Shopping Spree

Ista Weyr - Southern Bowl

Compared to that of other weyrs, Ista's bowl is small, and incomplete - northwards, one wall was blown clear away several millennia ago, leaving the view clear towards the plateau, the jungles, and the ocean beyond. Somewhat elliptical, the breadth of the bowl seems to run northwest to southeast, the bustling epicenter of the weyr being here, towards the southwest. Several large entrances have been dug into the sides - northeast are the hatching grounds and south the living caverns, these being the two largest caverns in the weyr. To the east, a smaller entrance leads in to the ground weyrs - the ledges of these line the bowl wall above, often filled with dragons of gold or bronze; westward is yet another ledge, but with a staircase built into the wall, allowing access to the Sable Sands. The infirmary is located nearby, towards the southwest.

It is just barely after noon at ista weyr and the weyr folks come and go, doing there daily work. In the middle of the southern bowl N'talya stands with speaking softly to her green. The green rider, looks to be in a good mood as she pats the greens side.

Moncerath appears in the sky above Ista, bugling to announce her presence, before gliding down in a gentle arch. Overlarge wings flare out, pushing the air as the Xanadu green backwings, landing gracefully. Flipping her goggles up and unstrapping, Kera climbs down. About the time her boots hit the ground, Minimur arrives, his happy chitters punctuates by his aerial displays. Already shrugging out of her jacket, she has a little sling around her neck, both her arms are in working order however. Looking around as she removes helm and gloves too, N'talya is spotted, so she starts that way. "Hiya Nat. Oh..Xanadu's duties to Ista and her Queens." There, diplomacy practice out of the way. "G'day Alamith."

N'talya looks up as she hears the dragon bugle above and smiles as she spots Moncerath and Kera, Stepping away from Alamith she smiles and says, "And Eastern's Duties to Xanadu." she smiles brightly seeming more self assured these days. The turns with her lifemate seeming to have had a positive affect, "How are you Kera?"

Kera chuckles as the formalities are out of the way, moving to offer her friend a hug, if she allows it, one hand hovers protectively over the little sling. Stepping back, tilting her head to observe her friend thoughtfully. "I'm doing alright. Some, upsetting events have occurred recently, but I'm doing well." A little smile offered "You seem to be in good spirits today." The greenhealer nods approvingly as Minimur lands on her shoulder. His little muzzle stretching to the little sling pocket hanging around Kera's neck. "I better grab that little case I brought…" she murmurs to herself and turns back to Moncerath, fumbling in one of the large satchels. "I had a recent addition to my little winged family."

N'talya smiles and says, "I am really, life is good." she returns the hug and looks curiously at the sling and says, "What brings you over today? and What is that, oh? you got another flitter?"

Kera finds the little container and sets it aside suddenly and moves to give Moncerath a vigor scratch along her jaw line. When the itch is gone, Kera a moment or two spot oiling. "I had the day off and was wondering if ya knew any good shops. Maybe I'll see a couple of things for the cottage. And I need threads too." Finishing the oiling, that's put away and she gets her two satchels sorted out. "Yea, very recently, she's only a couple days old." Kera gently pulls the little sling pocket open, letting N'talya get a peek of the sleeping baby hatchling. Minimur chitters a bit loud, getting a hissed hushing his way, hoping she doesn't wake up.

N'talya smils as she looks down to the little one and says, "Oh my she is adorable." she bounces on the ball of her feet lightly and smiles, "As for shops I do know a couple of places." she smiles, "We have some shops along the board walk that might do." looking to her friend, "What kind of thing are you needing?"

Kera quiets down Minimur and nods to N'talya with a grin "Yea, and a sweety too." Then again, all she's done so far is eat and sleep." Stepping along with N'talya leading the way, the healer "Well, for one, I need a bunch of thread for a couple of needlework projects. I've only got a few partial spools that I got from stores. And since I've somewhere to actually store my own things away now, might as well get all the colors I can…Oh, And I wanna find another lizard bed, probably big pillow or something. Mini's will still work for now, but they won't both fit on his when she starts growing. Plus if I happen to see something I think will look nice in the cottage…" Kera rest her hand lightly over the little pocket her baby lizard sleeps in and hitches her shoulder satchel a bit higher on her shoulder, chuckling. "So lead the way, I've actually a few marks that need spending."

N'talya smiles and says, "I know just the places for the thread." he smiles and starts to lead you along and says, "We have some nice stores just down here on the board walk." she extends her hand to her friend to lead her along.

