Party Time! - Lani's Graduation

Autumn in the South - Month 4 of Turn 2717
Xanadu Weyr - Garden
An arch woven from the tendrils of a willow tree stretches overhead lightly creeping with ivy as one steps in from the meadow into this sanctuary of green. Cool gray flagstone carefully spaced enables a soft velvety moss to thrive within the cracks, and creates a single wide pathway that fluidly breaks off into two paths of stone once free of the natural arbor. It is a wonder this place, and meticulously tended from the way it seems not a single leaf is out of place.

On either side of the main path expansive grassy patches are trimmed short and edged behind with natural tan colored stone selectively chosen to stack just right. Beyond these are a line of fine puffed shrubberies in vibrant green intermingled with flowering bushes of brilliant pinks varying in hue from the very light to the very dark, which causes the occasional snowy white blossoms of other scattered here and there without worry to simply pop out of the scenery.

Directly in the center of the garden is another wall of intricately stacked stone, this of muted grays, creating what from the air would prove to be a perfect circle. It's been set high for safety, but not so much as one would not be able to lean over it to admire what lies beyond, either standing or sitting at the smattering of benches whose backs are set every four feet along it. Flush to the ground inside it's protective stone outcropping, is an enormous twenty foot wide fish pond. Within one can glean the metallic glint of playful goldfish, the unhurried cruise of fat koi, and even a frog or three among pale yellow and white flowering water lilies and their thick green pads.

The trees surrounding the entire garden were planted to give the impression that they had always been here, not only lending to a rustic look, but also alluding to the beauty that can be found among the wilds if only one might just look for it. Species vary from the ordinary Birch and Pine, but the flaming red capsules of the Indian Shot to the robust orange spokes of the Firewheel tree suggest the spice of the exotic.

The main party has been had and By this time of the night people have seperated into smaller groups with family or friends. Some have have taken to the Garden lit by tiki torches. Lani for her part was encouraged to wear her new party dress, that backless low v-necked dressed she wore to the Half Moon Hatching party, but despite the mild night she is wearing a shawl over her shoulders tonight, giving the dress a bit more in the modesty department. Still the chest tattoo shows with the low v-neck. She has been quiet much of the night and fidgety, pulling the v a bit closer, wrapping the shawl aroundshoulders, fidgeting with her hair. Displaying a level of anxiety about her appearance she hasn't expressed in several turns. Thank You Rosalyth.

Is R'sner late? Yes. Clearly, he is late considering the main event has faded into more general congregations of friends and family. A dragonrider really has no excuse to be late, considering he's got instant communication as to events, and instant transportation to get him TO said events. And yet, here he is, entering the gardens at the twilight of the party. Late. It probably (definitely) has something (everything) to do with the Igen tailor that is at his side, or on his arm, or somehow affixed to his person. A stop in the desert; the acquisition of a guest and a shirt that required revealing and changing into, and possibly but not definitively some shenanigans that may have been responsible for why he is less than timely in his arrival. WHO KNOWS. Either way, he's here now, and Nassir is with him, and the weyrlingmaster (and probably the tailor, too) is looking appropriately dashing, as befits the occasion. As evidenced at the recent Hatching, R'sner cleans up damn-well, made even more so by the well-made and perfectly fitted sapphire blue shirt created by the very same companion with whom he is arriving. But his gaze is sweeping the crowd, seeking out one particular face among the sea of them and, once he's spotted her, is headed unerringly in her direction and, of course, bringing Nassir along with him. "Lani," is offered when it is close enough to be appropriate and, while he's seen her in this dress before, there is still a moment of startling revelation to see her in that and, most especially, all of the skin it is revealing to the world. He'll never come to terms with it. But it is the general fussiness that has become somewhat uncommon that has him asking, "Are you alright?" rather than offering congratulations.

