Do Something About It

Xanadu Weyr - Firelizard Theatre
There are many different things to look at here. In the northern part of this field lies a massive fort made out of wood. About 10 feet to the right of the fort, there are wooden sit-toys carved in the likeness of dragons and even painted as such. In the middle of the field are two sets of swings suspended from a wooden beam, held up by two wooden beams on either side. To the left of the swings is a 5 by 6 rectangular box filled not quite to the top with sand from Xanadu Weyr's Beach. To the right of the swings are monkey bars, completely crafted out of wood. In front of you are two seesaws, both made out of wood. Finally, to your near left are two benches underneath a large Lemosian Ironwood tree. You find yourself standing in the Courtyard of The Firelizard.

Autumn has crept its way into the Weyr, the signs visible in the steadily changing colours in the leaves of the trees. Plenty of those leaves now scatter and litter the fields and grounds of the theatre, which doesn't seem to bother the children at play there in the least bit. In fact, several piles have been gathered and some are already proceeding to jump through them or pop out of them to "scare" the others and lead into a chase about the structures before the whole process is repeated again and all under the watchful eyes of the caretakers on duty of this particular group of young ones. All who seem to range within a certain age bracket, though a few toddlers and infants are about as well (though not, it is assumed, in the leaves). Two girls of the same age, siblings and twins, are among the children at play and occasionally one or the other will race off to the benches beneath the Lemosian Ironwood, where a certain bluerider is tucked away to offer a leaf as safekeeping. Apparently Eliana and Ezsrisa are building a collection and Kiena hasn't the heart to say no, hence the small but modest stacked pile she has placed next to her. The Weyrsecond will be patient with her daughter and then send her off again, before drifting back into her own thoughts and though her eyes are turned to the fields, they're distracted and unfocused.

Skyler is… not playing in the leaves. He's a bit young for that still. Okay, he's a lot young for that still - but Soriana's taking a quick break from the office, and she went by the nursery along the way and picked up her son. Time for a walk! The destination wasn't really a planned one, but this is where they seem to have wandered, and Soriana stands under the edge of the trees, watching for a moment as the children run and play. Skyler's watching too, or at least, he's staring with fascination at the bright colors. As she watches, Soriana notes that, hey, she recognizes one of those kids - and not just from visits to the nursery to drop off Skyler! In fact, she recognizes two of those kids, which makes her look around a bit and discover someone else she recognizes - the parent of those kids! Soriana gives a small wave, drifting closer toward Kiena's sit-and-watch spot.

Kiena's eyes dart sidelong when she catches movement along the peripheral edges of her vision and to say the bluerider hasn't been jumpy of late would be… well, at most a half truth? She's likely just startled out of her reverie, more so than being on the edge of paranoia, by Soriana's arrival with Skyler. As she clears her head, she'll offer a wave in return and then a small gesture to the bench. "Afternoon," she murmurs. Join her? Once she's cleared those leaves, less they get crushed and the tantrums begin. Kiena will find a better spot in which to "store" them, leaving ample room on the bench for Soriana to settle herself and Skyler as well. He gets a warm little smile of greeting too. "Out for a walk?"

Soriana isn't a scary monster… honest! Okay, so maybe under certain circumstances, but these aren't those. She pauses for a moment, offering a smile but not approaching closer while Kiena's seeming… nervy. The smile lingers, but Soriana studies Kiena a bit as she makes her way to the bench and has a seat. "Afternoon," she says back, adjusting Skyler so he can have a good view of… Kiena? Kids playing in leaves? Sure, why not. Skyler will stare and burble a bit… but mostly stare. "Had to take a break from the paperwork," she answers Kiena, and laughs a bit. "How about you?"

Kiena isn't a scary monster either… despite what some might say. Maybe under certain circumstances, but who isn't? The Weyrsecond isn't so nervous or jumpy now that she's fully alert and not lost somewhere in her head. Really, she should know better than to brood out in public otherwise she's just asking to be snuck up on. Kiena will seem momentarily puzzled when Soriana seems to linger on accepting, but brushes that aside once the goldrider sits and she'll wiggle a few fingers at Skyler. Kiena's never been good with children at this stage, awkward and unsure of just how one goes about interacting with them. So she'll settle with the occasional look and warm smile if Skyler happens to look her way. Otherwise, Soriana has her attention and at the laugh, Kiena's mouth briefly quirks in to a vague grin. "A highly advisable tactic," she drawls. "And one I'm following right now. Figured some fresh air couldn't hurt. Plus…" She tilts her head towards the fields, where her daughters are now being chased by another pair of girls, their laughter and giggling and shrieks carrying over the breeze. "… doesn't always line up time wise but I lucked out today."

