Something Unexpected

Xanadu Weyr - Meadow Ridge

The meadow continues its gentle rolls and dips, grass tall and short waving in the slightest of breezes. Each hill seems to grow a bit higher, a bit steeper, as eventually, the meadow works up to a large ridge, the top flattening out at its new elevation. From the top of the ridge, the view is certainly something to be admired - higher than the majority of the trees, one can look out over the rest of Xanadu Weyr proper. The houses in the lower meadow - each roof a different color - and the clock tower peeking upwards from the its forest surroundings are all visible, as is the cliff that houses the Weyr Caverns themselves. And yet, the ridge also holds an amazing view of the night sky - horizon to horizon - unaffected by the light pollution of the more heavily traveled regions. Settled upon the ridge is a rather distinctive looking building - nearing three stories tall, circular grey walls have carefully been erected, and a large dome is settled upon this solid foundation. Large panels make up the roof, aside from one section which remains open, and from which the telescope the struction houses peeks out. Sitting adjacent to the tower is a long, low building, meant to serve as offices, record rooms and dorms for those who man the observatory, as well as providing a handy platform for those who seek to use smaller, hand-held 'scopes.

Hey look, it's the observatory. Pyriel probably wasn't looking for it when he wandered up here with his guitar. It was just one of those places with a great view that few trespassed at night. He's camped out on a blanket his mother likely made him bring along, just relaxing and looking up at the stars. His guitar is carefully laid out behind him.

The obersvatory! Ryeo /had/ found it that day, and now he makes another trip towards the place. A few charts are slung over his shoulder and on of his many farviewers is tucked under one arm. As he walks up the ridge, a familiar form cathces his eyes. The crafter quietly strides up behind, suddenly leaning down and pushing his face into Pyriel's line of sight. "Hey, brat. Having fun?"

Pyriel nearly jumps out of his skin, and then pushes the starcrafter's face out of his without even pausing to think about it. "Shards…" he grumbles, with a frown, checking on his guitar soon after to make sure it wasn't jostled. Everything looking to be fine, he swivels around and folds his legs under him, grasping his ankles. "I was…" Hahahaha. He eyes the older boy, and then looks to the observatory. Right. Duh. Should of put two and two together there. "Off to work?"

"Riiight. You missed me didn't you?" Of course! Why else would the harper be out in the middle of the night at a place Ryeo would /sure/ to show up. There's a self satisfied smile, whatever Pyriel says and the crafter invites himself to sit down on the blanket. He brushes a hand through his hair, the locks now shorter, though it certainly isn't anything close to a buzzcut. "How do you like the haircut? Your mom's pretty good at this kind of stuff."

The harper's face contorts somewhat, showing Ryeokie that unfortunately this was just one of those times that his density has come into play. He honestly hadn't associated the two. Observatory and starcrafter. Pyriel opens his mouth to protest, finding his question unanswered of course, and sighs in a defeated fashion. He glances at the older boy's hair and shrugs, "It's fine I guess." Yeah not really the one to ask on the hair styles of men, not with own fluffiness going on. "Of course she is, mom's the best."

Ryeokie grins and arranges his little stack of equipment before laying back on the blanket and nodding, "She /is/ the best." He extends his arm, stretching. "So what else you been up to? Classes been getting any better lately?" Glasses come off and Ryeo cleans them gently with the corner of his shirt before slipping back on and directing his gaze up at the stars. He's listening to whatever Pyriel says, but the quick flicking movement of his eyes say that he's doing some mental charting.

Well there were some complaints about Pern's Best Mother, like disappearing on a fishing boat sometimes for sevendays on end. Meh. As Ryeokie helps himself to a long stretch over his blanket, Pyriel frowns, noting just how much room that stupid boy was taking up. Cautiously he slides his guitar out of the way, just in case. "Classes are fine, just boring. Have a hard time staying awake half the time." he sighs, deciding it seems not to talk about what he's been up to, and heading right for the question about class. Drawing his legs up to his chest, he peers up at the sky as well, chin coming to rest on his knees.

It's a few seconds before Ryeo manages to process the other boy's words with all the calculations going on in his head. "Mhm? Really? Well that's good…or well, not that's bad. You should not sleep during class." A hand comes up, fingers tracing imaginary lines into the air above them, "You didn't answer the rest. Nothing new?"

"Ya said I should be sensitive to yer feelings and stuff." Pyriel says after a while of just being quiet. Well that might not be exactly what the starcrafter had said, but it was the bulk of it. See, the harper does listen! "So ya don't need to hear what's new."

Ryeokie chuckles lightly, "You either got together with a girl for fun or you got yourself a girlfriend. Am I right?" Fingers continue their light tracing, and then there's a small frown. Apparently some calculations weren't working out. "I'm a big boy Py. I'm not going to go sob in a corner or anything…..I just don't want to see to much mushiness." No one would really, but Ryeo most of all.

