Women Are a Lot Like Dragons

Xanadu Weyr - Wanderin' Wherry Tavern


It is often whispered in the crowds that converge here, that a certain Weyrleader was asked what he wanted in the remodeling of the pub that was not so long ago given a refreshing. He muttered back over the rim of his ever-present mug, "I don't care what you do with the place, just so long as there is plenty of ale." With that in mind, cask after cask of ale lines the walls of the tavern, the remodeler's idea of a jest. As they age, the casks bring a real rustic atmosphere to the pub, along with the deeply wooden flavor that seems to be the theme throughout.

The lighting is dim, as it should be in all good pubs, and the tables and chairs are plentiful. A long mahogany bar, intricately carved with runner beasts, stands vigilant duty at the head of the bar, lined with stools for those patrons that seek the bartender's company

Satoris is not drunk. Gasp! Shock! The horror! Though give him about an hour and he very well might be. Seems he's just started for the evening, about halfway through an ale. The slow pace may be because he's doing some paperwork.

Thea enters the Tavern, a clipboard and pen in her hand. For a moment she stands in the door, eyes sweep the room. Ah! Satoris is spotted and the weyrwoman steps over to where he's sitting. "Evening Satoris, mind if I sit for a bit? I need to ask you about something." Easily and pleasantly said and with a smile even.

Satoris doesn't /immediately/ acknowledge Thea. Likely because he seems to be running through some numbers. Soon a figure is scratched down on the paper, upon his own — terribly beat up — clipboard. He glances up at Thea and blinks a few times. His hair is unkempt and he looks like he's barely rested as of late. "Yes?" the statement gruffly spoken.

Thea sits. Whether the 'yes' is that he minds or that she has his attention for a brief moment, it really doesn't seem to matter to her. Pale eyes flick over his appearance, taking note but not commenting. She gets straight to the point, waving away a server. "Young apprentice by the nmae of," her eyes flick down to the list she has, "Morlanol. He's one of yours I believe." She lifts her eyes to his. "Seen him around today?" Still pleasant, but it is clear she is not simply here to make chitchat.

Satoris grunts slightly, running over the name in his head. "Morlanol. Right. Nope, haven't seen him today. I let my paperwork stack up and I've been playing catchup today. Why? Did he not report to the mines?"

Thea frowns slightly, confused perhaps, "Wouldn't you know that, Satoris?" Her eyes drop to that paper stack then back to the miner. "You're…senior apprentice in charge reports to you, doesn't he?" See, she's not really sure. She does answer him with a shake of her head. "No, in fact I don't believe he's ever shown up for his duties and that is a problem for me." She tilts her head just a bit, waiting.

Satoris blinks a few times. He picks up his ale and takes a long drink. A delay. "I see. I know I received word from the Hall of his assignment here, I just assumed…" He exhales at length. "I'll have to hunt him down and find out what's going on. Has anyone seen him?"

Thea sighs, lifts a hand to rub her temple for a moment. Her voice is patiently long-suffering as she affirms, "I've seen him, or heard of his escapades more times than I would have liked to ever since his arrival here at Xanadu." The green of her eyes is somber, her voice still subtly perplexed, "He's managed to dodge work from day one and bragged he can do anything he wishes once you've had a few ales." There's a pause, "You…used to keep better tabs on your apprentices and your mine." An observation that seems to trouble her.

Satoris snorts briefly. "Considering I've not yet seen the boy, that's quite the claim." His shoulders square up and he hunches. Bothered by it, but obviously doing his best — though his best isn't very good — to hide it. "I suppose I did. Just ain't had… the time lately." A weak excuse.

"Well, Morlanol has seen you,” Thea replies. “Or somehow knows how to take advantage of…" a hand waves at his ale. "He's a sharp kid, but he's been causing some serious trouble. Almost got himself and one of our record keepers killed in the stables. Caught a ride to Healer Hall the other night and bragged you'd had three so he was free." One eyebrow raises at the shoulder-hunching Satoris. "Not had time. This isn't like the Satoris I knew. Not to pry or anything, but are…you alright?" Though they aren't buddies or anything like that, there is actually concern in her eyes as she asks the question.

