Why the Weyrsecond Should Get a Lip Ring

Xanadu Weyr – Caverns

A massive cavern in it's own right, this one has been skillfully adapted for human habitation. The high ceilings have been painted a light, soft ivory, as are the walls where numerous tapestries hang to provide brilliant color and insulation from the stone. The floor has been left in its natural state, pale pink granite speckled through with glittering mica and dark flecks of basalt, leveled carefully but kept sufficiently rough to avoid slips.

The cavern itself is loosely divided into areas, each one set up to be suitable for some segment of the Weyr's population. The most frequently occupied area, however, is the one near the Kitchens where tables of varying sizes provide a place to sit down and eat or chat and a buffet of consumables is almost always kept stocked. Its plain that on most days, this area wouldn't accommodate anywhere near the full population of the Weyr and equally plain that on such occasions when a formal meal is laid out, tables are appropriated from all the other areas.

A big fireplace is set into the wall near the Kitchens as well, several comfortable chairs nearby providing haunts for elderly residents or riders who like a good view of all that happens. Rugs cover the floor in strategic spots, all of them abstract or geometric in design and most in the softly neutral colors of undyed wool.

Exits lead off in all directions, a big archway the largest and that leading outside. Shallow stairs to the west lead to the offices and administration area while tunnels to the east lead to the infirmary, kitchen and resident's quarters. Southwards, a sloping tunnel leads down to the hot springs and southwest is a wide tunnel, carefully roped off to avoid accidents.

It's late. Very late. In fact, it's so late that most of the Weyr is a-bed, save for those getting off the late shifts and occasional Riders drifting in from night sweeps to grab a bite from the ever-present stew left warming on nighthearth. For the most part, the Caverns are quiet, lighting is dimmed and the fire over on the hearth is banked to a bed of low coals that snap pleasantly and cast their orange glow on the couches and chairs arranged before it. Sitting in one such chair, boots kicked off and legs curled under her is Weyrwoman Thea, sipping something from a mug as she watches a pair of dark-haired five turn olds, a boy and a girl as they (mostly) quietly color at the low klah-table.

Ryeokie wanders into the caverns, his hair damp from a recent dip in the springs. The crafter doesn't look the least bit tired, but he /was/ pretty much nocturnal. He grabs a bowl, striding towards the hearth and ladling in a spoonful. Dark eyes glance around the room, spotting a few unfamiliar faces….and the Weyrwoman. Ryeo invites himself to a nearby chair, raising a hand in greeting and waving. "I hope you're having a pleasant night Weyrwoman. Are these your kids?" Rye tilts his head towards the coloring boys and grins one of his crescent eye smiles.

At this time of night, a certain blond headed harper should be tucked away in his cot with the other apprentices. Pyriel yawns widely, freshly bathed, sliding on the wavy red plastic headband he's taken to wearing as of late. It helped keep the hair out of his eyes, you see. This also has the added effect of revealing yet more of the boy's habit of punching holes in his head. Exhibit a and b, being his ears. The lobes have gauges in them, on the smaller side but are indeed stretched to clearly see through the space to the other side. The rest is studs and hoops. Perhaps still a bit groggy from the hot springs, Py wanders to the serving table to grab a bowl and a hunk of bread. It's then that he falls in behind Ryeokie, yawning again as he waits for the starcrafter to get out of the way. Stew obtained, he starts to turn when he hears Ryeo say, 'Weyrwoman', and that is when he freezes. It was the fire's fault you see, that his face was suddenly feeling quite hot. He really should venture elsewhere, and so he starts to inch his way back towards the serving table instead.

