The Dangers of Sorbet

Xanadu Weyr - Wanderin' Wherry Tavern


It is often whispered in the crowds that converge here, that a certain Weyrleader was asked what he wanted in the remodeling of the pub that was not so long ago given a refreshing. He muttered back over the rim of his ever-present mug, "I don't care what you do with the place, just so long as there is plenty of ale." With that in mind, cask after cask of ale lines the walls of the tavern, the remodeler's idea of a jest. As they age, the casks bring a real rustic atmosphere to the pub, along with the deeply wooden flavor that seems to be the theme throughout.

The lighting is dim, as it should be in all good pubs, and the tables and chairs are plentiful. A long mahogany bar, intricately carved with runner beasts, stands vigilant duty at the head of the bar, lined with stools for those patrons that seek the bartender's company.

It is likely an odd time to be caught up in the tavern as morning is normally a time in which Kiley spends her time eating. Yet here she is and without a plate of food, for once. The woman is notably, not alone for the moment as a Vintner is near and settling a bowl near the woman, instead of a small example it is a large bowl with a rather large helping of sorbet. "Thank you for agreeing to help me out." The man says with a bright grin before he's wandering off and leaving her to her test the sample. The poor woman looks trapped, her gaze fixing on the sample before her and the spoon that is in it. A pout works onto her lips before she's sampling a few spoonfuls. More spoonfuls follow the first few and more follow those before half of the sample is entirely gone. Though the results of such a test? That remains to be unseen, for now.

This is the last place a harper apprentice should be, and yet here comes an all too familiar fluffy blond head peeking in. He looks like he's been in a fight recently. Three black threaded stitches on the opposite side of his lip piercings. Black eye, and bruised knuckles. When Pyriel isn't instantly tossed out on his behind, he ventures in further. Upon spotting Kiley in his perusing of the area, he zeros in on her tasty treat greedily. She's not going to eat all of that by herself is she? From computer crafter to frozen treat and back again, the boy slithers his way around tables and booths until he's certainly within conversational distance. "Yer gunna get brain freeze ya keep eatin' it like that." he points out, noting that the woman was already halfway done with the vintner's sample.

Kiley turns an owlish look to Pyriel, certainly not a fright filled look as it may have been before. She stares for a long moment and then looks to her treat with a careful gaze before the girliest of giggles slips from her lips. A careful look is then given to the harper apprentice, one that can read coy or certainly another look the woman would never really take. "You can have some!" She chimes in a sing-song voice, "but only if you join me." The 'me' of the sentence is drawn out the the same sing-song tone of voice before she slides over in the booth to make room for Pyriel. The seat beside her is given a gentle pat before she holds her tasty treat hostage until he meets her demands.

Pyriel arches his pierced brow at the woman, a slide long glance given to her, and once again to the treat. Must. Have. He colors slightly under her stare, taking a half step backwards. "What?" he asks and then she giggles. That awards her a blink and a furrow of brows. What was this chick's deal? He shifts uncomfortably from one foot to the other, but his eyes are continuously drawn back to the desert. He's quickly drawn back to Kiley when she says he can have some, but is quick to frown when she tells him of the stipulation as she slides over and pats the seat neat to her. Man. Grrr. There seems to be some contention there, chin coming up as he ponders his dilemma. Eventually he must come to the conclusion that sharing that seat would be worth it regardless of how he may feel about the woman herself, because he carefully edges over and nudges his butt into the space made for him. Barely. "Alright I'm sitting." he grumbles, giving her an expectant look. Pay up lady.

Kiley merely shakes her head at his question, though giggles continue in a small fit before she manages to quiet herself down long enough for him to consider her conditions and the treat remains untouched in this moment just in case he does want some. It is tempting, after all, in all it's sweet goodness. When he sits, she grins with triumph and carefully slides the bowl over along with the spoon. Though she doesn't keep her eyes to herself, nope, she's propping her elbow into the table before she rests her chin in her palm and /watches/ him. It takes a moment and a soft giggle for her to speak, "you have pretty eyes." This is said in a whisper just loud enough for Pyriel to hear before she's looking around to check for onlookers.

