Autumn - Month 4 of Turn 2717
Xanadu Weyr - Forest
The trees grow thickly here, avians nesting in their branches and flitting about after insects. Flowers sprout up and speckle the ground between, the green of small plants and their blooms of bright saffron and cheeky rose that creep all the way up to the bases of the trees and adorn the fallen leaves and mulch of the forest floor. Those trees rise upward in their aged magnificence, gargantuan limbs casting often welcome shade, the general atmosphere and scent of the path is one of freshness and wild abandon.

A path winds its leisurely way through the trees, wide enough for wagons to pass. As it goes through into the forest, a number of other trails branch away, both more and less traveled. Many of them lead to private weyrs, but there's a few more trodden paths - notable among them a road to the feeding grounds, set against the western slopes.

The forest grows wilder the further north one goes, deep growth and ancient places, and the road splits in two against it. One branch leads to a clearing with a large stone building finished with wooden cladding, while the other turns back toward the meadow. Just before it emerges, a trail veers off to the Firelizard Theatre.

Disclaimer: Language, content, subjectmatter. Basically, they have a super-duper frank conversation about sex, including naming parts of the body. Nothing that wouldn't be discussed in a sex-ed class, but still, this is a warning

Lani now finds herself as trapped as her dragon. Stronger hands holding onto her fists as the strong wings of the bronze wrap Rosalyth up in his embrace as they dance the final chords of their mating dance in the sky. Slowly Lani is feeling that surrender as well, warring with the battle and she struggles to get free, foot raising to stomp on S'van's booted ones no doubt too little effect, but slowly the fight is leaving her and its that lust and resignation of the mating itself that enters her gaze and she steps closer to S'van then under the cover of the trees her chest heaving with quickened breath. This is definitly not the look of a 'sister' just now and he is not S'van. He is but an extension of Aeduluth and she, Rosalyth.

Despite appearances to the contrary, S'van is not so lost in the mind of Aedeluth as to be unaware of who he was, where he was, and who he was with. Not since the first chase, had he allowed Aedeluth's mind to thoroughly overwhelm his own. And after that fateful event in which he got a taste of what it was to chase and what it was to win in one fell swoop, Sev has exercised a firm grasp on his individuality whenever Aedeluth took to the skies in pursuit. That is not to say that he is immune to the effects, but just that he is aware enough to ensure no lasting damage will be done, of a physical or emotional variety. At least, as far as he can help it. Aedeluth is a part of him, but he is just a part, and not the whole. But his strength is used; his greater height and muscle mass put to the advantage to physically lift Lani and carry her off like some sort of prize. A feat that becomes considerably easier once she gives up the fight, though whether she kicks or bites or scratches at him, his resolve is unwavering. Though whether it is behind closed doors or simply the protective foliage of a dense forest, inevitably he will lay claim to Lani's body just as surely as Aedeluth has claimed Rosalyth's. And he is not without his own aggression; with a grasp that might be bruising, and more than a few bites delivered. An aggression that chokes off the second he realizes the extent of Lani's inexperience in such things. There will be chastisement for that later, once their back to being Lani and Sev rather than Aedeluth and Rosalyth, but in the moment it means that S'van's actions change in order to uphold that firm commitment of no lasting damage physically or otherwise. And in the end, when their dragons have landed and they lay on the ground, sweatsoaked and gasping but thoroughly within their own minds once again, he'll keep a tight hold around her; crushing her protectively against his chest.

Being carried off like a sack of potatos does renew Lani's fight and she starts to pound on his back again and kick her legs. Still fueled by the flight even if there is resignation as well. When she is finally set down her attack becomes more lustful, wanting to mate with him. The instincts of flight taking over. A body that has lost the softness of youth from years of training but also definately female. While he may hold back, she is still well entranced by her dragons flight lust and there are nails and teeth for her own part. Her inexperience may be evidence but what she lacks in experience she more than makes up for in desire. Virginity taken of both rider and dragon and some of the mess that entails. In the end as she is left to her own mind and being wrapped in his body she nestles in under his chin, not quite ready to pull away just yet. Yes, this should be weird and awkward. He is like a brother…but he is NOT a brother. She is quiet for a time just going over in her mind what she and her dragon just went through before tilting her head up to him. "Thank you for being there.." She finally says in a whisper.