PARRRRRRTTTTYYY! Leirith's absolutely most favoritest thing because, here in Xanadu Weyr, parties usually end in bonfires. AND WHAT IS LEIRITH, IF NOT A PURVEYOR OF BONS AND FIRES? It's probably why she's not here now, trying to squeeze her exceptionally unaccommodating bulk into the gardens like she did once when she was young - perhaps squishing a Garouth, or chewing on a Zekath, or doing both things at the same time. Leirith is not important, except for the occasional ability to hear a swelling crash of drums and bass and laughter when the queen is struck particularly delighted. And there's Risali, who is maybe trying to escape all of that boisterous boisterousness for once, dodging politics and political tropes with smiles, and glasses of wine, and by shoving her weyrmate between her and them with words like, "Facinating, really. Have you met our Weyrleader?" before running away. Risali is dressed in something a little more modest, long-sleeved but sheer across the shoulder and arms, solid the rest of the way down with a skirt that moves like it was made for dancing. She's pinned her hair up artfully for once, a bun with whisps let loose to curl around her face and brush her shoulders, aaaaand she's barefoot (shut up). Here is when she spots Lani. The newly minted senior takes big, big (she's short but BIG FOR HER OKAY) strides towards the greenrider, and she latches on by linking one arm through hers and tucking in tight against her body, flush with giddy excitement. "Congratulations. You look beautiful." And no, there's not an ounce of shame as Risali lets grey eyes take in the state of that dress, lingering on the tattoo, meeting her eyes again with the kind of expression that says I didn't think you had it in you, you little minx. And maybe she's dumb, because she only just now notices R'sner and Nassir, who get a wide-eyed look, an open jawed moment of surprise, and then Risali bringing up a hand to hide her face because this is not the goldrider you thought you saw on an Igen beach. "Getting us drinks, Lani." DUCK AND ROLL, MOVE MOVE MOVE.

There definately shenanigans involved in their being late. Still, they made it, none the worse for wear. Nassir? He's definately dressed up for the occassion and is more then a little peacock proud of how damned good his companion looks. He remains, however, tucked against R'sner's side, one arm wrapped around the Weyrlingmaster's waist, the other holding a paper wrapped parcel close to his chest. Weaving thier way through the crowd, he spots Lani only moments after R'sner alters their course, a broad smile touching his lips. That smile, however, falters for a beat upon spying Risali, a quick (entirely paranoid) glance cast over his shoulder— Yes, he's on the look out for charging dragons. Fortunately, the distress passes quickly, an embarassed laugh spilling past his lips. "Evening, Lani," he states as he presses the package into her hands. "Congratulations."

D'lei is the ablative armor for a Risali who wants to be anywhere but- "Is that so?" Such a perspective he is gaining on the historical trade rights in the area and their effects on the individual prosperity of certain holders. He's got a smile, the sort that implies he knows something that amuses him and he's not going to share it, and he's got a few nods and a great many hmmms that are varying levels of agreeing. Aww yeah, this is politics… or at least, the form of it when you are shiny fresh new at being the Weyrleader in question and really don't know the unbiased stories of why all those various trade deals and regulations are as they are. He's just going to listen, not commit to anything, and pretend he's just holding his cards close to his chest instead of trying to find the deck. But yeah, he's kind of caught in the TRAP OF POLITICS, at least for now. That's what happens when your dragon catches (or is caught in) a leadership flight.

Indeed Lani has grown into a confident young woman in her time as a weyrling. She had to step to help her self conscious dragon make her way during those early days when no body part seemed compatible with any other. Still in the last eight months or so, both dragon and rider have grown in confidence as Rosalyths awkwarness of youth settled into her graceful adult form. Her slow careful movements now shown as graceful elegence. Though for now the dragon is nowhere to be seen despite she graduated as well and is rarely seen away from Lani. The rider looks up at R'sner as she hears his voice, clearly having been caught up in her own ruminations, "Yes, I am fine." She offers with a curt nod and takes a breath before looking over to Nassir and giving him a nod of greeting then she has a Weyrwoman attached to her side and offering her looks for her 'gown' that makes her skin grow warm. "Congratulations Weyrwoman…" The compliment is met with a wide eyed look and then down to the dress and a little nod, "Sephany designed it for me…" Because surely its the DRESS that's beautiful and not her. Then the offer of drinks comes and she nods blankly to the woman. Wait the Weyrwoman is getting her drinks, "Ma'am you don't…" She starts but Risali is already off and she turns her gaze to Nassir as he passes her a gift, "Oh thank you…" She says still clearly a bit off balance from the Weyrwoman. The gift is opened and a beautiful peacock patterned shawl and is shaken out. "Oh this is beautiful.." She murmurs and draws off the shawl she had been wearing and places the new one over her shoulders instead, drapping her previous one over one arm for now. "Thank you so much."