One kind of jumpy can be hard to tell from another, and Soriana's got her hands full of baby! But fortunately, Kiena's just a 'momentarily startled' sort of jumpy, so Soriana and Skyler can settle down on the bench. They do so! Soriana nods. "I hear fresh air is good for you. That, the sunshine… but rain's only good if you're a plant. Otherwise you're supposed to stick with sunshine. At least, until you get sunburned." She grins crookedly, then looks out to the running children and nods. "Good planning, that." Also luck. "So," and she glances back to the bluerider. "Anything in particular you're running from today?" Does she mean paperwork? …maybe.

Kiena would never be considered a 'danger', especially around Soriana and triply so when she has Skyler with her. Even if she were the other type of jumpy, she'd either conceal it or she would politely excuse herself after a few exchanged pleasantries. Her mood seems decent and she is sufficiently grounded by the presence of her own daughters. "Oh, I'll agree with you about the air and sun, though there's nothing wrong with being in the rain from time to time. A nice cooling rain, like we get in the summer isn't so bad. Especially if you've already been half-baked by the sun. Quickest way to cool off and it's still hot enough after that you'll dry out and not risk catching a chill!" So it's a win-win, right? She chuckles and then nods her head, only to frown and that good mood slip in a blink of an eye before being hauled back into place. A mask, if there ever was one and Kiena's taking after her brother in the art of it. She peers at Soriana though, as if to gauge how to respond to her question. Does she mean paperwork? "Not particularly, no. Not today. Should I be?" Is there something terrible waiting for her on her desk? So long as it isn't a someone…

Oh, the rain. Soriana's smile is a wistful one, though she nods for that. Her thoughts are drifting elsewhere, considering on the falling rain, and only drawn back to the moment by… Kiena. Who's avoiding… "Oh, nothing much I know about," Soriana says with a shrug. "I think there's some sweep reports?" So, boring, but not hazardous. "Unless someone's been by since I left, of course." Soriana's smile is an easy one, but her eyes are watching Kiena curiously, focused now on the bluerider instead of drifting off into rainclouds. Okay, so maybe it's drifting a little, and so she asks, "Have you been up north recently?"

Of course Kiena is avoiding! It'd not be… her, otherwise. She never makes it easy, on herself or on others. She'll tilt her head though when Soriana admits to not knowing about it, though there's a slight wrinkling of her nose. Sweep reports? Maybe she IS running from the office. Running from… boredom! Of the brain eating variety. "Never know. Seems like just as we clear everything, more comes by. Don't think I've ever come in to nothing waiting there." she admits with a smirk and while Soriana's mind drifts to rainclouds, hers turns to the fields as her daughters laughter drifts their way. They've paused in their game to wave towards her (and likely including Soriana too — though those may explain the little hurried half curtsies) and Kiena waves back and they return to playing once that ritual is finished. "North? No." she replies cautiously at first, her gaze sliding back to Soriana. "Not since…" She hesitates, fumbling until she gathers herself with a slow breath. "… the last few times up to Cold Stone. Otherwise I've been here." How not exciting at all?

If Kiena didn't want boredom, she never should have accepted that Weyrsecond's knot! Complete and utter boredom intermingled with brief moments of terror and frantic activity, that's pretty much the job description. Sounds great, huh? Soriana waves her free hand to Kiena's girls, smiling to them and shifting Skyler in her arms, then glances back to Kiena. "Have you ever gotten your inbox empty enough to have a chance?" Her tone's a teasing one, though the smile fades as she listens to Kiena's answer about her northern expeditions… or lack thereof. "I hope there haven't been any problems with that. I know some of the riders wanted to visit Thea's hold, but… I don't want to be intruding on Tharen. Not with…" She lets that trail off. They know what with.

Kiena was aware of what she was signing into! Even with all her complains about paperwork and the desk work, she probably secretly enjoys it — on some days, anyways. Now that she's actually grasping some of it! Definitely not the job description to fit anyone but she's adapting! "Heh, come to think of it… don't think so." Kiena admits with a chuckle before the moment passes and they're back, so swiftly it seems, into more troubled veins of discussion. "No. No problems," she's quick to reassure Soriana, shaking her head and prompting a hand to lift to tuck back the strands of hair that escape back behind her ear. For another brief moment, she seems to withdraw back into her thoughts and there's the look of exhaustion about her. Not so much physical, but more mental and emotional and the brief image of someone who has had too much thrown at them too fast and is working through the fallout from it. She blinks as she brings herself back to focusing on the present however and quirks a brow up in mild surprise. "Did they…?" Why? It's not actually said, but the question hangs there, implied, all the same until Kiena nods when the goldrider trails off. They know what with.