Pyriel watches the bowl finally being slid over his way, but wisely flickers his attention to Kiley as well. Suspiciously. Something funky was going on here and he wasn't sure he liked it. Still, that icy goodness was all too tempting, and he doesn't even think as he reaches for the spoon and helps himself to a mouthful. The spoon is extracted, and he moves the stuff around until it melts completely in his mouth, then swallowing. "This stuff tastes a little funny." he says, not really sure what the smell or taste might be that was so alien to him. He takes another couple of bites though, giving it the same treatment as the first, though with the spoon still poised between his lips he slowly slides his gaze towards Kiley. There are a few blinks. The lashes of his eyes are very long, and very dark despite his otherwise pale coloring. His eyes are a light amber color with flecks of gold that pick up the light. The very thin rim around their edge; copper. This close, the computer crafter would see the faintest indication of freckles across his nose as he flushes all of sudden. He'd likely grow out of them in the next few turns. Brows furrow deeply and he busies himself with scooping up mouthfuls of sorbet. Yes, mouth full. Can't talk.

"He said he was /testing/ it and he /needed/ someone to test it for him. I said no at first but he /insisted/ and I can't say no to sweets." Kiley manages to say without being riddled with giggles, but her eyes are still watching Pyriel with a spark of /something/ lingering her eyes. "I really don't know what's in it. But I think it is /good/." Her tone of voice drops to something a little more husky, a tone that would usually cause the woman to color a darker shade and find a way to flee. Her eyes no longer focus on his, instead, moving down to his lips and where the spoon rests and her gaze fixes there, too. No words follow as the woman becomes entirely entranced.

"Testing?" Pyriel queries, poking at the remains of the sorbet before taking another bite. Whatever. As Kiley continues talking, he's eating and getting more and more flushed in the process. "Dizzy." This is mumbled under his breath before the spoon is once again hanging uselessly from his lips. He's doing his own looking at the moment while the computer crafter was staring at his mouth. "Ya know, ya'd be pretty hot if ya stopped eatin' so much." he comments, slowly extracting the utensil from his mouth and lapping at the back of it. This done, lashes lower to cast a shadow upon his cheeks as his lips draw up into genuine smile. A second later, eyes once more raise up to meet Kiley's. "Think we should order more of this stuff?" he asks, touching the back of the spoon to the woman's nose, before he chuckles, and taps it softly a few times.

"Mmmhmm." The woman keeps her eyes upon his lips as he continues to eat, though she tilts her head as he mumbles and it draws a giggle from her lips. And what follows has her giggles stopping and cheeks growing even more flushed but only from his words this time, no outward influences. Or, inside influences but that likely plays a big factor. Her eyes however, are watching him and the spoon with a little more intensity as the words are completely forgotten. More so when he smiles and cheeks darken as she slowly lifts her gaze to meet his. "More? Mm.. If you /want/."

Alas, the sorbet is gone, and the spoon meets with the bottom of the bowl. "Awww." Pyriel pouts, tapping the spoon this time at emptiness before releasing it completely. Fingers drum out a beat upon the table before him, staring at the tasty free ceramic before he turns his head slowly towards Kiley. It was his turn to stare, eyebrows sunk down low before he leans over, a hair's thickness from her mouth and then laughs, fist pounding the table. "Hey you!" he grins at the bartender, pulling himself away from the journeywoman and pointing at the empty bowl. "More of this…whatever it is!" He then nods at Kiley seriously, "Yer right this stuff is amazing. My head tingles…all the way down to there." He points vaguely downwards, perhaps to indicate his feet. "Oh! Should we get two?" he asks, breaking out into another one of those smiles of his, brows now flying upwards with a gleeful expression. "Yeah?" He's not waiting for a reply and his hand flies up, "Make it two! Two for us….her and me!" He flops an arm around the woman's shoulders and hugs her up against him close. "You and me…Yoooooou and meeeeee!" he sings playfully.

