Passing Conversation

Xanadu Weyr - Meadow


A large, slightly rolling meadow is set high enough above the riverbank on both sides to avoid suffering from flooding, healthy ground cover and grass spreading out from either side of the dividing river. Scattered amongst the meadow are a variety of buildings, each with a narrow path leading up to it from a main, winding road. Some are set under a few trees, while others sit by themselves.

Stables and a smithy are settled on their own plots, while trees border the northern edge of the meadow, and a faint outline of a fence can be seen to the east.

Another day has dawned over the weyr, the morning sun casting long shadows from the forest across the meadow. A few streaks of light sneak through the dotted clouds that drift though the sky, lighting on the grass below. On the far edge of the meadow, one of the herders is moving a bundle of ovines towards the feeding grounds, but otherwise things seem quiet. Now and again, a cluster of weyrfolk move along the pathways that have been worn into the grasses. A few runners are out in the paddock outside of the stables, mulling about lazily. One runner is standing not far from the path, a boy beside it. The gray gelding doesn't seem that interested in what is going on, head down, grazing. "Just a few more trips like that last one and we'll have those leathers. Promise." Rogawani comments, as if he were having a conversation with his beast, dragging a brush across the runner's hide.

Traversing the meadow is easier on runnerback than on foot, and Rhas has a lot of traversing to do. He's been pacing along the southwestern edge of the meadow along the forest for about an hour now, letting Bell have her head for the most part, but keeping her in the general area. Eventually, though, his eyes flick up, almost seeming to be a hound on a scent for a moment - before it's obvious that he's heard Ro'. While Eire makes a nuisance of herself, flitting about his head and landing on Bell's rump (the runner doesn't spook, thankfully for the lad who's not sitting in a saddle!) then leaping off again as he carefully steers the mare that-a-way. "Rogawani!" The lad calls cheerily. "I've been looking for you. Mornin'."

Jessamin picks her way through the grass of the meadow, a creeling brown firelizard on her left shoulder and a basket full of mending in her arms. Stray wisps of honey gold hair work their way free of the leather thong confining them in a runner tail at the back of her head, fluttering about lightly in the afternoon breeze. From time to time, she pauses on her way, her steps wending towards the beach, tilting her head as if to listen to her fire lizard's cries. "Don't you worry, we'll be at the beach soon. Greedy little maw." She shifts the basket of mending on her hip to leave one hand free; reaching up, she scritches her fire lizard affectionately between the eyes. "Time you started learning to fish on your own."

A small green firelizard head peeks up from Rogawani's collar, seeming to be roused by the creeling of another nearby. Without even making a distraction to her owner, the green climbs down one of the boy's arms and settles onto the runner's neck, clutching to the gelding's mane as she chirps curiously at Jessamin. "Hmm?" The sound finally bumps into Ro's thoughts, "Oh, trying to make friends are we?" He asks, curling a finger along the lizard's tail before shaking his head. Not too much time to consider this, as his own name catches his ears. "Rhasmir!" His face lights a little bit, waving an arm towards the trader and his runner, giving the faintest of winces spotting the continued lack of saddle. "Looking for me? Why?" He laughs, leaning a bit on his runner's side.

Eireysa is a crafty little girl when she wants to be; if she's not going to be utterly lazy, she might as well be doing something useful, like, say…learning how to follow things around and steal food from them! The little green hovers just off of her pet's shoulder, peering at the other two curiously. Rhas waves cheerily to Jessamin, smiling. "Morning! How goes?" He greets the young woman, before beaming at Ro. "Well, I wanted to talk to you about something…get your opinion. You're sensible. Wanna know if I'm mad. But, also - I sent Ikemir out to tell the caravan I was probably gonna need them back quickly…and he brought back some extra hides and an old saddle. They weren't doing anything with either of 'em, so…they're yours if you want 'em. Not much use for a saddle with that lot." Here the lad snorts; /he/ doesn't see what their problem is.

