Chicken Chat

Xanadu Weyr - Caverns

A massive cavern in it's own right, this one has been skillfully adapted for human habitation. The high ceilings have been painted a light, soft ivory, as are the walls where numerous tapestries hang to provide brilliant color and insulation from the stone. The floor has been left in its natural state, pale pink granite speckled through with glittering mica and dark flecks of basalt, leveled carefully but kept sufficiently rough to avoid slips.
The cavern itself is loosely divided into areas, each one set up to be suitable for some segment of the Weyr's population. The most frequently occupied area, however, is the one near the Kitchens where tables of varying sizes provide a place to sit down and eat or chat and a buffet of consumables is almost always kept stocked. Its plain that on most days, this area wouldn't accommodate anywhere near the full population of the Weyr and equally plain that on such occasions when a formal meal is laid out, tables are appropriated from all the other areas.
A big fireplace is set into the wall near the Kitchens as well, several comfortable chairs nearby providing haunts for elderly residents or riders who like a good view of all that happens. Rugs cover the floor in strategic spots, all of them abstract or geometric in design and most in the softly neutral colors of undyed wool.
Exits lead off in all directions, a big archway the largest and that leading outside. Shallow stairs to the west lead to the offices and administration area while tunnels to the east lead to the infirmary, kitchen and resident's quarters. Southwards, a sloping tunnel leads down to the hot springs.

Outside, there are falling leaves and mischievous breezes. In here… it's quiet, more or less. It's mid-morning, after people have left to begin their days. The adults are working, mostly. The kids are playing, mostly. Soriana's… sitting in an armchair off to one side, her legs curled up underneath her and Skyler in her lap. He's asleep. Maybe that's why she's still here, because she doesn't want to disturb him. Or maybe she's just lost in thought - she certainly looks it, staring vaguely at the opposite wall past tables and chairs.

Idrissa doesn't often come to the Caverns unless it's for wing related things, this is why she is making her way out from dropping off a few things down the Admin hall. A faint glance is sent over the Cavern and she moves along to get something to drink and search the food tables for something to eat that may be still somewhat fresh. Once a drink in hand she goes about sipping it and has caught sight of Soriana a ways off, there is a few moments as she watches her, and well the kid that yes she heard about but never wandered over to give her congrads on. It just felt strange as many things do with her anymore. Her gaze drifts slightly and she shifts to move off to find a place to sit over that'a way.

Funny, Soriana's usually at the caverns because of wing related stuff too. It's just… Nova, as a wing, has a lot of stuff related to it in the caverns… and back in the admin hall, too, but Soriana's not there at the moment. She probably should be. There are meetings… okay, actually, there aren't. She did check her schedules. But there's paperwork! …and yet she's out here, with her thoughtful look that transmutes into a sigh as she exhales, looks down to Skyler. "…still asleep, huh?" He doesn't answer, because he's asleep and also he's a baby. Soriana half-smiles, then looks up again, and as she does her gaze passes over Idrissa - then shifts back for long enough that she can notice and lift a hand in a wave.

Idrissa doesn't go wandering far, she drops her things off where they are needed and then is off, reason why many don't see her, or perhaps she just wants it that way. There is a slight pause as she catches the wave, her fingers slightly tap against her mug before she offers a wave back. She glances to a plate that has a few sweet buns on it before she turns to move on over to where mother and son happen to be. "Hey.." She offers with a soft tone, along with a soft smile seen as well.

Today could have Idrissa slip off once again! But apparently… it won't. At least, not yet. Soriana smiles as Idrissa comes over, and makes a vague gesture. "Pull up some chair." To the invisible table? At least the smile's real and present as she looks over the greenrider. "So, how've you been?"

Idrissa isn't slipping of just yet at least it seems. At the offer to pull over a chair she hooks her foot around one and tugs it over before she sits down upon it. The plate is set upon another chair and she points to it once pulling the chair on over if the other wants one. "I've been alright." A glance is sent to the kidlet and then back to Soriana. "How about you all?"

