Taken for a Ride

Xanadu Weyr - Stables
The Stables of Xanadu Weyr are composed of one long building, lined with box and standing stalls that are kept thoroughly clean by the resident grooms and stablehands. Runners nicker and neigh at everyone who enters, save for the obstinate ones that just flicker their ears in indignant curiousity that they dare not make visible. The foremost stalls near the door to the Barn Yard are the grand box stalls which are home to the prized runners of Xanadu, as well as the most pregnant, those which are so far along that they require constant observation by the Herders, so as to ensure easy foaling.
However, the primary design of stall which lines the broad pathway that is covered in saw dust which is the main avenue of the Stables, is that of the Standing Stall. Many runners are in the standing stalls, with ropes strung across the front so as to keep the runners from leaving their designated containers. A few hay bales sit here and there along the avenue, some of which act as seats for the stablehands and grooms on their breaks, others as snacks for those runners who can reach out their necks far enough. Buckets and baskets of grooming supplies, brushes and combs, and the like also sit here and there, occassionally knocked over by a wayward hoof or inquiring muzzle.

It is a warm afternoon at Xanadu, and there are a few people out and about taking advantage of it before the colder weather rolls in, which could be right around the corner. Idrissa is at the stables today, with the idea for going for a quick ride it seems. Lessons done for the moment, and Tahryth happily settled out in the sun near the stables thinking about a nap from the looks of things, Rissa actually has a few moments to herself. RedFeather is settled within the crossties, while Rissa is getting the saddle fixed on proper like, her hair is pulled back and her jacket rests hanging up on a bed near where she is.

Not only is it warm and sunny out, Jarse isn't around the stables! Really, could things get any better? Probably, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. Further along the aisle, a restless runner whickers softly, but by and large things are quiet around the stables. The door's open to let breezes through, and so, conveniently enough, Soriana can step right inside. She's got a few papers in her hand, she she pauses just inside to let her eyes adjust to the dim and take a look around.

Idrissa was just thrilled to find out that Jarse wasn't around the stables, made things so much easier after all. A soft nicker escapes RedFeathers while the runner shifts on his hooves, head getting tossed a few times as he seems generally eager to go for a run as it has been some time. "I know, we're going buddy. I'm sorry it's been so long." Rissa says while working to make sure all is well, there is a pause while she goes about checking hooves starting with a front one that she picks at once it is lifted into the air by the runner. As for someone else being around she isn't paying a bit of attention, even Tahryth didn't catch someone coming as the green must for sure be asleep.

One of the other runners nickers back to RedFeathers. Maybe she's saying 'Congrats,' or maybe it's more like, 'Take me with you!' Soriana glances down to see Idrissa and smiles, then turns and heads for the stable office! Y'know, the one where Jarse would ordinarily be… and isn't, today. Here's the door! It's shut. She raps fingers against it in a light knock, and draws herself up straight to wait for an answer.

Idrissa glances upwards as some movement is finally caught, mostly because she was moving on towards another hoof to check it. A slight wave is sent after Soriana while she curiously watches. "Hey Soriana. Jarse isn't around at the moment." Maybe he crawled under a rock and is hiding? Oh that would be a good place for a slug.

Soriana waves back to Idrissa, then returns her gaze to that door. Hey door. Hey… shut… door. That… remains shut. What's this about the door? She looks back to Idrissa. "Oh." A frown. Well that's not going to work! "Is he… do you know when he's supposed to be back?" Soriana lifts the hand with the papers slightly. "Or is there someone else on duty?" Yeah okay so at the moment, Idrissa's a weyrling, not an apprentice, but… she still knows the stables better than Sori!

Idrissa looks a bit amused while she tilts her head eyeing the door and then back to Soriana. "I well I don't know where he went, or when he might come back." Maybe he won't! Then the runners could all rejoice. "I bet Tarsin could help you. His the StableMaster after all." She ponders while thinking where he is gotten too then and points towards the back that leads out towards the paddocks. "I think he went that way." She ponders now while peering back at Soriana. "What did you need Jarse for?" Someone is curious.