Kiley laughter spills from her lips as he leans in close to her lips, her own mixing easily with his before he's calling out for more from the bartender. Her laughter grows louder, "it wasn't /him/. Nonono. Not him." She insists, a hand lifting to point out the Vintner that looks a little too guilty as he watches the pair. "Hiiim." The bartender only considers them then the man and they shrug, indulging the pair that the Vintner got drunk and leaving to fetch the new product. Though Kiley is giving Pyriel the most surprised of looks, "you have the tingles?" Her lips draw into the faintest of pouts, "I don't have that much of a tingle. You had more than me." Jealousy only lasts so long as the harper is drawing her close and more giggles bubble from her lips. "You and me and we and ussss." It doesn't take too long for another two bowls to appear and for the vintner to quickly wander off, muttering that he may have made his treat a little /too/ strong.

Pyriel is more than happy to sing along with Kiley, making more noise than people really should this early in the morning. Still he's thrilled when the new bowls arrive, having just laughed hysterically as the woman had pointed out his error in selecting who was to bring them more sorbet. "Oopse, my bad my main man!" The new bowls are cheered for, both arms going up at once, before he dives into it with all the veracity of a hungry kitten. After a few bites though, he shudders and drops the spoon with a clatter, holding both hands to his head. "Brain freeeeeeeze!" he say with huge open eyes, trying to rub away the pain with his own fingertips. He peers over at Kiley, still rubbing away, his shoulders tense but rapidly easing as the ache fades away. A huge over done sigh for the passing of the throbbing pain in his head, a finger hooking into the front of the computer crafter's shirt and pulling her over very close. "Eaaaat. Slooooooowllllllly." he says with a husky undertone, his nose bumping lightly against hers, lashes lowering as he focuses on her mouth. That finger slides up her neck and along the line of her jaw, dragging sensually over her bottom lip. Eyes come up, and he smiles at her again. "Kay?"

"We're sorreeee." Kiley promises the Vintner who delivers the bowls, though her cheer at their arrival is not as loud as Pyriel's nor is she jumping into the bowl as quickly. She's more entranced with how quickly he eats and and laughter comes out as a soft snort as he drops the spoon as the inevitable happens. Her hand lifts to gingerly pat the harper, sympathetic as she coos at him. "That's why you don't eat so faaast, silly." Though she is far from scolding as giggles continue to slip out despite her best attempts to hold them in. There is also the lack of trying to hold them in as well. He draws her in by her shirt and her eyes fix upon his, crossing slightly in attempts to maintain focus as his nose bumps against hers. "Slooowly." She repeats softly and slowly, shivering once that finger slides up her neck, along her jaw, and then along her lip. "Kay.." She breathes out softly before making to nip at the finger touching her lips.

Pyriel nods his head up and down carefully, licking his lips as she nips at the tip of his finger. His breathing deepens, watching the digit as her teeth depart it and drags it out and down her lips to her chin. "Kay…" he murmurs, and then drops his mouth over hers. It's hardly chaste. Not by a long shot. It's deep, passionate, and certainly fueled by the alcohol that the harper has no idea is saturated into every molecule of that sorbet. Not that he's particularly interested in the stuff at the moment, his hands clasped on either side of the computer crafter's head, leaning into her as he devours her mouth. Then all at once he lets go, suckling on her bottom lip as he pulls back, letting it come free on it's own. A moment of pause, and then he simply turns and picks up his spoon as if nothing had just happened at all. He blinks at Kiley, pointing at her melting deliciousness. "Ya should eat that." he says, nodding far more than he needs to.

Kiley's eyes focus on his, only dropping to his lips as he licks them, swallowing visibly in response and shivering once that finger drags down from her lips. A soft sound escapes as his mouth covers hers, returning the kiss though her movements are fueled by the alcohol as well it doesn't make up for the lack of experience as she's clumsy in her movements. She doesn't try to take over as he takes the lead and devours her breath and all thoughts. The softest of moans slips out as he suckles upon her bottom lip before releasing her and she remains breathless. Staring resumes as she remains lost in the moment until he's pointing her at the melting treat. "Oh. Right." She turns, lifting her spoon and slowly scooping off the more melted parts before putting it into her mouth. Attention focuses on her task though she occasionally sneaks a peak at him.