Soriana laughs. "It is sort of an all, isn't it?" She glances down to Skyler, then back up to Idrissa. "How is it that you're the beastcrafter but I'm the one with the zoo?" And her son is the prime exhibit? Another little laugh, and a small shake of Soriana's head. "I'm doing…" Gotta think about this one, hmm… "Pretty well." She smiles. "Busy, but I guess that goes without saying." She shrugs. "Things are settling down." Soriana leans over to reach for a sweetbun - carefully. She doesn't want to wake Skyler.

Idrissa binks at that and smiles softly while glancing to Skyler an chuckles a touch. "I dono… You haven't been by my weyr in a while so I may have more then you by now." Just well, no kids. "I'm glad you all are doing alright." A slight nod is seen about the bit on things starting to settle down. "That's good to hear." She sips at her mug. "I… was going to come give my congrads and all about the little guy but, wasn't sure when to come by." Or something along those lines, she's never been a big people person, even less over the last few turns.

Soriana grins. "Do you? It was… let's see, a runner, a canine, three firelizards…" Thoughtful-scrunchy face. "Am I missing any?" Probably. It's been a while, hasn't it? Soriana nods, though, then gives a wry smile. "Pick any random hour of day or night, you've got about equal chances of him being asleep or awake." Babies are like that! "He's starting to settle down, though." Another glance to him, just to make sure she didn't jinx it… but no, Skyler's still sleeping soundly.

Idrissa smiles and nods slightly while tilting her head. "Yeah… I have a few chickens, another canine, the firelizards and the runner." Well she has plenty of time on her hands for such things. "I sort of figured, at least that's what I've been told and so forth about the little tykes." She is honestly clueless on them, they don't have fur after all!

Soriana laughs, listening to that list. "Then you might actually be beating me, at the moment!" Maybe. She can't count high enough right now to be sure. Blame that on… heh. "They tell you all sorts of things. Some of them are true. Some of them are lies. And some of them I'm pretty sure are just the aunties making things up because they get bored."

Idrissa grins a bit and nods at that. "Yeah I'm rather use to beating others out with animals." She enjoys the company as does Tahryth as well so it is a win win sort of deal. "Yeah I sort of figure that, everything is true to some degree just depends on how a person gets to expierence yeah?" This said while she chuckles softly. "The aunties are rather good at things like that."

"If you get a bovine, you'll have yourself a full farm." Soriana grins, then hehs. "Nah, some things are utter lies. Most of it has an element of truth, but some of it…" She smirks and shakes her head. "Some of it's just crazy talk." Soriana glances toward the fireplace to check for any wandering aunties, then looks back to Idrissa. "They have the weight of experiences on their shoulders. Might not actually be a good thing, though."

Idrissa chuckles and shrugs at the thought. "I actually thought about getting one, you know one of the little cute ones?" They all vary in size after all! A glance is sent towards the fireplace to check if there are any aunties there eyeing them at the moment, none are to be seen at least. "Oh that is for certain, I figure just take everything they say with a grain of salt you know?"

Somehow, Soriana is not surprised. This is Idrissa, after all! She just laughs, nods. "Hey, if Tahryth's okay with it - and, uh, won't see it as dinner… why not?" Soriana grins, then nibbles on sweetbun a bit as she listens. "Advice tastes better with the proper seasonings?"

Idrissa is left grinning and nods. "Yep, me and Tah have to talk more over it. She is interested but I don't want her thinking at some point a little cow would be her snack and all." That would be bad! She picks up a swettbun finally and takes a bite from it. "Indeed, all good seasonings and so forth."

Soriana nods, considering. "I'm not sure I'd want to try to convince Luraoth of that. Not that she can't be nice, but you know how dragon memories are." A shrug. "But then, Tahryth's been okay with Red Feathers, so maybe you could manage it."

