Calanth's Weyrlings Graduate

Xanadu Weyr - Clearing
A large, flat clearing stretches out in three directions, the ground packed tightly, though there are manicured areas of grass and flowers interspersed within the center point, raised beds containing various colored blooms throughout the warmer times of the year. Trees, however, are strictly absent, and even with the landscaping, there are plenty of open spaces for the constant draconic traffic which passes through this clearing.
The tall cliff housing the center point of the Weyr looms up in the west, pale stone stretching out to the north and south, visible as a light backdrop to the other buildings of the Weyr, while to the south, in the distance, a bit of sparkling water can be seen on a reasonably clear day. Scattered along the outskirts of this clearing are carefully built complexes, utilizing the new technology available. It is here that the crafters and residents are housed and work, though the hatching arena is certainly the center point, the large round complex taking up a large portion of the perimeter, a line of trees visible beyond it.

T'maz works in the kitchens ordering Bakercrafters, drudges, aunties and uncles about. Some work on the normal fare for regular days, Fish and meatrolls, and fruit slicing for the mealtime crowd. It's still busy in there though with some others working away on the graduation feast. Some of the dishes have been moved uncooked to the cold rooms to await cooking closer to the time of the graduation ceremony. Others have been finished, and are there as well to hide from peering eyes of once candidates other than Sabriel. All the kitchen staff including the Bakercraft apprentices have been sworn to secrecy as to what they've been working on in the kitchens. If asked they giggle and say nothing.

T'maz is working hard. Some drudges are leaving the cold room empty handed. Uncles and aunties and the other bakercrafters call them over to do more things."Now that it's getting closer I think we'll start on the appetizers since they're faster to do…" He instructs some of the others in their duties and they're working on the appetizers. One auntie and her assistant, Sabriel, are putting together a dragon made of oat bread.

Dementh projects to Raath . o O ( T'maz requests one of his clean shirts Not covered with oily squirts from the Weyrling barracks and no tacks be brought to him in the kitchens. He can not leave there working on pies light as air until they tell him he can… and the air in the kitchen needs a fan.* Singsongy voice with a purry quality here* )

Dementh grins from his usual striped spot. He croons and then bats around a long forgotten ball that a child had left out for him to play with anyways.

Dementh rumbles a greeting to Kirilla and Pheriannath. Yep He's playing Lord of the Clearing, and greeting other dragons that show up….

Dementh senses that Raath's mindvoice floats like a snow flurry of sugar and spice, « Rafca is getting ready, but she will be finished soon. She will bring the shirt you wish for. » He pauses, and then his voice crackles with amusement, « I have never seen her so interested in her appearances. »

Sianne is wandering, just wandering. Looking here and there while sipping from a glass that could only hold some Benden Red wine.

Dementh projects to Raath . o O ( My rider thanks you very much and has bread dragons in his touch… You just tell your Rider wait and see oh the feast there is to be! )

Dulacth warbles to Sianne, and gets more comfortable. Looking at Sianne he looks confused, but settles back down crooning to anything female that happens by.

Denna settles down in a chair, waiting patiently, Sabriel's little one, Alya, in her arms

Aelith waddles into the clearing from the queen ledges, followed by her rider. The old gold gives a croon of greeting to those gathered before making her way to her usual spot. Settling in, Aelith gets loving scritches from her rider before the plump woman makes her way to a nearby chair, offering the occasional wave to those gathering.

Dementh spreads his wings slightly, then points his nose at the cavern entrance.

Rafca is actually, for once, in a hurry as she scurries into the clearing. She stops, looks around, bows her thanks to Dementh and heads towards the caverns.

Out in the Bowl, Kirilla is settled next to Pheriannath, not picking out a seat just yet as she observes the entrances of people, keeping an eye on the weyrlings.

In the kitchen, T'maz looks up from where he is finishing on one thing or another."Hey…

Outside in the view of T'maz's Dementh, Niva is standing off to one side, with C'ian at her side, as they prepare to watch the proceedings, talking slowly amongst each other as they go.

"T'maz! T'maz?" queries Rafca as she scurries in from the caverns. She grins at the brown 'ling as he spots and addresses her, holding up the requested clean shirt. "Hope this works."

