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Xanadu Weyr - Store Room
This large storeroom is lit with a series of electric lights, illuminating the smooth cut walls. Rows of shelving contain all sorts of items, while large trunks contain all sorts of clothing, and a mix-matched variety of furniture is stacked up in one corner.

There's a growing assortment of claimed furniture off to one side of the storerooms, left there by weyrlings as they sort through the mess. If it were all going to one weyr, it'd be enough to stuff the place from floor to ceiling. Divided among thirteen… well, it's still kind of sparse. There may yet be some weyrs furnished with crates and haybales… but then again, there's also still plenty of cleaning and sorting to be done. Maybe the rest of the furniture they need is still lurking… somewhere. That's why Soriana's here this afternoon. It's a pleasant enough day outside, but she and a few others have been here since around lunchtime under the watchful gaze of an AWLM. At the moment, Soriana herself is actually not working through weyr furnishings at all, though T'bor is stacking chairs and Reina is gathering a collection of plates and sorting them into piles by the number of chips they have out. Soriana, though… she's in the clothing section, or rather, what's supposed to be the clothing section. That doesn't explain why there's a set of diving supplies mixed up with a row of jackets. Maybe someone figured that diving suits were still suits? Though that still doesn't explain why the tanks and hose are there. She's frowning at them, considering what to do. Where should they go? Why do they have to be so heavy and bulky? …maybe that's why they were stowed here in the first place. Nobody wanted to deal with them. Sigh.

Ka'el's dream of finding a super wide, extra large, beyond comfortable bed for himself kind of .. hasn't panned out the way he had imagined. In fact, his future sleeping quarters for now may only be furnished by a pile of blankets, for that's all he's managed to scour for himself though the efforts of cleaning and claiming. But really, does he need a bed? … Yes. Yes he does, considering how much he likes to sleep. Not that he's been given much opportunity to show off his skills lately. Ah well. Maybe he'll uncover a treasure in here today with the others. He's rummaging through a wardrobe that's been filled with knicknacks instead of clothing, pulling things out and pushing things aside. He comes up with an armful of jeans which don't belon with the assortment, and thus he carries them to where he last saw clothing. In the clothing area. After contemplating dumping them on the floor and making a run for it, he instead moves further in to search for any box or such that may bouse jeans. And it's on this search that he spies Soriana, peering at… wait. What is that? He sidles up to her, still holding his bottomwear. "…You'd look so hot in that. Should take it. Wear it to a dance." He even manages to keep a straight face! For now. "Plus an airtank.." He gives a low whistle. Hot stuff!

Blankets are a start. Fold one in half, and it's a bed. Fold one in quarters, and it's a chair. Drape one over a crate, and it's a table - with a tablecloth, so it's fancy. Wrap it around yourself, and it's a cloak. Oh, wait. Cloaks aren't furniture. They're clothing. Wetsuits, on the other hand… okay yes they sort of are, but really, they're not. Soriana glances over to Ka'el, and smirks. "And while I'm at it, one of those full-face helmets?" She starts to shake her head, then pauses and looks back to the diving gear. "Though, I guess it's good to know it exists. I am going to get those diving lessons." Sometime. When she has time. So… yeah, who knows? "But I don't think there's gonna be a formal dive anytime soon." She grins, though. Even if Ka'el's being serious. "And I am not going to start a fashion trend. You'd have to get someone else for that." She glances down at the bundle of jeans in his arms, and points over to a spot behind those jackets. "Over there. Unless they're for rags, in which case…" a different direction, a different box! Because these are important distinctions, which… are only sort of being maintained at this point. They probably need to be sorted through again.

Full face helmets? Ka'el inhales a sharp breath and tenses his face, eyes closing dramatically. "Don't. You're already makin' me hot." A few seconds longer is all he has before a grin finally breaks through. Eyes open soon after, grin directed at her before he glances to those wetsuits again, only now realizing just what area they're located in. Uh.. Yeah. Totally not clothing. "Diving lessons?" he says, quirking a brow while looking back at her. "Swimmin' with the dolphins an' fish now, huh? Have fun with that." Following her gesture, he ahs and heads towards the other jeans, dropping his pile atop those. Sigh. Suppose he could fold these. He can fold, right? Sure he can, he he begins to do so. "You got all you've been looking for for your weyr?" he asks with lifted brows. "I still need a bed. I wonder how much those cost. … I wonder how often we get paid when we join a wing…" A pause, then. "..We get paid, right?"

