Enkavir Wakes

Xanadu Weyr - Infirmary


The infirmary here is intended for human care. It is spotless and smells of disinfectant, cots are lined up against one wall, a curtain can be pulled to give some privacy to the occupants of the cots if they so desire. A cabinet stands off against another wall, instruments and medications stored against when they will be needed. A couple of curtained off beds are used for examinations of patients and the treatment of minor injuries which won't require long term care. A desk with chair is just off of the doorway for the healer to sit and catch up on record keeping after a long days work.

Afternoon and the infirmary is, if not bustling at least active. A child gets a scrape disinfected, a stablehand has a broken finger taped, and apprentices go about their duties of cleaning and refilling supplies. In a quiet corner is a cot, well attended by both healers and friends, where the still unconscious form of Enkavir lays. He is pale, with dark-smudged eyes and perhaps most odd of all his hair is contained by a layer of bandages making him look almost not like himself at all. There's nothing to mark the moment, to make it stand out from all the others sitting and waiting, but without ceremony or announcement, the record keeper stirs. It's just a twitch of fingers, a flicker of eyelides, but it is there.

Morlanol sits on the edge of a cot near Enkavir's. He wasn't waiting specifically for Enkavir to wake, but it was as good an activity as any until the healer's let him go. He sat up a little straighter as Enkavir twitched, but stayed quiet, afraid of causing one of the on-lookers sad emotions

Curled up near Enkavir's feet, a green firelizard rests with her head set onto her forepaws. Now and again, a small tongue sneaks out, as if tasting the air or her wings flutter before she returns to sitting motionless, watching. The twitch of fingers immediately catches the green's attention as her eyes and head swivel towards it. Her nose flares slightly in response, head tilting before she gives a curious little chirrup of sound. Kialio, left behind by her owner, spots what she's been waiting for. Blinking lids over her eyes, she continues to watch the movement, tail twitching expectantly.

Thea is curled in a chair pulled up beside the cot, looking worn and rumpled. In her lap the is a stack of paperwork that some kind soul has thought to bring her, but nothing has been touched as of yet. At the moment she is awake, but looking like she needs a good, long sleep as she rather woodenly stares at the work she's supposed to do. One hand is out-stretched palm up to cradle Enkavir's and it is the finger twitch of his that rouses her to sharp awareness as her eyes fly to his face and she is forgetting to breathe as she watches his face, noting those eye-twitches. "Kav?" Softly spoken so as not to startle, there is a mixture of hope, joy and fear in the tone. An odd combination.

Busy though Rhasmir's days might be, it is a Trader's choice to do what he wants to as long as he's still making marks. He certainly has time to check on injured — friends? Well, yes. Friends. It's not exactly something he has tons of, outside of his caravan, a friend, but that's what happens when you don't move out of an area quick enough. "Yes, healer." Somewhere near the entrance, the lad is trying to look patient, but failing miserably. A toe taps and his arms are crossed, a frown dulling his usually-bright face. "I understand, healer," Here his voice takes on an edge. "Can I just —" A step forward. The healer he's apparently been arguing throws up his hands and stalks off to assist one of those waiting for treatment. Freed, Rhas takes a step forward, eyes flicking over the various sections, frowning faintly.

His name, spoken in that tone and by that familiar voice has Enkavir's lids fluttering more quickly. His lips, dry from a day unconscious, press together and his tongue slips out to try and wet them in vain. A low moan escapes him, and then he's still again. A healer can't help but see Thea jump forward and she slips quietly over. "Is he waking? Offer him some water but have him take it easy. We'll be by to look him over in a moment." Thoughtful or possibly in deference to Thea's knot, she slips away just as unobtrusively. It's about then that Kav tries again, his eyes still closed. "Thea?" It's a croak, not much more.

The voice of the previously unconsious record keeper seems to be enough confirmation for the green firelizard. She turns her head, chirps once at Thea, and then takes off from the end of the cot with a flutter of small wings. With no more than a moment's hover, taking in the image before her, the little lizard pops out, leaving one surprised looking healer to watch the spot where she'd just been.

Thea's keeping quiet, intent on Enkavir's movements. The Healer almost seems an intrusion, but she nods, "Seems to be?" She's not sure, apparently, but happy to take the mug of water and the spoon to drip a few drops of water onto his dry lips before replacing it on the bedside table. "I'm here." There's a catch in her voice as she answers, her hand slips back under his, her fingers twine with them and squeeze gently, "Kav?" She hears Rhasmir's voice and notices the firelizard vanish from the cot, but her total focus is on Enkavir at the moment.

Rhasmir quickly ciphers out his destination, though he does continue glancing around, scowling faintly at who-knows-what. But then the fluttering-up Firelizard is noted, and likely noticed as who she is, and it clears a little bit. The trader is quick to weave his way through traffic, arms crossing across his chest as he takes in the situation. "No better, then?" The scowl reappears as he eyes Enkavir, not seeming to realize the improvement of condition. A faint smile is offered to Morlanol, and sharp nod. "I'm glad to see you're awake."