Maybe he won't. Soriana frowns at that door nevertheless. "Hurm," she says, then nods. Stablemaster, huh? "That might work…" A look toward the paddocks, then back to Idrissa with a shrug. "Oh, well, just delivering some papers." See? These ones, right here. Because apparently that's her job now? Or… "I think it's to make me meet people. Or something." Another shrug. "Not that I haven't already met most of 'em." Including Jarse.

Idrissa would not mind in the least if Jarse never came back to the stables, it would suit her just fine indeed. As for the papers she peers at them curiously, a soft oh escaping her once the rest is given and she nods. "Yeah.. Suppose that makes sense." Well sort of. "Get you out and about and what not." Though well, what would she know on such things? She glances towards her runner whom is busy munching on a few carrots that he found. "Well… Don't suppose you have time to go for a ride?" This is offered to Soriana, not to her runner whom has all the time in the world and eagerness to boot.

"Out, about, and knocking on doors." Soriana smirks, an gives the closed one a final rap, even though she knows (now) that it's empty. But, y'know, in case Jarse /is/ there, hiding behind a locked door and doing whatever sort of disreputable things he does when he thinks nobody's watching. If he is lurking in there, maybe the knocks will give him a headache. "Hmm," she says to Idrissa's question, doing the quick mental figuring of what she's supposed to be doing, then grins. "Lemme find that Tarsin first and see if he can take care of this."

Idrissa smiles a bit and nods a moment. "Yep, knocking on doors, being a pest.. I mean talking to people and so forth." This said with an amused tone. As for her question for the other going on a ride she isn't sure it'll be a yes, most likely a no is what she is guessing, to the point that she is back to checking another hoof. Her bright gaze drifts upwards and she grins before nodding. "Alright."

Soriana grins, and lifts a finger to her lips. "The pest part is supposed to be a secret." Worst kept secret in Xanadu? Maaaaaybe. "I'll be back in a moment," she promises, and slips out toward the paddock to find Tarsin. Of course… a moment is actually rather optimistic, because first she's got to find the Stablemaster, then give him the papers… and it's not nearly so simple as that, because she has to discuss them with him and explain things and answer questions - as best she can - and ask a few of her own, because this isn't entirely how she was supposed to hand over the papers, and… well. All that takes time.

Idrissa chuckles softly and nods. "No problem, I won't tell anyone." This said while she nods as the other goes about finding Tarsin and handing over the papers. Sure it wasn't supposed to happen this way but, perhaps it works out better as Soriana then has to talk to someone else and explain and thus talk more? Sure! While waiting Rissa finishes checking her runners hooves and then ponders while glancing over the other runners and goes about getting out another saddle and tack that is needed for Soriana. Yep she really plans on the other coming along, now it'll be even harder for Soriana to possibly escape without going for said run.

Oh yay. More people to talk to! And explain to. And explain the things that'll need to be explained. And… yeah, Idrissa has plenty of time to finish RedFeathers and get out new tack. She'll probably even have time to pick out a runner for Soriana and put the tack on by the time all the questions and … everything … have been dealt with. But hey! At least Soriana eventually returns from the paddock, and her hands are empty. The papers were handed off, and there's no new papers to replace them.

Idrissa does indeed go and pick out a runner, a dark bay mare from the looks of it, and a friend of RedFeathers so there get along for sure. The mare is all set to go and Rissa is just getting the hooves done and brushing her hands off. She peers over the saddle, tack and all and is finally happy with it about the time that Soriana comes back. She smiles and points to the mare. "Picked one out for you." She does pick them well so all should be good.

Aww. Idrissa's picked one out and everything. How can Soriana refuse? Answer: she doesn't. There's a flick of her eyes to the door, and then they lift a moment as she speaks to her dragon. Yep, totally busy. Pass it along. And… "Let's ride, then." Soriana grins, stepping forward to the mare and offering a hand and cheek-rub of introduction before taking the reins in preparation to lead her outside.

Idrissa would be a bit hurt if Soriana refused, though really not like she would fight it mind you. The reins are offered over and she grins. "Great." Is offered happly while moving over to take hold of her runners reins, leaning him on outside. Tahryth is off there in the distance, a eye opening lazy like from her stretched out position, but the green doesn't come running over to lick runners at least, mostly because she has a full belly and is nice and relaxed, content one might say even.