Soriana smirks. "I know. I'll be sure and get the tinted glass. Just for you." She blows Ka'el a kiss, then grins wide in answer to his before nodding. "Yeah, Natalya said she'd show me. Figure it'd be neat to see what it's like underwater, so why not?" Because she doesn't have time, that's why not, but hey. Maybe that'll change! She can but hope. Also, she can hoist some of the dive suits up over her shoulder to carry over to… hmm. There's the area that has some fishing supplies. That's close, right? They both involve the water. Good enough! "Some of it," she says to Ka'el, and his folding gets a smile from her as she passes. Expert at it or not, it's good enough for storeroom-cleaning purposes. "I found a bed, but… it's not great. I'm still looking." She sets down the gear, more or less neatly, and looks at it consideringly. "…I hope this doesn't need oiling or something." Hmm. But, well… she shrugs. Nothing she can do about it right this moment. Maybe she'll ask Naty when (if) she actually manages to get that lesson. For now, she heads back toward Ka'el… not that she's likely to find a bed here. Bedclothes, maybe, if they've been misplaced. The bed? Not so much, but at least she can get the cleaning the storerooms part of today's tasks. Also the conversation part… "Of course we get paid. It's probably the same as the stipends for apprentices." A pause. "For how often, I mean, not how much." Her lips tug sideways, thinking. "Though, I guess maybe not much more, I mean, if you're still doing craft stuff… but you do need enough to take care of your dragon…" So, in short, she doesn't actually know!

Natalya. Why does that name sound familiar? Ka'el contemplates this while folding. Well .. kind of folding. It's more of a 'rolling' gesture he has going on, but hey, it's still organizing jeans! "Oh, that dolphin girl," he says at last, nodding in remembrance. "Shells, I haven't een her in forever. Haven't seen a lot've people in forever," he realizes. "Hell. First thing I'm gonna do once I get my weyr? Have a party. Invite all the candidates. The ones who're still around anyway. Some've the smithin' guys. Xanthius if he's around.." he pauses in his folding efforts to tick off the list of to be party goers on his fingers. "It'll be awesome." The thought alone makes him grin as the vivid picture of an amazingly roomy weyr filled with people, food, drink, music, and an overall good time paints itself across his mind. Yeah. Awesome. He brings himself back to the present now at the talk of being paid. "Yeah, suppose you're right. We'd have to get paid. Ers'lan said joinin' a wing is payin' back the weyr for all that it gave during weyrlinghood. And now that we've gotten so much…I get what he means. Just wasn't sure if that meant we'd be workin' to pay off a debt for a while before really getting marks." Yeah, he has no clue either. Another jean is fold-rolled.

Do you hear Soriana complaining about Ka'el's fold-rolling-procedures? …. That's because she's not! "I know, right?" She leans for a moment against the edge of the bin where he's working. "I hadn't seen her in months before I ran into her in the caverns. Hadn't even realized it'd been that long… and, shards, now it's been months again." Soriana shakes her head, going over to start hanging a set of coats that were tumbled in a heap and should be up on the rack instead. "A party sounds great." Assuming there's room in Ka'el's weyr, which they are. "I'm so there." Assuming she has time? Nah. For that, she'll make the time! More coats go up on their hangers, though she pauses to look at one and give her head a little shake. "When did it get to be almost winter again?" Seriously, when? Time flies when you're a weyrling. Soriana glances back to Ka'el, and nods slowly. Hmm. "Well… the Weyr's not going to stop taking care of you, just because you graduate." She gives a crooked grin, then hangs up another coat. "You'll get enough to eat and oil your dragon and all that, however it works. I dunno if they take some back for a while, or if it's just… figured in." A shrug, and then a teasing grin. "Pretty sure you're not going to be raking it in for a while, though. Not until you become a wingleader or journeyman or something."

