Shake Rattle and Roll

Xanadu Weyr - Weyrling Beach

With a gentler slope to the water from the main beach and the way it is cut in like a cove, this is the most sheltered spot for bathing. The sand is the same white hue, there are just as many — or perhaps more — scattered shells. From here, one has a beautiful view across the lake, a scene more often tranquil than not.

The Weyrlings have been hard at work forming a routine that will hopefully carry them through the next turn and a half. They've been learning the basic hide and talon care for their new lifemates, who have grown by leaps and bounds these past 2 months, bonding to them, getting them used to the Weyr, watching them play and strengthen baby muscles while they're begun exercises themselves to be fit and able to be riders. Haircuts or trims in some cases, fittings for uniforms, all accomplished, now it is time to step things up a notch with classes and more rigorous routines.

With summer's end and turnover past, autumn has arrived, and with it the crisp, dry weather that brings a relief from summer heat and humidity. Today the weather is fair with fluffy clouds drift through the deep blue sky from the west. Fiery red, gold, and orange leaves rustle and twirl past on the stiff breeze. The class has been assembled, (AWLMs herding some of them) to the beach where V'dim and his lovely green Isobeth await them. Odd additions to the beach in the form of what looks like a jumping course for runners, poles sunk into the sand with rails easily knocked off if hit.

Alosynth likes herding along cute little dragons, though in all actuality she's more warbling at them and crooning at them and nudging them along as some of them get distracted. Keziah herself is talking with a few of the younger set, answering questions and offering advice as needed. Course, as V'dim comes into view, there is an unconscious straightening of her shoulders. Old habits die hard and well V'dim had been her own trainer as well. "It's a beautiful day for training, I think autumn has got to be my most favorite time of the Turn."

The approach of autumn is definitely a welcome one, and it means that even though the work is hard at least it's a bit less sweltering. The addition of new muscle and the ease that eventually comes with routine do their part to help things out, and it means that by and large the weyrlings are a bit more at ease and a bit less worn to an exhausted frazzle. M'trin certainly looks both more fit and at least marginally more rested than in weeks past, as he and Volenth make their way down to the sand. Somewhere in the middle of the group, they require no herding, though the bronze does give Alosynth a little warble of greeting that still holds babyish high notes. Isobeth gets one too as he and his lifemate come to a halt not far from the odd contraptions, with the latter offering V'dim a quick salute before settling back against Volenth's shoulder to wait.

Jessi is, more likely than not, one of the last weyrlings to venture out onto the beach, as usual. The petite beascrafter wandering along, barefooted, in the damp sand where the waves lap at the shore while her green is off deep in the water, probably doing her favourite pasttime of fishing. Jessi pauses as she approaches the gathering, only to turn towards the water, pale blue eyes searching for any signs of where Aisuohkoth is, calling out silently for the green to come in for lessons.

Along the beach comes Soriana, drawn by the sound of voices and draconic chirps and warbles… or maybe just her usual habit of visiting certain of the young weyrlings and their new lifemates. Today, though, things are set up for something for more impressive than the usual dragon-bathing! Oooh. The girl grins, waving to Jessi when the other happens to look her way in the midst of searching for Aisuohkoth.

Kinzie is attempting to make her way towards the beach, her progress being somewhat hindered by an over enthusiastic green who is currently circling her rider crooning with an almost persuasive tone, the stablehand seems less than amused and there is a constant one sided conversation being carried out "Please Sza, we have to go for lessons… yes we /HAVE/ to and no you can be oiled afterwards… I would use my mindvoice if you'd let me get a word in…" Kinzie is so involved in the conversation she almost walks completely past the group on the beach, but she does stop just in time and Szadith carries on walking, throwing herself to the ground in what could only be described as a draconic sulk.

If'an is among the last to come down to the beach, having had to bribe Izzuth for a pair of socks before the tall miner could put his boots on, "Ya really gotta stop this busness with th' socks, Izzuth. It ain't funny!" He walks side by side with the large brown, scolding, but not sounding too angry, "'Sides, Inuelle said she'd knit ya some socks a' yur own. Tha'd be be'er th'n havin' a bunch a smelly 'uns cluttern' up yur couch, right?" The brown snorts, sulking a little at being made to leave all of his socks alone and unguarded while they go do something as trivial as a lesson, "Yeah, same t' ya." The pair come to a stop with the others, Izzuth eying the unfamiliar setup consideringly while If'an folds his arms over his chest and looks on with a faintly irritated frown on his face.

V'dim stands near the first obstacle, not leaning, but back held ramrod-straight. Other than his posture, he looks relaxed enough as he waits with unruffled patience for the stragglers to arrive even though his face is stern and his sharp eyed ice-blue gaze misses nothing. Underneath his arm is a riding crop, which thus far seems a third appendage for no one has yet seen him use it for anything. His other hand returns any salutes crisply, while those who are casual enough to forget them - Jessi, Kinzie and If'an among them get a stare pinned on them, each in turn until they recall their new rank. That's all the singling out he does, speaking out once the group is settled, his deep voice carrying without having to be raised, "Weyrlings. Good afternoon. You will be doing mind exercises with the Weyrwoman soon on how to get your dragons to obey you without arguing. Now-" His eyes sweep ocean-wards and his pause is pointedly awaiting the arrival of Aisuohkoth.

