Xanadu Weyr - Thea's Weyr

This clearing is sheltered by a thick canopy of trees, which seems supported at its centre by an immense, wild-growing fellis tree. Hanging from one of its high branches is a swing, made up of two ropes and a seat of softwood and leather. The grass is tall here and interrupted in places by clusters of white and blue alyssum. Alyssum covers the indentation of the wallow, remaining hardy despite being continually crushed. The constant sound of herdbeast in their pens can be heard close-by, though its source is invisible through the foliage.

The cottage itself is made of white softwood, like birch, though creeping vines cover all four of its walls from the outside and even encircle the brown-shuttered windows and matching door. The interior floor and walls are raw wood that has been sanded and lacquered to make them smooth and, for the most part, the inside is quite spacious. The bedroom area is plain, an ornately carved wardrobe providing the only real decoration, and at the rear of the cottage a brown lattice has been built into the doorway to a makeshift kitchen, where a breakfast nook has been carved into the wall, along with short counters. On one counter, a circle has been cut out and fixed with a clay-fired bowl with a nearby matching pitcher.

The clearing is quiet as the sunset colors it brilliant orange and shadow-touched violet. The cottage is dark other than a soft glow in one window, still and possibly empty. Inside though, Enkavir sits at the table in the breakfast nook, his features stony with concentration as he does his best to read. Long legs cross, uncross, recross. His elbow planted on the table, he props his forehead up with the back of curled fingers, but he's restless, dragging a hand through hair that's even more tangled than usual. Spark sits on the table in front of him, intent with yellowish eyes, perfectly still for once.

Thea enters the cottage, quietly closing the door behind her. She didn't light the lamp so she's not surprised to find Enkavir there. Tonight there is no light banter, no running to greet him. Instead she leans back against the door watching him with solemn eyes. How could she know something is wrong? Why because Ruin is actually perched upon her left shoulder, something he just never does. "Kav…"

The book isn't really Enkavir's focus anyway, and the minute the door closes he drops it with a muffled 'thump' on the table. It's so sudden Spark explodes upward with a squawk, and just like that the silence is chaos that is only increased by Enkavir standing and shoving the chair back with a cry of wood against wood. He flaps a hand at Spark who quickly settles onto the overturned chair, and with only a few long-legged steps Enkavir is there with Thea. "How are you?" He glances at Ruin, but only a flick of intense hazel eyes, and then his hand is reaching to cup her cheek, his eyes seeking hers. The other questions in his gaze will wait until this one, this all important one, is answered.

Thea winces at the sudden movement, her eyes flickering from the chair to the man striding across the room. Her mouth opens a bit in surprise at the speed in which he closes the distance between them. He is there then and she tilts her neck to meet his gaze, hers probing for a hint of what lies in them, as if she could fathom the emotions and know beforehand what he's thinking. For a long measure she is silent, but her breath quickens and on her shoulder Ruin begins a soft smug chittering at her obvious unease. "I'm… better." Her eyes trace his brow and lips then back to his face and a tinge of apprehension colors the pale green of her eyes as they meet his steadily.

When she winces he winces, flinching a bit, strung way too tight. Her probing gaze meets his probing gaze and they silently search each other. When she speaks he finally lets out the breath he's been unconsciously holding; his shoulders slump a bit as he tangles his hand up into her hair. "I've just been waiting and… trying not to worry and… trying not to think about how you are or what's going on." The apprehension he sees wilts him further still and he bends to brush his lips across her cheek. "I'm sorry I'm just a worried wreck over here." Straightening he takes a deep breath and his brows draw down. "But now you damn well better tell me what is going on."

As his lips touch her cheek, Thea sighs, "I thought you were angry." She's not relieved, not yet although his admission of worry does help ease her past whatever apprehension she's got on her mind, apparently. She reaches a hand towards him, tenderness in her voice, "Kav… you could have come. The Healers allow visits." Her breath catches, "I thought you stayed away because you were angry." Ruin purrs throatily, a gleeful sound at the distress in her voice. The sternness, along with the request causes her no small dismay and her eyes drop like those of a guilty child. "I… I…" She cannot finish and at this, Ruin hums with wicked pleasure.

