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Xanadu Weyr - Clearing
A wide clearing stretches from east to west, the ground packed hard although grass grows across most of it. Trees are strictly forbidden in this space, their danger to the constant draconic traffic reason enough to banish them to the forest that creates a border to the north. Where the ground is less trampled, tiny flowers poke their delicate heads out from their shaded hiding places.
The cliff looms imposingly on three sides, stretching upwards all the way up the side of the rock edifice where, high above on Xanadu's Star Stones, the ever-present watchdragon sits on the lonely peak. Directly south is the hatching arena, the large round complex taking up a large portion of the perimeter, a line of trees visible beyond it. Southeast are wide steps leading up to the caverns and eastwards is the large entrance to the Infirmary. Somewhat north of the infirmary is a human-sized archway that has a frequent quantity of traffic — it leads to the Wandering Wherry Tavern. Tucked neatly under the arch, to one side is a tiny wood-frame shop bearing the name 'Petals and Pots Garden Shop'. Southwest lies cliffs where windows for the administrative offices have been cut. Underneath them are the entrances to the crafters complex while north and west along the cliff's base, a broad path leads to the feeding grounds. Due north is the spacious trail that leads to the rest of the Weyr - the meadow, the forest beyond. At the far edge of the clearing, beside the trail leading to the forest sits a clocktower.

Ever since his first somewhat dramatic flight, Kanekith hasn't been able to get enough airtime. Being up high is exciting, and each time seems new! The growing bronze still has al ong ways to go before he is an expert flier, but with practice, he has been abel to keep to the air a little longer each time. The bronze is airborne now with Ka'el standing below this calm autumn day, peering up, a hand shielding his eyes from the sun. Above, the bronze stretches his wings, flapping higher. No, he isn't tired. Yes he can go on. Yes, he is most assuredly sure. He flaps and glides above the clearing, making practice rounds here while Ka'el keeps an eye out for incoming dragons looking to land while giving nonverbal instructions.

Incoming dragons? Here's one. Kaidoth emerges from between higher up in the sky, still some distance about Kanekith. The brown dragon bugles a greeting to the weyr as he adjusts his wings into a downward glide. Strapped to his back is J'o, dressed in his riding leathers, and a few empty bags. He's like a Comet rider! …on account of how he's doing wing shadowing.

Idrissa is there, or something from the looks of it, she is pulling on her flight jacket while Tahryth is just about bouncing around like some happy rabbit at the thought of them getting back into the air. Rissa had to stop and get a few things from the stables, and was then roped into taking some old mugs, plates and so forth to the cavern for /someone/. At the bugle Tahryth turns to look up, a welcoming bugle is sent both towards Kanekith and Kaidoth once the green has caught sight of them it seems.

Yes. Yes. Good, he's got it. Ka'el begins to faintly grin as Kanekith arcs in the air, beginning to make a descent, and his pleasure at how well things are going amplifies Kanekith's desire to do well. Just bring yourself down easy, buddy. There's plenty of space. Right the-…ugh! No wait, there's another dragoning dropping in! From where he stands, Ka'el can't tell just who the brown is, but he does know that his trajectory is going to be in /his/ trajectory's way. Kanekith falters a bit and changes his route, still descending, though now a ways away from his intended landing space. His jaw opens, emitting a cry. I am here, watch yourself! Oh, and hello Tahryth.

Fortunately, Kaidoth's moving at an easy glide. He could veer off before he hit Kanekith, assuming that the bronze doesn't turn toward him or anything. Not that it probably doesn't seem awfully close to a dragon as yet inexperienced with the niceties of sharing airspace. The brown bugles once more to Kanekith, arching his wings to lift himself and give the bronze a little extra space. It's all good, fellow dragon. He's good, Kanekith's good, Tahryth down there on the ground is good too. But… a little extra caution never hurts, especially as J'o looks and sees the relatively small size of the other. Kaidoth may not be instantly recognizable, but there's only two half-grown bronzes at Xanadu, so J'o has his brown give this one some room.

Tahryth is of course good, why would she NOT be good! There is another soft bugle escaping the green while she watches the bronze and brown pair pondering it seems. Idrissa watches the 'show' and ponders a few moments with a soft breath escaping her. « Hello hello! How are you both? » If her rider refuses to get into a conversation then Tahryth will make sure there is one started, the greeting is sent to both bronze and brown alike while they are still airborn.