Pyriel is eating, see? Slowly, just like he suggested. "This is really reeeeeeally good." he says, giving the vintner a big thumbs up, "Yer awesome!" Poor, poor Vintner. "Ya know they should serve this all day in the cavern, just buckets of it. It would make everyone really happy. It makes me really happy and I am never happy. Like ever. Never ever ever happy." He tells the bowl of frosty goodness. He flops back against the bench, sucking on his spoon with loud slurpy noises, gold eyes tracking back to Kiley. "It's totally true. Ya know why? I'll tell you!" he says, leaning in really close to the journeywoman again, in a conspiring way, but his harper training and lack of self control at the moment easily combined to translate into words that carried. "My dad is a complete jerkface." Jerkface? Is that a word? "He is." He pauses there, drawing himself away to sit upright again and spoons another bite in past his lips, swallowing after the stuff had melted. "Hmm, what was I talking about….oh! Yeah jerkface. He's been picking on me since I was really little. He broke my guitar when he overheard me once. Smashed it to bits, and told me boys don't sing. And then told me that boys aren't supposed to be pretty but I can't help my face right? Right? Riiiiiight?" he asks, peering over at Kiley. "Right! So I get all this stuff on my face, and I thought yeah! That's manly! But no." His shoulders droop and he's stabbing at his sorbet. Stabity stab stab. "No. He kicked me out of the weyr. He made my mom cry…" Stabby stab.

"Really really good." The computer crafter agrees once pulled from her daze. It isn't every day that she gets a kiss! Much less a kiss like that. A grin settles easily upon her lips and she nods her agreement with Pyriel. "Every day. All daaay." Poor Vintner probably never expected it to go down like this, especially when getting thumbs up from the drunk pair. He merely covers his face and colors a dark shade of embarrassment and the bartender laughs at the man. Poor, poor man. "Aww. That's not truuue." Kiley gives him the Very Serious look, pointing her spoon at him. "You seem like you're happy in your own way." Even if it makes poor women cry. Her bowl is shifted so that she can eat and meet his gaze head on as she continues to scoop the sorbet into her mouth. "Jerkface?" She blinks but quiets aside from the soft snort of laughter for the word for the man. "Aw… What a meanie. Your poor momma. You poor you… C'mere.." The woman abandons her spoon and tasty treat to hug the harper. "S'okay. You don't need a jerkface."

"He smacked me around too sometimes, when he was drunk. He drank a lot. A looooot." Pyriel tells Kylie, the pitch of his voice lowering just then. Another couple of mouthfuls of sorbet taken, "He never hit my mom, but she'd cry and try to get him off me. And this one time he hit me and I fell down and banged my head. I think I passed out, and when I woke up I saw these papers sticking out. By then he'd left and dragged my mom off somewhere, I could hear her crying, and then I read the papers…and all this time he'd been picking on me for being 'pretty'…" he says hooking his fingers in the air to quote, "He was doing it with some boy greenrider young enough to be his son. They were like, in love and crap. So why was he making such a big deal about how I look and calling me gay and stuff? I don't even like boys…I really don't. Just them looking at me like that and I wanna punch them. That's what happened to my face." He points at the bruises and split lip between bites. "Some tech crafter said I had a pretty mouth and all this stuff about how I should or could or did use it for stuff and…" That's when Kiley draws him into the hug and he blinks a few times, brows sinking downwards. He isn't resisting the embrace, and eventually his hands come up spoon and all to hug her back. "You smell nice."