Idrissa nods at that. "Yeah that is rather true. She hasn't tryed to take a bite out of Feathers, though I'm not sure if there is a reason for that or the fact that she doesn't think runners are food you know? Cows well… whole different story."

Soriana hmms, and nods. "I know some dragons think runners are food, but… not all of them." She shrugs a bit, and laughs. "Dragons, what can you do?" The smile is a wry one, and she stretches a little, careful not to disturb Skyler too much. "Suppose it's hard to know unless you try… but that might have you out a cow."

Idrissa nods at that and chuckles before smiling. "True. I have thought about it, even was talking to someone that raises them. Well the little ones at least, they sort of look like deer in a sense actually." Rather cute.

Soriana nibbles a bit more on her sweet bun, a mid-morning snack as she sits with Skyler and talks with Idrissa. She nods to Idrissa. "So then you could have scrambled eggs and cream in your klah without ever having to leave the house!" She laughs. "Where would you be getting it from? Somewhere nearby, or do you get your own private cattle drive?"

Kera appears from the infirmary tunnel, a brown blur winging his way ahead of her and perching in the rafters for now. Her newest family member, a two month old lizard queen sways gently on her shoulder, tail wrapping around her neck some. Sidestepping a couple of excited kids running out of the cavern with a sticky treat, Kera chuckles and grabs herself a mug of klah and something to eat before making her way towards the tables. Soriana and Idrissa are spotted, and her steps falter a bit. Sucking it up, she heads towards her friends with a wiggle of her fingers "G'day Weyrwoman, Idrissa." Wincing at the formality, she shrugs a bit in apology, but, they /are/ in public.

Idrissa grins a bit and shrugs. "Well I admit I did think about that to some degree actually." Then she wouldn't ever have to leave her weyr, right? She glances over at the voice and waves to Kera. "Hey Kera."

…like Idrissa needs help with that. Soriana grins. "You'd still have to get feed for them. Unless you've got a hayfield out there that I don't know about." She looks up to see Kera at the sound of her voice, then arches her eyebrows at the title given. "Hi, Kera." She smiles a bit. "Is there a meeting someone didn't tell me about? Asteroid doing a presentation?"

A meeting? Kera seems momentarily confused when Soriana ask about a meeting. It doesn't last though, she soon grins and shakes her head "Oh no, just that everyone's around." She gestures vague around the cavern before dipping her head back to her friends "Mind if I join you both? Er, the three of you I mean." She corrects herself and smiles down to the sleeper.

Idrissa doesn't need help in that, nope! Though she won't comment on it. "Well that's true." She says with an amused tone before she glances back to Kera and offers her a smile. "That's alright with me, have a seat."

"…and?" Soriana asks Kera, still with that smile. "I think they know my name. If they don't, they should." She has a nibble of sweet bun, a check on Skyler as he shifts a bit while sleeping. "Me having a snack is not a formal occasion, I promise." She half-grins, then has another bite, nodding along to Idrissa and indicating a chair as she chews.

Kera grins and nods agreeably to Soriana, refusing to let out a chuckle over the rest of the cavern knowing the WW's name. "I'm sure someone, somewhere, might try to disagree with ya on that Sori." Sinking into a chair, she settles her klah and food down, hurriedly tearing off small bits to feed to the young lizard on her shoulder before she starts creeling. Looking between the two riders already seated with a curious expression. "So, what's the topic of the candlemark?"

Idrissa lets her gaze drift between the two while she chews on a bite of sweet bun once more. Her gaze lingers on the little gold and she smiles. "She's cute Kera." Topic… "Just stuff, not rhyme or reason."

"They can try all they want," Soriana says as her expression edges toward a smirk. "It's probably good for them, builds character or something… but trying's not the same as succeeding. Or convincing me." It's back to a grin, and then she follows the motion of Kera's hand up to see the baby lizard. "New friend of yours?" she asks, then glances to Idrissa at the question about what they've been talking about before looking back to the new arrival. "So, do you have any pets besides the firelizards, Kera?"

