Zeiton Arrives on Pern

Xanadu Weyr - Infirmary

The infirmary here is intended for human care. It is spotless and smells of disinfectant, cots are lined up against one wall, a curtain can be pulled to give some privacy to the occupants of the cots if they so desire. A cabinet stands off against another wall, instruments and medications stored against when they will be needed. A couple of curtained off beds are used for examinations of patients and the treatment of minor injuries which won't require long term care. A desk with chair is just off of the doorway for the healer to sit and catch up on record keeping after a long days work.

Nine months. Nine extremely interesting, very long, very tiring, very interesting - wait, did Saige already say that? She did. She must have, because now that she's thinking about it, she has. It's about twilight at the end of the ninth month - and no, don't ask her the specific date, she doesn't know - and she's sprawled on a cot in the infirmary, contractions running across her body. There's a low croon of worry that can be hear, and a large green head outside the infirmary. "Go lay down, Ulae." Saige says, tiredly.

Dragons always give it away. Always. The green's touch to Dhonzayth, and the bronze's touch to L'ton was more than enough to send L'ton running across the planet with the most sincere of apologies to the poor greenrider he left behind - and a kiss and a promise he'd be back soon. After what seems forever, he's rushing into the infirmary, sliding to a stop in the door way and looking around, even as Dhon is settling with Ulae to keep a vigil. "Saige?" He says hurriedly before he's directed to the right place.

Ulaekimajith's bugle of welcome allows Saige and her healer to both look around the curtain at the same time. "L'ton!" She says, grinning, beckoning. "Down here. Ulae gave me away, didn't she?" There's a croom of smug verification from the green.

"Greens seem ta… Dhon said that he had wait, ta, cause he has little ones soon, ya have good timing." L'ton says, running his hand through his hair as he joins her and the healer, offering a hand as he moves to her side. "Ya.. Ya still doing okay?" He asks, a bit nervous no matter how many times he's been here.

"There must be a plethora of little ones that Dhon knows. "Saige teases gently, taking the hand and squeezing it. "Oooooooof!" She growls, eyeing the healer as another contraction hits. "Next time, can I try not to get pregnant?" She asks L'ton plaintively.

"Mmm, Dhon's even got a lil one of his own, one of Sianne's three. Zayt. Since Dhon helped keep her distracted during labor." L'ton talks a little to try and distract Saige even now, squeezing her hand back, with just the slightest of winces. "Next time Ah'll take ya between after?" He offers, before looking at her. "Good ta know ya ain't ruling *out* a next time, ta.."

Laughing, Saige sits half up, propped on the pillows as the healer bustles around. "Nice to know Dhonny has his few that he likes." She teases. "Outside of greens and queens, that is!" She winks at Tonny, then sighs. "Between… yeah. That'd do it… and why would I rule out a second?"

L'ton reaches over to tuck another pillow behind Saige as she sits up some, settling himself on the edge of the cot, one arm gently going around her shoulders, the other squeezing her hand as she needs to. "Well, would ya like someone named after ya?" He says with a green, the bronze crooning in agreement, trilling at Ulae. "Mmm, ya never know. Was worried this might be enough fer ya ta chase me off with a stick any time ya saw me coming."

Saige leans against L'ton. "Saige is a hard name to work with." She says, drowsily, until a few contracts hit one right after another. "L'ton, Tonny, that's easier." She then shrugs. "We don't even know the gender yet, and I wouldn't chase you with a stick." She reassures L'ton, even as Ulae lets out a chortling draconic snort.

"Mmm, Ah suppose. Ya dun have enough letters to play with, really, do ya Iggy?" L'ton picks a new nickname for the greenrider on the spot, until she's dealing with contractions and his arm tighten's providing support. Leaning to kiss her cheek, he squeezes her hand gently. "Yer doing good, sweets.." He murmurs, softly, glancing at the Healer, before back at her. "Well, at least we dun have ta much longer ta wait, 'specially not compared ta the nine months already."

Saige giggles. "Saige - it's one syllable, not to mention, I'm named after an HERB!" Saige drawls, gronaing as more hit repeatedly. "OY! It' time, isn't it?" She asks the healer, who clucks and shakes her head. "Close, but not yet."

"Iggy, though, its so cute.." He teases her a little more, before he's groaning a bit as his hand is squeezed, and his fun is stopped for now. "Herby ain't bad either.." He murmurs after the healer shakes her head, one hand gently rubbing her shoulder. "Just try and relax, and if'n ya feel it coming, then ya push ta, ya know?" He repeats what he's often heard.

Saige shakes her head. "I like Seiton. For a boy." she says, thoughtfully. "For a girl, Lavaine." She then shrugs. "Neither go with Saige really well, but - alas, it's what I get for my name. L'ton, though, well." She giggles, then whimpers. "I have been." She notes, wryly.

"Mmm, not enough Z's, Ah think.." And, while his tone is teasing, there's perhaps a bit of truthfulness in it. "Lavaine's pretty 'nuff though. Though, Ah bet Seiton'd be better with a Z." He teases her a little, bracing for the next contraction. "Ah'll be happy with anything though, just as long as he… she.. Just as long as its healthy."