Keziah glances over at Szadith and arches a brow a moment, but makes no comment, nor does she actually quirk a grin, though there's a faint lip twitch. There is a nod for M'trin as she looks his dragon over and makes her way through the group. Izzuth, the other sulking dragon is eyed a moment as well. She looks around a little for the abent Aisuokoth and then turns her attention towards Jessi for a moment and takes a bit of a breath as her gaze transfers back over to V'dim a moment before shifting over towards Soriana and she gives the girl a smile. Alosynth snorts softly as she two does a head count and the green bugles briskly, her tail thumping.

M'trin watches his incoming brethren with a look not totally unlike V'dim's, like he's measuring them up one by one as they straggle in - most arguing amongst themselves. A hint of amusement plays around his mouth and sparkles through his eyes but he quickly smooths it to careful blankness when that icy stare slides over him. Unconsciously he also straightens up out of his lean, laying a hand on Volenth's neck instead. If anyone could hear their silent exchange he might not be left out of that group needing help with an arguing lifemate but if nothing else he has mastered the art of talking mentally, and Volenth is finally improving the farflung reach of his mind's touch as well. If he catches the eye of any other weyrlings, he'll give them a nod, then he goes back to inspecting what appears to be some kind of obstacle or jumping course. For his part, Volenth is alertly looking around but physically still until V'dim is pointedly waiting on Aisuohkoth. He sends out a tiny brushstroke tendril of thought to her, adding his own beckon to the rest.

Aisuohkoth does come up eventually, but being the feline she is, the littlest green takes her time coming out of the water and onto the beach. Slow meaningful paw placements, flicking tail, even outstretched wings help to keep her as graceful as a young green can be. Jessi shifts under pressure, she knows everyone is waiting on her and her green, so she urges, silently, for her green to hurry. Finally, after taking her own sweet time, the felinesque one reaches her lifemate and the pair are heading the short jaunt to the rest of the group. "S..Sorry." The young beastcrafter murmurs as she does offer a brief salute the her weyrlingmasters, cheeks a bright red under all the attentions. The greenpair will stay off to the side, though close enough to hear and see the lesson, Aisuohkoth sprawling in the sand, covering her wet hide with the small grains while Jessi just stands, shifting, she doesn't even have her braid to tug nervously anymore and she just goes into silent mode, ducking her head a little.

Soriana waves to Keziah as the AWLM notices her (ever so briefly! Busy Kezi). She skirts the crowd to make her way to where a large chunk of rock fell from the cliff in some turn past. Now smoothed by the tides and warmed by the sun, it makes for a comfy perch - far enough that it should be out of the way, close enough she can still hear V'dim's carrying voice and have a good view of things. She hops up onto it, grinning still as she watches dragons and riders!

Looking somewhat flushed, whether that's from the green's current mood or whether it's just pure exhaustion isn't really clear, and she rolls her eyes as the young dragon chooses to ignore everything going on around her to look over her hide and wings, fluttering them dramatically Kinzie watches the green, the look of determined concentration on her face… she /can/ do this mentally.. sort of. If'an's entry makes her smile, mostly with sympathy. She waves a greeting to her fellow weyrlings in turn before her eyes return to the Weyrlingmaster as he begins speaking, Szadith makes an indignant snort but Kinzie manages to stare her down again and reluctantly the green finally falls in to line with her rider, it appears for the moment that Kinzie has won the battle of wills and she manages to keep the grin from her face at that small triumph.

If'an does remember to salute just a little too late, his frown deepening into an actual glower as he gives a half-hearted, sloppy salute to both V'dim and the AWLMs. Izzuth eyes Keziah right back, snorting out a breath and settling down to curl his paws in under him in an almost feline manner. Apparently, being irritated has the miner reaching for the brown, fingers scritching at one of those darker splotches on the light hide. His expression turns thoughtful at the promise of lessons with the Weyrwoman, but he doesn't speak, just hanging back and at least seeming to pay attention.

When Aisuohkoth is there (no doubt later he'll be having dragon and rider do something special to get the green to learn to hustle her butt a lil faster next time, likewise with the salutes he's getting or not getting), V'dim uses the crop to point to the jumps and continues with a deceptive mildness, "It's time to prepare your dragons to be able to hunt. They'll be catching their first prey from the ground so they'll need to develop the dexterity to leap, pounce and roll out of harm's way if they miss. Isobeth my Sweet." His tone takes on a tender note as he addresses his dragon. Isobeth, meanwhile is sitting primly with her tail curled demurely around her paws, her neck curved gracefully while she playfully casts flirty looks at the boys. In her mind they're never too young to appreciate her loveliness, her wings lifted so the sunlight blooms though the magnolia-patterned translucency. Isn't she pretty? She is SUCH a showoff(!) - but at her Rider's call she's all business and attention, turning to him. "Show them how to run the course, please." The older green trills, flips her wings tight to her back and takes a few running steps to what for her is a mere hop - for little dragons it will be a huge leap - and goes over the first fence with ease. After some of the jumps, instead of landing on her talons, she tucks a shoulder and roll-lands to her feet with a flourish to attempt the next one until she finishes the several jumps and returns to sit in her once-again primness with a satisfied flick of her tail. When she is back, V'dim says crisply, "You'll all tighten your control over your lifemates and have them repeat what Isobeth just did, please." His crop points to M'trin and Volenth. "You will go first." He'll basically point to each one in turn silently to go after Volenth.

