Xanadu Attends Healer Hall's Dinner

Healer Hall - Dining Hall

This spacious room has been carved into stone, leaving the ancient areas smooth as silk and the more newly excavated areas rough-walled. Long stone tables are set up in rows, the closest to the doors lined with wooden benches for the apprentices and those near the wide hearths set with cushioned wooden chairs for journeymen. Running perpendicular to these, the head table is smaller and surrounded by intricately carved, comfortable chairs meant for Masters and distinguished guests. Though the cavern is windowless, it is well lit by a simple but elegant electric chandelier that hangs at the center of the room, as well as the softer illumination of glow baskets scattered at intervals along the walls.

Opposite the Masters' table is the archway that leads into the kitchens, and nearby are the long wooden tables where food is served, often creaking under the weight of various offerings and tended by kitchen staff even in the depths of night.

Scattered around the edges of the space are smaller wooden tables that tend to be filled before the rank-based sort unless the hall is full or an official ceremony is taking place. It's not uncommon to see healers here outside of mealtimes, studying, reading or snatching food between odd duty hours.

For this evening's festivities the dining hall is decked out in Healer-toned finery. All of the tables are graced with cloths in varying shades of purple, a base of Healer purple layered with diamonds from eggplant to periwinkle mingled with white here and there. Rarely used candelabras fill the room with warm candlelight, and the chandelier has been strung with violet gauze which turns the harsh electric light into lavender ambience. Kitchen staff roam in their best purple and white livery, serving Benden wines, juices and ales or platters of appetizers while their fellow workers refill the special items on the serving tables until they groan under the weight of the food.

The spacious cavern is filled with golden candlelight, circulating kitchen staff with trays of drinks and appetizers, and the melodious soft background music provided by the Harpers on the dais in the corner. The hearths all crackle, taking the chill out of the evening air, and from Master to Apprentice the Healers in attendance are in their finest and at their best.

Alric stands near the door, hands laced together behind his back as he rocks his weight from heel to toe. He is here to greet all the visitors, from resident to dignitary, with his customary wide warm smile and twinkling eyes. "Good evening, thank you for coming. Yes, help yourself to your favorite Fortian ale." He spots Jessamin and gives her a nod and a bit of a wave, then turns it into a welcoming gesture, ushering her into the festivities

Jessamin slips in quietly… well, as quietly as one can, with a young firelizard in tow. Madder is perched atop her shoulder, chirruping softly to himself and peering about intently. Jessamin keeps near the entrance of the dining hall, seeming uncertain of where to go. She, too, seems content to simply observe for the moment.

R'miel makes his way into the dining hall and looks around. The bronzer is in his best leathers today, he's here representing Ista of course. He notices Jessamin lurking in the doorway and leans over to whisper to her. "Is there assigned seating for the rest of us?" But then there's mention of ale, and all is forgot! He waves Jessamin over with him. Surely she was old enough for a drink. And ale always helped to break the ice and all.

Aeryn enters the hall, a demure smile to MasterAlric, "Evening sir." There's a gleam in those grey eyes tonight, but for now, she is behaving as she moves smoothly though the crowd, stopping to chat here and there before moving on, the candlelight catching the shell beads on her neck. She is slowly making her way closer to where the harpers are.

Shellie waddles over, stretching. "Master Alric, where do you want the non-crafters seated? The ranked tables are going to be full." She's wearing a lovely green gown, cut for a pregnant woman, which she definitely is.

Xhaine managed to finagle his way onto the Harper's dais. What better way to observe such an occasion unobtrusively? Although, come to think of it, when has Xhaine or his twin /ever/ been unobtrusive? Well, he's behaving, for now.

Lyllynae has found her way to the dinning hall, a bit late perhaps, but then people are still arriving. The dark-haired girl soon finds a small group of fellow apprentices and they set to chatting about this, that and the other thing. One topic that's sure to be included is who may, or may not, have special mention this evening.

A'ven arrives, looking a little bit nervous — certainly not at the Hall, for he does dine here when he's on rotation, nor at the Craftmaster or the dignitaries, for they are familiar. No, at the moment it may be the size of the crowd, for this is more visitors at once than he is used to for a simple meal. But then, this is not. He smiles, saying, "Duties to you all.", softly, nodding and smiling to those here that he knows.

Jessamin smiles gratefully to Alric, returning his wave and inclining her head in greeting. She moves as if to step forward into the hall, but stops as R'miel whispers to her. She turns to look at him, shrugging slightly. "I'm not real sure where us non-Healers are going to sit." The candlelight catches in her aquamarine eyes, adding little golden flecks to their depths. The little brown firelizard on her shoulder also turns to regard the bronzer, creeling a soft greeting of his own. As Jessamin's eyes light upon the knot on R'miel's shoulder, she breaks out into a smile. "Ista, yes? I came from there not too long ago." Jessamin blushes as she realizes a moment too late her error. "Drat. Also Xanadu. This is a bit embarassing."