Kiley is having one of those nights where you are quite soundly asleep and then suddenly awake and craving food, though she's not one to really ignore those cravings. So instead of wandering blindly into the Caverns, she dresses herself and readies herself as one would do in the morning. She makes her way into the Caverns, bright and chipper as one can be while making her way towards the serving table. A plate is fetched and as she begins to gather food, Pyriel catches her gaze and she pins him a look that lasts only a moment before she begins to fill her plate. A mug is also taken, but she does not opt for the klah. Carefully, she turns and makes her way to settle where the Weyrwoman and Ryeokie sit, if only for the fact that they are gathering there and they are people to talk with. "Ma'am." She greets Thea softly and then nods once to Ryeokie. Her food is the main focus of her attention, however, as the lack of it did bring her from her bed; without hesitating, she begins to eat but not without keeping her ear open just in case.

Thea is, of course, aware of any and all traffic entering and leaving the Cavern, neither encouraging nor discouraging company, but certainly acknowledging and greetings with a quiet nod. For the most part, folks just head on through and to bed. Pyriel's approach is greeted with a neutral expression over the mug raised to her lips. When she lowers it, her answer is a simple, "They are. Muir and Marella. Both of whom should be in bed and fast asleep." Mother gives the pair a stern look when both glance up at mama with slightly guilty faces. Oh that slinking off by Pyriel is noticed by the Weyrwoman, who summons him with a casual, "Pyriel?" That is all, but her nod towards the couch opposite her is a silent directive: sit. Of Kiley's arrival there's a gentle smile, "Hello, ah…? We haven't met, but it's Thea, please."

Ryeokie catches sight of the harper apprentice just as he begins blushing. A smirk plays across his lips before he catches sight of the arriving Kiley. He offers his own nod in her direction, raising a hand and waving. "I'm Ryeokie. Nice to meet you." Thea's admonishment towards the children earns a light chuckle and nod of the head. "Kids will be kids. I used to stay up far later than my parents wished too." The crafter spoons a bit of stew into his mouth and leans back into his chair.

A flicker of gold is awarded to Kiley who's gaze earns her a quirked pierced brow, but nothing more at this time, paused only for that moment before he continues his attempt to flee before he's spotted. Pyriel wasn't as smooth and stealthy as he had tried to be however, because when he hears his name spoken by a female voice he'd heard enough to place despite it, he jumps a bit. Busted. "Evening ma'am." he says softly, maybe too softly to be heard over the cracking of the fireplace. A peek over his shoulder informs him of Ryeokie's smirk, and the harper apprentice scowls. He'd learned though, some restraint when it came to his more violent outbursts in an earlier crossing with D'son, and so for now the crescent eyed bemusement of the starcrafter is given a stay of execution. Still, spotted or not, he again attempts to slink off. Perhaps what was said and done was enough to quell any interest in his presence.

Kiley considers the Weyrwoman's children with a careful glance as she continues to eat, minding her manners and not staring at them other than that briefest of looks before her gaze settles back onto her plate. Though it is Thea's greeting to the harper apprentice that draws her gaze back up to the said apprentice, focusing her attention on him as if to gauge his reaction to her greeting. Though it only lingers until Thea greets her as well and whatever food was in her mouth is promptly swallowed. "Kiley, ma'am." A faint cough follows before she corrects herself, "Thea." Her eyes settle upon Ryeokie next and she inclines her head in means of greeting, "well met, Ryeokie. I'm a Journeyman Computer Crafter," this is for both, despite the fact that she is wearing her knot, "I recently was posted here." Her gaze falls upon the Weyrwoman, next. "Please let me know if I can help you with anything that Eledri doesn't do, or… Anything, really. He told me he wasn't here all the time and things can happen in those spans of time." Her lips form a smile before her gaze is dropping to her plate and she considers what she's gathered once more. Settling on a meatroll, she uses her hand for this one while her eyes turn to consider Pyriel as he attempts to slink off.