Enkavir hmms, a rumble deep in his throat. "I didn't want to visit you and not be able to /talk/ to you. I didn't want to get into… everything with half the weyr present concerned about their ailing goldrider. And I /am/ angry… a little angry. Frustrated more really I guess." He lets out a burst of air, pulls her to him again and wraps his arms around her. "You know when people say 'if she's ok when this is over I'm going to kill her?' Something like that." But by now his voice is more tender and he plants a kiss on the top of her head. "Come sit with me, tell me everything. Please tell me." He pulls her not to the table but to the bed, sits on the side of it and pats the coverlet beside him. A blink, and he glares at Ruin, shoves a finger right in the little firelizard's face. "You. Go. Before I do something I'll regret later."

Thea nods to that, by the expression on her face she gets it totally. "Thanks for that. I was too tired to talk anyway, all I did was sle-" And she is pulled against him, her arms automatically reach to encircle him. There's talk of killing her, which makes her giggle nervously, then Ruin is dispatched post-haste with a finger in his face and a threat that the rotten thing apparently comprehends. He *betweens* right there from her shoulder, baleful eyes fixed upon Enkavir and leaving nothing but an echo of a snarl behind. Thea is rather stunned by this, giving the man a look that is akin to awe. She's drawn to sit beside him, shifts to face him, curling her legs to be comfortable. One finger traces the pattern on her coverlet and she focuses on that. "I'm not sure where to start."

"I figured, and sleep is good. Mostly I just wanted you to focus on feeling better and getting out of there so you could come be with me. I do prefer having you all to myself." His smile is wan, barely there, and brief. When his threat is so effective against Ruin he blinks, a bit surprised. "I guess he could tell I meant it. Any creature that diabolical can't be stupid and I must be emanating psychic waves even a rock could read. I'll have to remember that." He keeps his feet on the floor, watching her finger as it slides along the fabric, his own fingers tapping lightly a handspan away from hers. "How about at the beginning." If she can figure out exactly where the beginning even /is/ in this case.

Thea swallows hard. "The… beginning. Right." Ruin is gladly forgotten, so she merely nods to the beast's dismissal. She continues to trace the threads, a few tiny wrinkles form on her brow as she concentrates, "I've wanted to go find Ysa for a long time. So when Avaeth started to glow and the rest of us had to get away I thought it would be the perfect time to do it." She flashes a quick glance up at him then back down as she takes a deep breath, "It didn't go so well. It was late here in Xanadu when I left there." She presses her lips together, waits a beat and can continue slowly, "I was upset at both Ysa and Niva as we lifted off, but mostly just worried about getting back in time to beat Niva home…when we went *Between* it was all I could think of." Her fingers twist the coverlet as she speaks.

Enkavir's eyes begin to narrow as she speaks, and by the middle his frown is pronounced. It's not irritation or concern there but utter confusion. "Sweetheart, can I get you some cold water or something? I think you still aren't well. You went and saw Ysa the day before Avaeth rose. And it wasn't late when you got back, it was mid-afternoon. I saw you in the clearing, remember?" He shakes his head, running fingers through his hair until worry-created tangles stop them. "Avaeth rose today. We were out in the wilderness since dawn and you've spent the rest of the day in the infirmary. But anyway, yesterday, when you went to Ista…" he rolls a hand, gesturing for her to continue.

Thea's head snaps up and a hand reaches for Enkavir to stay his departure for water or mindhealers. She shakes her head vehemently, "I went -today-!" There's absolute certainty in her voice, much unlike anything he has heard from her 'yesterday' or even earlier today and her eyes meet his with conviction. "I left early this morning, but on the homeward jump *Between* we did something that… all dragons can do - totally by accident on my part. We jumped back in time." She holds his gaze levelly, calmly. "I'm telling you the truth." Her eyes beg him to believe her, "I haven't lost my mind, Kav." Her voice cracks as she says his name.

Enkavir isn't actually getting up, he hasn't moved, but he does take that hand lightly if she'll allow it. If nothing else it keeps his fingers from tapping with his restless energy. His concern continues to grow as she speaks and in the end he just drags his free hand over his face, rubbing it over his mouth and finally letting out a long breath of air. "I don't think you've lost your mind. That sort of thing is in the records, I know it's technically possible. I just didn't think… it was really done any more." He wets his lips, shakes his head again as if clearing it might help all of this make better sense. "So yesterday…?"

