A Busy Morning

Xanadu Weyr - Caverns

A massive cavern in it's own right, this one has been skillfully adapted for human habitation. The high ceilings have been painted a light, soft ivory, as are the walls where numerous tapestries hang to provide brilliant color and insulation from the stone. The floor has been left in its natural state, pale pink granite speckled through with glittering mica and dark flecks of basalt, leveled carefully but kept sufficiently rough to avoid slips.

The cavern itself is loosely divided into areas, each one set up to be suitable for some segment of the Weyr's population. The most frequently occupied area, however, is the one near the Kitchens where tables of varying sizes provide a place to sit down and eat or chat and a buffet of consumables is almost always kept stocked. Its plain that on most days, this area wouldn't accommodate anywhere near the full population of the Weyr and equally plain that on such occasions when a formal meal is laid out, tables are appropriated from all the other areas.

A big fireplace is set into the wall near the Kitchens as well, several comfortable chairs nearby providing haunts for elderly residents or riders who like a good view of all that happens. Rugs cover the floor in strategic spots, all of them abstract or geometric in design and most in the softly neutral colors of undyed wool.

With a few days having passed since Kilaueth rose in flight over Xanadu Weyr, the Weyrleader R'sul is still on an extended vacation, the headwoman is still visiting her own sister on what hopefully will not become a permanent vacation, and Niva is left to pick up the pieces with the young Weyrleader. Unable to face her office, Niva has taken to meandering through the various areas of the Weyr, lingering here and there, and likely driving any poor soul who has had to deal with her a little nuts. For now, she's returned to the caverns, where she's forced to check on her own firelizard eggs - those she normally inflicts such duties on having already high tailed it. And so, she's settled near the hearth, carefully checking each egg pot, turning the ovoid within.

Kire yawns as he makes his way into the cavern and he scratches his bed head hair and tries to spike it up with just his fingers. Flying around him is a brown firelizard as Kire makes his way over towards the serving table to get himself something to eat. He grabs a meatroll and he offers it up to his firelizard, "Here come sit on my shoulder and you can have this Temujin." The firelizard gives a chirrup before it lands on Kire's shoulder and happily starts to eat the meatroll. Kire takes advantage of his firelizard's distracted state to fill up his plate and he pour himself a mug of klah. He goes to find himself a table and nods politely to the Senior Weyrwoman. He looks over her shoulder at eggs and smiles, "Those are nice."

T'maz enters to check in with one of the women in the kitchens. He also grabs a plate of food and drink, as she says there's nothing for him to do just yet, according to Master Denna. He bows his head towards Niva as well, with a smile and a salute.

Jessamin, not being quite familiar yet with who is who in Xanadu, she does not hesitate to set her basket down at a chair by the fire—well opposite of the box, of course. Her hair is only in mild disarray today, the worst of it brought on by the humidity outside. Her eyes, though, sparkle brilliantly in the firelight. She smiles at Niva, inclining her head by way of greeting as she settles into the seat, and reaches for her sewing basket; her eyes widen only slightly as she espies the knot on the senior Weyrwoman's shoulder. "Good evening, Weyrwoman."

Niva resettles the eggs in their pots, all but one, which is carefully taken from the hearth and settled on the table infront of Jessamin. "They aren't even mine." Niva says a bit sharply in Kire's direction, lingering frustration being taken out on the poor Starcrafter. "But, *he* took off without any instructions, he can deal with the consequences." Motioning at the egg pot, and the white-shelled egg within, Niva nods at the seamstress, vaguely recognizing her from her time on the sands. "Best find you some meat."

Kire ahs a little bit as he doesn't flinch from the sharp retort that he gets, "Kind of you to take care of them in the stead of the one that should be taking care of them." He moves to find a seat to watch the firelizard hatching. "Just the one hatching? Not that I want another one I'm happy with Temujin here, he's more then enough for me right now. I don't think I could properly take care of two baby firelizards at the moment and still do all my duties so I've been staying away from mass firelizard hatchings." He starts to dig into his food as he watches. The brown on his shoulder watches as it munches on the half-eaten meatroll.

Jessamin nods, nudging her basket to the side of the chair for the time being. She can't help but smile, even at the prospect of a long evening keeping little firelizard bellies full. "Of course, Weyrwoman." She rises from her seat, brushing her colorful patchwork skirt free of a few stray threads, and turns her steps towards the kitchen. She only pauses a moment to look back, and to ask, "How much do you think we'll need?"

T'maz hears the comment about the meat."I can get someone to bring some out from the kitchens…" He stops, mug half way to mouth to say that as he and his plate are headed to a table.

"Mmm, a decent sized bowl. Just in case." Niva continues to watch the egg, which is now beginning to rock within its little holding, even as she flicks her gaze to Kire, shaking her head. "I don't even know if they're all from the same clutch. They were R'sul's little… project. And now, he's gone and left them." Niva mutters, settling herself in chair well away from the rocking egg. "See? T'maz can help." She quips.

Jessamin nods in assent, turning once again towards the kitchens, in search of a bowl and meat. "It's alright… T'maz, is it?" She smiles cordially to the rider. "I was already on my way there."

Kire ahs a little bit, "Do you think he will be back or do former Weyrleaders go to a special island to retire? Is it hard to stay at the weyr after you lost and are not the weyrleader any more? Or just it depend on the rider?" He asks curiously in between swallowed mouthfuls. He takes another drink of klah and yawns again.

The egg continues to rock in its pot, and Niva's lifting her voice. "Hurry up, girl!" She replies a bit shortly, shaking her head and sighing, though she's ready to grab the egg should it topple itself over. At Kire's questions, she shakes her head. "He sharding better come back. He's not off the hook, even if he's not Weyrleader anymore. That boy can't be that much older than you!" Poor Niva, still caught up on that 'age' thing. "C'ian's still here, and he was Weyrleader for turns."

Jessamin does indeed hurry her steps at the growing urgency in Niva's voice, picking up her skirt and scurrying into the Kitchen—perhaps not as careful as she should be about anybody who is in her path. Her hair flies out in a mass behind her as she runs.

Kire nods a little bit, "I see. Well boy or not he's is the Weyrleader now. I'm sure he'll do fine if he listens to an experienced woman like you. I know that I've greatly benefited from the knowledge of an older woman or women. I mean how much damage can a Weyrleader really do?"

Jessamin scuffles back into the cavern, her arms loaded down with a large bowl filled nigh to the top with small-ish bits of herdbeast flesh; not a single piece seems over the size of the tip of a man's thumb. She hurries as fast as her load will allow her over to the hearth, setting the bowl down next to Niva. "I'm sorry that took a moment, didn't want any pieces too big for little mouths."

T'maz tilts his head."My brother was Weyrleader at Western before he moved to another weyr…" Yes He knows better than to mention Ista…I suppose everyone can give the boy advice since he is so young."