Alric catches the questions about seating and raises his voice. He may not be a Harper but he does this well enough. "The Healers will be seated according to rank, but there should be ample space among them, as well as at the round tables throughout the Hall. Masters of any Craft and Weyrleaders should there be any are welcome to join me at the head table." More quietly he gives his duties to the visiting Istans, Xanaduans and Harpers. Yes, he sees you Xhaine. "Welcome to all of you, help yourselves." Aeryn gets a smile and A'ven an encouraging little wave.

Alisar slips in, looking a little rushed at first, but after a moment to collect himself he's just fine. Quite at home actually. He starts greeting people warmly. "Oh good. Moving right to to the food. A very fine plan.", he chuckles.

Shellie nods, as she starts off towards one of the Journeyman tables, a bright smile directed to everyone she passes. A polite nod is given to R'miel. "Good evening, Weyrsecond. Your weyrmate's not with you tonight?"

R'miel gives a nod to Alric on his way over to where the drinks are being served. After picking up a glass of ale for himself, he hands one to Jessamin. "Ah well then. I suppose it doesn't much matter where the rest of us sit then." He grins to the little brown then nods to Jessamin. "Ista now, Xanadu before. You must have moved not long after I transferred. I'm R'miel, rider to Arinith. I was weyrsecond at Xanadu not too long ago. Ista's duties to you. Shall we find a seat?" A blink is given to Shellie. "Not spending much time at the weyr these days? I haven't been weyrsecond for a while now. Ysa and I have transferred, she is senior at Ista these days. I'm just an assistant weyrlingmaster."

Aeryn is silently watching the arrivals from near where the Harpers are playing, not concerned in the least about gaffes or stumbles appears to be listening to the music. She's smiling to both folks she knows and those she doesn't. She does recognize Xhaine up there on the dais and attempts to catch his eye, "Still waiting to hear you sing, Harper Boy." Said quietly, not to be heard above the music by others.

A'ven returns the Craftmaster's wave as he makes his way to the food. "Craftmaster.", he smiles with a respectful tilt of the head. "Handy to have a party at the Healer Hall. If anyone has indigestion afterward well, care is not too far away." He looks over the food, "Ooh… I know what I'm getting."

Xhaine catches sight of Aeryn approaching the dais and treats her to a dazzling smile. "In due time, for the moment we're merely providing relaxing background to the many conversations as people get settled." is his demure response. It's almost suspicious how polite he's being right now. He catches sight of Alisar and leans back to sit in his chair properly. And innocently.

Jessamin curls her fingers around the glass of ale, smiling cordially to R'miel. "Indeed. I was searched for Xanadu's last clutch, but was left standing. Still…" She takes a cautious sip of the ale, coughing a little bit as the stuff hits her mouth. Perhaps this is stronger than she's had before. "…still, I'm not going to give up." She coughs discreetly, trying to clear her throat of the ale. "Jessamin, just a seamstress now at Xanadu."

Alisar chuckles, overhearing Aeryn's comment. "You may get your wish. We very well might press Xhaine into service for some entertainment later." He winks, hoping to make the Harper Boy a little nervous. Not likely, but still fun to try.

Alric slips away from the entrance as the stream of arrivals slows to a trickle. He makes his way to the dais, stopping to greet Alisar warmly. "Craftsecond, welcome to our Hall. Your presence is an honor." There's a hint of amusement under his polite greeting, laughing at his own sense of protocol perhaps as he claps a hand on the man's shoulder. Climbing the single step to the dais, he nods to the musicians and they quiet so he can address the room. "Ladies and gentelmen, please fill your plates and find a seat. Our devoted kitchen staff will help anyone who has more space in their stomach than in their hands. We'll begin with promotions as we all eat." A nod to the crowd at large and the Harpers start back up again, a slightly quicker song to encourage people to the task at hand.

Aeryn's lips quirk into a smile, her eyes laughing back at Xhaine. Not a word. She s on her best behavior tonight. She nods graciously to Alisar, the grey in her eyes still sparkle. "It would be a treat, I'm sure." She reaches a hand to the older man, "Pleasure to meet you Sir, I am Journeywoman Aeryn." Her eyes lift to scan the faces about and she catches A'ven's quip, although she is too far away to comment, she does laugh softly. Good one.

T'burk comes in the back, scans the crowd and makes his way over to the serving table to get a glass of red wine and takes a seat in the back.

Lyllynae nods for something one of her companions has to say, the words lost in the din of surrounding chatter as the girls move off to collect a plate before lines get too long, and eventually to find their seats among the rest of the apprentices.

Shellie settles down at one of the Journeyman tables, sighing in relief as she does. The petite greenrider sighs, and closes her eyes for a moment, then looks around, shrugging as R'miel doesn't respond to her inquiry. She opens her eyes again, and looks around, smiling again as she looks around. Lots of faces she doesn't recognize, of course. She's been at Xanadu for so long. A reassuring smile is directed to Lyllynae.

