Granaeth's Jokes Are Knot Funny (Brynnjan is Searched!)

Xanadu Weyr - Observatory
At some distance through the fields and hills, up atop a steep ridge there's a rather distinctive looking building - nearing three stories tall, circular grey walls have carefully been erected, and a large dome is settled upon this solid foundation. Sitting adjacent to the tower is a long, low building, meant to serve as offices, record rooms and dorms for those who man the observatory. The flat roof also provides a handy platform for those who seek to use smaller, hand-held 'scopes. The view of Xanadu Weyr is a good one; the view of the night sky is an amazing, a view that reaches from horizon to horizon,unaffected by the light pollution of the more heavily traveled regions.
At dusk, the dome over the central telescope parts and scrolls back to allow the scope to extend towards the heavens. The computer console with all the knobs and buttons controls focus and position as well as projecting onto the extra large screen placed high enough for all to clearly see it. Around the perimeter are seats for onlookers to join the nightly sessions.
Off to one side is a short corridor leading to several offices for the masters and journeymen Starsmiths and one main workroom for scribes, full of star charts and tomes of astronomical knowledge and orbital physics.

The days light is mostly gone with not a moon in sight, and the sky is covered in a blanket of stars. The grounds surrounding the Observatory are littered as well, full of dragons sprawled or loafing comfortably while their riders and families fill in the surrounding spaces with picnic blankets. A flicker of light flashes over head, and just as quickly, it vanishes in a streak of light. Tiny voices of children could be heard shrieking and giggling throughout it all, entertained by the show up above. L'gan didn't bring a blanket or anything this time out, he simply brought himself, leaning back against the large form of his bronze dragon with his feet crossed in relative comfort.

"It's beautiful, isn't it?" Brynnjan inquires of the bronze firelizard circling lazily around his head, gazing up at the sky as he makes his way toward the observatory. The firelizard apparently answers in the affirmative, and zips up the trail toward the observatory. As he crests the hill, Brynnjan lays eyes on a rider and dragon, and decides to close in. "Nice weather we're having, eh?" He offers.

L'gan glances down to the sudden voice and he smiles and nods his head, glancing back up to the sky above. "Yeah, perfect night for stargazing. Star Craft said we should be seeing a record number of shooting stars tonight so it's a good time to get out and enjoy the show." The bronze dragon takes in a deep breath, and simply huffs, tucking his head under a wing. It's naptime and not a glowing green in sight to justify missing his favorite passtime.

"Did they? Wonderful. I love watching the stars." Brynnjan responds with a smile, finding a place nearby and settling in for the show. He watches the stars winking and blinking, the various stellar phenomena soaring across the sky. "So, when you're not here watching the stars, what do you two do?" He inclines his head toward the dragon, keeping his voice as quiet as possible.

L'gan glances back towards Brynnjan for a moment, making sure he's turning his head to the right direction to answer if his own eyes don't. "I'm a Tannercraft Journeyman. I mainly do leather tanning." Granaeth mainly does all the eating, sleeping, and chasing of dragons. Hey, a dragon's work is never done! Napping? Total bonus. "Getting leather treated and ready for crafting use. We go through quite a bit."

"Fun. I'm a Techcraft. Engineercraft, to be precise. I love being able to work with my hands, to create. My father's a smith/miner from Telgar, and my mother's a healer, from Lemos." Brynnjan stretches, luxuriously, nodding in response to L'gan's words. "…So, I've heard talk that the hatching sands have a faulty heating coil. Is that true? Perhaps I'll head down and take a peek at it, see if I can do something. Assuming I haven't heard old news."

"Well, you could try to go down there and take a peek at it but I can guarantee, even in her frail state, that Meirath might not be opposed to inflicting her wrath. Queens are very particular about who is allowed on the sands at all, for any reason. Unless someone goes out of their way from the higher echelons to commission your assistance, I think it's best to preserve your life." L'gan chuckles a bit and sighs, offering Brynnjan a little bit of a shrug. "If there's issues with the coils, I've no idea. It's not really my lane. I just deal with issues pertaining to my craft." Just over head, a trio of stars streak across the sky. One of which leaving a glittering trail in it's wake. Now, the shooting stars are easier to see with the darkness finally finding it's way over the Observatory.

"I wouldn't go there now. Not while a queen's down there, especially. I value having my head attached to my body." Brynnjan grins, and nods. "Wow!" He looks up just in time to catch the trio of stars, and the one with a glittering trail. "This is amazing. Is there any difference between watching the stars from the ground, or on the back of a dragon? Better or worse view?"

"Not too much of a difference as far as view. As far as comfort? Less likely to get dry eyes, infected ears or whiplash from the ground." L'gan covers his mouth while he yawns and settles down once more. "That, and it's harder to eat from a dragons back if you want something hot. You gotta pick your comforts. Toss your craft duties into the mix? Gonna have to get creative." The tower of the Observatory begins to move, slowly rotating until the muzzle of the telescope comes into sight. Not more than a moment later, the telescope itself begins to move, orienting itself on an unseen point in the cosmos. "I wonder what they're looking for this time?"

"Perhaps one of those comets has some sort of heretofore-undiscovered metal, and they're wondering how best to bring it in for further study." Bryn offers. More than likely not, but.. hey, it could happen, yeah? "Or perhaps it's some sort of foreign lifeform."

"Could be. Could be tracking the location of the Yokohama station. It just floats around out there and orbits over and over. Still interesting to look at after all this time." L'gan straightens up just a little bit, then leans back against Granaeth who managed to fold his wings up and out of the way. If he's gonna nap, it's going to be with the breeze in his face! For a moment, a distant warble gets his attention and he lifts his head with eyes whirling yellow. A low rumble emanates from his throat but L'gan doesn't seem to mind. He's content leaning back and watching the stars.

