Pyriel Regains Consciousness

Xanadu Weyr – Infirmary

The infirmary here is intended for human care. It is spotless and smells of disinfectant, cots are lined up against one wall, a curtain can be pulled to give some privacy to the occupants of the cots if they so desire. A cabinet stands off against another wall, instruments and medications stored against when they will be needed. A couple of curtained off beds are used for examinations of patients and the treatment of minor injuries which won't require long term care. A desk with chair is just off of the doorway for the healer to sit and catch up on record keeping after a long days work.

It's been a very rough road for some of the survivors of the sunk Windy Waters. Some have passed away, others struggle to live, and a few still watch on in the hopes everything will be okay. Pyriel is one of those that had struggled, though since his dance with death it's been more or less uphill. There is a machine that's helping him breathe at the moment, but his color had pinked up at last, and the bandages around his head have been removed. Save for the tube shoved down his throat he just looked like he was sleeping. A healer strolls by, picks up his chart at the foot of the bed to scribble something or another. "Ah good, fever is down, color is good…" she says, clutching the clipboard to her chest and smiles at the unconscious boy. After a bit though, she slides the chart into the slot she got it from and steps away to check on another patient.

The healers have allowed most people but a brief peek in over the past couple of days since the few remaining survivors of the Windy Waters have been brought here. Duties elsewhere have seen to it that the Weyrwoman has not been able to simply stay in here 'round the clock as she'd perhaps wish to do. The brief times Thea's been in here have been spent taking report from the Healers as to the status of each patient, with a stop by each cot for a few words of encouragement to those who were conscious to hear them. This afternoon sees her once again making her rounds, pausing beside a certain young rebel's cot, concerned searching given the pallor of that young face, as if willing the boy to return to health, an expression hidden from the rest of the room by her shoulder and the tumble of dark hair she allows to curtain it.

The journeyman that had stopped by Pyriel's bed just a short time ago happens to glance over as she sees Thea has returned. She hands the chart she has in her hands to an aide, and then wanders back over to update the Weyrwoman. "Afternoon ma'am." she says in a conversational tone, sliding up and offering the appropriate show of respect to the other woman's rank. Jhedi is her name. She was used to seeing the goldrider pop in now and again, when her schedule and duties allowed. "This one gave us a fright the other day, but he's doing fine now." she offers some comfort at least, and a soft smile. "At this point we're just waiting for him to wake up." While Pyriel wasn't looking particularly fantastic in any sense of the word with a few bruises and scraps, and a pallor that would raise eyebrows and concern. It was, however, like night and day compared to how he had looked not to long ago.

There's a slight movement of Thea's head as Jhedi steps up beside her, not enough to look directly as her, but enough for the healer to see the flash of one sea green eye through a few strands of her hair. Though she's doing her best to shield the expression, worry… and guilt are clear in that brief flash. Keeping her face averted and her eyes back to the boy, the Weyrwoman responds quietly, "Yes. I'd heard." There's silence while she wrestles with a decision of some sort and then, asks carefully, "Have you consulted with Healer Hall about his continued-" searching for the correct term, "-loss of consciousness?"

Jhedi isn't all that surprised at the worry that is to be found on Thea's face, these sort of things can be rather unsettling as it were. She can only offer the woman another soft knowing smile, before her warm brown eyes find their way back to the harper. "Yes, they said after the nasty knock to his head he took, that it was perfectly normal to expect a few days of unconsciousness when his brain swelled. He had a particular difficult time with breathing on his own, but now that his fever has come down and he's over the hump as it were with his Pneumonia…." A pause, "Lung infection." she clarifies, just in case. "A clot had traveled to the infected lung…and his heart stopped." A shake of her head then, as he touches the back of two fingers to the boy's forehead, "Now everything seems to working itself out, and it shouldn't be long before he wakes up. You're welcome to sit, talk to him if you like. It helps sometimes." she offers, retracting her hand and indicates a chair at Pyriel's bedside.

Although she's still working at keeping her expression under control while the healer is at her side, there's no surprise on Thea's face; she's heard the reports of what the boy has been through having kept in close contact with the Infirmary staff. She does though, wince at the words 'brain swelling' and again when the healer utters 'heart stopped'. Jhedi indicates that chair, it's given only a brief flicker of a glance, her gaze returning to Pyriel immediately after. Her eyes may be looking at that still form on that cot, but her thoughts… are upon something she keeps to herself. "Thank you, Jhedi" she says quietly, dismissing the healer and sinks into the chair where she is silent for a few steadying breaths as she waits for the woman to walk away. Talk to him? Her throat works while she swallows several times and when she can, it is only two words, words she'd never say if he were awake to hear them. Words breathed out so no one else can either, "I'm sorry."