T'maz grins as another journeyman sort comes in after Rafca enters."I'm here… You got my message…Thanks!" He grins hugely, reaching over for the shirt and moves to a corner to switch shirts."Is it time for the ceremony?"

Outside in the clearing, F'alk walks with confident, even heavy, step from the beach, straightening his collar and running his hand over his smooth, bald head. So ready.

Dementh grins from his corner and practically disappears in the shadows yet again… Silly dragon.

Rafca laughs softly at T'maz's enthusiasm and nods, "Aye, it is. It is. We ought to be heading back out there." She turns, motioning her fellow weyrling after her and avoiding a tray-laden kitchen helper. "Come on."
T'maz grins smoothing his hair as fast as he can wiping his hands clean…"After you Rafca."

Outside, L'alie is here with Adinaeth, the pair sitting off to the side appropriated for observing riders. She smiles as the weyrlings start arriving.

Raath settles his wings and slinks over to where Dementh is, warbling softly at his clutchmate as he does so. He flops down and peers curiously at the gathering crowd of human creatures.

Rafca inclines her head towards T'maz as she heads out of the cavern. It should be noted at the tomboy actually looks presentable today.

V'dim is standing at one side of the clearing, a bag over his shoulder as he looks rather stern, watching those milling here and there, while Isobeth sits contently behind him. After a long moment, he actually smiles slightly, nodding his head to Ru'lph as the weyrling catches his eye. Clearing his throat, he carefully raises his voice. "Ladies, and Gentlemen, I'd like to tell you that these Weyrlings appreciate your support tonight." Glancing around to let conversations end, he continues.
"Weyrlings, front and center, please!"

T'maz follows Rafca, smoothing down his shirt. He smiles nervously looking around.

Dulacth is laying on one side of the clearing, being quiet and watching each person come and go, each female whether it human or dragon gets a low croon and he warbles to a select few.

Aelith watches the growing crowd with interest, egg-heavy golden body shifts, trying to get comfortable. Poor Aelith, her rider moves her chair closer to her lifemate, brushing a hand over rosie golden neck. "I'll oil you afterwards, I promise." And with that, the goldpair quiet down to allow the graduation to commence.

Rafca slips out of the caverns and amidst the crowd. She groans as she hears V'dim's words, glancing over her shoulder and rolling her eyes at T'maz. But, front and center she goes. She absently toys with her bracelet.

Dementh watches his rider and wonders if he himself should follow his rider… would be more impressive yes?

V'dim glances at the weyrlings as they line up. "Weyrling Rafca, rider of blue Raath, please approach."

F'alk walks, indeed, front and center and a couple of steps excessive of that, as if he'd quite forgotten that /his/ name wasn't called just yet.

T'maz follows and stops in the line behind Rafca. A thought stops Dementh from coming up and walking beside his rider.

Rafca starts as she hears her name, both of her eyebrows lifting to her hairline. The young woman steps forward, skirting past F'alk, and stops in front of V'dim. "Yes, sir?"

Mysia steps into the clearing to watch the proceeedings, minus her green at the moment. She finds a seat to sit down anturns to watch the weyrlings getting called up.

V'dim offers a hand to Rafca as she approaches, the other hand containing a new, full rider knot. "Rafca, please accept this knot as a sign of full ridership, and your position in Galaxy Wing under wingleader T'eo."

Senkyou is late, as usual for her she jogs up to Dulacth and mounts him getting one of the best balcony spots as she lays over him. Senk actually looks good today, her hair in small braids and out of her face. Long pants that are clean and a lighter biege color is topped by a button down red shirt that contrasts Dulacth's hide well.

Raath sits up as he watches Rafca step up to V'dim, warbling in pleased tones as the Weyrlingmaster gives her their new position. Meanwhile, Rafca accepts the offered hand, squeezing it in a firm shake, as she accepts the Galaxy Wing knot from V'dim. "Thank you, Sir."

V'dim inclines his head to her. "Clear skies, rider." He offers formally before glancing down at the weyrlings still there. "Weyrling F'alk, rider of green Rakirikath, please approach."