At being ignored, "Apprentice Pyriel!" Steel-laced, but lowly, for it is late, Thea indicates the couch once more, this time with a finger from the hand holding her mug pointed, first at the teen and then the furniture. "Have a seat." Not so much a request. Forgive them, Ryeokie and Kiley, but the children show no overt interest in either of crafter, perhaps because their eyes are latched onto Pyriel over there. A pair of dark brown and a pair of ice green eyes, both are widened a tinge and affixed to the lad's face. "Children," Thea murmurs warningly, the result is that the girl ducks her head and resumes coloring. Though at Ryeokie's words she pipes up sweetly, "Daddy has a terrible headache." Yes and likely they were the cause of it. Muir continues to stare at Pyriel, his crayon dropped to free little fingers to touch his own lip wonderingly. With a warm smile, Thea acknowledges the young woman's introduction, "Well-met Kiley and welcome to Xanadu." Dryly and with no attempt to hide her chagrin, "I… may do just that. D'son insists those contraptions save time, but…"

"Hey Py. Come sit with us." Ryeo was probably far too amused by the tortured boy than he should have been. But the crafter knows better than to comment more than this, so he turns his attention elsewhere. A hand moves up to push up his black framed glasses and dark eyes come to rest on the new acquaintance. "Kiley? Well, that's an impressive craft. Probably of far more use than mine." Rye laughs softly, and then a bit louder at the child's comments. Eyes flash as a thought suddenly crosses his mind and his attentions return to Kiley. "Would you mind helping me as well? I'd rather like to get some of the star charts computerized. I lost a lot of work on that shipwreck, and it'd be best to have an electronic copy somewhere."

A frown draws down the corners of the apprentice harper's mouth as he's readdressed as he is, causing a cringe that stills any further movement in the direction of escape. The Weyrwoman's tone is not lost on Pyriel. Neither is her clear instruction. So, he slowly turns, revealing brightly blushed cheeks, "But…" he starts, but seeing Thea's no nonsense countenance, he sighs and steps over to drop into a chair somewhere in the little alcove. A bit of a glare is sent to Ryeokie's way, as he could clearly see how amusing this all was for seventeen turn old. Though the feeling of little eyes resting intently on him, draws his attention to the children. A blink is given to Muir as he touches his mouth, his own lips pursing, and then he finds his golden gaze settled on Kiley. Body checked again, recognition clicks visibly as he recalls where and when having seen the computer crafter, which means he's soon there after much more interested in his stew.

Kiley gives the Weyrwoman a sheepish smile, "they're not all bad, I promise." She can certainly hear the woman's dislike for the computers in the tone of her voice. "I can help you, if you'd like. They can be confusing, but detailed instructions that you can reread normally helps." The woman offers with her smile growing a little more cheerful. "They really do save time and the information can be transferred more easily, and if the whole thing doesn't break it can usually be saved." Unless packaged wrong and sent between. Her gaze finds Pyriel again and then she considers Ryeokie as he calls the harper over, but she doesn't directly pitch in as she doesn't know him that well. And considering their interaction from before, well, it is probably best she just hold her tongue. Instead, she's turning back to Ryeokie and nodding once more. "It is complicated but once you learn…" She leaves it at that before shaking her head in disagreement. "Each craft has it's purpose and use, one can't be more important than the other." Her gaze flickers to her plate and another meatroll is taken but not touched as Ryeokie continues to talk and she considers what he wants done. "I think we can do that. Having multiple records just in case always is better. Just find me when you've got the free time and give me what you want put in. Unless you want to learn how to enter them, as well? I can help with that, too." Her smile grows, and she is completely at ease even as Pyriel joins them but she does not grace him with another look or her interest. Only her meatroll and thoughts take the forefront in her mind as she begins to nibble away.