The egg continues to wiggle, and cracks are hurriedly spreading over the shell, before the shell is threatening to fall apart at any moment, and Niva's snapping her fingers at Jessamin, nodding as she settles down, and just in time too, for the egg is teetering and then the hatchling is making its way out. And then, Niva has to stifle a choking sound at Kire's question. "Shards, boy… *how much damage*?" And then Niva is beginning to laugh, shaking her head, and waving her hand, face starting to flush at her amusement. "Shells more damage than you seem to think!"

Racing Dust Storms Brown Hatchling
With his tail dipped in sienna, this little brown is the picture of fury, as red-toned browns sweep over his body, as if enveloping him in a heavy dust storm. Burnt sienna claims his belly and limbs, even his tails unable to escape, before the hues are overcome by ochre on his sides and neck. As ochre spirals upwards along his body, its unable to overcome the foothold that the sienna has on the end of his muzzle, nor the burnt umber that resides over the back of his neck and body. Wingsails of the same hue stretch between spars of rust, as they fold to his back.

Jessamin seems to not be a moment too soon, settling down a short distance from the little hatchling. She tries to trill a greeting to the wee thing, along with an offering of a little piece of meat. This, she sets on the ground a short distance away from the hatchling, coaxing it to take it first steps. "What a little cutie you are… that's it, it's alright… the meat's for you, silly thing." She seems transfixed by the light shimmering in sienna and madder-toned browns off of the hatchling's egg-wet hide, already reaching for the next piece of meat while keeping her eyes upon the wee thing.

Kire frowns a little bit, "Well I mean they are still in charge of the wings, not that I know specifically how Xanadu Weyr's leadership duties are broken up, but without Thread to fight what exactly is a Weyrleader in charge of? I mean traditionally the Weyrwomen run the Weyr while the Weyrleader ran the wings. He is new so I'm sure he'll look towards you to tell him what he can and can't do. If you think he's too inexperienced to handle anything, then give him as much duties as you think he can handle. Like have him inspect the wings and do lots of paperwork." He suggests as he reaches up to pet his firelizard, "Just give him some busy work til you get a better feel of his leadership capabilities."

Racing Dust Storms Brown Hatchling cries as he tumbles from the eggpot to the ground below, wings slowly unfurling as he rights himself. Another pitiful cry, and then there's a piece of meat, and the little creature is pouncing on it eagerly, crying out as it stumbles forth for more.

T'maz smiles."He is a handsome little fellow…" A head tilt."If I remember correctly some previous Weyrleaders are willing to give sorta lessons… My brother said he had filled out lots of reports when he was Weyrleader." Yes he's getting his dragon to bespeak Leoth."He said the Gathers were fun, as were the Hatchings…get that meat little one." his voice goes to a whisper, cheering the little brown on.

Niva glances sidelong as the egg hatches, but the girl seems to have the situation well in hand, and thus Niva is left to just stare once more at Kire, shaking her head repeatedly. "Shards, you think *I* do all the work?" Niva is talking with Kire and T'maz, while Jessamin is flirting with the newly hatched brown, apparently about the new Weyrleader. "R'sul took care of the records. The meetings. All of that. The… diplomacy. Who's going to want to listen to some kid?" And then she sobers a bit, shaking her head with a sigh, muttering. "Though, they seem to like it at Fort and Western."

Jessamin chuckles as the brown hatchling pounces on the piece of meat. "That's it, little fellow… there's more where that came from." The next piece of meat is placed on the ground, a little bit closer to herself than the first, and a third after that. "Hatching's hungry work, isn't it? Come on, now, eat up." She churtles and coos encouragement to the hatchling, as quick to set down the next bit of meat as he is to pounce upon it.

Kire shakes his head, "No of course not, but you you have three other junior weyrwomen to help you out. Has he picked a weyrsecond yet. I know if I was him and the former Weyrleader was agreeable I'd make him my Weyrsecond, but that's up to him really. I'm sure that no matter how young he is, even if he's 15 turns old, although I heard he was 19 turns old, that Xanadu will adjust." He says in a polite tone of voice as he finishes off his meal.

Racing Dust Storms Brown Hatchling pounces another piece of meet, happily following the trail, before its becoming evident where its coming from, and he's turning his gaze up to Jessamin to croon, bouncing closer.

Speaking of said kid, D'son comes down the hallway from the office with the glazed look of someone who's been hitting the books for a while in spite of the relatively early hour. He's got a notebook and some loose sheets of notes tucked inside of that under his arm and a pencil still tucked up above one ear. His steps slow as an older rider crosses his path and pauses to say hello. Promptly, Dels sticks his hand out to shake, saying a few friendly words, listens to the reply then moves on into the caverns proper. Catching sight of Niva, his face settles into a careful neutral as he crosses the space, drawing the odd look and whisper. "Weyrwoman, good morning," he greets as he draws near, hazel eyes taking in Niva's companions with frank curiosity.

Jessamin grins widely at the little hatchling, holding the next piece of meat delicately between her first two fingers. "That's right, the meat's over here. Come on now… it's alright, go ahead." Her eyes remain fixed upon the madder-and-sienna little hatchling, and she tries to match its crooning song.

"Far as I know, X'hil'll stay Weyrsecond, unless D'son changes his mind. From the note R'sul so.. kindly left for me, I doubt he'd be interested in anything." Niva comments, with a flick of her fingers, already dismissing a good portion of what Kire has said, deeming it unimportant. "Maybe. I don't think *I* will adjust." Niva snaps, and then, suddenly, said kid is there, and Niva's looking a bit surprised at the direction from which he's come. "The books won't go anywhere." She replies smartly, though she makes no attention to make eye contact.

T'maz nods."Hatching's hungry work for dragons too… All their food from inside the egg is gone I think…And they need to eat first thing after finding their friend in the Candidates…Least that's how Dementh put it once when I asked him…" He sees the entrance of the new Weyrleader, and salutes, without standing up, a fork in his other hand as he eats, or takes up his cup. A few of his firelizards have found out he is eating and have come to pester him. He says their names to them quietly and gives them some meat rolls as well. The oldest ones notice the little brown and hum a hatching song, welcoming him into the world.

Racing Dust Storms Brown Hatchling quickly launches himself to snap at that piece of meat between Jesasmin's fingers, pulling it away as he looses his balance, taking a moment to recover. Finally, he's back on his feet, and crawling into the seamstress's lap, maw open, waiting impatiently for more.

Jessamin cradles the little hatchling tenderly in her lap, chuckling as she strokes the butter-soft, egg-wet hide. "Okay, okay, a little bit slower than that. Don't want you getting sick on me now." She holds up the next little bit of meat near the tiny maw, crooning a wordless, lilting little tune. Much as if it were a baby in her lap, she rocks gently back and forth, doing her best to comfort and welcome the brown into her life. "I'll have to think of a good name for you, hmmm? You're too cute to just be 'hey you'."