F'alk does so, with flicked steps and eyes forward. "Here," he unnecessarily announces.

L'alie lets out a loud whoop of enthusiasm for Rafca, applauding raucously above her head. Adinaeth joins in a celebratory bugle for the newly 'knighted' blue pair.

T'maz grins at L'alie and Adinaeth but watches to see what happens with F'alk.

V'dim offers a hand as he shuffles for a new knot, crossing his hand over to offer it. "F'alk, please accept his knot as a sign of becoming a full rider, and your position under wingleader Senkyou, in Comet Wing."

Rafca nods to V'dim, offering an impish grin as she walks away with her new knot. She looks over towards the 'whoop' and waves to L'alie, then continues on her way out of the way.

"Thank you, sir!" F'alk says with brisk salute as his other hand closes triumphally over the knot.

Senkyou gives a whoop, and Dulacth bugles while Senk examines her new wingrider, getting off her dragon she offers a wave. "Welcome!"

V'dim inclines his head to F'alk, "Clear skies, rider." And he grins slightly at the salute before he looks stern again. "Weyrling T'maz, rider of brown Dementh, please approach."

"Don't be abusing me now," F'alk smirks at Senkyou as he withdraws.

L'alie once again lets out a cheer for F'alk, "Whoohoo!"

T'maz gulps and then heads towards V'dim."Yes sir?" He too salutes as Dementh sits up and stretches his wings.

Denna sits, quietly watching.

V'dim has a knot ready, and that is presented, arms crossed as he offers his hand to T'maz. "T'maz, please accept this knot as a sign of your position in Comet wing, also under wingleader Senkyou, and as a full rider."

Cirilia tries to watch the festivities with some semblance of respect, though she chuckles under her breath as F'alk graduates. Her eyes do steal to Denna occasionally. She claps for T'maz. It doesn't surprise her that the brownrider passed with flying colors.

Denna grins at this. "Don't think that gets you out of Journeyman duties, T'maz," she shouts, then waves slightly at Cirlilia.

Rafca slips away, through the crowd, into the background, and to Raath's side. It is there that she removes the Weyrling knot from her shoulder and pins on the Galaxy Wingrider knot.

L'alie whistles for T'maz, "Good on you, Senkyou!" she calls, "Keep 'em in line!"

T'maz nods accepting the knot and wing assignment…"With your permission sir, I'd also like to ride for the Bakercraft when necessary?" He steps away and heads over to Denna."Of course not Master… They may take the Baker out of the Asteroid wing, but they can't take Crafter out of the Asteroid wing."

Senkyou smiles brightly and says, "Welcome to you too youngster." Dulacth gives another loud welcoming and looks at t'maz like he might a runner.

V'dim nods his head absently at T'maz, before looking down at the line. "Weyrling Cirilia, rider to blue Tamasth, please approach."

Cirilia sucks in a sharp gasp as she hears her name. Tamasth rumbles encouragingly and sits up, emulating the action of Dementh with another more amused sounding rumble. Cirilia approaches V'dim and nods her head, "Yes, sir?"

T'maz smiles and heads back toward the kitchens, muttering."I better go check on the papadums and the ravioli… make sure they don't burn…"

V'dim offers a knot and a hand to Cirilia, inclining his head to her. "Congratulations on becoming a full rider, and take this knot as a sign of your position as a rider of Comet wing, under Senkyou."

Cirilia takes the knot with numb hands. She shoots a smile to Denna, knowing the master will be happy of her posting. Turning back, she smiles, "Thank you, sir."

L'alie emits the whoop for Cirilia just the same. "Yay!"

Rafca, finally finished fiddling with her knot, glances up and applauds for Cirilia. Raath croons down at his rider.

Denna grins, and applauds as Cirilia is given her knot. She's purposefully saved a seat next to hers.

Senkyou gives another happy cheer, "Come on over here! I've gotta get yu already to do some real work, yu are gonna know pern like the back of your hand." Dulacth gives an exceptionally large warble, and croons to Cirilia, he always was a ladies man.