No problems? Well, that's good… right? Kiena even manages to make it look like things are good… most of the time. Soriana nods to those assurances, but there's a thoughtful look on the junior's face. "Mmhmm," she says in answer to that questioning tone. They did! "It's been a hard time for people. Especially with…" Us down a mindhealer, she was going to say, but some fragment of memory catches up and reminds her of things that she was mostly too busy to deal with. That's right, there was something about… she forgets what, exactly. But there's a reason why they were down a mindhealer, and so that's why she makes the connection, considers it a moment, then asks, "So… what happened with that… Cyrus?"

"It has been a hard time for many," Kiena agrees with a quiet sigh. "Moreso for some." Far more difficult and she doesn't name the obvious names hinted at in her tone or the look she gives Soriana then. Her gaze flicks again briefly to Skyler, then out to where her daughters are now sitting in the shade of one of the structures. When she looks back to Soriana, she swiftly asks: "How've you been?" What? Handling things? Or is it a general question? Hard to say, as her timing is off and the question more blurted and interjected in before the goldrider brings up that topic. Mindhealers. A lack of one Journeyman, to be specific. Kiena's brows lift, her surprise clear as the autumn sky above their heads. Wouldn't have she received a report? Or is she asking her for the details. Those lovely ones glossed over in the official paperwork. "Him?" There's no mistaking Kiena's tone now, how stiff and cold it becomes and her eyes narrow slightly, her posture tensing and then relaxing as she forces herself to calmness — or a false calm. "He came to my office and verbally assaulted and threatened me… You have a copy of the charges and reports?" Ooh, almost! Kiena almost started to open up, only to evade again, spooked by her uncertainty of what the goldrider is seeking but also because… well. Children? Not that Skyler can understand words, but the others can and she is wary now, making sure her daughters are over there and stay there.

For some… yeah, Soriana nods to that, but that's something they both know, right? Not everyone's been taking things the same way. Kiena's sudden question surprises Soriana a little, but even if they're talking over each other a bit, Soriana's words still apparently get heard, and those are the ones that surprise Kiena. Him, yes, and Soriana frowns slightly, troubled by the look she's getting from the Weysecond even as she nods slightly. Him, the one who… huh. Soriana's brows arch for the description Kiena gives, brief as it is, and then her expression settles toward a slight frown for the question at the end. "…no, actually." Soriana shrugs. "I'm not Weyrleader, I'm not Senior, I'm not a guard. I don't get those reports."

That is something they both know. Kiena's frown deepens, only to ease back as her eyes close for a moment. That exact moment when Soriana reminds her, just as her own inner thoughts remind her, that of course the goldrider wouldn't have the reports. She'd have heard of Cyrus' departure, no doubt but not necessarily the full details as to why. The Weyrsecond had forgotten that it's Sorrin who is Acting Weyrwoman, a slip up the bluerider would not normally have done and is embarrassed to have muddled it at all. "Oh. Right. Sorry… for some reason I thought… I'd have thought you'd be informed." Everyone on the same page, and all that. Now she has a choice to make, with Soriana asking her, directly, of what occurred. Tell or don't tell? The issue has been dealt with, but that doesn't mean the effects from have and in Kiena's case, they'll linger — partly because of her decision to file it under 'Things We Don't Talk About'. Looking up, Kiena will scan their immediate area. No eavesdroppers? Especially of the young, six Turn old, variety? No? Good. She'll give Soriana another sidelong look, holding it there to the goldrider. Is she certain she wants to know? "That's what he did," Kiena mutters, keeping her voice lowered but her expression is far more animated and mostly in her eyes. She'll pick up right where she left off. No need for a recap.
"Stormed right in and started tearing at me and slinging these accusations that I'd done and… and done horrible," Apparently unspeakable in public. "…things to Kera. All because Ujinath won Moncerath's flight." Kiena has to stop there, jaw working silently as she struggles, regains control of her composure and hurries through the rest. "When he refused to leave and continued his raving, I had him arrested." She lifts her hands and spreads them out in an almost helpless gesture. "And I guess with all that has been going on…" More important matters. "… his fate was delayed and he was left in the cells longer than anticipated but — It doesn't matter now, does it? He's left." And Kiena… isn't exactly jumping for joy. She's relieved, but she's not happy about it. Silent again, she'll give no further details and looks back towards the structures again, already thinking to herself if she's said too much. Hadn't she told herself she wouldn't burden anyone needlessly?