Jessamin looks first at the sound of the chirping green fire lizard perched atop the runner's neck, smiling as she sees the little emerald beauty. She inclines her head by way of greeting, both to runner rider, and to his fire lizard. "Well, hello, you two." Upon hearing the chirruping green, her brown firelizard crow-hops a few half-steps towards her arm, emitting a curious-sounding crooning song. Jessamin cannot help but grin, the expression reaching clear to her eyes and making them sparkle brilliantly. "Found a friend, Madder?" She turns her head as someone calls out; when she realizes it's directed to her, she waves in return to Rhas. "Good morning to you too! Faring well here, and you?"

Kialio blinks once before her head tilts, the little lizard trilling out a sort of off-key sing-songy sound. Sticking one finger into his ear, Rogawani wiggles it before giving a little wince. "You need voice lessons." He murmurs to the green. He offers a boyish smile at Jessamin. "Good morning." Blinking, the boy seems puzzled. "You look familiar. Were you one of the candidates with A'li's group?" He names his friend from the last group of Xanadu candidates, and then ends up quite distracted by Rhasmir. "My opinion? Since when have I been sensible?" He laughs, letting the brush he's holding drop into a bucket nearby. "Still, I don't mind giving my opinion, especially if it means spending a bit less on hides." He raises one eyebrow, seeming genuinely curious.

Jessamin smiles ruefully at Rogawani, nodding once. "I wasn't as lucky, though. But there'll be other Hatchings." She approaches the two young men, keeping a close eye on both Madder, and their fire lizards as well. "Behave yourself now, Madder… just like I've been teaching you." Meaning that the little brown does not hop off of her shoulder this time, but rather, stays close. His gentle crooning softens just a touch, too. She smiles proudly at Madder, scritching his neck. "Good job, Madder. You're learning well. Now if I can just get you to keep out of my sewing basket…."

Rhasmir chuckles, extending an elbow for Eire. She lands primly, chubby form settling as she closely watches the two firelizards. Her eyes whir quickly, mostly a cheerful blue in color, but occasionally flicking with faint yellow-green. "Calmly, sweet." He murmurs to the young thing, who offers a high trill in response to Kialio and Madder. "Shardin' well if I do say so myself. I'm Rhasmir - I don't /think/ we've met?" It's phrased as a question, oh yes - there are so many people in a Weyr to meet! But then he's laughing down at Ro, shaking his head in amusement and quieting a slightly fidgetty Bell. "Well, /you/ told me to bet on A'li. I won marks on that one. So." He winks, then glances back off to the southwest. "Well…I was thinking of…doing something new. I…well, Innesa, sweet Techcrafter…she knows I'm interested in runners, so she got me this whole sheaf of papers, on how they used to work with Runners on Earth. Some of the techniques. Have you ever heard of any of them?" He starts with, flashing a rueful grin over at Jessamin. "Good luck next time then, yeah?"

Rogawani's face falls, but only briefly as he offers a sympathetic look towards Jessamin. "I'm sure you'll find your lifemate next time. Going to stick around in Xanadu? With Avaeth just having flown, we're likely to have a new clutch soon enough." He offers, encouragingly as he waves a hand over his runner's back. "I'm Rogawani, by the way." He introduces himself with a small bob of his head, and then flicks his attention back towards Rhasmir. The green firelizard, on the other hand, leaps skyward, flapping around in circles above the heads of the two others. "Heh, well A'li was as sure a bet as you can get. Rider blood on both sides 'n all." He chuckles, reaching up to grab his runner's reigns, reaching over to tie the leathers off onto a nearby post. "Earth runners?" He perks a little bit, seeming a bit puzzled. "Hrm. I've never had any real official training. Just a riding class when I was little. Maybe the herders might know something?" He offers, scratching above one ear.

Jessamin grins slowly at Rogawani, her eyes a-twinkle with mirth. "Am I going to stick around, you ask… do herdbeasts make a big mess?" Upon her shoulder, Madder seems to mimic her laughter in a string of little chirps and trills, spreading his umber-hued wings to their full span and bobbing his head up and down a few times. "Name's Jessamin. Good to meet you, Rogawani… you too, Rhasmir." She smiles over at Rhasmir then, and shakes her head. "I don't think we've met before this, no. There's so many new people here to meet." She absently tucks a stray wisp of hair behind her right ear, falling silent a moment to listen and observe the two men for the moment.