War wounds that Sev… might not wear with pride, but certainly is not afraid of. He has undoubtedly had worse, in his turns as a dragonrider, and while the sting of raw skin is no doubt irritating, he ignores it all in favor of the thing that really matters. Lani. No. She is not his sister. And without a doubt, he will not be able to look at her as such ever again. But it might be surprising to learn that this was not the MOST awkward flight encounter that S'van has been involved in. That is not something he is going to offer up at this time, not with the flight still fresh in his mind and, it seems, Lani's as well. It's the shift of her head that brings a release of his arms; unwilling to hold her captive now, when so recently he would have restrained her easily enough. The whisper brings a bit of a smile, something that under different circumstances might have been amused. "You're welcome," is the response, voice rough still, somewhat gravely but no less /Sev/ than it was before. And it will return to its typical tenor soon enough. A moment or two, and then he asks, "Are you alright?" Because he tried to be gentle. And he was, all things considered. But he is not simply referring to her physical health when he asks that.

Yep, seeing his as a brother may be harder now as well. For moments of the flight are still quite burned into her memory and the biting and the scratching on both their parts and she tucks her head beneath his chin again to hide the warming of her cheeks for a moment before taking a breath and letting another instinct take over and when he releases her she sits up a bit and looks over him. "Are you alright?" She asks almost at the same time as he does and she manages a nervous bit of laughter. "Yeah, I think I am…" She says with a pause as she looks down at her self. At least now he can how far the tattoo goes and whats at the end of that chain. The key tucked neatly under her breast clearly only meant to be seen by someone she is intimate with. "A little tender in places…" She looks over him and notices the teeth marks and winces, "I have some salve at my weyr, its just around the corner." Yep still the healer and she looks around for the abandoned clothes that were rather quickly shed and likely will need a couple buttons replacing. No doubt doing her thing of compartmentalizing and relying on that healer training just now.

Their almost synchronous concern for each other at least gets a grin out of S'van; a little half-smile that pulls at the corner of his mouth as he considers Lani with amusement. Always the Healer. "I'm fine," he assures her. And while he might be intimately aware of the key at the end of that tattoo, as well as the rest of her body, he's doing a damn good job keeping his eyes away from him. Face. Face. Face. Or hair. Hair is even better. And so that is what he looks at while she checks herself over and goes seeking out clothes. "You were lucky, Lani," comes at the mention of being tender, that smile of his fading as he considers the implications. "Lucky that it was Aede who caught her, that it was me who…" but yeah. He can't exactly say it, even if he did it. "Why did you not…" ugh. Nope. Can't say that either. A rough exhale through his nose and he's shoving himself upright, seeking out articles of clothing to gather. The only one he bothers to put on are his pants, leaving shirt and jacket and boots for later. "Sure," for salve, catching sight of the bites only when she brings her own attention to them. "Heh," and then a dry sort of murmur that, "Jae's gonna love that," which lacks real amusement. OH WELL. Wouldn't be the first time. Lani might be relying on healer-brain compartmentalization, but Sev just has good ol' experience to fall back on. This ain't his first rodeo, and he's far-past the awkwardness of the post-flight scene. Even if Lani is distinctly different than his other wins.

Xanadu Weyr - Rosalyth's Weyr
A thick outcropping of trees gives way to a deceptively simple brown-sided cottage nestled among them. Off to one side is a wallow large enough for a gold, simple in its depression, but with a wide canvas structure akin to a tent with no walls. It's been pitched above to give some shelter from the elements. The cottage itself has ornately carved white shutters around the windows, the most predominate of which takes up nearly the entirety of one side. The front door is white as well, with a weathered brass handle that can be locked. There seems to be some landscaping in progress, some new seedlings planted amoung the flowering bushes. There is also a small artificial pond, that is thick with lily pads and delicate pink flowers when the season is right, colorful fish can be seen just under its murky surface.

