Meeting in the Rain

Xanadu Weyr - Clearing

A wide clearing stretches from east to west, the ground packed hard although grass grows across most of it. Trees are strictly forbidden in this space, their danger to the constant draconic traffic reason enough to banish them to the forest that creates a this and sharp border to the north. Where the ground is less trampled, tiny flowers poke their delicate heads out from their shaded hiding places with upturned petals to wave to whoever may be looking.

The cliff looms imposingly on three sides, stretching upwards all the way up the side of the mountain where, high above, Xanadu's Star Stones and the ever present watchdragon sit on a lonely peak. Directly south is a massive tunnel, fully wide enough for even the largest dragon to fly down. Southeast are wide steps leading up to the Caverns and eastwards is the large entrance to the Infirmary. Somewhat north of the Infirmary is a human sized archway that has a frequent quantity of traffic — it leads to the Tavern. Southwest lies the low ledges currently belonging to Xanadu's queens while north and west a broad path cut by the side of the cliff leads to the Feeding Grounds and due north is the spacious trail that leads to the rest of the Weyr.

The weather has been dreadful for quite awhile now. Rain, rain, and more rain. Even now, it is raining and there appears to be no break in sight for the time being. Despite this rain, a woman stands in the Clearing and using an extra bit of plastic for covering, though it does a poor job of it. This is Kiley, standing out in the rain with the plastic covering barely keeping her dry and her eyes pointed towards the sky as if waiting for the rain to stop or waiting for someone to suddenly appear. But, no one comes to her rescue, if she were waiting for a rescue, at least. "Well.. Darn it." The woman finally speaks, though there is no one to listen to her complaints. "I don't think it'd be too safe to bring anything through right now. Even with the right protection it could still get ruined." Talking to herself, she tilts her head just so and drops her arm to give herself a break, causing the rain to fall straight upon her. Normally pale cheeks grow pink from the cold as well as her nose, bringing forth soft sniffles. And even though she has admitted that what she waits for is unlikely to arrive; there she waits, unwavering in the rain.

M'nol is short and compact, his mop of black hair glued to his head from the wet as he makes his way out of the infirmary and into the broad landing clearing. At the moment, he wears no knot, though it's clear there used to be one there on his shoulder, "Fitness exam. Of course I'm sharding fit for du-oh." He pauses as he spots Kiley, "You know, it's awfully wet out here to be standing in it."

Kiley turns her gaze carefully away from the sky at the sound of another voice, slightly peeking in that direction before she quickly turns her gaze elsewhere so not to be caught staring. Instead, the plastic is lifted easily above her head with her other arm until he speaks to her. Her gaze turns and she smiles to the man, giving him a slow look over before she speaks. "Yes, I know. But I was waiting for someone and something…" She trails off as she makes a face of annoyance with her nose wrinkling slightly, "but they didn't send me a message saying that they weren't coming or would be late. So I don't know if I should keep waiting or to go back inside. It's safer to keep waiting, just in case. Just so that they don't damage anything upon their arrival." A soft sniffle follows and she lifts her hand, to cover her nose. "Excuse me.. I'm not exactly the most presentable." Another sniff follows before she drops her hand and turns her head just so, avoiding looking at him straight on. "I'm Kiley."

M'nol smiles easily, "M'nol. Brown Faraeth's." He pauses a moment, his eyes glazing slightly, then, "And speaking of Faraeth…" A positively huge brown lumbers from the forest area, looking very much like a mountain on the move. He lowers his head to blink once at Kiley, then spreads one huge wing over both computercrafter and rider. M'nol mutters a soft, "Thanks, Farry." before glancing back at Kiley, "Well… did you know who was supposed to be delivering? I could have Farry bespeak their dragon."

"Well met, M'nol. It is quite the pleasure to meet you." Kiley smiles a little wider at the rider, turning slightly as he mentions the dragon. The plastic she holds tilts slightly and the water that lingers on the plastic spills onto her and she only lets out the softest of squeaks. Though this could also be from the sight of the dragon approaching from the forest area, looking quite like a mountain. She doesn't move as the dragon blinks his eye at her and she blinks in response, clearly flustered. But it isn't fear, at least, as she relaxes a moment later to drop the plastic and to consider the wing that now covers her and M'nol. "Oh. That's certainly handy!" She chuckles softly before looking back down to the man, "I didn't think…" Her thoughts are left unfinished before she shakes her head, "I don't. I ah.. Didn't check. Though.. Maybe it is supposed to be arriving tomorrow." Lifting her free hand, she waves it in a dismissive manner for the topic. "I don't want to trouble you with my thoughtlessness. I've been distracted since arriving, it seems."