Soriana nods slightly, and offers, "There's been a lot going on." Reason enough for anyone and everyone to be confused. But no, Soriana didn't know - not the details, anyway, she heard something about incidents and a jailed mindhealer being reassigned - which is why she's asking now. The only listening ears are hers… and Skyler's, but those don't really count just yet. "We've all been busy." Some… more so than others, but this - as with so many things - doesn't affect everyone equally. Or in predictable ways, either. Soriana gives an encouraging nod to Kiena for her reiteration, listening with a curious look that turns to a frown as the bluerider continues. "So…" she begins in that pause, then stops again as Kiena resumes the flood of words that… probably haven't been spoken nearly as much as would be best for the bluerider. "…basically, he's crazy." Oversimplification? Maybe. "I certainly wouldn't want to trust him with any riders… or weyrfolk." Weyrfolk still associate with dragons! Including weyrhealers, which is why Cyrus is a former one. "And if he said that to you, he was likely bullying Kera too. Trying to get her to turn on Moncerath, and Faranth knows we don't need any more of that around here." Soriana's frown deepens. "Shards, I hope they don't assign him to any other Weyrs, that could go from bad to worse."

Kiena has only told one other of the details, in their full and awful completion and felt enough guilt over doing so, even after he successfully cornered her. She even censored herself when speaking to Kera, to spare the greenrider as much as she could, given Cyrus was (and still is) her good friend. So she has spoken of it so little, save for what was necessary and… in this current moment with Soriana. "Crazy? Is an understatement." Kiena adds with a stuttered laugh that sounds a bit too light to be genuine. "He tried to command me, command me, to stay away from Kera, to cease to exist to her, or else…" What? The bluerider doesn't continue. Perhaps there's nothing else on the matter. Kiena fidgets where she sits, glancing again to the fields, back to Soriana and little Skyler, too innocent and far too young to understand (and how she envies that, which is sad) and then back to her hands. Hands which now chafe together, skin to skin, in a sort of nervous and idle habit as she listens to Soriana. Something the goldrider says has Kiena looking up again and though her expression is grim and tense, there's a flicker of something else in her eyes. Surprise, perhaps? Maybe she hadn't expected such swift understanding. Maybe she had her doubts, wondering if she'd done the right thing. "He's dangerous, Soriana. It'd be one thing if he was just angry and jealous but it's his… delusions towards riders which is frightening. He called me a monster… Things you shouldn't call anyone, rider or not. I've no idea what he's done to Kera. I tried to speak to her too and she seemed just as surprised by his behaviour but also… Not defensive, really but… she figured things could be mended…" Soriana knows the greenrider by now, to know what Kiena is trying (and utterly failing) to explain. Kiena shakes her head and snorts, smirking. "Last I heard, he was bound for Healer Hall." she mutters, careful to still keep her voice lowered. "And if that man has any sense in that twisted mind of his, he won't pull the same stunts on my brother's territory."

If that's the understatement, what's the accurate version? Soriana frowns, but she keeps listening. Her hand moves in a soothing pattern on Skyler's back, just in case he's picking anything up from tones of voice - because those, he understands, at least somewhat. "It sounds like… either he missed being told about craftriders… or there's some sort of misunderstanding at the Hall." Journeyman and apprentice, Weyrwcond and rider… they're two different relationships, but when craftriders are involved, they both come into play. Things can get complicated, but they're not supposed to get crazy. Not like that, anyway. Soriana nods slightly to the danger of Cyrus, acknowledging it. As for Kera… oh, but what did Kiena actually tell her? Maybe the situation sounded like one that could be mended. Soriana simply frowns, considering it. Her eyes drift away, then look back to Kiena as her frown deepens. "Be that as it may, you're Xanadu's Weyrsecond. Not Th'ero's sister, not Zi'on's ex. Here in Xanadu, you're Kiena, Ujinath's rider, and you're Ka'el's Weyrsecond. Cyrus had a problem with Ujinath, that's why he's gone. The rest of his problems… we can warn the other Weyrs. You can warn the Weyrs. You're Weyrsecond, you can speak for Xanadu. If you're willing to be Xanadu's Weyrsecond before being Mur'dah's lover, then be Xanadu's Weyrsecond before comparing yourself to someone else." Soriana eyes Kiena with challenge in her gaze. "So, Weyrsecond. What is your command?"

If they were in a more private area and Soriana prompted her, Kiena would give all the sordid and awful details. As is stands, the Weyrsecond isn't about to repeat certain words that young ears shouldn't be learning quite yet. Or asking horrible awkward questions… wouldn't that be a treat (not)? Kiena was blunt with Kera, to a degree, giving similar details as she does now with Soriana and being honest that Cyrus faced heavy penalties and yet perhaps wasn't clear enough. Listening close to Soriana, Kiena frowns to start, only to draw her features back into a more controlled and neutral expression and she is silent for a long time afterwardds as she mulls over the golderider's words. Weyrsecond above all else? It's true. Xanadu comes first and she is the Weyrsecond but she is also Kiena, a bluerider… and Cyrus' attacks were directed to her personally, beyond rank. At some point though, a line must be drawn. Enough is enough. Having not met Soriana's challenging look, she does now, her gaze steady and confident. "Enough has been done. Cyrus has been relocated and so the issue here is resolved. I don't think it's necessary that we, or I personally, warn the other Weyrs. That'll be up to Healer Hall, should he ever be reposted. Whatever grievance I have is of a personal nature and… does not need to be taken into account. Enough has been done and sufficiently." So it will be left at that.

