Autumn Colors

Xanadu Weyr - Forest
This broad path that leads from the main clearing into the forest has been designed in such a manner so as to be not only wide enough for wagons to travel through, but also providing ample space for dragons. The path appears only worn in the center though, as most of the traffic moving through this area is that of the two-legged kind. Flowers sprout up and speckle the lush grass with bright saffron and cheeky rose, creeping all the way up to the bases of the trees that rise upward in their aged magnificence, gargantuan limbs casting often welcome shade, the general atmosphere and scent of the path is one of freshness and wild abandon.
The path winds its way leisurely through the trees, deeper into the forest and a number of less traveled paths branch away from it. Southwest leads to the forest's edge near the base of the tumbled rocks that mark the wilder areas of the forest and the mountains that rise behind Xanadu. West leads to the Firelizard Theater, northeastward the path leads to the feeding grounds and beyond that the gravel road that bisects the paddocks leading to the bovine complex. East leads to the meadow where it joins both the road that crosses the bridge over the river leading to the clearing and the the coastal road that leads out of Xanadu bypassing the beach and the Caspian Lake. Here there are secluded spots where one might picnic.

The afternoon is clear and chilly. Definitely jacket worthy weather as autumn continues to nip at Xanadu, painting the foliage the brilliant colors of the season. Ka'el and Kanekith have just left the feeding grounds. It's been another successful hunt for the growing bronze who moves along with his head lifted proudly and thoughts lingering upon the herdbeasts he's just ingested. Ka'el looks vaguely amused by the silent conversation that's passed between rider and dragon … more words being spoken by dragon than Ka'el himself. The weyrling wears a leather jacket with his hands stuffed within the pockets. It's beanie season again, and his trademark headgear is pulled on his head and over his ears. The bronzeriding pair seem in no particular hurry to get to wherever their destination may be, and Ka'el himself looks past his dragon and towards a cottage in the near distance. Hmm.

Near the cottages along the forsest path, the massive form of a Bronze dragon can be spotted laying slumbering in the shade of the trees. Xtzaltuth curls sleeping, apearing not to have a care in the worlds. Standing by his side, S'ic works at the straps that still grace this massive form, pulling back and suplies down, piling them by the bronzes side.

Today, Soriana seems to be taking a walk through the forest on her own. Because, well, forests are good for walking through, even if it's getting colder. That just means she's glad for her jacket; it's not yet freeze solid time yet. She pauses outside one of the cottages, looking down the path, then continues on past it… only to pause again as she sees an unfamiliar bronze napping. Hmm. Now who could that be? For the moment, S'ic is blocked from view by Xtzaltuth himself, so she's just left to regard dragon and hmm, at least until a dragon she does recognize comes into view. Ka'el and Kanekith get a wave.

Kanekith is first to stop, the young bronze noting an unfamiliar dragon ahead, larger than himself. It isn't cause for alarm. Dragons come and go all the time, and it's been numerous occasions on which he's witnessed them fly in and out on business. But that doesn't make it any less curious, and his attentiveness to the stranger turns Ka'el's attention that way too. Huh. Whose bronze? « The girl is here as well » informs Kanekith with a low rumble to Ka'el and a look that'd be considered sidelong. "The g-..?" Oh hey, it's Soriana! He grins vaguely, though not before giving his bronze a slight thwack with the back of his hand. The girl? Really? Nodding towards the snoozing bronze, he heads that way, brows lifting when a rider comes into view. "Oh hey."

S'ic looks up as he hears the greating and smile soflty and says, "Oh Hi." he gives a wave to Ka'el as he sets down the last of the baggage , "I hope we are not in you way here." not noticing Soriana as of yet.
Maybe 'the girl' is a step up. It's better than just being a girl, right? Soriana can be the girl! The only one that matters! …or something. She returns Ka'el's smile of greeting with one of her own, but then her attention goes back to the strange bronze, turning her own steps that way. Team investigation converges! Ka'el gets the first word in, but then Soriana comes around into view as well. She smiles and waves as she looks S'ic over curiously. "Heya."

