A Meeting of Minds

Xanadu Weyr - Craft Complex

The large area has been separated into a variety of smaller sitting areas, couches and chairs organized into rings and squares, tables set where they can be used easily. A few desks for studying are pushed against one wall, while another has a variety of doors spaced along side it, opening into private quarters for the ranking crafters posted at the weyr. A set of double doors opens to the general apprentice dorms, and a long hallway stretches outwards, providing access to the various workshops.

Kiley's first official day has been met with a rude welcome thanks to a certain Harper Apprentice. And despite her attempts to work past it and keep a smile upon her face, she's been unable to do so. Having come to the Crafting Complex to work once more, she's been unable to do so. Here she sits at a desk, alone and towards the back where hardly any seem to be. While she would be working on writing a few things out, the page only appears to be filled with tear drops while her hands, which should be busy writing, are upon her lap and playing with her bracelet that rests around her wrist. A soft sniffle comes from the woman as she attempts to collect herself and work. No such luck, however as the tears begin once more.

Really, Eledri is not a people person, and not terribly observant of others' moods at the best of times. At the moment, the computercraft journeyman is looking rather harried, and giving the greenrider he comes in with a sideways look fit to curdle cream. "../told/ you it would crack between, improperly /packed/," growled out while hauling a metal and plasticraft terminal case into the craft complex. His spectacles are sitting a little crooked on the bridge of his nose, and the young man's hair has partly escaped his runnertail, some of his falling across his forehead and getting in his eyes. The minor irritation doesn't help the glare sent B'miel's way, but the greenrider only follows along, hauling a couple of boxes, and looking /really/ sheepish. Eledri saves the chewing out for later, gaze flicking along the various tables till he spots another computercraft knot and suddenly angles Kiley's way. "Hey-" attention on the case which he plonks down right on here table, "-help me get the side panel off. I need to check the interior. You know where they keep the.." trailing off as he catches a glance at the girl's /face/, "..Er." B'miel, taking the opportunity of distracted-Eled, gently sets down his two boxes, and scoots out of there, leaving Eledri to briefly scowl after him, mouth opening but.. too late. The greenie is gone. He looks back at Kiley. "Er.."

The greeting causes Kiley to jump and then she promptly hunches her shoulders in hopes that he really wasn't speaking to her, but the fact that he is sitting next to her makes it rather obvious that he is. The woman winces slightly and then he is stalling in his speech, she takes the moment to sniffle and to free her hands. They rise and brush gingerly at her eyes before rubbing her cheeks and she casts him a look with still tearful eyes. I'm sorry… Comes her soft response, "I didn't mean to be crying. I… Don't know where anything is kept. I arrived the other night, but I can help." She promises with a wide-eyed look. "Um…" Her eyes quickly scan the man before she blurts out, "sir."

Eledri just kind of stares at Kiley, or maybe at some spot slightly to her left. The terminal case? He seems to have briefly forgotten about it, shifting a little and bringing a hand up to adjust his spectacles. "Uh.." glancing around, possibly for some sort of help, though apparently he finds none, turning his attention back to the sniffler. "It's.. fine," is mumbled at her apology, "I can, uh.. handle this on my own," offered somewhat awkwardly, fingers brishing back through his hair and shoving those loose bits out of his face. "Uh.. tools are over there," nodding toward one of the drawer units not far away, "Just bring the whole case over," pausing and looking around again - really, anywhere but at Kiley - while mumbling, "Uh, that is, if you, er, up.. to.. it. Uh, there are cloths, er, handkerchiefs and things over there." One could almost see the vague mental flailing there, in his features. Eledri is not a people person!

Kiley is suddenly aware that she is making the man feel a little awkward. After all, coming into your work place and finding a crying woman happens on such a normal basis. "Thank you." Though, for what isn't really certain. She wipes at her eyes a little more and looks to where he nods, her eyes focusing on that spot before she nods herself in response. Then the mention of handkerchiefs has her rising and she moves over to fetch one, quickly drying her eyes completely as well as her hands before she's fetching the tools. She attempts to make things less awkward, at least, by helping. The tools are fetched and she returns, offering the box out. "Thank you, sir. Do you mind if I watch?" Right. She's just ignoring the awkwardness, and hopefully the work will bring them both to move past the tears and into a working mindset. Though she doesn't wait for his answer before she begins to neatly gather her things.