Kiena, a bluerider… also isn't what anyone else seeks to make her. She's Ujinath's, but beyond that? There's nobody else who gets to make a claim on what she does or should do… unless she lets them. Maybe that's part of what Soriana's trying to explain. Everyone's got some idea of who Kiena should be - including the people already named, those twins playing with the other children, and a great many others - and it's up to her to figure out which ones she wants to listen to. Soriana waits for her to think this through, then nods. "Okay. So it's not a Weyr problem, anymore. So… Kiena." Who's the same person, except not with the Weyrsecond hat (er, knot) on. "How're you doing?" A wry smile. "I doubt you'd want to talk to a mindhealer after that," given that Cyrus is (she'd hope for was, but that's up to the Hall) a mindhealer, "but if you do, we could try to find a good one." So, definitely not Cyrus. "That, or we could make you a little effigy of him to toss into a bonfire. Might be therapeutic to watch it burn?"

Kiena is slowly coming around to learn that lesson. Very slowly, but she'll learn. Either on her own or it'll come and hit her upside the head (and hopefully in a figurative manner and not literally). At least she hasn't run from all of this? It could have been so much worse. Kiena begins to nod in agreement, only to pause. Wait, what? Soriana's asking how she is? Again? "I'm alright," she says at first, as if by habit. It's spoken so hastily, it may as well be a reflex. She sighs, "Or at least… I take it day by day. I'm alright but… I'm not." That clarifies things? Kiena's expression twists, well aware that she's not really being too clear and she scrubs at her face and neck as if embarrassed. "… it's hard to explain. Emotions have, uh… never been a strong point in me." Since her old habits of dealing with them were to explode into fits of rage and temper. Thankfully she's grown out of THAT! "No, no mind healers. Please." Kiena protests and Soriana was right to guess that the bluerider has no intention at all to seek one out. Anyone for that matter. "I'll be fine. Really." So long as no new tragedy comes along? Soriana's last offer is met with a startled look and for a moment, Kiena just stares at her, mouth slightly opened. Did… she just suggest burning a likeness of Cyrus? She totally did and in that instant, she wins so many good points in Kiena's books. Enough that it cracks through her guards and Kiena begins to laugh. It takes a moment and may start off as choked snickers, but it evolves rapidly enough. "Would you think less of me if I admitted that that sounds far too tempting?" she remarks dryly, but the smile, small as it is, is a true one.

Alright? Of course Kiena's alright. Soriana nods, but she keeps the questioning look as she does. That's an answer, see, but it's not an answer. Because… the real answer is yes and no? Soriana nods again, but it's with a wry smile. "You're alright as long as you don't think about it, but the damndest things remind you and then you're not okay anymore?" she suggests, her tone a sympathetic one. Because yes, Kiena will be fine - right up until she's not. There's no protests in favor of mindhealers, just a faintly amused, "One of these days, I'm going to an appointment with one. Just to see what all the fuss is about," before she leaves that subject behind. Back to… uh… Kiena's psyche. Also pyromania! "I certainly would not," Soriana replies, and grins before looking a touch more serious as she adds, "It's probably a good idea. That, or… well. I bet you want to yell at him, don't you? Get him back for the stuff he said, the way he hurt you. Problem is… you know you shouldn't, because you're not six anymore." She smiles wryly, glances out to the children playing. "Doesn't mean you don't want to, and there's nothing wrong with the wanting. Sometimes it makes it easier if you can do something about it."

Kiena's brows knit as she takes in and absorbs Soriana's elaboration of her previous attempt and lack of a straightforwards yes or no answer and after a second or so, she nods as her mouth quirks into a crooked half-smirk. "Best way to put it… yeah, that's it. In a nutshell. If I can stay busy or distracted, I'm fine. It's when I am alone or not busy it's difficult. S'why I can't…" she falters again, preparing to just shrug it off and let it slide in evasiveness but changes her decision, after giving Soriana a lingering look. A test of trust, perhaps? There was no protesting about the mind healer, so she may feel safe in admitting it now. "… can't sleep most nights. This isn't new to me either, always been a thing of mine." Thing? Odd way to categorize it, but Kiena's never really been out and proud that she's wrestled with it most of her life and probably because it's not severe and comes and goes. Ujinath is a big help too, but even the blue has limits. "You're brave to want to see one of them, even if just to see what the fuss is. Let me know how it goes?" Kiena muses with another tentative smile that quickly slips further into a grin. One that is just a wee bit guilty as she looks down and chuckles under her breath. "Yeah, I'd have loved to have torn a chunk out of him and if I were younger and as hotheaded as I was then, I would've. It'd not have solved anything, but it's tempting. Heh, six? I was a hellion well until my late teens." she admits and exhales softly. "Mhm, you've a point. Not that I'm about to build a bonfire on the beach and do it but…" She's considering the options now of doing something. Quietly and perhaps semi-privately, but something all the same. It's better than nothing! Kiena is quiet a moment, chewing thoughtfully at her lower lip before her eyes lift again to meet Soriana's. "Thanks." And it's genuinely spoken too!