Alosynth watches Isobeth and there's a soft warble as she settles down to watch. There's some soft little chirr's and such as she watches with a critical eye and after a moment Kezi snorts and then gives a little cough. "Yes dear." is all that she murmurs to whatever remark Alosynth might have made. However, she does had in a little comment "Make sure that they have their wings tucked in as tight as she does. It's very easy to wrench a wing or even to shred them on the talons. No sense in putting yourself out of commission at this early date."

Volenth perks up a bit at Isobeth's display. He may be a baby, but she is lovely, and without the clumsiness so many of his siblings display. Not only that, but attention is clearly what she's after, so he gives her a little croon of appreciation. Then his attention and M'trin's mirror each other, bright blue and pale green eyes going keenly narrow in unison as the older green shows them how it's done. At the roll, though his eyes never leave the demonstration, M'trin pats his 'mate's shoulder even while the bronze is already grunting his acknowledgement. Details. The pair both blink at that pointing crop and M'trin glances over his shoulder as if someone behind them might just be the source of the Weyrlingmaster's command. "Ah, yes sir," he says when it's apparent that it's just him and Volenth at the end of that command. The dragon uncoils himself, sleek and serpentine where so many of the others are feline, and slinks over to the course. He's working on the whole grace thing, he was watching, and M'trin is there with a firm jaw to help him through. Still it's not perfect, and his tail makes one bar wobble, the roll sends him sprawling off the course, and he knocks the final bar off its frame completely. At the end he flutters his wings and holds his head high though, shooting a dare at his brothers and sisters before retreating to M'trin's encouragement.

AWLMs stand at the ready and so stride over to replace bars kicked or tail-thwacked out of place, their movements smooth and unprompted. Turns of practice have given them a clockwork precision for things such as this, even while some of them eye the bronze critically to be sure he is unhurt as he returns to his lifemate's side. The course is once again clear.

At the mention of hunting, the felinesque little green dragon lets her attention switch over to the older green and her rider, tail lashing contentedly, she was born for these kinds of things! Jessi sighs quietly, resting a hand on Aisuohkoth's neck to calm her young charge before the green can scamper over to the obstacle course before her turn. A frown from the beastcrafter turned weyrling is shot towards her overgrown feline, she's in no hurry for Aisu to have her turn, because this can be nothing but bad, she just knows it. Green and beastcrafter watch as their fellow weyrlings take their turn, Aisuohkoth chomping at the bit so to speak, in such a hurry to prove that she's the best hunter of the group. It's taking a lot of effort for Jessi to keep her lifemate under control, even still, the green paws at the sand and her tail lashes anxiously. "Calm down, Aisu, it's not real hunting yet." This is murmured quietly for her green's ears only, though not silent as it should be. Once it is her turn, Aisuohkoth will scamper excitedly over, switching to stalker mode just as she gets ready to get down to business. She slinks towards the first jump,'s taller than she thought. Do over! She moves back to her position beside her rider again and starts once more to stalk towards the first jump, picking up speed into a run as she approaches the course, she's good at pouncing, of course, she came out of the shell pouncing, and the first bar is cleared by a push of strong legs that carries her over it, wings held out to steady herself. Most of the poles are taken this way, but the one where she has to roll has her confused about where to put her wings, she does manage to tuck them in at just the right time, but she hits the sand rougher on her shoulder than she anticipated and the tumble has her skidding towards the water with a surprised sound. But then it's back to business and she continues on, the one roll is all the course gets as the felinesque green takes the rest of the jumps with just a basic pounce. She's small, though, and apparently she doesn't have much stamina as by the time she gets to the final one her legs have lost some of their springiness and she snags a talon on the final jump, landing her in a faceplant on the other side of it, but hey she did mostly good right? And as soon as she's finished and noseskidding in the sand, her rider is running to her side to place a soothing hand on the dark green hide while ignoring the pain in her nose, she gets Aisu to her feet and leads her out of the way so she can look over her charge's poor nose which always seems to take the blunt of the blows.

Just above Soriana, the fast-growing Toral pops out from between; drawn, perhaps, by the sight of his larger cousins. The girl looks up to her firelizard with a smile, and he glides down to settle in her lap, arching his neck and spreading his wings for the pettings she absently provides him while turning most of her attention back to the scene at hand. Isobeth's performance makes her ooh - such grace, such beauty, and doesn't the green just know it. More interesting is the bronze who follows - for much as Volenth tries for that grace, it's clear he's not quite there… yet. She grins and winces in turn at his successes and small failures. Things are much the same for the other dragons; each with their own style, flamboyant or hesitant or whatever. Aisu's approach - no wait! - makes Soriana giggle, while the crash makes her lean forward with concern… but, no, the green is okay and continuing on! Straight to the crashing finish. Owww. Soriana shakes her head in sympathy for that poor nose.