Kire looks over towards Jessamin, "Congratulations of having a brown of your own I hope that he isn't a terror like mine it." As the brown firelizard goes to open his mouth to creel a meatroll is popped in, "Oh hush you know you are a terror so just deal with it." He affectionately strokes the brown firelizard's head. Kire looks over to the person who greets the Weyrwoman and he nods politely to him, "Good day Weyrleader. Congratulations on your and your bronze's win." He nods to Niva, "Well X'hil is a good man and he seems to be a good Weyrsecond so you don't have a lot to worry about there. Well it's only until your Queen goes up again. If I might ask something, I've been looking at sites around Xanadu that an Observatory could be put and the area near the Star Stones would the perfect place. Could the starcraft have permission to use it for the site of the Observatory."

"Good thing too, books running away, just wouldn't do," D'son quips back and does a brief double-take but recovers quickly in the wake of T'maz' salute. Something to get used to. He musters what ought to be a smooth nod in return but it does just look a little goofy. Still Dels holds his hand out towards the brownrider with a small smile. "D'son, bronze Inimeth's," he starts out by rote, "good morning." And then there's Kire's greeting and the rest and he takes a breath, lets it out. "Moving me out already?" he makes it a joke and nods to a vacant chair. "Mind if I join you? And Niva, I looked through that sheet and I've got Vivian working on meetings with all the wingleaders, just so — you know."

T'maz nods to the young Weyrleader."I'm T'maz, Brown Dementh's rider," Also shaking the young man's hand."If there is anything I can do to help you, just ask… My brother was once a Weyrleader and I can ask him anything…"

Jessamin has something of a rosy flush to her cheeks from the proximity of the hearth, and the faint glow of Impression about her. She is rather content cradling the little brown, feeding that creeling maw with bits of herdbeast between her fingers. "Okay, okay… easy there, you'll take my fingers off next!" Seeming to come to herself, she glances about, looking a bit startled to see how many have gathered since she went to the kitchens for meat. "Oh… hello!" She smiles sheepishly to D'son, inclining her head. "Weyrleader… well-met." Her gaze is next turned upon Kire, with a lopsided grin. "Thanks, though I hope this one won't be quite such a terror."

"Good, one down… three to go." Niva mutters as the little brown is scooped up by Jessamin, and then she's shaking her head at D'son, still not actually looking at him as he joins them. "Outline a plan, where it would go, and we'll review it." Niva tells Kire, the briefest of smiles passing her face. "Its easy to say yes, and then harder when you discover it just won't fit." At the mention of Vivian, D'son gets a look of surprise, before slowly nodding. "I.. hope she wasn't too much of a problem." Niva replies, caught off guard by the interaction of her eldest with the new, young, and possibly impressionable Weyrleader.

Kire smiles politely at the Weyrleader, "Of course not I'm sure that you'll do a fine job. I'm the last person to judge a person based on age. Shards if I was two turns older that model over there would have gotten me a journeymen knot instead of just a little tail to my apprentice knot." He sighs, "But the masters will as the masters will. I'm sure that you will do fine." He nods to Niva, "All right I will write up a proposal and put in a copy of all the blue prints. I've done the measurements and it will fit with plenty of room to spare, but I understand the need for paperwork and proper documentation." Kire smiles at Jessamin, "I hope so too." He strokes his hand over his brown's back and then scoops him up to take up his dishes to the dirty dish bin.

"Well met T'maz, and thanks. Once my head stops spinning, I'll bet I'll have a question or two." He sets down notebook and papers and resolutely smiles at the Weyrwoman. "None at all. Very helpful. Showed me how to use the computer," Dels lets her know. "Asked some … um … interesting questions. But um, right. Hi there." Hand out to Jessamin next. "D'son. Likewise." Kire earns himself a slightly round-eyed look and a hint of color lifts in the young weyrleader's cheeks but doesn't comment back. "I ah — just need to step over to get a drink," he says next, offers a nod around the table and starts to step off in the totally wrong direction to find the klah pot.

Jessamin grins at the brown hatchling in her lap, gingerly stroking the hide of its swelling belly. "Strange… never seen reddish tones like that on a brown before. Just like the color of madder." She pauses, canting her head to one side. "Yes, that would make a good name for you. Madder."

"Wrong way, Weyrleader.." Niva says with a bit of a smirk on her face, lifting her hand to point D'son in the opposite direction without moving from her seat, shaking her head a little. "So much to learn.." She mutters under her breath, before her gaze flicks quickly to Kire, and she nods. "Make sure our Weyrleader gets a copy of it too. Maybe he'll be left to oversee this." Niva's gaze flicks back to the teenage bronzerider, pondering as she does so, hand coming up to her cheek as she watches him interact with the other members of her Weyr. Their Weyr.

Jessamin looks a little surprised as the Weyrleader extends his hand. She grins sheepishly at him, nodding to the hatchling in her lap. "Jessamin. My apologies for the lapse in courtesy. I've errr, sort of got my hands full." Seeing she is a little bit too late, she ducks her head in embarrassment, turning her attention to the hatchling once more. "How do you like that, Madder? First week here and I've already botched it."

T'maz chuckles softly not at D'son of course but at the antics of the just hatched."If the little one gets hungry, just ask any drudge or helper in the kitchen to get you some scraps, you don't have to cut it yourself…" He smiles at the girl."Even I've sliced guts for my flight of lizards at the oddest of hours."

Kire nods a little bit, "I'll be sure that each of the Weyr's Leadership gets a copy of the proposal for their review." He says as he comes back to the table and sits back down. He has a small bowl of meatrolls and he gives another one to Temujin as he finishes off the second, "Last one." He says as he nibbles on a meatroll himself. "When they can eat real food you'd do best to keep extra with you at all times, never know when it comes in handy." He picks up the black carrying case by his side and he opens it up. He takes out a small container and he plops the extra meatrolls into it before sealing it back up. "They get hungry at the oddest most inopportune moments. Like when you are trying to follow a meteor as it shoots through the night's sky."

Jessamin says "Oh, I'm counting on this one keeping odd hours. And… thanks. Guess I'm used to doing for myself, is all." She flashes T'maz an appreciative smile, Madder nestling down a bit more calmly in her lap now. The pace of his feeding seems to have slowed, and the urgent tone of his creeling has toned down to something a bit more melodic and calm. "Didn't get to introduce myself earlier, really. Jessamin, newly arrived to Xanadu." She seems to have picked up on the reluctance of mentioning her former Weyr in the presence of Niva, and so refrains from it herself."