Kera follows along with N'talya, peering around the bowl and sending polite nods and smiles to Istans passed along the way. "How have you and been?" A glance back over her shoulder, turning slightly due to the brown on her shoulder, to peer to where the two green dragons lounge in the sun. Looking ahead again before she trips, "And your dolphin friend? Enjoying the warm waters at Ista still?"

N'talya smiles and says softly, "I have been doing very well thank you. Echo and Ala are getting along great together." she smiles to you and says, "How have you been? How is being all graduated."

Kera nods agreeably, glad that everything seems to be going well for N'talya. Taking extra care to study the Instan view, probably stalling as she ponders her answer "A lot of adjustments. Several I did not expect." Everyone on Pern probably knows about the accident at High Reaches that claimed Xanadu's Senior queen and her rider. "Been more than a few upsetting moments since Mon and I were tapped into Asteriod Wing." Glancing down to her little sleeping hatchling "At least I've had one pleasant surprise this seven-day. Who would a thought that I'd try to work an arrangement to get an egg for Journeyman Cyrus, and end up with another little friend myself." Her head tilts to butt against Minimur gently, the brown churling happily before winging of to mingle with the locals.

N'talya nods and says, "I hope things go better for you all over at Xanadu." she shakers here head,"I still have alot of friend back there." she continues to speak as she leads you down and onto the boardwalk."

Kera nods in understanding to N'talya's sentiments. "It will just take time for some things to ease, and others to hopefully manage to come to terms with….the way things are." She hopefully won't have to go into Moncerath's maiden flight, and the issues that caused right on the heels of Seryth and Thea's passing. As boots clunk on the planks of the walkway, Kera peeks down into the little pocket her baby queen sleeps in when she thinks she feels the little one stirring, but now, just getting into a more comfortable position to sleep in. Trying not to dwell on the upsetting things that have happened, she gestures ahead "What shop is that?"

N'talya smiles and brightens and says, "This is the shop I was telling you about, this is the shop I buy all of my dresses from come on inside." she preactically pulls Kera inside smiling brightly trying to cheer her friend up..

Kera eyes the shop window when they get closer "Ah, guess that's why it looked like a fabric shop from across the bowl." An amused chuckle at the mix-up before she's suddenly pulled into the shop. "But, I don't nee…" too late as she stumbles into the shop on N'talya's heels. Kera makes sure that her little hatchling isn't nudged exccessively, but a small golden muzzle peeks from he rim of the pocket sling. "I'll need to feed her real quick too." She murmurs mostly to herself and gets the container food out.

N'talya giggles and smiles, "I know I know, you don't need a dress." she grins and says, "But you can get thread here too." she smiles "And all women need another dress…" as the door opens to allow them entrance.

Kera rifles through her satchel and gets the lizard food, In the seconds it takes her to open it and and gets her fingers on some to offer, the hatchlings muzzle is stretching open and Kera just narrowly avoids an audio blast. Offering bit after bit her gaze takes in the shop interior curiously. "Well, I do need thread, guess it wouldn't hurt to look."

N'talya smile as she makes her way thought he shop waving to the shop keeper before saying to Kera, "Just tell her what kind of thread you need and I am sure she can get it." as she speak she begins to look thoguh the dresses finding one in healers colors and pulls it out to look at it.

Kera nods to N'talya, as her steps slow to peer about the shop.Taking note of a few things that do catch her eye, the shopkeeper's welcoming is smile is met with the same before she explains what she needs. Thread. Lots of thread and lots of colors. And considering the projects she has sketched out, more needles and other threadwork essentials. As the shopkeeper pulls out several boxes for Kera to look through, a glance is passed around to see what mischief her friend is getting into, and she gets her little hatchling fed. "You're looking for a dress for yourself as well right?"

N'talya grins and says, "Of cource it is." she grins and looks up to you and says, 'It is more fun to shop for you though as I am sure you will look for things you tihnk I would look great in.

Kera 's head cants to her friend curiously, but nods to the logic as she cleans her hands and puts the container away. "Just make sure there is enough material to actually be a whole dress." An amused chuckle follows her friendly banter. The huge assortment of colorful threads are brought out and Kera doesn't spend much time deciding before plucking two spools each of the colors she's after.

N'talya smiles and says soflty, "Oh do you think I would put you in something that revealing Kera?" she smiles as she carries the elegant looking dress that is low cut in the back but not revealing.