T'maz fiddles with his old Weyrling knot and replaces it with his new knot.

V'dim inclines his head, and in short order has the rest of the weyrlings up and down. Sabriel and Maith to the crafter's wing, Asteroid; J'di and Ikasuth to Nebula under Marte; Lorena and Loyauth to Asteroid; D'eus and Icyrith to Nebula, Fl'int and Reorth to Galaxy, and Ru'lph and Aragth to Quasar. And then he glances around him, lifting his voice. "And now, all of you are invited into the caverns for a celebration." And then he steps away from the front, effectively excusing everyone.

Denna stands, and goes over towards where Cirilia stands, waiting patiently for her to finish up with Senkyou.

Cirilia grins foolishly and nods to Senkyou's instruction. She fingers the knot in her hand, seemingly not to believe it's over.. it's finally over. Well.. not really.. but she can now make good on her turns of promises to Denna.

Denna smiles, and takes Cirilia into her arms, and kisses her gently on the cheek. "Congratulations, love.

Dementh croons happily at Denna and Cirilia.

Xanadu Weyr - Caverns
A massive cavern in it's own right, this one has been skillfully adapted for human habitation. The high ceilings have been painted a light, soft ivory, as are the walls where numerous tapestries hang to provide brilliant color and insulation from the stone. The floor has been left in its natural state, pale pink granite speckled through with glittering mica and dark flecks of basalt, leveled carefully but kept sufficiently rough to avoid slips.
The cavern itself is loosely divided into areas, each one set up to be suitable for some segment of the Weyr's population. The most frequently occupied area, however, is the one near the Kitchens where tables of varying sizes provide a place to sit down and eat or chat and a buffet of consumables is almost always kept stocked. Its plain that on most days, this area wouldn't accommodate anywhere near the full population of the Weyr and equally plain that on such occasions when a formal meal is laid out, tables are appropriated from all the other areas.
A big fireplace is set into the wall near the Kitchens as well, several comfortable chairs nearby providing haunts for elderly residents or riders who like a good view of all that happens. Rugs cover the floor in strategic spots, all of them abstract or geometric in design and most in the softly neutral colors of undyed wool.

Exits lead off in all directions, a big archway the largest and that leading outside. Shallow stairs to the west lead to the offices and administration area while tunnels to the east lead to the infirmary, kitchen and resident's quarters. Southwards, a sloping tunnel leads down to the hot springs and southwest is a wide tunnel, carefully roped off to avoid accidents.

Drudges, in their gather best, gather around the Kitchen doorway. T'maz calls them in and then sends them out to each table laden with silverware and trays of napkins and glassware. Tables are covered with the best linens. Fresh picked flowers in vases sit on the tables. Is something special happening tonight? You bet there is… It's Graduation night! Each main meal plate has a smaller plate for appetizers on top. some drudges are laden with different sorts of beverages, and go around filling the cups with what each person so desires to drink, Klah, juice, and wines of all colors, Red, White, Rose. One large long table is curtained off just off the side of the kitchen, and perhaps not a soul will notice people putting stuff on the table throughout the feast. Harpers take their places in another corner and play various songs throughout the festive mealtime.

Cirilia looks at the lovely decorations.. or is it lively. Either way, it's beautiful in the caverns. Her eyes search for someone among the crowd, and she murmurs, "Would be nice if she showed up for once."

Isa shouldn't even be here at Xanadu. Why she is, no one at her home weyr knows. Not that she cares.

Denna nods as she pulls out a chair for Cirilia. "Are you looking for your mother, love?" She stands, waiting for her love to take the seat.

Isa wanders through the cavern. She's thinking about leaving the bakercraft and hanging out at some weyrs- impression would certianly be fun, and even though she wouldn't want to leave Igen, Xanadu is quiet enough for her, and peaceful.

Cirilia nods slowly. She manages a bit of a smile, "I'd like for her to see that I didn't muddle up my weyrlinghood too terribly much and examine Tamasth for herself. But I know Myrrath's gotten grayer lately and a bit more wing-sore."