"Oh right, sorry, never impressed one of them," Dels says to Jessamin about the firelizard, over his shoulder, that incipient blush of his creepin further across his face and he backsteps, turns the right way. "Thank you," he says simply to Niva and makes it over to the klah without any further mishap. He returns a moment later with something from the bread basket along with the mug and sits down in the chair he'd picked a moment or two earlier. "So that's some way to start the morning," he picks up the conversation with Jessamin, "impressing first thing right off the bat, huh?" He looks up at Kire curiously about the proposal remark and shoots a brief, questioning look Niva's way, then just nods. "Be sure to take a look," he covers hastily.

Catching D'son's questioning look, Niva only nods with enough of a smile to indicate that she'll explain later, slowly relaxing as there are no immediate mishaps with the Weyrleader in the caverns. "R'sul should have known not to leave his eggs, this close to hatching." Niva comments absently, nodding at the eggpot that once held the brown's shell, before she's glancing between, making an excuse after a moment to fetch a mug of klah for herself.

Jessamin strokes Madder's velvety soft hide, rocking the wee lizard gently into slumber. Her smile, while usually never fading, seems a bit wider than usual. She nods in reply to D'son's query. "Tell me about it. But if there's one thing about firelizards or dragons, it's to expect the unexpected." She chortles softly to herself, looking down at her newly hatched little charge. "Never thought I'd Impress either. Guess this little guy just proved me wrong."

Kire nods to the Weyrleader as he sits down, "It's a proposal to use the Star Stones as a site for an Observatory. It's the highest place in the Weyr and since the Star Stones are not used any more the site would be perfect for an Observatory. I'm Senior Apprentince Kire. I've been assigned here to learn from and to assist the current Weyr Starcrafter until at such time I am skilled enough to take over for him. That is the model of the design that has been picked for the Observatory. It's based off high mountainous observatories that were once on Earth although modified so that it will fit here at Xanadu. Actually I made it with a location of the Star Stones in mind. Not to worry though the construction will not harm the Star Stones in any way."

And Kire decides to explain it all now and D'son has to manfully put on an interested face though it's likely his eyes are kind of crossing as he takes that all in. "Right, right. To look at the stars with. Got it," he says to the starcrafter and takes a breath, holds out his hand yet /again/. "D'son. Well met." A little briefer this time. "Yeah, Inimeth has uh — managed to surprise me quite a lot from Impression to now," the Weyrleader says with a touch of wryness in his voice. He shoots another look up at Niva though, something faintly apologetic in his air, but then he occupies himself with breaking the sweet roll he got out of the basket in half and dunking it in his klah while he takes a look over one of the sheets from his notebook.

Niva lingers at the serving table even after she refills her mug of klah, sipping it slowly, adding a bit more sweetener, and then watching the younger group over the rim of her mug. Only after she's sure that D'son has had a moment to take in Kire's explanation by himself does she returns to the group, smirking a little as she looks down at the overwhelmed teen. "Catch that all?" She questions, trying to hide her laughter.

Jessamin manages to get to her feet, her arms full of a snoring little firelizard. She grins, shaking her head as she looks down at the little gem. "Quick to eat, quick to sleep. This should be an interesting time, hmmm?" She picks up her sewing basket, the grip somewhat awkward for her existing load, and turns towards the entrance. "I'd better go make a little nest for Madder here. Weyrwoman… thank you very much for this chance. You don't know how much it's appreciated." Indeed, her eyes are glistening, misted over with the simple joy of Impression.

Kire sighs, "Yes a big build with a big starviewer to look at the stars and planets and possibly other galaxies." He sighs again as he takes a drink from his mug of klah and mutters something about apprentices getting no respect. He sets down his mug and flicks the little tail on his shoulder knot before he sets his firelizard on his shoulder, "Now stay here." He gives the brown a petting and the firelizard slams it's small head into Kire's cheek before rubbing. Yah affection.

T'maz smiles at the girl."Don't forget to oil the little one if you see patchy skin…It itches some thing awful… I should know… I've sometimes nearly forgotten to oil my little blue and he reminds me…"

Jessamin pauses at the entrance to the caverns, turning back to look at T'maz. She nods, taking the advice to heart. "What sort of oil would be best, then?

D'son's hand drops as Kire doesn't take it and goes on about the starviewer. Busying himself with his breakfast, Dels nods at polite intervals instead, then lifts a hand as Jessamin excuses herself. "Nice meeting you, good luck with the little guy," a nod for the lizard in the girl's arms and then his mouth is busy with his next bite of food, which means he's chewing with chipmunk cheeks when Niva returns. He swallows hastily and bobs his head once. "Think I've got it, Weyrwoman," he confirms. "Star Stones. Starviewer. Stars. Planets. Galaxies." Check, check, check on the fingers.

"Good riddance.." Niva mutters, in regards to the little brown that Jessamin is picking up to cart off. "Just make sure get him banded, and try and train him." The Weyrwoman nods once more to the seamstress, before she's eventually settling down in her chair, giving a sidelong glance at Kire. "Make sure to list your materials too." Niva adds on almost as an afterthought.

T'maz listens looking at the Starcraft apprentice as he continues to finish his own meal.

Kire offers his hand to the Weyrleader this time, "Sorry about that I get a bit carried away sometimes about the stars and outer space." He nods, "I will, although the Star Craft will be providing all the materials that will be needed, specially ordered from the Smithcraft, all that is needed was a design and space to do it in."

Jessamin takes the silence to her query as a reply in of itself. "Maybe I'll ask you another time, then, if that's alright? Or I could pester most anybody who has a firelizard." With a smile, she turns and heads off, crooning a little tune to Madder as he sleeps in her arms

D'son brushes crumbes from his hand to finally shake Kire's. "I get carried away talking explosives sometimes," he confesses with a slight quirk to his mouth and shoots Niva another brief sidelong look at the mutters about the lizards.

"Ask the dragonhealers." Niva finally thinks to comment to Jessamin as the girl disappears, before she's left with the young men. And, D'son's words are enough to cause her to stare aghast at him. "Explosives?!" She practically screeches, shaking her head, and waving a hand. "No, no explosives."

T'maz looks at Niva as she screeches."Calm down my dear weyrwoman please, the screeching will wake the babies…" Some nanny looks over with a severe Shhhh and a finger to her lips as a group of women with very little ones are just finishing their meals and rocking infants in their arms.

The screeching lifts D'son's brows up and he chokes on his next bite of sweet roll, winds up coughing a little. "Just an interest, ma'am," Dels says, eyes a little wide. "And I make fireworks sometimes. You know, to make pretty sparkly colors at night."

Kire smiles a little bit as he gives the Weyrleader a firm handshake, "Well just watch out for the Kitchens, they don't like explosions. I should know the first night that I was here I went into the kitchen to bring in an empty klah pot and ended up exploding the kitchen first in bubbles and then in pudding." He listens to the Weyrleader, "Really that's amazing how do they get all the colors in the sky? I've only seen fireworks once. It's really amazing."