Kera hasn't looked at the dress yet, still grabbing duo spools of this color and that but she returns good naturedly "Perhaps something you /wish/ I would try on maybe." Turning half around and leaning against the counter, she finally does catch sight of the dress her friend is holding up "Oh, I like that one, the maybe pile for sure." Looking it over a few seconds longer, she finishes up her selection of threads and assorted supplies. The shopkeeper sees to bundling the stuff up while Kera drifts towards the dresses herself.

N'talya grins and says, "Try on pile that is." she smiles and returns to looking into the stacks.

Kera dips her head a couple of times, her fingers gently rubbing the tiny muzzle that is peering up over the pocket rim. Flipping through the dresses on the nearest rack, several are disgarded quickly while others are given longer consideration. Studying one in particular, she sidesteps the rack and peers at her friend "What do you think of this?" A pretty pale yellow sundress with green scrollwork vines, small leaves around pink and lavender petaled flowers.

N'talya looks up from the rack she is looking though and ohhhs here eyes widening, "That is lovely." she smiles and pulls out a another one and shakes her head "No…." before looking up, "You dating anyone by the way?

Kera nods and sets the dress aside for N'talya to try on before peering at others. The excitement of dress shopping gets to the baby hatchling and soon she dips back down to resume sleeping. "Oh pretty." She pulls out a simple little dress, this one in dark blue, but the same dress is in several colors, that comes to just abover her knees. But she is taller than Nat by a couple of inches. "It's a bit plain, but picture it with some colorful butterflies and vtol's here or there. "

N'talya smiles an says, "You would be pretty in this one." it is a little slim black dress not to revealing but.." she smiles, "It will dry the boys crazy with out showing to much."

Kera gives a half snort and shakes her head "Not likely. And no, not seeing anyone really. Ja'ken and I have spend some time together but with everything that's been going on, and duties.." A shrugs lifts her shoulders before they drop again. Adding the dress to the maybe pile, her feet wander around, eyeing colors or reaching out to feel the material as she moves. "How're about yourself. Last time we really had a chance to talk, you were seeing a waitress you had recently met?

N'talya sighs and says, "Seems ever time I hook up with someone they go and get themselves searched" she grins, and says, "I guess that means I have good taste right?"

Kera gives a sympathetic smile to her friend but flashes a conspiratory wink. "Maybe that means your true purpose is to search riders for future dragons." A grins stretches across her lips her something on a rack across the store catches her attention. Bypassing many dresses, she pulls the hanger out and eyes the blue red and green dress. Brow lifting, she flips it around looking for the rest of it. Holding it up to her, "Oh this definitely isn't for me." There are no straps to hold it up and it looks like she wouldn't be able to breathe in it.

N'talya laughs and says, "you could say that…I was sorta dating Alyane….our newest goldie….."

Kera moves to the corner near the back changing rooms to the standing mirror and considers the reflections with a curious frown. Listening to N'talya, her gaze flicks to spot her in the mirror and offer a little wince. "I bet that was rather unexpected. She a goldling still?" Mention of gold makes Kera peer down to the sleeping pouch around her neck, hand resting lightly and rubbing gently a few seconds before holding the heavy red/green dress back up to her. "What do ya think Nat, if I were to put a white tanktop under it, would that look like part of the dress?" Turning to face the Istan rider for her opinon, her eyes snap on something near the other woman. "Oh that one there would look nice on you." Her fingers flick towards a pale jade dress with interesting cut outs.

N'talya smiles and says, "White is a good choice with that." she smiles and paws though a a stack and comes up with the white top and smies, "Try it on."

Kera nods, grabbing the shirt N'talya finds along with the other dresses in her try on pile and heads towards the changing room "Alright, but you gotta try those on too." Fingers flick towards the dress Kera thought would look nice on her friend before disappearing into the changing room. A few minutes pass, a couple of smacks against the wall and muttered slurs and Kera is shuffling out towards the big mirrors. Hold hand holds the dress up just enough so it doesn't drag the floor, the other holding her shirt ina folded bundle with her little hatchling curled up in the middle. Setting her down nearby, she turn sher attention to looking at the dress. A few pokes at the shirt and resettles the bottom of the dress to fall nearly the floor. "Well, a a Gather dress, it might certainly gather some attention." Even with the thin strap shirt under it.

N'talya giggles as Kera makes her reapearance and says, "They can adjust it to fit you." she smiles and syas, "And I can send it on when it is ready." before steping into the dressing room her self with the selections that Kera though would be good. Steping out a few minutes later in the blue dress and bites her lip just a bit.