R'miel nods to Jessamin. "Ah, well you shouldn't give up. I was searched late by most standards. Didn't impress until I was twenty-two. I'm sure you'll find yours, though, no worries." He grins a bit to her. "Careful, it's a bit spicy." Finding some free space at a table, the bronzer sets his drink down. "We should get the food before the release the apprentices onto it." He smiles to Jessa, then motions her back towards the food. "Do you know someone graduating, then?"

5 months, it had been that long since Karashi had last seem the familiar sight of the Healer Hall. Her familiar and warm smile plastered to her face as she enters the dining hall slowly. It feels good to be back she realises, though not home.. No that was Xanadu now, she came to realise with a start. She takes a glass of juice instead of wine, her russety bronze coloured skirt swirls about her ankles as she strides towards the journeyman tables for a seat. On her shoulder Katsu sleeps comfortably.

Xhaine winks at Aeryn, then proceeds to join in with the faster-paced song, taking the melody. He's actually really good with the gitar, so it's not unusual for him to take the melody. "Maybe I'll even take requests later." he murmurs towards Aeryn. What a flirt.

Alisar extends his hand in jovial greeting, "Very pleased to meet you as well, Journeywoman Aeyrn. I'm glad it was under such good circumstances. You see, I won't be needing Healer services today — or indeed I hope for a long while yet. I'm only here to eat, to mingle… to perhaps change the fate of Pern, and .. of course.. most importantly — to see my favorite babysitter walk the tables. At least, that's the roumor and … I'm pretty good at sorting out the good roumors, if I do say so myself, young lady."

Jessamin shakes her head in reply to R'miel's query, allowing him to guide her back towards the food. "No, but any chance to make new friends is welcome. Besides…" Here, she flushes a charming shade of pink, the hue somehow highlighting the freckles dancing across the bridge of her nose. "…I couldn't resist a chance to listen to some very good music." Her brown firelizard's eyes swirl, and he emits a knowing trill. "Some days, I'm not sure if I should go Weaver or Harper."

Aeryn smiles at Alisar, "Well met, then Alisar and may your health remain as robust as your ambition." She winks, then turns her head as Alric speaks and ever the obedient Healer, she heads to the table and takes a plate. The foods do not fill the plate but they are enough for her. She finds a seat as near to the Harpers as she can, mischievously bypassing the Journeyman's tables.

Alric takes a seat at the center of the head table, leaving him facing the room at large. A kitchen staffer brings him a piled plate and a glass of white wine, which he thanks her for with a smile. He takes a deep breath as he watches the room settle, then begins to slowly sample the offerings until it's quiet enough for him to begin.

Morlanol slinks into the room and slides in amongst the other xanadu weyr members, finding a seat quickly.

A'ven takes his chair, smiling a little as he sneaks in a bite of the tubers.

R'miel smiles to Jessamin and nods. "True. I was of course sent here on assignment. My brother is busy with a new baby, so I get to fill in the gaps once in a while. Though these sorts of events are always quite fun." Grabbing a plate, he starts to fill it with food. "Plus it's a great meal, and there's music and lots of people about." He grins to her. "Oh? You have talents in both then? What would be your specialty, if you did go harper? Personally I like to sing, but I'm not good enough for the hall."

Kimmila was here the whole time. Honest. Sitting beside A'ven she reaches out to rest a hand on the bronzerider's arm, giving him a soft and loving smile. She leans over to whisper something to him before beginning to eat her food.

Alisar settles, munching very carefully on his food so as not to make his silverware clink too loudly. Won't be long now!

Xhaine finishes his shift and steps off the dais, slinging his gitar casually over his shoulder using its strap. It's such a shame that he has spent all this time playing and not a second getting any of this delightful food he keeps on seeing.

The Harpers quiet again at a gesture from Alric, and once again he mounts the dais. His meal, alas, is less than half finished but eventually he'll get back to it. Bright blue eyes scan the crowd, and he nods to a visitor he missed here and there. Hands steepled in front of him, his mouth slides into the widest of smiles, proud and pleased and eager to begin. Slowly the sound of conversation quiets to the clink of forks and glasses, and that's acceptable so he begins. "Greetings, and welcome again to Healer Hall. We're pleased and honored to have you all as guests. Apart from food and fun and dancing which will be had by all, the purpose of tonight is to promote a few of our number. I'd like to begin with Western Weyr's Weyleader, our own Apprentice A'ven." There's a Journeyman healer at A'ven's side suddenly almost out of nowhere, and she offers him her arm to escort him up to the dais.

Jessamin snatches up a plate before the apprentices can get at it, and starts filling it with some of the savory-smelling foods available. She glances up at R'miel, and smiles. "New baby, hmm? Congratulations to your brother, then." A few scalloped tubers find their way onto her plate, as do some slices of roast herdbeast and varied legumes. Madder creels upon her shoulder as he smells the herdbeast; she turns her head towards the firelizard, gently tapping him on the nose. "Behave yourself, Madder." Reluctantly, the little flitter calms himself, grumbling much like a child denied a favored treat. "Well… I'm a fair hand with garments when it comes to Weaver, but I much prefer to specialize in quilting. Now, for Harper…" She pauses, smiling softly to herself. "Sometimes I awaken in the middle of the night with melodies from my dreams, and just wish I knew how to set them to paper. I guess you could say composition, then." Sensing and hearing the room quiet down for the formal part of the banquet, she moves to find herself a seat out of the way.