Pyriel makes a soft dismissive sound, "I don't got time for a girlfriend, and I ain't the type to be all mushy and lovey-dovey." He was right about that, on both points. He sounded downright disgusted with the idea of picking just one girl. He would never hook up with a girl for any reason, but most of all with one that was already taken. He'd pick off the stragglers. "Thought I'd feel different after though, but I don't."

Ryeokie smirks, "Did you sleep with someone? Shards, you're sounding like a girl. Guess even you have an emotional side to yourself." There's a small shrug and he sits up, reaching out for a chart and rolling it open. There's more brow furrowing as he examines it, but ears are definitely perked to har Pyriel's answer.

"Kaede." Pyriel responds, though being called a girl gets Ryeokie a well placed punch in the arm. That was his spot most used, that and the starcrafter's shins. Thems were for kicking. The older boy should remember Kaede, the one that the blond always called the annoying chick. Though they had never met. "Yer the girl." he growls, cheeks flushed for some reason before he curls up righter and glares up at the night sky. "I ain't emotional! We all can't be a rogue like ya apparently are."

Ryeokie snorts, "Ohh, /that/ one. She does know that you're not looking for a relationship, right? Or do I have to go and put a broken mess back together? I'm particularly good at repairing emotional girls." The crafter smiles and shakes his head, "I'm not a rogue. And I'm certainly no girl. Go ask my bedmates." Smirk.

Pyriel shrugs, "I dunno." he states carelessly enough. "I don't hate her or nothing, but I ain't gunna be her boyfriend either." He was fifteen, and in his opinion way too young to be thinking about settling down or keeping it to one girl. "Dunno exactly if she'd like ya sniffing about even if she was a broken mess." Kaede didn't even know Ryeokie. "Yer seventeen, and yer using bedmates in plurel. That's a sharding rogue in my book."

Ryeokie grins, "Are you being possessive now? I could get to know her easy enough, but whatever. I have other things to deal with." Like these stupid charts. There's a definite frown on his face as he hastily pencil's something in. "It's not like they're my bedmates anymore. Besides. I'm just being a healthy teen. It's good for the mind and body."

Pyriel scowls, "No. Ya can have her if ya want her, just looking out for ya. She's likes to yell." This wasn't really helping the situation at all. The blond frowns and glances over at the stretched starcrafter. He opens his mouth to say or ask something, no sound comes out, and so he just closes it again with an even deeper frown. Soft grumblings can be heard, and he suddenly finds the tips of his shoes really interesting as his face darkens in color.

"You really do sound like you're trying to turn me off her. But it's alright." Ryeo suddenly looks up from his charts, staring at the boy and smirking, "I'd rather look at you than sleep with her." At least his /tone/ wasn't corny, however bad the actual sentences were.

"I don't give a wherry's backside about her okay?" Pyriel snaps, pushing himself up to his feet and wandering off a bit. See that tree over there? Yeah, that one. That was his intended target. First he kicks the poor tree and then he slumps against it with his shoulder, wrapping his arms over his chest and glaring out over Xanadu.

Ryeokie looks after the harper and shakes his head. He stands up after a few moments and walks over to lean against the tree. "I'll stop talking about her, so don't get your boxers in a twist. Or was it cause of that horridly sweet compliment I gave you?" There's another smirk and he pushes is glasses up.

Pyriel is unusually quiet after Ryeokie comes over and tries to goad him a bit. He just lets it go. That in itself should sent up alarm bells and flares. "I like girls. I always have." he says finally, his voice just as shockingly quiet and free of growl. He seems to be repeating this to himself like a mantra, over and over. A prayer to some unseen omnipotent force. "Why can't ya just be a girl Ryeokie."

Ryeo's smirk quickly turns into a small frown as he steps towards the boy. "Hey now. Something's wrong isn't it. And Faranth knows it's because of me." A hand reaches up and he gently lifts the boy's chin, the other hand reaching to ruffle the boy's hair. "You like girls. I know you like girls. But if I was a girl, you wouldn't pay the slightest bit of attention to me, now would you?"

The harper doesn't take off the second that Ryeokie comes around the tree, but Pyriel glances down and away when his chin is lifted upwards, perhaps thankful that the darkness the night brought with it was enough to hide the fact his face was wet. He was being very unmanly right now. Still, the blond was the emotional type and not always so focused on being angry all the time. He shrugs at the question, "I dunno." he states flatly, wiping at his face with the heel of his thumb. "Be easier if you were."

Ryeokie moves Pyriel's hand away to wipe the tears himself. "If I was a girl, you'd just use me like the rest. And you'd also be without a best friend." He ruffles the fluffy hair a bit more. "Maybe it would be easier, but it'd be a bit more meaningless." The crafter pulls Pyriel into a tight hug for a few seconds, before sighing.

