Door Hit You on the Way Out

Xanadu Weyr - Stables


The Stables of Xanadu Weyr are composed of one long building, lined with box and standing stalls that are kept thoroughly clean by the resident grooms and stablehands. Runners nicker and neigh at everyone who enters, save for the obstinate ones that just flicker their ears in indignant curiousity that they dare not make visible. The foremost stalls near the door to the Barn Yard are the grand box stalls which are home to the prized runners of Xanadu, as well as the most pregnant, those which are so far along that they require constant observation by the Herders, so as to ensure easy foaling.

However, the primary design of stall which lines the broad pathway that is covered in saw dust which is the main avenue of the Stables, is that of the Standing Stall. Many runners are in the standing stalls, with ropes strung across the front so as to keep the runners from leaving their designated containers. A few hay bales sit here and there along the avenue, some of which act as seats for the stablehands and grooms on their breaks, others as snacks for those runners who can reach out their necks far enough. Buckets and baskets of grooming supplies, brushes and combs, and the like also sit here and there, occasionally knocked over by a wayward hoof or inquiring muzzle.

The doors an windows of the stables are shut tight on this particular day, shutting out the chill that still hangs in the spring air. Lights totter above, leaving swaying circles of light that line the aisle between rows of stalls. The ca-chunk, ca-chunk of a generator whirrs on nearby, warm air streaming through vents which line along the sides of the stables, keeping the temperature at least somewhat stable inside. There's only a few stablehands working on this particular day, a low murmur of talking between two older men wearing stained clothing as they tend to a pair of runners. Rogawani is sitting underneath one of the spots of light, his runner standing beside, bored as usual. Pulling the runner's foot up, the boy seems to be picking at it with a hoof-knife. "How many rocks do you have lodged in here?" He asks the runner, who seems to be ignoring him. Atop the gray gelding, two firelizards are huddled together: one green, and one gold.

The door rattles as someone tries to simply push it open, there is the muffled sound of muttered voices, and then it is swinging open. Light and chill air alike flood the stables and Enkavir is quick to slip in with Thea's hand in his. He shuts the door behind them, tugging his long coat a bit closer around him. "We don't even have to ride them or anything. You just need to realize that runners aren't all bad, and some are downright lovely. If I'm going to whisk you away to have my babies on the cothold you'll have to be around them you know." He smirks down at her, his tone and mood jovial enough to be an attempt at distracting her. "Oh, hey Rogawani. See, his grey there is hardly even moving. That's not scary."

The doors of the stable creak open and a slim figure dressed in riding leathers eases into the stables after Enkavir. After he's pushed the doors closed behind her, Thea's leaning back against the doors with the look on her face that says plainly, 'I must be nuts for coming here'. But She is here, nonetheless. "I hope you are happy." It's a quiet mutter, rebellious in tone as she eyes the runners, but there's talk of -riding- them away to have offspring? "Ah, huh, you must think me quite a woman to be capable of that feat." But she can't growl too much with him laughing so, now can she? She adds her own casual greeting to Rogawani, "Hi Ro." And she must prove she's not glued to those doors, so she pushes off of them and steps towards the lad, "Hi Rider." She, she remembered this runner. She reaches out a hand towards it.

The sound of the door giving it's rattling squeek is enough to draw up Rogawnai's attention, even as the knife catches the edge of one of the stones lodged in the runner's hoof, flicking it through the air to land softly on the floor. Tilting his head slightly, his face lights a little bit at seeing Enkavir an Thea making their way in. The golden firelizard, however, seems to catch some unspoken signal and leaps, winging towards the rafters. "Hey now, I don't need to hear about that stuff. Virgin ears you know." He quips, smirking a little towards the two. "So you're just here for the runners. Tsk. And I thought you guys liked me." He teases and then looks own to pick at the gray gelding's hoof again. "Come on in though. Just keep clear of the black runner there, he's not broken yet." He aims the knife at one stall near the entrance, and then works to pry out another stone. Rider raises his head slowly, turning it towards Thea with a blank expression. His mouth chews, even if there isn't anything visible in it.

Rhasmir is whistling cheerfully to himself as he moves from stall to stall, checking over the three runners currently in he and his cousin's care. He doesn't seem to be paying much attention to the goings-on in the stables, rather to his charges, as he thoroughly checks over his new colt of riding stock, legs then feet, then the rest of him, the attention doesn't seem to bother the runner - but the others in the stable are given curious, if wary glances between his glances back at Rhasmir.