T'burk sets down his wine glass and stands to applaud A'ven and his accomplishments. He smiles, happy to see the young, vibrant young man honored.

Chatter among people dies down as food fills mouths. That of the younger apprentices, falling off later once the music has died and Alric has begun to speak. Lyllynae is among the, her dark eyes lifting towards the dais as the master speaks though she's still picking at the food on her plate. Fork is settled at the side of her plate as she claps for the announcement of A'ven's walk.

Xhaine whips his gitar off his back and plays a quick flourish when A'ven is promoted. Spontaneous, that's him.

Morlanol pretty much ignores the master's speech, busy eating and trying not to be noticed. His head is practically touching the table to allow for optimal shovelling.

Alisar stands as well, applauding loudly for the boy… oh not so much a boy anymore, but a boy he has known for most of his life. "A'ven you've come a long way from delivering packages." "Uhm.. sir." He laughs happily

Jessamin ignores her food for a moment, applauding heartily for A'ven. "Well-done!" She smiles, sharing in the joviality and high spirits of the moment.

A'ven smiles, sighing because he doesn't want to leave Kimmila's side, and because people are actually… uhm, noticing him? He does his best to shush people and so on as he waits for his escort, "So much fuss…for just doing my job?" He says in a low voice. But, he can't hide his smile — and it's a big day.

Alric welcomes A'ven to the dais with a gesture for the man to stand beside him. "All of you know A'ven I'm sure. Bronzerider, Weyrleader, and of course Apprentice with a focus in pediatrics. In spite of all of his other undoubtedly enormous responsibilities, he has continued to focus on his Craft and has gone above and beyond the requirements for promotion to Journeyman. Congratulations, sir, and thank you for all you do for the HealerCraft." He gives the man his warmest smile and holds out the far more complicated knot of a Journeyman. His fellow Journeyman waits at the foot of the dais to escort him to the seat saved for him at the Journeyman table.

Kimmila beams up at her weyrmate as he's escorted away from her. When he goes she steals something off of his plate. Because everything on /his/ plate is so much better than what's on her plate. Then she begins to applaud him.

R'miel smiles and nods to Jessamin. "Mm. I'll send along your congratulations. Of course, I am supposed to be meeting my weyrmate here. She told me to head along and save a seat for her." He nods to her. "Nothing wrong with keeping quilting as a day job… then maybe enjoying your musical talents on the side hm?" He hurries to find a seat as well, joining in the clapping when A'ven walks.

Karashi places her glass of juice down to applaude A'ven's promotion to Journeyman. Smile never leaves her face as she takes another sip of her juice from where she sits and watches the event.

Aeryn listens to Alric, claps politely for A'ven,watching him head for the dias. She grins as Xhaine plays his guitar flourish. Her delicious roasted root vegetables and white wine pasta forgotten for the moment.

A'ven takes the knot, looking a bit shocked that its really there. Just, sitting there. He takes it gently, clearing his throat as if about to say something, looking up at the crowd and back down at the knot in his hand. You would think he'd be better at this, but today, his poise is gone — replaced by shock because he knows what this means. He'll have to, do things without help now, sometimes. The weight of that hits him, for his craft is life… and its pursuit. He nods, unable to speak, and sits in his place. Only then does he remember to resume breathing.

Kimmila's expression is open as she watches A'ven hoist his new responsibility. Anyone looking at the bluerider instead of the new Journeyman would be able to see, briefly in her unguarded expression, the depth of love and pride she has for that man up there.

Xhaine catches a certain conversation spoken between two people, a conversation about becoming a Harper. "Being a Harper is one of the best things on Pern." is stated as he strolls idly in their direction. He nods to both, fingering the strings on his gitar without actually playing any of it. He smiles at Jessamine. "Cute girl like you would be an asset."

Alric watches as A'ven takes his new place at the Journeyman table, the seat saved just for him. If anything, his nod approves of A'ven's solemnity. He lifts his hands to begin the applause anew for the Craft's newest Journeyman. When that dies down he announces the next name, and the next. None are quite so highly ranked outside of this room, but here all 4 are Apprentices when they approach the dais and Journeymen embarking on a whole new path when they leave it. After that is the single Journeyman promoted to Master with a similar ceremony. That finished, Alric beams out at the crowd. "You have seen men and women take the first step on amazing journeys tonight Thank you all for being part of it. Now eat, drink and be merry!" The Harpers start up with music suited for dancing and Alric trots down to the floor to mingle and offer personal congratulations to the newly promoted.