"Explosions?" Niva hisses again, glaring at T'maz's reminder to be quiet in her own Weyr. And then, slowly, D'son explains, and Niva's gaze remains narrow as she watches him, an untrusting look still in her eyes. "Fireworks or not, they say *outside*." Niva declares after a moment, shaking her head again. "I don't care what you do outside, but if I find *anything* in the office." Awesome, its like having a son!

T'maz nods in agreement to the Weyrwoman…"Also if you happen to go down to the paddocks, don't let any ovines out, last time that happened, one of them took refuge in Shellie's office…and she didn't like that one bit."

"The kitchen? Shells no … that's not a good place for that kind of thing. And uh — it's a mixture of powders see, with a starter and — you don't really want to get me started," D'son tells Kire then takes a deep breath and returns Niva's narrow-eyed look with a level one of his own. "That would go against safety protocols." Let's just not mention the Istan Weyrleader's can, shall we? And then T'maz earns himself a puzzled look. "The … sheep?" Poor Dels. What's he gotten himself into?

A drudge slips in from the kitchen and goes directly to T'maz. He whispers something into the journeyman's ear and T'maz nods."I suppose we should deliver them…" He chuckles as he stands, having finished his meal."Turns out yesterday evening one of the children's classes made cookies for Dementh, to thank him for letting them help oil him…" He chuckles."They put in meat scraps and fruit.."

Kire nods a little bit bit, "Well that's good." He listens aptly to the Weyrleader start to explain it and he smiles, "Don't worry I'm not allowed in the kitchens and I really don't like to blowing up stuff." He chuckles, "Don't worry I was confused about the almost preoccupation with ovine that some in the Weyr have. Apparently some time ago some ovine got free and rampaged…one even got set on fire."

"If you say so." Niva mutters again, distracting herself with the klah infront of her as T'maz is dragged away, and the Weyr. Kire's explanation of the issue gets a nod, before she speaks up. "Vivian killed Flossie. I know it. So, watch out." Niva's gaze flicks to D'son - the girl may be her daughter, but a warning is still in order. A shake of her head again, and she's just listening, settled with the new Weyrleader and the starcrafter.

D'son seems to be working on breakfast, half a sweet roll still go, mug of klah in front of him, notebook and note alongside. He's sitting across from Niva and Kire, carrying on a conversation it seems, though the new Weyrleader's body language might speak to the fact that he just put his foot in it with the Weyrwoman. "I do ma'am. It's not something to play around with," Dels says mildly and likely praying fervently that Niva's dislike of Istans means she doesn't chat with K'ael much. If ever. "Oh, huh. Sheep everywhere? And Vivian … killed a sheep?" Brows up and down. Might be a little comical.

Kire hmms, "I hadn't heard that part of it. I don't even know what a Flossie is or I guess in this case was. I just know that the Weyrsecond got shot in the behind." He chuckles a little bit as he takes a drink of his klah. "Well if you are planning on demonstrating any fireworks let me know. I'm up most nights anyway to look up at the stars to watch to see if anything interesting is happening. That and I'm trying to memorize the constellations." He smiles, "There is even a drink at the Tavern called the flaming ovine."

Enkavir wanders out from residential housing, rubbing sleep from groggy eyes and ineffectually pushing a chunk of hair up and out of his eyes. He's dressed in his usual casual pants and sweater (as opposed to still in sleepwear) but it looks like that is as far as he's gotten. A few steps in he stops to stretch and yawn, and when his eyes open they land on the Weyrwoman and new Weyrleader of all people. And Kire's there too, but that's less of a surprise. Caught with his mouth just closing a foot or so from the leading pair he clears his throat, gives a hand up wave. "Morning sir, ma'am, Kire."

Niva glances sidelong at Enkavir as the young man appears, looking about as rough as D'son did when the Weyrleader emerged from the office, and Niva just shakes her head, growing more and more outnumbered. "Shards.." She murmurs into her mug, shaking her head again, even as she's glancing sidelong at the eggpots on the hearth, including one that is shifting a little, leaving Niva to mutter further.

Riyontali is clearly not shy about eating, at least, though she's still casting half-sheepish looks around at all of the weyrfolk around. She's got a long day ahead of her, and there are a pair of sweetrolls, eggs, and various meat strips on her plate. The girl yawns, not really paying attention as she wanders over to a table and sprawls, dutifully setting into her breakfast. "Morning." Grunted to her neighbors without glancing up, before there's a sigh and she stands, going to grab a mug of klah. It's only when she sits back down that she actually looks at her company, blinking over at the group. "Oh. Uhm. Good morning."

It's mouthed more than said, 'flaming ovine' by D'son as Kire names the drink. "I uh — I'll have to try that sometime," Dels decides. "And maybe not so soon, but sometime, might see about putting on a show for folks. It's you know, something light-hearted and nice to look at." Hazel eyes shift Niva's way, checking in with her, brows lifted. And there's Enkavir coming in and he nods politely from his seat across the table from Niva, breakfast still in progress. "Good morning."

Kire looks up as he hears his name and he waves to Enkavir, "Good morning Enkavir." He yawns and stretches out without disturbing the sleeping firelizard on his shoulder. He takes another drink of his klah and he gets up to get some more of it. "Anyone want anything while I'm up." He rubs his eyes a little bit as he's been up all night starviewing. He smiles at Riyontali, "Hey Tali." He looks over towards Niva, "Is another one hatching?"

Enkavir sneaks away to fetch a mug of klah, but returns quickly enough, looking a bit wider awake with each sip. He doesn't sit with everyone else but leans against a nearby wall, hip to stone holding up his weight. "So you're the guy, then? D'son? Welcome to Xanadu." The klah is raised in a salute to the guy wearing the fancy knot. A hint of a crooked grin sneaks around his mouth as his pale eyes slide to Kire. "The drin is called a flaming ovine? Not all of us are obsessed with the 'o' word, just so you know." Diving into a conversation he has no idea about, he adds, "What sort of show?"

"Shards.." Niva says as she opens up the egg pot to reveal the fact that there are in fact cracks beginning to form on a khaki-shell, nodding absently to Kire. Letting the other young men converse, the bowl of meat abandoned by Jessamin and the egg pot are set on the table infront of Riyontali and her breakfast with a smirk. "Enjoy. Courtesy of the former Weyrleader." Oh, sweet revenge.

Thea wanders into the cavern, dressed nicely in a calf-length skirt and matching blouse of deep claret, her hair brushed and twisted up. For all her apparent care in preparing, she's looking sleepy enough to have just tumbled from her bed. She's yawning as she comes in and heads directly for the klah, pours a mug just after Enkavir does. "Morning," she mumbles to him, her tone says she wished it weren't. It takes her a moment or two to notice there's someone new in the room. She's just adding a faint smile and a nod for now.