Stepping through pristine white doors the room within is, at first a glance, one wide and open space. Well placed archways and insets not only give the area function and style, but also break the space up into several well defined areas. The walls have been painted white edged with thick boarders of forest green. Wide pillars have been wrapped at their base with green vinework that winds up the pillars. Inviting the forest inside, the room's largest window stretches the majority of one wall, beneath which a single step up takes one onto a comfortable padded bench nestled against it. The floor is constructed in large tiles of polished ivory stone with an almost mirror like sheen to them. The tiles have been fit together so well, there is practically no visible seam between them. It has been scattered with simple rugs in earthen colours.

The ceiling above has been painted a lighter shade of sky blue. There is a ceiling fan in the middle, centered along a pillared archway that transects and divides the entire room in half. Furniture is sparse and all with function: A table set near the kitchen with four chairs around it, the seating area is but a few cushions to sit on at present. The wall not given to windows has a row of book shelves that is slowly getting filled. There is a canopy bed in a curtained off area and a side table, wardrobe and dresser.

Lani manages to get pants and undershirt on as well and grabs up the rest in her arms before leading him to her weyr. If she walks with a clear discomfort of one who has had a 'rough ride' well she at least isn't complaining. The question that he starts is met with a wince, "I…thought I had more time and then I got caught in her mood I think. It was horrible S'van. She felt worthless and was inconsolable. She would even turn away from from me sometimes. By graduation I was well under it as well. Like who would want to be with me…how ugly am I and worthless. I look back and realize it was all Rosalyth…they talked about proddiness in weyrling classes but noone described it like that. It was soul crushing." Lani reveals in a spill of words and a shake of her head. "And then she got so angry on the way back to the weyr…I have never felt anything like that from her before." By now they are up to her whitewashed wear deep in the forest. She dumps her clothes by the door before going to her medicine chest. The memories of the last few days fighting with the memories of the last few hours. Her skin blushed by time she returns to him with the salve not quite meeting his eyes. "Have a seat…" She motions to the chair, "If you could put some on me afterward, I feel some bits on my back that will be hard to reach."

And S'van certainly isn't going to be commenting on it, considering he's responsible. "More time? Lani…" because isn't that a discussion they have had? About time. And how there is never enough. Someone, somewhere, said it. It may have been Sev. But his disapproval is short lived, if just because what is done is done, and scolding her for it now would be useless. But there is sympathy as the words flow, a wince for the description and a reassuring touch of his hand to something innocuous. Like her wrist, or her elbow. "I am sorry… I don't know what it is like on the other side," considering his dragon is a bronze. "But you know now… what the signs are." Learning through experience, and boy can Sev relate to that. Once inside the weyr, Sev drops himself into the first available seat, leaving boots and clothes at the door. The flush of her skin may be noticed, but he does not comment on it. "Of course," for attending her in return, with a bit of an apologetic look at the mention of bites. He knew, of course. He probably saw the evidence as well, but still. "You know this doesn't change anything, right?" he offers, trying to catch her hand if not her gaze. "You are still Lani, and I am still Sev, and we're still friends."

"Yeah, I think I will be better prepared next time. I was expecting anger or lustiness…but that misery not so much. Maybe even she will be better prepared for it next time. She…feels better now. Like it was all just a bad dream." She smiles a bit at the touch to platonic touch and starts to rub the salve over bite marks and scratches, "I can't believe I did all this.." She says with a embaressed and guilty tone to her voice though she continues with the treatment. Then there is that reasurance as he stops her hand and she finally looks at him. "I know…just…you are also Aedeluth's penis by proxy as well. That I will need to process." She squeezes the hand before releasing it and passes him the salve and turning her back to him and letting her shirt drop down to her elbows. "So…whats it like when the dragon /Isn't/ in your head?"