Jessamin blushes profusely as her appearance becomes a topic of conversation, averting her gaze from Xhaine. "Thank you, I think. 'Fraid I'm a better quilter than a Harper, though. At least at the moment." She cants her head as she looks up at him, watching him finger the strings of his gitar. "If anything, I just wish I could set the music up here…" She taps the side of her head. "…on paper."

T'burk finishes his wine and takes the empty glass over to the table where the empty glasses are being collected. He walks over to A'ven at his new place at the Journeyman table. "Congratulations, A'ven. Well done!" he offers his hand.

A'ven takes it gladly, "I wouldn't be here without your help T'burk… you and especially Elara taught me so much!"

T'burk's grip in A'ven's hand is warm.He leans forward to speak softly to him for a moment.

Aeryn continues to eat, her fork dipping into the grilled whitefish. There's really too much going on to comment a whole lot, so she just listens to the music.

Morlanol continues to shovel food into his mouth like a poorly controlled herdbeast.

"Maybe you can hum a few bars, I happen to have a talent for composing." Xhaine suggests, digging a piece of paper and a writing utensil out of his pocket. "Paper, never leave without it."

R'miel nods to Xhaine, though his concentration is on his meal right now. Once all the official business is over, he works on finishing up what he's eating, letting Jessamin keep her conversation with the harper. "Well, this is where I make my big escape. Have fun, you too." The bronzer smiles a bit, then slips through the crowd.

Alric snags a glass of Benden white from a passing server, cradling it as he makes the rounds. He ends up near Alisar and lifts his glass in a salute. "So, Craftsecond, how are things over at Harper?" He flicks a glance toward Xhaine, a smirk touching his lips. "Chaos? I suppose with only one of the twins there right this minute it may still be standing when you return."

Karashi hums softly tapping her foot, she breaks the tune long enough for another drink. Katsu trills softly in response as he wakes slowly. Karashi was yet to get herself any food, not that she minded though, she was not all that hungry anyway..

Aeryn is full and her table has mostly emptied. Lifting her wineglass, she rises smoothly to her feet and mingles with people, moving from table to table. She slips into a seat beside Morlanol, eyeing the Xanadu knot on his shoulder. "Hello." She chirrups it musically. "You're kinda young to be out this late aren't you? What brought you out?" Just making conversation, really.

Jessamin tilts her head to one side closing her eyes. Her fingertips drum on the edge of the table in a steady beat, in a quick tempo. She hums a few bars of a lilting, playful, childlike tune. Her voice dips and rises rapidly, the notes going by rapid-fire, almost too quick to keep up with. "It kind of reminds me of some of the ancient music from old Earth. Think they might have called it 'classical'."

Karashi smiles at the tune Jessamin hums and drums on the table. She stands and strides over towards them, with a blush and a wink she smiles at Xhaine. "Are you free to dance?" she asks softly, her boldness suprises even herself.

Morlanol starts, dropping a forkful of whitefish back to his plate as he does so. He turns slowly towards Aeryn, eyeing her knot for a moment before speaking, "Free food's free food."

Xhaine tilts his head as he listens to Jessamin, eyes half-closed. He starts humming along when it repeats, and then he quickly jots down the notes, his pen darting across the paper. "There! Easy enough. Think it needs words, or would it be fine like it is?" he asks her. However, at this point Karashi approaches and asks him to dance. "Well I don't see why not! It would be my pleasure." he hands the sheet of paper to Jessamin with an encouraging nod, then stands up and offers his hand to Karashi.

Alric makes small talk with Alisar for a few moments before ambling over to the apprentice table. He glances over the occupants and then heads for where Lyllynae sits. "Apprentice Lyllynae," he greets with an inclination of his head and one had reached out to her. "Would you care to take a turn around the dance floor?"

Jessamin chuckles as the sheet of paper is pressed into her hand. She opens her mouth to thank Xhaine, but he is whisked away by his erstwhile dance partner. Shaking her head, she laughs to herself. "Ah well. I'll have to thank him later." She looks down at the notation in her hand, turning the sheet this way and that—and looking mildly confused. "Shards, is this really what I was humming? How am I going to know which note is which?"

Aeryn smiles, amusement ripples in her voice, "And… they make you pay back at Xanadu, is that it?" An eyebrow raises, she sips from her glass eyeing him over the rim, "Or they do not feed you. Hmm?" Her eyes lower to the dropped fish, "Oh, please, I'm not that scary am I?" Her tone is falsely plaintive. She is a tease tonight. Well, make that every night and every day, but especially tonight.

Karashi takes Xhaine's hand lightly with her own, "I..I'm Karashi and you?" she queries softly. She allows herself to be sweapt into the dance, "You play really well" she compliments, Katsu peers out from under her hair to eye Xhaine with interest.

Morlanol shakes his head, scooping up another bite, "Naw, but I enjoy travelin' once 'n' a while." He takes the food into his mouth and chews, waiting for the odd woman's response.

