Embarrassing Stories

Healer Hall - Dining Hall

This spacious room has been carved into stone, leaving the ancient areas smooth as silk and the more newly excavated areas rough-walled. Long stone tables are set up in rows, the closest to the doors lined with wooden benches for the apprentices and those near the wide hearths set with cushioned wooden chairs for journeymen. Running perpendicular to these, the head table is smaller and surrounded by intricately carved, comfortable chairs meant for Masters and distinguished guests. Though the cavern is windowless, it is well lit by a simple but elegant electric chandelier that hangs at the center of the room, as well as the softer illumination of glow baskets scattered at intervals along the walls.
Opposite the Masters' table is the archway that leads into the kitchens, and nearby are the long wooden tables where food is served, often creaking under the weight of various offerings and tended by kitchen staff even in the depths of night.
Scattered around the edges of the space are smaller wooden tables that tend to be filled before the rank-based sort unless the hall is full or an official ceremony is taking place. It's not uncommon to see healers here outside of mealtimes, studying, reading or snatching food between odd duty hours.

c-rus is sitting in the dining hall. Around his neck in the sling that Kera had left for him, and in the sling is little Aegnor. Who is presently sleeping, which is probably good since he hasn't done a lot of it in the time since he hatched and the present. Cyrus's eyes droop and he does look a little bit sleepy, but is awake none the less. He is presently wearing a fancy suit…circa about 20 turns ago. It's a nice floofy shirt with a cravat around his neck and a green jacket and slacks. When he had come into the dining hall dressed like this as few of his fellow journeyman and apprentices had snickered to themselves. Cyrus though is too nervous to worry much about that. He just reminds himself to breathe and hold it together.

Kera makes her way into the dining hall with Minimur swaying gently on her shoulder, pausing when spotted by an apprentice that recognizes her. Her jacket hangs open and the little sling can be seen, the bulge inside a little bigger than the sevenday before. After speaking with her old friend a couple of moments, she excuses herself to continue on. Scanning the tables as she makes her way towards the buffet dishes, Cyrus is spotted and she flashes a grin and wave his way. Getting herself a bubbly and some juice, she heads towards her friend's table. "G'day Cyrus, mind if we join ya?" Kera gestures towards the hanging sling Polgara observes everything from, her small head draping over the rim of the material, and the brown that chitters a soft greeting as well.

Cyrus spots Kera as soon as she enters the hall. His breathing quickens a bit, and he just keeps reminding himself over and over 'Its going to be ok….Its going to be ok.' He doesn't have any food in front of him. Far too nervous to eat at this point. The only thing that he does have with him is a bowl of meat, just in case Aegnor decides to wake up and make his presence felt. He is a demanding little creature, but there is something about him that Cyrus really rather likes. There is nothing not to like about the pretty little bronze lizard that thus far has been his constant companion since he hatched. He smiles widely and motions with his hands to the place beside him, "No. I don't mind at all. Please do…" he says. As soon as the words come out of his mouth the analyzing begins, 'That was smooth right?' After a brief mental conversation with himself he decides that it was sufficiently smooth and adds, "How are you?" He fidgets a little bit. Unable to keep all of the feelings that he has on the inside fully inside. Feeling elated and scared at the same time is a novel sensation. The only thing he has to compare it too were exams back in the old days, and this is much more intense than that.

Kera sinks down on the chair, plopping her shoulder satchel on the table next to her. Her little brown escort churls and chitters happily as with a couple flaps of his wings, he is up in the rafters mingling with the local fairs. Glancing up where he perches briefly, Kera turns her attention back across to Cyrus, eyeing his shirt with a lifted brow, but not commenting on it. Maybe he's doing a bit of crosscrafter with a Harper Hall troupe. "I'm good, been doing a bit of shopping recently. Had only intended to get some things for the cottage, but something caught my eye, then another things…" She smirks and rolls her eyes upwards then peers back across the table "Needless to say, gonna need to save my marks back up before I do anymore shopping." Reaching down she rubs her fingers lightly over Polgara's snout with a grin. "How's your little one doing? Demanding to be fed still every few candlemarks?" Kera has grown used to the interruptions in her sleep after getting Minimur, then the early months and months with Mon. So Cyrus sleepless appearance is no surprise to her, and she can't help the slightly wicked little grin "Did I forget to mention that before? The many nights without good sleep?"