Turning a little in his chair so he can see Enkavir better, D'son nods. "Yeah, nice to meet you, thanks." And Dels holds a hand out towards Enkavir now too. "Sorry, didn't catch your name," the new Weyrleader says with a wry look. "And uh, fireworks. Maybe. With the Weyrwoman's permission," he continues. "After a little while. It's um — it's a hobby of mine. Fireworks." Again his eyes flick back to the table, this time to take in the arrival of the pot and he scoots his chair over a little further /away/ from imminently hatching lizard.

Riyontali smiles tentatively to the table, lifting a hand. "How are you guys this morning?" Posed to the group of them, as she sets to stuffing her face happily. "This is really good." That's for nobody in particular, but she smiles around again, waving up at Thea. "Mornin' — huh?" Niva gets a blink, then, and a hastily added " — m'am. Uhm." As she's tilting her head, blinking between pot and bowl of meat.

Liya arrives not but a few minutes after Thea's arrival, her steps a swift canter until just the entrance to the cavern, where she slows. Pausing just beyond the hall she takes the time to smooth a hand over her clothing which appears to be wrinkled, not from sleep, but rather work from the smudges here and there. Clasping her hands behind her back, she steps into the cavern, her eyes set intently on the sands where the eggs sit. She lingers near the back, staying well out of the way.

"As long as the show is *outside*" Niva says firmly to D'son, having settled on taking the same tone with the Weyrleader as she uses with her teenage daughters, as much good as that did her with them. And then at Riyontali's confusion, the Weyrwoman waves a hand. "Its cracking. *I* don't want it, and from the looks of it, neither do they." Niva says with a snort, shaking her head, and pushing the egg pot closer to the stablehand even as the egg continues to crack, and then hatches.

Shielded by the Clouds Bronze Hatchling
Wispy bronze mingles with ancient gold, the dull hues clashing along the sides of his body, golden-tones working upwards from his stomach, while bronze drips from his back. The darkest bronze resides in his ridges, running from between his headknobs to his tail, dark hue like a storm viewed from above. Wings spread wide, sails showing their dulled bronze sails, while the same lighter hue colors muzzle and forelimbs, toes and the tip of his tail.

Kire gets his mug of klah as it seems that one one wants anything. He sees the egg start to crack and he goes into the kitchen to get a bowl of meat for her. He makes the trip a quick one before he gets hit with a spoon and he quickly ducks back out of the kitchen. Kire offers Tali a bowl of meat, "Here you go Tali, feed him as much as he wants. He's handsome." He says with a smile before he moves off to watch the second firelizard hatching of the morning.

Its another young woman who's entering behind Liya, pausing for a moment, before grinning, and giving her a nudge to move into the Cavern, shooing her towards the gathered group. Unfortunately for her, though, this brings her into Niva's gaze just as there's sound from another one of the egg pots, and the Weyrwoman is left to stare at Kire. "You had to question why only one was hatching, didn't you?" Left with another moving egg pot, she's left looking for a victim, hurriedly moving to Liya to usher her to the crowded table opposite Riyontali. "For you.." No need for introductions, clearly, not when there are critters to be rid of.

Nenowyn shuffles into the cavern, the soles of her rather beaten sandals scuffling over the polished stone. Her face is almost completely eclipsed by the bound book held half against her chest, half propped on her chin. Her free hand is occupied with the dried wherry strip she's currently stuffing into her mouth, chewing almost thoughtlessly as her full attention is wrapped up in the paper before her nose. As evident by the half-stumble as she crashes both shins into an unoccupied bench. "Blasted lilly livered shards of argh…!" She mutters heatedly, book and food dropped to the floor as she clings to her shins with both eyes skrewed shut.

Enkavir keeps his distance from the cracking eggs, shaking his head. "Spark and I have an understanding. He does favors for me and I feed him, we leave each other alone otherwise. I'll stay way back here, thanks." Thea gets a warm smile and little wave. "Morning." He's a bit more disheveled and totally as tired as she looks, which might be why it takes a second for him to focus back on the new Weyrleader. "Hmm? Oh, shells, yeah, I'm Enkavir. Record keeper." The man gets a faint smile, then there's an incoming flood of women, some unfamiliar. He just nods to all of them, shrinking back against the wall a bit.

Thea flashes a sleepy grin at Riyontali's predicament. Cracking eggs have her backing swiftly away, "Me either." Ruin keeps her busy enough, apparently. She steps to one side to clear the way for Liya, "Mornin'," this to the folks nearby her. Fireworks. Thea's heard the word, "And um, keep Kire well away from them?" She winks at the starcrafter, kidding. As the cavern fills, Thea just keeps backing towards the wall, keeping to the edges of the fray, ending up near Enkavir and D'son. She returns the recordkeeper's warm smile with one of her own, then reaches a hand towards D'son, her pale green eyes grave above a polite smile. "Welcome to Xanadu, Weyrleader."

"Well met Enkavir," D'son says sincerely. "Might swing by for a little help with some records sometime this seven," he notes. The rest of D'son's breakfast is consumed rather hastily, mug drained and the Weyrleader reaches to pick up his notes and the empty mug. "If you don't mind Niva, I've a thing or two I'd like to speak with you about later. If you have a moment this afternoon," he's polite is Dels but he might just be struggling to keep his face neutral. He rises though, pushes his chair in and eyes that egg pot a little suspiciously. He does pause long enough to shake Riyontali's hand too. "Thank you. Begging your pardon though, Inimeth's calling," he excuses himself and with another polite head bob retreats out of the cavern.

Riyontali is only left a moment to stare blankly around before the egg hatches, and there's a little bronze firelizard where it was. The girl's eyes widen quite comically, really, as she casts a frantic look around. "Really?" It's maybe a little strangled, but they really don't look like they're going to feed the little guy, so she reaches for the offered meat with a wondering shake of her head. "If you /say/ so." Whereas fireworks might have gotten her complete attention a moment ago, warily offering the little firelizard a few gobby strips of meat has it now, as she absently shakes the offered hand and offers meat with the other. "'bye!" Called faintly.

Nenowyn hastily wipes a few dry tears from her eyes, rubbing her shins through her pants under the guise of checking them for any new tears. The volume is slammed shut, and the dusty strip of dried wherry now half-under the closest table is glared at. She might be hungry, but not -that- hungry. Standing straight, she dusts the floor grime from the book cover, and it's then that she's suddenly aware of the other bodies within the cavern. Oh blast, did anyone hear her cuss? This is the last thing she needs to get back to her mother… Self-consciously, she crouches to pick up the rather large chunk of dusty wherry jerky. The /other/ last thing she needs is to look like a littergrub in a new Weyr. A new Weyr, with baby firelizards decorating the tables? Her eyes cast downwards, to the book in one hand, the dusty jerky in the other. Oh, wouldn't mother be so proud.