Lyllynae was paying attention only to the little world of her head and those few other apprentices around her. That is until Alric is there asking about a dance. Reaction: Blink. "Me?" Blink. "Well I - I suppose so," she hesitates to answer, but eventually works her way into something towards the positive and she finds her feet.

Aeryn just smiles at the boy. He amuses her so. "So, how did you convince your master to let you come all this far way on a dragon to Healer Hall?" Another glace at his minercraft knot and she squints for a second, her mind apparently trying to remember. She snaps her fingers, "Satoris, isn't he the one? The journeyman miner there? I've heard he's a tough master to serve."

"Xhaine, Harper Journeyman." he squeezes her hand gently. "Well I play according to the audience. The more attractive or attentive the audience, the better I play."

Alric arches a brow at Lyllynae's less than enthusiastic response, his grin faltering for just a beat. He's quick to pull it back into place though, offering his hand as he leads her out to the dance floor. "If you'd rather not you don't have to you know, it's not an order." He's jovial, giving her a little twirl as they reach the floor.

Jessamin smiles as she looks between the paper in her hand, and the couples out dancing on the floor. She seems content for the moment to remain where she is, drinking in the sights and sounds of celebration. From time to time, she reaches up to scritch the little brown firelizard on her shoulder between the eyes.

Moyrel slips in, with her slightly battered but faithful old lap harp slung on her back, and looks around. She gives a wave toward her fellow harpers and anyone else whom she knows as she makes her way toward the food. Mm, food.

Morlanol finishes chewing and and swallows before shrugging, "Eh, all I had to do was wait 'til he was a few glasses in an' catch a ride."

"Healer Journeyman myself" Karashi’s smile broadens into an grin, she squeezes his hand back softly and leans a little closer, "Well you play very well regarless I think." she blushes softly, Katsu chirps softly, still not sure about Xhaine.

Lyllynae laughs, a touch of nervousness to the tone of it. "I'd like to, just… well didn't expect it." Especially from him could certainly be added. She offers a touch of a smile as her hands finds the one Alric offers. "I have to warn you though. I'm not very good."

Alric gives Lyllynae a little 'pish' sound, dubious at best. "Come now, I'm sure you are just fine. Besides, it's all about the leading." He leans in as if to offer in confidence, "And I /am/ very good." A little wink, more teasing than anything as he sweeps her in to a proper hold. It gives enough support that he can whisk her around the floor and all she needs to do is follow. "So, how are you finding your studies these days?"

From somewhere in the room, the intricate melody of a fast waltz is enjoined on a guitar. Several heads snap about, for the skill is obvious. Ah, it's Alisar. He smiles, playing an impromptu dance melody with a wide smile on his face, "It has been too long…", he says, enjoying himself at the strings. You wonder for a moment if the song is for the audience, or for him. His face comes alive with concentration, and with more than 20 Turns of a lifetime to practice, the result is, sublime.

Aeryn lifts a brow at this, her smile broadening, but there's also a tinge of admiration in her grey eyes, "Such audacity." It's a murmured compliment as she rises, "Do enjoy all those sweets. You're too skinny." As is normal for 12 turn olds. She drifts off to another table and finds an empty seat near Jessamin. "Hello, mind if I sit?" It's a breezy, cheerful question. She's happy tonight. She doesn't wait for an answer, she just slides into the chair, "Aeryn, Journeywoman Healer."

A'ven startles, "Shells who's playing /that!/" His head is one of the ones that snaps about. He studies the man and his moving fingers. "You would have done well as a surgeon, sir."

"Just one of my few talents." is stated breezily as Xhaine dances with Karashi. "Ah, a new song. Up for a waltz?" he grins at the healer journeyman. "Dancing is another one of my few talents." just how many of these 'few talents' does he have?

Jessamin perks up, looking about intently as she hears the fast waltz. She gets up from her table, dinner forgotten for the moment as she searches for the source of the song. "Shards… I only wish I could play like -that-!" Madder seems to have picked up on the tune, trilling and bobbing his head about in a reasonable approximation of the tempo and meter.

Morlanol watches the strange woman wander away, shrugs, then goes back to his food.

Lyllynae tries to make her smile more confident than she feels with that assurance from the master. Only time will tell however. There's a short, quiet squeak from the girl as he sweeps her up into that hold. "They're going well enough. Only missed a few questions on my last exams."

Kimmila finishes stealing food off of A'ven's plate and watches him mingle for a few moments longer. Then she pushes herself to her feet and goes to stand by A'ven's side, slipping her arm through his.

Moyrel comes back from the food table with her plate loaded (mushrooms, fish, veggies) and joins the others. "Hello, Alisar," she greets her craftsecond. "And heyas, Xhaine."

Alric chuckles softly at the squeak, but doesn't stop moving to the jaunty tune Alisar strikes up. He adds a few flourishes to the dance, spinning Lyllynae out and back in as long as she can keep her feet under her. "Well that's admirable. Are you enjoying it, or are you at that stage where it's just a lot of work?" He seems honestly interested, not looking for the 'right' answer.