Kera thinks about it a moment and nods. "Ya know, I think I'll do just that." Looking at it from a couple of differant angles, she grins and shuffles back to the changing room, carefully taking the sleeping flit with her. A little banging and more slurs murmur through the closed door and Kera comes out in the first one N'talya picked out. Heading to the mirror. N'talya's dress is admired and she grins "Maybe the new girlfriend that one catches you will be chosen by blue instead of gold."

N'talya nods and says, "Maybe you never know who will catch Ala's eyes. I am guessing you understand that now." she smiles, and shrugs, seeming less stressed about the concept now.

Kera smiles slips a bit bit noda agreeably. "Yea, thought I was prepared for what all might happen." She gives a slight eye roll back to the mirror and looks at the two dresses reflecting back. "Yet, they never mentioned that some things could never be anticipated." Frowning into the mirror, she turns to see the back of her dress. Growing quiet a moment while she works to get rid of unsettling thoughts. Turning to N'talya, and scanning the dress she wears "If you have a necklace and bracelet that compliment the color…yea, this should go in your maybe pile."

N'talya smiles and turns to try to look at herself in a mirror and nods, "I think maybe yes." he smiles over to you and says, "You just sorta have to roll with things and know they will go back to normal after.."

Kera nods to agree about the dress but sighs over rolling with the punches. "Maybe they will." Go back to normal that is. Scrutinizing her own dress a bit more, a hint of a frown graces her features "I need to lay off the bubblies." Turning away from the mirror "I do like this dress though." Checking on her sleeping little queen, Kera slips into the changing room to try on a differant one.

N'talya smiles and nods, before steping back into her own dressing room and calling out "you look fine Kera really I wouldn't worry about it." as shes shimmies out of the dress to try on another, the sun dress you picked out for her this time.

Kera snorts in amusement and she cafefully extract herself from the snug dress. "Perhaps, didn't feel too fine not breathing while I was wearing it though." But, she did look really good, pfft. Breathing is over-rated anyway. A few minutes later, she steps out again, this time in a much more casual dress, in hunter green with dark brown.

N'talya steps out in the bright sundress and smiles spinning slowly before looking to Kera and grins and says softly, "REally you are looking great Kera…" she smiles steping over to looking her friend up and down.

Kera shifts her gaze in the mirror when N'talya steps out and spins around in the next dress. Chuckling at her friend's compliments, "Thanks, but if I decide to get that last one, having a bit of breathing room wouldn't hurt." Scrutinizing her friend's dress a bit closer, she nods "I like that one." A thought occurs to her and she jabs her hands on her hips and huffs "You see woman all the time, dragonriding in dresses. How do you manage that without ruining your dress?"

N'talya giggles and says, "Really, I don't ride in my dresses most of the time." she says, "I just pack them when ever I go to have something to change into."

Kera considers Nat's solution and nods "Perhaps, must be a way to do it without ruining dresses though." Has to be, people do it all the time don't they. Her attention goes back to the mirror, Kera turning this way and that in order to eyeball the dress. Shaking her head as she fusses with the skirt. "No, don't think dark hunter green works." Green may for her dragonmate, but not this dress. Already turning away towards the changing room. A few seconds after the door closes her muffled voice calls out "Oh, I love this shade of purple you picked out."

N'talya smiles and says, "I think it looks lovely on you." she smiles, and says, "Maybe later we should wear these, that blue one you picked for me and that purple one and hit the sands and see what trouble we can make?

Kera laughs with her friend and nods agreebly "Sounds like a plan, after I get a few things." finishing slipping into the dress, she steps out and imediately grins at the image in the mirror. "Oh yea, this is coming home with me." A little smirk to her friend. A few more slight turns as she looks the back of the dress "Would it be too much to get two dresses?" As she says that, something else on a nearby rack catches her attention.

N'talya smiles and says, "Oh That would be fine." she smiles and steps up to the counter placin the pair of the dresses she tried on next to you and smiles "Nothing wrong with getting some nice stuff for yourself.."

Kera detours to the rack, grabbing something from and looking the pale pink dress over, flipping it around to examine it. Holding it to herself, she frowns thoughtfully, bending her knees to loose a couple inches from her height. Evidently deciding it's just right, she grins "I think Sori should have this. A new mom should have a nice new dress when she can see her feet again right?" Kera flashes a wink and heads back into the changing room. A short time later, she reappears with the dresses she is taking and leaving the ones she isn't in the changing room. She heads towards the counter, starting a line behind N'talya. Trying to peer over her friend's shoulder "Which ones did you decide on?"