Jhedi bows her head and takes the dismissal, not seeing any reason to further distress the goldrider. Another glance is spared the harper before she indeed takes her leave. "Of course." she says, turning and heading off back in the direction of the front desk. There was all sorts of machines, tubes, wires and things connected to the boy, one of them beeping out the rhythm to which his heart is beating. Regular and steady. It's unclear whether or not people in an unconscious state can actually hear what's being said to them, though there is some debate. As Thea sits in the chair beside Pyriel and breathes her apology, there is no response. The boy is as still as ever, the respirator pushing air into his body and out again. For what might seem like ages, there is no change. People shuffle in, and out again, checking readings and charts. Then, that electronic measure of heartbeats increases dramatically. If Thea were to look up, she'd see a pair of gold eyes peering back at her and a bright pink flush to otherwise pale cheeks.

Almost right after uttering that apology, Thea drops her head, eyes on hands that she's twisted in her lap. Her brows knit as her thoughts drift miles… or rather turns away and remain there despite that quiet traffic of people in and out of the area. Her vigil is uninterrupted until that steady rhythm of beeps increases tempo, pulling her back to the here and now. Her eyes lift, green still darkened with the thoughts that linger therein, to spot that golden gaze and pinkened cheeks. It's a far more healthy color that the pallor and thus attributed to health and nothing else. Her eyes brighten, expression deliberately shifting to mask the concern that had etched her face as she smiles. Her comment is a light, "Welcome back, Scamp. You're late to lessons."

The harper apprentice blinks a few times even as his flush darkens up and down. Mere seconds after it begins to fade as he coming to the realization that he's got something stuck down his throat. Eyes widen before he's reaching up to get it out on his own, the beeping of the machine betraying his momentary panic. Jhedi is there in a heartbeat though, giving her full attention at first to the boy. "It's okay, calm down, calm down…" she soothes, turning the machine off completely with the flick of a switch. "Pyriel…I'm going to remove the tube now. You need to take a deep breath for me okay?" The boy glares at her when he's told to calm down, and would of been telling her exactly where she could shove her calm if he could. Resigned, the boy nods eventually, eyes flickering over to Thea again. FLUSH. And away they go again. Jhedi can't help but giggle, "Seems someone has a little crush, Weyrwoman." she muses, looking briefly to the goldrider and then begins to count. "One, two, three." And on that three Pyriel takes a deep breath and the tube comes out. Leaving the boy coughing, and his eyes squeezed shut. "Ugh…" he groans, swallowing and wincing. Ouch. "I'll get him some water, just a moment." And with that Jhedi hurries off again. Lucky for Py he's forgotten presently that the healer has just outed him.

In the face of that panic on the boy's face, Thea's casual manner changes to one of alert concern as she half-rises when Pyriel starts clawing at that tube. Though really, what can she do, other than call for a healer? Her head turns to do just that but Jhedi is there, so she sinks back down into that chair. The healer's inappropriate and unprofessional giggling observation while the poor boy is gagging on that tube earns a glare that echoes Pyriel's . Her rigid disapproval shows in every line of her body that of all times to make an insensitive statement, this is one of the very worst. The Weyrwoman makes no comment other than to give the Journeywoman a curt nod, giving the boy in that cot a moment to recover somewhat as her eyes track the healers progress to get that water. In that span of time she also mentally braces herself, turns back with a crooked sort of smile, "Well now you've got your voice back, you can give them back some grief, eh?"

Pyriel frowns, licking his dry lips as he blinks at the ceiling above his head, brows sinking down in irritation. What just happened there? Not cool at all in his mind. No. The tube and the comment. Jhedi was a young journeyman healer, and only recently assigned to Xandau, but as she returns with the water after a firm word or three by someone at the front desk she is decidedly less cheerful. There was a senior journeyman over there who had agreed with Thea's assessment of inappropriate and unprofessional, and the girl would see some form or another of reprimand. She's not even looking at the goldrider as she offers the boy the water, and helps him sit up a bit. Sipping the cold drink, Pyriel swallows and just ends up coughing again. "Seriously…" he croaks, glaring at the healer. "Time for ya to go." Jhedi simply nods, leaving the water on a table of sorts that can be wheeled over the bed, she bows her head and goes off to face her consequences. Perhaps embarrassed now, the Harper flops back against his pillows and decides not to tempt another glance towards Thea just yet. Maybe she'll be kinder than the healer girl and just let the news slide. "What happened?" he asks, voice still hoarse.

Thea, it seems, is totally unruffled by the healer's assessment of young Pyriel, the woman's return and healer ministrations to the boy met with a cold silence only broken when she's stepped away. Even then, she's sensitive enough not to comment on it to the teen. Instead, she exhales a long breath out, relaxing into the backrest of her chair and stifles her mothering instincts while adopting a casual air. A light comment rises to her lips, "If I didn't know you can't control the weather, I'd say you engineered a storm to delay your-" But then there's that question. A question that brings the worry back full-force. Silence for a few beats, then carefully, "You… don't remember?"

