Cuts and Bruises and Burns, Oh My

Xanadu Weyr - Infirmary

The infirmary here is intended for human care. It is spotless and smells of disinfectant, cots are lined up against one wall, a curtain can be pulled to give some privacy to the occupants of the cots if they so desire. A cabinet stands off against another wall, instruments and medications stored against when they will be needed. A couple of curtained off beds are used for examinations of patients and the treatment of minor injuries which won't require long term care. A desk with chair is just off of the doorway for the healer to sit and catch up on record keeping after a long days work.

Summer's heat saps everybody on a rare cloudless day, sending all those who CAN be inside. Most of the Weyr is still in generally good spirits, but well — the infirmary is not notable for those. Except…it is today? From a back curtain comes a barrage of hooting laughter, before two dark-haired men spill out, both snickering heartily. One of them, who DOESN'T seem to be spouting blood like nobody's business from a cut above their eye, is ushered out. The other, sobered quickly into a surprised glare, is marched over to a cot and sat down. "I'm not five!" He grumbles after the tiny healer who's put him in his place. Bluerider R'iahn, grumpy, though? Never! "Hey, c'mon! We didn't mean to knock over the — he'll /pay/ for it!" Alas for him, the smiling girl is replaced by a guy who looks like his name should be Knuckles. Cue a hopeful glance to the entrance. Somebody, save him? Not that he'd ever ask as much. Pfft.

Karona enters from the clearing, hissing through her teeth, and clutching at her right arm. She's dressed in full smith regalia - long thick sleeves and pants, a sturdy protective apron over that, and very large pair of gloves. The right glove appears to have partially melted, and something singed can be seen beneath - a second pair of gloves? Summer or no summer, protective gear must be worn. Poor woman looks sweltering in that getup though. "Healer!" she calls irritably, with a rising note of panic in her voice, though this is unlikely to be the first time. "Need a healer here!" Finally, one comes over, and leads her to a cot beside R'iahn's, tugging the two gloves off of her right hand, and promptly applying numbweed. The smith sighs in relief, then glances over at the bluerider. "Hey. What're you in for?" she asks, although, judging by the way she's very carefully avoiding looking in the vicinity of that cut, likely she's aware.

Dun dun duuN! Eledri is here to- not save the day, cough. The grumpy-looking computercrafter is, in fact, /hobbling/ in not long after Karona, and scowling at those already there with a look fit to curdle BEER. If beer could curdle. Using the wall and doorframe for support, he edges into the infirmary, glaring all about, and possibly sucking in his breath with a little bit of a hiss. He's favoring his left foot, stepping veery carefully as he gets his butt down onto a cot, not far from R'iahn's either, and waits for a free healer, mumbling a, "No.. it's not urgent," at an apprentice passing by, who stops to look him over. The young man is dressed in his usual neat attire, dark pants and button-down shirt, suede vest, and boots, the latter.. scuffed rather severely on top of the left foot. He begins carefully unlacing the footwear while a healer heads over, Eledri shoving back his hair from his eyes and adjusting his spectacles, and perhaps blinking rather a lot. His nose wrinkles as he glances over at Karona and R'iahn, though the man will at least politely incline his head to smith and rider both.

R'iahn's healer — dragon thought it might be — instincts go all twitchy when Karona comes in hollering for somebody to fix her, but thankfully for that bleeding thing on his forehead, she's attended to quickly enough. That treatment seems to take away his sympathy for her, though; when she starts speaking, the man's eyebrows raaaiiise. Up, up they go! Where they stop — "Really?" He grumbles, twitching vaguely as the massive healer blots at it with a redwort-soaked rag. "You know, I stubbed my toe. Nothin' too major." Sarcasm? Pff. Scowling vaguely, he stops /just/ short of punching the poor healer at a particularly rough poke. "Oi! I'll stitch it myself!" He howls, and is distracted enough to miss poor Eled's limping entrance into the infirmary. A few dabs of numbweed in a vague circle around the still sluggisly-bleeding headwound, and the man settles down a little, taking a deep breath and blowing it out in frustration. "What'd you do t'yer arm?" Politeness somehow takes on a bite, as he eventually decides to acknowledge yet /another/ person encroaching on what is suddenly /not/ such a fun Infirmary visit. "What's got you, kid? Y'look like you got socked in the nethers by a dragon."