N'talya grins and shows you the blue dress you picked first and that last sundress and says, "These I think." hs smiles "How about you?

Kera looks at the chosen dresses and grins. "Nice choices." When asked the same "Well pretty purple one ya picked out, and this one…" She shuffles the dresses over her arm and shows the red and green corset style with ruffles here and there. "..for myself and this other one for Sori."

N'talya smiles and says, "alright it is set then." she looks up to the person behind the counter and smiels, "We will take them."

Kera nods cheerfully, handing over her three choices to the storekeeper to wrap. "And don't forget the all those threads I picked out." She gestures to the already wrapped package set off to the side. That settled, she steps over to put her little sling back. Once her little tiny hatchling is secured comfortably, Kera heads back to the counter with her marks pouch at the ready. Peering to N'talya "That's a couple of things off my 'need soon' list, just a couple more to go."

N'talya smiles to Kera and says, "What else did you need soon." placing her own marks on the counter.

Kera thinks for a moment since she didn't actually write down a list "I'ld like to find some curtains. Some pretty sheets to cover my padded chairs and couch. Perfectly good and comfy, just not the best looking around." Snapping her fingers when she recalls what else she was looking for. "Probably a couple of pillows as well for lizard beds." That will probably wipe her marks out, but marks are earned to be spent right?

N'talya smiles and says, "Welll I am not sure about the curtians but and pillows we can get next door."

Kera shrugs a bit at the curtains "If I don't get knew ones now, it's alright, been using some I got from stores." After N'talya's things are wrapped and paid for, Kera hands her marks over too. Her attention slips over the bundles, "Um, might not have room for curtains on Moncerath with all these packages." Kera flashes a grin and seems downright giddy over shopping for new things. Not something she has gotten to do very much of. "Okie, a few little pillows for my brats, and then we'll hit the sands. How does that sound?"

N'talya smiles and says, 'That sounds great!." as she collect the packages from the saleclerk. She smiles to Kera and says, "Shall we then."

Kera grins, shuffling her packages a bit, being careful not not disturb the tiny goldling in the little nesting sling. Once she has everything balanced so nothing will drop, "We shall!" she follows N'talya from the shop, after murmuring a thanks to the clerk. Pausing to get her bearings after stepping out into the brightness, she blinks a time or two and shuffles along the boardwalk with N'talya. Stopping to squint through the window, But looks completely black inside to her thanks to the glare. "This the place?"

N'talya smiles and says, "Yeah, this is where I have gotten most the stuff around here." she smiles, "Come on." leading in into the little shop. Giveing a wave to the clerks as they come in, "They have great pillows and stuff.

Kera shuffles inside after N'talya, not waving due to her packages, but offering a pleasant nod and "G'afternoon." Is murmured to the shopkeeper as her gaze darts around to all the little oddities that catch her eye. Spying a display table with very little on it. She gently eases the packages onto it, nedging the few display items to the side. Hands free now, her attention drops to the little sling pocket were Polgara is stirring around a little, all's well there. "You just stay calm a bit longer cutey, then all the morsels you can eat." Who's Kera kidding, if the little lizard is hungry, she's gonna be fed right then. Looking to the Istan rider "Lead on Nat. You know whee everything is round here." As she moves, the greenrider leans to peer more closely at some off contraption on an upper shelf.

N'talya smiles and she works thought the shop and slowly to the back, wehre there are displaying various items for people flittes, everything all the way to a fur lined basket bed, "They have the greatest stuff here..

Kera reaches to make sure Polgara's little pocket nest doesn't get disturbed, her hand rubbing the sling lightly. She fully intended to be right behind her Istand friend, but turns out that N'talya is right, they do have alot of neat stuff on the shelves. "Wow, you weren't kidding." Brow lifting, she spots a tiny set of little glass figurines of tiny dragons in all five colors. There are even some in some very wild colors and combinations. Keeping them in mind for later, she hurries after her friend. "Ohhh." She spots all sorts of things she just may have to seriously consider having. One of those nice lizard beds for one!

N'talya smiles and says, "If I am not careful I can spend all my marks in here, I love this store." she spins about and says, "You said pillows for the lizards right?"

Kera chuckles, pointing out a couple of 'lizard' bowls with cute little designs painted on them. "Bet you already have one of these doncha?" Giving them each a quick look, nodding agreeably "Mmmhhm. Yea, to have a few scattered about the cottage. Mini's been dragging an old frazzled pillow around place, depending on where he wants to sleep at the moment I'm guessing. Might as well give him…and Polgara a few comfy places to curl up. Besides on /my/ pillow." An amused eyeroll over that. Then her attention is caught by a very small hammock hanging from the ceiling. A stuffed dragon 'snoozing'. "Check that out, clever that." Pointing out what she is talking about to N'talya.