Enkavir lingers near Thea, not glued to the door as she is but hovering, attached by the tether of their joined hands. "I tease, I jest," Enkavir quips, his crooked smirk lingering. "I wouldn't want to take you back to the cothold." A wink, then he follows at her side toward Rogawani and his gelding. "Rider, that's right. I'm sorry lad, I didn't remember your name." He takes on the low purr most likely not to spook an animal, though Rider looks anything but spookable. "We didn't know you'd be here, Ro. But it's good you're here. I'm tyring to convince Thea all runners are not out to get her." He catches sight of Rhasmir and gives the trader a little chin-up nod of greeting that very well be missed in his attention to his charges.

Thea peeks back over her shoulder at Enkavir and rolls her eyes as she quips back, green eyes dancing, "Just ride circles round the meadow between contractions, is that it?" Oh she can jest because she knows it's unlikely to happen with or without said child entering the world. "Oh, hi Rhasmir," this to the source of the whistling before she answers Rogawani, "We do. Wouldn't be here otherwise." Well, -she- wouldn't be anyway. Her eyes drift to that stall with the black runner in it, "Not… broken?" She raises a brow. "Seryth could-" She stops with a small grin. Not going to heckle right now apparently.

As another little stone flicks out of the runner's hoof, Rogawani just chuckles, listening to the banter between the two. "Oh enough already." He murmurs, eyeing them both with an amused expression on his face. As he turns to glance back at the hoof, his eyes spy Rhasmir. Not all that unusual for the trader to be here, so he just nods his head. Setting the hoof down, he wipes his hands off on a towel over one knee. "Yeah, not broken." He repeats. "One of the herders caught it out in the wilds, was going to try to breed it into stock. Just keep a fair distance." The black runner tosses his head from side to side, even as Rider seems his usual calm self, reaching his nose towards the two, sniffing. Above, a glint of gold can still be seen, peering own at those below. "I don't know about convincing Thea of anything. It seems like trying to convince me to be buddy buddy with tunnelsnakes." The boy sticks his tongue out at the idea.

Rhasmir finishes his task before he looks up, running careful hands over every sane inch of the colt. The little riding runner seems to take it in stride, though he's watching the others, still, with a sort of wary curiousness. Finally, the trader moves out of the stall, dusting dirt and straw off of his trousers and grinning at the trio. "Well, hello." He drawls pleasantly, absently straightening the equiptment outside of his three's stalls. "How goes?" Asked to all of them, as he peers between them with a lifted eyebrow. Ro's comment, caught just as he was exiting the stall, gets a perfectly innocent look — but it's quick to turn to a grin, he just can't help it! "Hmmmm." Is all he says, though. But for that grin.

It takes a minute, but when Thea's words penetrate, Enkavir just stops, turns, stares at her. "What /are/ you talking about? I meant that there would be runners… you know… around. Not that you'd be-" he breaks off, chuckling and shaking his head. "Good grief, woman. Birthing children on runner-back." He lets it go, though there's an occasional little chuckle escaping as if it keeps filtering back into his head. "Ah… yeah. Hey there Rhasmir." Suitable change of subject. "We're good. Just trying to reintroduce Thea to runners without any spooking or flopping or flying off down the beach." He offers a hand to Rider, palm up and fingers flat.

Thea needs no further advice about going near the black runner, not with all that head tossing. se's content to stand near the one runner she'll admit isn't crazy. She gives the neck a soft pat, ignoring tunnelsnakes for the time being. Green eyes flash towards the trader, "Not out there riding today? I am amazed." Enkavir just has her laughing quietly, "Well, better watch how you sa- Hey!" She pokes him with an elbow at his flopping and flying comment. She's in a good mood today, apparently, for she doesn't wound him. The tiny gold has caught her eye and she's got to ask, "So Ro, where did she come from and what's her name?"

"Everything okay with your runners?" Rogawani asks, conversationally towards Rhasmir, cocking his head to the side as he rubs the gray gelding's leg. His presence seems to be more than enough to keep Rider quite calm, the runner leaning his nose to touch flatly against Enkavir's palm, blinking before lipping at him, perhaps trying to look for some hidden food the record keeper might have. Not seeing any treats in Enkavir's hand, the runner turns to look at Thea instead. "Well, Rider's good for introductions. Dragons are 'bout all that spooks him these da-" Rogawani cuts off, and then looks sheepishly at Thea, rubbing at the back of his neck as if he had been caught in the act of a crime. "That's Kassi." He murmurs, and glances up at the little gold lizard. With her name called, the small creature wings down, landing on Rider's back before folding her wings behind her, head tilting curiously. "A rider gave me her to deliver to the hold… and she kind of hatched on accident while I was on the way."