Yeah, but Idrissa'd probably look sad. So. Soriana leads her runner out, giving a wave to Tahryth once she's out there before stepping around and swinging herself on. "…huh." She glances down at the runner beneath her, peering at the saddle and adjusting her position. Like… this. Yeah. That's how one sits on a runner.

Idrissa would indeed look eversoverysad! Though she is not seeing how they are off, well sort of. A glance is sent towards Soriana at the 'huh and she ponders it while settling upon her saddle. "What?" Is questioned while Red paws at the ground a few times, his head getting tossed into the air and shaggy mane falling about.

Soriana gives her head a little shake. "I don't think I've been on a runner since… well, since the hatching." Or maybe even a while before then, she was busy and she can't entirely remember. Sori glances down, and gives the mare's shoulder a pat. "It's just… different. The position and everything, it's nothing like Luraoth, really." Who, speaking of, is nowhere to be seen. Probably out playing on the beach, it's her usual haunt when Soriana's occupied with things that don't need a golden nose stuck into them. Soriana gives a grin. "I'd sort of forgotten." Not that she doesn't settle into a good runner-riding posture, after that moment of adjustment.

Idrissa chuckles at this and nods with a warm smile seen as she can understand that. "Yeah.. It feels a bit strange. I tried to make my straps rather saddle like though. Still a different position and all." Tahryth is content to watch, even fall back asleep. Oh sure she could go join her clutchsiblings in something but this ray of sun feels ever so nice at the moment. "So, where to?" This questioned while giving her runner a slight push forward to get things going.

…oh, that's right. This is a runner. She's not going to start moving just because Soriana thinks it. There's the bit of actually using legs and reins to direct her, because even if the best riders and their runners can seem to be psychic… they're not. So Soriana gets the mare into motion, bringing her up alongside RedFeathers. "Nowhere too far, I don't think…" she says to that question, considering on it. There'll be dinner and all that to be had! But… "Maybe just one of the trails?" Soriana tilts her head off toward the forest.

Idrissa does send a curious glance back towards Soriana pondering if she is going to get moving or well stay there. She looks amused, mostly because she has a thought as to why the other isn't moving just yet! "Sure, sound be pretty around this time of the year. Leaves all changing and so forth." RedFeathers is given a slight turn with the use of the reins and is soon heading on towards the forest trail that is closest to them.

Soriana will remember how sooner or later! It's like… uh… riding a runner. She seems to have the hang of it back now, just don't ask her to do any fancy tricks. A nice leisurely ride seems much more her speed. She nods to Idrissa. "Yeah," she agrees about the pretty leaves, then hehs, shaking her head a little. "Already. Does it seem like it's come up awfully fast to you, or is it just me?"

Idrissa glances up towards the trees, leaves all a manner of different colors, gold's, reds, oranges and browns. Quick someone take a picture! "Yeah.. I think it's come up rather quickly. Been sort of busy with lessons so maybe that is why it's come up so quickly?" Well it's a thought.

Pretty, pretty scenery. Soriana guides her mare to head along with RedFeathers, taking it easy for a nice casual ride. None of those tricks. She grins to Idrissa. "Might be, at that." A laugh, and a shake of her head. "Might well be. If it's not one lesson, it's another, and if it's not that, it's flying practice."

Idrissa nods at this while her gaze drifts over the path, taking in the area and tilting her head while thinking on the matter. "Yeah.. So many lessons. I wonder how they think we're supposed to remember all this stuff.." She ponders and glances over to Soriana. "Is there like going to be some majorhugetest at the end that we all have to take in order to be riders or something?"

"I dunno," Soriana says. "Maybe they'll just see what we do remember and decide that's what we're supposed to do more of. Like picking a craft…" But it's not like there's much that seems optional, at least not when it comes to things like hand signals and straps, so Soriana trails off and gives her head a shake before smirking at the next question. "Probably?" She shrugs, but… "Can you imagine V'dim not giving us a test? Just like… trusting us to remember it and not double-checking to make sure?"

