The Not So Lucky One

Xanadu Weyr - Tsarziath's Weyr

Normally, it wouldn't be that odd for N'kon to not come home at night. After all, he's frequently out of the Weyr on Craft business, and has been known more than once to stay over for the night with a friend or fellow crafter. However, it's decidedly unusual for him to be absent when Tsarziath has been very much present and very needy of Iczy-cuddles. Then again - when the blue explains exactly why he's so touchy-feely - well. It's morning - late morning - before N'kon finally makes an appearance, Tsari leaving the comfort of his weyr only briefly to pick up his rider and bring him back home.

It is probably a good thing that Ricki isn't a meaner person - of course, if she was, it might be a non-issue anyway - but since she isn't, she made no move to stop Iczy's providing Tsari the comfort the blue sought, while she herself lingered awake, finally dozing off near dawn. It is a little while after N'kon's return home before there is a hesitant noise coming from Ricki's side of the tunnel, the green rider calling softly, "Niko?" As she hesitates on the brink, Iczy's bulk looming behind her.

"I'm here." Niko took the time, it seems, to bathe before returning home, his russet curls still dark and damp. Wearing only his undershirt and a pair of loose shorts, he leans against the arcway leading to his inner weyr, an odd expression of mingled sleepiness, satisfaction, and apology on his lean face. Tsari rumbles from his couch, whirling eyes fixed on Iczy as he lifts one wing welcomingly - clearly not willing to forego cuddles just because the humans are being silly. "Would you like to come in? I - imagine you would like to know why."

Iczobyth waits only long enough for Ricki to clear the tunnel before she is scooting over to the couch to settle next to Tsari, rumbling as she folds herself against the blue, turning her head to peer expectantly at her life mate. Your turn. Ricki, pauses for a moment inside the outer weyr, before slowly nodding and closing the distance to the rider-half, giving him a somewhat awkward smile (or at least - something she hopes is a smile). "Tsari sort of.. well, I mean.." What -does- she mean?

"I'm sure he did." Niko's expression holds no surprise or censure for his dragon's gossip, only a wry acceptance. "Come on in," he urges, stepping back from the doorway and leading her into the inner weyr. Tsarziath needs no more urging than Iczy's smaller body against his before his wing is folding tight around her and his tail and neck are wrapping secure. « Much better, » he murmurs softly, his voice whispering not only through the green's mind, but his rider's, and her's as well. N'kon's only response is a soft, "Heh."

Xanadu Weyr - Tranquility
The first impression of this room, despite being relatively small compared to the ledge outside, is space. What few pieces of furniture there are have been strategically placed to provide flow to the room. A wide, low bed is placed against one wall, the simple wooden frame of pale wood supporting a thick, firm mattress covered with white sheets and a thin, creamy coverlet. Nightstands are placed to either side of the bed, each supporting a basket filled with glows. A screen of five paper panels stretched on a collapsible reed frame has been angled just so to block the bed from view of the doorway. Each of the panes holds a stylized dragon drawn in dark ink. Against the opposite wall stands a wardrobe, of similar design to the bed, just large enough to hold the bluerider's less than extensive wardrobe. Tucked into a corner near the entryway, a small, low table is surrounded by four cushions, a shallow tray holding an unusually tiny tree and arrangement of rocks placed in the middle. A square mat is placed in the center of the room, made of thin, pale reeds woven together, bordered by dark lathes. On each of the walls are several prints - landscapes, of snow-capped mountains, sparkling lakes, sun-blasted deserts - framed in dark wood.
Opposite the entrance, a small fault in the rock has allowed a thin trickle of water to leak through the wall. Rather than shoring up the crack, N'kon has instead turned it into a fountain. A large, shallow basin has been placed on the floor beneath, and a pile of smooth, rounded rocks has been stacked so that the soft flow cascades over them to fill the basin. Flattened rocks line the bottom of the basin, and several water lilies float atop the water's surface. Within the pool, the flash and shimmer of tiny finger-fish can be seen.

There is a moment's hesitation on Ricki's part as she glances back at the pair on the couch, but then, straightening her shoulders and taking a deep breath, she follows N'kon inside, though she hesitates again once she is inside. "I mean, you don't have to explain. Just because they are.. It doesn't mean.." She shakes her head again, closing her eyes for a moment to gather her thoughts, before instead she is headed towards Niko's fountain, attention shifting to that, avoiding looking at him.

As Ricki babbles on, Niko is quiet, moving on silent feet to find a small bottle of amber-colored liquid and two small glasses. Placing them on the low table, he folds his long frame onto one of the cushions, legs crossed. As he uncaps the bottle, he gazes up at the greenrider, watching her. "Ricki, you know I care about you. We discussed this long ago. I didn't do this to hurt you, or because I didn't think of you." He lets out a soft, wry laugh as he pours a small amount of brandy into each glass. "In fact, you might say I was thinking of you a little too much."

Finally, Ricki is turning to glance at N'kon, eyes slipping to the drink before back to him, arching an eyebrow. "Oh shards, did you call someone else Ricki?" She blurts out suddenly, before she blushes, and then it seems that the thought is too ridiculous despite everything else, because the giggling starts. It -does- at least get her to move away from the fountain and settle on the cushion next to Niko, though it is another moment before the giggling stops and she manages to sober up a little.

Not that she'll stay sober for long, if Niko intends to ply her with strong alcohol. He offers her one of the glasses, lifting his own and studying the play of the low glow light through the dark liquid. "No, fortunately, I was able to avoid that particular faux pas. I did think of you, however." He laughs softly, then sighs, then downs his glass in one long swallow, coughing lightly into the back of his hand. "When I thought at all. Thinking was - very difficult. The lessons didn't really prepare me for, uh - exactly how much a flight affects even the males' riders."