Cyrus isn't doing any sort of cross crafting at the present moment. For Cyrus…this is the absolute top of the line fashion. Or at least he thought it was. He picked out the best thing that he had and wore that. Perhaps trying to impress, or perhaps just because he wanted that extra added bit of courage that sometimes clothes can give you. He just sort of idly stares at her as she speaks. He is listening…really he is. He is brought out of his little reverie by the question that she asked, "Oh…" he replies. Ok. Not smooth…must recover, "Yes. He really enjoys eating. He's grown already. I don't know how big he will get but the way he eats it might be pretty large." For the moment he is glad the little firelizard is sleeping. When he is awake he likes to talk, and by talking that consist primarily of shooting different images into Cyrus's mind. Mostly colors…some feelings. It has been fascinating on many levels, "Its ok. I'm used to staying up all night with patients if I have too." he says with a small smile. Granted he hasn't had the same mothering experience that Kera has had. She is a pro by now. He swallows and takes in a shallow breath. If you were a spectator you might think Cyrus has never done this before, and you would be right, "Kera…I….I ummm…." The 'crash and burn' alarm begins to go off in his head. He gives his head a bit of a shake to try to pull himself together once more, "I…have something that I want to ask." Ok. Moment of truth. Spit those words out Cyrus, "…would you…I mean….come to the dance that they are…like ya know…having here at the hall with me?" He feels his heart beating in his throat and time slows down. If he was in healing mode he'd note that the flight or fight response has been activated and adrenaline is surging through his system to prepare him for whatever is coming next. But at this point all he knows is that time has stopped as he waits for her reply.

Kera takes a drink of her juice, draining half the glass before setting it back down. Eyes drift to Cyrus's lizard holding sling for a couple of seconds, nodding to agree at some things. "That's a favorite pastime for lizards, but when they are tiny, they need all they can get to grow." Just like human babies, is left unsaid. Very gently, she helps her very young lizard from the sling when she begins to start wanting to move about. As the tiny queen crawls onto Kera's hand, the other rubs the little one's neck lightly before plucking a little strip of meat from the dish near Cyrus and feeding it to the waking flit. Canting her head at Cyrus's sudden nervous manner and…stuttering? No, not quite. But when she pieces together what he manages to finally get out, her curiosity flies to surprise. However, her expression halts rather suddenly into a curious frown. Now's she's really confused. They've already discussed this, sorta. He's definitely wasn't interested in her. Working a little smile up, as she gets over her initial surprise "Oh, I must have been way behind on Hall things. I didn't even know one was planned." A moments thought and she finally nods "I don't see why now. Barring an emergency or something." Kera seems to be flashing somewhat confused little glances. "When is it planned for?"

Yes. Those lizards they do need to eat. Just like people do. Though at the moment Aegnor is quietly asleep and not needing food. Cyrus is indeed very nervous and in listening to her reply his initial assessment was that she said no, but upon rolling it around in his head a bit he comes to the conclusion that she means that she can go. The weight that was on him lifts and he immediately feels less nervous and more excited, which is an improvement for sure. He did catch her strange looks and they have talked about this before, "A week from now…" he says quickly. So there is time to prepare and everything! He lowers his shoulders just a bit and feels the need to explain further, "Kera…" he begins, "…I know this seems to be coming out of left field. It feels that way for me too. I don't have a lot of experience with things like this. I'm not really good at feelings." he says. She certainly is aware of that, "When we talked before…I didn't have it all figured out. I knew that I cared about you deeply, but I didn't know how to answer your question about going out…I really didn't." he says as earnestly as he can, "Then when I was in jail I had time to think….and be quiet and then I knew. I knew that I had…feelings for you beyond friendship." His cheeks grow red as he continues to talk, "You are the most beautiful, kind, and wonderful women that I've ever met." And there he stops. Lest he find a way to put his foot in his mouth.

Kera nods and murmurs 'next sevenday' as if to make sure to make the arrangements. Throughout the conversation, she continues to plucks little meat morsels to feed to her hungry lizard. Looking to Cyrus, she dips her head in understanding when he haltingly explains his recent 'time to think and reflect on things' while locked in Xanadu's jail. His wrap-up leaves her gaping like a fish briefly, before her jaw snaps shut and her cheeks considerably. Certainly not knowing what to say to that, Kera's hands stay busy feeding her tiny little queen. The new information would certainly explain her friend's altered behavior. Scrutinizing the man across the table, she seems to take a moment to get all the scattered thoughts flying around her head to settle into their proper corners. "I don't really know what to say. You've certainly given me a lot to think about. But at least now I have more information than I did before." She finally cracks a little smile "I guess it's conveniently fortunate that I went shopping a couple days ago then." Kera pauses and leans forward a bit, expression quizzical "Just to make sure,…you're /asking/ me out, right. Like on a date?"