It's early morning, and there aren't too many in the meadow. Rhasmir has been pacing around the southwestern corner for a good long time now, astride his runner, but at present has paused to speak with Ro and Jessamine. There is a small group of Firelizards fluttering about them, but Rhas isn't paying any attention to them for the most part, other than making soothing noises when his own squeaks at the others. "I'm glad you'll be staying." The lad says quietly to the ex-candidate with a wry smile. "It's a good place, this one." He glances eastward towards where Rukbat's rising, wrinkling his nose and glancing back at Ro. "Well, you can never be too sure! Those dragons, they've got their own agendas, crazy, the lot of them…" He shakes his head and chuckles ruefully. "Well, no - it was the methods they used. I think it could be used here. The way they trained their runners for their…military, at one point. I was thinking…you know, I could start a stable and train people to patrol on the ground, yeah? Lots of things to think of, but…dragons can't be on the ground all the time, and all those cotholds…" A shrug. "And it'd bring in more meat. I dunno…their training is kind've like what I've been doing with my girl Bell here. I bet I could train other runners, and other people, to do it too."

"Around here, it's the ovines who make the big mess." Rogawani quips back towards Jessamin with a little wink and a hint of laughter in his voice. "But Rhas is right, Xanadu's a nice place, haven't known any better." Of course, this is subjective, since Ro' hasn't really gotten out to the other weyrs much. "Glad you're sticking around, though." Once sure that his runner is secure, the boy returns to the other two, not seeming too uncomfortable even though he's easily the shortest of the three. "Military? Like soldiers, right?" He asks with a tone of confusion in his voice, scratching again at his hair in a characteristic sign of confusion. "Well, I can see the use. Bet you could get the folks at Rubicon interested in that sort of thing. After all that nonsense with Hannista, I'm sure you could find more than a few volunteers to take on that sort of training."

Thea has been lingering off under the trees at the edge of the meadow watching Rhasmir work with his runner. She attempts her crossing when he's at the far (from her) edge of the meadow, but sometime during her slow trek, he moves and pulls that runner up to chat with some folks. Great. Now it's in her path of travel. There's a small frown, a brief pause before continuing and presently she draws up nearby, but as far away from the runner as she can possibly get. There's no good morning issuing from this weyrwoman at first, because one, there's a runner here and two, the words 'ovine' and 'destruction' have just been mentioned in the same sentence. "Not any more they don't." It comes out all growly, before she modulates that and greets the group with a general, "Morning all."

Jessamin steps a little bit closer to Rog and Rhas, once Madder's song has subsided into soft, friendly little chirps. She watches and listens for a few minutes, keeping one eye on the firelizards and the other on their owners. Upon hearing Thea a short distance off, she raises her hand in greeting. "Morning!"

Rhasmir laughs, rolling eyes skyward at mention of ovines. "I haven't had a good ovine in…too long! Mmm." The lad smacks his lips together and Bell stomps impatiently at her obnoxious rider. "Haven't known too many that're much better, myself." A quiet observation from the trader, who smiles wistfully. "Takes a shardin' good place for me to consider settin' down roots." He laughs, then nods vigorously. "Right! That's it. Yeah, that was my thought..if folks knew that there were wings of guards on the ground patrolling the area, maybe they wouldn't be so quick to start trouble…" The trader murmurs, glancing up, noticing Thea for the first time. He grins lazily, lifting a hand from his perch atop the runner. "Morning, Thea. How goes?" Asked cheerily enough, as Eireysa finally lumbers off of his elbow, winging up to peer first at Kialio, then down at Madder, though she looks mighty tempted to land on Thea's head, a sharp whistle from her pet stops it - not without grumbling, as she heaves herself higher into the air.