Idrissa makes a face at the idea and shakes her head with a soft heh escaping her while they go along. "True.." This said with a soft tone. "I think he'd love to give us test after test after test if he could." Well doesn't /every/ teacher like that?

Soriana tugs at the reins lightly to convince her runner to keep going instead of trying a nibble of that interesting looking plant, then laughs. "You mean he doesn't?" she replies to Idrissa, and ducks a tree branch before grinning up. "Oh, sure, some of them he doesn't say are tests, but…"

Idrissa pauses and laughs. "Alright, well yeah that is true." This said while they continue along the path. RedFeathers has managed to snag a few dozen leaves in his mouth as they trot along, few red and yellow ones actually. Rissa is quiet for a few moments, pondering it seems. "So.. How is Ka'el doing?" They haven't talked in a while after all.

Fall treats! Extra crunchy leaves. Soriana grins to Idrissa, and continues on along the trail with her. The silence is not all that silent, given the crunch of leaves under hooves, the jingle of harness and the occasional avian calling overhead, but it's still pretty peaceful. No talking! Until there's talking. She looks up at Idrissa at the question, considering it for a moment, then… "He's good." She grins. "Busy like all the rest of us. I know, it's like we barely even get time to talk to anyone anymore…" Yep. She's going to blame Idrissa and Ka'el's lack of conversation on them being busy.

Idrissa nods, a soft smile seen. "Well that's good. Yeah I figure everyone is really busy anymore." Sorta what happened when someone grows up, right? Right! RedFeather's does like them crunchy leaves crunchcrunchmunchslup..

Yep. Nothing but busy! Soriana nods, smiling for a moment before giving an exaggerated nod. "I know, right? I'd wish for more hours in the day, but then V'dim would just find more lessons to put in them and we wouldn't be any better off." Because there are always more lessons to be had. "We should find a chance to do something, though," she adds with a flick of her eyes to Idrissa. "Like, I dunno, have a cookout on the beach or something." A grin. "Ka'el says he's going to throw a party once he gets a weyr."

Busybusy little.. well not bees because there are no bees, so flies perhaps.. "Yeah really, would be nice for a few more hours during the day, could do more then." Idrissa ohs and glances over, a nod seen and she smiles. "Sounds like fun. We haven't all done anything in a while. Beach party sounds fun. We all had fun last time after all."

Busy little trundlebugs, trundling along? Not that Soriana and Idrissa look terribly busy at the moment, out enjoying a ride. It's like they're relaxing or something. Is that even allowed? "I dunno, I mean, it'd depend on what I had to do with those extra hours…" Soriana shrugs, then hehs. "It's not like we've had the time… but yeah. We should… find some time. Somewhere." Maybe it's in the back of one of those storerooms they've been cleaning?

Idrissa nodnods at this. "Oh I know, all been busy and all. But now maybe we could all plan something? Ask everyone what they might want to do for a beach party and sort of go from there maybe?" Well it is an idea, and even get others involved to boot. She continues along, Red grabbing maw fulls of tasty leaves here and there.

"The final beach party before winter!" Soriana grins. "Sure, I bet you could do something like that." Idrissa, that is. Not her. "It sounds fun." Soriana's mare finally manages to snag a mouthful of leaves to chew. After all, it wouldn't do for RedFeathers to get all the tasty snacks for himself! "Let me know if there's anything you need." Because Idrissa'll be the one organizing this, you see. Not Sori!

Idrissa blinks and sends a glance over to Soriana eyeing her a moment. "Wait.. Me?" Is questioned with an unsure tone at the idea. "Uh… What…?" This is a surprize to her for sure!

"Yeah, you," Soriana says. She's got a smile and everything! Oh so bright and cheery. "Why not?" Only she doesn't pause to listen to the why not part. "It'll be fun. Just get together some party supplies and tell everyone when!" Oh, such a smile. "If you figure out what stuff you need, I can help you get it."

Idrissa is quiet at this idea, her head lowering a touch while she eyes the path in thought. "I've never done anything like that before.. What if it all goes wrong or something?" She still fears failing, but then who doesn't fear such things?