"Our way? Nah," answers Ka'el, shaking his head. "Just walkin'. It's one of those types of days." A walking sort of day, apparently. Kanekith, now that he is nearer, seems to have no qualms with striding right up to the snoozing bronze for closer inspection. Is his hide shinier than his? He is big, but does he have muscle? The smaller bronze looks without touching, and he seems to engrossed with what he's doing to pay much attention to the girl anymore, even though she's now within their vacinity. "New to Xanadu?" he supposes, as S'yic doesn't look blatantly familiar to him at all, and he's sure he'd remember a bronze dragon roaming about any time recently.

S'ic says says softly, "I am just visiting for the moment, though I am hoping perhaps to make it perminate." he smiles and extends his had, "I'm S'ic ant this is Xtzaltuth.." he glances to Soriana and smiles, "Afternoon." shifing slightly, on his feet, looking between the two.

A very walking day. Soriana steps up nearish Ka'el, looking over Xtzaltuth with casual curiosity (really, kinda like Kanekith, even if the motivations are rather different) and nodding her head to the bronzes, ignored or not, before returning her attention to the other humans at the point where introductions actually start. "I'm Soriana," she says with a smile. "Luraoth's rider." Though the Luraoth in question is still nowhere to be seen. "Visiting, huh? Where from?"

Ka'el extends his hand to grasp S'ic's, giving it a firm shake. "Well met, S'ic. I'm Ka'el," he offers after Soriana introduces herself. "An' Curiosity there is Kanekith." And speaking of the bronze.. "Hey! Lay off him, eh? He's resting." Faranth forbid anyone ever disturb Kanekith in his slumber! If they think he's a grumpy sort now… yeesh! Turning back to Sori and S'ic, he refocuses on the conversation at hand. "Movin' here? Oh hey, that's good. We haven't had anyone transfer in a while … I think," he adds on thoughtfully, sounding less sure. "Well … the one in smithcraft was the only one I've heard about in a long time." But really, what does he know? Being a weyrling isn't good for keeping up with the going ons of everyday life in the weyr! "Are you a crafter?"

S'ic smiles to Soriana and says, "oh here and there.' he grins, "I guess, I should have said Harpers duties." he looks to you both and says softly, "It is pleasure to meet you both." at the question of moving he shrugs a bit, "I would like to though I am not sure if I can or not." he looks towards one of the near by huts and says, "A good friend of mine…and the mother of my son lives here so.."

Here and there, huh? Soriana nods. "Xanadu's duties to the Hall," she says with a smile. Just like those etiquette lessons she's been studying! Oh, weyrlinghood. It's all the studying. Anything not weyrling related ends up pouring out their ears to make room for more hand signals and history and courtesies and… all the rest. So much studying… which is why sometimes it's important to go wandering through the forest. That weyrling bubble means Soriana just shrugs slightly about new arrivals recently, not volunteering any information. Oh, except that meeting S'ic is, "A pleasure." She smiles, then nods at the mention of a friend and child. "Good reason to visit, I'd say."

Oh yeah, Ka'el is supposed to be applying those weyrling lessons in real life situatiosn huh? Situations like .. now? Ah well. Next time! For now Ka'el is merely Ka'el, Xandu resident meeting a visitor. A visitor who has a rather grand reason to be at Xanadu. Friend visit! And a kid. "Oh.." He glances to the cottages, the few that are in view, and tries to pinpoint any specific one that jumps out at him that seems to scream "I HAVE A KID IN ME!" … None do. His eyes stray to Soriana as she speaks, and perhaps with far less poise than his weyrlingmate, he asks. "This isn't your first time seeing it … eh, him is it? Is it a newborn?"

S'ic says softly, "No it is not the first time I have seen him." he smiles, "Though I was a weyrling when he was born." he glances to the cottages and says, "It doesn't seem that Jessi is home at the moment." he looks back to you and smiles.

Maybe V'dim is watching and this is part of their exams! Okay, proooobably not, but… y'never know. Better act like he is, right? Hence, Soriana's manners! She glances to Ka'el as he… actually asks about the kid, as opposed to just acknowledging it, then back to S'ic for the answer. She nods, then laughs. "Oh, you're friends with Jessi?" Now she even knows which direction to glance in! And she does. "…haven't seen much of her lately," Soriana says, half to herself, then shrugs. "I'm sure she'll be around, though."