M'nol nods again, "Nice to meet you as well… if I didn't say that already?" His brows furrow, then he shrugs, "Not a big deal. This is Faraeth. Don't let him scare you, he's just a big baby, really." The massive brown snorts a little, then turns to stare out at the water instead. M'nol rolls his eyes, "He's just being surly. That being said, I've just transferred back myself, so everything's in disarray. I completely understand and it's no trouble, right Farry?" The brown snorts again and clearly something's exchanged because the little rider laughs, "You're just mad it's wet because it floods your wallow. You should just be glad our old place was still vacant." Another snort. Apparently wet brown = grumpy brown in this case.

Kiley gives a shake of her head, "not that I recall." The woman chuckles softly before she nods once, "thank you. And.." Her gaze is drawn to the brown, curious but she says not a word as she considers him. "He's not /scary/. But he's certainly large." As most dragons are, but the woman leaves it at that as she looks back to the rider. "Oh, I see. Well, welcome back then. Were you gone long?" The woman shifts, looking down to her hands and then wiggling the plastic to remove the extra water that clings to it before lifting it to hold it close to her chest. The conversation between the two causes the woman to look between them, considering dragon and rider before she chuckles. "Riders always seem like such a good pair. Thank you for saying that I am causing you no trouble, I also hope that I'm not taking up your time. Everyone seems to be rather busy a lot of the time. I know I can be quite busy as well." Her smile shifts into one of sympathy for the brown, "I am also sorry about his wallow being flooded, that must be upsetting."

M'nol smirks, "He's not the biggest. Shards, he helped train two who were bigger at Ista." The brown snorts. He refuses to admit it. M'nol continues as if the brown had done nothing unusual at all, "Oh… four, maybe five turns. We impressed here, actually. Though it was a bit dryer, then. I really should talk to D'son about better controlling the weather when I talk to him about my wing assignment." He's clearly joking from the smirk to the twinkle in his eyes, but he said it nonetheless. The brown blinks again and M'nol chuckles, "He says thank you for your concerns for his comfort and that the wallow will dry eventually."

"I've seen… Not as many dragons as I've could. This is my first time in a Weyr." Kiley admits with a sheepish smile, "but he's certainly the largest I've seen. At least, of the browns." A soft laugh slips forth as the brown snorts, her lips curling into a large grin before she looks back to M'nol. "That's awhile to leave. Is it good to be home?" She considers the water around them, thoughtful before she's drawn back to the rider. Her eyes widen at the mention of someone controlling the weather before cheeks flush due to embarrassment and not the cold. "Right… Ah." She fidgets suddenly while her fingers begin to play with the bracelet around her wrist. "It is no trouble. I can imagine that it is uncomfortable being somewhere that is constantly filled with water. I really do hope the rain will stop soon and it'll dry."

M'nol glances up at the translucent, green-flecked wingsail, "That's true. Bigger'n some bronzes, even. Hasn't managed to outfly 'em to a gold yet, though. It's a source of much grumpiness for him." The brown's neck twists to snake under the outstretched wing and get a good look at Kiley with both eyes for a moment before turning away again. Morl just shrugs, "We-" Faraeth snorts, "I had a need to get away for a bit. We went to Ista. We had a good run there, but it was time to come… well, 'home's a minehold in Crom, but back to the nest, I guess."

Kiley nods, "he is. He's rather large." Though she's said this already, she continues pushing that fact. "Maybe some day. People say if you keep pushing and trying you'll eventually do it." The woman offers cheerfully, towards the brown though not entirely looking at him as she speaks. Though when he turns to look at her, the woman straightens and blinks at the dragon with a look of surprise. A questioning look follows in which she directs it towards M'nol, "oh. I see. I've read that they have black sand… But, it sounds like you enjoyed yourself there." The bracelet is twisted a little bit, "home is where you feel more comfortable, I suppose. Or where you feel welcome… Or whatever you want it to be, really."

M'nol shrugs, a much easier motion than the whirlpool of emotions that accompany the thought, "He says he will someday. Always does. After seven turns, though? I try not to get my hopes up to high." His eyes slide easily up the big brown's neck, "Ista's sands are so hot they burn your feet. Except now. It's winter there right now, so-" He smirks, "Lots of rain and fog. Sounds familiar, doesn't it?" His eyes catch on her nervous bracelet fiddling, "Home is where the heart is."