Sephany is probably here somewhere, lurking in the crowd, eyeballing drinks but prudently abstaining from them because contrary to popular belief she DID learn her lesson and has grown wise. At least with alcohol. Dangerous stuff. ALMOST AS DANGEROUS AS THAT DRESS SHE DESIGNED! Anyways. She is here. Rest assured. And she will swoop in for hugs and congrats and quick ,"YOU LOOK AMAZING!" comments that are really just entirely inappropriate considering it's her dress that Lani is wearing. Anyways. CARRY ON. Ahem.

There is a lingering look at Lani that says R'sner does not /believe/ her assurance that she is fine; a tightness to his eyes and a focused assessment that has nothing to do with dangerously-revealing dresses and everything to do with Res knowing Lani well enough to know she's a bit off-kilter. But he won't pursue it, allowing the newly-graduated greenrider to keep her peace. It is only when Nassir is shifting to cast glances behind him that Res seems to become aware of Risali's presence. And… now the sudden lack of it. /He/ was not present for the recent lake-side assault, though he knows of its aftermath well enough that he's actually smirking, just a little, at the retreating figure even as his arm is tightening around the tailor's shoulders. "Congratulations," comes on the heels of Nassir handing over his gift and, once it is open and the new shawl swapped out for the previous one, he's moving in to try and get at least a side-hug. It is… perhaps more awkward given that his other side is currently claimed by Nassir but… what is dignity anymore, anyways? Hugs. Hugs all around. And poor, poor D'lei. Caught up in the storm of newly-acquired rank but handling it so well! Res would commend him… if he knew him, and was aware of it, and… knew anything about politics at all.

"I heard that!" gets called back over her shoulder, because how dare you call her ma'am, Lani. AND HEY. WHAT'S WITH ALL THESE HOTTIES IN ONE PLACE? R'sner, haaaaay. Nassir, haaaay. Lani, haaaaay. But for all the peacocks and other cocks (I MEAN ROOSTERS, COME ON YOU GUYS) strutting around in their best and finest, Risali's eyes keep straying to one particular man waylaid in the fray and the state of that man in them leathers. Who can focus on politics when you're looking at that, AMIRITE? Can we get some metaphysical and PHYSICAL fans up in here? Because it just got a thousand degrees hotter — at least, you know, you would think so given the way Risali literally keeps staring even as she walks with drinks in what's certainly a most precarious and not at all recommended attempt to get back with the trio of good-looking lookers without looking (at them). She bumps into one poor unfortunate soul, but thankfully doesn't spill anything, she just issues a soft sound of probably apology and keeps going. Her eyes are still on D'lei's derriere when Risali arrives, extending a drink for all before offering a, "Faranth, you all look amazing." Is she talking to them… or D'lei… or…? DON'T MIND HER, she's just admiring the views and that new peacock shawl, tearing her attention away from the Weyrleader long enough to lean sideways into Lani and knock the greenrider with a gentle shoulder-bump after that undignified (it was SUPER CUTE) three-way hug. "Gorgeous, Lani. I'll have to have Sephany make something for me; she does amazing work. Give us a spin," is offered right before her eyes stray back to D'lei who is, as of yet… delayed (I'M FUNNY, BADUM TSH) and then to the peek-a-boo Seph. "Sephany, you look amazing! Have my babies!" TOO LATE. AH WELL. BACK TO LANI, even as Risali asks the men, "Are you enjoying the… ah… view?" while still trying to hide her face. Because she's ridiculous. SPOTTED OR NO. And yes that was innuendo, and yes she thinks she's (not at all) funny, and NO. Don't worry, Nassir; there's no Leirith small enough to fit here. It's the beach you gotta worry about. "And where did you find this?" she asks, fingers hovering over the shawl without touching. "It's stunning."

Nassir flashes a warm smile at Lani, his hairfree of dragon slobberspilling over his shoulders with the gesture. "It was my pleasure," he assures as he's drawn into the momentary three way hug. "And you do looking amazing." With a drink pressed into his hand, Nassir's head tilts to the side, following the line of Risali's gaze. "Thank you. It's good to see you again," he assures. No hard feelings, nope. He is, however, terribly curious as to what she is staring at and keeps craning his neck to try to see. When he realizes what it is, his lips twitch in a smirk, a quiet laugh humming in his throat. Shenanigans for everyone, apparently.