Thea's fingers curl around Enkavir's hand, squeezing a gentle pressure in her earnest desire to explain, "It…isn't done I don't think. It's dangerous!" She shudders recounting, "I didn't try to do it, I guess Seryth just picked up my frantic wish to get back here before Niva and all the tumult in my head then confused things…" Her eyes focus off somewhere beyond the walls of her cottage as she continues, "We came into the air above the Weyrling Training Grounds and her glide carried us over the Weyrling Beach. I knew right away we were off time because there below us on the beach I saw myself and Seryth and Rogawani visiting the new dragonets." Her face has drained of color and her lips pale, her eyes are shadowed as they slide back to his face, "I'd never done it before. We tried to do it again, but we couldn't get it right. I was too upset to think straight after Ista." The grip of her fingers tighten, but she is unaware of this, "The more we tried the worse my head felt. So we just gave up after awhile and flew to that clearing."

Enkavir lifts his free hand, using it to cover the hands that are clasped together. It's a gentle touch, his fingers stroking the back of Thea's hand as she clings more tightly. He is quietly watchful, trying to soak all of this in, and beneath his concern you can almost see the wheels grinding away as he tries to make sense of all of this. "That must have been terrible, love. I can't even imagine." And he really can't. He shakes his head when he fails to wrap his mind around the concepts here. "And what about today? My today with the dawn trip and all that."

It takes a moment, and though Thea is calm, there's still an uneasy look about her, "That sleep I got in the clearing helped clear my head, I think." She sounds unsure, "But knowing what day I was in did too?" Still not sure. Her eyes are less troubled as they meet his, "When I left you in the Clearing we had to go forward one day, so I visualized the Weyr at dawntime just before I really left for Ista." If that makes any sense at all, says her expression. Because the more she tries to explain it the more confused it all sounds to her. "I got to the clearing just after that." The finger tracing her coverlet lifts to rub at her temples. "So… confusing."

Enkavir's frown is slowly starting to fade as the idea of Thea travelling through time - several times - begins to be less shocking if no less confusing. "I'm just glad I ended up where you were, as utterly unlikely as it was. Sleep and water and information were all probably helpful. I-" he breaks off, his hand squeezing hers tightly. "I can't believe you did that! No amount of getting 'in trouble' is worth risking your life, Thea. I'm so relieved I can't feel much else but I'm sure underneath it I'm angry. Don't… don't /ever/ risk yourself like that again." He tugs at her hand, tugs her closer. "Are you alright now though? Not feeling faint or anything?"

Thea is drawn closer to Enkavir, her eyes return to his as she drops her hand from her temple to rest it lightly over his heart. Her eyes are troubled as they remain on his. In answer to the question, she nods wordlessly. Silent for a beat before admitting, "I don't… know why I felt so dizzy and odd in my head during the afternoon- both afternoons." She drops her head, contrite, "And I am sorry I didn't tell you what I'd done." She swallows hard, "I think I panicked. I h-had to make it right." For a moment she appears to consider other options she might have had, then she shakes her head admitting, "I just didn't want Niva to know I'd gone there. I didn't tell the Healers, either."

Enkavir continues to hold her hand, but lifts the other to cover her fingers against his chest. "I understand why you didn't tell me, and I'm glad you're telling me now. That doesn't upset me - you had to figure things out. And I might not have let you get yourself caught back up to real time if I knew. I'm just upset you did it at all." His eyes close and he pulls his lower lip into his mouth, teeth against it. "When I think of you lost *between* somewhere - no. I can't even let myself think about it. And I know you didn't do it on purpose." This makes his eyes dart open and he frowns down at her. "Can you keep it from happening again?"

Thea listens to Enkavir and it is a moment or two before she has the courage to raise her head and meet his eyes. "I would never lie to you- " But he's on to other things. She winces at the expression on his face and shudders, "Lost *Between* is a nightmare all Weyrlings seem to have one time or another. The training is extensive for *Betweening*…" His last question troubles her far more, the sudden return to sharp concern discomfits her. "I don't know?" Slim shoulders shrug helplessly, "I can try not to?" A feeble hope at best.

Enkavir is quick to reassure her on this point anyhow. "I know you wouldn't lie to me. There's a difference between waiting to tell details and lying." He quiets then, thoughtful before nodding his apparent agreement with his own words. "You train for *betweening* but not for going through time. It must be more difficult to be safe. Not that I kave any idea of course." Or that she does, really. "It's such an unknown, Thea, hon, I think you should talk to Niva about it. Maybe she has some advice. I don't want you to end up never knowing wher-er, when you are."