There's fear of failure… and then there's not trying anything because it might fail. "Don't burn down the Weyr, okay?" Soriana grins, then glances back to her runner to nudge the mare along. Come on now, this way along the trail, not veering off into the underbrush. Okay, there. She looks back up to Idrissa, and resumes the grin. "Long as you don't do that, it'll be fine. Think about it, what's the worst that could happen?" Aaand she'll just answer her own question so Idrissa doesn't fill in a more extreme doom. "People will be bored and they'll leave, and you'll just have to eat all the cookies by yourself. Think you can deal?"

Doom, so much /doooooom/ runs through Idrissa's mind at the moment, what about it hailing, or some monster coming from the waves and attacking people. Wait.. do felines like beaches? There is a pause in her crazy thoughts and Rissa glances towards Soriana a few moments. "Right.. no burning down the Weyr.." A faint sigh escapes her at the thought, Thea would for sure kick her out then. RedFeather's trots along, the trail is nearing the end that loops back around towards the meadow, just a few more bends left.

Biggest. Sandbox. Evar. Soriana peers at Idrissa like she can see the reflections of all those potential dooms in her eyes. Oh the dancing flames! But… they are agreed! No burning the Weyr down. "All good, then!" Hailstones and bruises are just part of the beach party ambiance, and Soriana's grin is determinedly upbeat. "It'll be fun." Once Idrissa, y'know, organizes it. Thanks for volunteering?

"I can't believe you got me to agree to something like that." Idrissa says after a few moments. Also no costume parties, or at least /nothing/ pointy will be allowed at the party that is for sure.

Soriana blinks her eyes to Idrissa. "What? You love beach parties." Soriana maintains her innocence, or at least her innocent expression. Nothing suspicious here. She's a helper! Blood staying inside the bodies is probably also a good rule for beach parties. No burning down the Weyr, no bleeding. Those are the rules to live by. Just achieve those two things, and, "You'll do fine."

Idrissa smirks at this and eyes Soriana a moment. "Sure.. I like attending beach parties that I don't have to be any part of. It's great cause I don't have to worry about things going crazy and all." There is a pause. "Look at what happen to the last one I went to though." Yes /that/ one where a weyrleader got all stabbystabbed with one of her arrows.

"And that," Soriana says with a grin, "is exactly why you should organize one." What, because Idrissa likes going to them? Well, partly, but also, "You can make sure there aren't any sharp objects." Nothing pointy allowed! All murder attempts will have to happen with clubs. "Y'don't have to invite the weyrleader, either." Yeah, she does remember what happened that one time, but she's not about to let it stop her. Or let it let Idrissa stop! "See, you know how they go wrong, you've just got to avoid those and make it go right, instead."

Yes instead of pointy things there shall be blunt things like clubs, chairs, plates.. OH rocks! "Yeah.. I don't think that would be a good idea for me to invite any Weyrleader.." Idrissa says with a shake of her head at the idea.

Ooh, rocks! A retro classic. "Well, you don't have to, so that part works out fine." Soriana grins. "See? You're already making progress." Another curve of the trail, carrying them back into view of the meadow. Just a short little ride, today!

Idrissa haha's after a moment at the thought that she is making progress, sure right into getting arrested or something knowing her luck. "Yeah.. I'll have to start making a list for sure. Try and get it done before winter is here." She chews on her lip a moment at the thought.

Hey, Soriana said she'd help! Presumably that includes helping Idrissa avoid getting arrested. It's that, or she'll help the arrest happen, but let's think positive. She grins, nodding to Idrissa. "Yep. Guest list, food, drink, entertainment… bonfire, if you want one…" but not one that's big enough to engulf the Weyr. "That's the basics!"

Well a good friend will be there with you in jail, so this is a chance for Idrissa to see how good of a friend Soriana is! Or something along those lines. "True.. I mean a bonfire is fine. Maybe we can all go and try to find spiderclaws like before? Get everyone to find a bucket or two and that way it'll be something to cook." Well it's an idea, and it'll get other involved in such things, right? Basics are always good!