Aeryn's lips move in a soundless 'O-K' as Jessamin hops up and leaves without acknowledging she was spoken to. Hmm. She'll just sit here and listen to the music. She sips from her glass, one foot taps to the music.

Karashi laughs softly, "Certainly" she allows herself to be sweapt into the new waltz, feeling the tune seep into her body. It was wonderful, and Xhaine was a wonderful dancer too. "I don't have many talents, other than with firelizards" she admits softly, to her it was her only talent.

Lyllynae isn't doing so terribly, though its apparent enough that she does have a certain amount of 'two-left-feet syndrome'. There's another of those startled squeaks from the girl with that spin. "Well…" she starts, a glance down to watch her footing and hopefully avoid stepping on one, or both, of Alric's. "It is alot of work, but I'm learning alot…"

Jessamin stops in her tracks as she's almost certain she heard someone speaking to her. Flushed with embarassment, she turns her gaze towards the table she just left, espying Aeryn there. "Oh my… I'm so sorry about that. I guess I just got caught up in the music." She ducks her head with a self-depreciating grin. "Jessamin. Late of Ista, now just a seamstress at Xanadu Weyr."

"That can scarcely be your only talent, otherwise you wouldn't have made Journeyman!" Xhaine protests, tapping Karashi on the nose. "It takes someone special to be a Healer." a little flattery goes a long way, or at least to the Harper's way of thinking. "I could never do it, that's for sure."

A'ven smiles as Kimmila comes up next to him, "Would you like to dance?", he asks, then he smiles because he can guess her answer. Still, he waits, just to be gentlemanly about it. Moyrel gets a smile, "Thank you, good Masterharper, what would we do without your Craft?"

Kimmila smiles fondly up at A'ven as she tightens her grip on his arm, "Always," she replies softly, standing on her tiptoes to kiss his cheek gently. Then she's tugging him to the dancing area.

Alisar stops to second that notion, "Indeed, Craftmaster…. a world without music and entertainments is not worth living in. Well, perhaps it is worth living in, but it's not a very happy world, yes?"

Alric is careful to sneak his toes out from under Lyllynae's feet when it looks like a close thing. He's a gentleman though, acting as though he didn't even notice. "It is most certainly a lot of work, but with lives in your hands, there's a lot to learn. I'm glad to hear you aren't totally overwhelmed at least." As the song ends, he gives her hand a little squeeze. "Thank you so much for the dance."

Morlanol finishes his plate, then notices that the rider he hitched a ride with is getting up to leave, so he pops up as well, says quick good-byes to those near him waves to Aeryn, and leaves.

"I don't really think about what I do. I just do it. But I do love it, I like being busy." she laughs at his tap on her nose, Katsu squeaks in protest to his tap on Kar's nose. "Shush Katsu it's okay" she reassures the bronze who was suddenly a little agitated. "my ma wanted me to be a baker though" she admits with a grin.

Moyrel nods emphatically at Alisar. "Indeed, it would be a bleak world indeed without music." An acknowledging nod is given to A'ven as well.

Lyllynae nods slightly, "Thank you," she replies, lifting a smile upwards once again. "Hope I didn't step on your toes too much," she aplogizes just in case before she's slipping off back into the crowd.

Xhaine grins in response. "My ma just wanted us out of the house! …actually, out of the area. We were more or less banished from home and sent to the Harper Hall." he admits, looking slightly embarassed. "Ah well, at least they didn't split us up, that would've been terrible."

"Hmm? Oh!" Aeryn laughs, softly, easily, "No worries at all. It's loud and the music is rather nice. Jessamin. That's a pretty name." She tilts her head, "Lots of Xanadu folks here tonight." There's a curious note to her voice, "Tell me, if you know…do they still have X'hil as Weyrsecond there?"

As the night goes on the desserts are replenished and the wine and ale flow freely. The harpers play and Alric makes the rounds, chatting with the men and dancing with the ladies until the last visitors are gone.

Jessamin shrugs, shaking her head. "I've heard the name bandied about, but I'm not sure if X'hil is weyrsecond. I'm a little too new there yet. Sort of got left on the sands at the last Hatching." Her smile does not fade, though. "Your name's far more lovely than mine is."

Karashi laughs softly "I was glad to be out of home. Though I haven't seen them since I left. Up until about 5 months ago this was my home" she gives his hand a gentle squeeze, "You can't have been that bad" she winks at him, reminicing over the trouble she got into with her brother.

A'ven takes Kimmila onto the dance floor and does a right fair job with dancing too. Oh, he's not anything to turn heads, but he's had some training, somewhere. Do they have Weyrleader classes at the Harper Hall? Surely not! Maybe its his partner, for his eyes are locked on hers and though his lips are tight in concentration, his eyes do the smiling for him this time and his smile is for her.