All Cyrus can do is smile. It feels so much better to have at least said it. He'd been thinking about it non-stop for at least the last week and he is proud of himself for letting it out. Regardless of what happens now. This is a good thing. And a very normal thing. Though certainly an unusual thing. Some of those sitting nearby have dropped what they are doing to quietly 'listen in'. This is Cyrus after all. No one had even really ever seen him look at a girl before. And certainly no one had ever heard him talk like this before. This will be /big news/ around the hall for the next sevenday at least…if not more. Cyrus will doubtless be the source of some teasing and perhaps a high five or two from others who are a bit more understanding. Yes. The new information would explain much of his reaction. Perfectly understandable for someone you have romantic feelings for to be upset by it all. But that isn't his focus now. He's focused on the future, "Why is it good you went shopping?" he asks. Momentarily brought back to reality. She at least isn't running screaming from the table so there is good reason to have some hope. To her last question he nods sharply, "Yes. An honest to goodness date." he says with a wide smile. And if he dares to hope a bit perhaps more dates after that one.

Kera cants her head to look down to her the baby lizard in her hand, the little muzzle tugging at the sliver of meat between her fingers. And, if the little queen growling a little at her meal. Cyrus clarifies that he is indeed asking her out on a date and she nods, fitting the new piece into the puzzle. Thankfully, that confusion is cleared up now. Little Polgara seems to have had her fill for now and Kera works to clean her fingers and the smeared muzzle. A little amusement slips through as she peers across to Cyrus. "Since I've already been shopping, I don't need to sift through the stores at Xanadu." A sudden thought brings a half hearted frown but it's shaken off quick enough. "I picked out something already, plus found a couple of things that will make good presents." Lifting the baby flit up a bit, Kera gently rubs along the dainty little neck and jawline. Mind still turns over being asked out and the implications that may bring up. So for the moment, she's glad to turn the conversation a bit. "And speaking of presents, I need to catch up with one of the pediatricians. I heard an apprentice had designed something I think Sori may appreciate."

Yes. Many things have been cleared up. Not only understanding this conversation but for the behavior he has had over these last few sevendays. It even clarifies it for him. And while he is still frightened at the new feelings, the new experiences and the ongoing worries…he is also happy. He has finally told her how he felt and that pressure that had built up inside of him has been released. He assumes that it probably means she bought a dress, "I will look forward to seeing it. I'm sure you will be beautiful." he says with a smile, though he notices the small frown and his smile lessens a bit, "Is something wrong?" he asks. He is a bit surprised when she turns the conversation to a different topic and he hopes that doesn't bode ill but he doesn't say anything about it, "Oh…well…I'm sure you can find them." he says.

Kera lowers her head a little, a hint of a smile crosses her face at the compliment. Trying to hide her coloring cheeks behind the baby lizard a few seconds a quick little shake of her head. "Oh no, nothing's wrong. Just heard that someone had made a few improvements on baby walkers. Better wheel locks, wider base to no chance of tipping, and it wide enough to not fit through most doors. Sori and Ka'el's son Skylor isn't walking yet, but he will be soon enough. I thought it would make a nice surprise. And probably something they hadn't considered they might be needing yet." Babbling on about the baby walker she was told about, Kera grins across the table. As she talks, she notices a dry patch on her lizard and reaches into her satchel for the little jar she carries. Dabbing oil on her fingers, she offers it to Cyrus to use as well. "I added a few drops of concentrated floral extract. Lavender this time around. Sorta covers the fishiness of the oil."

Aegnor has been aware of Cyrus's feelings, so its surprising that he has been able to stay asleep. Though he does pick this moment to awaken. And immediately he is overtaken by the storm of feelings inside Cyrus. Thankfully most of the emotions are positive, but its a rather large group of them. The young bronze lifts his head quickly and spreads his wings inside of the sling and taps his head against Cyrus's chest. He promptly then begins to broadcast these feelings back to Cyrus and anyone that is capable of feeling them. Cyrus blinks and is unsure about what to do with this. He reaches a hand down and pets him under his chin, "It's ok. Sorry." he says to him. He quickly takes the oil from Ker and begins to work on him to try to calm the situation down. Still despite all of that Cyrus did notice her blush. Its an unmistakable symptom. Hopefully in this instance not one of embarrassment, "Its true." he says softly. He really does find Kera to be a beautiful person both inside and out. He nods when he hears her talk about a baby walker. He has never really paid much attention to little babies, "I'm sure they will love that." His own feelings toward the pair are complex, but the baby is a very cute baby!