Some better. A lot better really, as the water is swallowed without choking and dark lashes flutter open and reveal washed out hazel beneath. "What… where…" He clears his throat, lifting weak fingers to his temple. "Where is here?" His gaze flickers around the room, then up to Rhasmir and over to Morlanol. "Who?" It's all a bit much so he just quiets, giving Thea's hand a feeble squeeze. Above them Spark is perched on top of a high cabinet, giving the scene his usual overview. He feigns indifference but now that Enkavir's talking his eyes begin to lose their yellow tinge and he offers a little peep down to his caregiver.

Morlanol continues his quiet survey of the scene for a few moments, but once Enkavir opens his eyes he can't help but smile, "Hey, you."

"You awake sleeping beauty?" Rogawani's voice can be heard even before his form edges through the doorway, his green firelizard now perched up on one shoulder as he shoots the injured record keeper a bit of a teasing look. "Nice to see your eyes open, Thea's been worried." Okay, so it wasn't -just- Thea who'd been worried, but Ro' would never admit it outloud with so many others here. With so many already nearby, he leans on the wall, giving the couple some space as he folds his arms over his chest in a relaxed manner. As his own eyes scan around, he meets gaze with one of the healers, who seems on the verge of being annoyed with all the visitors. "The leg's fine, thanks for the worry." He shoots to the healer, who just sulks off to other duties. Snorting to himself, Ro' looks back towards Thea and Enkavir, keeping his thoughts to himself for the time being.

"Hi Rhasmir," Thea sends the briefest of glances up towards the Trader as he arrives before her attention returns to Enakavir's face. "He's… stirring." Hope colors her voice, "And he said my name…" A vast improvement in her mind by the look on her face. Her quick in-drawn breath in response to those eyes fluttering open keep her from answering for a moment. Molanol speaks, but she doesn't look up at the boy and that is because quite simply no one can compete for her attention today. Rogawani's voice causes her to smile just a bit before answering Enkavir, "You're in the Infirmary, Kav. You've… hit your head pretty hard, Love."

Rhasmir's eyes flick to Ro as he arrives, down — leg? He doesn't seem surprised, but there's a frown that's aimed at himself, likely for not noticing last night. "Hey," It's quiet, but then his eyes are turning back to Enkavir, who's speaking now!, one brow raising faintly. "Oh." So maybe there's a change! The trader manages a smile that could be relieved, keeping his distance though. "Thea." He returns the greeting with a nod. "Afternoon." Is then drawled quietly to Enkavir, though he doesn't say more — does he look a little uncomfortable? Awww.

Enkavir swallows again, it's a dry thing and visibly difficult. He tries to sit up a bit at Rogawani's voice but thinks better of it before his head even really leaves the pillow. "You talking to me?" He clears his throat, then shifts to look at the kid on the next cot over. "Um, hey. You?" Confusion fills his eyes as he turns them back up to Thea. Trying not to be /too/ rude he mouths 'who is that' without sound. Then he blinks, registering Thea's words, and lifting his fingers to find the edge of the bandage. "It hurts but not… much. How did I get here? And what… happened?" Rhasmir gets a wan, pale ghost of a smile.

Morlanol looks confused, then hurt. He glances around the room, then back at Enkavir, "Enkavir?"

Rogawani is slower to talk this time, his brows furrowing in a little bit as he tucks his hands into the pockets of his trousers, leaning his shoulders forward in a bit of an uncomfortable pose. "Who else would I be talking to?" He asks, a frown etching on his lips. His eyes scan up towards Thea, worry showing in his gray eyes before he speaks again. "You tried to wrestle with a stable door. But you forgot that it had a big, mean, wild runner behind it. Terribly foolish on your part." His voice is still slightly teasing, although there's a tone of truth held behind it. Shifting his weight to get some of it off of his injured leg, Ro' takes in a deep breath, letting it out again. "Scared the daylights out of us, man. Thought we'd have to be scrubbing your brains off the walls.'

Thea reaches for that mug at Enkavir's dry-voiced questions, "Kav, here," She leans forward carefully slipping an arm under his head until the crook of her arm can cradle it. She lifts his head ever so slightly and touches the rim of the mug to his lips, "It's water, drink." She leaves it to others to explain as she concentrates on not choking him or dousing him, her eyes both tender and intent him as she helps him. She flashes a glance at Morlanol muttering, "Relax, the Healers mentioned this might happen." To Enkavir then, "That is Morlanol, remember? We met him the other day in the Clearing. He's minercraft and had hurt his knee." Her voice is easy, reassuring. She shoots Rogawani a level glance at the scrubbing brains comment. "How is your head? Does it hurt?"

Rhasmir stands still, arms loosening a little though they remain crossed. His face is impassive as he surveys the situation, eyes flicking from person to person. Each hold his gaze for a moment, then he's smiling faintly, one side of his lips quirking. "I didn't find any," Is reassured with a wink, as to the brains bit. "Don't worry." Then — to Morlanol, Thea? Ro? Who knows, really, but his smile grows a little. "Nah, bet his head feels like a spring morning."