"I look forward to seeing your proposals," D'lei finally says to those politicking politickers, because he is a liar. Also, he smiles. "But, enough business for now." By which he means far too much. "Let's enjoy the occasion and celebrate, shall we?" This is the Weyrleaderal We, the one that means 'you fly the sweep while I read the report' - or, in this case, he's going to make excuses and steer himself away, and they're going to … find someone else to politic at. Or maybe drinks. The point is, they're going to do it not at him, and he's going to make his way carefully from one relatively safe conversation to the next. Which, of course, eventually fails utterly; here he is coming up to Risali, his one arm sliding around her as she admires that shawl as his other hand lifts in a wave of greeting. He smiles as his eyes pass over Nassir and R'sner, then settle on Lani as his smile turns to a grin. "Congratulations, Wingrider Lani."

Lani winces at Risali's response to ma'am, "Sorry forgot…but you are Weyrwoman now.." She calls back. The greenrider fidgets her the shall now about her shoulders and crosses it a bit in front to hide some of the decolatage and tattoo she was revealing. Self conscious tonight when before she was quite relaxed into it. She smiles at Sephany settles in for an embrace and returns the hug, "You did a great job on the dress design. Have you seen your brother about?" She responds and then she is getting a side armed embrace from the fellow greenrider, "I'm glad you could both make it." She says at least managing a smile that does match the sincerty of her words. When the Weyrwoman returns and starts in with her comments again, Lani's dark skin darkens all the more but steps out of the side embraces to do as ordered and does a little spin on the spot. Definately a skirt made for twirling in and dancing in. The action has the shawl draping back to reveal shoulders and backless dress, though it hangs from arms and doesn't fall to the ground. "Sephany did a great job…" She says inching the shawl back up to modesty position again stroking the silk lightly, yes she likes her shawl. Then there is a nod to D'lei as he greets her , "Thank you and Congratulations to you too sir." She greets formally to the man.

"Not found," R'sner corrects, for the shawl. "Made." Because while he is loath to talk up his own achievements or about himself at all, he's definitely going to make sure credit is given where it is due. "Nassir created it." And though it's meant to be informative, there might just be a smidge of pride in his voice, and a slide of his eyes toward the tailor in question. It is a look that lingers, that softens, that might have eventually become a smile if the situation were a bit different and the crowd a bit… less of a crowd. Alas. At least it is now a crowd with drinks. This is definitely appreciated, and there is a quick swallow of whatever (hopefully alcoholic) beverage has just been pressed into his hand. "I wouldn't miss it," replied for Lani being glad they could make it, though once again he's looking at her with a look that is less affection and more… growing apprehension and concern for the sudden bout of shy modesty when previously she was so very /bold/ in her new life. And he looks just about to go ahead and press the issue despite previously declining as much, when a light-bulb seems to click over his head. He is a greenrider, after all. And he is also a weyrlingmaster. And he can definitely do some math in his head, throw in the sudden change in demeanor, and come up with a conclusion that has him quickly regarding Lani with sympathy rather than concern. Whatever advice he might have to give on this particular situation, it will have to wait. Especially considering D'lei has now joined them, adding another warm body to the mix. "The view?" he asks of Risali, because that comment went right over his head thanks to all of that mental-calculations happening. "And congratulations for you, Weyrleader," but he's smart enough not to offer the same to Risali! "Half Moon's duties and all that." Formalities.