Details. The offered glass is taken, and the liquid inside slowly swirled as she watches his face, waiting until he is tipping his own back to follow suit. A short gasp and she shakes her head as the glass is carefully returned to the tabletop. "Shards, Niko, I am not upset about that. It happens. It is going to happen -a lot-." A pause as she glances down at the empty glass. "I was just.. Well, when Tsari came back and you didn't.." Ricki slides the glass back over towards him, finally lifting her gaze.

"I didn't want to bring that home to you," Niko finally admits, refilling her glass before staring down into his, storm-cloud eyes troubled. "Not now - not until…" He trails off, glancing towards the weyr where blue and green lay intertwined. "I know you're not untouched," and he lifts his head to send her a friendly leer, though the expression quickly fades, "but the way I was feeling last night - you've never seen me like that, Ricki. I didn't feel like I could… control… myself, and I didn't want to bring that home to you until you've felt it yourself." He drains his glass again, then places it empty on the table, long fingers tapping along the rim. "I'm sorry. I wasn't thinking straight - all I knew is that it would be safer with a stranger."

Glass taken, Ricki barely hesitates this time before tipping it back - thankfully without a wheeze this time - and she shakes her head across the table at him. "Fine then. I didn't want to sleep with you either." She snaps, before almost immediately looking incredibly sorry for her reaction, groaning as she leans backwards to stare at the ceiling of the weyr. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said that." Pausing, her voice drops. "I am afraid -that- will be with.. who knows who.. for the first time, though."

"I never said I didn't want to sleep with you," Niko grates, a flash of irritation invading his calm before he can push it down. Taking a deep breath, he pushes his glass to the side and scoots towards the edge of his cushion, reaching out to the greenrider. "Look, I could have been wrong. I don't know. All I know is that I didn't want to hurt you. I still don't want to hurt you." He pauses briefly, canting his head to one side, before offering, hesitantly, "At least, not without your full consent and under complete control." With the hand not held out towards Ricki, he caps the bottle, then pushes it to one side.

Ricki tilts her head to peer at him, narrowing her gaze slightly. "Well, when Iczy finally decides its time, you know that -that- won't be the case, right? What does it mean for that - Are you going to lock yourself away and leave me to.. shards, I don't know." She does, at least though, reach a hand back out towards him as she pushes herself up from her awkward sprawl.

"No, of course not," Niko replies, lips thinning slightly as his fingers curl around hers. "I guess I just figured - as long as we're mutually incapacitated by, uh - well, lust," he coughs, "it would be - different. Like I said, thinking wasn't exactly easy last night." He tugs, trying to pull her closer. "Look, I'm sorry I upset you," he murmurs. "I wasn't trying to hurt you, or even save you - I was just trying to avoid - well, screwing us up. So, of course, I screwed up." Although, from his tone, he isn't quite certain he did - but he's content to let her have the upper hand. For now.

Smart man. As he gives her hand a gentle tug, she is slipping closer far too easily given the fussing just a short while earlier, though she does narrow her eyes slightly as she peers up at him. "I suppose I forgive you.." She offers, a soft teasing tone in her words. "I hope Tsari learned something though.." She shakes her head a little, before settling at his side, much like Iczy settled at Tsari's.

And much like Tsari, Niko's arms come around Ricki, enfolding her in his embrace as he rests his cheek against the top of her head. "I promise I won't let it happen again - at least," he adds meticulously, "not while we're both here." He's certainly not going to make any promises about what happens when she's absent, or he's at another Weyr! His lips rub lightly against the crown of her head and he chuckles. "Tsari says that he learned that Rosalyth is as much of a pain in the ass as he thought she'd be, and still much prefers… other… company."

Ricki settles in easily, before laughing softly. "That's fine, but you have to promise that if I tell you she is going up, you forget whatever 'perfect photograph' you may be about to get and get back here." A pause. "I mean, you can't win if you aren't here, and I know you -won't- always but." She shakes her head, before Tsari's commentary on the green clutch sibling has her giggling again, rolling her eyes. "I am absolutely not surprised at -all-. I bet Lani is, too."

N'kon snorts. "She almost punched me. Thankfully, S'van caught her in time and I tripped over my own feet, or I'd have a black eye to show for my sins." He chuckles. "And you'd probably think it well deserved," he adds teasingly. "I don't care how perfect the shot, the minute that Tsari tells me that Iczy is ready, we'll be back before she bloods. He may not always win," and there's no hint of frustration, only a certain resignation, "but it won't be because we weren't around."

"Dragon emotions or not, if she had punched you…" Ricki trails off, her hand unconsciously curling into a fist at her side. A glance down, and she clears her throat as she slowly relaxes her hand. "Well, hopefully I don't punch you, but no promises.. I mean." She peeks up at him carefully. "You should hopefully, at least, have a bit before she gives either of us any surprises."

"If she's anything like her rider, I'll be lucky to have any warning at all," Niko teases gently, pressing a kiss to the top of Ricki's head as he reaches down to wrap his large hand around her smaller. "If you punch me, I'll take it in the spirit it was given - and consider it a love tap," he adds, smirking into her hair. "It's not going to be easy sometimes," he murmurs, "but I think we'll be okay, even with all of the dragon crap."

"Mmhmm. You better both be on your toes." She counters, before she is tipping her face up at him, trying to steal a kiss. "Either way, I think you should make it up to me.. They are occupied, and well.. Hopefully you are settled enough…"

Well. He WAS settled. Now? Muaha.

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