Moving Day

Xanadu Weyr - Tsarziath's Weyr
An empty, dusty, unused Weyr.

It's big, it's empty, and it's kind of damp. The dusty weyr that Tsarziath had been assigned yawned out at the sea from the upper middle part of the Xanadu cliffside. As the blue fans his wings upward and settles upon the worn, scarred lip of the cave, his disgusted sigh echoed through the chamber. "Don't worry, we'll get it cleaned up," Niko murmurs consolingly as he slipped down the blue's shoulder, boots making a faint squelching sound against the damp stone. "It has potential. And, wow," he adds on a long sigh, turning to gaze out over the lake. "Oh man. That's a picture."

Big, dusty and empty - but slightly less empty as a second dragon body joins the first, the shimmering green Iczobyth backwinging on the ledge not long after N'kon has dismounted - doing an amazing job of blocking N'kon's picture-perfect view. "And we only make it better, right?" Ricki offers with a crooked grin as she lingers on her life mate's back, letting her eyes adjust a bit to the dim space. "We're right next door.. Iczy saw you landing and -had- to come say hi." Slipping to the ground with a dull thud, "And probably make sure you didn't get the better one."

« It's dirty, » Tsarziath mutters distastefully as he paces around the weyr, talons tapping on the stone. « And damp. And it smells like fish. And Iczy, » he adds, staring down his nose at his sister. « Which is the same thing, I suppose. » "You, sir," Niko replies as he offers a hand up to help Ricki down if she intends to stay, "are a bit of a pain in the ass today. It's dirty, and damp, and that's what we're here to set right. As for the fish smell," the techcrafter takes an experimental sniff, "it's there. We'll set out some dried flowers and get some candles and have it aired out in no time. Tsari," he adds, glancing over his shoulder, "it's ours." « True. »

« Well, I think it smells just like you. Awful. » Iczobyth counters with a snort, even as she stays perched on the ledge, swiveling to look out over the cliff face, ignoring her brother for now, though a muted, « So Rude » is shared with both riders as she settles in. "I don't know if its better that they are dusty and damp, or if they'd just been cleaned, cause then I'd worry what happened to the previous owner.." Ricki comments, as she uses N'kon's offered hand, giving it a quick squeeze before turning to peer around the space. "It could be worse.."

N'kon lets his fingers slide up Ricki's arm briefly before stepping away, pacing off the cavern and muttering softly under his breath. "It's not bad at all, really. These weyrs haven't been used in a while is all, and it's fair enough that we're supposed to fix 'em up. Tsari's just got this idea in his head how his home should look, and this isn't it. Once we do some housekeeping, he'll cheer up." « No I won't. I shall mope until the end of my days. » "I think maybe line the wallow with some nice seafoam leather - add some prints to the walls - get his straps and all of that rot hung up, burn some candles, hang some flowers - yeah. I think it'll be great."

"Grandmother vowed she would have "a whole chest" of rugs and such sent up, if you want to see if any of them fit your, or well, -his-, tastes." Ricki offers cheerfully, glancing at Iczobyth where the green has settled, tail tip flicking back and forth as she lingers on the ledge. « I will make sure your end of days is soon if you only mope. » The green counters, maybe a bit too sharply, given the blush that appears on Ricki's face, thanks to the green's behavior. "Knowing her, she'll do way too much just to prove she can."

"Faranth only knows what my parents will send. If they remember to send anything," Niko replies, with a wry twist of his lips. "I'm sure my master will make up for it, though - especially as I'm certain he's ecstatic to know I'm almost available again." « What's got your tail in a twist? » Tsarziath demands of Iczy, leaving off his carping to thrust his nose quizically against her shoulder. « I'm only being difficult, like always. » Leaving the dragons to their bickering, the bluerider holds out a hand to Ricki. "There's the inner weyr, shall we see what mess is left for me?"

"Is it better, then, if they forget?" Ricki asks with a grin, even as she just shakes her head at the dragons, and reaches for N'kon's offered hand, slipping her fingers easily through his and falling in beside him. "Am I going to get a print, as a weyr-warming present?" She teases him a little as they move to investigate the other area. « Sometimes, you don't -need- to be so difficult. » Iczy offers evenly, though her demeanor softens as he nudges her shoulder, and a soft croon escapes her as she leans back into the blue. « You should be happy, this is all yours. »

« It's not all mine, » Tsari protests. « It's his too, and yours and hers. » It's as simple as breathing, as easy as falling off a log. What's his is hers, because it's always going to be TsariAndIczy, in some form or fashion. Biting back a grin, Niko tugs Ricki through the broad, uncovered opening that leads from the dragon part of the weyr to the human. Another simple cave, just as dusty, and just as damp. The cause of this is evident right quick - at some point since the last occupant, a leak had managed to wend its way through the rock, seeping through a small maze of cracks in the wall to ooze down the wall, disappearing into more cracks. "Huh. That's - wet."