N'talya giggles and nods, "I actually talked to the artist and got him to paint me one with a dolphin on it…"

Kera smirks "I should have known." Coming to the assortment of pillow perches, She reaches from one to another, feeling the fabric of a few and how padded they are. Glancing over a couple, she takes one in hand and glances to her friend "This pillow has potential." Giving it a few squeezes, she's still looking others over.

N'talya smiles and say softly, "It is hard to find the right one in here, there is allways another that is almost as good.."

Kera tucks the pillow under an arm and reaches for another that catches her attention. Giving it a bit of consideration, she nods to herself. "I think these two will work well enough." They are pretty enough, but looks isn't what really matters in this case. They both seem cushy enough so that her lizards should have no complaints. Having decided on the pillows, her gaze scans the cute lizard beds. "I guess with these pillows, I really don't 'need' to get a lizard bed too." Canting her head to N'talya "What do you think Nat?"

N'talya grins and says, 'Oh I would say that little princess you got there will want the best you know." she smiles and says, "But I would think yhou are right."

Kera lifts a brow and grins to her friend at the point she makes. Scanning the differant displays, she sighs and concedes her friend's point, after a quick glance to her little sling and the small golden muzzle drooping over the side, watching. Rubbing a finger gently along the baby lizards jaw, Kera smiles and nods. "I guess you are right." Another moment of giving the tiny queen attention then she's looking over the small beds once more. "I'm still getting these two pillows for them though. Never know how many flits will be visiting with their owners, right?"

N'talya laughs and says, "And with that little one, you never know how many flitters you might end up with."

Kera cants her head to N'talya briefly and chuckles, "It'll be turns yet before she's fully grown enough to be having little ones of her own. But, I see your point." Her hand rubs over the fancy fur lined one, smirking "This one's nice, but you'ld never be able to clean it properly as needed." Nope, can't have that. Pausing at one that has a hide covered wooden frame and removeable pad and lining. "What do you think of this one?" Kera works to hold it up for Nat to see with one arm stuffed with pillows.

N'talya smiles and says, "Oh the removable cover is nice." she grins and says soflty moves though looking at several other shelves and calls out, 'Did you need anything other then the pillows?

Kera glances casually around the nearby shelves before her attention goes back to the lizard bed in her hand. "No, Techinically, I don't really 'need' these'" Chin gesturing to the things she holds. "Could check the Weyr's stores, but.." She shrugs with a little grin "But sometimes ya just have to spend a day splurging right?" Kera flashes an amused wink. "But I do think I better get out of here. While I've still marks left to visit the Sands….You need to look for anything while we're here?"

N'talya giggles and says, "No I am pretty set." she smiles and looks about and says, "And you are right there ar time you just need to get out and have a good time or you won't be able to function at your job any more.

Kera nods quickly to that sentiment "Can't argue with that." Turning, she finds the little isle snug with her arms loaded up. "Hmm, can you grab this for me and we'll head to the counter." She shuffles and tries to hold the little bed to Nat while not jostling her baby queen too much.

N'talya smiles and moves to help pick up the items to help Kera to the counter and smiles, "No a problem, you just take care of the little one.

Kera grins, passing off part of her items to N'talya, then sidling down the aisle towards the counter. Grinning, her head dips forward a couple of times. "Oh, that's gonna the the easy part. Spoil her rotten like I do Minimur and Moncerath." Gigging down to Polgara peeking out and watching everything, Kera makes it to the counter drops the pillows down.

N'talya smiles and says, "I am sure that is true." she smiles, "it is quite the little family you are growing there."

Kera grins and pays for her purchases. While they are being wrapped, she gathers up the things she brought from the prior shop. "It does seem to be growing bit by bit. I've been more than fortunate with Moncerath and my little friends."

N'talya smiles and says, "that is great." he smiles, "I know how you feel, with Ala and Echo myself." she smiles, "it is my own little family.

Kera looks the large pile of purchases over, making sure she isn't missing anything. "We'll need to fill Mon's large packs before we hit the sands." Grinning as she starts. "Speaking of Echo, how are your Hall studies going? Think you'll be walking the tables to Journeyknot soon?" Kedra flashes a curious look to her friend before peering to where Moncerath is lumbering closer from the bowl.