Kera smooths oil over the adorable little hatchling, leaning back to let a couple of what must be first turn apprentices gawk at the tiny little queen with huge eyes. Turning back to Cyrus and chuckling as the two young girls rush off murmuring among themselves excitedly, Kera dabs a little more oil onto Polgara's growing hide. Nodding that the baby walker should be well received when it's given, she returns back to the oily topic. "Minimur sneaks onto my pillow at night. I decided quickly that the natural smell of the oil just wasn't gonna work on my pillow." The greenhealer snickers over that. "That's why I started adding something to cover the smell." Brow lifts at an idea "A little shop at Xanadu sells some concentrated oils. I can pick up one or two for you maybe." Then again, Cyrus could probably just raid the Hall apothecary for any herbal concentrated oil he wanted.

Cyrus can't help but smile as Kera shows off her new lizard. She certainly is an impressive little creature, and naturally he is happy because Kera seems so happy. He continues to oil Aegnor who thankfully stops broadcasting his little show and settles back into the sling to be oiled. He behaves like such a regal little creature. Most often he sits in the sling, looking very much like he is sitting on a throne, "At night Aegnor just sleeps on my chest." he says in reply to Kera talking about Mini. Kera certainly is very thoughtful. It's one of her many good qualities, "You don't have to bring me anything." he says as he keeps his attention on the little lizard, "Just having you visit is gift enough." He smiles, "You are certainly making a splash with the young apprentices."

Kera watches Cyrus and the little bronze with a growing grin. "Just be careful to not roll over while he's curled up on your chest. Else poor little guy may get smushed." She finishes the actual oiling, but continues swiping gently over the nearly translucent wings and small lizard's back. The efforts cause the shiny baby to stretch out nearly flat as if fully intent on falling back asleep on Kera's hand. Glancing around to where the apprentices rushed off too, a chuckles back to Cyrus. "I still remember my turns in the apprentice dorms. Sometimes, something as seemingly trivial as admiring a baby flitter can make doing bad on a test, not seem so bad." Shoulders lift and drop quickly and she waves off something her friend says with a smirk. "Of coarse I don't. But since you don't seem to have any suggestions, you'll just have to settle for what I pick out."

"I'd likely get bit if I started to move. He wouldn't let me crush him. He's a strong willed little lizard." he says as he continues to pet his little friend, "Aren't you Aegnor?" The lizard responds with a quick flutter of his wings before folding them back against his body and rests once more. He does pay attention to his clutchmate though. He offers a little trill to Polgara, "I remember too…it wasn't all that long ago. I bet though you did well on most of your tests…" he knows how much she studies. When she waves him off her grins and offers her a little laugh, "I trust you. Besides you have to remember I don't have any experience with any of this. Firelizards weren't allowed in my house when I was young." The other boys and girls tended to have them, but he had his books and that was enough.

Kera 's brow arches, her attention going to Aegnor "Aww, how can you say that. Look at him, so innocent looking." Well, as innocent as a baby lizard can be. "He wouldn't bite the hand that feeds him, unless it's moving to slow at feeding time." She smirks, and tosses in an eyeroll at mention of her past testings. "Didn't matter if I did well on them or not. I worried about each one afterwards, until we'd get our papers back." Polgara churls softly to the tiny bronzling, half asleep due to the attention Kera is spoiling her with. A flapping of wings warns that Minimur is coming down from the upper rafters, and settles on the table's edge, talons scrambling a second or two before getting his balance. The larger lizard, til the hatchlings grow, Chitters a greeting to each little one, His muzzle extends to for a friendly snuffle Aegnar before he sidles over to curl up near Kera. The tidbit of Cyrus's childhood gets a sad little smile. "That's a shame. I didn't have one as a kid either, but there were always beasties around the house that dad works with. So, Even though I didn't have my own canine or anything, I still got to play with lots of different animals. Not to mention the dolphins that mom has worked with over the turns." Thinking for a moment, she grins shaking her head a couple of times "I didn't have any experience actually taking care of a baby lizard til I got Minimur, so try not to worry over it." Alternating between giving Polgara then Minimur attention, she ask curiously "Did your parents dislike lizards and other pets?"