Lani spins, and Risali catcalls, cheering, and whistling, and laughing in a manner good-natured as she claps. "Faranth, Lani. You're making every woman here want to be you. Promise you'll dance with me before the night is over." And then her attention is back onto R'sner and Nassir, listening politely when she's informed just who made that artful fabric. "It's beautiful," she tells R'sner and Nassir both, and she means it. But don't think that Risali didn't catch you peeking at what she was peeking at Nassir, because she totally did, and she waits until his eyes lock with hers again to give him a wickedly pleased little smile, the kind that fights back humor, and laughter, and tells him not to judge her even as she mouths, 'What? It's a nice ass,' before taking a sip of her drink and losing herself in admiration of Lani-Lani-Bo-Bani. Cue that hottie in the hot leathers joining the fray, Risali jumping, turning with the kind of momentum that says somebody needs to hold her flower 'cause she about to kick some ass before all of her relaxes into the bronzerider. And there's a slow smile, an unquestionable adoration that she keeps at bay by taking another un-ladylike swig of her drink before turning her attention back onto the other three. So okay, she's a little slow to respond, but she does eventually manage a, "I'm not sure what you're talking about, sir; I don't believe we've ever met," to Nassir, though her tone is impish, voiced around a smile as she pushes D'lei in front of her. Risali peeks out from behind him, somewhere near his side (both of which she's holding onto with small hands, bunching up his shirt), "But have you met our Weyrleader? His name is D'lei, and he will be thrilled to take record of any and all grievances — especially the ones involving Leirith."

"Outstanding work," Nassir states with a polite smile for Sephany. Without missing a beat, he winks at Lani, assuring in quiet tones. "We wouldn't have missed it." Momentarily distracted, he glances at D'lei affording a polite inclination of his head by way of greeting. "Weyrleader." It is R'sner's praise that stirs him to lightly clearing his throat, a flush of color staining his cheeks as he draws himself in closer against the Weyrlingmaster's side. Of course, he takes the opportunity to turn and whisper a brief explanation of 'the view' in R'sner's ear. When he is finished, a quiet chuckle spills past his lips, his brows rising and falling in a playful twitch. It is Risali's wicked little smile, however, that inspires a pleased laugh to humming in his throat. Judge? Pshaw, he's all about being you. "Mmhmm. I must have imagined the sand and dragon slobber." At the suggestion of grievances, he snorts another laugh, tilting his head enough to wink at Risali. "Leirith got me pampered with a delightfully long bath and hair washing. If anything I owe her more then a hat or two."

D'lei hehs, then nods. "Thanks," he says in response to those congratulations, then gives R'sner a nod for the rest. "We're glad to see you here." Not exactly the standard formalities, but hey. "Please do take some good wishes back to Half Moon." D'lei grins to the visiting weyrlingmaster, then turns his gaze back to Lani. "I think I like this party better, though. The one celebrating my promotion was catered by a bottle of tequila, and the main entertainment was T'revs explaining his filing system." So exciting! Like Risali's reaction, that he just responds to with a grin and a squeeze of his arm as she relaxes into it… briefly. Until she's once again using him as a human shield, that is! He tilts his head with a silent question to Nassir, then follows it with a laugh. "If you made her a hat large enough… she'd wear it." Just putting that out there! "Sometimes… that imagination does get away from us. Especially when it comes to people with big dreams." D'lei grins to the least familiar of these faces. "So, I don't think I caught your name?"

"I've had enough babies, thank you," is Sephany's not-at-all late response to Risali. "And no, he's not…" for S'van, because while LANI might not be aware of her dragon's condition (or maybe she is?) Aedeluth is, which means S'van is going to be far, /far/ away from this particular Weyr until that little hurdle is crossed and it's /safe/. "He did tell me to tell you 'Congrats!' and give you a hug," which she's already done, so… mission accomplished! At introductions to fellow weaver-craft-types, there is a hand extended and a shake delivered, should it be accepted. "Pleasure!" and while she /means/ it, there's a certain gleam to those grey eyes of hers that suggests mischief and perhaps a bit of humor that she's keeping to herself for the moment. "Oh, yes, fantastic idea!" Dancing, that is. And she's dressed for it, too. So even if Lani declines, Seph will take Risa up on that offer. Or, you know. All three on the dance floor isn't dangerous or anything, right? Suuure… And despite the general silence that will be coming from Seph (because OMG it is late and her player is about to crash), it can be well assumed that she is here and dancing, and definitely NOT DRINKING (Ok, maybe a little drinking) and NOT FLIRTING (ok, definitely flirting) and generally having an awesome time. Toodles!