Morlanol wanders from the clearing, absent mindedly tossing an insignificantly small chunk of firestone up into the air, then catching it again. Perhaps he should have been paying better attention since he still didn't know his surroundings very well and manages to walk his shoulder into the side of a support pillar. He twists in his motion, spins twice and lands flat on his back, almost managing to make it look intentional. The firestone, having been on the upswing at the time, flops down on his stomach, bounces once, and clatters to the ground. "oof."

Rhasmir's eyebrows go up and up at the vein of conversation, though his expression doesn't betray any more amusement than that, as he peers over his handiwork, then grunts, turning to lead Ikemir's mare out of the stall, tying her to one of the rings and grabbing a curry. "…no flopping." He's situated himself on the opposite side of the big mare, so he can watch the others, grinning. "Well, yes." Agreed without even the vaguest hint of mischief, though his eyes dance. "Nope." For Thea, with a crooked grin. "Day off." His eyes flick briefly to the firelizard, with a smile and grin for the little one. "Cute." He chuckles, then nodding, as he briskly curries the mare's shoulder and neck. "All well — new colt's settling well, I'm surprised. The girl did a good job starting him. Not real sure what I'll do with him, but I'm sure I'll find something. Maybe somebody will want a good riding runner." The trader shrugs, crooking what might be a faint smirk over at the others, shaking his head and chuckling. At the sound of more footsteps, Rhas glances up, lifting a hand in greeting to Morlanol and grinning. "Heyla. Careful!"

"Kassi, huh?" Enkavir echoes the gold's name, sidling around Rider to get a better look at her. "She's a real beauty, Ro. Nice sort of accident to get in the middle of I guess, huh?" He reaches a finger out toward the little gold with a grin, then his eyes flick to Thea and the grin just deepens. "You watch where you're putting those elbows." He settles back against the stall doors behind him then, not too far from that unbroken black runner. "Your new colt, you aren't planning on keeping him, Rhasmir?" And then there's Morlanol, coming in and knocking himself flat, which Enkavir just slowly shakes his head at. "You alright there? Good to watch where you're going."

"No kidding, she did? Well Kassi, I think you have impeccable timing," Thea's lookng mighty pleased about her early hatching. Rider's head turns towards her and her hand automatically lowers from the runner's neck to it's nose, "Uh, what's he want Ro?" She gives him a puzzled look at his apparent unease. At the whuf Morlanol lets out, Thea leans back to see around Enkavir, "Didn't hurt that other knee there, did ya?" She just barely makes a face back at Rhasmir as she straightens back up. "I'll be sure to aim more accurately next time," she answers Enkavir drily.

"Yeah, nice accident." Rogawani winces a little bit, although he doesn't look quite so pleased. "It cost me most of the marks I made wagering off of A'li, though. Back to square one saving for my runner tack." He casts a glance towards Rhasmir, knowing full well that the marks would have gone towards the trader's caravan if it weren't for this particular mistake. His eyes look over towards Rider, who now moves his mouth towards Thea. "Oh, he's just looking for treats. Here." Reaching into a small bag tied onto his usual belt, Ro' pulls out a few scraps of vegetables, probably leftovers from the kitchen. "He loves these." Morlanol's flailing acrobatics infront of the black stallion's stall is enough to cause a loud, aggitated thump as the beast kicks at the stall door, his nose blowing a hot breath which hangs in the cool air coming in through the open stable door. "Uh, careful. Roll to your right and get up -slowly-." He cautions, moving to stand slowly, just incase the situation there escalates.

"I'm fine, I'm fine…" Morlanol slowly rolls to his right and gets to his feet, knocking the dust and dirt of the stable off as he does so and a few chunks that look like they might be manure. He stoops to pick up his small piece of firestone, stuffing it into a pocket as he straightens. Then he notices the runner and, yelping, jumps backwards nearly 10 feet. "Nice runner…" He's clearly trying to be calming, but it just isn't coming out that way.