Aegnor may look innocent but he is far from it. Though at the moment there are no schemes. No fussing, just relaxing. Aegnor accepts Minimur's greeting and chitters back to him. He then continues to focus his gaze on Kera and Polgara, "My dad didn't really like animals. He thought that they were underfoot and a waste of resources. And what my father said goes…in most cases anyway." He did get to go to the healer hall against his dad's wishes, but that was largely his mother's intervention, "I like the dolphins…" he replies to her, "…I think they are graceful and most have good personalities. At least of those that I have met." He holds no ill will toward the dolphins, "Your mother sounds like she probably had her hands full. Probably really a challenging job." He reassurance does help, "I will figure it all out in good time. Aegnor will teach me what I need to know. He speaks to me sometimes. Not in words, but in my head. It's a different experience really."

Kera grins sympathetically at the thought of growing up with no pets or beasties around. Glancing down to either of her two lizards, she chuckles "Minimur has certainly tried my patience a time or two, but I wouldn't trade him for anything." Even though she may have made the threat of such trade to the brown when scolding him to behave. As if sensing he's being talked about, and not in a bad way, the brown lifts his muzzle churling softly, small knobby head butting against Kera's wrist in a demand for attention. Easing Polgara down to the table, tiny little thing seems dwarfed next to the full grown brown. That will change in a turn or so. "Well, your dad does have his points. Pets can get underfoot, seems the smaller they are, the better skilled they are at it." Watching the tiny gold carefully as the explores around Minimur, even scrambling to climb up to a wobbly perch on the brown's back, Kera's hand hovering under her tiny lizard in case she slips. "The dolphins are alright, always playing. Mom would give up trying to make them work when they wanted to play." Her head shakes with an exaggerated eye roll "How she learned to understand a lot their squeaks and clicks I'll never know." Thinking about what she gets from her lizards "Polgara's mostly been thinking about food or sleeping." Even though right now, she's peering around the Hall, as if it's her domain. She'll be an impressive sight one day, when she isn't about to tumble off her brown perch.

Cyrus has not spent a great deal of time around the dolphins, but being from Rubicon himself you couldn't avoid seeing them around and all who worked with them. He too gives Polgara and Mini a passing glance. They seem to be /mostly/ behaving themselves, which is probably a good thing since you don't want to disrupt the dining hall too muc, but this old place has seen probably a good deal more than misbehaving firelizards, "I'm surprised I never saw you around Rubicon." he says, "I wish that I would have met you sooner." Not that he probably would have paid much attention too her given that he was absorbed in his studies pretty much all the time, but they are from the same place, and for Cyrus there is something reassuring and 'homey' about that. Even if he never much liked the place when he was there.

Kera works to stifle a chuckle when Mini's little muzzle stretches to his back and nudges the very young gold back up after she slid down a bit. Already helping watch after his newest family member, he chirrups and trills softly in some flitty chat only lizards can understand. Tiny little shimmery wings fan out, again, they will be more impressive when they are larger, giving them a few unsteady flaps. Thinking it over a moment as she reaches over and gently scoops Polgara up from Minimur's back, "You may have and not even noticed it. Though, we didn't live at the Hold itself. My parents holding is about a twenty minute runner ride up the river from Rubicon." Chuckling over something "Mom made me wear my hair in two ponytails. was really annoying every time I moved my head." Easing Polgara back in her sling, she demonstrates the hated hairstyle. "So if you did see me around the hold during the times I went, you obviously overlooked people with very bad hair styles."

Aegnor is still largely just settled in the sling. He isn't hungry, or sleepy, but he doesn't particularly feel like playing. But he is always watching, just like a hawk. What his purpose is Cyrus doesn't know, and Aegnor hasn't seen fit to give him any indication either. At least not yet. Maybe he's just curious. Or maybe he's shy…who knows, "That makes good sense then. Not that I got out all that much." he says with a grin and a little chortle at her comment about her hair, "I think it looks just fine that way, but even if I saw you I ignored a lot of people back then." He still does, "In case you haven't noticed I'm not exactly popular." He isn't sad as he mentions that, its just something he's used too.