Kera grins over Soriana's building comment, managing to tear a few bites for herself in the midst of her lizard feeding. Nodding to her friends. "Thanks Idrissa. She's been just a sweety.." Her gaze flickers up to the rafters briefly before peering back to her friends "Hasn't thrown a tantrum, unlike some lizard I could mention when he was her age." Quickly sipping her klah, a head shakes in the negative to Sori. "No, Minimur and Polgara here….but speaking of pets, how are those two kits? Well, not kits anymore I suppose."

Idrissa chuckles and grins. "I'm sure none could act like Ripley ever did." Her blue lizard is evil after all, down right little demon actually! She sips at her mug and hums. "Kits?"

Soriana laughs. "And how is Ripley? Has he settled down?" Her tone is doubtful, because she's met the lizard in question! She nods to Kera, looking over the gold on her shoulder. "They all do have different personalities, don't they?" Soriana smiles, then nods about Kera's lack of other pets. "I hear chickens make good ones." She darts a little grin to Idrissa, then… "Mmhmm. A pair of tunnelcats," she explains for Idrissa's benefit, then to Kera, "They're doing well. They should be settling down and getting calmer, but I'm not sure I entirely see it."

Kera tosses a couple of bites in her mouth while following the conversation. Smirking over evil lizards. "Ripley? Oh come on, he couldn't have been /that/ bad." She alternates between bites of food for herself and her lizard, which gets a few affectionate scritches along a tiny jawline. Settling a perplexed look to Soriana. "Chickens?" Looking to Idrissa, perhaps to see if she heard her friend correctly, then smirks "I've just gotten the yard around the cottage looking nice, why would I bring in chickens to scratch it all up?" Sori explains about the kits, causing Kera to snicker. "Zooming all over the place huh?"

Idrissa chuckles and nods with a smile to Kera. "Chickens are great, I have three right now." A soft ah escapes her and she lets her fingers tap against her mug. "Well, they also take care of bugs, and you get eggs by just feeding them. Mine sleep in the little barn with Feathers." She looks to Sori and ahs. "Cool, you have them then?"

Soriana is staying out of the argument on chickens! She just grins a bit, listening to the two of them. "Sorta like firelizards that way. Only with more feathers," she muses, then nods about the tunnelcats. "Little bundles of energy and random naps!" A glance down to Skyler, but he's not quite to the point of zooming around the place… yet. "But yeah, I have them," she says to Idrissa. "Dusty and Joy."

Kera leans forward some, stretching to get a better look at Skyler. Watching him a moment, she turns her attention back to the others, eyes drifting to either while grabbing a few quick bites of her meal and sips of klah. Canting her head to the other greenrider, a couple of grudging nods are given at the points her friend makes. "Fine, you're right, they have their good points. But I just don't think of them as pets. Garden tools perhaps. But nothing about a chicken makes me wanna hug it." Looking to Sori, "Between tunnelcats, kittens, pups and chickens, which one most likely won't get snug and a ruffle?"

Idrissa chuckles and shrugs. "Ripley is Ripley by the way, he is alays grumpy honestly." She rolls her eyes slightly at the talk of that lizard. "There cute though Kera… Really." She offers at the thought. "Mine are still young but there all fluffy and cute." Yes chickens are cute..

Skyler's sleeping like… well, a baby. Soriana nods to Idrissa, then laughs at Kera's question. "Hey, don't ask me! I'm not a beastcrafter, things just show up on my doorstep and it goes from there." She grins, finishing off the sweet bun and leaning back in her chair. "Most any animal's got some use to it, anyway."

Kera smirks to Idrissa, nodding "Okay, yea, when they are little balls of yellow fuzz, they are cute." She'll concede that point to her friend easy enough, and lifts a brow to Sori "I'm no beastcrafter either, much to my dad's disappointment." Kera doesn't seem very upset at not following her parents' crafts.