Views. Definitely an explanation he could have lived without. A longer sigh before he's glancing towards something particularly innocuous (like that flower over there. SO PRETTY) and gathering his thoughts and his sensibilities before attempting to re-engage in the conversation. Which just… nope. Not going to happen. Not with Lani commenting as such on those… assets in question. Cue awkward looks from the visiting weyrlingmaster as he does his best to sip his drink and not look at the group around him. Yeah no. He's done folks. DONE. at the end of his ability to be civilized and conversational and just… social in general. So forgive him, maybe, because he's about to make a rather hasty exit on with a rather flimsy excuse. A quick hug for Lani is had, a murmur of reassurance in her ear that he will be back, and that it will be okay, that she'll be just fine, even if she may not know why he's offering such words of comfort. And with a subtle but not impolite sort of nod (though a distinct lack of smiling), he's murmuring a general good-bye and then booking it for the nearest exit. And of course he's going to be dragging Nassir with him under the pretense of touring the gardens, or the weyr or some such nonsense that is fooling no one.

"Oh I promised Leirith I would make her a hat," Nassir assures the weyrleader. Really, he's more then a little tickled over the notion that she'd actually wear it. Sephany's hand is taken and shaken, Nassir's expression remaining warm. "Absolutely a pleasure," he assures. Glancing at R'sner, he can't help but exhale a delighted laugh. Being dragged out has it's own merits and clearly the tailor has no intention of resisting that. He does, however, afford a wink for the Weyrwoman and a nod for the weyrleader.

"Hey now," Risali chimes in, grey eyes playfully accusing as she tilts, and leans and presses into D'lei enough to lock eye with him from somewhere under the height of his elbow. She most definitely does have one barefooted foot up in the air, and she most certainly is lacking any and all protocol that might single her out as Xanadu's Senior. "Tequila is always the start of the best parties. All you need is a little salt, and a little lime…" Did she just… did she just check out her weyrmate? She did, she totally did, and there wasn't an ounce of shame in those raking eyes, or the way Risali bit down on her bottom lip like she just couldn't handle it before ducking back away behind him. She smiles brightly to Lani, peeking around again for introductions (though they're not meant for her), waggling her fingers in a Hi! and a Hello! before leaning towards the greenrider again - biting down on her lip to fight back laughter this time even if she fails spectacularly. "It really is," Risali breathes. "You should see it out of the leathers." AND THAT WAS A SMACK, perhaps a COPIOUS GRAB, another PEEK FROM UNDER THE ELBOW with a wicked smile for her weyrmate that's half a challenge because she just wouldn't be Risali otherwise. And see, Risali would probably comment on dragon slobber, and sand, and dragon-hats and all that, but distraction comes before R'sner's running away, those grey eyes going wide seconds before Risali hikes up her dress and makes a spectacular jump-climb-squeeze-wiggle up onto D'lei's back. "Dash, they're coming! Run!" All too much glee and breathy, perhaps already working up adrenaline for the running away poor Dash is about to do. A wave to those around, and she forces her weyrmate off. GOGOGOGOGGOGO! "WE'LL DANCE LATER, LANI! PROMISE!" Vamoosh!

D'lei nods to Nassir about that hat. "Well, good. Now I can look forward to it too!" he says, and grins. As for that weyrleadering party? "Yeah," he replies to Risali, "But someone forgot the lime." A brow lifts, as does the corner of one mouth. "…plenty of salt, though." And then? Why, then he smiles, because… sometimes, the riders of a Weyr want to consider the assets of their leaders. Or the asses, ass it were. D'lei takes this in stride for Risali's smack, with aplomb of the bum, and doesn't butt in to Lani's consideration! Instead, he waits for the recovery to happen, the introductions to be made… "Thanks," he says to Lani, with a grin like he isn't aware of any potential awkward whatsoever, and then //it's time to turn tail and run! Or… at least jog, because he'd rather not find a hole in the dark and fall on his ass. Still. Hi-ho Dashiel, away!

A greenrider and his weaver departs in a flurry, a Goldrider and her prey depart with a measure of ass grabbing. Lani is left looking after one set of departing people and then the other. Little nods and fare wells offered before she turns to Sephany and extends a hand, "It seems the dance floor is left to us?" She offers with a hopeful sound in her voice, "I do know how to dance at least?" She offers as her qualification and should the weaver accept the pair will dance and show how swishy her skirt is for the moment her self consciosness and proddy greenness forgotten!

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