A Most Embarrassing Meeting

Xanadu Weyr - Forest

In sharp contrast to the treeless, carefully manicured look of the main clearing, the forest is full of trees, and maintains most of its natural look. Wild flowers grow in their seasons, bordering the road leading from the main clearing as weaves its way between the stands of trees - wide enough for traffic of all types, even draconic. Leading off are several smaller, less worn trails, which branch outwards, making their way to private residences and other attractions - the theater for example. The road, though, continues on eastward, to the feeding grounds and the mine, and beyond that, to the coastal road out of Xanadu's territory.

Amongst the normal weyrs scattered amongst the trees, there is one that is undergoing construction. A large, four-sided structure is protruding, supported by thick wood beams, bearing a ledge, and four large clock faces. It towers over the trees, creating quite a sight for arriving riders.

Karona has a steel blue firelizard on her shoulder, tail curled around her arm for balance, as he's stretched out as tall as he can be, using his wings to keep him upright. He seems to be /looking/ for something. On her other shoulder is a dark brown firelizard, looking much more relaxed, even bored. In her hands, she has a flat wide basket, with a cloth over the top. "Cane?" she's calling. "Ca-ane? Here Cane, food for you, come on, nice big basket of wherry, you like wherry, don't you?" she's cooing, likely be terribly embarrassed if she was caught, but apparently there's something to find. Probably another firelizard, as she's looking up more than down. "Come out come out wherever you are."

*HICC!* It comes echoing through the trees, all of a sudden, as if in answer, though obviously that's no firelizard- *HICC!* Karona isn't the only one making embarrassing noises out in the forest. Some distance away, there is a shuffling, as one lanky figure edges behind a tree. Back pressed tightly against the trunk, head lifted skyward in abject misery, is a young boy, a look of extreme exasperation on his somewhat pink face. Despite the fine quality of his clothes, they bear the signs of a scuffle, shirt wrinkled and collar slightly askew, one sleeve shoved up a little further than the other, and his hair has been mussed out of its styled cut, sticking up in places. *HICC!* Poor Iessrien, of all the things to come down with, while visiting foreign parts.. *HICC*! He's either not noticed Karona's approach, or is too busy trying to stifle the hiccups to properly acknowledge her presence, suddenly preoccupied with holding his breath.

The first hiccup startles the lazy looking brown on Karona's shoulder, and he launches up, popping between as soon as he's clear of the smith's shoulder. "Great. Bah, shoo, you." she mutters, waving at the blue, "Go scavenge off the feeding grounds like you usually do." she 'orders', though the blue refuses to budge. "Fine. I'm not feeding you until the others show, though." she states, shifting her attention to the source of the hiccups. "Er, hello?" she calls out, louder, as she starts to move towards the source of the noise. "You okay over there?"

*HICC!!* is the answer the smith receives, the holder boy straightening suddenly - for holder his knot certainly proclaims, Breakwater Hold by the colors, if one were familiar with the area. Dingy-blue eyes go wide, and a hand comes up immediately to clap over his mouth, face reddening further. And then there is silence. He looks almost as startled by this as he was by the woman's appearance; apparently he really did not hear her above the hiccups. Hesitantly, and very slowly, he lowers his hand. The moment Iess opens his mouth to reply properly, however, a, "H- *HICC!*" escapes, followed by sinking of shoulders as he slumps back against the tree trunk, and just drags a hand down over his face. "..I'm- *HICC!*" Oy.

Karona looks the holder boy up and down, taking in the dishevelled state of his clothes, and the knot on his shoulder. "Oh, you poor thing, had a bit of a scare, did you? First time in a Weyr?" she guesses, one hand reaching under the fabric of her basket, much to the interest of the blue firelizard on her shoulder. "Would you like a drink? Got a bottle of water I was saving for later, but I can get more." she says, tugging out a small bottle. "Might help?" she offers, holding it out.

Trying again, he manages, "I'm Ie- *HICC!* -srie- *HICC!*" followed by a soft groan. Irritably rubbing his face, Iess gives the woman a suddenly indignant look. Poor thing? Well, yes, he is kind of in a sorry state, but the lad straightens immediately, to his oh so (not) imposing height of 5'7" and glares past his fingers at her, cheeks rapidly coloring even more toward a true redfruit-like hue. Dropping his hand, he opens his mouth with words of denial on his tongue - only to let out a rather terrifically loud: *HICc!!!* Jaws clamp shut with an audiable click, and eyes just close, the exasperation written on every line of his face. He just holds out his hand, wordlessly, for the water.