Maybe Soriana will stick with the option where nobody goes to jail. She's heard it's not a very nice place. Bonfires, though… those are nice! "Especially with it getting colder at night," she agrees, and nods. "Spiderclaws are good, too. This time of year, though… might want to make sure you've got a backup in case we don't catch enough. You know how it is, sometimes they get to hiding away."

"Well yeah.. Or a certain gold dragon hasn't eatten them all." Idrissa says with a glance over to Soriana with an amused tone and grin. "Oh I'll have a backup plan for sure.. Maybe a few.."

"Well, yeah. That too." Soriana grins. "Maybe you can do a trade. Get a herdbeast from the feeding grounds and roast it, call it an exchange for all those spiderclaws that aren't there anymore." Because Luraoth ate them. In fact, she might be eating one right now. They're back into the meadow now, the fall leaves behind them, and Soriana glances down toward the caverns inquiringly.

Idrissa makes a face at the thought. "Naw.. I an't going to roast a whole herdbeast.. Though maybe a little wherry.." That might not be a bad idea. There is a slight bugle from a certain green that seems to like that idea actually. Yes there back in the meadow, and nothing happened! All safe and sound save for a bunch of leafs that have been eatten thanks to a certain runner.

"That's probably easier," Soriana acknowledges. "Herdbeast'd take a long time to be ready." And this is just a beach party, not a sevenday-long event! Start small. "Maybe some corn to go with it or something…" She ponders a moment, then shrugs. "But, really, whatever you want! It's up to you." She's just a helper. This is Idrissa's show! Hopefully a non-doomful one, but hey - there wasn't any doom on this ride, was there? So as long as things keep going like that, they'll be just fine.

Idrissa chuckles at the thought of corn. "Not a bad idea actually.. I can get Ka'el to talk about the corn in the sky even." This said with an amused tone. There over by the stables in no time and Tahryth is up, wings stretching before she is in the air winging off somewhere it seems. "Seems she has an itch to go over to the beach after all this talk of it."

Soriana laughs, and nods. "We can look for the spiderclaw constellation to go with it." Because, hey. Seems like there should be one somewhere! You just need a roundish bit and a whole bunch of lines, and if there's one thing you can do with stars, it's draw lines between them. Soriana glances up to the departing Tahryth, and hehs. "I hear it's beachy." Once they get to the stables, Soriana swings down off her mare, giving the bay a pat on the nose. "Thanks for the ride," she informs the runner - who's still not a dragon, and thus doesn't get it - then grins over to Idrissa. "It was fun."

Idrissa grins and nods at the idea. "Sure.. I bet there is one, and a runner to boot." She glances to the sky after hopping down to the ground. "Yeah it was, nice to get out for a ride. Been a while." RedFeather's bumps his nose into her hsoulder nickering out. For a runner he is a smart fella at times.

At the very least, RedFeathers is smart enough to like Idrissa! It's a good start. Soriana grins, and nods. "I'm sure there is. Course, the problem with it is that it keeps moving around. Restless, you see. Got wandering hooves." She leads the mare into the stable, settling her in a stall and starting to take off the gear. First the ride, then the tending!

Idrissa chuckles and nods while she leads her runner along into the stable as well, pausing at the crossbars where she clips one of the ropes to Red's bridle. "Very much so. All over the place as it can't stick to just one small patch of sky of course."

"Of course not," Soriana agrees. She grins as she goes to get a bucket of brushes and the like - and she even gets halfway back to the bay mare before she pauses with a distant expression. "…now?" she asks the thin air (aka Luraoth), then sighs. Her gaze turns to Idrissa. "…can you groom her for me?" she asks, gesturing to the mare. "I'm really sorry, but… I've got to go."

Idrissa glances up curiously and smiles. "Sure, not a problem. Need to remember how to after all." As if she would actually forget! "See you at dinner?" Be it if she gets done in here, and doesn't find something else to keep her busy of course. Anything is possible with Rissa when she is around runners.

"I hope so!" Soriana says to that dinner, then flashes a grin. "Thanks." She sets down the grooming bucket, hopefully in a place where nobody's going to trip over it, and heads out. A curious observer might note she heads neither toward weyrling barracks nor feeding grounds, but instead makes her way to the caverns. Briskly.

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