N'talya smiles and says softly, "I hope to be any time now." she smiles and says "I really don't know though.

Kera trudges over to meet Moncerath at the edge of the boardwalk, crouching down to gently drop her packages on the ground then standing and hugging the green muzzle that extends her way. Smiling and turning her attention back to her friend. "Do dolphineers have to do projects before they can earn Journeyman knot?" While listening, she starts distributing her packages among her dragonmate's large hide packs.

N'talya nods her head and says, "I am working on a project pairing with some tech crafters. I am using one of there new cameras to take images of the sea plants in to the a better idea of what we might have here." she smiels, "Hopeing ot help figure out what ones might have healing properties and the like…"

Kera pauses in her package shifting to peer over to N'talya, relieving her of the bundles she helped carry. "Thanks." is murmured for the package carrying, And she nods, following along with Nat's project explanation. Obviously the mention of 'healing properties' draws her interest. "I hope you keep the Healer Hall in the loop on that if positive properties are found." Adding the last package and securing the flaps, she pauses, sending a curious look to her friend. "Cameras that work under the water now?"

N'talya grins and says, "that is actually part of the of the journeymen project from the tech crafter… the answer is sometimes… they put a casing on it to kee the water out, but getting the lenses to work though it is hard, and it keeps leaking.."

Kera hhms softly and gives Moncerath's cheek a rub. "Those techy's are quite clever." Canting her head a moment, she sends to green off to sun near Alamith. A quick whistle has Mini winging over to perch on her shoulder then she steps back to her friend "It's possible your research will help a few differant Halls."

N'talya nods and smiles, "I hope so. I will pass along any of the plants that look promising to you if you would like."

Kera grins at her friend's thoughtfulness "I know about current plant properties and uses, but discovering new properties would best be handled by an Herbal specialist. I can get you a list of some if you would like to get their input on your findings." Peering around and getting her bearings… "This way to the Sands, right?"

N'talya nods and smiles, "Yupe just over this way." as she begins to lead her friend the correct dirrection.

Ista Weyr - Sable Sands Patio
// This is the patio for the Sable Sands, what would in a regular weyr be a low dragon's ledge. The stone's surface here, however, has been filled and leveled, leaving a smooth floor upon which are set a number of small, round wooden tables and chairs, all varnished to a light goldeny hue. Here and there, small candles in dark orange glass holders or fabric-covered glows provide a sort of mood lighting. The seating is arranged to take advantage of the view, looking out over the broad plateau to the beach and ocean beyond, a perfect frame for sunsets on a clear evening. Occasionally, music drifts from further inside, where additional seating and the bar itself is located. Servers wander and weave through the areas, taking orders while weyrfolk and visitors alike anjoy the tropical atmosphere and exotic foods the island has to offer. The entrance to the adjoining tunnels has been walled off, and a wide set of double doors have been built into it, leading deeper into the weyr, while a set of carved steps offer ready access to the bowl.//

Kera walks towards the bowl with Nat, waving and murmuring greetings to Istans she passes. "All that shopping works up an appetite huh? Lunch is my treat. The least I can do since ya helped me pick out some stuff, not to mention helping me lug the packages back."

N'talya smiles and says, "what are friends for, i really enjoyed getting to shop with you. It has been too long." she siles and says, "But i wont say no to lunch."

Kera nods agreeably "It has been fun. We should be able to do more of it now that Moncerath and I have been tapped into Asteroid." Sinking onto a seat when N'talya chooses a table, Kera fans herself briefly and coaxes Minimur to perch on the edge of the table. She gets herself and lizards settled down, Polgara has crawled onto her arm, the green healer's free hand hovering protectively in case the little queen starts to loose her balance. "Think I'll start with a whole pitcher of juice." She rolls her eyes dramatically to the overhang briefly and smiles back to the Istan rider. "It'll be Winter soon at home, yet few candlemarks here has me looking forward to the icey snowdrifts."

N'talya smiles and says, "I think snow is a great thing to visit." she giggles and says, "But then I was born at High Reaches." she smiles and says, "I love the sun and heat here." she nods and says, "Any time you want to go shopping again just let me know I and will be with you, Maybe next time we can go to the markets of Igen."

Kera grins, eyes light up slightly at the mention if Igen shops. "I went to a few turns ago. Will need many more marks than I had today." Whether referring to the price of goods, or the number of goods that will be purchased is anyone's guess. An involuntary shover thinking about the icey region, she's looking forward to a brief season, not turn-round ice. When the waitress comes over, Kera orders a bowl of food for her lizards, juice and a fruit plate. Jotting this down, the waitress looks to N'talya "And for you miss?" Kera notices that Polgara's wings look to be a bit dry so out comes her little oilpot.