All is well. There is no collision between brown and bronze, and Kanekith is approaching the ground at a steady, slowish pace. All is clear when his claws touch the grass, and his wings life high up as his weight is pressed down. Operation landing: Success! Green tinted wings flutter as he arches his head up regally, almost as if striking a pose. Ka'el grins…not entirely at the modeling, but moreso because of the smooth landing. "Nice Kanekith!" he gives from a distance just as the bronze's wings begin to fold at his side. Kanekith croons in reply, head tipping up to watch the brown now as he regard Tahryth's question. « Unworn. I could fly again, and again towards enternity and not tire. Not yet, says he. I wonder what he waits for. » Ka'el's eyes are on the brown above, eyes still shielded. Not Mur'dah. Not Isyriath. He's a little too big. "Hey Idrissa," he offers, still looking up.

Oh, yeah, Kaidoth's too big to be one of the weyrlings from Ka'el's clutch. The feel of his thoughts is different too, splashes like big paws in mud-puddles. « Hello. » he says to them as he glides to a landing. « I am well. We flew to many holds today. » Kanekith's words are considered, and the brown adds, « I am not worn, but I am done flying. » So he lands! Kaidoth sets down neatly, some distance from the others, and J'o unstraps and slides down from his neck. He looks back to the others, and his hand lifts in an almost-wave… or is it a salute? Who knows. He turns back soon enough, starting to unfasten those bags from Kaidoth's harness.

« I'm sure you could well enjoy. » Tahryth offers back to Kanekith, her swirling gaze is settling upon Kaidoth as she has not met this brown before. The young green is quick to trod right over to him now that he has landed and he is unable to move for a few moments with J'o working on his straps. « Where all did you go, which holds? » Idrissa smiles as she catches sight of J'o, it's been some time since they talked, but hey, no reason not to at least smile a bit right? Her gaze turns over to Ja'el at the greeting. "Hello Ka'el, how goes it?" Though her gaze flicks back to J'o and she waves to him. "Hello J'o." Is soon called out towards the brown rider.

Kanekith languidly makes his way to his rider, head still lifted proudly, knowing that he did well. The silent praise given by Ka'el is confirmation of that, and it's only when he's near his weyrling that his head lowers to affectionaly bump his chest. The other bwon, now landed, he knows is not his clutchsibling as Ka'el supposed. His feeling is different, though h still doesn't immediately answer even as he's spoken to. He snuffles at Ka'el's hair first, checking up on him. Receiving his report. But eventually.. « Holds are other places, yes? » It's a question asked for confirmation, not curosity. He knows the word. It's been read and visualized by his rider, though Kanekith himself has never experienced them. With his hair thoroughly dragon-sniffed, Ka'el snickers and takes a step back, looking to Idrissa to answer. "Alright. Was just goin' over a few things with Kane. I think it's testing season," he remarks, peering over at the other rider now that he's easier seen. Oh. It's J'o. And was that a salute?

Kaidoth shares images of the holds he's visited today with J'o. It's an assortment of the more major ones in Xanadu's territory; a good set for training on. The brown holds himself still for J'o, whose hands are still somewhat unfamiliar with the strap positions for carrying a load, so it's taking a while. Kaidoth brings his head down to greet Tahryth up close and personal with a soft warble. Kanekith, being distant, doesn't get a greeting aloud, but when he does actually resume the conversation, Kaidoth responds to the bronze willingly enough. « Yes. » The images are offered once more, if Kanekith missed them. « Humans live there, but dragons only visit. » Usually. There are exceptions, but Kaidoth is a simple creature and doesn't bother with them. J'o finishes pulling off the bags and loosens the straps for Kaidoth's comfort before he turns back toward Idrissa (and Ka'el). If that was a salute, it certainly isn't repeated. "Hey."

Tahryth warbles out softly to Kaidoth, and then true to being herself lifts her head up enough to try and give the brown's cheek a nice slobbery lick from the looks of it. The green warbles, which sounds more like a laugh then anything before taking in what images she is given. « Perhaps.. mine and I will get to see such things soon. Oh it must be such fun to fly so far, and see such things. » The green is eager to get out and explore it would seem. "I'm sure there is a test coming up soon enough, there always testing something after all." Tests, lessons you name it there it will be. Idrissa ponders a moment before tucking her gloves into her pockets and wanders on towards J'o, pointing at the straps and what not that he is still working with. "Want some help?"