Rhasmir's grin for the little 'lizard is lopsided. "Mind of your own, have you?" He murmurs with a chuckle, then shaking his head at Enkavir's question. "Nah, probably not. He's a handsome fellow, but I've no real need for one like him. Might keep him, if he keeps looking good and I can keep him long enough to see how he really does under saddle, he might produce good foals, but —" The trader spreads his hands. The face from Thea actually gets what could be a rasberry — or could be the mare making a noise. Really. Because he's mature and such. Cough. He does, however, chuckle at the handsome runner, before glancing at Ro. "Hey, remember? It's yours, no marks needed, yeah? They should be here soon, though. I wish Grandfather would take my siblings and head on to Landing, but I think they'll be staying too." If his ears could flatten like the sleepy-looking mare he's grooming do as she watches Morlanol, they would. But the boy is watched with a lifted eyebrow and a half-grin. "Well." Is all the trader seems to manage, before grinning. "Hello."

Enkavir doesn't have much of a chance to reply to Thea's dry little quip, or Kassi's timing or Rogawani's tack. He's leaning against that black's stall door after all, and the thump of a kick lands a bit too close for comfort. He's not the type to give in and actually /move/ but he does shoot a glare over his shoulder at the runner. "Settle down back there." He shifts a bit to the side, but doesn't really move much - it's gated in, what's it going to do? To Morlanol he just rolls his eyes. "Settle down, you're only going to make it worse with yelling and flailing around."

Thea's eyes flash a little bit at this news, but it isn't anger directed at Rogawani. "They made you pay? It's not -your- fault they didn't hire a Rider to fly it post-haste. That isn't fair! Did they guarantee-" She's stopped midsputter by both the vegetables dumped in her hand and the irate black runner's kicking. As she watching Morlanol move, "Nice isn't the wo-" Rider gently lips the treats right off of her still-cupped palm and she's left to blink in amazement. Her hand is still intact. And there's no teeth marks in it. It's quite taken her attention away from Rhasmir and any runner-sounds he may or may not have made. Her lips part in amazement and she turns to make some comment to Enkavir and it is then that she notices where he's standing. He is given a considerably thoughtful look, but her glance slides past him with no small apprehension at the runner. "You wouldn't rather stand by the sane one?" It's obvious she wishes he would.

The small golden firelizard turns her eyes towards Rhasmir, peeking at him over the back of her green sibling, the two half-snuggled together. However, the agitation from the runner nearby is enough to send both of them into the air, blinking out *between*. If that isn't a sign of impending doom, the bang of hooves against the wooden stall door only serves as further warning to the danger. "Even if you do have a used saddle, there's other stuff I need, remember?" Rogawani shoots an unsure, but greatful look towards Rhasmir, eyeing his runner nervously before looking back towards the front of the stables. Reaching a hand up, he grabs on to Rider's bridle, giving the runner a tug. "Can you get your mare into a stall, Rhasmir?" He shoots a look back towards the black stallion, his shoulders tense as he leads Rider in. "Thea, come 'ere." He motions towards her, his eyes cautious as he holds the stall open, motioning for her to get in even as his eyes look nervously towards the end of the stables. "Hey you, kid. Come this way -slowly-. Enkavir, stay still." The sound of splintering wood follows, the stall door starting to give way with the force of another blow. The runner's crazed eyes turn towards Morlanol's fast movements, snorting and tossing his head back and forth. With another jarring, rearing kick, the stall door is knocked open, one of the hinges flying off to land just before Enkavir's feet.

Morlanol continues to back away slowly, having calmed down slightly, but still clearly considering the Runner a threat. "Are those things supposed to get that big?" His eyes are wide in fear, but at least he's not wandering around like a moron anymore. His head snaps over to where the two flits were as they disappear and he startles again, "What was that?"

Enkavir knows just enough about runners to be dangerous. He's not afraid like Thea and therefore cautious, but he isn't familiar enough with them to realize this might be a good time to be nervous either. He snorts, dubious, and arches a brow at Rogawani. "Do you really think that's all necessary?" And then the door is crashing toward him, hooves thankfully missing him, but the door… not so much. It slams open and into the side of his head, and by the time the hinge hits the dirt so does he - a crumpled heap that's luckily shielded by the door that did him in.