Niva steps in with C'ian, the two of them chatting as they make their way to their seats, and congratulating the weyrlings they pass on their way. When the arrive at the table they pause, C'ian pulling the chair out for Niva before the both settle, and then Niva is glancing around her and admiring the caverns.

J'di is here, sitting with the rest of the weyrlings, feeling more than a little bewildered at what's going on. Still, like his lifemate always wants him to, he at least tries to /look/ like he knows what's going on, playing it cool.

L'alie slings an arm around Ru'lph in congratulations, welcoming her new wingmate in low tones as they enter to celebration. Once done, she relinquishes the new rider and hunkers herself down in a corner with T'eo, who's about as much fun at social gatherings as she is. Which is to say, not much at all.

Aeris wanders into the caverns, she's late as seems to be the norm lately. "I promise, only for a minute.." She's heard to mumble by the few that she passes, trying to push the worried look away. The plump woman glances about briefly to admire the caverns and all the pretty decorations. She doesn't head for any table in particular, instead she glances about to spot her sister busying herself with this and that.

The drudges fan out to the tables bearing metal trays that glimmer dully in the light. Every guest gets to choose from this assortment of appetizers. Black pepper spiced papadums, crispy brown circles spattered with peppery tang that kicks in the back of your throat. Mini salads with herbal dressings, cool vegetables sliced small and served in lettuce cups drizzled with the translucent liquid. Deep fried herdbeast raviolis sit on small round saucerlike plates drizzled in a pale green pesto sauce, on a lettuce leaf. Squares and other geometric shaped slices of many different colors and types of cheeses sit on round and triangles of crispy crunchy crackerbreads.

Isa settles into the back of the cavern, watching the proceedings.

Bryant considers hanging back as the majority of the riders and weyrlings head into the caverns. That is, until the sleeping brown firelizard stirs with a twitching of one wing. Already, the crafter is closing his eyes briefly with a sigh soon to follow. "Are you always hungry," he murmurs, only to get a quizzical chirp in reply as he heads towards one of the tables where people are already settling in.

T'maz wanders in and out of the kitchen entry watching the crowds…He sees some blue rider with his parents and they congratulate him with a brief moment for a hug and a handshake before settling down to their seats. A quiet argh makes him realize it was his Sister…. and he sighs.

A series of rumbles emit from the clearing as another dragon seems to have joined the others outside. In moments, a figure strides in, wearing a wherhide jacket, wherhide pants and a tunic of harper blue. As the figure takes off her flight helmet, a long braid of intertwined grey and red slips out from its confines and hangs to mid-waist on the woman. She bears a striking resemblance to Cirilia, though her features are far less mannish and far more refined. Funny, from Cirilia's description, if this woman is who she appears to be, she should be older. As it is, the woman only appears to be 60 or so turns.

Rafca slips into the caverns, the former handy(wo)man making her way about the room. Uncommonly sociable, the bluerider takes her turn chatting with residents and riders and the occasional member of her newly assigned wing.

Niva leans back in her chair as C'ian excuses himself to go chat with his newest wingmember as well, and the weyrwoman grins broadly and throws a thumbs up to T'maz, hoping he'll see it and pass it onto his staff. Something to be said for having Master bakers, certainly.

A slow entrance is what a thin form makes, her lifemate settling in quietly in the bowl with only a few well spaced rumbles for any sort of greeting to others nearby. Her arms are curled about a dark haired infant that lays against her chest with his head over her heart. Oh yes, Igens once spirited rider Tay has come a visiting or perhaps she's come for some other reason. A smile trembles upon her lips as she moves through the crowd, pausing now and then to speak with someone she knows before moving onward again.

T'maz grins, thumbing back up at the Weyrwoman and passes it on to his crew. A slight giggle is heard from behind the curtain and then he gets back to work.

Denna takes Cirilia's elbow, and tries to attract her attention. "She's here love. Do you want to go talk to her?"

J'di continues to sit there and look cool. Or at least what Ikasuth tells him is cool. Until he's called upon or someone gives the Ok to go ahead and eat.

Cirilia peers at Denna then follows her gaze to the new arrival. An odd smile touches her lips, and she dips her head, "Though, you should come with me. You didn't meet her before."