Idrissa grins and shrugs slightly. "Well if you have questions you could ask me." She was… is… a beastcrafter after all! "I'm sure I could help you out Kera."

And cute babies turn into… well.. that depends on the baby. Soriana adjusts Skyler's position a bit, and at Kera's denial she just smiles and tilts her head toward Idrissa - the beastcrafter! "Still riding Comet, right? So you've got to sneak in your beasts whenever you get the chance."

Kera feds Polgara a few more bits when the young lizard turns her muzzle away from the next offered bit, thus signaling she's had her fill, for now. Fingers lightly rub her neck a few seconds before coaxing the growing gold down her arm. It has been a couple of candlemarks since she's been oiled, never hurts to give her hide a looking over. She keeps up with the conversation though. "If I find myself with chickens I'll be sure to ask." A good-natured wink sent to Idrissa as she adds to Soriana's words "Even the ill-tempered vicious ones."

Idrissa thinks it would vary on the baby indeed on what they turn into it. "Yep, still there for now. I didn't have the heart to leave when Tah wanted to go back exploring and all." She shrugs a moment. "I still do the beastcraft bit, jus with my own animals." She grins and chuckles to Kera. "Sure."

Soriana nods to Idrissa. "I suppose she's got a point there. More fun for her than just waiting around for you to be done… but that's why you've got your own. All a matter of… mm, finding the right compromises." She gives a wry smile. "Always is, it just keeps on changing which ones those are." Soriana glances to Kera. Ill-tempered vicious… "Why, have you got some in mind?"

Kera 's gaze slips between her friends, smirking to Idrissa's acknowledgement of vicious runners. Looking quickly to Sori, "Hmm? Oh, no, not at all." The greenhealer flickers an amused glance to Idrissa before going on "Just sorta a continuation of an ongoing debate between Idrissa and myself about runners."

Idrissa nods slightly and she peers back at Kera. Vicious runners? Never! "There are no such thing as vicious runners… Honestly." She offers with a shake of her head at the thought.

Soriana glances between the pair, then half-grins. "Well. Except for the rare and deadly rider-eating runner of the western mountains. But I suppose you weren't including the monstrous sort, were you?"

Kera snorts at Idrissa and regards her fellow greenrider a moment "You are quick to say Ripley is an evil lizard. Will you at least agree that if your lizard can be evil, a runner can be vicious?" Soriana is given a barely contained smirk. "Well, I wasn't initially, but now that ya mention it…" Kera's gaze slips back to the greenrider, her hand rubbing gently over the tiny queen's back as wings droop down either side of her arm.

Idrissa chuckles softly and grins to Kera. "Ripley is evil, have you not seen him?" This questioned with an amused tone. "As for runners, they are just unruly and can trample you that's all." Because that is so innocent~!

Soriana smiles as she listens to the two dispute. "So…" she says considering, "What we need to do is put a firelizard and a runner in a barn together, and see what happens." Because that will demonstrate things… how? No clue. "Wings against hooves!"

"That's all!?" An almost surprised look crosses her face briefly, before she shakes it off and just shakes her head in amusement. "I guess that's as close to agreeing as we're gonna get on that topic." Flashing a wink to Idrissa, she glances across to Sori, chuckling at her idea, but shakes her head "Poor little lizard would get trampled if it didn't jump *between* to get away first."

Idrissa chuckles softly while lifting her head slightly looking amused at this talk. "It is all!" She says while grinning still. "Lizards are not innocent I assure you. You need to meet Ripley I am thinking." She grins at Soriana and nods.

Soriana laughs. "I think we can all be glad we have dragons to ride and send messages, mmh? Don't have to rely on the runners or the firelizards…" she glances between the two of them "…depending on which you consider the problem, that is." Soriana grins. "Me, I'd rather not get on the wrong side of either one."