Ka'el definitely needs more practice at this 'what is appropriate to say and what might better be left unsaid' thing, for it doesn't seem as if he has any intention of deviating from his line of questioning. S'ic is, after all, providing some food for thought! And with Kanekith done investigating the slumbering bronze, he begins to investigate other things. Human conversations are only so interesting before they get boring, after all! "Jessi? Huh.." Yes, he remmebers her being with child once or twice. And Sori's right, he hasn't seen much of her either. But that part isn't important. "..During weyrlinghood?" This requires some further investigation! "Were you…just starting your weyrling training, or did it happen well into it?"

S'ic chuckles and says, "Well we found out she was with child not long after I impressed." he shakes his head, "It was quiet a time really. trying to keep my concern about things aways from this brute here." he smiles fondly up to his bronze."

Fun facts for Ka'el: The part where a baby is started (aka funtimes) and the part where the baby emerges are different. They're separated by entire months! It's that whole pregnancy… thing. Kinda like how the eggs have to harden on the sand before they hatch, only more mammalian-like. So like, in this case… funtimes happened before impression, apparently. Soriana nods to that. "Weyrlinghood can have some challenges." A rueful smile, there… not like she's some expert or anything. She's only had the one! And she's not even done with it yet. She glances to Ka'el, then back to S'ic by way of Xtzaltuth. "Seems to have turned out okay for you both, though."

Ka'el knows those fun facts, thank you very much! The important fact here was when the baby was born! Which would clue in Ka'el as to when fun times happened … which in essence he only wishes to know for his own personal gain. But alas, the answer was not what he had hoped, and he nods once to S'ic. "Ha. Have ny luck with that?" he asks with a doubtful smirk. "S'hard to keep much from them, isn't it? .. Not that there's much to keep. But when there are…" He trails, eyes roaming to Soriana a moment. ".. In any case. Xanadu's a great place to live," he says, looking back to S'ic. Cue spokesperson mode! "Which I gather you already know since y'know Jessi. I'd advise you find a weyr with a place for a fire and that you keep it stocked, as it never fails that in winter we lose power and an ice storm'll blow in and you'll freeze to death without one." Fun fact.

S'ic nods and says softly, "yes it is a great place around here." he smiles, "I do hope I get a chance to stay. I have been spending alot of my time at the hall these days, continuning my harper training." he grins, "Though I love to get out and ply my craft as well." he looks between the two studying them for a few moments, "Perhaps I should try to catch you weyrling here for that." he nods and looks between Ka'el and his mate, "yes, you two would make lovely subjects."

Fun facts about fun times! Soriana's expression is somewhere between rueful and smirk as Ka'el talks about the difficulty of keeping things from dragons. No. Comment. "Hey, I don't think anyone's actually frozen to death," she says in defense of the weyr. The part about losing power during storms, though… yeah she can't argue with that so much. It has the power of Fact behind it, even if it's not so much actually a fun one. Things that might be more fun: harpering! So she nods to S'ic about him spending his time around the hall, then blinks. "…subjects?" she repeats. For a moment, she just looks at him, then… "For what?"

The application of crafts, yes! Ka'el would love to do that himself…if he had the time. There was a shining moment a few weeks ago, but since the dragons took to the skies, all hopes of getting some practice time in has dissipated. "Yet," he says to Soriana smugly. No one has frozen to death … yet. "I know one thing. I'm keepin' firestone on me all winter long. Just in case." He grins as he looks back to S'ic. But uh… wait. Subjects? Sounds experimental. He quirks a brow at him. "Doesn't require tubes bein' stuck up our noses, does it?"

S'ic smiles ands ays, "Well my primary focus is as a painter, I love to do portriates." he blinks and loks to Ka'el, "Tubes up your nose? I don't think harpers do that kinda things, maybe the healers.

…well, Soriana can't argue with that yet, so she just rolls her eyes at Ka'el. It's with a grin, though. "You do that," she says of his firestone plan. "A good fifty pound sack'll do you right." That there is definitely a smirk, and then she returns her attention to S'ic and his desire for… subjects. Subjects for… oh! For painting. Now that makes so much more sense, and she laughs. "Oh. I never really thought of the harpers as artists. I mean, it makes sense, just… never thought of it that way." She grins, then gives her head a little shake at the mention of healers and nose tubes. "Only if you're having a very bad day."