Denna nods and stands, offering Cirilia a hand up.

As a drudge wanders by filling cups she looks at J'di."Don'tcha just sit there starin' a' yer plate. Eat s'we c'n clear yer plates boyo!"

Cirilia takes Denna's hand and squeezes it as she leads her toward the woman, who watches the pair with great interest. Cirilia's nervousness shows as hr lips press together in a thin, bloodless line. As they approach, the woman's arms cross over her chest, "I see they gave you a proper knot." Cirilia dips her head, "Yes, mother." She pauses, forcing herself to relax before managing to smile, "Mother, I have someone important to introduce to you. This is Denna, my weyrmate." She looks at Denna, "And this is my mother, Lilia, rider of blue Myrrath." Lilia doesn't flinch at the introduction, just switches her gaze to evaluate the master baker.

Denna returns Lilia's appraising gaze, not particularly phased by the woman. She does smile slightly when she's introduced at Cirilia's weyrmate. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Lilia. I've been looking forward to this for some time." She squeezes reassuringly at Cirilia's hand.

Aeris grabs a bit of this and that, but does the plump woman sit down anywhere? Of course not. With a murmur of appreciation to T'maz and his crew, and a kiss to her twin sister's cheek, the junior weyrwoman scurries out of the caverns in a hurry. Ah, ever the slave to her gold, she disappears to deal with the egg-heavy queen.
Aeris meanders over to the clearing.

The drudges move out amongst the tables, and remove the upper plates if requested, and then bring out the following choices for those present at the celebration. Roast Wherry slices, pale white with well roasted brown edges dripping with a dark brown gravy. Slabs of salt encrusted baked ocean fish have been broken into, and cut into portions. Red and white spiderclaws with their shells cracked sit on plates with tiny forks to remove the tender white flesh from within. Mountain herbed ovine is nearly the last main course, cooked well done and streaked with dark green mint jelly. Seared packtail on a bed of steamed greens with a sliced citron on the side served on platters is also brought out of the kitchens.

Lilia softens her measuring gaze to one of cool approval. She nods, "The pleasure is mine. Cirilia hasn't written about you, but you're well known, Master Denna." Cirilia winces slightly, knowing her mother's steel-trap mind for details and names. Lilia continues, "I suppose you have other things to do tonight, but I did want to let you know I'm proud of you, Ril. And Liaryn's been warned not to be complaining to you again for not assisting in a foaling. He knew better the last time he wrote."

J'di digs in heartily then. There's a point at which the smell of good, good, food gets the better of trying to be cool.

Denna nods, and actually smiles. "You should be proud of her, Lilia. She's a wonderful woman, and will be a credit to her wing." Of course, Denna's biased, but still, it's her honest opinion.

T'maz peers out the door and sees that the people out there are enjoying themselves. He chuckles quietly as he steps aside for one of the shorter assistants in the kitchen walking backwards and then sideways hiding something to get to the hidden table. She grins as she passes back to get in the kitchen.

T'maz peers out the door and sees that the people out there are enjoying themselves. He chuckles quietly as he steps aside for one of the shorter assistants in the kitchen walking backwards and then sideways hiding something to get to the hidden table. She grins as she passes back to get in the kitchen.

Denna nods, and actually smiles at the woman now. "You should be proud of her, Lilia. She's a wonderful woman, and will be a credit to her wing." Of course, Denna's biased, but still, it's her honest opinion.

Some uncles and aunties emerge from the Kitchen a moment after the drudges with the main courses. They are carrying huge loaves of bread, but these are no ordinary small regular looking loaves. Dragons! Dark brown pumpernickel, light tan wheat, pale golden rye studded with the darker rye seeds and nearly golden oat bread scaled with the oats. They nearly look like they're ready to awaken and fly off the trays carrying them. Other helpers bring out molded knobs of herbal butter. The drudges carrying out the main courses head back into the kitchens. What's coming out next? Two harpers sing a duet about a rider and their dragon at Impression, and graduation.

