Comparing Daggers

Fort Weyr - Smithy Repairs
Off the tunnel leading to the inner sections of Fort Weyr is this small smith shop. The entry area has been separated off from the forge in the back by a U-shaped counter, forming a nice little waiting area for customers. There are a few chairs there for sitting. The counter in front is covered in piles of papers: receipts mostly, standards paperwork, signed copies of things, and other bits of this and that. A plaque on the counter reads: In Living Memory of Jedrek, original owner/operator.
The forge itself is off to the right of the shop, carved right into the stone and has several anvils around it that the smiths uses to shape the metal against. There are a few different workbenches each with their own tools for different jobs, the one that stands out the most is the long one closest to the door. This one is covered in small metal parts and where the smiths usually sit to repair items. The left side of the shop's wall has many machinery parts hanging on it and some larger tools.
Towards the back of the left side of the shop is a staircase leading up into a private living area.

At least some crafters in the area have become vaguely familiar with Yunwei - thanks to his tendency to purchase small, random things frequently. This afternoon, the harper finds himself moving towards the Smithy in search of yet another item - though he doesn't know what yet. Finished with lessons for the day, the young man steps into the Smithy from the tunnel walkway. Glasses still rest on his nose, forgotten after having used them for some recent reading, and his attire is quite put together. Black pants are paired with a navy blue button down shirt as well as sleeve garters. Given the way his dark eyes cast around the area, it's clear that he doesn't exactly know very much about the smith craft.

Luckily for Yunwei, this is more of a shop setup than the actual mass production forges. Not long after he’s stepped through the doorway, he’s quickly greeted and given a ‘one moment’ gesture. It looks like this place is bustling, even at this hour of the day (or it’s the last rush before things wind down). Neither is he alone in seeking the services here. There’s one particular young man lounging by the front desk and speaking rather animatedly with one of the Smiths. “Not trying to say you’re wrong,” Ru’ien muses with a crooked slanted grin that implies the exact opposite of what he said. “But look at it this way…” The rest is drowned out as there’s some nearby hammering done, but he goes on to tap the back of his hand against what looks to be some documents for emphasis. With a shake of his head, the other Smith relents, takes the documents and turns to disappear somewhere in the back. Straightening to his full height, Ru’ien hooks his thumbs into the belt of his pants — even with his jacket unfastened, it’s evident he’s a rider. His outfit are the classic riding leathers, though with some personal flare and style choices. His dark auburn hair is tied back and twisted up into a messy bun at the back of his head and the only other defining thing on him is his knot — it’s not Fortian colors, but Xanadu.

Yunwei directs a quiet smile to the worker, even as he departs to deal with some other things first. Left to his own devices, the harper begins to wander slightly, his gaze casting over a few daggers and a handful of bracelets. It's as he's roaming that he hears the exchange between Ru'ien and the other Smith, and the result is that Yunwei curiosity gets the better of him. A brief moment of hesitation ensues before he also moves to the front desk, nodding a greeting to the Xanadu rider as he does so. "You have risked the winter weather, but hopefully not for an incorrect order?" A brief smile accompanies his words, though intrigue seems to currently reign over the harper's features.

Ru’ien blinks a moment at being addressed, his mind having wandered within seconds of the other Smith leaving. After his gaze lingers but for a second on Yunwei, he’s suddenly grinning broadly, blue eyes narrowing in amusement. “Correct on the incorrect order part! Good guess. How’d you know?” he muses, the last of his words taking on a playfully light sarcastic edge. There’s a dismissive flick of his hand at the mention of the weather. “Gets cold in Xanadu too — oh sure, nothing like this? But what can you do? Works work and I gotta get this order sorted out.” It might not actually be his ONLY reason for being so far from ‘home’! May as well lump several similar-errands in one, right? Or maybe a favour (or three)! “What’s got you up here? Lookin’ for something or did something, y’know…” He mimes something snapping or breaking with an obvious gesture of his hand and a grimaced expression to go with it.

"A wrong order, or work itself, would be the only thing to draw me so far from my Weyr in this weather. Though…that guess was rather presumptuous of me." Yunwei lets out a quiet chuckle in the face of sarcasm, "I have not actually been there, so I can't compare their winters, but the title of Worst Winter probably is not /that/ coveted." Right? Then again, he's only been here 6ish months, maybe there's a secret rivalry between Fort and Xanadu he has no clue about! ""Nothing broke, thankfully. I was thinking of purchasing a gift…though I did not have anything specific in mind. Some of the daggers look quite nice though - and useful!"

“Not that bad, really. There’s worse you could presume or assume of some stranger lurking at the desk of a Smith’s shop,” Ru’ien can’t help but rib Yunwei a little, though his continued grin takes much of the edge off his words. There’s a low throated chuckle, much of his demeanour relaxed and welcoming; he can be overbearing with some of his actions but everything so far about him speaks of friendly harmlessness! There’s a scoff, another glance towards the back of the room, but his attention drifts quickly to Yunwei once more. “If anyone’s gonna get that title, it’d be High Reaches and every Turn! Not much of a competition?” No secret rivalry! Brows lift when there’s mention of daggers and he makes a low, hushed whistle. “Wellll…” he drags out for emphasis, scratching a thumb along the curve of his jawline. “That’d depend on the kind or purpose. What’s this lucky recipient gonna use it for? Is it more for the looks?”