Karona meets Iessrien's glare with a level gaze, unmoved. The bottle is handed over, and then she takes a step back, idly reaching a hand up to stroke the steel blue firelizard on her shoulder. His eyes are whirling awful fast, seems the hiccupping holder has him a bit worked up. So the step away, that was to calm the firelizard, not the boy? Probably. "I'm Karona, by the way." she introduces.

Gluglug glug. Iess wastes no time in uncapping and tilting back the water bottle, determinedly downing whatever is inside. (Hopefully it /is/ just water, because he's probably not even tasting it.) The container is half-emptied before he stops to breathe, noticing Karona's slight distance, and canting his head in acknowlegement of her introduction. Mouth opens again, but the first inkling of a rising hiccup has him quickly lifting that bottle again, and taking several more gulps. Swallowing as he lowers it once more, he takes a cautious breath and then practically sags with relief, letting the tree behind him take most of his weight. "/Shellshards/," is croaked out, followed by an immediate sheepish look sent Karona's way, the boy straightening again and clearing his throat. "Iessrien, of Breakwater Hold," the introduction a but curt, though that might just be the lingering embarrassment, the bottle hastily held back to her with a slightly stiff, "Thanks."

It was, indeed, just water. Karona takes the bottle, and tucks it back away in that basket, again gaining the firelizard's interest. "Oh, /shoo/." she snaps at the blue, waving her arms in an attempt to get him to budge. "I'm /fine/, go eat something, I'm perfectly safe here, with Iessrien." She glances over at the boy then, tilting her head. "I /am/, aren't I? Safe?" she asks, suspiciously. What? He seems harmless enough, a boy recovering from the hiccups, Karona the smith could probably take him in a fight, if she was the type to fight. "Ah, you're welcome." is added, on the return of the bottle.

Iessrien clears his throat again, and absently straightens his shirt, tugging the ends down so his collar isn't quite so askew. A flick of a glance is spared for the firelizard, brief interest there, though the holder only watches it a second before his attention goes back to Karona. At the question of safety, his nose wrinkles slightly with a muttered, "Pleased to meet you too." Iess is no burly brute, despite the toned muscle beneath his tunic, soft hands and average height not giving him any advantages there. He probably couldn't pull off imposing without something to stand on, at the very least, anyway.

Karona turns blame for her suspicion on her firelizard. "This is /exactly/ like the time you tried to 'protect' me from the forge. It's fine, I'm /fine/, now get lost." she snaps. But still he does not budge. Karona sighs, and places the basket carefully on the ground, pulling away the fabric cover. "Fine, /eat/. Let the others go hungry." she snorts. The blue makes a dive for the basket, of assorted cold meats. Food for firelizards. "Ah, sorry," is offered to Iessrien, now that the firelizard is distracted. "I don't mean to, uh, well… I'm sure… uh… so. What brings you to Xanadu?" she swiftly changes the subject, in an attempt to hide her stammering and reddening face.

Iessrien just eyes the woman, skeptical look at her commentary about the forge-protecting firelizard, lips twitching in a flicker of amusement when the creature dives for the basket. As Karona's face colors, Iess' own features seemed to have regained their normal color, having gotten over the reddish tinge. Lips twitch, however, slightly upward at the corners for her apology, the boy waving it off with a curt, "It's fine." As for what brings him to the weyr, there's another bit of throat-clearing and some straightening as he explains, shoulders shifting back into a shrug, "My father sent me to discuss our hold's trade with the steward," no sign of pompousness or even mere sense of duty in his voice. He sounds more irritated by it than anything, glancing over his shoulder quickly with an, "I should get back to that." Nod to Karona, "Thanks for the water," serving as a farewell, Iessrien turns and heads back into the forest, abrupt exit perhaps hastened by some lingering embarrassment.

Karona tilts her head at the holder as he passes, offering a wave. "Good luck with that." she calls, though as a smith she has no experience negotiating trades with anyone, except potential customers. She turns back to eye the firelizard - firelizards - a brown just over half the size of the blue has started in on the food now, and Karona cries a relieved, "There you are, sneaky little firelizard." Cooing rather embarrassingly at the brown. She glances over her shoulder, Iessrien /is/ out of earshot, right? She can only hope.

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