Once gain the poles are reset, the course readied by the AWLMs assigned to upkeep, while one will see to Aisuohkoth's muzzle with an application from a pail of numbweed they have standing by for occasions just such as this - if it is even needed.

Watching Isobeth and then flicking her gaze to Szadith, Kinzie looks a little worried but she wipes it from her face as quickly as possible, tightening her mental control on the younger green as she starts to flick her tail irritably… I mean rolling about in sand? with this beautiful hide? it's just pure torture!… Using the other green as leverage… I mean if she can do it surely the all powerful Szadith can right? I mean she wouldn't want the other green to get all the glory would she?
Kinzie watches as each weyrling takes their turn, studying the dragonets movements, Volenth is first and the pair watch him intently, Aisuohkoth is next and her skitter to the ground causes Kinzie to wince and Szadith croons worriedly, for both her sister and the worry about her own muzzle, Kiz gulps down her anxiety waiting for the crop and all eyes to turn in her direction, as if suddenly realising this is her chance to perform Szadith is on all four paws trilling happily, and watching intently, waiting for her chance in the spotlight. When the crop is finally pointed at her Kinzie gulps and manages a shakey salute before turning to watch the green, mouth and eyes fixed in a look of concentration. It appears Szadith has benefitted from going so late on in the round as she has had the chance to study her siblings mistakes something she was doing very very carefully…. and taking advantage of her rider's knowledge from runner racing of course!… she seems to vault the first few jumps with ease leaving the ground a few paces before the jump, tail and back legs held high and tight to avoid knocking the poles like a runner on a jumping course, the duck and roll does not however go as well and she skitters across the sand rolling straight in to the next jump knocking it down, luckily she manages to right herself but does knock down a pole or two while attempting to jump the next section but atleast the final duck and roll does not end so dramatically and she flutters her wings crooning happily at her apparent success.

Sidling casually over the last dune that borders the weyrling beach to separate it from the weyrling grounds, is one skinny, shaggy-haired boy and his neon-blue dragon. Den'l was here all the time! Really. His face is overly-innocent, so what HAS he been up to? He hangs back, but pays attention to what's going on, Tehath craning his long neck to see over the bulk of the rest of his bigger clutchmates. Oh the abilrity to think and land on his feet may serve Den'l well today but someday… not so much.

Izzuth's attention is drawn to Isobeth, though she just gets a blank look for now, the brown not caring about females other than for what he can get them to do for him just yet. He watches the demonstration closely the tip of his tail twitching. If'an is silent, shifting his gaze from the dragons jumping the course to his brown and back again, apparently deep in conversation with his large lifemate about technique and exactly how the brown is going to go about showing that he's at least as capable as the others. When it's finally his turn, Izzuth stands, unfolding his legs and giving himself a quick shake that sends sand scattering. He studies the first jump for a long moment until If'an mutters a growl for him to get on with it. There's a quiet huff from the brown before he bounds up to the start and catches the first jump with his tail as he sails over it. He clears the second jump, using his wings for a little added lift to get over the top, but the rolling doesn't go so well for the poor splotched dragonet. Instead of rolling to his feet, he just keeps rolling right into the next jump so that the bar falls, and finally stopping on his back and growling in irritation as he rolls back to his feet. The next jump goes well enough, but the large brown just can't quite get the hang of rolling and landing on his feet just yet and he ends up knocking down most of the jumps following the ones he's told to roll when he lands. He gives up on the last jump and, instead of running and leaping over it, tries to crawl under. There! He finished running the stupid course. Happy now? If'an puts his face in the palm of one hand and shakes his head, sliding his hand down to glower at the brown.

Several others take the course in much the same haphazard manner, some doing better than others, Den'l and Tehath last, the blue scramble-jumping over the course, somersaulting rather than shoulder-tuck-rolling. Oops?

V'dim has an approving nod and a quietly-murmured, "Well done," for M'trin as he and Volenth return to the ranks. His face is unreadable as he watches Aisuohkoth make her way through the course, although he shoots a sharp look at Jessi as the little green takes the jumps with her wings open. Isobeth croons as the bronze passes her, trilling a warning to Aisuohkoth right after. If her sudden wing-clamp to her own svelte sides is any indication, she's trying to support the command hopefully given by her lifemate to fold them before she gets hurt! Izzuth's attempt meet with a gape of her jaws. Whether that's dragon-laughter or sheer disbelief, unclear. When all are finished a somber V'dim stalks to the fore. His cheek is a-twitch as his cold gaze sweeps over the ensemble for what might be a silent eternity. Finally, in a steel-soft voice he notes, "If those had been beasts, half of you would either have wingsails torn by sharp hooves and horns, or snapped spars from landing on something less forgiving than sand." He pauses, "You'll all be practicing the leaping and rolling with wings tucked - minus the jumps - until your dragons can manage it with perfection."

Keziah is the one with the bucket of numbweed, easy enough sometimes to tend to the wounded and keep her mouth shut, or at least shut enough that she's not making remarks about the efforts of the young dragons. However, that doesn't stop her from making remarks to Alosynth. "You weren't always Miss Graceful either." she remarks. "I tend to remember a claw being bent over a few times." the rider remarks and then asks Jessi "How's she feeling? That looks like quite the…" she trails off as Izzuth goes under the jump and well here's comes the comment "And here I thought we were jumping and rolling, not doing the limbo." she remarks behind a hand that she lifted in front of her mouth. She's not smirking. Really she's not. "Your dragons did well." she notes softly, yes, must be That's what AWLM's are for. To soften the blows that the WLM gives. "It's simply a skill, like anything else and the more you do it, the better you'll be."