Shielded by the Clouds Bronze Hatchling snatches eagerly at the meat that's readily available in Riyontali's fingers, crooning and turning to look left and right at the others. And then, when there's no other option, its pouncing forward again, snapping at the stablehand's fingers in its eagerness.

Niva nods to D'son at his inquiry, agreeing to meet him later, before she's left to stare at the chaos that has taken over this morning's breakfast. "Shards." She mutters, looking up at the string of curses, watching the young woman with an arched eyebrow, rather impressed by it all it seems. With one egg settled, and another hatched, Niva's shifting around to slowly motion Nenowyn closer, reaching to snag at the dusty jerky. "No reason for *anyone* to eat that."

Kire waves a little bit to the weyrleader who makes a quick exit and he watches the woman come shuffling in. He gets up to go help her pick up, "Are you all right?" He hears Thea's comment and chuckles, "Yah who know what might happen if I get my hands on some real explosives instead of just bubbles and pudding." He looks over to Niva and smiles, "Well you know what they say good thing come in three, or is that bad things." He shrugs a little bit and nods in agreement, "Yah there is plenty of fresher food over there." He motions with his head to the serving tables.

After Liya is ushered to the crowded table, she glances back to Nenowyn, her eyebrows lifting after the string of curses. Liya's gaze turns back to the currently hatching egg, her attention drawn rather subconsciously as her lips tug upwards, her gaze almost child-like. As the egg begins to rock, it seems her attention is set only for that.

Riyontali is casting apologetic glances around, and looks like she would really like to mutter to herself. "Ahm," A faint smile up at the newcomers, but then she's being quite distracted — "/Ow/!" A scowl for the little thing as she grabs more meat. "You be gentle!" A clean finger is shaken at the tiny 'lizard, then withdrawn to grab her mug of klah — apparently she's going to need it! A long drink and she's offering enough meat to maybe keep him from devouring her fingers, so she's narrowing her eyes and glancing around for the source of something that caught her attention. "Explosives?" Blink, and they have her attention for a moment…but within a few seconds she's watching the 'lizard again, wiggling the meat warily.

Swirled Sand Egg rocks once and twice, as Liya settles, freeing itself from the sand around it, before cracking, and the hatchling is crooning for food.

Source of Life Green Hatchling
Persian green tickles her stomach, the first signs of spring growth touching their leaves to her underside, winding around her limbs, as her talons are the color of rich soil. Persian turns to jade along her sides, before darkening to jungle green over her back and ridges. Her muzzle is dipped in emerald, the same hue that gathers on the sails of her wings, while touches of sea green twine around her tail, a mingling of earth and ocean.

Nenowyn's drawn like a glowbug to sticky toast, mumbling absently something that sounds like 'oh yes, lovely morning isn't it…', shuffling closer still to the table with it's mewling, squeaking centrepiece. She's only brought out of her daze when the floor-jerky is plucked from her hand, looking suddenly up at the woman who's appeared nearby. The Weyrwoman who's standing astride her. Oh Far- "Weyrwoman!" She limps a rather sloppy curtsy. "I found it on the floor." Well, d'uh. She's glancing back and forth, from egg-slimy bronze and his new human to the Goldrider and the others in the room. Her mouth is open, as if to speak, but nothing more than a little 'urm..' comes out. Eloquent foreigner, isn't she

Shielded by the Clouds Bronze Hatchling snatches at each piece of meat, and then, when the girl gets distracted, the bronze waits only another moment, before he's launching himself at her, nearly tumbling off the edge of the table in a rush to get to her side, and get more food.

Enkavir nods to the departing Weyrleader, offering an easy, "Anytime." Then it's back to the drama unfolding in all directions. He makes a move to help Nenowyn but others have beat him to the punch so he just sips at his klah and continues to lean against the wall. "Aww, the little bronze is nippy just like Spark used to be." The senitmentality is mostly feigned, as he grins down at Thea. Then to Tali a louder, "Congratulations on the new acquisition." The new girls seem busy - one with firelizards and the other with the Weyrwoman so he saves his hellos and introductions.

Thea just watches the chaos, "Tell me I'm still asleep?" This muttered in aside to Enkavir as she watches firlizards skitter, gals run in, shins barked and food hit the floor. D'son leaves without hearing her in all the noise, apparently. Thea just lowers her hand with a bit of a blink. "I'll just catch him later." Kire's comment just gets a grunt. "Don't -even- want to know, Kire." He gets a mock-scowl to boot. Riyontali's enslavement is noted with a headshake, "Poor Tali, there goes your independence." She snickers at Enkavir's words, "No fresh wounds, eh?"

"Clearly.." Niva says with a shake of her head, tsking as its dropped rather disdainfully on a passing tray full of dirty dishes, before she's steering Nenowyn over towards the hearth, and the last of the eggpots left behind by R'sul when he took his sudden vacation. "Enjoy." She says with a smirk - what a welcome! A small bowl of meat is claimed from the table, and slide over to the Harper, before Niva's left to hover near Thea. "R'sul's problem. He's the one that took off and left them." She murmurs, gaze flittering over the group, justfied in her distribution of the creatures.

Source of Life Green Hatchling rights herself as she's on the table, turning her head this way and that, crooning. As her brother seems to find a food source, she takes a few steps that way, then turns back around, working towards the closest person, Liya, maw open, waiting as she creels.

Liya's eyes widen as the swirled pieces of shell fall away, the hatchling plopping into the sands. After a few moments of just staring, she glances about herself, realizing she doesn't have any meat before her. Liya leans over, claiming another bowl of meat before she settles back down. She soon grabs a piece of meat dangling it just before the small green hatchling as she 'coo's, obviously having spent way too much time in the Dragonhealer annex…

Rather like a foal with fresh legs, Nenowyn does a good job tottering on sandal'd feet with the Weyrwoman's steering touch, blushing red all the while. "Oh, well, I just ate, really I couldn't…" She stutters as the bowl of meat is balanced on the cover of the book in her hands, "Smells pretty good," She comments just as her backside lands on the table bench. It seems she's half-way to putting a slice into her own mouth before the noisy green little thing breaks into her thoughts with it's own appetite. "Oop." Outstretched arm reaches towards the shard-spilled thing, and the flesh is laid on the table. "You probably need this more than I do."

Source of Life Green Hatchling is happy when there's meat to be had, crooning and teetering forward to snatch at the offering, crooning again and begging for more with spread wings.