Eledri clears his throat, and stops darting looks around now that Kiley has stopped leaking. Merely giving her a nod for the thanks, the man movers around the table, carefully reaching for one tool or another. "I.. just need to get this panel off," he indicates one side of the machine, where a large, straight crack appears along one of the plasticraft seams. It makes the entire side look a tad lopsided, though it remains to be seen if the inner workings are intact. "Here, if you could start undoing the fastenings on that side.." he mumbles, attention on the apparently ailing computer. Nice, safe, non-emotional computer. "Only if you don't help," it's.. said wryly, with a vaguely awkward, and very brief attempt at a smile, the expression sitting uneasily on his sharp features before it shifts back into a sort of focused look.

"Right." Comes Kiley's soft reply, looking to where he indicates with a slight wince at the sight of the crack. Her nose wrinkles just so, but her thoughts are kept to herself as she turns her look back to the man and nods once. "I can do that." And then she's peeking into the toolbox and taking what she needs to start working on the fastenings. "I won't help." She promises easily, clearly more at ease now that her waterworks have come to a full stop and she's working on keeping her thoughts on other things. And then she's moving easily to the fastenings and working at undoing them. "It wasn't packaged correctly before the transport, hm? I am doubtful that the inside will be safe, a crack like that means the rest of it can be damaged just as easily." Between is a cruel mistress, indeed.

As the focus moves to the machine, Eledri, too, looks rather more at ease, shifting into techie-mode like it were a second skin. The remaining frown lines smooth away, his irritation forgotten perhaps as he leans over the case, very carefully working to remove the fastenings at the other end. "Hmm, I don't know if the side is going to coem off in one pice if we lift it," muttered at the case, rather than Kiley, though obviously listening to her, lips twitching upward very briefly in amusement at her promise. "B'miel wouldn't know proper packaging if he were /stuffed/ in it," is muttered with a softer release of breath, the man suppressing a slight grimace, and nodding a, "Yeah, I don't have much hope for the inside. The exterior is tougher than anything else. Ugh, if I have to take this thing /back/ to Landing.." He lets out another breath, frowning at it vaguely again, and then bending down to work off a particulerly stubbown fastening. Without the waterworks, Eledri does take a second to look at her, pausing after the fastening has been removed to mumble an absent and maybe a little bit sheepish, "Uh, Journeyman Eledri."

"It looks like it'll be in two pieces, at the very least. There could be minor fractures that we can't see that'll break once we've got this off.." Kiley murmurs in return to the man, though, her focus is mainly upon the terminal. Her brow lifts briefly and she looks to the man with a curious nature to her expression before she shrugs. "You'll have to teach him, then. It can't be ignored that something we needed arrived in poor condition because the rider didn't think to double check and fix the errors." A soft tsk follows that and the woman glances back down. "You might have to… What did you bring it for? It would depend on the purpose, I suppose." And now that she's completely at ease, she speaks freely and easily. Until the introduction is made and she laughs softly. "Sorry, I'm Journeyman Kiley. Recently posted here, as I stated earlier."

Eledri nods to Kiley, removing the last of the fastenings on his side, and then frowning once more at the side panel, slender figers trasing very lightly along the edge of the crack for a moment. "That's a good point.." he murmurs, adjusting his spectacles higher o nthe bridge of his nose and eyeing the thing, brow creasing, "If the inside is damaged.." He trails off thoughtfully, leaning back against an opposite table, one arm folding across his chest, the other rubbing the bridge of his nose. "He shouldn't even /be/ handling these things," there's a quietly frustrated note to his voice, though in the case of B'miel, Eledri does have to let his breath out, "He's decent working with them, but.." And the man gives his head a shake, readjusting his spectacles again, "I'll have to sit down with him when he gets back," and /edge/ to his voice. Assuming B'miel /does/ return while there are cranky computercrafters about. "It's for one of the weyr's offices," a hand gesture is made vaguely in the air, possibly to indicate some direction, "Word processing, making lists, that sort of thing. I don't know if it's.. important," lips pressing together briefly, "But this shouldn't have happened." Lashes lower while he regards the piece of equipment, "I'll have to check with one of the Masters here, I was jsut told to go and get it." Delivery boy? Maybe Eledri pissed someone off lately. There's a blink at Kiley's laughter, though, the Eled offering a more polite, "It's nice to meet you," adding a wry, "I'm still on loan from Landing. I'm only here half a sevenday at a time."

Kiley doesn't trace her fingers along the edge of the panel to check for cracks like mentioned, keeping her promise to not help more than she is already. She considers it nonetheless, eying the panel carefully before she sighs. "Well, I'm not sure what to say, other than he needs to learn to package it correctly… Whether he should be handling it or not. Damaged property doesn't make anyone happy, especially when it is so important." Or not so important in some cases. But she doesn't offer help in giving the man a tongue lashing as it isn't her place. Her head tilts slightly, considering before her gaze is looking towards the other Journeyman. "Then it is likely important… Those sort of things tend to be important to Holds and Weyrs." As far as she assumes, at least. She shifts her position and nods once to his words before she lets out a soft cough. "Sorry. I just thought it was an odd time for an introduction. It is nice to meet you, sir." She nods, considering his words before replying softly, "must be interesting being caught between the two so often."