Kera shrugs but nods to Idrissa. "Maybe I do, cause I've yet to see a lizard lash out with teeth and claw. That's gotta be one vicious lizard." Grinning to Sori as she cuddles Polgara to her, tiny knobby head nuzzling her cheek. "If the fence is 'not' between myself and the runner, that's the wrong side for me."

Idrissa grins and shrugs at the thought. "I don't know, I rather like riding my runner too I have to say." This said with an amused tone. "Still, I think nothing could compare to the feeling of riding a dragon."

"Lucky," Soriana says to Kera. "They've sharp ones." Which she does know from experience, yes. In her lap, Skyler stirs, and Soriana peeks down at him. Just how awake is baby, hmm? He looks to be getting on toward conscious! "Well, fortunately nobody's got to spend time with runners they'd rather not - and there's people who'll be glad for that time!"

Having very little experience riding a runner, a few times as a small child, Kera agrees with Idrissa about riding dragons. Lifting her mug, she raises it in the air between them at Soriana's comment "And they are welcome to the crazy beasties." As Skylor starts to wake, Kera grins down to the baby curiously "Is he crawling and skittering around underfoot yet?"

Idrissa has plenty of experance when it comes to riding runners. She smiles and glances over to Soriana curiously at the question from Kera, she is a touch curious it seems.

Soriana laughs, and shakes her head. "Nothing like. He can almost sit up." Note the almost. Babies… aren't good at much. Especially not humans babies! Firelizards and runners both have them beat when it comes to speed. Soriana adjusts her arms as the baby wiggles and opens bleary blue eyes.

Kera smiles as the bleary eyed baby, seeming pleased for some reason by Soriana's report on Skylor's progress. "That's the first step to 'getting up', he'll be zipping around, and making your tunnelcats dizzy before too long." Pausing, she looks to Idrissa and lowers her voice a bit "Hmm, you suppose all out bebating about evil lizards and vicious woke him up?"

Idrissa chuckles softly and smiles, a slight nod is seen. "True… He'll be up and following after anything in the weyr soon enough I'm sure." This said with an amused tone. There is a pause and she grins upon hearing Kera. "Perhaps."

"Oh, I know trouble's coming," Soriana says with a laugh. "It always is." She cuddles Skyler a bit, giving him the rock of 'good morning' that's also the one that hopes he's in a good mood after that nap. "I doubt he's got many opinions on runners either way, at this point."

Kera nods to agree with Idrissa and winces over the fact they may have waken the babe. She mouths a silent 'Sorry' to Soriana before wiggling her fingers to probably still bleary eyes "Hi there little man. We'll just have to make sure you're taught all about how mean runners can be won't we Skyler." Kera may be leaning away from her fellow greenrider, who she's flashing a very amused grin to.

Idrissa pauses slightly while peering at the kidlet. She wiggles a slight to him, a soft smile seen. "Please… I know a runner that would be more then happy to little him ride him." She offers with a playful tone to Kera and is soon grinning.

Skyler looks at the people, because people are interesting. Soriana doesn't seem offended that he's awoken - he does that! Regularly, in fact. She does laugh. "He's not going to be riding any runners for a while yet. Not even any ponies. Let's go for walking first, mmh?" "Eeh!" is Skyler's opinion of that. So cogent.

Kera grins at Skyler's reaction about walking. "Why would he do that when his mommy can take him where ever he needs to go, right?" Amused by this, she lifts one arm off as to show off arm muscles "Who needs to practice tossing firestone sacks when you've a baby to excercise with." Looking to Idrissa, chuckling "A baby dragon in a runner disguise?" Feeling a dry patch on Polgara's back as her fingers rub lightly, she reaches into her satchel for a small oil pot.

Idrissa chuckles softly and nods to Soriana. "Well of course." This said with an amused tone. A glance is sent to Kera and she chuckles oftly. "That is an idea for sure."

Soriana half-smiles to Kera. "Well then, keep that in mind for when you've one of your own," she says, then sighs. "I should be seeing what's shown up on my desk while I've been out here." She adjusts Skyler and eases to her feet. "Was good seeing both of you."