Satoris's brow furrows. "I see. I'll have to find him." And there's a darkness in his tone. Perhaps the most marked change: instead of that sheer determination to make sure work is done properly by all, it's almost… malicious. One might feel bad for the boy. The question brings surprise, but he seems to only close up more. "I'm fine," he snaps, all too quickly.

Thea remains unruffled, "Hmm, yes I can clearly see that you are fine." Soft sarcasm is there in her voice, although it ends with her next words. "Satoris…" Her voice is clearly tired, "When there's an apprentice doing the things young Morlanol is doing, it's usually caught much sooner. But it's gotten to the point that the other apprentices are talking and there's some question about your…" she actually winces, "Ability to perform your duties." Her pen taps the clipboard idly, "I've had to deal with Morlanol often enough that I'm afraid it's come to D'son's attention. He's wanting to talk with you." Softly, "I'm sorry, Satoris."

Satoris's lips twitch. "I'll just make sure whenever he talks to me, Vivian's around. Seems to distract him well enough." He spends enough time in the Tavern, he sees various things. "I'll find the kid and set him straight, alright? Just because I've fallen behind on my sharding paperwork and some lazy kid has gotten out of hand…" He finishes the rest of the ale and all but slams down the empty mug.

Thea actually smiles at the comment, musing in a dry tone, "You'd noticed that too, eh?" There's a nod and a "I'd appreciate it if you did. Tonight." A lifted brow, "Before any more ales, please?" Slamming mugs in the Tavern are not a new thing and it doesn't startle her but she does sigh, "I did want to tell you first. For Zevi's sake." Yes, it is said deliberately and her eyes are watching for his reaction.

"I bet Zevida's the one that told D'son," Satoris says, voice dropping very low. There's a cold sort of anger there; not the usual gruffness. The sign of a deep ache. He gets up, snatching up his clipboard. The poor thing, after Turns of abuse, finally snaps in half and a few papers scatter. His free hand clenches into a fist and Satoris closes his eyes, taking a deep breath. "If I can find him, I'll handle it," he finally says, clearly trying to keep from doing something ridiculous. Like yelling all primal-like.

Thea shakes her head at that assumption, but then the miner is standing, and Thea rises as well, "Satoris, wait!" Concern is writ all over her face, "I am sure you will, but you need to calm down first. Morlanol is…" She pauses as he snaps that clipboard, "mouthy and likely to get hurt." Not that she'd mind, but she doesn't want him dead. "Zevida didn't tell D'son. I did." And she doesn't look sorry, just doing her job. "For what it's worth, she's miserable without you." Said softly, a plea in her voice for him to hear it.

"Let me guess," Satoris starts, sarcasm in his voice. "L'ton didn't stick around? Big surprise." Bit it wavers. It's another defensive tactic thrown up, but it's clear that Thea found the opening in his armor. He clutches the remains of his clipboard and the papers in one hands, knuckles paling faintly. "Why'd it have to be /L'ton/ of all people?" He finally speaks again after a moment, looking solidly at the floor. Unable to even face Thea with those pale eyes of his. "Some frail, whiny guy, sure. But L'ton."

Thea sighs and shakes her head, "Who cares about L'ton? Zevida doesn't." She's perplexed again. "She doesn't want him around. It's a -Flight-!" Her voice has that oh, please! tone to it. "You sort of," she shrugs, "put it out of mind once it's over." Her puzzlement grows, You can't, you know, let that part of her life as a Rider just…be there?" She waits for a moment adding, "She never mentions L'ton." There's a bit of a smile, "Your name comes up and she growls. Much better than indifference."