For some reason, the meadow used to be a quiet place, rarely occupied by anyone but stablehands and smiths going about their own business. But lately whenever Enkavir tries to escape the weyr proper for a bit of morning solitude it seems like there are all these… /people/ all over the place. Initially he's concentrating on reading while he walks, only glancing up as far as the next stretch of ground to keep himself from tripping, so he's nearly upon the knot of chatting people before he notices them. Words float over, something about Hannista and runners and training, and he lifts pale hazel eyes from his book. His expression is one of irritation, but it smooths away to neutrality as he sees who it is. The smile that starts for Rogawani deepens for Thea and gets spread around to the other two for good measure, and he nods. "Hey… wings of guards patrolling?"

"Of course not." Rogawani replies quickly, not seeming all that surprised at Thea's arrival. He seems almost about to say something teasing, but decides better of it in the presence of others. So, shooting the Weyrwoman a casual wink, "G'morning, Thea." Then, glancing over his shoulder at Rhasmir, he shrugs slightly. "First place I'd ask is that holder family. They've settled in a little cothold West of the weyr since those two boys just impressed." He explains, and then nods to himself, considering the thought. "Not much up my alley though. I'm too puny for guard duty." He lifts one arm and makes a mock-flexing of his muscles before letting a raspberry slip boyishly from his lips. The sound ends up cut-off halfway as another voice joins the conversation. "Oh, hey Enkavir. Rhas was just sharing an idea 'bout mounted guards." He explains, and then looks up, watching as his green lizard flits about, finally settling again nearby, this time on one of the wooden fences.

Thea's head turns at the sound of her name, her polite smile widening with genuine warmth as she hears Enkavir's voice, "Morning." She sidles closer to him, a hand reaching to seek his free one and in so moving she is, further from the runner - a move she's not at all unhappy about for more than one reason. Flapping firelizard wings aren't really all that unusual for her, overhead or no, so that barely registers. There is a nod both to Rhasmir's greeting and his thought though and she pipes up with a wave towards the stables, "They can have all of the ones in there, I wouldn't mourn." She's half-serious. She flashes Rogawani a small grin, "Morning Ro."

Jessamin moves to sit down beneath a nearby tree, seeming to figure this as good a place as any to be at the moment. The instant she sets her sewing basket down on the ground, though, Madder's attention is drawn to the tempting nest of fabric scraps, skeins of embroidery thread, and the various bits and bobs of her trade. "Madder!" Jessamin shakes her head at the little brown fire lizard, chuckling affectionately. "What am I going to do with you, hmmm? Come on, now, let me in at some of those scraps there…." With a bit of coaxing-and much disgusted grumbling from Madder-Jessamin manages to free enough scraps, needles, thread, and the like to work on her day's piece. Upon Enkavir's and Thea's arrival, she glances up and smiles. " 'Morning, you two."

Rhasmir's smile for Enkavir is cheerful. "Morning." He greets, pausing for a moment before answering the young man to squint at Ro, nodding slowly. "Good idea. Well - first I've gotta talk to the Weyrleaders, really. Need permission to build and all." A sheepish cough. "Told the caravan to come this way anyways, hoping they come to help…" He chuckles, then shakes his head. "Aw, you'd do well, I bet. Nobody's bigger than somebody on a runner." Here his grin goes a touch wolfish, then he's nodding. "Aye. Thinking about staying, if I can do something like that…" He agrees, peering over at Jessamin with a smile. "I saw a pair of new-fledged avians over near the jungle there, bet they'd be a distraction for the little imp." He calls with a grin, then smirks cheerily at Thea. "Aw, come now! Surely you jest." He beams, all innocence, while Bell eyes the group with a sort of imperious amusement, then, studiously ignoring the other runner (he might steal her attention, after all!), stretches out her neck and sticks her nose as close to Thea's face, as she can. And snorts. To his credit, Rhas doesn't fall over laughing - but Eireysa squeaks in alarm as he sputters, flapping off to go hide near that basket full of pretty things.