"Kav!" Thea isn't watching Rogawani, her eyes are fixed upon Enkavir and that stall behind him. It's clear she is fighting with her wish to run to him, but Rogawani's the one who knows these creatures, so she moves without hesitation into the stall, slipping past Rider as if she'd done it all her life. One hand reaches to hold the halter, if that's what he meant but her head remains turned towards that stall where Enkavir stands, her face is twisted with concern as she watches those hooves. "Don't-" Just who she is talking to Enkavir or the runner or both - it's not really clear. She isn't the screaming type, but one hand is outstretched towards Enkavir when the door goes flying. "No." It is a whisper through whitened lips.

Morlanol looks at Thea, "What are you, stuck between? Don't go anywhere near that thing, it's dangerous!"

Rhasmir is cheerfully currying away with a faint chuckle for Ikemir's mare; she's a new one, tall and bay greying out, a funny shade of peach at the moment. And she's currently watching the stallion down the row like she'd like to spank him and send him into a corner, ears pinning and eyes snapping as she stamps. Rhas is quick to untie her, nodding faintly to Ro, with a sympathetic grin for Thea, just discovering that Runners really aren't too bad - well, most of them. The trader quickly leads the mare into her stall again, patting her with a chuckle as she avidly glares darts at the disruptive stallion. "Calmly, mother." He murmurs to her, backing out and securing the latch carefully. "Shells." Breathed a moment later, when the runner kicks out as he's turning around. "/Shells/." Whispered still, but more forceful, as he's glancing sharply at Ro. "Thea, don't. Please." His tone is pleasant, even conversational, but the lad's eyes dart back and forth as he takes a step forward, not specifying what he might be asking her to not do. "Shells." Growled, now. "Do you want me to get the runner caught or go get a healer?" Morlanol is given a brief look, and frown. "And let him go dashing off and mowing people down? Nosir." His tone is still quiet, and his eyes have stopped darting around, but they still flick frequently to poor brained Enkavir.

Rogawani's breath catches in his throat, trying his best to be brave in a situation that certainly would be frightening for many. He swollows when the stall door comes off it's hinges, and winces when Enkavir ends up right in the path. "Shards." He curses under his breath. His eyes shoot towards Thea's pained voice, "Stay here. We'll take care of it." He whispers to her, before looking towards Rhasmir. "Do you think you can get the door to the paddock open? If he thinks it's a way of escape, he should go…" The messenger trails off, keeping himself close against the stall. His eyes shoot towards Morlanol. The string of profanities that follow would be enough to make most grizzled men blush, but it's kept in an undertone. "Shhh." He tries to hush the boy, walking out into the aisle, trying to draw the runner's attention. "Easy big guy. Easy."

The runner steps forward slowly, menacingly now that the stall no longer holds him captive. His head lowers, twitching momentarily at the door, and in turn the prone form of Enkavir behind it. Then, with a snort, he turns his eyes towards the others still in the aisle. The beast's tail twitches, dragging over the ground as it steps forward. At first, his eyes turn towards Morlanol, pawing at the ground with sharp hooves, but then motion catches his eyes. The runner's gaze settles on Rogawani, snorting.

Morlanol freezes suddenly when the horse looks at him. In a strained voice he asks, "Is that think gonna kill me?"

Enkavir is unconscious, you know, crumpled heap and all that. Still.

Thea stays and without question, but it's clear that by doing so she realizes that it is the best way she can help Enkavir. Her breath catches as those hooves move so close to her beloved's head and she winces, her eyes willing the beast away, if only she could. Her hand upon Rider's halter is in a white-knuckled grip, but the animal is placid even with all the commotion nearby. "Please." It's a whispered plea to Rogawani, even though she must know he's doing all he can, her eyes flicker to Rhasmir fo a second but there is nowhere else to look but at the dark head upon the stable floor. Is that blood in his hair? Still calm on the outside in spite of the tears that spill, Thea waits.

Rhas looks like he might like to growl at Morlanol, but drags a steadying breath, shaking his head slowly. "No. He won't. You'll be fine — probably." He answers helpfully, for all the world discussing the weather, though his face is set in an expression somewhere between horror and…fear? No — respect. That's a dangerous animal, but so are all of them in here, if the situation goes wrong. Ro gets a slow nod and the stallion who's approaching him the briefest of withering looks, before he's casting a glance towards Thea, lips tightening a little bit. For a moment it looks like he might offer some sort of reassurance, but that's not entirely prudent, as he's backing up out of the stables slowly. But the moment he's beyond the doors and out of sight he bolts, and there's the quiet clang of the paddock gate swinging open outside. "It's open!" Comes the call that's likely only barely heard, still shooting for calm, apparently.

