A Bone to Pick

Xanadu Weyr - Kilaueth and Alhenaeth's Ledge

Large screens of a rich maroon hue have been set up, shielding the weyr from rebel winds, adding a sense of privacy from ledge visitors. Thick rugs of the same color are scattered about, corners pinned down by the dark wood desk, the matching dresser, the overstuffed sofa, and the wide bed. Maroon linens clad the thick mattress, interrupted by multitudes of deep navy pillows. Various volumes are scattered over the desk and shelves, while clothes are thrown haphazardly over the furniture.

It's been nearly a week since the change in leadership at Xanadu and D'son's been a busy little beaver, reading R'sul's notes, getting out and about the Weyr doing his best to get to know people. There's been wingleader meetings and random resident meetings and picking Vivian's brain about the headwoman situation, though Dels hasn't seemed to make any steps forward about that yet. This morning, he comes up the steps to the Weyrwoman's weyr, waits politely outside with two mugs of klah in his hands. Inimeth who's been a very attentive mate since the flight winds a green tendril of thought towards Kilaueth: « D'son politely requests permission to come visit. » Echoing the bronze dragon's request is the rider himself, calling out an audible but not loud: "Good morning."

After a very early morning trip to Rubicon, experiencing the ocean breezes over the high walkway of the Hold, Niva returned to the Weyr. And she's been settled in her safe space - having assumed the young Weyrleader would be occupying the office - where she's been lingering. And then, Kilaueth is passing along the bronze's greetings even as D'son himself speaks, and after a moment, she nods, rising from the couch to move towards the entrance. "Good morning.." She replies, letting it serve as an invitation.

"Klah?" D'son offers promptly, hazel eyes taking in the Weyrwoman's appearance, that second mug offered over. "Just wanted to have a private word, before ah — the day really gets going. Did everything go all right at Rubicon?" He doesn't trip over the name of the hold this time, like the first few times matters there came up and steps on inward, accepting the implied invitation.

Niva nods slowly taking the mug of klah after a moment with a murmured word of thanks, turning to return to the sitting area, settling herself in a chair, leaving the teen the option of another chair or the sofa. "The.. Lady does not look forward to choosing another warden." Niva says slowly, words formal before she sips her klah and then looks back at D'son, a nod of her head to indicate she's listening.

Opting for one of the other chairs, D'son sits down careful not to spill his own drink and takes a sip or two, gaze on Niva over the rim of the mug. "That … can't be easy. Are there uh — good choices available?" he asks just a little uncertainly. He's been doing a lot of reading up, but there's only so much can be done about getting up to speed on all the politics in just a week. Another sip taken from his mug and D'son takes a breath. "I ah — wanted to talk to you about the conversation in the caverns the other day. The fireworks," Dels elaborates, looking a little uncomfortable, but determined.

"Apparently three blooded young men have.. offered their services. Greedy, the lot of them, I'm sure." Niva says with a snort of disgust, sipping her klah. "At least I know you did nothing to end up here." Other than had his lifemate in the right place at the right time, of course. As he takes his breath, Niva's eyebrow arches and she nods slowly. "As I said.. as long as they aren't in the Weyr, nor in our office."

"Oh. I suppose that that … happens when there's a uh, space at the top and ambitious people around," D'son says slowly, thoughtfully, colors a little and shakes his head. "No, Niva. I wasn't looking for this. Just uh … have to make the best of it right?" He shakes his head though in the face of those arched brows. "I know I'm young. I know this isn't easy for um, for anyone. But I'm not … your kid. I'd appreciate it if you could, not talk down to me like that out in the caverns. I've got a lot to learn about politics and diplomacy, but I've been a wingleader long enough to know that that kind of thing doesn't look good out in public, the Weyrleaders or even a Wingleader and a Second not respecting each other in front of the Weyr." He takes another steadying breath, likely this is a tough one to get through. "I know I'm going to screw up and that I'll need to take my lumps sometime. But if we could y'know, keep that in the office, I think it'd go a long way towards helping me to do this job right. I'm nineteen, not twelve, so you can trust that I won't be doing anything as stupid as blowing up the office or anything else around the Weyr."

"At least you're taking the time to read what R'sul had left behind… Faranth knows the man had enough notes." A man of action, he most certainly was not. Arching an eyebrow as he begins to speak, Niva leans forward to slide the half-empty mug onto the table infront of her, eyes never leaving the young man. "I believe you should have to earn my trust. As I said, your position was nothing of *your* doing." The Weyrwoman lifts her chin a bit, shaking her head. "You may not be my child, but your age is nothing I can just.. overlook." His mention of fireworks, however, does cause her to smirk a bit. "I think you misunderstood, Weyrleader." Amusement begins to spread through her voice. "It is not *you* I'm worried about blowing up the Weyr. Rather, anyone else who happens to fancy themselves.. interesting enough to use your materials for their own fun."