Kire smiles at Nenowyn, "Here you have a seat and I'll get you a real breakfast." He holds his hand out to Niva, "Do you want me to throw that away while I'm up?" He asks before he looks over to Thea, "The new Weyrleader likes to make fireworks maybe I'll help him." He winks at Thea and he laughs a little bit as he notices that Niva all ready threw away the piece of dusty jerky. He goes over to make a plate or breakfast for Nenowyn as she is ushered away to get a firelizard of her own. He moves back over to set the full plate down and he moves up to Nenowyn, "I got you some breakfast to make up for the floor jerky."

With the egg pot barely deposited before Nenowyn, the last of R'sul's forgotten eggs is cracking, hatching, and being inflicted upon the newest arrival.

Scorched by the Sun Brown Hatchling
Dull brown, almost grey, the richness of the color washed out from the tip of his muzzle to the end of his tail. Beige touches his back and his ridges, drizzling over his neck, sliding down, darkening to ecru. His sides continue to darken, shadows lapping at his fallow belly, as talons are the blackest ebony, as if never warmed by the sun's rays. His fleet body is lean and limber, muzzle somewhat smooshed as headknobs seem to arch too far outwards, wingsails large to carrying him upon the winds, khaki spread between each tan spar.

"Aw, shells." His eyes! He's got such cute little eyes, how can she resist them? Not prone to cooing and awww'ing, as Tali's eyes snap back to the little one, she just smiles. "Spark…oh, you have one too?" For Enkavir, albeit absently. He gets a wry grin. "Did Spark grow outta it? Ah, thanks…" A sigh and nosewrinkle for the little bronze as he sets to stuffing his cute little face with scraps of meat. "It's — not that bad? Is it?" The girl's tone is hopeful as she blinks up at Thea, grimacing at the state of the lizard. "He's going to need a bath. Ugh. You're disgusting, little thing. Icky." This is muttered to nobody in particular as she /continues/ to feed the greedy little guy.

Nenowyn pulls a short nib of a pencil from her hair, opening the book once more quickly flipping to an empty page. At the voice, she looks up, flashing Kire a bright grin as the suddently half-sketched firelizard upon the page before her is momentarily forgotten. "I've been painting for hours, I didn't realize how hungry I was…" She offers as explination, grabbing an apple from the breakfast platter and crunching into it with gusto. After all, the meat should be for cute creeling little things. "Or that it was so early. What time is it, anyway?" She mumbles around a mouthful, one hand feeding herself the fruit, the other plunking a few more meat slices infront of the firelizard babes. Maybe they'll stay still enough she can sketch a few poses… "My name's Nenowyn, by the by. Thanks for the grub."

Scorched by the Sun Brown Hatchling pounces on the bit of meat left by Nenowyn, the little brown creeping closer and closer, snagging each piece until there's none left, and he's left to croon, snapping at the little bit of a pencil, crying for more.

Liya continues to hand off the meat as fast as the little green hatchling can gobble it down, her own eyes bright as she's leaned over the table, watching it intently. Liya speaks in hushed, mothering tones, cooing and 'aww'ing in words only the small firelizard can understand…maybe.

Source of Life Green Hatchling opens her maw again and again to be filled before she's practically in Liya's lap, settling in to look up expectantly. More!

Kire smiles at Nenowyn, "I know how you feel, I just stare up all night at the stars and I don't notice where the time has gone by until the sun comes up over the horizon and the stars disappear." He hmms a little bit, "Probably an hour or two after dawn. That's when I stop looking at the stars when they stop shining in the sky." He nods politely, "It's nice to meet you Nenowyn I'm Kire, Senior Apprentice Kire. You better pay attention to that firelizard, he's a cute one. I have a brown one too." He motions to the brown firelizard sleeping on his shoulder.

Nenowyn is having a heck of a time trying to juggle food for her mouth, food for the creeling firelizard babes, and pencil. Sketch sketch chew jiggle spluk. Her nose wrinkles, the juices from the meat she keeps ploping on the tabletop leaving a nice wet mark on the wood. Hopefully someone mops that up, she glances about. Did she just use her shirt sleeve to wipe up the juices? "Boy, you're a loud one." She drops more of the herdbeast infront of the brown, smiling absently at the girl across the table. "She's a cute little thing, that one. I'd like to sketch her…ack! My pencil!"

Enkavir's brows lift and he shakes his head. "I'm pretty sure if you were dreaming this all would have woken you up by now." There's a hint of amusement there but he's definitely not moving from his niche against the wall. He holds up a hand to show it's intact and woundless. "We've reached an understanding about that too. He bites me, that's all I'm giving him to bite for a while. Food is a huge motivator," this last somewhat to Riyontali as well, as she's got her own little bundle of… joy? to care for. "It sort of depends on their personalities, but if you don't let them get away with much they can be useful." There's an introduction, so Kav tosses his out there to. "I'm Enkavir by the way." This to Liya and Nenowyn though both seem pretty busy still.

Scorched by the Sun Brown Hatchling snatches up the meat left on the table, before turning to the rather untasty pencil, before he's planting himself on the sketchbook, and looking up at her expectantly. Him!

Nenowyn turns belatedly towards Kire, expression slightly stunned at the new teethmarks on her pencil. "Nice to meet you too, Kire… Yikes!"

Thea shrugs back at Niva with a faint grin, "Apparently R'sul's not too worried about them." She eyes the Senior for a moment, then murmurs, "Everything working our well, I hope." she merely shudders at Kire's reply, then Ryontali's plaintive question draws a laugh, "Weeell Ruin's hopefully one of a kind. Perhaps your will not delight so in tormenting his subject." She casts an eye about for the dreaded bronze, but there's altogether too much joy in the room for him to deign grace it with his presence. Neowyn's introduction is caught in the hubbub and She calls out a, "Welcome to Xanadu" to her, before dutifully eyeing enkavir's fingers, "No new punctures, you must be an excellent par-" she quickly shanges that to "Teacher."

Liya cradles the green hatchling in her arm, obviously not seeming to care at all about the residual egg goo covering her. Her pale cheeks flush as the firelizard locks eyes with hers and she strokes and pets and fawns over the tiny thing like there is nothing in the world but it.

"Least I don't have to watch them anymore." And then, as the chaos seems to slowly organize itself as the hungry firelizards are fed, Niva's nodding her head, and quietly excusing herself. "I should check on D'son.." She murmurs, shaking her head. "Who knows what Vivian's doing to him." A nod to the closest people, and she's extracting herself from the crowd.

Nenowyn flashes a toothy smile as she slouches forward, bringing her chin to the page of her book once more, eyeing the brown little body dampening the open pages. "Why, hello to you too. What a morning for introductions…" Saving her pencil from his little teeth, she swaps the lead for offerings from the meat bowl instead. Dropletts of juice stain the pages around the brown's distending belly, causing the charcoal lines to spread and blur under his paws. "Never thought I'd bring home a momento." She murmurs.

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