The pleading in Thea's voice is nearly heartbreaking for Rogawani, wincing slightly and feeling somehow as if this were his fault. It's irrational, but someone has to take the blame and it's easy enough to take it on his shoulders. "Get the healers as soon as the runner is out." He says in a low voice, obviously meant for the Weyrwoman's ears. His eyes shoot from her, back to the runner, ears following Rhasmir's movements. The clang of the paddock gate and the trader's call snaps Rogawani into motion. He turns, and runs towards the open gate, moving as fast as his feet can carry him.

The runner seems to ignore Morlanol now, stepping a few paces forward, throwing his head from side to side. The clang of sound draws his attention first, head lifting. Freedom. Muscles tensing, the beast catches the motion of the messenger. Moving into motion, the black beast spurs forward, kicking a bit of dirt behind him towards the prone record keeper still behind him. As he races forward, the runner draws dangerously close to Morlanol, close enough to shove into him as he is spurred on by the thought of running down the fast moving boy, and the thought of freedom beyond.

Morlanol lets out a startled gasp which is closely followed by a sickening thump as his head contacts the support beam he'd run into earlier. He falls to his side, staying still until the runner is gone, then groaning as he slowly pulls himself up, using the post as a support, "Thea, are there supposed to be two of you?"

Not long after the stallion dashes out of the stables a pair of runners appear at the still open door. Hopefully the demon-spawn is safely gated off somewhere out there and isn't about to come galloping back to knock /them/ over too. Both bear journeyman badges, and the female has the knot of a rider as well. "Weyrwoman," she addresses Thea, the call having come from Seryth. "Where is he?" Her eyes go to Morlanol who's starting to get up and the pair both hurry that way, Enkavir not even seen as he's still half behind the fallen stall door. "What's your name," he male begins asking questions even as the bluerider starts to probe for a knot on his head.

Morlanol blinks twice, "M- Morlanol…" He points limply towards Enkavir, still somewhat broken in the brain.

Poor Morlanol. It's not that Thea doesn't care, she is simply oblivious to anything else right now. She releases Rider's halter the moment the stallion turns to follow Rogawani and she's slipping out of the stall, running to kneel beside Enkavir. For all of her speed, she's very careful not to move or jostle him as she sinks down beside him. Her hands hover over his still form for a helpless moment. "Kav? The Healers are on their way," she's telling Enkavir this, if he can hear. She manages to hold it together enough to place one hand featherlight on his cheek. Still warm! Her teeth grit as she feels the warm air on the back of her fingers. "Here!" She's answering the Healers without looking away from the one she cares more about than anyone else in the world. They must move her back to attend him, but she is there watching rather numbly.

Elise, the blueriding Healer who might as well have a name, blinks at Morlanol, following his pointed finger over to the kneeling goldrider and fallen record keeper. She swears through gritted teeth, low under her breath, and immediately abandons Morlanol in favor of Enkavir. The Jr Journeyman stays with Morlanol though, asking him questions about the date and the Weyrwoman's name and then suggesting the go to the infirmary just to be sure. As for Enkavir? Elise waves Thea back and then kneels beside him, feeling for his pulse and then pulling hair out of the way of the wound which is indeed seeping blood. "We need to get him to the infirmary. Get the stretcher." The other healer does so and before long they've got him loaded up and are carrying him out, trusting Morlanol (and probably Thea) to follow.

It takes Rhas a moment to reemerge, dusting his hands off and looking half-frantic now that there's not a rampaging runner who has a taste for brains around. "He's not —?" The question trails sharply at the healers, and there's a blink for Morlanol, who doesn't look so good at this point. "He get you?" The trader asks, voice still sharp, as he glances between Enkavir and the boy, eyebrows creasing. "Shells." The healers are eyed somewhat warily, but Rhas nods all the same, frowning. "I'll come down and check on you guys in — soon. I'm going to…clean this mess up and get the runners calm again." Clearly, this does not please the trader, but he shrugs all the same, still watching them for a moment.

Thea goes, following the Healers as closely as they will allow without her being in their way. She will likely be annoyingly there until the man is once again healthy. And then she will kill him for standing so close to a half-wild runner.

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