Enkavir arches a brow at Rogawani's explanation, his quizzical expression transferred to Rhasmir as his eyes swing up to the mounted trader. "Aren't the normal guards mounted? Sometimes? I guess I really don't know much about it beyond the occasional patrol around Grandfather's cothold, which was more about fallen fenceposts than anything else." There's a hint of curiosity there, but not enough to distract him from Thea's warm smile. He lets her take his hand and gives it a little squeeze, then he's even sweet enough to step forward a bit, putting more of himself between her and the looming runner. "Ah, this involves some sort of building? You are a man of big ideas, Rhasmir." His mouth slides into a bit of a smirk but it fades when the runner comes into Thea's personal space. "Hey hey, she's not comfortable around runners. If you don't want a spooked mare you might want to make her keep her distance."

Reaching into one of the pockets in his riding jacket, Rogawani pulls out a small scrap of dried meat. Trail food, twitching it between his fingers before offering it out towards Jessamin. "Here, maybe this'll distract him a bit. Takes forever to chew." The gift, however, gets a small creel of protest from his green lizard, who he shushes with a look. "Oh you get quite enough." Ruffling her wings, the little lizard crouches, and bobs up and down as if that showed her answer. The gray gelding, however, seems to be ignoring everyone, Bell included. "Building?" He asks, trying to wrap his mind around the idea. "Like a guard-house or something?" Pondering the thought, he lifts his shoulders. "Well, they just finished the clock tower, and I know Kire was saying something 'bout starcrafters building an observatory. Lots of building projects." He mutters.

Jessamin meeps as now she has not one firelizard but two making a plaything of her sewing basket. Bits of colorful cotton fabric go flying from her hands like confetti as she attempts to keep her basket from being tipped over. It's a rather comical sight, with a green fire lizard hiding -behind- her basket, and the other taking refuge -in- it. Seeing the situation is a hopeless mess, she bursts out laughing. "Okay, you two, keep it down to a dull roar, hmm?" She taps Madder lightly on his snout, and then holds her hand out to the green behind the basket. As she looks back up, she grins at Rhasmir. "Looks like Madder's got a distraction already."

"Morning, Jessamin ho-" Thea is interrupted by the runner. Runner-snot. On. Her. She backs another step away, giving the thing a mild glare. Small blessings - it didn't touch her. "Not jesting, no. Too bad they're not mine. Would've turned 'em loose in the Feeding pens long ago." This is said dryly. Enakvir's comment draws a playful nudge, "Who are you calling a mare?" Then it's back to Rhasmir for a second, "Building? Now what?" There's a tiny frown marring her brow. "Not more stables?" For now Rogawani's grey runner is tolerated. It's not close to her and -it- behaves.

It takes a moment, but Rhas manages to convince Bell to turn her head away; but she pins her ears back and snorts at the irrtation, shaking herself all over. When he stops clinging to her like a burr, Rhas snorts, flashing a grin at Enkavir. "No worries," He chuckles. "She doesn't realize that not everybody will pet her. I raised her from a foal - she's half-sure she deserves to be scritched whenever there's people around." The trader winces. "Nah, different from that, mounted guards, I -" But it seems too difficult to describe well, at least while he's keeping Bell from crawling in somebody's (she's eyeing Jessamin now, speculatively), so he just waves a hand. "Yeah, stables. I'm thinking…big." A smirk, and faint cough. No, he doesn't expound on how big. To Jessamin, a snicker, as he keeps the mare from sidling thataways, and Eireysa chirps playfully at Madder, batting at a pebble. "Aw, shells!"

Enkavir's lip curls a bit at the horse snot, and he shakes his head, but at least the Trader has the runner under control now. He blinks at Rogawani then, looking even more dubious now. "And observatory? Here? I doubt that pretty highly with Landing so close. That's an enormous undertaking… sure he wasn't just talking about like, a normal telescope or something? That would be kind of cool, actually." He shakes his head to stop the out-loud train of thought, flicking a glance over at Jessamin. "Yet again I'm glad Spark seems to keep to himself. If the green's yours too I don't know how you get anything done, ever." He shakes his head, that faint scowl lingering across his brow. "Everyone with pets should be required to train them to have good manners, though how anyone would enforce that I've no idea." Grumble grumble.