Thea's eyes track the harper's progress much as a tigress would her prey while Kiley and Ryeokie chat. Oh, she's listening, even though she's not looking their way (poor, poor Pyriel!) and thus protests firmly at the starcrafter's denigration towards his own craft, "Not at all. Ships depend on yours." As he ought to know firsthand after being aboard the Windy Waters. Pyriel's little bit of rebellion in ignoring the couch she's pointed him to and his picking a chair instead is not lost on her, but she makes no remark. Nor does she tell him why she's called him over, at least not just yet. He's seated and yet her gaze lingers upon him until it shifts to Kiley then the Weyrwoman's eyes sort of glaze over at the spiel she's likely heard from Eledri a half-dozen times. Her lips quirk up at the corners as she says with a hint of mischief, "Yes, but, they… don't like me." It's likely the grouchy Eledri has heard that one more than once, too. As for Muir, he continues to stare at Pyriel while his sister colors. Into the silence he pipes up and with utter candor saying, "Da says earrings on a boy s’girly. Why ya got 'em in your lip?" Marella doesn't even bother looking up from her paper as she ventures, "Got no more room on his ears?"

Ryeokie laughs, "Looks like you've got an audience, Py." Further teasing is left as the starcrafter turns to consider Kiley's words. "It'd be nice if you could teach me. I've got a bit of basic knowledge about computers, but not nearly enough to do this kind of programming. You'd be doing me a huge favor, and I promise it won't take up too much time. I'm quick with the learning." Oh yes. Rye is a very big bookwarm, much to the dismay of his beastcrafter parents. A few more spoonfuls and the senior apprentice sets his bowl aside. He's a growing teen after all, so its no surprise that the meal was finished off quite quickly. There's a smile in the weyrwoman's direction, "That /is/ true. And we can sometimes be pretty good about predicting weather." Wait. Did Pyriel just get called girly? Ryeo's head jerks in Pyriel's direction. But Muir and Marella are /kids/…Pyriel wouldn't blow up at them…right?

Pyriel is giving his bread and stew the majority of his attention, trying to make as little noise as possible as he eats. Occasionally though, he does spare a glance to one of the tables nearby with more than a bit of longing. Yes, he'd very much like to be over there, than where he is currently. Not really one for social situations, especially one such as this that included the Weyrwoman, Py pushes a bit of fingerroot around with the back of his spoon and remains very quiet. He peeks fleetingly past his brow where he leans over his bowl on the edge of his chair to Ryeokie, when he's teased. "Ha ha." he sounds with a sarcastic undertone, found to have a frown deeply etched upon his features before lashes lower again. He finds a lump of tuber in his bowl that deserves to be smashed against the bottom and does so. As Kiley proceeds to ignore him, Pyriel is more than content to return the favor, perhaps not even listening to what is being said around him. It's what the twins say that causes the harper apprentice to stiffen in his chair, perhaps to no surprise to Ryeokie, given the older boy's reaction at nearly the same time. As his head comes up and his golden eyes come to rest on the boy in his innocent inquisitiveness, there might be a split second where one might think he was about to chuck his half eaten bowl of stew right at the kid's head. In the span of time that it takes to blink, the harper's expression changes, the corners of his lips drawing upwards. While it doesn't quite reach his eyes, which are more like daggers at present, the kid's smile could still melt lead. Who knew? "He does does he?" Pyriel asks, saccharine sweet. You bet that's noted and filed away for later. "I'll tell ya this kiddo, girls really dig the lip rings. Y'll understand when yer older." he says as even and friendly as possible, pointedly not moving a muscle at this point or letting anything else past his mouth for sweet little Marella. So what if he stole a turn of phrase from Ryeokie that had occurred in an earlier conversation? That done he very calmly returns to eating. Must not slay children, must not slay children.