N'talya smiels and says softly, "I would like one of the sunset twists." she smiels and leans back and says, "I have a friend over there that can make sure we doing get scalped on the prices…" she blushes just a bit."

Kera lifts a curious brow "Sunset Twist?" Her expression cleayly says she wants an explanation of that while her fingers dab at the oil then rubbing lightly over the tiny lizards' shimmery hide. Spotting the blush, Kera adds a chuckle "Oh, hmm, I wouldn't want to take advantage of your friendship with her. But, I do love a good deal on something."

N'talya grins and says, "It is a tropical juice drink mixed with some of the local rums." she smiles and says "And my friend at Igen isn't a her…it is a him….

Kera mmms softly "Sounds good, I'll have to try that next time." Carefully lifting Polgara so that her belly can be oiled, she flashes a look to N'talya, as if she didn't here properly. "First thing in the morning, I'm having my hearing checked." Kera giggles a bit and continues "I could have sworn you said 'him'." That couldn't be right though, since her friend was blushing at the time. With the tiny queen oiled, Minimur gets a few spots rubs, but he'll get a better oiling later.

N'talya nods and says, "Lets just say he was someone you had though it was a bit inapropriate for me to hang out with in the past..

Kera blinks at the statement while cleaning her oily fingers. The waitress arrives with N'talya's drink and juice, mentions she'll be nearby if anything is needed, then moves to another customer. A thoughtful frown has found its way on her face as her head shakes in confusion. "Someone 'I' said was inappropriate for you?" Still not recalling "Who did I say that about?"

N'talya giggles and says, "It was when I was back at Xanadu and I had a bit of a crush on him."

Kera continues to be clueless and gives her head a tiny shake to imply she's still not following no matter how much she wracks her brain. "There's nothing wrong with a crush. Who is it, cause I really don't remember telling you it was a bad idea." The waitress comes by, bringing the lizard food and hurries off again. Kera proceeds to offer the smallest morsels to her baby queen. Minimur digs in, the older lizard seems to be nudging the better chunks to the side of his bowl.

N'talya grins and says, "you said he was way to old for me, and was a bronze rider." she smiels and says "Its ok really he sits back and smiles.

Kera finally just shakes her head, smirking as N'talya seems to be enjoying Kera's confusion very much. "Alright, I give, spill." Brow lifts, waiting for a name that will hopefully connect the dots on her page. Pinching off small morsels from the ones Minimur nudges for Polgara, she feeds them quickly to the very patient queen. Her brain still tossing over names, til one comes to mind. "You're talking about the man that left Xanadu before I was posted…That conversation? You mean.." Igen's Weyrleader?

N'talya nods and says, "Yeah that is who I was talking about.' she smiles and says, "He is in charge of the trading post of there and we still keep in touch so.."

Kera nods as she recalls the conversation more clearly now, but gives her head a tiny shake as Polgara gnaws on a small juicy sliver of meat. "Ya can nevr have too many friends." Flashing an amused wink "Expecially if there is a discount to be shared." Chuckling over that and as the fruit plate appears on the table, she murmurs a thanks to the waitress. "I'm glad for ya, but surprised that 'he' is why you were blushing a moment ago though." The baby queen is given a few more tiny chunks from Mini's bowl.

N'talya blushes brightly and says softly, "Um we sorta got a bit more intimate then just friends there for a bit…"

Kera smiles at her blushing friend, enjoying being able to tease her a bit before letting her off the hook. "So you enjoy spending time together…nothing wrong with that." She finishes feeding the baby gold, and gently cleans her tiny muzzle. Cleaning her own fingers, she plucks a slice of fruit from the plate, nudging it towards the center of the table, offering some to N'talya.

N'talya nods and says, "We haven't done that kind of thing in a couple of turns but yeah, things started there, and have become more of just a friendship.

Kera gives N'talya's words some consideration, before tucking them away to think about later. "Better friends now than you used to be." Pleased her friend seems more at ease than their last visit, Kera chews on her fruit slice while gently rubbing Polgara's back. Minimur burps, getting an eye-roll from Kera, and causing her to tug his bowl away "That's enough you." Her fingernail drags under the brown's chin a few times, distracting him from food for the moment and she looks back to N'talya and her drink "Are you sure you don't want some of this fruit plate? Or maybe something else to snack on?"

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