Soriana rocks Skyler a little as Kiena thinks things over, then looks back to the bluerider as she begins to speak again. She nods, with a wry smile for the part about being alone and not busy. Yay paperwork? Soriana doesn't press against that silence, but she nods for the lack of sleep. It doesn't seem to surprise her - well, not up until the part where it's not a new thing. That gets a curious look, a hmm as she thinks about it. "Well…" She laughs a little. "I'm sure you've already heard all the soothing tricks." Warm milk. Herbal blends. Exercise. Cookies. …cookies? Okay, so maybe they're not on any of the official lists, but if there's milk, it'd be a shame to not have cookies to go with it. "So I guess just… good luck staying distracted?" Her smile takes on a bit of teasing, her eyes some mischief as she adds, "You could try moving in with Mur'dah?" It's a joke! …probably. Soriana's plans to visit the mindhealers might also be a joke - she certainly laughs a bit for the bravery involved - but then she nods. "I'm sure they'll find all sorts of bumps on my my head." Which would actually be phrenology, not psychology, but… close enough, right? Just like six and sixteen are similar in… certain ways. Soriana hehs. "Just because we get all… responsible…" eventually "…doesn't mean the feelings go away." Self-control, yay! Self-denial… not so yay. "So it's just a matter of… figuring out something that works for you." Something that'll let Kiena sleep at night, or at least feel better about certain mindhealers. Soriana slips into quiet, letting Kiena think about what those things might be, then looks back to her and smiles. "You're welcome."

"Every last one of 'em. I try to stay away from the herbs or medicinal options… but the other aids, they sometimes work 'n they sometimes don't." Kiena doesn't seem so hesitant now to be speaking so straightforwards with Soriana, though she still picks her words carefully and at times her speech will slow but there's no evasiveness. It probably helps that the goldrider is laughing but the lack of judgement or pushing helps by leaps and bounds. On to distractions, her mischievousness is met by a startled look from Kiena, only to change to one of amusement as the Weyrsecond begins to laugh. "What, and give up the quirkiness of my weyr and probably spook him?" she says between chuckles, her turn to be a touch mischievous. "Mur'dah's been great for distracting me, but my weyr IS a built in distraction. Trampoline, rope swing, slide…" Or an Infirmary visit waiting to happen? At least she has "exercise" covered… in all senses. What was that about six and sixteen being similar? Twenty-something factors in too. Always a kid at heart! "Would they?" Kiena muses, her eyes lifting as if to briefly examine Soriana's head (though she does nothing of the sort). "Heh. Again, another good point. I'll… think of something. And promise, it won't result in any uh… damages." Especially if she DOES end up making a bonfire. No burning the Weyr down! "… Ka'el did mention taking leave," she says after another brief lapse into silence. "If I needed it. I took the offer rather… poorly at the time.." she grimaces a bit, regretful for her actions. She gives a little laugh, "I thought he was sayin' for me to step down. Not the case. But… I've thought about maybe leaving for a few days. Two or three. Couldn't hurt?" The Weyr wouldn't implode during that time, would it? Kiena's attention is distracted again as the twins are back at it again, climbing the structures now and their voices and laughter drifting back to where their mother sits on the bench. She smiles softly, then glances sidelong to Soriana and then down to little Skyler. "How've you been? Alright? And the little one here… growing fast, isn't he?"