Thea waits for Enkavir's reaction, unknowingly holding her breath. For a moment she is relieved, letting it out in a sigh, but at his next words it is sharply indrawn. Her eyes widen, panic flaring within them, "NO!" It is the first time she's ever raised her voice at him and she is flailing to get away, "No, I can't do that, I can't." Ruin chooses that moment to pop back in and apparently thinking he is out of Enkavir's reach, lands on Thea's far shoulder with a self-satisfied crow and a gleeful wriggle at her distress, although she appears oblivious to his return as she assures, "Kav, I'll be careful from now on. I promise I will!" Sure she will until she's upset and worried about something else she deems urgent…

Her lifted voice has Enkavir blinking for a moment and he instinctively releases her. It almost seems like he's going to wilt in the face of her panic but then her words really settle in his brain and he stands, shaking his head. "No." His voice is low and firm, not yelling but just as intense as her panicked exclamation. "It's not enough. Niva's been a dragonrider and a Weyrwoman for as long as we've been alive, Thea. She might know how to keep this from happening. Or Tylia if you don't want to talk to Niva, but /someone/. I can't spend the rest of my life wondering if I'm going to come around the corner and find a future you standing there, worrying whether or not you'll make it back home if you're running late one day."

Thea's head is stubbornly shaking as her brows lower, and her jaw firms. Her panicked flailing stops, but she is fraught with tension as she glares back at Enkavir. Her voice lowers to match his intensity "She'll tell Niva. I can't!" Ruin's purring smug pleasure in her ear at this and she has had enough. One hand pushes at him, "Get off!" The vile 'lizard digs his claws in and snaps, catching one of her fingers, and she yanks her hand back with a bit of a frustrated growl, powerless to fight both of them at once. She ignores Ruin for the time being, hunches her shoulders and returns his firm stare with a resolute one of her own. "No." It's an obstinate mutter.

Enkavir's eyes snap to the evil little creature and he takes a step closer. If she doesn't realize who is getting the brunt of his ire it might be intimidating or even frightening, his shoulders squared and a true scowl on his face as he reaches to grab Ruin by the feet. "You detestable little creature. Leave her alone or so help me I will find a way to kill you. Get. Out." If he manages to snatch those clinging claws he will rip the firelizard away, his gaze finally sliding back to Thea. "I can't make you, and I'm not going to tell her myself. But I'm asking you. For your safety. For my sanity."

Thea does jump, more startled by the sudden movement than from anything else, but Enkavir is so quick with his grab that she really doesn't have much time to react. Ruin's unwilling claws make tiny ripping sounds as his feet are nabbed and she instinctively ducks the wildly flapping wings. There's a newfound respect in her eyes as he manages to do what she has never been able to do - defy Ruin his pleasure. It is a long moment that she considers the last three words and the fight seeps out of her and her head drops. Finally she mutters, "I don't know how to tell her. She will be so angry." Whether her going to Ista or *Between times, Thea doesn't clarify. Might be both.

Enkavir glares openly at Ruin, using his other hand wrangle at least one of those wings flush against his body. He gives him a hard little shakes. "Stop it, you sharding evil little creature." Narrowed eyes meet whirling ones and Kav just /looks/ at Ruin. "I am going to let you go and you are going to leave this cottage and not return until Thea calls you. Now get." He doesn't just let go but sort of tosses Ruin into the air as Terra's falconers might. It means he's less likely to get a claw or tooth or wing in the face. A frustrated sigh explodes and he turns back, arms crossing over his chest. "Just tell her. You're allowed to visit wherever you please, and I'm sure she's not actually /happy/ with the political situation. As for timing it, like you told me, it was an accident. I'll come if you like."

Thea has her eyes shut. Well, one is cracked open a tiny bit as she braces for a terrible ruckus and perhaps one of the two bloodied. Ruin poofs *Between* without so much as a sound, much to her amazement. She opens her other eye, relaxes from her half-wince. "Thank you," Thea says in a small, humble voice. She clasps her hands, lacing her fingers together in her lap as she returns his look doubtfully, eyes flickering over those crossed arms, then back up to his face, "I'm sorry, Kav." Because he looks angry, perhaps. "I would welcome you coming, but it isn't so simple with her. She… banned Ista's riders from coming here." So maybe Timing it isn't the issue? Her fingers twist as she wrestles with her own thoughts.