Pyriel actually lets Ryeokie do just that, silent as the older boy talks. There is the occasional sniffle now and then but he really didn't have anything left to add. Then he's pulled into a hug, and he stiffens. Though in the time it takes a heart to beat twice, he gives in and leans against the starcrafter, one hand hung on his shirt with just the tips of his fingers.

Ryeokie wraps his arms about the other boy, tightening them for a few seconds before letting them loosen. His upper body pulls back slightly, looking down at the tear stained face before lips descend and plant a light kiss on the boy's forehead. There's no smirking or smiling coming from the crafter anymore, just a few caresses and kisses.

Again, no violence. Just pliancy for whatever reason at this particular moment. Pyriel closes his eyes at the touches of fingers and lips, swallowing hard at some point between them. The grip he had on the starcrafter's shirt tightens noticeably.

When the harper doesn't pull away, the crafter's eyes harden a bit. But its not from anger, more a decision. Hands move again, gently tilting the boy's head upwards as Ryeo presses his lips against Pyriel's. The other arm holds the harper to him tightly, giving the harper little choice in the matter for a few seconds.

Pyriel's head is upturned, and not long after that, he's got starcrafter lips pressed against his own. Brows furrow somewhat, fingers curl completely, clutching at the soft fabric of Ryeokie's tunic. The biggest surprise is that the harper isn't trying to pound the older boy into the ground.

The lack of resistance has Rye tightening his grip, bringing their bodies closer together. His lips part slightly, tongue darting out to lick at Pyriel's piercings for a few seconds before he begins to suck on the boy's bottom lip. The hand under Pyriel's chin moves away, finding the hair at the nape of the harper's neck and burying themselves into it.

Pyriel does stiffen again however slight when Ryeokie tightens his grip, perhaps trying to pull away with a fraction of resistance before he's pressed up tight against the starcrafter. A soft sound, uncategorized emerges, warm sweet cherry scented breath washing over the older boy's face. Apparently Py was eating some candy earlier.

Ryeo's tongue darts out, gently prying at the other boy's mouth. The resistance doesn't go unnoticed, and Ryeo loosens grip fractionally. The kiss deepens, Ryeo tasting the sweetness left behind by the candy. For a few moments, the crafter remains that way, but then he pulls away, taking in large gulps of air and breathing raggedly.

Pyriel's brows crease substantially when he feels the other boy's tongue at his mouth, and considering his lips were already parted, getting inside isn't all that much of a challenge. Half lidded eyes close, long lashes brushing Ryeokie's cheek with the tilt of his head. The harper's own tongue dart out experimentally before the good ol' hormones kick in, soon returning the kiss with a sharp intake of breath. Pyriel's face feels hot against the older's and he's absolutely silent when the exchanged finally ends. He too was a little breathless, swallowing again thickly.

Ryeokie leans down, burying his face in the soft area between Pyriel's neck and shoulders. There are a few light kisses before the crafter stills, breathing in the boy's scent and holding him close. Arms tighten in response to the clinging, holding the harper there for a few more seconds.

Pyriel actually smells clean, of sweat, soapsand and the candy he was prone to snack upon. The clinging becomes a struggle, before his other hand is brought up to grab at the starcrafter's tunic as well, trying to bury his face into the material before his shoulders shake. His soft mantra is being repeated, muffled by the older boy's shirt. He liked girls, he liked girls, he didn't like boys. So why did he feel like this for Ryeokie?

Ryeokie holds the boy to himself, gently caressing the other boy's hair and nodding. "I know. I know you like girls. But I can be special, can't I? I can be an exception. The only exception." His words are soft and whispered, almost inaudible.

Pyriel pulls his head back and looks up at Ryeokie as he's whispered to, and touched so gently. His glossy gaze says it all. Can it really be like that? The refurrow of his brow might indicate that he was thinking otherwise. Expressive, this boy's face. Again, a flicker of doubt and the confusion is spinning out of control. "I'm so confused." he finally proclaims with a soft growl afterwards, still hanging onto Ryeokie's shirt but adverting his gaze elsewhere.

Ryeokie grins and straightens up, a sigh escaping his lips. "I know you are. I don't blame you. So just take some time to think about it, alright?" He doesn't let go of the harper but nods his head, "It can work though. I'll make it."

Pyriel really did look completely lost. While he usually exuded a measure of confidence, in this he had no idea what was up or down. A thousand thoughts were racing through his head all at once and not one of them made a lick of sense. He shouldn't even be here! Just a couple sevendays ago he'd told Ryeokie that kissing and things like that were never going to happen. And yet here he was! He struggles now, wiggling out of the starcrafter's arms and backing up a couple of steps. Still looking perplexed, he tries to glare at the older boy, but he dashes to his blanket instead, grabbing up just his guitar and escapes down the slope of the hill.

Ryeokie sighs and lets go rather easily, stepping away to lean against the tree as he watches the boy escape. Instead of running after him like usual, the starcrafter waits until he's gone before heading over to the small pile of charts. He settles down on to the grass, sighing again before looking up at the stars. Calculations….

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