« It is you and yours. Me and mine are close. » Iczobyth counters, but quickly is adding. « But you can come over. The couch is big enough for a -gold-. » She brags some, wiggling as she sits up a bit more. « Even bigger than the weyrling couches. » Well, duh. As she is tugged along, she just rolls her eyes at the two dragons, though that blush does just not seem to go away, before she is pausing to stare at the leak. "That… might be a problem." She agrees, eyes slipping over the wall too check for other spots.

"No, no," Niko replies excitedly, dropping Ricki's hand and stepping over to inspect the leak manually. "No, see, if I drill through here, I can increase the water flow. Add some piping, put in a basin - Ricki, I can have a fountain. It drains pretty solid here. I shore it up, add some grating, I might even be able to add some water plants, fingerfish. Man, this could be great." It's easy, perhaps, to forget that beyond being a photographer, Niko's also a techcrafter, and has had all that fun engineering training as well.

Ricki laughs softly, shaking her head as N'kon gets all excited, glancing around the rest of the room before moving to let the water flow over her fingertips. "You are just so.. positive." Soft words carry in the empty weyr, as she absently wipes her damp fingers on her pants, stepping away from the water feature. "But I am still glad that this is in -your- weyr." Ricki? probably would have cried.

"Positive?" The word echoes in the empty room just as Tsarziath's pithy « Revoltingly so » whispers through their minds. Niko gives a half-laugh, lifting his soaked hand to sniff thoughtfully at the water. "I suppose so. There's no point in getting worked up about something a little hard work and ingenuity can fix - or make better. I grew up at the TechCraftHall, remember? I spent my formative years surrounded by every example of, 'fix it whether it's broke or not'. And, well - I like the idea of a nice fountain. Spares me the trouble of figuring out how to pipe in the water."

"Do you really think any of the rest of us would have done anything other than see a huge problem, panic, and hope to get reassigned?" Ricki asks as Niko questions her assessment - even as Tsari is agreeing with her. "It does at last seem.. clean. And not like it is leaking from someone's bath." Which probably -would- be an actual problem. Doing another short circuit around the weyr - pausing to check that Iczy is behaving - she returns to lean her shoulder against the wall near the drip, tilting her head to rest it as well. "At least you are easy to find little presents for. Just find some gadget."

"I keep telling you. Let me do a nude shoot and we'll be gold." Niko flashes her a teasingly salacious grin as he wipes his hand dry on his pants and moves to circle around the rest of the room, measuring it out with his slow, steady pacing. "Pretty decent size in here. A few screens, some careful furniture placement, and I might be able to get a couple or three rooms out of the place. And don't worry about your weyr-warming gift, greedy girl. It's already picked out and processing." « Yes, but what are you getting me? »

"You'll need to -earn- that one." Ricki counters, sticking her tongue out at him. "Though, I guess that is a plus to our own spaces - no more funny looks." Following his pacing with her gaze, she wrinkles up her nose. "I think yours is slightly larger inside, but mine may be slightly larger out there." She tilts her head towards the outer weyr. "So if they continue to insist on sleepovers.." A shrug. « What are you getting me, Tsari? » Iczy attempts to derail the blue, though her tone is rather teasing too. « I think your weyr could use a nice herdbeast, to get rid of the fish smell. »

"What funny looks?" Niko's blank face is the best kind - the kind that says he totally didn't see the way the other weyrlings - or weyrlingmasters - or half the weyr - kept looking at the pair of them. « I haven't thought about it, » comes Tsari's off-handed reply - although anyone who knows the blue totally knows he's probably been agonizing over just the right thing since he realized it was The Proper Thing To Do. "Well, should keep her happy, in any case," he murmurs, jerking a thumb towards the outer weyr, "if she thinks her weyr is better than his. Also," he adds, sidling up beside the greenrider and giving her a puppy-dog look, "what do I do to earn it?"

A soft laugh, and she just rolls her eyes and shakes her head, pushing up from the wall and straightening. "I'm not sure how many -other- problems that will create, though." Ricki offers, keeping her voice low, though Iczy seems distracted enough by her conversation with Tsarziath. « Not at all? » She asks, curious, her attention pulled away from the view to stare at the blue, creeping to nudge his shoulder with her nose. With her still distracted, there is a little smirk that slips onto Ricki's lips. "You know, I haven't decided yet.." So mean.

"The whole point of living is to deal with problems. At least this one loves you." Niko means the green - probably. « Well, » Tsari temporizes, dipping his muzzle to brush against hers, « maybe a little. A thought or two in passing. While passing. » Crude humor? Tsarziath? « Ugh, sorry. I don't know what came over me. » Much better. "Well, why don't you think of it while we head back to pick up some cleaning supplies?" he asks, a hint of laughter in his voice. "You help scrub my floor, I'll help scrub yours."

"This is true.." A soft sigh, and she stretches, before she is headed back towards the ledge where Iczobyth is waiting with the blue, rolling her eyes and apparently deciding not to acknowledge his 'humor'. "Only if you help me tie a giant pillow to her, too, so I have something to sleep on." Sounds like a deal, right? And they will each make their space their own, though probably be tired enough to sleep on the rock by the end of it.

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