"Plus when, now that I think about it some, the last time I can remember visiting the Hold, I was on my twelfth turnday. You'd probably been at the Hall for a few turns by then. Doubtful you would have noticed a gawky girl with horrible pigtails." Laughing off her former appearance as a kid, she pulls Mini closer and cuddles the little brown to her and Polgara, since the little gold is curled back up on her sling pocket. Considering her friend across the table, she offers a little smile "That's because you suffer from a common affliction among some crafters. I used to have a horrible case of it. It's called Nosenbookitis." She deadpans a moment before cracking a grin and winks in amusement. Waving off the idea of being popular. "Sometimes you have to put down the book and strike up a conversation with someone." She refrains from mentioning her lack of many friends among the Hall. Likewise, her nose was too stuck in books.

Cyrus can't recall the last time that he went home either. It was probably many turns ago. Even when he was posted in Xanadu and Rubicon was so close he didn't really bother going home. He should probably make an effort to do so, "We should go home…you and I sometime and visit the old place." he wonders out loud. She's probably right he wouldn't have noticed her all that much, but times certainly do change, "You certainly have succeeded in getting my nose out of books." he says with a wide smile. A special achievement, she should get a trophy, "I think your hair looks fine either with the pigtails or as it normally is." Of course poor Cyrus is rather smitten and never was one to have an eye for style, so he would be the wrong person to ask.

Kera smiles across the table, a small nod at the idea "Not a bad idea, I've been trying to go visit them at least once a month since Mon and I graduated." A little eye roll and she snorts "Even if I do end up helping dad, 'clean the pens' many times..bah" Obviously mucking after animals has never been high on her MUST do list. Scrutinizing Cyrus as he slips in another compliment, she starts to say something but ends up murmuring 'Thanks', and seems to go blank for a moment watching Cyrus. Snapping out of her thoughts with a little grin "Yes well, good thing I did, the pointy nose 'BookLook' wouldn't suit you very well." Glancing down to her lizards, she gives each attention as an idea pops into her head "You do keep to yourself a lot. Even at Xanadu, you did. How about setting yourself a little goal. Like meet at least one new person a da….um no, one person you don't know every seven-day that isn't from the Hall."

Cyrus can't help but slip in the compliments. The nice thing about hanging out with Cyrus is that he doesn't lie, and generally doesn't even exaggerate. If he says it, he means it. He can't help but smile as she stares at him. He does find himself wondering what it is that is going on in her mind. Women, in particular, are mysterious creatures and other people in general are a close runner up. He never really has understood them. Any of them. He can put together why they do things, see patterns, he's good at that…but at the end of the day they still seem just as mysterious to him as they did before, "I suppose there are worse things. You could have a father who trades limestone. Rocks are the most boring thing in the world and he absolutely loves them." Everyone's gotta have a hobby. When she begins to talk about getting out and meeting more people he gives a little shrug. He isn't dismissing her, he just doesn't understand how to do it. Though if Kera was smart, which she is, she will soon recognize if she hasn't already the amount of power she holds over him. There is almost nothing he wouldn't do for her if she asked. Ahh the joys of being a friend, "I suppose…." he responds, "If you think it would be a good idea."

Kera glances down to the little sling as Polgara's muzzle sinks further down out of her reach, the little queen nestling in to sleep off her latest meal. She continues to pet Minimur lightly, sending a perplexed look across the table "What could be really fascinating about rocks? Unless they are colorful, one rock looks like any other to me." She gives a shrug, then corrects herself "Oh, except for firestone, part of our weyrling training taught us how to recognize it and determine what quality it is." Nodding after making her little point, whatever it was, the greenhealer think more about the suggestion she made. "I don't think it's the worst idea I've come up with. Interacting with people outside of class or infirmary. You don't even have to interact if you don't feel up for it. Maybe sit on the beach and observe the other beachgoers…" Trailing off as her point seem to veer off from her original intent. "No need to force yourself to walk to someone ya don't know and just start up a chat if it makes you uncomfortable. But don't close off the possibility of meeting new people by keeping your nose in books or not venturing far from the infirmary."

Cyrus blinks and nods his head as she mentions firestone. He has heard of that before, and the effect that it has on dragons. It is an interesting substance really, though he can't say he knows much about it. Kera probably knows tons more than he does, "I agree. Rocks are boring. I'd like to see firestone sometime, though. Maybe we can find some at some point." No it is not the worst idea that she has come up with at all. Its probably a very helpful one, "I don't mind observing people." He is an avid people watcher, but it would probably be more beneficial if he actually spoke to them, "I guess if I went out I could say hello to them." Though he isn't probably ever going to be a social butterfly. He'll leave that to Kera, "People scare me sometimes." he confesses to her. Most of his interactions haven't really been all that positive, "I know its a bit irrational, but still."