"Well, someday is always there and it's not like it'll go away." Kiley offers in response, though she nods. "I wouldn't place my hopes on it though. It'll happen when it happens." Her gaze shifts to the brown and she offers, "just keep training." The woman then acts as if she hasn't spoken to the brown, a guilty look crossing her face as she returns full attention to M'nol. "I don't think I would mind that, sometimes.. But it must get annoying sometimes, I'm sure." There's a thoughtful consideration of the weather once more, "I guess everywhere is rather down with the weather right now, hm?" His statement does earn a softer smile and her gaze drops down, "yeah. You can say that, too. Mine is where I'm needed, though."

M'nol nods a quick assent to that statement, "That's true. There's plenty of future for both of us yet. And he's gotten close a couple of times, but someone always cheats him of it at the last minute." Faraeth seems to agree, rumbling deep in his throat. They cheat. That's why. Training, pah. He arches his neck. He's in perfect form. Morl takes a moment before he speaks again, "I find it ironic that the wallow was flooded when we left and it's flooded again when we're moving back. I'm just glad a giant fire didn't precede this flooding. The weather's… Pern's a little wet and cold lately, it seems, north and south." He smirks, reaching up to trail one hand along Faraeth's wing, "Home's where mother isn't and people care, I suppose. Not that I don't love my mother, but.. well, you know how mothers are, I'm sure."

Kiley chuckles softly, "yeah. There's still a lot of living to do, you don't seem like you're too terribly old. And he seems like he's still very young. Experience is the best teacher and he'll do it one day, I'm sure." The brown is given a curious look as he rumbles and arches his neck. Her laughter picks up again while her fingers continue to play with the bracelet. "Oh! That's horrible that it's been flooding so much.. Maybe you can find a way to route the water out? Though… You'd need a miner or something who can make a hole for it to go out in? Or something. I'm not great with this sort of thing." The woman lifts her eyes to consider the sky, despite the wing above them. "Maybe it is catching up on the lack of rain from before or…" She shakes her head and looks to the man with a lift of her brow. "You don't like your mother? Oh.. Oh. Yes. I know how mothers are… Pushing for marriage and grandchildren…"

M'nol chuckles lightly, running one hand through his hair, "Oh, I'm older than I look, that's for sure. I don't think my face has aged in 5 or so turns. And he's still spry as he was for his first flight." He glances back at Kiley, head cocked off to one side, "It's not so bad. If he really wanted he could sleep up top of the tree, too. But he says he'll crush it." One corner of his mouth twitches, "Was a miner when I was searched. Problem's that the wallow's worn down from turns upon turns of use. Low water point. It'll drain when the rain stops." He follows her glance up, then shrugs, "Certainly was last time I was here for this much rain. There was a drought, then, and a huge fire in our forests. Nearly claimed our weyr, it did." The weyr in question being clearly his and Faraeth's, not all of Xanadu. "I love my mother. But yeah, all that. I've got a girl I'm quite fond of at Ista, might even be coming here herself, but you don't exactly tell a girl 'so, my mother wants babies from her only rider son. Let's get busy.'" His chuckle rings against the wingsail above them, "So she'll just have to wait until such things come naturally."

Kiley grins widely, "I thought that you were.. But, most women would be jealous about that. Or I've heard…" She chuckles softly and considers the pair with a thoughtful tilt of her head. "I didn't think dragons slept in trees, either." She muses, considering the thought with another tilt of her head but she considers the forest now. "Well, I certainly hope that the rain stops soon. So he doesn't have to try to sleep in trees or anything." A little more laughter follows before she's shaking her head. "That.. Would be rather awkward to tell a woman, yes. Strange how mothers want babies so much… I hope I'm never like that if I ever have kids. But I agree… They should come naturally…" And from between comes the rider she's been waiting for, looking quite flustered. "Oh! I'm sorry… I should…" But she doesn't finish that as she's dashing from under the wing of the brown to go assist the man in taking the computer inside without damaging it.

M'nol chuckles, "We've talked about it a little, she's still deciding, but I hope she'll come. She always asks me to take her ice skating. Here I actually could." He looks up at the brown, "We got a most unusual weyr when we graduated, sturdy old tree with a hallowed out trunk. I'm ecstatic it was still free. I missed it stuck in Ista's stone walls." Faraeth bugles a greeting as the delivery rider appears and M'nol nods easily, "Mothers are always like that. Best of luck with your goods and I'm sure we'll see you around." Faraeth only half-retracts his wing as the pair turn to move back off into the forest. Where else would one keep a tree-weyr, anyway?

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