Enkavir just nod firmly as Ruin disappears. "Sometimes you just need to be as mean as the mean people, you know?" One could assume he's talking about the little bronze, but maybe it would work for Niva as well. "You are welcome. I don't know why he hasn't just gone wild by now in the first place. You must be too great a source of misery." That last is at least a little teasing and he uncrosses his arms so he can wind a finger around a lock of her hair. "Don't be sorry with /me/ love. She's going to find out eventually, you must know that's true. I'm surprised she hasn't heard a rumor already, or hunted you down to find out what was wrong and why you went to the infirmary. It's only going to be worse if she hears it from somewhere else."

"I… can't." Thea's eyes are puzzled, "I can only be me." She shrugs at the inevitability. His teasing brings a spark of humor to her eyes and her lips quirk. "Perhaps he will go wild one day if you stick around. He's been coming around less…" Meaning she's been less inclined to be miserable? She nods to his logic, but she's not looking all that happy about it, worry still clouding her eyes, "She booted Ysa for disagreeing with her." At least that's how this junior sees it. For a few moments she wrestles the issue silently, then since dealing with it is unavoidable, "Fine. I'll tell her. But don't be surprised if she boots me for it."

Softening, Enkavir ammends, "Sometimes /I/ just need to be as mean as the mean people. I can do it for both of us." Though some anxiety remains he manages to sit back down, perched tensely on the edge of the bed once more with his feet on the floor. His eyes hover where Ruin disappeared and he rolls one shoulder. "If I can make you happy enough for him to get bored all the better, assuming it wouldn't hurt you. His leaving I mean." It's way off the subject, but maybe that hint of levity will make the harder subject bearable. "I doubt she booted Ysa just for disagreeing with her. But if she does that, and D'son lets her, we'll just go live somewhere else. Ierne was nice enough."

The thought of Ruin leaving causes not one ounce of pain, for Thea doesn't even remark further on it. The mention of Ierne causes her eyes to glint. He has hit a nerve! Firmly, "Xanadu is my home. The only way I'd ever leave it is if you left first." This too is left for something more important. She regards him steadily for a time and when she opens her mouth, it is not to defend Ysa nor condemn Niva, "Do you remember that night we spoke on the rock?" In her eyes are feelings long-held and now stirred, "And we spoke of a greater purpose?" She lifts her head, her chin tilts, unconsciously defiant, "I know all too often temper and alcohol dictate Weyr policy while Renegades and Lords squeeze the people dry of their peace." One hand flicks the thought of meekly crawling away, "Leaving is too easy."

Enkavir blinks, and while Thea may move on to more important things, Enkavir has been snagged. "If I left… you'd come with me?" He arches one dark brow, quizzical and skeptical. Still, he shakes his head and dismisses all the rest with a wave. "Of course I remember. And I admire your desire to make a difference. If I was in the position to do so, I would too. I only meant if she kicks you out. We could make a new start somewhere, if that happens. But I doubt it would be the final outcome."

Thea pauses, changes what she was about to say to really look at Enkavir, "I would." The two words are said as firmly as she said her home is Xanadu a moment ago. Pale eyes flicker up to that arched brow then back to his hazel ones and it is her turn to raise a brow, "You…" her eyes narrow just a hair, "…did just say you'd leave if she booted me, didn't you? Why would it surprise you if I did the same for you?" Those glints there in the ice green might serve as a Warning - Thin Ice. "What about 'I love you' didn't you understand?" Sure it was two days ago, but she remembers it as if it were yesterday!

Enkavir shrugs, shifting a bit on the bed where he sits. "Getting kicked out and just leaving are two different things I suppose? And… I don't have any reason to stay here but you, Thea. It would be /very/ different for you to take a gold dragon away from Xanadu, and like you said Xanadu is your home." A hand rakes through his hair and then he turns, folding one knee up so he can face her with the other leg left to dangle. "My home is wherever you are. Love me or no, it's a very different situation. But… very nice to hear just the same." He eyes those pale green eyes and takes a careful breath. Hopefully he skates past without any cracking.