Jessamin looks a little surprised at Enkavir's censure, canting her head to one side as she holds the basket upright. Her brown firelizard croons to the green as if in greeting, for the moment ignoring Jessamin. "No, only the brown's mine, and the worst mess he usually makes is just of my sewing basket." Her attention is divided between the lizards playing bat-the-pebble around her, the runner that looks as if it might decide to bug her for attention, and Rhasmir. To the latter, she smiles, indicating with a small wave the little green who has seemingly decided to befriend Madder. "What's her name?"

Retrieving his hand, Rogawani simply shrugs his shoulders, and tosses a piece of the dried meat over towards his own green. Out of nowhere, a gold lizard appears, snatches the meat, and disappears again. With a smirk set on his face, the boy tosses a second piece. Luckily the second one is caught mid-air by the green. "You might have a tough time convincing them to build -more- stables." Ro' comments towards Rhasmir, shooting a sideways glance at Thea and then back again. Enkavir's comment about the observatory, however, brings a shrug. "That's what that starcrafter apprentice was telling me. Kire? You know, the one that's got that model of it sitting out in the caverns?" Confusion passes on the boy's face, not really sure what to think of the conflicting things he sometimes hears.

"More…stables." It's flatly said and Thea's eyes narrow just a bit at Rhasmir. Her expression says he'd better be joking. She's muttering something about a clocktower, an observatory and sharding weyr-turned-city under her breath as her free hand swipes at the droplets scattered on her shirt. But then Enkavir is enthusing about one of said annoyances? Jessamin's predicament draws a sympathetic, "Some of them can be trained, others? Not so much." Ruin for example. The tossed trail meat snatched by the tiny gold is noticed and the weyrwoman flashes a surprised and not altogether unpleased glance Rogawani's way. For now she makes no comment about it.

Rhasmir's too busy to notice any looks he might be getting - steadily, but with an air of practiced ease, he's backing Bell up a bit. "Mmm," Is all he can say on the subject of the observatory, squinting faintly; but when nothing comes to mind he just shrugs, chuckling. "I have certain advantages," The lad says, with no small amount of dignity, drawing himself up with a grin. "I am a member of a trader caravan, after all, and they take care of their own. I wouldn't dream of bothering an already-overworked Weyr with more worries." He snorts, glancing towards the Weyr's proper. "It'd be little use to me if they were too busy and never got anything done, anyways." An imperious hand flaps, before he's eased again, grinning. Eireysa watches the gold emerge and then disappear with narrowed eyes, but promptly forgets, chattering happily at Madder. Astride Bell, Rhas smiles faintly at the 'lizard's antics, shaking his head. "Her name is Eireysa - I can let her stay, if you want. Me, I've got to go put this gal up and see if I can find a 'leader type…"

Jessamin stands carefully, picking up the bits of fabric and tucking them into the Madder-laden basket. As she hears Eireysa chirrup imperiously at her refuge being taken away, she laughs softly. "That's your call, whether she stays or goes. But either way, I'd better be getting Madder down to the beach to fish-and out of trouble!" Turning faintly pink, she continues. "Eireysa's really rather sweet. Though I think I've got to agree with Enkavir on one thing-getting Madder to keep out of my sewing basket!"

Enkavir flips a hand at Rogawani. "I don't know for sure obviously. I'd just be surprised. And yeah, I know who Kire is. I just thought that model was… y'know, a model. An apprentice project or something." He eyes Rhasmir a bit dubiously - apparently he's in slightly grumpy disbelief mode this morning, and just shakes his head. "Well, good luck with that I suppose. And good luck to you too, Jessamin. Thea's right, not all firelizards are particularly trainable." He eyes that little flash of gold too, brows raised at Rogawani as a bit of a smile finally breaks through his vague frown.