"Hand signals," Ka'el says to Idrissa, speaking the first examination that comes to mind. "Flight formations. I've got the basic ones memorized alright. It helps when we fly them.." He talks both to her and himself at the same time, his eyes straying from her to stare unfocusedly ahead as he thinks. He's missing one. Wasn't there another this sevenday? "I think I heard rumor they'll be watching landings .. Sort've an informal assessment. But Kanekith's got that learned pretty well," he says with a sidelong smirk to his bronze, who digs his claws into the earth in response. He got down here, didn't he? The pictures shared by Kaidoth are considered and then dismissed. « I will see these with my own eyes when we fly. »

Kaidoth gets licked! The brown doesn't seem to mind overly, though he gives his head a slow side to side toss, like he's going to shake the slobber off. « You will. » When? He doesn't know… but he didn't bother asking, either. Dragons fly and dragons between, so of course these dragons will too. He's unruffled by the lick and dismissal both. "I'm fine," J'o says to Idrissa after giving her a glance. "Almost done." Just a couple more things to unfasten, that's all. And he certainly doesn't need help. Nope. Kaidoth turns his head back, nudging J'o.

Tahryth was hoping for more of an reaction from Kaidoth, she eyes the brown and warbles out a moment while her tail flicks and sways a few times. « Of course we will, we all will. It shall be such fun! » The green is rather bubbly at the moment while she shifts to sniff and snuffle at the items within those straps upon Kaidoth. « What did you bring back? » This questioned with a few flicks of her wings, her forepaw lifting to pokepoke at one of the straps even, hopefully she doesn't hit a buckle or somesuch to cause a problem. Idrissa nods to J'o before shifting on back to where about she was. "I imagen there be snooping around watching us do plenty of things. Especially V'dim so he can sneakattack us and give us a heartattack or something."

Someone's certainly got his panties in a knot. Ka'el eyes J'o just as he brings his hand to rub the side of it against his nose, though questions aren't forthcoming. Not from him anyway. « What does this mean? Knotted underwear? » -.-; Ka'el quirks a brow at his dragon, sushing him…silently. Anyhow! To Idrissa he can onyl nod. "I wouldn't put it past him. Past any've them," he extends, glancing left and right, seeking AWLM spies though spotting none. "I wonder how long the guy's been the weyrlingmaster." A good question to ask V'dim himself, if .. you nkow, people just went around asking him personal questions like that. He watches J'o mess with his straps and things, not offering any help himself, which is likely surprising to none.

Kaidoth tilts his head, peering back at Tahryth as she nudges his straps. He doesn't seem to mind much, but… "Hey, watchit," J'o says, putting a flat hand against Tahryth's muzzle and pushing it away from where he's working to retrieve those… « Paper things. » Kaidoth is so uninterested in those. They're just… pieces of paper with marks on them. Sometimes they're folded over. Boring. « Not many. » Indeed, the bags J'o slings over his shoulder are nearly empty. There wasn't much mail today, apparently. Though… J'o looks back to Ka'el, and gets a thoughtful expression. Now wasn't there… Hmm. He sorts through the bags for a minute, selecting one and putting the rest aside. In he reaches, and… hmm… aha! There it is. One of those folded papers with marks on. J'o smiles for a moment, and picks up the rest of the bags to sling over his shoulder before walking over to Ka'el and extending that paper. "Letter for you." From Black Rock Hold.

A few soft warbles escape Tahryth as her head is pushed away, she reahes out to try and give J'o a quick slurping lick across his cheek before the boy can move off. The green looks back to Kaidoth. « Paper things? » There is a pause while she sends this to her rider and ideas are passed back and forth before an answer is made. « Letter? » "Sorry J'o, she is rather nosey to say the least." Idrissa offers to the brownrider while eyeing her dragon a few moments whom doesn't seem to care if she WAS nosey or not it seems. Rissa glances to J'o to peer at him at the talk of a letter for Ka'el, her gaze flicks to his bag and then back to the rider. "Is.. There any from near Ierne?"

« Paper things are everywhere, » rumbles Kanekith, whose shadowed thoughts seem lethargic now. Thick, like ink instead of shade. Paper with marks on them. The tomes that take so much of Ka'el's time when he stares at them. The pages he writes and writes upon. Kanektih indeed shares Kaidoth's sentiments baout the boringness of paper. A delivery dragon he would poorly make! Gladly, Ka'el has no hope or thoughts of becoming one, and in fact, he's pushing away from his bronze, prepared to take his leave, though he's paused by J'o. And a letter. A letter held by J'o. The edges of his mouth vaguely curve down. Hen does he get letters .. from home? …. And it being delivered by J'o doesn't make him want to take it more, but.. he does, plucking it from his hands and folding it into a back pocket of his jeans. "Thanks. .. I don't owe you coin or anything, do I?" he asks, skeptically. "It'll have to wait, if I do." He juts a finger back towards weyrlinghoodtown. "Gotta go." He glances to Idrissa, gaze softening a little at her request, though he doesn't question her. "I'll see you in class, huh?"