Thea holds up one finger, "Getting booted might mean I'm no longer on her staff. And… I'm not sure all what else. If she banished me from the Weyr as well?" She shrugs, troubling thought though it is, there is something else more important to her right now. As he turns, she leans to brace herself on one arm, feigning casual poise, the other hand lifts to poke that finger at his chest, while her eyes remain firmly on his, "Taking a queen away from her home Weyr, yes different. Then you understand what I meant the other day when I said those words." She appears to mull something over, "Unless that level of commitment is something you are not comfortable with. You'd better tell me now." Perhaps if one could speak firelizard, Enkavir could hear Ruin up there upon the rooftop saying, 'Run. Run while you still can.'

Enkavir leans toward that casual pose, but straightens again when that finger gets planted in his chest. He blinks down at her, then slowly nods. "Well, for all that I have less to leave I hope it says something that the only thing I wouldn't leave is you." He shrugs, then his surprise flickers over his expression, a greater level that leaves him searching her eyes. "What would make you say that? That I'm not comfortable with that level of commitment. I told you I loved you first you know, you didn't have to drag it out of me."

"It does," Thea affirms and there is nothing casual in the way her eyes watch his now, as says simply, "It means everything to me." At his question, the finger pointed at his chest rises to trace one of his brows if he will let her, "What makes me-" She's pausing to nod in agreement, "I know I didn't. I'll always treasure that." She considers him, her eyes dancing just a few inches away. "Oh, it might have been that shocked look on your face when I told you recently you could have the rest of my life to practice saying it." She's needling him. Just a bit.

Oh. That. Enkavir clears his throat and it's possible that a hint of color climbs up into his cheeks. He scratches absently at the back of his neck and shifts his weight around a bit. "It just caught me a bit off guard is all. I've never felt this way about anyone, never thought about settling down or being with one person for the rest of my life before. It doesn't mean I don't want to with you." He responds so seriously, solemnly to the needling maybe she'll feel bad. Not likely though. He does snag her hand, lace his fingers through hers. "Every day for the rest of your life. I love you."

Thea does feel bad, even though her hand is caught by his, "Now, see. Forget it." Thea looks away. She's pouting? She's reading unease in every move of his from the flushed cheeks and scratching to his uneasy shifting. "I wasn't trying to drag that out of you. I just meant-" So sure of herself with everyone else but Enkavir, Thea is floundering now. "I wasn't trying to scare you off or make you commit if you're not sure. You asked me-" She looking distressed now, cheeks flushed, "-what made me say you might not be comfortable? Well, I just wanted you to know that if you left Xanadu? I wouldn't want to be here anymore."

Enkavir frowns, brows drawing down as she pulls away mentally if not physically. "Why do we always do this to each other? No one but you could get under my skin and I feel like the same is true for you too. Come here." It's not a request and he practically drags her across the bed, tucking her into his arm up against his side and giving her a tight squeeze. "Thank you. And you're not dragging anything out of me. But I am a guy, and this is all new and you just have to give me a little break if I don't always come up with the right answer at first." He tips his head so his cheek rests in her hair and smiles though she can't see it. "How about if I move out here with you? You're a rider so that's about as much commitment as we can really have, right?"

Thea's taken off-guard once again, if the tiny gasp of surprise she gives is any indication as she is drawn unexpectedly to his side. "It's not-" Then he's talking and she nods, "Your words were fine, I just…" Maybe shouldn't needle him. Hmm? His mention of moving here with her has her tilting her head, twisting to see him, "You would do that?" There's delighted wonder in her voice, for all the talking they've just done, she just has to ask that because hey! She's a woman. A smile curves her lips, "Ruin may well go wild if you do."

Enkavir's lips slide into his crooked little grin, hazel eyes pale and sparkling. "If you'll have me, I'd be honored." He leaves all the rest by the wayside, far less important than the current topic. "And I /just said/ I wanted to, again all on my own, silly woman. Ruin's going to go wild and I'm going to go right off my rocker, having to deal with you every day." He's teasing though, his voice warm as he drops a hand to playfully poke at her side. "Give me a break would ya?"

Thea acks at the poke and jumps in spite of herself. "Hey! Fine if you -want- to go off your rocker, I'll be happy to help you do it, just remember you asked for it." Her eyes have a devilish gleam. As she fully plans to poke him back. With needles. When he least expects it.

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