M'trin pauses on his way back to give V'dim a startled look, followed by a wide grin and a quickly murmured, "Thank you, sir. We had a good demonstration." He gives Isobeth a wink and his grin goes warm before he and Volenth find their places again. They watch what comes next with rapt attention and a wince every time one of their misses the mark, however slim the margin. No amusement now as they work on real skills needed to do real things. Both straighten when V'dim gives his verdict and Volenth gives a little flick of his tail while his eye whirl faster, but M'trin just nods and says, "Yes sir." Then he turns to Volenth and says, "You were far from perfect and we'll do it the way he says, period." Disgruntled but not quite sulking, the bronze turns toward Aisuohkoth and offers her a consolingly sympathetic croon for her muzzle, effectively ignoring M'trin but not thwarting him… exactly.

Jessi winces inwardly at the sharp look from V'dim, shrinking a little behind her green who purrcroons a little apologetically. At least Aisuohkoth's nose is okay, it diesn't require the numbweed, her shoulder, however, gets a little special attention from her weyrling as Jessi touches it lightly, testing to see how much it might hurt. If she wasn't short enough before, Jessi tries her durndest to shrink further, skittering quietly towards Keziah. "She says her shoulder hurts. She wants to know if I can put the 'pain-go-away stuff' on it." The name for the numbweed is straight out of the green's mind taking over her rider's mouth as Jessi frets a little, shifting to and fro nervously without looking at either her fellow weyrlings nor V'dim, she isn't even really looking at Kezi as she speaks, pale blue eyes on her green. She knows Aisuohkoth didn't do too well, but at least the AWLM's words soften the WLM's a little bit.

And then, of course, there's Szadith. The green starts out the course well - ends it well, too! Just that awkward bit in the middle. Details! She certainly looks self-satisfied about it, enough so that Soriana giggles as the green heads off the course. Sori shakes her head, amused, and then catches a glimpse of a bright blue dragon that wasn't there a minute ago. H-uh. Back to the course, though! Where Szadith got laughter, Izzuth… just gets Soriana's sympathy. Aww. Poor brown feller. She shakes her head, and brings her attention back to the next dragon, on until they've all had their turn. V'dim speaks again, and Soriana pays half-attention to the weyrlingmaster. With no dragon of her own, this part is only for her curiosity; though she's got a fair bit of that - for all that she grew up with dragons (really, just _a_ dragon), she's never seen this part of things before.

Considering she didn't complete the task to perfection, Szadith is looking all too smug and slightly too determined to do the course again. Kinzie drags the green back to the here and now with far too much required force. When the prancing drama queen returns to her side she gives her eye ridge an affectionate scratch before persuading her to take a back seat for the remainder of the lesson "Because we need to practice, you'll be oiled soon" Kinzie mutters to her green under her breath, the heavy sigh that follows from her lifemate is not as dramatic as her previous sulks so it appears for now the pair are happy to listen and follow the WLM's instructions… from the back that is.

When Izzuth slinks back to his side, If'an glowers at him, silently scolding for having his wings out, first of all, then for going under the jump instead of over it. For his part, the brown is going to sulk for having had to do something so hard and then being scolded for not doing it right. If'an nods when they're told that they've got to do the tuck-and-roll maneuver again until they get it right, eyes narrowing as he glares at his brown, "He's right. Ya didn' do it an' it'll get ya killed if'n ya don' get i' right."

It's V'dim's job to get them to adulthood without killing themselves, so he's tough but not without compassion. He's got an eye on the ministrations to Aisuohkoth over there while speaking to the group. "Now then. We'll work on the pouncing skills next. Remember, wings tucked tight please." While he's been talking, the AWLMs assigned to the course have been clearing the sands of jumps. The AWM moves to the side, rolling a large - very large as in half his own height - air-filled leather ball to the widest part of the beach. Stepping back to the group, he motions Isobeth to demonstrate. The green is ready, makes a run-leap-pounce with claws sheathed to 'capture' the 'prey'. Green and ball roll end over end until they stop at the edge of the water, the ball nudged back by her slender green muzzle. "As before, have your lifemates do as she did." The 'master steps to one side to watch the attempts closely, each one will be noted for strengths and weaknesses to be jotted down later for future reference on what particulars each needs to work on.

Keziah dips the paddle and applies it to the shoulder. "Tis a shame about the nose. Can be really interesting to watch their reactions to a numb nose." she remarks and then looks thoughtful "Course, it's amusing seeing a rider with a numb butt too. But that's just me." she remarks as she turns to watch the next demonstration. "Alo, chill. You can go pounce something later." she notes.