Kiley gasps softly, "that's horrible…" She says softly with shock evident in her tone, her brows drawing into a frown as her sorbet is completely forgotten as she listens to his story. It may be the alcohol in combination of the story that causes tears to fill the woman's eyes and she shakes her head. "Maybe he wanted to be pretty and that's why he was so mean." She offers and the she looks to his face as he points out the reason for the bruises and split lip. "Don't haveta punch 'em, y'know…" But she leaves it at that and simply hugs him tighter. The statement earns a giggle and she murmurs a soft thanks before placing a kiss gingerly upon his head. "You do, too. And, I think you look nice. And you smell nice… And you kiss nice.." Though she trails off, it is likely that the list continues.

Pyriel sighs softly as he sinks into hazy bliss against the warm woman he was snuggled up against. "This is nice. I like this." he rumbles from somewhere deep in his chest, voice taking on that husky tone again. He's completely forgotten the angst he just poured over Kiley's head with drunken honesty, and as if to prove this he looks up and bares a perplexed expression. "Punch who? Who needs to be punched. I'll totally punch them for ya!" he growls, scanning the room for people and finds only the bartender and the vintner. "Ya messing with my girl?" he demands, crawling off of the computer crafter and is half out of his seat before the sorbet once again regains his attention. "Oooh." Mood swings much? He lets go of thoughts of pummeling people in favor of finishing off the last of the contents of his bowl, now completely buzzed. "What were we talking about?" he asks, licking the last taste of the desert off his spoon, brows lifting upwards. Making quite the show of it as well as his eyes rake over the woman's body with a hunger for more than frozen berry treats. "Maybe talkin' is overrated…" he ponders, spoon dropped into his bowl. "Ya wanna…." And his voice trails off as his gaze lifts upwards.

Kiley's hands lift to gingerly stroke his hair, humming softly and with complete happiness. It is likely she forgets all other thoughts, lost in the feeling of his hair and the affection she rarely shows. At least until he's mentioning punching and she blinks owlishly at him. "Huh?" But, she doesn't try to stop him as her hands drop away and he begins to yell at the bartender and vintner. The pair just attempt to ignore him, likely used to such drunken rages while Kiley simply blinks before giggles bubble out. Her attention turns to what draws his and she lets out a soft sound of surprise and quickly moves to finish her melting sorbet. No wasting deliciousness! "Mmm. Don't really know.. Probably not important." She admits as her eyes move to find him and cheeks darken as she notices the way he licks the spoon and the way he looks at her. There's no attempt to mimic the action but the treat is abandoned. "Wanna what?"

Pyriel has a fluffy soft head! Yep. He does. The harper can't even remember what he was talking about two seconds ago, so when he returns his attention to his bowl and finds it empty, he slams a fist on the table. "Who stole my desert!?" he exclaims with fiery passion, attempting to stand up, but falls back over in a fit of laugher so hard he has tears in his eyes. "That hurt a lot, I have no idea why that's so funny…" he rolls, rubbing at his poor knee and then kinda flops over onto Kiley, making himself comfortable. The laughter dies away and he starts singing softly to himself, "I held on to you for as long as I could but today, you feel awaaaaay…now all I hold is the memories we barely made…" The kid might be a jerk, but he had a voice on him for sure, even as drunk as he was he wasn't slurring even as he hits and maintains notes without accompaniment, holding them. "Stood on the edge of your bridge till I felt the rain, push me away, my confusion left me as fast as the vertigo came…."

Pyriel has a fluffy soft head! Yep. He does. The harper can't even remember what he was talking about two seconds ago, so when he returns his attention to his bowl and finds it empty, he slams a fist on the table. "Who stole my desert!?" he exclaims with fiery passion, attempting to stand up and smacks his knee on the table in the process, but falls back over in a fit of laugher so hard he has tears in his eyes. "That hurt a lot, I have no idea why that's so funny…" he rolls, rubbing at his poor knee and then kinda flops over onto Kiley, making himself comfortable. The laughter dies away and he starts singing softly to himself, "I held on to you for as long as I could but today, you fell awaaaaay…now all I hold is the memories we barely made…" The kid might be a jerk, but he had a voice on him for sure, even as drunk as he was he wasn't slurring even as he hits and maintains notes without accompaniment, holding them. "Stood on the edge of your bridge untill I felt the rain, push me away, my confusion left me as fast as the vertigo came…."