Another yes and no answer - which is about what Soriana expected, so she nods to that. "Isn't that always the way of it?" At least, when it comes to sleep. When it comes to distractions from sleep… "Well then, he can move in with you instead!" Problem… solved? Not really, but Soriana's tone is still a teasing one. "So, trampoline… better or worse than jumping on the bed?" Kiena is one of those few who get to do an actual side by side comparison. Lucky her? Soriana's head - despite her claims - appears to only have the bumps it should. Ears, nose, the usual sort. Maybe the rest are hiding under her hair, or maybe they don't actually exist. She nods about Kiena's plans to think it over, then laughs. "Yeah, if you can. We'd really rather not have to repair anything." A moment's pause, and then, "But if you do, talk to Jethaniel first, see if there's anything we've been meaning to replace." Not that burning it down in an act of misplaced vengeance is how those things are supposed to go, but… they can adapt! Soriana's expression turns more serious again as Kiena mentions taking leave, and she nods slowly. "You're allowed time off. Mandated it, in fact." There's a faint smile. "If you wait for your inbox to be empty, you'll never manage to take a break, so… don't wait." There's a trace of sadness to Soriana's smile, but it's still certainly a smile, and as Kiena inquires about herself and her son, the sorrow fades. "We've been doing well. He's getting… more active. Grabbing for things." She laughs. "I think he's tired today, he's usually got a nap soon." Not that he always follows his schedule, but then, neither does Soriana and she's got far more turns of practice.

Kiena laughs and gives her a look that says it all: how does that solve things? She sobers down to low chuckles, her grin crooked. "Better. My bed's a water bed, you can't really jump on it without… unfortunate consequences." Does she know this from experience? Hard to say, but her tone is light and teasing to the goldrider. "If I happen to cross paths with Jethaniel, I'll be sure to ask…" she muses, should she feel it necessary to dabble in some pyromaniac behaviour and not be satisfied with a regular, average bonfire. Maybe she can set it as a training exercise for Galaxy! Or… not. Kiena's amusement sobers as well though not entirely gone when the conversation turns back to talk of leave of absence. "Suppose that's true. Just… feels like a bad time, you know?" And yet needed. Could she wait? Kiena isn't so certain but Soriana has a point… will it ever be a good time? She may pick up on that sadness or not, but she goes on to add: "We all deserve it, right? A break, I mean. Time away." Goldriders and Weyrleaders included! At least in her head. Talk of Skyler has her smiling warmly and laughing along with her. "Just wait until he's mobile on his own! 'Grabbing things' takes on a whole new meaning. Glad though that you've both been well." she murmurs, reaching out to perhaps test Soriana's claim by offering her fingers as sacrifice to Skyler, if his mother doesn't object to the bluerider touching him. "Ahh, so he's more or less set to a routine now? Makes it a bit easier, huh? Unfortunately with two… routines weren't always possible." Kiena admits with a smirk. Speaking of those 'two', they're making their way over. Running at first, though they slow down as they spot Soriana and grow a little more timid and unsure. At least they remember their manners and nod politely, but they'll try to tuck themselves beside and behind Kiena, bench or no bench.

"Trampoline and swimming pool both!" …ooor maybe not, but light moments - just like breaks - are certainly deserved, and Soriana nods about those. "We do. So when's the last time you took one? Something more than just your rest day." Assuming Kiena's even been taking those as she should. One thing at a time? Skyler peers at Kiena with the dazed look of a baby who's too interested in his environment to actually sleep but probably won't be able to resist for that much longer. It takes him a moment or three to figure out what fingers are even for, but… oh, there it is. A bump of his hand, a curl of fingers before they fall away again. Soriana laughs. "I dunno that I'd call it a routine, exactly. But we're learning his habits or he's learning ours, not quite sure which way it goes." A little of both, most likely. "At least he still stays where we put him, once he starts crawling around…" she trails off, perhaps imagining all the things that can get broken. "Well, we'll deal with that when we get there." Soriana looks up to see Eliana and Esriza approaching, and smiles to them. "Good afternoon," she says. "Having fun today?"

Kiena snickers, "At least temporarily!" she agrees, only to clear her throat and look sheepish. Actually, she looks downright guilty. "Uh," Given how long she has to think about it… the answer is probably not good. "… not ever? Not since I took Weyrsecond and probably not prior to that. Weyr Games don't count, I worked my rest days into that." So she has been taking them! To do… more work (or would the Games have been considered half-play?). Grimacing, she can't help but laugh softly too. "Guess I am overdue." By Turns! Kiena's in no rush at least with Skyler figuring out what her fingers are or that they're easy to grasp and when he bumps his hand to them she can't help but grin before drawing them away. "You'll meet in the middle then or… adapt." she murmurs in regards to routines, nodding. They will! For now though, she has two (not-so) little ones to focus on and Kiena will sit up a bit, welcoming them both with half hugs… or she's trying to coax them out from using her as a shield. Soriana doesn't bite! "Afternoon." Two voices chime back, not quite in time with each other (thankfully… since that's just creepy). Eliana seems the shyer one, while Ezsrisa is more outgoing with the greetings done. "Uh huh! Lots. Fun playing in the leaves! Better than lessons." Sagenod and all. She'll notice Skyler first and approach, with Eliana craning her head a bit to peer at whatever has her sister's interest. Kiena's just quiet, though her look may be a touch apologetic too to Soriana. The twins can be handfuls and she's always a little wary. "Is he your baby? He's cuuuute! Can I see him?" Ezzie asks in that high and excited childish way.