No rest for the weary as the saying goes, though to be fair one run through the course isn't nearly enough to wear Volenth out. He tips his head to the side, curiously watching that ball's progress, then crouching a bit as if in conspiring stealth mode as Isobeth prepares to pounce. The end over end bit has him flaring his wings, and he gives M'trin a blatantly incredulous look that's so pronounced it makes the weyrling chuckle. "Aw, she made it out alright. Just keep your wings and talons tucked." He gives the dark bronzeling an affectionate, 'get'm boy' pat, and the dragon heaves a sigh before going over toward the leather ball.
Shooting Isobeth a final questioning look, Volenth flicks his tail, paws at the ground as if revving up for the start, and goes galloping at the target. His leap looks graceful enough, and he does capture the ball, but whether it's his own mind working against him or not, the roll is off center and awkward and he goes flopping down the beach with the ball barely under control. He ends up on his back, head and tail splayed, ball balanced up in the air on his feet. With an irritated huff he tosses it up in the air and back toward the others before more delicately getting himself righted. A shake rids his darkly glistening hide of sand and he skulks back, giving the wayward ball a final push with his nose to get it in the right spot. End over end, indeed!

Jessi sighs, "She already had a numb nose before, when she decided to play with a spiderclaw when she was small and it latched onto her, her nose has gotten tougher the past month or so, she always seems to land on it when something goes wrong." Aisuohkoth croons softly as the numbweed is applied and the pain in her likely bruised shoulder starts to go away immediately. Of course, she'll have forgotton about her failure at tucking and rolling shortly, especially since her attention is now on the ball. And, too soon for Jessi's liking, it's the smallest green's turn again. "Alright, go Aisu, but if it hurts your shoulder you can stop." She glances to Keziah, right?
Aisuohkoth is back in stalker mode, now that her shoulder is good and numb, slinking across the beach with her chest low to the ground and her tail end slightly raised. A pause as she scopes out the 'prey' and with another few scuttling feet, she's launching towards the ball, tis time she remembers to keep her wings tucked as she tries to grip the ball and roll the right way with it. She kind of goes end over end…or, well, maybe a lot of side over side as well. But at least she manages to keep the grip, even as she finishes the routine, she keeps a grip on the ball. Hers! The stubbornness of the feline green has Jessi pressing her hand to her face embarrasedly. "Aisu.." She starts, but then she remembers mindvoice and sighs, moving to try and urge her green off of the new toy. Finally the green removes herself from the ball and gives it a whap with her tail, then scurries after it happily(in the opposite direction of where it's supposed to be going). Arrgh, her green's gonna get her in so much trouble, Jessi manages to grab at Aisu's tail and causes the green to halt just long enough for her rider to give the ball a shove in the right direction. And she even manages to get her charge not to chase it this time. Le sigh. Green moves out of the way, flos down, and sulks!

Hmm. As the talking continues, Soriana notices that Jessi and Aisu are _still_ over with Keziah, applier of numbweed. Is something actually wrong with the green? She carefully slips down off her seat, shifting Toral to her shoulder as he sleepily protests, and approaches. She gives Keziah a salute sort of thing, then looks to Jessi. "She's okay?" asks Sori… and then Aisuohkoth is demonstrating just how all right she is - and how eager to pounce she is! Soriana's left behind as Jessi has to go wrestle the ball from her charge, and… she giggles mightily.

Tehath’s run might be termed as frenzied, even though wings and claws remain where they should be, the energy is overdone. Blue and ball tumble far down the beach and the ball is nosed back to them on the run. Den'l's frantic arm-waved "Stooop!" all but missed in the small thumpa-thumpa-thunder of Tehath's approaching footfalls. In the end, it's Den'l tearing back towards the group to avoid being run over and Tehath skidding to a stop when Isobeth flops her form across the blue's path to bodily stop the ball - and the charge.

V'dim's cheek twitches as he watches the draognets one by one stalk, run and pounce the ball. Is he pleased or displeased when it does that? It's hard to tell, but he does smile at each Weyrling after their lifemate makes their tackle. So it looks a little on the grim side, wrinkles in his lips leeching out to gather around his eyes instead - which, if they dare meet might surprise them in the blazing light behind them when he does do the rare smile. Though it might be a touch forced after Den'l's blue Tehath does his run. "Well done," V'dim says evenly, giving Den'l a bit of a look askance. "You can have fun with this - invent your own games with the ball, just keep them wing-tucked." With that he motions them to 'go play'. For now they are dismissed but he'll no doubt linger to watch.

"Just be careful is they knock the ball flying. It can hurt if it hits them. Seriously hurt if it hits you." Keziah offers as a word of warning. She smiles at Soriana and returns the salute and then reaches out to ruffle her hair. Bratlings are so cute with their salutes. "She should be okay, injuries do happen. Better in a controlled enviroment though. It's all apart of learning, and injuries will happen. But if there are those around who can teack you waht you need to do, then when you're on your own on patrol and something happens, hopefully you won't panic."

M'trin busies himself soothing Volenth's bruised pride, or ego, or whatever has him puffing his chest and fluttering his wings. Silly tumbling down the beach. The dragon actually seems to do a little better with independence, so eventually the weyrling half of the duo finds a spot to flop down in the sand and watch, giving mental nudges to help as Volenth practices his leaping and rolling a bit away from his siblings. He seems to be determined to perfect the skill before the next time they have to do the course.