One may wonder why Kiley's eyes don't just stay opened wide as she blinks at him again when he slams his fist upon the table then a snort of laughter follows and she gingerly slides her bowl over to soothe the pain of him smacking his knee. "You're so silly." She giggles out before it comes out as a squeak when he flops onto her and makes himself comfortable. Silence begins and she wraps her arms gingerly around him, her fingers idly playing along his clothing in almost a trance as he begins to sing. Her head bows down and she whispers, "you have a nice voice.." Leaving it at that, she presses her lips gingerly against what skin she can manage to find before she speaks again. "You should sing for me.." And her lips continue to press idly against whatever skin she can find of the harper's.

Pyriel's voice wavers as Kylie whispers into his ear, tapering off on the last note as his eyes half close, breath hitching somewhat. His gaze slides over ever so slowly to the bartender and vintner, each drop of her lips to his skin getting an appreciative purring sound like one would when stroking a baby feline. "I thought I was singing to ya…" He was! Though there is no more song coming from the harper at the moment, content to be kissed upon and use Kiley as a place to prop himself up. Suddenly he's squiggling out of her lap though and unsteadily drawing himself up to his feet. He almost falls over twice before getting some semblance of balance. "Ya know, I think that guy put booze in the desert." he says, and accusingly points at the two men on the other side of the counter, and nearly topples over in the process. "It's not nice to make people drunk! Not nice!" He waves the finger a few times and then grins at it. "Kiley come see this, it is awesome…" he chirps, entire body moving with just the waggle of the digit. "See that…it's all blurry and slow motion…"

Kiley stops after a moment and cuddles with the harper as he purrs, content with that though she giggles softly. "I thought you were singing to yourself.." She mumbles. Though he's pulling away causing the woman to blink in surprise and she's watching him almost fall over. "Oh!" She moves to get out of the seat and assist him but is distracted by the accusation. "He did?" And the glare she gives him is lackluster as she has no energy to glare or no desire. She does helpfully chirp: "Not nice!" Along with the harper as if this would help the vintner learn his lesson. The man only looks sheepish and carefully ducks out of view and likely off to destroy the evidence. Pyriel calling her over has her sliding from her seat and wobbling over, attempting to steady herself as she wrinkles her nose to focus on his finger. "How did you do that? S'not supposed to work that way."

"I dunno but it has to be the coolest thing ever…." Pyriel says, slowly moving the finger side to side. Then as it was rapidly becoming apparent, the harper's interest moves on again as if hopped up on sugar and is unable to sit still or hold a thought for more than a moment. His attention drops on the computer crafter, sliding up her body until their gazes match, and to do this he has to look up, as she's about two inches taller than he. "Why's everyone so sharding tall in this weyr…?" he grumbles, turning around slowly as to reduce the sway that happens anyway, blinking a few more times. "Yer really really pretty." This is said after a far too long a pause and stare before he grabs the woman's hand and starts to drag her out of the establishment. "This is not the place for stuff…we should do stuff, but not here. Cause it's not the place." he says with a head bobble before yanking her out with the door slamming behind them.

"Shells… Maybe it broke." Kiley breathes out, still watching the finger move side to side and again entranced with some part of the harper. Though her attention span is a little more stable than his, she does tend to follow along once she registers the change. It takes her a little longer to meet his gaze as he looks up at her and she looks down at him. The question goes unanswered, however, as she just blinks at him for a moment. "I guess?" She offers in response to his observation, too lost to point out that earlier she /could/ be pretty if she didn't eat so much. Her hand is taken and she follows along with him, easily led along in her current state. "What stuff? You don't do stuff in here?" One can almost hear her brain working and trying to solve this mystery that she doesn't understand but not once does she stop following him so they can go to the place for stuff.

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