What? He won't be rollin' in the marks? No filling up a swimming pool with them and jumping in, like Scrooge McDuck? Backstroking in half marks? Alas! Ka'el gives her a sidelong grin. "At this pace, I'll be a weyrleader before a journeyman. Guess I'll have to get used to scraping the bottom of the barrel," he says with an extravagantly dramatic sigh. Woe be unto him! "At least I'll still get stuff for Kanekith, and as long as the Caverns don't kick me out I won't starve. I really did think once we graduated we were kinda… on our own for everything." Which was a daunting thought! Soriana may not know just how big of a relief this is! One more pair of jeans is rolled before he carries it off, following her to her rack of coats. "I hate winter." He wrinkles his nose as he pauses behind her and lowers his head to rest his chin on her shoulder with a pouty facy. Bottom lip jutted out and everything. "How about you convince your ma to banish us to somewhere warm an' we can finish our weyrling studies out there instead?" Yup. Perfectly reasonable request!

"Hah," Soriana says to Ka'el's journeymanly (or, uh, not so journeymanly) plight. "Maybe Kanekith will make journeyman first. I mean, he's already a good clocksmith, I'm sure he can pick the rest up pretty quick." She grins, then nods more seriously. "Weyr'll take care of its own. Not that you hadn't better get used to storage room seconds," a wave of her hands to indicate their surroundings, "because it's not like the place is made of marks, but y'won't starve. Not so long as you're doing something." They've got to pay Xanadu back for all those weyrlinghood gifts… but the Weyr takes an installment plan. Soriana tilts her head back as Ka'el comes over, touching her lips briefly to that pouty one of his… then hands him a hanger to hold while she puts the coat onto it. "Hey, now that's an idea. Ista, maybe? Very educational beaches there." She grins. "It miiiight be a bit of a long flight, though. I hear there's this ocean in the way."

Ka'el lightly grins at the kiss (which ruins his whole pouty look, thank you very much!) and lifts his chin from her shoulder as he's handed a hanger. Yes. He'd might as well be useful! And so coat rack Ka'el does just that. The hanger is held out til the coat is situated on it, then he lifts the coat to the rack to hang. Teamwork! "Yes. I can think of no better place than Ista. There's so much to learn, eh? For instance … just how long can one lay in the sun before one starts to sweat?" His brows raise and eyes slightly widen. Huh? Do you know? Of course not because this requires some field experiments! "Or just what shade of tan looks best with dark hair? Or..uh…other things, too. All of which are extremely important to weyrlinghood mastery." He nods sagely now. "It's worth the flight. Or .. can't dragons take other dragons between?" Like a seeing eye dragon? "We'll make it work. Til then, wanna take lunch with me?" Or maybe this is second lunch. Right after lunch. Just before afternoon tea. "Just look extra famished with me. The AWLMs won't be able to say no."

Yes, teamwork! But, see, this is Team Coathanger, not Team Pout, so they're all useful and such. It's much faster than either of them doing it alone would be, Soriana promises. Or would, to anyone who tried to shoo them apart as they discuss important questions. "Hmm," she says to Ka'el, giving his thought-provokers all due consideration. "I don't know!" Which is terrible, really. How will she manage to have a proper weyrlinghood if she doesn't get these sorts of questions answered? "And does it make a difference if you swim first?" Inquiring minds want to know! She laughs to Ka'el the sagacious. "Just a few days of soaring, that's all." Their dragons have been practicing longer and longer flights, right? This must be why. "Well, they give each other coordinates…" all the time! But actually taking another dragon between? "Ki-i-inda…" She's read about it! In some of her dragonhealing texts, for when a dragon was injured and unconscious. It took three or four other dragons, and the speculation was that they were contacting the unconscious mind of the other dragon and bringing it along that way, not just carrying it like a sack of tubers. Also it was marked as Very Dangerous Do Not Attempt Unless Absolutely Necessary. So 'spending mornings on an Istan beach' is probably not a good enough reason. Not for something of that magnitude. Sneaking out from storeroom-sorting, on the other hand… well, second lunch is a good enough excuse for that. "Yeah, sure." She grins. "In fact, I can do you one better." The last of the coats is hung up, and then Soriana heads over to where Reina's working. "Hey, so, are you done sorting those plates? I can take the good ones to the kitchen for you…" Lookit her, volunteering to be helpful! Oh, and look, Reina is done sorting and there is a load (two, if you split it so as to be careful and not drop any) of plates to be carried to the kitchens… and from there, well, who could blame the messengers for stopping and having a snack?

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