Aisuohkoth has been playing, what're you talking about? Everything with her is playing. The green keeps her eyes on the ball, though, and as soon as the weyrlings are dismissed she makes a beeline for it. Hers! Jessi just sighs and slides down to sit in the sand, hopefully a safe distance away from her frolicking charge. "I swear she's gonna drive me to drinking." This, coming from the beascrafter who has never touched even a tiny bit of alcohol since arriving at Xanadu. As Aisuohkoth romps and frolics with the ball, her weyrling rider will bring her knees up so she can rest her forehead against them, shoulder-length locks falling forward to hide the young woman's face as she waits for the WLM to approach her and scold her for her green's antics or something.

Scolding, no. But if Jessi - as all of them will at one point or another in the next few days - finds V'dim taking her aside for a brief talk, scary it might seem, she should not be surprised or disheartened. The man will be blunt with the words he uses, though serious as he gives her one or two critical things to work on. As with all of them, tempering the steel underneath, he's almost grandfatherly in his manner as he shares pointers on just how to accomplish his advice and leaves each with an encouraging word, a gentle pat on the shoulder and a word of praise for their efforts and their dragons.

Soriana grins at the ruffling of her hair, and Toral leans up to chirp at Kezi. She nods. "Yeah, okay. …Aisuohkoth kinda seems to attract trouble like that." It's a wonder the green doesn't permanently smell of numbweed, really. "But yeah, better now than later." Sori's gaze soon wanders over to watch the young dragons at play. (Or serious practice… which looks an awful lot like play.)

And what is play but learning skills? "Alo, keep an eye on things would ya. Call me if somethings needed. I should go check up on the Trio and give them all a break." she notes. Though it's said with affection an an eagerness to go play with her boys.

Well, at least no one is trying to take the ball Aisuohkoth has claimed as her own. While her green is busy, the beastcrafter turned weyrling remains in her position, head against her knees and the still odd-feeling shortened hair hiding her face from any prying eyes. Jessi is quiet, but Aisuohkoth surely isn't quiet as she croons and bugles happily playing and pouncing /her/ ball. "Aisu, share.." Not that, thankfully, any of the green's clutchmates are attempting to get the ball, all are either practicing their tuckrolls or resting.

Soriana grins, and wanders over to plop down on the sand next to Jessi. "She's havin' fun, at least?" she offers to the beastcrafter. "Not half bad at it, either. Least, compared to some of 'em." She tilts her head toward the other dragons at large, though she doesn't single any of them out.

Aisuohkoth always has fun, it's in her blood! The littlest green of the clutch is batting and pushing and pouncing the ball happily, endless energy. At least she'll likely enjoy herself until the numbweed wears off and the ache in her shoulder comes back. Jessi sighs softly, tilting her head a little as Sori moves to sit nearby. "Yeah, I guess. She always has fun, though, she doesn't take the lessons seriously I don't think." Pale blue eyes are tired looking as she watches her frolicking felinesque lifemate.

Soriana laughs, and nods. Aisu is definitely amusing, that much is for sure. Least, if you're not the one who has to keep up with her. "Well… she doesn't have to take them serious, right?" says Soriana. A moment, then she adds in explanation, "Least, not if she learns them. I mean, Inkfoot doesn't take /anything/ serious, but I've taught him stuff."

Jessi considers this a moment. "I guess not, but you don't have to worry about weyrlingmasters putting you on extra chores for Inkfoot not taking stuff seriously." But at least they didn't approach her like she thought they might, she'll probably be called into the office later though. Aisuohkoth bats at the ball, shoving it towards the water, hey look, it floats! She uses her tail to whap it further out in the water, then she proceeds to pounce upon it, wobbling and finally falling off of the floating ball. "Ugh, excuse me a moment." She peers out towards the water where her green and the ball are, a mental nudge, or perhaps a whole lot of mental nudging and the green is finally pushing the ball back out of the water. Jessi shakes her head a little. "She's gonna hurt herself." Mutter mutter, grump.

Izzuth tires of practicing somersaults quite quickly, managing to talk If'an into letting him join Aisuohkoth with the ball. At almost twice the size of his smallest sister, the brown might just have the advantage as he comes in roaring playfully, obediantly holding his wings tucked close so that his rider's threat to tie them down won't be carried out. Not that If'an would do something like that to his sometimes grumpy dragonet, but the threat is still there. The tall miner stands back for a few minutes to keep an eye on Izzuth while the big brown tries to tackle the ball as it comes out of the water

Hurm. Jessi has a point there. "Maybe if she's really good at it, they won't mind?" Soriana offers. It's… possible, though given the way V'dim was looking, maybe not. She nods, and waits as Jessi mentally wrestles the green info wrestling the ball back to shore. As for the dragon getting hurt… probably, yes. Aisuohkoth is so going to hurt herself, over and over, and one of these days, it may even be something more serious than what a paddle of numbweed will solve. Soriana frowns slightly, until that frown goes right away into a smile as Izzuth tackles the ball! "Least they're just watchin' now. Not… judging." At least, hopefully not.