Not… ever. The smile Soriana gives Kiena now is one that will serve her in good stead once Skyler's old enough to appreciate it. It's the one that makes it clear that the problem is a completely fixable one, but there is a problem and it should be fixed! Overdue? "Just a bit." She laughs. "Find someplace out of the way so nobody can come pester you for 'just one more thing'. And get souvenirs for everyone!" Because those are important! Also they'll prove that Kiena actually did take a break. As for Skyler… Soriana smiles. "There's a lot of adapting." From both sides, as Skyler learns how to be a miniature human and Soriana and Ka'el learn… how to be parents. Someday, Skyler will be as big as these two children of Kiena's… but that day is not yet. Soriana nods to them, listening. "You find anything buried underneath?" Okay, so mostly what's buried under the leaves is more leaves - and the occasional slug - but it never hurts to look. Ezsriza approaches, and Soriana turns Skyler a bit to let the baby focus on… a face! Skyler likes faces, and this one is smaller and closer to his own scale than most of the ones he sees. "He is. This is Skyler," Soriana introduces. Skyler makes a noise. It's not a word, yet, but it's a 'a-a-aa!' sort of sound that's definitely not crying and will eventually turn into actual talking. For now, it's just… a noise, accompanied by a flail of limbs.

Of course there's a problem and it should be fixed and it's an obvious one. Obvious and yet missed (and ignored) by Kiena for so long. Rather than brood about it, she'll just accept it. She knows she works too hard. The subject has come up before! "Hmm… someplace out of the way, huh? Lemos forest should be far enough and north enough, I'd say?" And less chance of anyone finding her! She laughs, "Souvenirs…? Or evidence?" she teases lightly, before the twins discover Skyler and the bluerider is silent, less her conversation get lost among theirs. "Nooo," Eliana informs Soriana in a slow and ponderous way, peering back towards those pile of leaves. "Didn't find nothing!" Oh, but she's going to look the next time. Not now, as she's had her fill in playing with leaves for one afternoon. She'll creep forwards to join Ezzie, likely peeking over her sister's shoulder when Soriana turns Skyler to face her. "Hi Skyler!" Ezzie greets, before giving her name, prompting Eliana to echo her. Not that the baby will understand but they don't know that yet, nor do they seem to mind his non-word noises. Of course, being six, they'll probably try to copy him. "He's so tiny… Were we tiny too?" It's asked first to Soriana, as if the goldrider Knows All, but they look to their mother too. Kiena just chuckles. "Smaller." Before the girls can start drowning them in a flood of questions and ramblings, the bluerider will stand and stretch, giving Soriana a warm, if not genuine smile. "I should probably be going. Time for something to eat, I think." She probably means the two girls, who are looking a bit put out that playtime is done but not protesting so much if it means time with her. "Thanks again. For… everything. It was good to see you."

"Sounds good to me," Soriana agrees with a grin. Lemos has… trees, yep. That's about all she knows, which means it's a good bet that it's actually isolated enough that Kiena won't find too much Weyr work to do. She may find some. Problems like these aren't fixed overnight! But… it'll be a start. Soriana just laughs to the question of whether Kiena will be bringing back souvenirs or evidence, and then she's nodding to Ellie's lack of discoveries (this time!) and holding Skyler as the girls make polite six-turn-old introductions and get polite three-month-old replies. Soriana may not know all, but she does at least know some. She could answer the general form of that question - she does know that children come from babies - but Kiena does it for her, and so she just laughs, looking up to follow Kiena as the bluerider rises. She nods. "So should we, before long," she says, though she doesn't rush to stand up herself. Maybe she's planning to take a moment of peace and quiet now that the kids are leaving. Those are few enough, these days. Better take them while she can! Soriana smiles back. "It was. Especially… well, actually getting to talk instead of just running past each other on the way to a meeting." Her laugh's a rueful one, and then she lifts a hand from Skyler to wave. "See you back at the office?"

There will definitely be peace and quiet, now that most of the children are being lead back to the Weyr and Kiena's round up her two girls. They'll make their farewells too, with much waving and cooing and, thankfully, properly speaking to Soriana and not cooing to her too. "It's a nice change, isn't it?" Kiena agrees with a laugh of her own as she slips an arm around each girl's shoulder. No escaping now! She begins to turn, gently shepherding her children forwards even as she pauses for a moment longer. "I'll see you back at the offices. Take it easy too. Bye, little man!" There's a small return wriggling of her fingers to Skyler, another warm smile to Soriana and then Kiena is turning to walk away, which turns into briskly trying to keep up to Ezzie and Eli as they races off ahead. So… what was that about peace and quiet and relaxing?

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