Satoris runs his free hand through his hair, briefly gripping at it. It stays mussed. He needs a haircut. Maybe a shave. Maybe a good, long bath. But isn't the dirt part of his gruff charm? He glances up at Thea and there's a brief view of that pain before he steels his features again. "I grew up in a hold. I… never saw riders, but the rare Search rider, or transport, until I was sent here. I can't… I don't get it… Being with someone… like that…. I was taught that it /meant/ something. And now everyone's trying to tell me that it's meaningless."

"That's because it is meaningless!" Thea says tartly. She regards him for a long moment, noting the expression in his eyes and amends it to, "When it is Flight-related." She lets out an exasperated sigh, "You know, I grew up in a hold as well. Never saw dragons. When I came here to Xanadu and learned what all was involved with dragons, well…" She's clearly perplexed, "I could not and still do not understand all the turmoil folks put themselves through with Flights. It's insane!" Her bafflement continues, "It's mostly the dragons, right?" She shrugs, "When you're with the one you love, it's all -you- not your dragon. Then it's wonderful and sweet and meaningful." Her look says, 'don't you get it?'

Satoris's arms flop up and down in a kind of shrug. A harken back to what he must have been like in his early-to-mid-teens. "I… why are Flights different? I know it's something with the dragons, but… Can't you say no?"

Thea tries her best not to gape at Satoris. "Can't you say no." She repeats it like she cannot believe he's asking the question of her, let alone at all. Isn't it a wonder? She does not laugh. "Uh no, no you can't. Dragon's the stronger of the mind-linked pair when she rises." She shakes her head in mild disbelief, "Haven't you and Zevida, you know, talked about this? Ever?" Men. Gently she adds, "I think you need to go find her and do the thing that doesn't come naturally. Talk to her. Works better than flowers."

"She told me she didn't like Flights. I just thought, y'know, you all gave in to it. I didn't…" Satoris sighs, heavily. "I don't understand dragons. I mean, I know they're… they're intelligent and they talk to you guys, but I didn't realize it got that strong." He grouches at the last. "I've never sent flowers. I sent her a gem I found." Hmph!

"I can't say I understand them either, but I do accept them." Thea smiles, there is wonder in her expression and it chases the harassed tired look from her face, "Seryth is…mine. Her needs matter to me." A faraway look comes to her eyes, "She pretty much takes over when-" She doesn't finish, but what is left on her face is peace, acceptance. "Everyone is different though, Satoris. Go find her, she wants -you- not a rock you dug up."

Satoris starts sorting his papers, not daring to look at Thea again. "If she wanted me, why hasn't she said anything? I at least tried something. She hasn't sent me anything, or come to find me. Nothing."

Thea's pen taps the clipboards she's holding, "Well, have you gone to find her?" The tone she uses says she bets not. Thea pauses, then actually growls. It's a small, frustrated sound. "Satoris, all I can say is…" she searches for the right words, "Women are a lot like dragons. They don't always make a lot of sense, yeah? But they're worth chasing and catching." She smiles and repeats herself, "Go find her. Run if you have to. Catch her and don't let her go." She looks at him as if she cannot believe he is still here.

Satoris casts a long, tired glance at Thea. Perhaps she wore through everything else. Or maybe she just hit on something more administrative in him. "I thought I was supposed to go find that kid."

Thea nods and there's a gleam of challenge there in her eyes, "You are. So you'd better hurry and find Zevi so you'll be in a better mood when you do. Don't make me spell it out for you, either. You are a man, you know what to do." Her lips twitch into a sly smile, "Unless you're afraid." The thrust goes to the heart of the matter, or at least as Thea sees it.

Satoris starts to say something, but then Thea's had to go and insult him. He merely growls, clutches the clipboard tighter, and stalks out of the tavern. Well. At least she saved the ale supply for another night.

Thea lets him go. "Cheer up, Satoris!" Thea calls after him, "It could be worse. She could have Impressed a green." She hums happily to herself and heads out into the night. This dragon has some plans of her own.

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