Xhaine brings the dance to a close, bending to kiss Karashi's hand like a gentleman in those old Terra stories. "Thank you for the lovely dance, and may I mention that yellow dress looks stunning on you!" wait a minute, isn't her dress reddish? "Well Khaine and I have been banished from Ista, so… I suppose we have been." actually, Xhaine was banished, not Khaine, but details!

Karashi blushes softly, and lets the dress colour slide. "It was my pleasure" she replies as she leans in to kiss his cheek in return for his kiss to her hand. "Where are you going to go now?" a note of worry touches her voice as she squeezes his hand.

Kimmila swings easily in A'ven's arms, never moving far enough away from him to give anyone else the idea of even trying to cut in. She dances with her weyrmate, her eyes only for him as she beams. She doesn't have to concentrate as much, so her expression is far more fluid than his.

Aeryn smiles at Jessamin, "Are you not?" She doesn't argue about names, instead she tilts her head curiously, "You almost can't miss X'hil. Look for a man who bleats about ovines," she leans closer and whispers, "He's deathly afraid of them." She sits back up adding a serious nod to that. She's not kidding. "You could ask him, if you do see him that Aeryn was wondering how his head is. He took a rather nasty fall in the bathing caverns." It's a party and small talk must be made. Right?

Moyrel tucks into her food, and chases occasionally with a mouthful of wine. "So," she says to Xhaine between mouthfuls, "getting flirty tonight, are we?"

A'ven dances near Moyrel and answers exuberantly, "Yes, we are!" — nodding toward his dance partner, smiling now as his concentration isn't so taken with the beat. He's getting the hang of it. "Come on Harper, love makes the world spin!"

Xhaine smiles at the kiss. "Well judging by the dirty looks some of the other harpers are giving me, I believe it's my turn to play again." he gives her a kiss on the cheek right back, tracing a finger down her jawline before tapping her nose again teasingly. "I might end up shortsheeted if I don't go relieve one of them for some dancing."

Kimmila laughs delightedly in A'ven's arms, giving Moyrel a wide smile and even a little coy wink in passing.

Jessamin chuckles softly, nodding her assent to Aeryn. "If I do see him, I'll ask him. But, do I even want to know why he's so terrified of ovines?" Ah, gossip. Err… small talk. Of course, it simply -must- be made.

Karashi grins "Then play well and give me something to dance to" she winks at him, her cheeks still highlighted by a blush. Katsu however attempts to snip at Xhaine, "Katsu! Behave." she scolds the bronze who give a low chirp of annoyance as he obeys.

Alisar says gently, "Keep your head Journeyman, A'ven — she's just as crafty as her mother that one.", he nods Kimmila's way, complimenting her poise on the dance floor even as he keeps up the music that makes it possible.

As Katsu tries to nip Xhaine, a bronze firelizard appears out of the air and hisses at the other bronze, scolding him angrily. "Binns, shoo! I taught you better than that, he wasn't going to bite me." Xhaine shoos his bronze away, and the firelizard sends a short stream of scolding at the Harper before disappearing again. "Heh, firelizards." he grins at Karashi, then takes a seat.

Aeryn grins at Jessamin, although it is a slightly wicked one, "Well, you want to know what I think?" She leans in again, eyes darting about as she lowers her voice, "He's got a problem with his mother." The word problem is stretched out and her brows jounce up and down a few times. A forefinger taps her head, "Skews the thinkin'." She nods sagely before shrugging, "Then when the ovine ran through the weyr he just couldn't handle it. He simply went to pieces."

"I'm sorry, he's normally quite sweet" she appologises and with a smile she moved to take a seat near Jessamin and Aeryn. Karashi sighs loudly as she plonks herself down on a seat in an unceremonious manner. Katsu mutters chrips and hisses to himself after the other bronze scolded him, far from happy.

Alisar begins another song, this one is slower, more contemplative — more, snuggly, if you want to call it that. If you've got a partner, this is a good choice — if you haven't well, maybe there's enough sultry allure in the song that you'll find one.

All this lovely music and no one to dance with. It's a sad thing, really. But Aeryn manages to suffer. She rises from the table to go peek at the deserts. So many things to choose from. Healer Hall spared no expense. Baklava… bubbly pies… she takes a slice of cheescake and wanders back to sit beside Karashi. "That was some dance you had, eh? Xhaine seemed quite taken with you. Did you remember to tell him where you are from?" She smiles with some mischief. "I can tell him to stop by Xanadu for you, if you want?"

Karashi laughs softly "No he can't be that interested" even though it's clear by her blush she may be interested in him too. Katsu hops down Kar's arm to the table, he siddles up to Aeryn and her slice of cake. "Katsu!" Karashi's gasp came as the young bronze sticks his head straight into the slice of cake.

Moyrel finishes her meal and gets some more wine, relaxing a little as she sips lightly. This has certainly been a fine shindig so far. My compliments to the host."

Aeryn looks down at her plate. There's her dessert with a firelizard head stuck in it. She… didn't really want it anyway, did she? There's a glance toward Karashi, "Now that-" and she points her fork at the little bronze, "Really takes the cake."

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