Brynnjan 's bronze firelizard perks up at the warbling noise. "What was that?" Brynnjan inquires, glancing to L'gan. Bryn's firelizard promptly seeks refuge next to him, bouncing back and forth between terror and masculine bravado.

"Eh, dragons are like people in terms of personally. It was just a little good-natured ribbing between a few. Sometimes Granaeth likes to aggravate things for the sake of entertainment and other times he'll try to quiet people because he's tired of hearing it. Depends on what kind of mood he's in. Half the time, I can hear the whole exchange and that time? He makes sure I can hear because he's usually trying to instigate fights with me." L'gan frowns, turning his head to the bronze who rumbles his own amusement. Alright, he'll stop. Only because he's comfy and doesn't want to go home if he doesn't have to.

"I can only hope I one day prove worthy of such trust and companionship." Brynnjan responds. The bronze firelizard gives him a hurt look, and bumps against his chin. "Oh, don't you worry. Nothing will change between us. We'll always be together." He responds, giving the firelizard's belly a playful rub.

"I've got firelizards, too. They have their moments but wouldn't know what to do without eachother. I swear, sometimes I think Granaeth encourages half the trouble they cause. Sweet things, otherwise." L'gan sighs, shaking his head before he glances over to Brynnjan. "The funny thing about dragons, there's no right way to go about being searched. No check list or tricks. Only the dragons know what they want and what they look for. They never let you in on what makes them decide either. So when it comes to that, well… Don't be crazy and don't be a murderer. Otherwise, you got a fair shot like everyone else."

Brynnjan gives a deadpan look to L'gan and Granaeth. "Oh, well, then I guess I'm doubly out of luck." He lets his words hang a bit before grinning. "But, no, really, if that's all there is, that's a relief. I'm no crazy murderer." He inhales, exhales, and stretches out. "Ahh.. there we go."

He's not? Where's the fun in that?! Granaeth rumbles, lifting his head up and he swings it around, bringing his nose over to Brynnjan with absolutely no concept of personal space. To his credit, he's not touching the stranger at the least. "Granaeth! Stop it! He just said he's not a crazy murderer. We're sure. Position. Would you knock it off and just enjoy the nap?" Nope, there's no enjoying the nap. The bronze has had more than enough rest. For now, he's being nosy, much to L'gan's dismay. There's more interesting things on the ground.

Brynnjan reaches out, cautiously, and offers the bronze a sniff of his hand. "I hope I haven't done anything to displease," he inquires, glancing to the bronze lizard. "Have I?" If he passes muster, of course he'll offer a (hopefully) reassuring petting.

"Displease? No, he's always happy to eat someone." L'gan chuckles quietly and gives the bronze a rough pat, who rumbles with eyes whirling red this time. "I'm kidding, he's just curious about you is all." Granaeth tilts his head towards his rider for being a kiljoy and he pushes his nose forward to let Brynnjan touch him if he wants to. Granaeth slowly rises to his feet, holding his head still and he extends a wing to stretch it out before neatly folding it back at his side.

Brynnjan exhales quietly, the tension draining from him as he notes the dragon's disposition toward him. "Well, that makes two of us. Always enjoyable meeting a dragon for the first time. Magnificent, elegant, beautiful.." He nods, giving Granaeth's nose a friendly petting.

"Don't give him too much attention, he really doesn't need the ego boost. Has one big enough for the three of us already." Granaeth bumps his rider and moves his nose to sniff Brynnjan's face. L'gan only has enough time to rise to his feet, dusting himself off just a little bit before he stops, staring off into space and not quite the stars. He slides his hands into his pockets for a moment, then shrugs. "Shards, I just do the talking. That's your job, Granaeth. You tell me?" The bronze turns his head back to his rider and then steps back into the fields, rustling his wings as another dragon gets his attention. L'gan clears his throat and offers a grin of apology for his lifemate's sudden exit. "Well. Granaeth would like to know if you were interested in becoming a Candidate for Meirath's clutch? If you agree, you'd have to stay in the barracks until the day comes where you can stand and see where the sands takes you."

"Oh, come on.. if he were my dragon, I'd spoil him." Brynnjan grin. "If I had a dragon, I'd lay down my life for him, as I would anyone else. I'd do all I could to keep him safe, see that he wants for nothing." As Granaeth leaves, and L'gan speaks up again, Brynn blinks, and then nods. "I'd be honored to become a candidate. I'll do everything I can to put my best foot forward at all times."

"Good to hear it," L'gan says as he hands Brynnjan his shiny new white shoulder knot. "Make sure you put that on. As a Candidate, you need to report to the barracks. That'll be your home until the dragons hatch. For now, make sure your superiors know you're now a Candidate and pack up only necessary items for the time being." Perfect timing for Granaeth to zip off across the sky looking for some trouble to cause. L'gan shakes his head and groans, then turns back to Brynnjan. "Just… take your time, but be there by tonight so you can be accounted for."

Brynnjan beams, and accepts his new shoulder knot gracefully, adding it to his uniform and offering a crisp salute. "Understood. I'll let my superiors know, report to the barracks, and have the necessities moved as quickly as possible. Thank you for this opportunity. I shall not take it lightly."

"Best you get going and I get going the same. Granaeth isn't going to be back for a while so I better get some work done while I can. Congrats and stay out of trouble." L'gan puts his hands into his own pockets, nods a farewell to Brynnjan and begins to make his way down the hill. By work, he means cleaning up the mess his dragon intentionally left 'as a joke' in their weyr. Jokes.

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