"Penis by proxy," and it's got Sev laughing, and grinning something wide and amused and almost smart-ass. "Why, such sweet words, Lani. You'll steal my heart," he teases. But processing, yes. He understands that well enough. His fingers dip into the salve provided, and soon enough he's dabbing at bites and scratches and bruises that in an effort to alleviate the pain of them. There is little guilt in his expression, if just because he knows how bad it could have been and… this isn't that bad, by comparison. "Sex?" he asks, for clarification. "Depends on who you're with, I'd imagine. Could be much the same, if you're into that sort of thing. Rough and aggressive and full of fury. But also… if it's someone you really care for…?" and he considers this, as he dabs a finger over another small abrasion. "It's like… well. It's kind of like Impression," he decides at last. "Like you're sharing a bit of your soul, and not just your body." A shrug. "And even if it's not with someone you love, but it's not all raw and primal and stuff… as long as you have a partner you trust, it's good. That's kind of the point," he decides with a smirk. "To feel good, and make them feel good in return. Here," and he offers the jar back, having finished.

At least the response to her words gets a bit of a laugh from her as well and she looks over her shoulder at him, "Well it seems to describe flight sex well. It was you, but it was him and it was me but it was her. Like I was there, but an observer, but I felt it but like from a distance as well." That weird space flight minds inhabit. She is quiet as he explains the feelings of what sex is like normally. To understand the form and function she no doubt does given her profession, but the rest that comes with it? The words about trust is met with a nod and she is turning around to face him tugging up her shirt in position in she does so. "I am glad this was with someone I trust. It feels more important somehow…not just because it was my first time. To have woken up with a stranger…I am not sure I am ready for that." She leans forward and gives him a quick kiss on the cheek before leaning back. "I am sorry you were put in this position…but still…what I remember was fun and felt…well not like when I play with myself, much more intense than that." She keeps the half buttonless shirt closed with her hands. "Are you going to be ok?"

"It's an accurate description," agrees S'van with a grin. "Just never heard it said that way. Don't think it'll catch on, either," he teases. "But yeah, I know what you mean." There, not there. Doing it, not really doing it… Aedeluth versus S'van. But he's come to terms with it, as all dragonriders must. A grin for the kiss to his cheek, a nod of his head for the assessment. "That part… yeah. That part can be uncomfortable but really? It's not as bad as you might think. You just… well. Gotta consider that the other rider is stuck in the same situation, too. And at least they understand exactly what you're going through. Though really… you might wanna talk to a greenrider," (COUGH-R'SNER-COUGH) "rather than me about it. Aede loses way more than he wins, so it's only happened a few times for me." Waking up with a stranger. As for what it felt like? He can't help it. He just can't. There's a grimace at the comparison that he tries to keep contained but… it's still LANI, and he's still SEV, and even if not, talking to a woman about something like that? Awkward at best. But he tries, bless his heart. "It's different when someone is touching you. It's…" shrug. "Well. I dunno what it's like for a girl — woman — but yeah. It's better." As long as the person with you knows what the heck they're doing, but he doesn't say that. "Me? Of course. I'm fine." And he is. "And also glad your first time," which will still get a somewhat disapproving tone of voice, "was with someone you trusted."

"Yeah, I will. I have a greenrider friend…because I guess you are right, I will always…win. You know what my mother suggested? Hiding away when she rises so I don't have to." She wrinkles her nose, "It was intense, but it feels unfair to Rosalyth to not be a part of it somehow." She gives a shrug and manages to do up enough buttons that she isn't just flashing him with every movement. Right now she is just examining things, letter it will likely sink in. She just had sex with her best friend and brother to another close friend. Right now she is still in the healer mode of walling the experience off from the emotion so she can examine it. There is a nod for his explanations and when she notices the awkwardness she smiles, "Its ok, I think I get it. How about a bite to eat? I still have some left from the weyrwarming party." Cheese, crackers, preserved sausage. Things that keep. Keeping busy more to the point and playing host and so the talk will move to other pleasantries that have nothing to do with Sex or dragons flights for the rest of the evening.

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