Yunwei quirks an eyebrow in Ru'ien's direction then, amusement leaking slightly onto his own features. "True, I could assume that you've come to…steal from under the Weyr's nose, or kidnap one of t he smiths to take back to Xanadu, /or/ simply to sow chaos." For a brief moment, klah-colored eyes reflect hints of russet under the light as the harper chuckles at the ridiculous suggestions. "It seem that there is a good reason that I have been avoiding that part of the continent, I'm afraid I may die if I ever stepped even one foot outside during High Reaches' winter then." He's not exactly got the strongest constitution, but he's working on that….really really slowly. "Mm, I am more invested in looks, they are more invested in usefulness. Ideally it would never be used, but something small, easily hidden, capable of being used to protect oneself if needed from the wherry. Or human." Is he joking? His countenance shows no malice, just a quiet peacefulness! So hopefully?

Ru’ien’s grin broadens further, mischievous in a fox-like way and he’ll be brazen enough to gesture with his hand while Yunwei speaks; it becomes a gauge, that hand! The first is weighed as definitely not, the second as so-so but that last? He winks and, with his index finger, taps the side of his nose. Oh-ho! “Kihatsuth’s more for sowing chaos but she’s on her best behavior right now!” Which means she’s probably up to something and he’s silently praying it happens when he’s DONE his business here and he can just mad dash back to Xanadu. S’fine! The Weyrleader’s his uncle (no really). Just be a family thing… As Yunwei makes his ‘wishlist’ for a dagger known, Ru’ien turns thoughtful, brows knitting lightly and gaze turning up towards the ceiling (is the answer up there or something?). “Mhm… There’s quite a few daggers that could serve that purpose or even a hunting knife, really. Something a little more practical? Most “daggers”,” He actually does the air quotes, while fixing Yunwei with a look and a sobered smirk. “Are more for show.” Or duels but who’s really getting that nitty gritty, here? “And then y’got to think about balance but I guess if you’re looking more for a all-round blade it don’t matter so much…” He’s rambling a bit, going as far as to lean up against the desk, arms folding across his chest.

"Perhaps I should have been a mindhealer, it seems that I read others exceptionally well," Yunwei is clearly joking given the chuckle that escapes his lips right after the words. "Somehow that claim of best behavior sounds exactly like the children when they promise me they've done absolutely nothing wrong." The harper will /definitely/ be keeping an eye out for potential chaos, but only to observe not to interfere! As Ru'ien moves onto the topic of knives however, it is clear that Yunwei has /zero/ idea about any of this. "I hadn't realized that there were so many distinctions…it sounds as if a hunting knife would be the best pick?" What could be a statement is definitely posed as a question. "While you are waiting for them to return, if you have a moment perhaps you could point out a few?" Because…he also doesn't know how to tell the difference between a hunting knife and any other knife. Yunwei /definitely/ thought this would be as easy a clothes shopping - just pick one you like!

“So you work with children, huh? Makes sense,” Ru’ien muses, half to himself, though he’ll soon nod his head presumedly to where Yunwei wears a knot. “Harper?” Better safe than sorry, right? Though he’s already done his share of assuming! He gives something of a patient smirk when it becomes evident that the young man is new to the variety of pointy-things available but he doesn’t tease him on his lack of knowledge (nah, just the way his eyes look at him says enough of it!). There’s a thoughtful sounding hum he makes, while he leans back to peer into the depths of the room — clearly not finding who or what he was hoping for! So with a shrug, he’ll push off from the desk and gesture for Yunwei to follow. “Sure, why not?” It’s not like they’re going far! Just a few short steps and… “Now let’s see…” He scrutinizes the wares. leaning forwards just a bit as his gaze roams. Then, without hesitation, he picks a good four of varying styles and sizes. Nothing overly fancy at all among them. “This one, that one, and these two should do it? But really… it depends on the person! Y’might be better off just dragging your giftee here and letting ‘em choose.”

"Yes, Harper, I teach the basics to the younger children - though I admit I let them veer me off my schedule sometimes." But he makes up for it eventually. Look, this whole teaching kids thing is kind of new for him, but he's learning too! There's a pleased smile when Ru'ien begins leading the way to the knives, and it's about at that point the journeyman realizes he hasn't introduced himself. How rude! "I forgot to introduce myself earlier, Yunwei - Fort's duties." The words come as he follows the Xanadu rider to look a the knives and once they're pulled out he begins examining them closely. "I would, but he would likely say no. That and it would ruin the surprise." Would it really? Probably not. "Thank you for your help, I likely would have ended up with a poor choice without it." He's still probably going to be in here for /ages/ deciding between the fourt, likely a lot longer than Ru'ien will be here at least!

“Ru’ien, rider of green Kihatsuth, Journeyman Smith. Well met, Yunwei!” he says in turn and so cheerfully that it’s difficult to parse if it’s entirely genuine or if he’s just playing a bit of a fool. Regardless, it’s not meant to offend, but merely just… who he is! He gives a helpless shrug about ruining surprises, smirk now slanting to something more crooked. “Worth a shot? But you might have to get it balanced or if it’s not to his tastes…” Well, what then? The greenrider doesn’t seem to have the time to give more ‘advice’ as the Smith who had been helping him originally is now returning. “Sorry! Gotta get back to it,” There’s an apologetic grimace and a hasty mock salute. “But good luck!” He even adds a thumbs up gesture, as he walks backwards the first step or so to the desk and then turns fully to the Smith. A few words are exchanged, ones more exuberant and animated on Ru’ien’s end but whatever the issue was appears to be resolved. He ends up leaving with two parcels and something wrapped in heavy cloth — clearly not too much weight despite being on the awkward side to handle together. There and gone, with the working Smith now gesturing for Yunwei to approach. Maybe he’ll have better luck with that one, on which to select? Who knows!

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