That flush in D'son's cheeks increases and he bobs his head once. "Not overlook it no, I mean, it's too obvious," Dels replies, voice earnest, eyes meeting hers with frank sincerity. "But it doesn't help me to build respect and trust with the others, the wingleaders, the riders, anyone, if you treat me like a little boy who needs his wrist slapped to their faces. And if this whole thing is going to work out, I have to try to do that. I'd — I'd appreciate your help, with that, Weyrwoman. Even if I haven't earned your whole trust yet. I guess I just hope it's obvious that I really am going to try to do this right," he continues. Her amusement and the explanation make him blink for a moment or two. "Oh …" he says and looks a little sheepish next, hastily has a swallow from his mug and grins wryly. "Well, if it helps to know, I didn't bring any of it with me. It's still at Ista in the weyr I share — shared with my weyrmate."

Niva nods slowly, reaching for her mug and taking a sip before she leans back in her seat, sticking her nose up a little and nodding. "I will try my best, but, if the situation calls for it, I won't hold back anymore for you, than any of the others." Which she's certainly proven time and time again. "I.. am glad that you will make the best of it. You learn best by doing." She arches an eyebrow at the mention of the various fireworks-materials remaining at Ista, and she nods approvingly. "Certainly a good place for it."

"Sure, I'm not saying don't hold back if I screw up, but do it the same way you would've for R'sul, maybe?" D'son suggests, leaning back in his chair a little, face showing uncertainty. "There's … a difference between two adults disagreeing about something and um … being scolded like a kid," Dels swallows there and rubs his hand along his canvas-clad knee. "And yeah. About the doing. I um … well I've been noticing some things. In the uh — former Weyrleader's notes. That are kind of — well I need to ask you about them. What's going on and all, because it might take me too long to read through everything." A little nod for the fireworks. "I'll — just keep on keeping that stuff there unless we schedule something for here. It um — might make for just, something fun for people to, well to get to know me a little better."

Niva smirks. "You may want to rethink that. R'sul certainly never got off easily, nor do any of the juniors. If an example needs to be made, it will." Niva says, though she does relent a little, finishing off the rest of her cooling klah and leaving her mug resting on her knee. "I.. would encourage you to ensure they are his notes and not his stories. He had a tendency to let them mingle." A long standing point of contention, certainly, and Niva flicks her fingers at him. "I assume the beach would be appropriate, given how well it was suited for watching the Ghosts." Permission? Definitely.

"Not asking to be let off easy, just for the /manner/ to be different," D'son insists just a little, then lets it go. "Stories? Okay, yeah, I'll ask Vivian to help with that, she should know, right? She's helping me learn how to use the computer and I'm going to put stuff in there. That should help separate the two out. Only official business in the system," Dels says thoughtfully, fingers tapping against the side of his now mostly-empty mug. His gaze flickers back to Niva and he nods. "Definitely, don't want to set them off over dry land if you don't have to. Safer by the water." He lifts the mug, drains the last of the klah from it. "All right then, guess we're clear there then. Is there anything in particular you'd like me to focus on today? I've got a couple of appointments and more stuff to read and the computer to deal with, but if there's anything you know, um … critical?" Brows up.

"You may want to work with the two new archivists - one at least is sorting through the oldest of records in the store room." Niva comments, slowly standing up, mug in her hand. "Though, having them stored will certainly make things easier." At the question of critical matters, she tilts her head for a second, before flicking her fingers. "As you can, take the time to introduce yourself to the other Weyrleaders. Particularly the young pair at Fort. The Weyrwoman can't be much older than you, and the Weyrleader is said to have brothers and sisters all over the place."

D'son rises as well, as the Weyrwoman does. "Will do, is one of those Enkavir? The one I met the other day?" Dels takes a breath and squares his shoulders, nodding. "I'll set that up. I don't know them, but my weyrmate's brother rides bronze at Fort, can't hurt to … y'know, use the connection, right?" Dels' brows peak faintly then he offers Niva a genuine smile. "Thanks for the time this morning, Niva. I'll see you later." He gives a little half-bow as he excuses himself.

"I believe so. And… Taerah? perhaps, is the other." Niva ponders the names for a moment before determining that they seem correct enough and nods. "I wish you better luck there than I've had." She replies rather grimly, shaking her head and offering a bow of her head. "I'll be by the office soon enough."

"Taerah, got it," D'son repeats the name silently a few times and he holds a hand out for the Weyrwoman's used mug. "I'll take that back to the kitchen if you're done," he offers, another smile flashed before he turns to go, presumably with both mugs and yet another new mission.

Niva hands the mug over, and turns to escort him to the ledge, nodding slowly. "Make a list, of what you need to know." She replies after him, waiting until he's gone until she returns to the couch to settle, thoughtfully paging through a pile of her own notes.

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