Enkavir obediently (put it on your calendars folks) sips at the water. Thea is successful on all counts and he swallows it down without incident. "Thanks, love, that's better." And he does sound less like he just swallowed half of Igen. He starts to smile at Rogawani but then the last bit sounds more serious and the smile turns into a frown. "Seriously?" The frown hurts and he quickly smooths his expression, fingers gently probing at the bandage. "I don't remember it at all. Were… were you there Thea?" Concern for her replaces concern for himself, but then Morlanol gets another look. "Oh… yeah… sort of. Sorry, man. I'm a little fuzzy." And in at least a little pain by the careful way he's holding his head. "It's not bad," he tells Thea. "They must have given me something for the pain?"

Morlanol nods, "Yeah, they gave you fellis just like me. Blech, icky stuff, but it makes the pain stop."

"Seriously." Rogawani chimes in his answer to Enkavir's question. "But it seems like you're still in one piece." He smiles a little bit, still not quite sure exactly what to say. The boy's hands fidget slightly, fingers moving in his pockets. The sluggish memory, however, causes his head to tilt as he takes a step forward. "Haven't forgotten me, have you? Otherwise I might have to give you another knock on the noggin' till you remember me. Can't forget your bestest best buddy." He tries to immitate a look he'd given Thea this morning, but the puppy-dog eyed look doesn't quite have the same effect, as worry lines his forehead.

It is Rhasmir's turn to get a glance from Thea, but it's hopelss keeping a lid on that one. She glances at the boy, "How's your head, Morlanol, better? Kav, the Healer said you could have more fellis-draught if you need it." She slides her arm out gingerly, allowing Enkavir's head to rest back on his pillow. "I was." She answers him in a carefully neutral tone. "It happened pretty fast. Rogawani…" Here she hesitates, sends a silent apology to the young man with her eyes before she continues, "…took charge rather quickly, Kav. I was in no danger at all. And he saved you." Someone's not going to be happy with her for saying that, but it is the truth!

Rhasmir favors Morlanol with a wince, and a faint shake of his head. "Fellis." He murmurs with a wrinkle of his nose. "Good luck not having to get more." That's to both of them, with a rueful smile. His wince for Enkavir is almost comical, thoroughly chagrined. "Lucky man." He chuckles for Enkavir, offering Thea his most urbane, slightly less fit-for-serious-situation grin at her *look*. "Rogawani was excellent." He agrees stoutly, grinning over at the messenger.

Morlanol frowns as well, wincing slightly. He glanced around the room, then had a thought, "When the healers were checking me they asked all sorts of questions. I don't know why, but… maybe we should?"

Enkavir nods slowly. "Some more fellis might be good. But maybe I should get… checked or something? First? I don't want to be all hopped up." It brings the frown back, which hurts again, and he winces and leans back against the pillow. "Thank you Rogawani," he says a bit breathlessly with a faint smile for the lad. "And to the rest of you too since you were all there. Thanks for keeping Thea safe, and for keeping me alive I guess." It's all a bit much and he rubs fingers over his forehead. "I don't know why I don't remember it at all. What day is it?" He holds up a hand though. "No, don't even tell me." Seeing him talking that healer is back, and she gives her best professional smile around "We need to examine him and then he needs to rest. You should all go celebrate his recovery at the tavern." AKA, elsewhere.

Morlanol looks up at the healer, "Does that mean that I'm free to go?"

A bit of red colors over Rogawani's cheeks, obviously a bit flushed from being pointed out as some sort of would-be hero. "Bah." He mutters to himself, and rubs at the back of his neck. "No worries, Kav. You'd have done the same for me." He shrugs it off, trying not to take the whole thing too seriously. The healer interrupts then, and he takes a step back, pulling the firelizard off of his shoulder. "Kia, you keep an eye on this one." He says to the lizard, who chirps and hops out of his hand and down onto the next cot over, curling up as if she belongs there. "Get some rest." He manages to say towards Enkavir, offering a small smile and wave before he's being ushered out by a healer, limping slightly as he goes.

Thea is relieved at the Healer's approach, but she doesn't move. "I'll step outside the screen, but I'm not leaving until he does." There's no compromise in her voice as she stands along with the others. "I'll be back." It's a promise to Enkavir alone as she leans to give him a quick kiss on the cheek. Then she's stepping away with the others.

Rhasmir's grin is faintly lopsided. "Healers always ask too many questions." The lad says ruefully. Then, to Enkavir, a sympathetic smile. "No worries, yeah? Er," He pauses, coughs lightly. "Well. I'm not too, er, damaged. And I don't remember a few of my excellent falls." He nods to the pair off to see the healers, then smiles at Thea and Ro and moves back — no chance they might see /him/ and decide he has some fake disease. They use /needles/.

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