Saige considers. "Zeiton, then? And Lavaine, Lazerine?" She teases. "Z's are hard to work with, L'ton. Much like my name!" The Healer pauses, concerned as Saige stops breathing as several hit at once, then she nodsd. "I think that's it, lovey." She chirrups, and Saige groans. "Thank Ulae's egg shards…" She mutters.

"Yer doing great, Saige, promise. Great… Great job.." L'ton tries to sound encouraging, his own breath helds as hers catches, and he's looking at her concerned. But then, as Saige groans and speaks, he slowly exhales and nods. "Could be Zaige, or Ziggy, or… Zaigon or.. Zailla or.." He pauses in his random list to look at the Healer, and then at Saige, ready to brace himself again.

Saige rolls her eyes giggling. "Zailla is pretty." She says thoughtfully, grumbling as she pushes. "OY! Please let it not be twins." She mutters in a soft undertone, which startles a laugh from the Healer.

"Then we'd have ta come up with two names, Saige, and we dun even got one!" He says with a chuckle, but then he shakes his head, squeezing her again, glancing at the Healer. "Come on, sweets, ya've gotta be getting close… Yer doing great.." And he looks at the Healer, as if daring the woman to say otherwise.

Saige shakes her head. "Yeah, thanks." She notes wryly, then whimpers as her body contracts again. "Aiee!" The healer approves. "'s coming, keep pushing." Saige stares. "Uh, DUH?"

"Ah'm just trying ta keep ya distracted sweets, ya know that…" He murmurs softly as he whimpers, shifting his arms to hold both of her hands as she whines, so that she can squeeze both of them. "Almost there, almost there…" He keeps encouraging her, eyes over her shoulder at the Healer.

Saige shakes her head, giggling. "I know you are. Thank you, love." She notes, wriggling on the bed, grunting as sh epushes, and pushes. "Aha!" The healer croons. 'ere comes th ehead… not mmuch farther, lovey."

"Here that, Iggy? Almost there…" He murmurs softly holding her as she wriggles, providing something for her to lean against, hands squeezing hers. "Almost there, ya can do it. Before ya know it, it'll be over with.."

Saige chuckles softly. "True." Then there's a longer period where she pushes and pushes, then she lets out a yelp as her body convulses deeply, then she whimpers. "HEere it comes!" The healer says proudly. "Hea dand shoulders out, c'mon lonvey."

"Almost there, Saige almost there. Yer gonna be a ma…" L'ton urges the greenrider on, even as he's leaning still holding her hands, waiting, trying to get a look at the baby, eager to find out its gender. "Almost there… One good push Iggs.." He murmurs, leaning a shoulder into her back for support.

Saige growls, pushes, body rising off the bed, then she slumps back, eyes closed, breathing heavily as the Healer cries out. "Beauitful! Oh, so adorable…" The healer does her thing and the next thing to be heard is a piercing wail. Saige, appropriatly, freezes.

L'ton holds her tightly as she slumps back, slowly rubbing her back as she catches her breath. "Ya did it Iggy, ya did it.." He murmurs, even as his eyes are moving to the newborn in the Healer's arms, struggling to count, to make sure there are ten fingers, ten toes. "What.. What is it, ma'am?" He says eagerly.

The Healer peers at L'ton. "A beautiful baby … boy." She finally says, causing Iggy to go limp with relief again, then beckon. "Please?" She asks, then quietly cradles the newborn, too awed to speak.

"Shards, Iggy, a boy!" L'ton says with a grin, leaning to squeeze her for a hug, before he's shifting to get out of the way, to let Saige more comfortably hold the infant, though he hovers, looking over him with a smile, finger gently brushing over the top of his head. "Zeiton? Ziagon?" He says softly, trying to think of what fits.

Saige hms. "Zeiton works." She says softly, cuddling the itty-bitty one, examening it for yes, all ten toes and ten fingers, the color of it's eyes, and everything else. "Zeiton." She finally says, whispering it softly.

"Ya done good, Saige, ya done good.." He says with a smile, fingers brushing over the babe's head once more, and then he leans to give the softest kiss to his forehead, giving Saige one too, before he shakes his head. "Shards, Zeiton, yer gonna keep yer mom busy, right lil one?" He murmurs, still grinning rather like a fool.

Saige laughs quietly. "I hope not. If he's anything like you, I won't have time 'tween him, Ulae, and my work to do anything fun." She teases gently, cuddling her little boy in her arms.

"Yer gonna do great… And, Ah'll have a surprise fer ya, in a few days, when ya get all settled.." He smiles at her, gently rubbing her back, before he's looking over at the door, and then back at the greenrider. "Can.. Can Ah go let people know?" He asks excitedly.

Saige nods. "Yes." She says, simply, givings asoft sigh.

"Congrats, sweets.." L'ton says with a smile, leaning to kiss Saige, before he's giving her shoudler a squeeze, giving the boy another soft brush over his arm, before the bronzerider is darting off to share the news.

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