Fifty pounds. Oh yeah! Ka'el wordlessly lifts an arm to flex, though there's not much to see with his jacket in the way. But she can imagine, right? Muscley muscles. "I don't always understand art. Tubes shoved up the nose may be the next…modern thing." And if that's the case, he'd rather not be a subject, thank you! But like Soriana, he feels much more enlightened at the knowledge that S'ic is a painter. "Hey… no one's ever asked to paint me before," he says with a growing grin. "It's suprising really, don't you think? Who wouldn't want to immortalize this face?" He strokes at his chin in a playful show of vanity, to which Kanekith rumbles a dragon chuckle from afar.

S'ic smiles and says, "oh I am a historian and a musian as well." he smiels and looks to Ka'el and grins, "Oh I enjoy doing pictures of riders and there lifemates." he looks up to the dragon nearby consedering.

Yes, Soriana can imagine. She's very imaginative like that, and she gives Ka'el a smirk before shaking her head again at the idea of those tubes. "Sure hope not." What no that 'sure' didn't start as 'shards', what're you talking about? "But, well, art." A shrug, and she looks to the nearest thing to a local expert: S'ic! "The whole harper package, huh?" she says, then looks back to Ka'el. "D'y'want the full list, or just the high points?" she asks teasingly, then glances to Ka'el's bronze with a grin. Kanekith is one to talk, when it comes to modesty and lack thereof.

Ka'el oh so maturely sticks his tongue out at Soriana. Nyeeeah! Oh yes. These two here? Xanadu's finest weyrlings! Kanekith is picking up points of this conversation, and needless to say … it is gathering his attention. Anything dealing with him is attention worthy, and though the concept of artwork and painting is a bit beyond him, he does understand that someone here thinks he is worth being the topic of something, and that is enough to put him in a good mood as he returns to the little group of people. With Ka'el's tongue back in its proper place, the bronzeling grins. "Kanekith would like that, I bet. And whenever we get our weyrs, he'd want it hanging right where he sleeps. Now, as for Soriana and Luraoth.." he turns contemplative eyes to her, stroking his chin in a thoughtful way now. "Not as good subjects as Kanekith and me, but m'sure they'll do." A grin.

S'ic looks says says, "I don't know about that Ka'el, I would have to see her lifemate before I could say that for certian." looking back to Soriana he says, "All harpers study a wide variety of things, and specialize in a few." he grins.

Soriana just grins as Ka'el retreats to tongue-based rhetoric. That's probably the next thing they're going to study in class. The finer points of nyeah! She nods her head to Ka'el as he continues, all seriousness except for the lingering traces of grin. "We'd not be nearly so good at striking dramatic poses, for one thing." She looks to S'ic, and the grin broadens as she explains, "Far less practice, you know." Harpercraft missed an actor when Ka'el turned smith! For surely acting is part of that variety of things the harpers study. "A bit like dragonriding, that way. So much to learn, and then you pick a wing and perfect it." A pause, and then, "Or go crafter." Like S'ic seems to be doing, which would account for the slight awkwardness of Soriana's smile for a moment.

"Shameful, really," murmurs Ka'el to Soriana. "As long as we've known one another you'd think you would've picked up a few things from me. Ah..well," he waves a hand dismissively. "Not all of us can be so skilled." He continues to grin, looking as amused as he sounds, though he at least quiets down to listen to the talk of harpers and their studies. Soriana's comparison earns a nod that pauses after one head bob, and his eyes dart to her. "There's a wing for craftriders," he interjects. "It's just the same as the others, don't single it out." Because .. you know, he may be going that same path! Or not. The future is such a mystery.

S'ic nods and says, "Everyone has there own path to follow truthfully." he smiles, "I am sure the two of you will figure out what path it is you will follow.

Soriana raises one hand to Ka'el, with a shrug. "Just nothing for it, I suppose," she murmurs back with a teasing grin. "We've all got our limits." A smirk. She nods to Ka'el about those craftriders, expression actually turning more or less serious. "There is. Nothing wrong with it." She looks for a moment like she might say more, but then she gives a glance to S'ic and her head a tiny shake and is instead silent for a moment, followed by a glance to the sky as her dragon conveys a message from one of the weyrlingmasters. Ka'el's getting the same, most likely. Oh, those lessons. So Soriana looks to S'ic again, and smiles. "Looks like we have to go. It was nice meeting you, and… good luck!" She waves, and waits for Ka'el to take his own leave, so she can have some company on the walk back to the barracks and whatever fate awaits them today.

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