Eledri frowns down at the computer for some long moments, lips pressing together while brows draw closer. "I'm going to find a techcrafter," he desides finally, "I'm not going to risk it any further." And letting out his breath, he shakes his head, "Maybe they'll finally take his knot for this." Not a forgiving sort, is the Eledri. A mild grimace has him muttering, "Somebody will probably take it out on me, though," scowling briefly at the crack before straightening, and looking around for a roaming apprentice. There's always one underfoot /somewhere/. Once he's spotted one, a hand is raised, and Eled signals the lad over, with some written instructions to go fetch whoever. Someone more qualified to deal with this than him, likely! "I guess it is," shoulders lift in a shrug, for being caught between the two, "I could do with less time in Xanadu." There's a pause, and a longer, more studying glance at the woman before he continues, "Weyrs have too many people, for my liking," a pause, "And dragons." Not a fan of the beasties then? Or maybe he's just still sore about what between's done to the equipment. "Know where I'd /really/ like to be?" it's asked suddenly, as he settles back, perching a little more on the edge of the table, "The Yokohama. I've heard they send crews up there to work and study. Would give anything to just get stuck up there." He might even mean that literally.

"That is probably best." Kiley agrees with a soft sigh and a little bit of relief in her tone. The mention of taking the rider's knot is just met with a slight shrug and a sheepish little smile. She, however, holds her tongue about it as she doesn't know the rider personally. "Maybe.. Maybe not. If they try to blame you, I can give what I witnessed." Even if it was through tears and slightly befuddled. The apprentice is given the slightest of looks as he is called over and then sent off with the instructions. "I see… Well, why don't you ask for less time, then? It isn't as if they're cruel." His reasons why are not met with an odd look, at least, and she holds her tongue on that as well. Her things are considered before she shifts them around a bit and then turns a careful look to the man. "Then ask.. I am sure they would consider it." There's a slight twitch of her hand before she straightens and sets her tools back into the box so not to lose them. "Unless you're being punished for something, but, I don't see why you would be."

Eledri blinks at her, tilting his head to peer at Kiley over the top of his spectacles, though he does mumble a sheepish, "Thanks," at her offer to be a witness. He reaches a hand up, briefly rubbing the back of his neck before crossing his arms again and settling against the table edge. He hasn't forgotten the tears, either, and now that he isn't looking like he wants to bolt and/or hide, and the maching isn't immediately in danger of breaking apart, Eled glances back to Kiley with an, "Er, are you.. uh, going to be alright?" SO very tactful, and possibly out of nowhere. Back to not looking at her again. "I've asked," is muttered a second later, and quite.. flatly. Apparently, in answer to both, shoulders hunching juust the slightest at her suggestions. He makes /no/ comment on punshment though, just cleating his throat and then moving forward to help put away tools.

Kiley gives a shake of her head in response, "not a problem. I did hear and see what happened." Not all of it, but the important parts in where the rider can be implicated. The tools in the box are given the briefest of looks, again curious but not really speaking if she can help it for the moment. It takes her a moment to respond to his question as her cheeks color a faint shade of pink. "Yeah. Thanks." She sheepishly gives him a smile and settles with that, avoiding a discussion about herself though not expecting him to press. Then, her eyes narrow as she considers him. "I see… Well, doesn't hurt to keep asking. Persistence works, they say." She shrugs and then shifts away from her previous spot where the tools, back to standing just a little further away from the computer and the other Journeyman as he begins to put away the tools. "I see. Ah. Well… Just keep asking?" Though she leaves it at that, not expecting him to respond as she reaches for her things and gathers them up close to her chest. "It was nice meeting you. Perhaps… I should just go. I think it's dinner time."

Eledri only nods; the whole concern thing sitting awkwardly upon his face, while he watches Kiley a second longer before moving to a seat. Dropping down, the computercrafter lets out his breath and then adjusts is spectacles, avoiding looking at her and missing that smile entirely. Hand raised to rib the back of hsi head again, there's a muttere, "..Yeah," though no enthusiasm for it, the suggestion of persustence having his hunching down a little further. No response is forthcoming as his eyes fox on the broken side panel, only an absently mumbled, "Take care," said to her as she departs, Eledri remaining behind to just.. frown.

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