Kiley is drawn from her thoughts by Thea's statement and the computer crafter lifts both her brows as she considers the woman. "But… They can't feel anything. They can't like or dislike anything or anyone in particular." At least, not the computers that they handle. The woman seems intrigued by the accusation, even a little confusion mixes in with that before her cheeks color a light shade. "Oh. I get it… Forget… That I said that." So not to say anything more for the moment, she takes a bite from the meatroll in her hand and works on finishing that off before she even considers another word. Though she regrets this decision as the boy pipe up about Pyriel's piercing and the woman coughs down the rest of her food while her eyes water from the sudden strain of all that food going down quickly. Her juice is taken to clear her throat before both hands lift to wipe at her eyes . "It's no trouble," she squeaks in response before taking another drink, "I can teach you whatever you need to know, however long it takes. I'm patient." Just in case the programming does happen to take longer to learn. The switch of subjects is a brief break from the child's statement, though she does avoid taking more food into her mouth for the time being. Pyriel's words seem to bring a darker color to the pale woman's cheeks suddenly, though she pointedly takes a bite of her meatroll, now and acts as if nothing is amiss with her.

"Maybe you can predict when this rain will leave us in peace?" The Weyrwoman is nothing but sincerely hopeful in directing that question to Ryeokie. "Oh but, Hal does," Thea assures Kiley like she really believes it. She'll witness it firsthand when she's summoned to the Weyrwoman's office, no doubt not too many days hence. "Muireadhach!" How is it possible for such a quiet voice to crackle so menacingly? Thea's had lots of practice, evidently. Muir reluctantly tears his eyes from Pyriel's… hardware, making eye contact with his mother for a split second, then mutters a rebellious (and totally insincere), "Sorry" to Pyriel, though at the 'girls dig them' the child HAS to retort (it makes sense in his mind, anyway), "Girls should wear 'em then." Oh, yes, Pyriel, that meeting with the Werysecond might very well be memorable. "I think they're weird." This from sweet Marella, uttered in such guileless honesty and innocence that, really shows it's not meant as a criticism. As harper, the teen ought to be used to hearing such things from children, if he's permitted to wear them to lessons. As for Thea, she rises, lips pressed together, "That is enough!" This to her uninhibited offspring which are firmly taken by the hand. "Say goodnight." The phrase is echoed by the pair who continue to gawk at Pyriel. "Your patience is commendable," Thea murmurs to the harper, "and it's good to see you're not hawking your lungs up anymore." Ah! So that's why he was hailed over! To the others, "Goodnight Kiley, Ryeokie." She takes her leave, the chilren hustled out into the night and home. Lookout D'had - here comes question 1001 allllllllll about piercings and girls digging them - ready or not!

Ryeokie lets out a blatant sigh of relief and relaxes tensed muscles at Pyriel's reaction. He /would/ have physically restrained the harper if necessary. It's a few seconds before his attention turns back to the Journeyman and his eyes form half moons as Ryeo smiles. "I wouldn't mind if it took a little longer, we could get to know eachother a bit." The starcrafter winks and settles back in his chair. Just because he was a bookworm doesn't mean he was /completely/ awkward. "What do you think girls? Piercings or glasses?" Rye chuckles quietly. But then the Weyrwoman begins her quiet rampage and crafter turns away, futilely attempting not to smile. He waves after the departing party, "Good night!" But his attention is quickly turned back to the remaining two.

As the five turn olds continue, Pyriel resigns himself to his perch upon the very edge of his chair, stew and bread alike half eaten. The close observer, would note that the boy's jaw was tightly clenched; weathering the storm as it were. It's very likely that some of the other harpers do not react well to the blond's appearance, not many children do. This, and from the littles that are about, is likely responsible for Py's ability to rein himself in some. The older kids he could handle if needs be. He nods to Thea when she speaks to him, offering a very quiet thank you to her compliment of his patience and for her best wishes. Audible, but barely.

Kiley gives Thea the most skeptical of looks, her brows lifting in surprise and before she nods slowly despite her lack of understanding. One can only imagine what she may encounter if the Weyrwoman wears that her computer hates her. The scolding of the children is met with the slightest of smiles and the softest chuckle hid behind a piece of food before it goes into her mouth. The two children and their mother are given a thoughtful look as she continues to watch them until the farewells are given. "Goodnight ma— Thea." An incline of her head follows instead of a wave beforeher attention turns back to Ryeokie as he speaks. Cheeks darken and she lets out a flustered comment under her breath before she manages to raise the volume of her voice up to normal. "Right.. Ah. That's fine, too.." The wink, however, only serves to fluster the woman more and she turns her attention to the dwindling food on her plate. "Glasses." She only briefly pries her gaze from her plate to consider Pyriel as the harper remains quiet, but only for that brief moment before returning to the starcrafter.