Dragon-slobber. It's just what J'o wanted. He rubs his cheek with the back of one glove, but never mind that now. He's got work to do! Neither rain nor snow nor licks from dragons will stop the mail from its appointed rounds. He just shrugs to Idrissa's apology, but at her question, he glances that way and gives his head a shake. "Not in my bags." He's only been to the holds in Xanadu's coverage area. The rest of mail delivery is handled by someone else! Strictly speaking, so's the part of actually handing the letters to their recipients here, but J'o just couldn't resist… especially not when he saw that the letter was addressed to not Ka'el but Kale. Here you go! A letter. From doting parents. If only he could see Ka'el read it, but, well, can't have everything. "Nah. Standard delivery." As in it was paid for when it was sent. Truth be told, it wasn't marked for speedy dragon delivery - it just got a free upgrade because that made a good training exercise. So at least it's not urgent news from home.

Idrissa wasn't truthfully expecting anything, though there is a slight bit of sadness that crosses her face at the thought. Who was she kidding her mother would send her a letter after all this time. A slight nod is seen while she glances off, lost in thought for a few moments. The question from Ka'el is enough to get her out of whatever she was thinking. "Yeah, I'll be there." Slinking in late like as what is normal with her anymore. Tahryth warbles now, tail wiggling and flicking before she is on the move it seems, going /that/ way. Her job here is done now that J'o is all covered in dragon-slobber, could be worse, right?

It's probably just the run of the mill, standard, how are you doing letter. Nothing special. Nothing to worry about. The usual 'why don't you come visit us?' and 'you should see how big the twins are getting' and 'are you sure you don't wish to come home?' Yeah .. that's it. No one's come to visit him in…well, turns. So why start now? Ka'el silently tries to convince himself of this. He definitely doesn't want to apepar worried in front of present company, and so at J'o's answer he merely nods. No pay, no problem! "Yeah well …. thanks." It shouldnt've been that difficult to speak a simple thank you, and the tone he uses is almost, just slightly dismissive. To Idrissa now, he nods, "Alright. Don't be too late. M'sure V'dim's keepin' score or something." He lifts a hand to her in a light wave, sparing J'o a look and a near imperceptible nod before he and Kanekith make their way away, the bronze's eyes swirling with curiosity.

It definitely could be worse. It could be better, too, but J'o will take what he can get. Apparently, that's a word of gratitude. He registers faint surprise as he nods. No comment. That's his contribution to peaceful relations: not saying anything. Kaidoth pads up behind his rider, sending a farewell to the other dragons as he peers down to look at Ka'el in the moment before the bronzerider departs. J'o continues to not say anything - though he's had his share of those V'dim lessons recently. In fact, he got a great deal of personal attention (since it was only himself and D'an for a while), and if that's not a thought to give you nightmares, he doesn't know what is. Maybe he gives a nod back. Maybe he doesn't. It's sitting right on that imperceptible line, and then… he glances back to Idrissa. "I can check, if you want. In the mailroom."

Idrissa tilts her head, she is wondering what is on the letter, but yeah so not her problem, and she has no idea to try and find out. "Yeah I know, I won't be that late.." She doesn't tend to be late, just tends to be the last on there. She glances to J'o a soft smile seen and she soon shakes her head. "It's alright.. Won't be anything there anyway." A slight wave is sent after Ka'el and then offered to J'o. "I'll see you around J'o, seems Tahryth wants a bite to eat before the lesson." Well of course she does. Rissa sticks her hands into her pockets and is soon following after her dragon, a bit lost in thought as she goes.

J'o nods to Idrissa. "Okay." She knows whether or not there'll be a letter there, presumably… though his gaze does linger questioningly for a few moments. He doesn't ask, though, at least, not before she makes her excuse and heads off. "See you around," he says to her, giving a wave before turning to walk over and deliver his bags to the mailroom, and from there, well… probably give Kaidoth a bath and oiling, if the brown dragon has anything to say about it.

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