Cirilia melts under the hard-earned praise (yeah.. whatever her mother said was counted as praise in Cirilia's mind) and squeezes Denna's hand. The older bluerider nods slowly. Denna's smile is contagious, though, and the older woman smiles a bit herself. "She'll be a credit to her family. Better than that good for nothing Liaryn. Wasn't a dragon that sat at the hold that ever thought he'd amount to stand," she chuffs in a frighteningly similar manner as Cirilia. "But C'ryn would've been proud of this one. And a blue. Well-formed and taken care of, too." Now, the woman allows herself to look proud for a moment before retreating to her stern facade, "But I can't be away from the cothold for long. I'll just rest and have a bit to eat before taking off again."

Someone next to Trilanna points at her plate slightly."Howdja like th'food?" The drudge is passing around the herbal butter. "Care for some dragon bread?" She asks.

Denna grins, and nods. "So, would you care to join us for the feast, at least as long as you can stay?" She squeezes gently at Cirilia's hand, then leans over, and whispers something in the bluerider's ear.
Cirilia nods to Denna, smiling. Lilia watches the pair and shakes her head, "Nay. I'll just find M'drawt amongst all this to have a bite with and catch up on some old times. You two enjoy yourselves."

The drudges return bringing out these for all in the room. Twice baked steaming tubers with golden melting cheese grated on top. Fingerroots shining orange in a sweet buttery glaze are spooned onto plates. Stir fried greens with slivered finger roots and sliced white crybulbs is served onto plates with a touch of citron juice on top. Red beans and river grains as well as herdbeast chili stuffed peppers finish out the vegetable course.

Cirilia whispers something to Denna then tugs on her hand, leading her out to the bowl.

The drudges return bringing out these for all in the room. Twice baked steaming tubers with golden melting cheese grated on top. Fingerroots shining orange in a sweet buttery glaze are spooned onto plates. Stir fried greens with slivered finger roots and sliced white crybulbs is served onto plates with a touch of citron juice on top. Red beans and river grains as well as herdbeast chili stuffed peppers finish out the vegetable course.

The servers remove plates when necessary, and bring out smaller plates. It is time for dessert if those honored tonight and their guests still have room… The mystery of the curtained table is to be revealed. One uncle keeps an eye on the feasters until all are finished with the last course and then gets T'maz to come out of the kitchens. The newly graduated dragonrider gestures for all to look at him. The harpers stop playing the instrumental they were playing when T'maz waves his hand and calls out,"Your attention please…"

T'maz smiles hugely, and then speaks raising a glass of wine to those present."I'd like to thank you all for coming to this graduation feast. I'd like to thank those in the kitchen that worked so hard helping me get this all together." He calls the whole kitchen crew out, starting with the bakercraft apprentices."Please give them a round of applause."

The crowd applauds and the group grins and heads back into the kitchens to clean up some more though Sabriel gets freed to join the festivities as befits a newly promoted rider.

T'maz grins again, once the applause fades away."Now I'd like to present what you've been waiting for… Dessert!" As he pulls the curtain aside, the Harpers give a flourish of music as all this becomes visible: Sliced fruit waiting to be dipped in a pair of klahbark sauce fountains, miniature sweetcake cubes in many colored fondant icings. Two large yellow and redfruit puddings sit one on either end of the long table with slices of blueberry pie and baklava- slices of thinly layered dough studded with cloves and nuts and sweetener sauce aim the attentions toward the middle of the long wooden table. Pale white wedges of cheesecakes on their own saucers with fruit sauce and fruit slushes with layers of whipped cream in large glass winelike cups guard the center of the dessert table. Somehow one light is shining down on what appears to be a large 'basket', which is a giant cake with icing wickerwork. Marzipan Firelizard eggs decorated in swirled colors of painted on sweetening sit in the basket. The largest eggs are emblazoned with symbols of the wings and the Weyr. The smaller eggs surrounding the larger ones have the Weyr's symbol on them.

J'di grins as he eats, occasionally chatting with someone sitting near him. "This is absolutely delicious." He chuckles then. "Yeah, I agree. We should eat like this every day."

Trilanna has been her typical quiet self, settled off away from the majority of people, if that's at all possible. Dinner having been finished she nibbles on her chosen dessert while listening to the harpers play.

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