Kera considers a moment, shifting her position to lean against the table a bit. "There may be a supply here with the Hall's watchdragon, for tradition if for no other reason. If not, it wouldn't be too hard to find some at Fort." Reaching down, she tears a piece off her bubbly, chewing a few seconds. Dipping her head agreeably with a cheery grin as Cyrus seems to understand the point she was making. His admission about 'scary people' gets an knowing little snort "Not irrational. Took me over a turn and a half to start feeling at ease at Xanadu." She goes quiet for a short time, as if recalling past occurrences, while finishing what's left of her juice. Frowning at the bottom of the glass, she sets it aside and takes her bubbly back on hand. Kera seems to scrutinize it, but she's jut gathering her thoughts then peers across to Cyrus once more. "Some people are easy to make friends with. Some people, not so easy." A little smirk slips across her features. "And some people ya just aren't gonna be friends with no matter how much you try, and you end…up purple from…head to toe…." By the end of that, Kera has been taken over by a full blown case of the giggles, which she works to try and get under control.

Cyrus wishes he could have said that he ever felt comfortable at Xanadu. The only place he really ever felt at home there was at work. But work is easy to feel comfortable at because its very regimented and ordered, and how Cyrus loves order and peace, "I know I'm one of the ones that isn't easy to be friends with." he states simply enough. It's just sort of a fact, "I sort of wish I could have seen you all purple. I missed out on that." he said. He had heard about it of course. He'd never found any of the mischief that Kera got into particularly concerning. Some of it he found rather funny, and some of it spoke to her character and her willingness to push boundaries a bit. He can definitely respect that. When she giggles he can't help but smile widely. Seeing her happy is just such a pleasant experience. He can tell she is trying to control her little fit of the giggles and it causes him to give a little shake of his head, "No need to stop. Its healthy to laugh."

Kera rolls her eyes towards the ceiling dramatically then back down again "I didn't mind the vivid hair, rinsed lighter shades with each washing, even my fingernails." Another eye roll "But the rest of me was patchy and raw from scrubbing." Not a pretty sight at all. Reaching her glass, and remembering it's empty, she sighs and goes on. "And that colorful little prank, by craft apprentices mind you not weyrfolk, taught me to never leave my personal sandsoap where anyone could get to it." A finger is held up as if to make the point to anyone nearby who may have overheard. That's right little apprentices, not even fellow apprentices are above putting dye powder in someone's personal sandsoap. Looking pointedly around the nearby tables, she turns back to Cyrus, flashing an amused wink at having a chance to mess with other apprentices' heads. Very rare occurrence.

Cyrus catches her look to her glass and gets an idea in his mind. When a date, or in this case date to be, doesn't have a drink you should refill the glass. He remembers seeing that on multiple occasions and so he holds out his hand, "May I get you another drink?" he asks cordially. It's a simple enough thing really but oddly fun to ask. Cyrus never really went out of his way to cause people trouble, except perhaps for not putting the files back, but that was more just who he is than anything intentional, "I can get you anything you'd like." he adds as he watches her point out this very valid point to the other apprentices. In earlier years Cyrus had some interesting pranks played on him. He had always been told by his mother that it meant that they liked you, but in Cyrus's case it was more of they didn't and so they bothered him, "If it makes you feel any better I promise you I will never turn you purple without valid reason." he says with a grin.

Kera snorts in amusement at Cyrus's promise. "Better be a good reason." A little smirk added "It wouldn't have been so bad, if the entire pool I was in didn't turn into a dye vat and another rider ended up with a full body dye-job, or being caught by the Weyrwoman…" Pausing at the memory, her humor sobers a bit, what was a scary moment, now a fond memory late goldrider. Snapping that line of thought off quickly, Kera nods agreeably. "Oh, thanks. Whatever juice is still up there will be fine." Waving her half eaten bubbly "And since you know the embarrassing story of me being dyed purple, you have to come up with something just as embarrassing."