The on edge Pyriel had gotten Ryeokie scooting slightly out of his chair too, but the disappearance of the children bodes well and the crafter leans back. Kiley's reaction however, seems to amuse him greatly. "Glasses. Good choice Kiley. I have to say you are a woman of refined tastes." Ryeo chuckles and leans forward, "You're a recent transfer to the weyr correct? It seems you've met our resident downer." A thumb is hitched in Pyriel's direction. Even if he hadn't indicated, the subject would have been quite apparent.

Pyriel does remain in his chair even after Thea and the twins have ventured off elsewhere, keeping his eyes glued on the contents of the bowl, lacking the immediate interest in mashing the vegetables. What Ryeokie says to Kiley drifts over to the harper, and one might almost be able to hear his teeth grinding against one another. In his current mood, he seems to be taking every single word the starcrafter is currently saying in a very negative light. Downer? Nice. He does rise to his feet at some point, irritation for certain among the plethora of emotions that play across his features as he lands a hard and heavy glare on Ryeokie, who was probably immune to it by now, if not always. He opens his mouth to make some biting comment or another, but it's soon swallowed down. He just shakes his head and turns, foot steps taking him to the bin where his dishes are disposed of.

"Glasses are more appealing and less damaging." Just as permanent in some cases, but that is really beside the point. Kiley's cheeks flare up at the attention that Ryeokie pays her, dropping her gaze back to her plate and clearing off the rest of the food before she replies. "Yes." She hesitates for a moment before she continues, "he was one of the first people I met in my arrival." A careful look is sent in the harper's direction, watching his movements should he attempt to come their way and take out his anger. Despite the glare he doesn't seem so inclined to do more than that as he makes his way to drop off his dishes and the woman relaxes even if the color in her cheeks remains. "Ah.. But I've settled in a little more since then."

Ryeokie grins at the Journeyman, "Well that's good. Next time I'll introduce you around the weyr. Have you met Landers? He's a good one." Pyriel's little fit certainly does catch Ryeokie's attention and he watches after the boy shaking his head. "Anyways Kiley, I'll see you around. I need some sleep." Blunt, plain and simple. Without much of a fuss the crafter stands, moving after the harper and falling in behind to drop off the dishes. The starcrafter leans down for a second, perhaps saying something, but straightens up quickly before heading out of the caverns.

Pyriel was just about to head out himself when he's blocked by a wall he likes to call Ryeokie. Whatever is said or done when the starcrafter leans down, leaves the harper for a moment wide eyed, unable to convince his feet to chase after the fleeing older boy. Dense as Py was, something just snapped into a crystal clear picture from the looks of it. Brows furrow, a hand coming up to tug at the rings gracing his lip while eyes dart back and forth quickly; gathering his thoughts. He schools his expression after a moment, having completely forgotten about poor Kiley over there, and suspiciously narrows his eyes at where Ryeokie had vanished to. Jaw sets, and he too heads out in the same direction.

Kiley nods, "I would appreciate that, thank you. I don't believe that I've met Landers." Not that she knows, anyway. Her lips form a thoughtful smile as she more easily relaxes, despite the man's blunt announcement. Oh, of course. She considers, then drops her gaze to her empty plate and leaves her gaze there for a moment longer. As if the plate itself has urged her to pick it up, she does and makes to drop it off in the bin along with the mug that once held her juice. She only briefly watches Pyriel go, but not bothering to ponder over their departures or the reaction of the harper. After her dishes are taken care of, she heads straight off to bed.

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