"Don't know. It's not the first thing he's told me that hasn't come through." Rogawani shrugs his shoulders, eyes showing a thoughtful expression, full of memory. As Rhasmir seems about to leave, he interjects, "Oh, make sure you let me know when the caravan gets in. I'll want to take a look at that saddle." A smile shows true on the boy's face, but falters a little as he looks back to the others. "I should probably get Rider back inside, too. I'm sure he's hungry." Hungry or not, the gray runner seems content to just stand there, staring off into space. "Kia, come." He clicks his tongue and the green firelizard wings over to land on his head, still chewing and dropping little meat-pieces into his hair. "Aww, shoulder, shoulder!" He reaches up and places the green on her proper place before walking over to untie the runner.

Thea is still swiping at her clothing. "I need to bathe again… and change these." Her face isn't looking too pleased. She gives Enkavir's hand a small squeeze before releasing it. "Be late in the office today, let Zevida know for me?" A general nod to the group and a bit of a relieved look towards Rhasmir's comment. "It's really not my call anyway. I can fume and make folks miserable, but that's about it." Rogawani's correction of the little green 'lizard gets a nod of approval, "Now that's how it's done!" Encouragement intended for Jessamin. She slips away back towards where she came from with a "See ya."

Rhasmir has wreaked enough havok - he grins at the gathered, maybe a touch sheepishly. "I'll explain it better in a bit if you want, yeah? Kind of hard to," As if to make a point, Bell snorts again, this time watching Ro with the grey. "Focus." Offered to any and all, but specifically to the lads; the ladies hadn't seemed too interested, at least. "Of course! Aw, they won't be in for a sevenday or two, but I'll come find you when they do. Or well…it might be obvious. Not too many traders travel with a herd've runners." That might be to the departing Thea, but it's good-natured teasing at least, and he lifts a hand. But she's gone before he can say anything else. Eireysa looks positively heartbroken as her playmates depart; she flounces back to her human's shoulder in a huff. He chuckles, briefly taking a hand from the reins to stroke her. "Aw, you big baby." He chuckles, replacing the hand and backing the runner up a few more steps, wincing faintly. "Good luck with him, yeah?" To Jessamin, with a sympathetic grin. "I'm lucky this one's a good one, 'cept for a little tantrum now and then."

Enkavir casts a forlorn little glance down at the book in his hand, but with everyone going back to their duties and Thea's comment about the office, it's inevitable. "Catch you all later," he offers as everyone goes their separate ways, then he heads back toward the weyr proper and the start of his work day.

Jessamin smiles to Rhasmir as she makes her way to the beach, stopping only for a moment. "I've got a thing or two to learn about training firelizards, it seems. Could I ask you for help one day soon?" To the rest gathered, she smiles, and waves a farewell.

With a quick motion, the gray gelding is untied from the post, Rogawani shaking out the reigns a bit before stroking the beast's nose with his hand. "That-a boy. Lets get you fed." Like speaking to an old friend, he looks over his shoulder, and nods towards Rhasmir. "I'll keep my eyes open for them. But if I'm off on a run, I may not notice much when I get back." He laughs jovially, and then begins to lead his runner towards the stables. "See you two later." He offers, and soon disappears into the shadow offered by the stable wall, a small, firelizard-shaped shadow joining the green already on one shoulder.

Rhasmir waves to Enkavir with a rueful grin. "Come find me later!" He calls. "It'll be nice and cool in the shade at the edge of the forest this evening, and shells if y'don't spend too much time inside!" He doesn't want to rhapsodize on his grand plans, not at all! Well, maybe his intentions are partly pure. "You too." To Ro, with a michievous grin. "Yeah, makes sense! 'bye!" Called cheerily, before he's flashing Jessamin a groad grin. "So do I - but this girl's responding well to what I know already, bless her. Maybe I can help. Can try! I should be somewhere around there," He points at the southwestern edge of the meadow. "Or the stables, for most of the day…" The lad chuckles, now that the area's clear he eases on the reins and extracts the sulking Eireysa from his shoulder, petting the 'lizard. "Good luck with him today."

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