Cyrus had never met Thea in person. The weyrwoman had been sort of elusive. He had wanted to meet with her when he first arrived, but getting an appointment was impossible. He was fairly certain that she was avoiding him on purpose. He does distractedly wonder though if she had still been weyrwoman of Xanadu would he still live there. She might have been more merciful in the end than some of the others. Sadly that is all water under the bridge now. He smiles and takes her glass for a moment and wanders over to where they serve the juice and refills the glass with the same sort that was in there before. He then walks back to the table and sits down, handing her the glass back, "Just as embarrassing…" he responds softly. Normally he wouldn't tell anyone embarrassing things about himself, but this situation is considerably different. His whole life is filled with rather embarrassing stories. Everything from pranks that he had played on him to falling asleep in class and drooling all over the table in front of everyone, "Once when I was in an early class on first aid. We were talking about broken bones, frostbite and the like….they had very illustrated manuals of what these looked like, and of course all the other students had stories to tell of things that they had seen. I passed right out…not once, but three times. Twice in the class itself and once in the hallway when the teacher was dragging me to the infirmary." The story of the strange guy passing out was gris for the rumor mill for weeks. He ponders that story for a moment as he finishes telling it to see if it meets the criteria of being 'as embarrassing' as her story and decides that he can even top that. The most embarrassing thing that a man can say, "I've…never been on a date before." Yes. Here he is. Twenty something turns old and never been on a date. He pauses one more to gauge his thoughts. He stops then figuring that between the two stories he has met Kera's criteria.

Kera watches Cyrus start off to get more juice and takes a bite from her bubbly, dropping it on the plate and licking sticky fingers afterwards. Wiping them on a little strip of cloth as he returns, she smiles and takes the juice "Thanks." A quick sip is taken, nodding quickly when he clarifies it needs to be an embarrassing story. Brow lifts as he speaks, wincing sympathetically hearing that he passed out. Leaning "If it makes you feel any better, I got sick during one of my early classes. Thankfully, I got over it quickly." plucking up and popping the last bit of her bubbly in her mouth and chewing, she can't help the slightly surprised look that crosses her face when he mentions not having been on a date. Not wanting to make an issue of it, and make Cyrus feel even more embarrassed. "That won't be said after the dance next sevenday." Flashing a grin "Do you know if the harpers will be playing something new?" Head cants curiously, lowering her voice so it doesn't carry very far "Do you know if a few of them will be walking the tables that evening?" She gestures with her chin towards nearby apprentices, meaning the students in general, and reaches for her juice again.

Cyrus thinks passing out and getting sick, especially early on are common occurrences. At least for the teachers, now for the students in the class it might be something that was brand new, "I didn't pass out in any other classes, though on occasion I felt dizzy. I don't do just amazing with blood and guts. Part of the reason I specialized in mind healing and not general practice…" There were other reasons of course, "…Yep." he says with a smile. It's true. He will not have to be embarrassed any longer about that particular issue, "You know…I'm not really sure. I don't often go to social functions." He probably wouldn't even know would qualify as something 'new'. He likes music well enough but doesn't keep up with the current 'hits' as it were. When she motions to the other students he ponders for a moment. It is certainly possible, "Maybe. I haven't received any sort of information about the event itself. It could very well be." he affirms.

Kera grins and peers around the hall, mentally considering who among her fellow apprentice's, if any, might be getting promoted. Not spending too much time over it, her attention goes back to Cyrus, voice lifting back to normal tones "We'll find out soon enough either way." Taking another drink from her glass, she sighs and leans back from the table a bit. "I'm enjoying the conversation Cyrus, but unfortunately, I do need to head to the pediatrics wing and see about getting a baby walker." Draping her satchel over her shoulder scooping Minimur in her arm, the greenhealer rises. Brow lifts curiously "Wanna come along and check out the new design with me?" Odds are the Journeyman has to be getting back to duties, but ya won't know til ya ask, or something like that.

Cyrus had blocked off most of the day to just deal with this particular event, and now that its solved he finds himself with absolutely nothing to do. Normally he would find a way to make some work but in this case he's more than willing to just wander with her, "I wouldn't mind going with you." he says as he raises himself to his feet. The firelizard in the sling had long since gone to sleep it seems, which is probably for the best after his little outburst. They do tend to make one tired, "Might be fun."

Kera nods with a cheery grin when Cyrus agrees and rises as well. Checking to make sure Polgara isn't being disturbed by her moving around, she takes her juice in hand, intending to take it with her. Minimur chitters, and climbs up to perch on one shoulder. "Can't promise how fun it will be, it's just a baby walker." Flashing a grin, she starts off towards the entrance with Cyrus.

It wouldn't be fun because they went to look for a baby walker, rather it would be fun because he got to spend time with Kera, "I'm sure we will manage just fine." he says with a smile as he walks along with her, this has been a red letter day in so many ways, and he is very pleased with himself. And he is pleased that Kera seems pleased. All in all…just happy Cyrus.

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