy to ‘reclaim’ her as his “partner” among all this chaos. That rake of her eyes? OH, HE’LL PLAY! Let him give a smug, sultry look back, Risa! MAKE PEOPLE GUESS (or sweat) for a moment — because daaaammnnn if he doesn’t rake his eyes over HER in turn. He keeps it up for a good handful of seconds before he starts to laugh, deep and low, along with hers. HAHAHAHAHA! Just kidding!! They’re both safe with each other here (jury is out on their choice of location and the others crammed inside)! With her tucked against him and arms linked, Ru’ien will beam down at her as they wend and weave their way to “sanctuary” and refreshment. “First time!” he chimes back, pitching his voice to carry over the thrum and partial muffle of the drumming beat and thumping sound of feet. Despite all the dancing and then his GRAND ACT on that pole, Ru’ien is still electrified with restlessness. His hands twitch, glancing and ghosting against his skin, the fabric he wears and a little over Risali’s arm. They tap-tap fingers against the table’s surface, as he primly settles himself on the edge of one of those stools. He continues to grin, as he gestures with hand signals and overly enunciated words and movement of his mouth to indicate to double that order of Risali’s. GO BIG OR GO HOME! —at this rate, K’vir is going to have to play pickup— “I’d never done that before! Didn’t even think it was A THING!” he exclaims again, flashing her a BRIGHT-EYED look that is giddy and wild.

Ru'ien's hands glance over Risali's arm and the goldrider shivers, teeth sinking into her bottom lip, her own fingers curling and twisting into the fabric of Ru'ien's shirt so that she might hold on, for just a moment longer, while she gathers her thoughts. WORRY NOT, RU, for even Leirith's UNYIELDING PERSISTENCE will not rob this moment of its innocent (okay, somewhat innocent) fun, and maybe that's half the reason Risali is aiming for alcohol strong enough to numb the sunbright echo of wantneedtouchsogood in her mind. SHE'S ON THE EDGE (though Leirith's talons have done little more than merely breach the gap dividing her from her in her mind), and she's only letting go of Ru once they have reached their stools. SHE COULD HOLD ON, RU, BUT it would be an awful lot of awkward if she just PULLED HIM TO HER SEAT WITH HER. SIX FEET!!! Instead she calls, "No way!" from around a smile, her own fingers drumming against the bartop as she awaits the GIFT OF TOO MANY SHOTS. But as she waits, Risali leans forward with a, "But you looked amazing doing it. The thing with your hips!" Did Risali just imitate that roll he did, but seated? Yes. And then she's laughing, pitching forward a little more until she's damn near tipping out of her stool with, "Your make up!" And listen. What kind of a girls night WOULD IT BE if Risali did not FISH OUT EYELINER and breathe, "Hold still," while she fixed his? She pours her concentration into the task too, ensuring both sides match before she lets him go in JUST ENOUGH TIME FOR SHOTS. EYYYY! "Ru!" Risali calls as she picks up the first of TOO MANY. "NEVER HAVE I EVER SLEPT WITH TWO PEOPLE AT THE SAME TIME." What a wicked smile Risali throws the greenrider as she throws back that first drink without a single ounce of shame. WELL, RU. GO ON.

IT WOULD BE AWKWARD BUT LISTEN — Ru’ien would find a way to make it work, just for the sheer hilarity of it all! “YEP!” he tosses back to Risali again. First time pole dancing! And guess what? He’s hooked on the idea. RIP everyone~ There’s a playful gesture of his hand — OH YOU! He’s eating it up though, high now on ego among all the other FEELZ racing through him. Now it’s his turn to whistle and catcall encouragement to Risali when she mimics his movements. Yes, work it! He’s here for it! Laughing, when she approaches him, he’ll lower himself down when he clues in to her intentions. “Thank you!!” he exclaims when it’s proper to do so (and not get stabbed in the eye for his troubles) — now it really is a girl’s night, isn’t it? COMPLETE WITH SHOTS and games around said shots! With the music practically thrumming in his blood, wild and alive, he manages to keep enough of his focus on Risali and those shots. It might be a very tangent ridden game, given the first NEVER HAVE I EVER has him snorting and giving her a look. “Cheater!” he CALLS HER ON IT! Not fair, Risa! But he’ll return that wicked smile. GO ON? OKAY! “Never have I ever crushed on a taken man,” he drawls, picking up a shot glass (pinky out~) and toasting it before tossing it back! Shame? WHAT SHAME? Are they even keeping a tally of who is winning!? How many shots? WHO CARES. The important thing is that FUN IS HAD, much laughter and care-free behavior and near to zero inhibitions. At some point, Ru’ien will know that limits are reached and maybe tipped over, but before K’vir can come kicking down the door of the place he’ll get the BRILLIANT idea to try and walk Risali back home. L I S T E N — it was good intentions! When you’re as drunk as Ru’ien is… everything is good intentions! So what if they end up on the right paths, but he’s practically stumbling over himself? He took his shoes off too! And… might’ve fallen into the brush a couple of times (he’s fine!) before surfacing again, laughing to tears as he picks off leaves and twigs. Whoopsie! “… how sharding far is your weyr again??” Ru’ien might be lost. —they’re definitely lost—

CHEATER? MAYBE A LITTLE. At least, that wickedly delighted laughter pulling from somewhere deep in Risali's belly says she's fully aware of her short — (no pun intended) — comings, THANK YOU VERY MUCH. It's Ru's admittance that brings Risali back in, that gaze sharp, those canines bared in sultry dissent as she leans forward in time to tap her glass against his with a, "I slept with him." BUT NOW SHE'S CURIOUS, even if she knocks back curiosity with that second shot, a moment to pull a face as she swallows it down, and then drags up the third. "Never have I ever —" AND SO THE NIGHT GOES INDEED. Perhaps a glimpse of secrets, a hint of trials, a note of their common tribulations found and shared under the guise of a game that finds them both — at its inevitable end — inebriated and lacking inhibition. It's a dangerous game from there, one that finds the equally-stumbling Risali back out in the crowd, into the press of bodies and hands that might have been bold enough to threaten liberties except she's aware enough to stick to Ru. But eventually, finally, the frenzy thrum that never quite hushes lulls into some semblance of emotion more easily managed, and only then does Risali hook arms back through Ru's and take that perilous journey back towards where… well… where her weyr was. In her mind. Once. At least, this feels somewhere close to where it probably should have been. "I don't know," comes pitched high because she's already dissolving into giddy laughter. BEING LOST IS HILARIOUS, PROBABLY. "LEIRITH! CALL KYZEN TO US." Stumble, and then she's pressing into Ru again, scrunching her nose as she smiles up at him and patpatpats his arm. "We have to get you home too." Did she just boop his nose? … Yes. "Or wherever you want to go," Risali amends on a whisper that might have actually been a whisper if she wasn't so drunk. "I don't judge." HFFFF. Annnnd she's laughing again. Oh well. They'll both get home safely one way or the other, even if it takes a condiment colored queen to see them both to their rightful destinations.

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