Aisuohkoth comes splashing out of the water, right as Izzuth arrives to play with the ball as well. The green sums him up, he's bigger, but she's faster! She lets a tail flick to knock the ball away from her brown clutchbrother, giving a playful flick of her wings before tucking them back in. He wants the ball, he has to get it before she does. And off she's scampering after the ball. Jessi watches, shaking her head and biting her lip as Izzy moves to play with the ball as well. "Oh please share Aisu. Please please please." She mutters under her breath as pae blue eyes watch the ball's trajectory. "Good thing the judging is over. I dunno if Aisu wants to share the ball. She keeps saying it's her ball." Lesigh! "Claims she was the best pouncer and so deserves the prize." An eyeroll, there.

Izzuth does go bounding off after the ball as it bounces away, eyes whirling gleefully as he chases. It's not really clear if he's after the ball or after Aisu, though, judging from the way If'an keeps his eyes on the playing pair, he's worried that Izzy's after the smaller dragon, not the ball. The big brown reaches out with a paw to swat at the dark green's tail that's not very far in front of him as the miner sighs and goes to join the girls where they're sitting, "I think he's gonna pounce her, Jessi…" He doesn't sound too happy about that, either, worried that he's going to hurt the smaller dragonet.

Toral spreads his wings, fluttering a little as he watches his larger cousins at play. Soriana laughs. "Well, she did pounce it pretty good, but I dunnooo about best. There was that one blue…" Her tone is teasing now, as she watches brown chase after green and/or ball. When I'fan comes over, she goes quiet for a moment, looking him over. Hmm. At the mention of Izzuth pouncing, though, she grins. "Aisu deserves t'be pounced," she declares - though Jessi and her dragon may think different!

Aisuohkoth scampers merrily after the ball, picking up speed as her tail is swatted, she gives a short pounce and is on the ball again, rolling over and over with it. She wins! Jessi continues to worry her lip, watching the pair of clutchmates, ready to leap up at a moment's notice to try and tug her green away…not that she'd be much success, and would probably get squished herself in the process. "I just hope she doesn't hurt her shoulder any worse." And, well, since she no longer has long braid to tug, she starts to wring her hands a little, apparently that's one of her new bervous habits. "At least she was better with the ball than the jumps. She had such confidence too." Aww, poor greenie.

Aww. Soriana reaches out to try a comforting pat to Jessi's shoulder. "She wasn't so bad as all that. I mean, sure, she knocked it over some, but at least she wasn't like-" Uh. Wait. The best example of a bad dragon is the one whose human has just joined them, the lovely and clumsy Izzuth. Not so good an example, suddenly. "Well, she could have been worse, anyway. She'll figure it out. Just needs some practice!"

Jessi watches the pair play, well at least they're not hurting eachother, Aisuohkoth is actually kind of sharing the ball. Jessi nods, "I guess you're right, but she was the only silly one that hurt herself. And you heard what V'dim said, if that was a real beast, she could've wrenched her wing or something." If'an gets a brief smile as he joins the pair of gals.

"Sure, but that's why she doesn't get to hunt real beasts yet. Well… 'cept for spiderclaws." Sori grins, even though that there is another example of Aisu managing to get herself hurt. But it all turned out all right in the end, didn't it? Just needed some numbweed. Lesson… learned? Maybe? "Just keep remindin' her that hunting is like… ten times funner than pouncing a ball, but she can't do it 'til she does the course perfect."

Jessi hmmms, considering this. "That's a good idea. Wonder if it'll work. She's very excited about hunting. She really doesn't like the meat she gets in the barracks, and she can't live on fish alone." Tempt the green in practicing with bribery, it could work. "Boy, she sure does like that ball." The beastcrafter weyrling smiles a little. "I might have to see about getting her one of her own for reals."

"Well, not unless you start making friends with a whole ship full of SeaCrafters…" says Soriana with a laugh, then nods. "Worth a try!" Not that she's the one who has to do the trying, but hey. She looks out again, watching the dragons wrestle and play, and grins. Aisuohkoth appears to be good at wriggling _out_ of pounces from Izzuth, as well as pouncing herself.

Aisuohkoth is pretty good at wiggling and squirming her way out of pounce, it's the size advantage. And everytime she gets away, she gives Izzuth back just as much of a pounce. Hey, it's one way to hone their skills huh? Jessi does allow a tired smile. "Aye, wonder if Mister Ers'lan knows any fishing ships that'd donate their catches to a little green." She chuckles.

"He might," agrees Soriana with a nod. "Or maybe he'll just tell you to wait until you can go fishing a-dragonback. That must be pretty neat, just soaring above the waves until you find something and then - bam! - harpoon to the deeps." Toral chirps approvingly! Sori hmms, and adds, "You'd have to get Aisu not to dive in for 'em herself, though."

Jessi chuckles at the thought, "I bet Aisu would like that. But it'll be awhile before we can even think about that. First she's gotta get the basic tuck roll pounce down. I just hope she doesn't wrench a wing or anything while she practices." Aisuohkoth purrcroons happily, playing with her brown clutchbrother, she'll duck and dive and pounce until she gets tired.

Soriana laughs, and nods. "Yeah. First things first!" She keeps on watching, and after a while, Toral hops off her shoulder and into the air. Silly firelizard, showing off that he can already fly while his larger cousins are still stuck on the ground! Sori glances at him as he flutters off, then back to the playing dragons. There's maybe something a touch wistful in her look. Oh, dragons.

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