Karona absently picks up the outer glove with her left hand, turning it over to inspect the damage. There's a sharp intake of breath when she spots it, and a glance down to her numbed right arm, perhaps surprised. Her eyes go back to the glove, large round eyes, until something else occurs to her. She winces. "Yep. That's coming out of my pocket." she realises. Well, this day just keeps getting better and better. The ruined glove is tossed aside with a mutter, though the second glove seems in better condition. R'iahn's answer - likely she wasn't really expecting a response - has her tilting her head at the bluerider. "Oh, really, sir? That's pretty flexible of you, not many can accomplish that." Playing along? Seems to be, though she averts her eyes at the howling at that poor healer. "Ah, er, bit careless at the forge. Apprentice bumped me. Well, he's an apprentice /now/, he got bumped back." Ahem. 'Socked in the nethers' has her looking, if anything, /more/ awkward, peering around. "Ah.. oh. Hey. Eledri, right?" Well, it's likely the first time they've met outside of the forge, lighting's /all/ different in here. "What'd /you/ do?" Is she assuming there is some nether-related ailment? Well, why /else/ would he be turning apprentices away? Must be sensitive. Which means he probably /did/ something. Scuffed boot, that the man is removing? No, she's not nearly that observant.

Eledri's expression does not improve any, though R'iahn's head wound is stared at for some seconds, once the computercrafter straightens up from the boot-unlacing. He might make a bit of a face, too, for that howling, though he's trying not to stare - really! The bluerider and Karona receive a vague, "Hey," in greeting, the man nodding faintly to the latter about his name, and then blinking. R'iahn gets a bit of a blank look, and then a flat, "No." Nevermind the crafter's face ius coloring rather significantly, and there goes a brief scowl. Instead, he turns to karone and does mutter, quite straight-faced even, "..I stubbed my toe." He's totally serious. There's a pause, "And then a computer fell on it."

"If you knew my dragon, you wouldn't be surprised." Is all R'iahn has to say about being flexible, expression suddenly exhausted — for all of five seconds. It suddenly tightens quite a bit as the healer wipes off the excess numbweed and resumes stitching, ignoring his patient calmly. Thankfully, Riah continues breathing; just enough to maintain consciousness and eye Karona half-warily, half-amusedly. "Bad place to be careless." He answers gruffly, then shakes his head. "Damn apprentices. Not good for much of anything." Mutter mutter, but there's a bare, teeth-baring smirk for the woman. "Good." Any awkwardness isn't really noted, he's too busy staring into his attacker — er, healer's — eyes with a flinty expression as the man calmly continues stitching. However, when Eledri starts talking, well…his lips go tight. His cheeks kind of puff out. He closes his eyes. Eventually, after breathing through his nose for a moment, the bluerider manages not to laugh. Barely. "Shells." He shakily proclaims, expression grumpy-grouchy once more. "Dumbass." …so much for tact. It could be because he can't well scream like a little girl in pain, though. At any rate, as soon as the man is done stitching him up, the rider stands, snatching his jacket off of the cot and stomping out without another word.

Karona is still /not/ looking at R'iahn's head wound, making every effort to avoid it, actually. Squeamish? Evidently. This leaves her looking at Eledri, and the computercrafter's blush sets her to blushing, in shame perhaps. The man's scowl has her averting her eyes, but they creep back up when Eledri mentions stubbing a toe… and then a computer fell on it? She winces. "That sounds worse than a little burn… how are you not screaming for a healer?" After all, she was, and she's evidently only suffered 'a little burn', though admittedly it's easy to make light of an injury when it's numbed beyond all feeling. Karona doesn't seem especially eager to strike up further conversation with R'iahn, but she'll agree, with a wry grimace, "The worst." Place to be careless, that is. "Mm. /Apprentices/." she agrees, with a snort. What more needs be said? R'iahn's departure has the smith sinking back on the cot slightly, and frowning quietly at her arm. Well… it's been treated. But leaving would mean going back to work, and the forge is so /hot/. She slouches back on the cot, in no hurry to move.

"Decent shoes," is muttered in answer to the smith, Eledri suppressing a grimace, "Used to it, anyway." What, toe-stubbing or pain? Either way, Eledri turns his attention back to the boot, beginning to slide it down his ankle. With healer-help, the footwear is slowly and very carefully eased off. The sock underneath has a spot of blood on the toe, and that gets removed with equal care. It's not a pretty sight, but it's not weyr-shakingly serious, either. He might wrinkle his nose at R'iahn, but the computercrafter makes no further comment to the bluerider, only eyeing him over the top of his spectacles when he gets up and leaves. "..The shards is his problem?" is grumblemuttered under his breath, to no one in particular, though that head wound apparently isn't sufficient excuse for Eled. Just shaking his head slowly, he holds his foot out so the healers can dab numbweed on it and wrap the toe in bandages.