Pyriel's brows dip down again, his expression one of searching as he attempts to recall the events that had lead him to waking up to all this. Obviously he remembered Thea? Right? "Bits and pieces." he manages to croak after a time, another swallow and wince before he reaches out to take the water left for him and sips very lightly. "I was seasick, and tired. The boat started rocking even more, and then people were yelling, and running around. Shards the screaming…" is rasped, moisture welling up in his eyes and he quickly wipes at them, jaw clenching as he takes a second to think about something else. Then it hits him, and those golden orbs dart over to Thea very quickly as they widen, "Ryeokie? Where's Ryeokie?" he asks, panic starting to settle in again.

There's some relief on Thea's part at that recollection of events, a glance given to the boy's head where her gaze lingers on the area where he's taken the blow. She draws a breath, lips part to ask him something more when Pyriel asks that panicked question. Soothingly, "He's right over there-" and she points to the cot where Ryeokie resides. "I think he's asleep. He -ought- to be with all the fellis they've been handing out." A soft chuckle escapes her, "He's one tough cookie. I think we're stuck with him." Back to the teen, her head tilted a bit to one side, "Do you remember anything else?" Oh, it's asked casually enough, but her eyes are intent on his answer.

Relief floods Pyriel's features as his eyes settle on the sleeping starcrafter, though he quickly attempts to cover this with a cough and a bit of a glare. "Sharding wherry all banged up…" he scowls. "Idiot." There is some indication despite the grumbles, that the Harper is all talk when it comes to his verbal abuse of his friend. He cared more than he liked to let on. He drops himself back against the pillows again, helping himself to the water while Thea asks her last question. Setting the cup back down, he chances a glance at the goldrider again. Can he do it? Again, quickly away before his stupid blood pressure can further embarrass him. "Not much. I remember Landers helping me with Ryeo, he'd gone over the railing cause he just had to try and save his stupid farviewer. Something behind me cracked, and I couldn't see what it was. Someone was shouting to look out…and I remember pushing Ryeo towards Landers…" He stops to cough then, and take another sip of water. This one a testing bit deeper than the others. "Everything after that is a little fuzzy."

She's seen this scenario played out so many times before in the Infirmary, so often in fact, that the teen's gruff response pulls a small, knowing smile from the Weyrwoman. An expression that quickly slides into neutrality when Pyriel glances her way. Reassuringly, "That's understandable, given the chaos, the cold water and the bump you took. It'll come clearer in time." It's likely she's trying to reassure herself in there somewhere. "Seryth scooped you out of the water, but I think the cold had gotten to you enough by then you weren't, ah… with it so much. We wrapped the survivors in blankets, but had to fly back straight on our return rather than go *Between*." At that moment someone across the way groans, interrupting her train of thought, so exactly who he was toted back by is left to his imagination.

Pyriel honestly doesn't seem to remember as he said, because he's brows lift up as Thea clues him in to some of the things that went down after he got his brains scrambled. He was scooped up out of the water by a gold dragon? Why can't he recall this? "That sounds pretty awesome…" he comments, and is scratching the side of his head, the quality of his voice less scratchy now that he was using it again, even if the depth was missing thanks to tightness of his chest. He even wheezes now and then. A cough, and then finishes the water. Empty cup is eyed and then pushed away. The groan also draws away his attention, but for shorter than it does the rider. His gold eyes drift back to steal a long look at the older woman, a flush blossoming once more to betray where exactly his mind was at just then, so was the rapid beeping from the machine monitoring his pulse. It takes him a second, but he rolls over onto his side and yanks the blankets up over his head. "I need to sleep now." he claims, curling up tightly on his side then. Yes vile temptress. Away with you.

Thea is eyeing the groaner with some concern, keeping her attention there as the healers move to attend him. The increasing pace of that monitor sees her turning back to the the teen with some perplexity but he's… under the covers? Okaaaay. Dark brows lift slightly but that mumble from under there prompts her to rise. Warmly, "Yes, you should. You'll probably will be doing a lot of that." Then dryly, "Hurry up and get better, Pyriel, because your master is itching to instruct you on guitar construction." Seeing the one he'd brought likely went down with the ship. Is she… teasing? It's quite likely, because she's chuckling softly as she makes her exit.

The squiggling mass under the blankets that was once Pyriel, remains just that. He's very content to hide beneath the covers until the Weyrwoman is gone. Yes, this was best. With the tease and the chuckle though, the Harper merely pulls the blankets tighter over his head, the wrinkles there increasing as the fabric is further stretched. "Yes ma'am." comes the muffled reply, and then nothing at all. Only once Thea can no longer be heard does a single gold orb pops out as the covers are drawn back to reveal half his head. Indeed, the woman as no where in sight. Groaning, the boy once more throws himself back, rolling his eyes towards the ceiling. "That woman ain't no good for the blood pressure."

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