Kera blinks at her friend, head already shaking as she dabs fingers in oil and starts to go over her young lizard's hide. "Oh no, don't think I'll be needing that excercise accessory." Her lizard bearing arm lifts a few inches from the table "I'll stick with my lizard weights, thanks though." Winking to her friend and wiggling oily fingers to the departing mom and son. "Good to see you both Sori…Oh, Do ya mind if I stop by a bit later this evening?"

Idrissa smiles and chuckles softly while sending a glance to the other greenie. Kera can have that luck before her perhaps! "Yeah.. I'm rather happy to just deal with my animals weight right now." She isn't looking forward to the kid bit just yet. "See you around Soriana."

Soriana leads the way! Today, though, she leads the way for just herself, back to the office. Skyler's carried along for now - a lack of morning meetings means he can stick around until lunchtime, and she'll just send him to the nursery then. That, or she's forgotten she's carrying him, which is better than forgetting him and leaving him behind. "Well, okay then," she says with a small smile, then mmhs to Kera. "Later… I'd have to check the schedule. There's… probably some time?" Maybe she'll even get to go home! Maybe.

Kera is quick to nod in agreement with Idrissa's sentiment. "Yea, for now, my mom can find fosters if she wants babies to take care of." As Soriana considers her schedule for the rest of the day, another nod given "No problem, just let Moncerath know when and I'll show up." How scary a thought that could be.

Idrissa smiles a bit and nods, a soft chuckle hears while she leans back in her seat a moment and sets her empty much on a close by table. Indeed she has no burning need for a kidlet, though her dear green is going to be all glowy rather soon so that could change soon enough.

Soriana nods to Kera, then waves her free hand to Kera and Idrissa as she and Skyler head. "I'll see the both of you soon, hopefully!" And then… she's off! Paperwork, ho!

Kera watches Soriana slip into the crowd with Skyler, "Later." she calls out and turns her attention back to Idrissa. Looking the other greenrider over a couple of seconds. Coaxing Polgara to turn around, she dabs her fingers in the small oil pot again and starts smoothing oily fingers along the tiny gold's chest. "So, chickens huh? Do you give the extra eggs to the kitchens?"

Idrissa nods slightly to the talk of chickens while glancing over to Mur'dah. "Well, not right now. There a bit young actually. Just have to see how many they lay when they are old enough."

Kera nods, glancing back down to her lizard oiling task. Eyes flicking to Idrissa as she works, "Do you have a little yard penned in for them? Or will you let them roam?" Thinking that through a moment, she shakes her head "I'd imagine tunnelsnakes would be a problem.." But then again, what tunnelsnake would go on dragonturf to steal a snack.. A dumb one, soon to be dead one.

"I'm going to have a the pen where feathers is fence redone so they can slip out from between the boards and all." Idrissa says with a slight yawn escaping her. "This will give them plenty of time to get out and move around, but also go back into the barn."

Kera nods at her friend's layout plan for the chickens, refraining from mentioning a possibility of trampling by crazy runner. "They'll get plenty of exercise dodging hooves." Grinning, she observes the yawning and general demeanor of her friend. "Are you done with duties for the day? You're looking a bit too tired to be flying off for another delivery."

Idrissa chuckles and nods while standing up. "Oh Feathers likes them, they ride around in his mane actually." This said with a teasing tone. "I'm done for the day actually. Going to get myself on home for some sleep you know? It was really nice talking to you though."

Kera laughs at the image of fuzzy yellow peepers decorating a runner's mane. She may not like runners, but even she thinks that's a cute idea. Nodding to her fellow greeny. "Don't blame ya. I plan on doing the same after my shift is over." She's just taking a really long break for midday meal. "Nice chatting with ya." Dipping her head to her friend, since her hands are curently occupied with oiling her patient young queen. "Let me know how it works out with the chickens."

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