Karona snorts slightly. "I'm /used/ to spilling molten metal. Well, it doesn't happen constantly, but often enough. I, I mean, if someone eats roast herdbeast seventeen times in a turn, one would hardly say that person /constantly/ eats roast herdbeast, right?" She blinks, and furrows her brow. Did she have a point? Seems she's lost it. "…uh. oh. Right. I'm sort of used to burns… but doesn't mean I don't want them seen to as soon as possible." she shrugs. The query regarding the bluerider gets another shrug. "…because he's been struck upon the head? I don't know…" Not knowing the man, and all. She shuffles forward to perch on the edge of the cot, legs dangling over the edge, even swinging a bit. Yeah, she has no need to still be here. No doubt a healer will usher her out as soon as that cot is needed, but that time is not now. "…used to it, though? Drop computers a lot?" she asks, tilting her head curiously at the man.

Eledri just kind of stares at Karona a bit, apparently having lost her point as well. "..Herdbeast?" is repeated somewhat blankly, though the computercrafter is then wrinkling his nose. "If someone ate it every sevenday," though once the smith does recover the point, Eled snorts softly. "Only an idiot walks in yelling for a healer because he stubbed his toe," muttered with a brief shrug, slim shoulders lifting slightly, while he eyes whatever the healer is doing to his foot. As for R'iahn's head, Eledri just shakes his own, frowning vaguely, and then turning to peer low-liddedly at Karona. "I didn't drop it. And.. it wasn't serious," the slight wince possibly speaking otherwise, though he does add, "Just need put some numbweed on it and get back to work." Nevermind the slightly missing toenail. Cough.

Karona is not eyeing what the healer is doing over there, nope. She's not even watching. "..right. Only an idiot." she says, rubbing the back of her neck sheepishly. Nope, she wouldn't do that, really! …how soon after her entrance did Eledri arrive? "Right, of course. Careful with computers." she murmurs absently at 'didn't drop it'. "…the computer okay?" she asks, for lack of anything else to ask, really. If she stretches out the conversation, she doesn't have to go back! She's consoling an injured man? Well, it's /an/ excuse, anyway. Not necessarily a good one, or an accurate one.

If Eledri saw the smith's entrance earlier, he he makes no comment on it, glancing down again at his now mostly-wrapped toe and frowning. How's he going to fit /that/ back in his boot? As for the computer.. Eled hunches a little, unable to suppress the grimace, "It's.." a pause and a look off, away across the infirmary, "..servicable." His tone suggests anything but. Mumbled low, and under his breath, is an added, "..I hope." Oh dear. Clearing his throat, the computercrafter glances back at Karona, "I haven't run any diagnostics yet. It looked fine, however." Alas, the smith's excuse for dawdling may be at an end, as the healer moves back, apparently done. It /was/ only an injuted toe, after all. After he assures Eledri nothing's broken, and then it should heal fine in a couple sevendays, he cautions him to keep the weight off. Eledri sighs, bringing a hand up to rub the bridge of his nose, and giving his footwear a sidelong look. Luckily, the healer has a solution, and a pair of crutches are fetched in short order. Eledri might look kind of embarrassed about that, but hey, it saves him from trying to jam his injured foot into the boot again!

Karona seems to sense her time procrastinating coming to an end - fairly obvious, with the healer moving away, and the smith is already receiving /looks/ from other healers. She sighs, and hops off the cot, grabbing the ruined gloves. "Mm. I should really be getting back to the forge." On this lovely summer's day, is there no justice in the world? "D'you need a hand back to… wherever it is you go when you're not at the forge?" Or in the infirmary, evidently. Ahem. "I'm stronger than I look y'know, you can lean on me if it'd help." Help get her out of work, however briefly.

Eledri very carefully slides off the cot, balancing on his good foot and the heel of his injured one. "It's fine," he absently mumbles, shoving his blood-dotted sock into the boot and then gathering the crutches. This is a bit of an awkward affair, as he needs both arms for the crutch, and still has to hold the boot. "..Uh," a glance is sent toward Karona, "..if you don't mind carrying this? I'm just heading back to the craft complex." Yep, he totally holds out his /shoe/.

Karona /eyes/ the shoe, she just… /eyes/ it. It's taken, because she /did/ offer to help, but she's grimacing pretty intensely the whole time. Ugh. She really has to carry the /shoe/? "A-alright, sure…" she says, blinking at the shoe that she's suddenly holding. Holding at arms length, between forefinger and thumb. The woman is really not good at hiding her disgust, is she? It's probably a perfectly clean shoe, as much as a shoe can be, but she doesn't dare to find out. Nope. "Craft complex. Right. That's… not far." she murmurs. She'll follow Eledri there, and likely dump the shoe on him as soon as she can, ahem.

"I haven't stepped in manure," Eledri mutters, though he miight just sound more bemused than anything, eyeing the way Karona is holding his poor shoe, and then turning toward the exit. It's hobbling time! The boot really doesn't have much more than some dust and a bit of grass on it; it is the shoe of a man who spends most of his time indoors, behind a desk, really. And on crutches, slowly but surely, the computercrafter heads out.

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