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Xanadu Weyr - Clearing

A wide clearing stretches from east to west, the ground packed hard although grass grows across most of it. Trees are strictly forbidden in this space, their danger to the constant draconic traffic reason enough to banish them to the forest that creates a border to the north. Where the ground is less trampled, tiny flowers poke their delicate heads out from their shaded hiding places.

The cliff looms imposingly on three sides, stretching upwards all the way up the side of the rock edifice where, high above on Xanadu's Star Stones, the ever-present watchdragon sits on the lonely peak. Directly south is the hatching arena, the large round complex taking up a large portion of the perimeter, a line of trees visible beyond it. Southeast are wide steps leading up to the caverns and eastwards is the large entrance to the Infirmary. Somewhat north of the infirmary is a human-sized archway that has a frequent quantity of traffic — it leads to the Wandering Wherry Tavern. Tucked neatly under the arch, to one side is a tiny wood-frame shop bearing the name 'Petals and Pots Garden Shop'. Southwest lies cliffs where windows for the administrative offices have been cut. Underneath them are the entrances to the crafters complex while north and west along the cliff's base, a broad path leads to the feeding grounds. Due north is the spacious trail that leads to the rest of the Weyr - the meadow, the forest beyond. At the far edge of the clearing, beside the trail leading to the forest sits a clocktower.

Two days. Two whole days with no duties at all. What's one to do with all that time at the end of Summer, no reports due or patients to see. No wing drills or other such thing demanding time from one's day. You pamper your dragon! Thus Moncerath is basking in the afternoon sun, Kera sitting on the ground near the green's chest with a sharply taloned dragonpaw draped over her lap. A little basket of odd an ends sits nearby, currently a brown lizard seems to be trying to shift things around in it to settle down. "Mini, you brat. Ya gonna get yourself jabbed if ya not careful." She tries to lean over and scoop him out, but the stubborn lizard does that passive resistance flop and Kerta can't get him out. "Fine." Giving it up, she resumes her task of tending to her dragonmate's claws.

Two days without duties is a lifetime! So much time to do…whatever! It'd may be a vacation to some and a nightmare for others. Ka'el has been busy today, thus it's not him that doesn't have duties today. He and Kanekith are in the sky, and the bronze is making his descent upon the clearing now, bellowing lowly to announce his arrival and clear out any lingering firelizards or dragons (or possibly small children!) who may be in his way. Claws touch the ground and he lands heavily, wings slowly folding. Ka'el pats his neck and unstraps himself from his position on the dragon's lower neck and dismounts. It's a long way down off a bronze, but he gets there! Plop. Boots touch the ground and he lifts his goggles over his head before stretching and rubbing his eyes. Hey, that's Moncerath over there! Recognizing the green he heads her way, loosening riding gear in the process. "You're not painting her claws pink, are you?"

Kera works gently around the talons, not wanting to get excessively perforated by clumsiness. Ignoring the shuffling around in the tool basket nearby, a low bellow draws both her and Moncerath's gaze upwards. The green bugles a soft greeting to Kanekith while Kera glances back down to her task. A few more passes with a small file and the greenhealer is scooching over a bit to attack the other paw. As she adjust everything to continue working, her gaze slips up to see Ka'el climbing down and heading her way. Smirking and giving an amused eyeroll she gives a shake of her head "Pink? Absolutely not, would class with her hide. No, no, definitely a bright red would be the shade to go with doncha think?" Flashing a grin at the absurdity of it, a short file is wiggled between her fingers "I was just making sure her paws were in good order." Canting her head a bit peering between the large bronze where he has settled, then back to Ka'el "How're Skylar and Soriana doing?"

Claw management. Ka'el chuckles and nods. "Good practice. Sometimes riders forget about that part of their dragon, especially riders of the larger sort…" he says with a glance to Kanekith, who digs his claws into the earth just because. "Heh… In any case," he continues, attention swinging back to Kera. "I knew a girl.. She was in my Weyrling class, actually. Jnelle. Her green, Kanyeth, would sometimes be seen with color on her claws. Whatever color Jnelle was wearin' at the time…" A smirk for the memory, and he shakes his head. "She's gone back to Ista recently, else I'd call her here. Kanyeth rather liked showin' off whatever color it is she had." He chuckles again, slowing when he's close to the two. "Skyler is good," he answers with a look to the Caverns. "Was on my way to see him, actually. Should still be in the nursery unless Soriana's got him. She's good as well," he adds with a soft smile. "And how are you? I've heard you've had some trouble since.." he nods to Moncerath.

Kera leans a bit and glances towards Kanekith, digging little furrows, and chuckles "Yea, I can see that. Is that what he does right after his claws are tended as well?" All that hard work, wasted. Smiling as she drags the file lightly over Mon's talons, her gaze flickers between Ka'el and the talons she works on. "Oh?" Past actions of one of Ka'el's friends are given a chuckle. "Did she wear the same outfit alot? That sounds like it could take up alot of time each day. Getting rid of yesterday's color, repainting for today." A quick glance tipped up to her Dragon "Not gonna happen Mon." A few long seconds go by and Kera is silent, several expressions appear and vanish from her face, before her eyes focus again she gives Ka'el 'a look' as if something is all his fault. Finally nodding to her dragonmate "Perhaps, for special occasions…..but no pink." Turning her attention back to Ka'el, smiling as he relays that Soriana and Skylar are doing well, she nods agreeably. "Good. Glad to hear it." And there it is, was bound to happen. By the time the aftermath of Mon's maiden flight eases up, she'll be rising again. "I suppose the whole Weyr is still buzzing about all that happened." Huffing a bit she focuses on passing the file across a talon. "I've had some issues to work through, more than I thought I would. I won't deny I'm still confused over a couple of things, but I'll work through them soon enough."

"Trust me, she wasn't the type to mind," chuckles Ka'el at the mentioning of time spent recoloring. "I never understood it, mind you, but half of the things that roam through the mind of a woman I don't try to understand. I go with it." It saves his sanity most of the time, this game plan of his. His riding goggles are pulled off of his head completely now, and a gloved hand is rubbed against tousled hair. Not quite the put-together Weyrleader look that he carries with him, but .. hey, he was flying! That look that he gets from her is met with an innocent look. Hey, it's not his fault that she has a possibly fashionable dragon! Kanekith's wings flare in a slow stretch, and as he folds them again, a rumble lifts from his chest. "Yes, go then," Ka'el verbalizes to his lifemate. "But don't overindulge, eh?" A smile, then he's back to Kera, who oddly enough, gets a vaguely amused look. "I wouldn't say it's 'buzzing'," he remarks. "I only ask now because I haven't had the chance to before." He pulls off a glove. "Anything I can help you with, Kera?"

Mur'dah and Kalsuoth arrive, the dark brown landing a short distance away, far enough so his backwinging doesn't disturb the others too much. Crouching, he lets Mur'dah dismount, the brownrider fully dressed in his leathers, finishing up Comet paperwork on a clipboard as he lands. Tucking the clipboard into a pouch on the brown's straps, he looks around. Spying Kera and Ka'el, Mur'dah pauses for a moment and then walks over, lifting his goggles to his helmet and saluting the Weyrleader. "Sir," he says respectfully. "Kera." He eyes the file, then the green's talons, and he smiles a bit. "Kalsuoth sometimes scratches his on trees."

Kera glances up from her work to see the large bronze heading off to feed, and spots Kalsuoth land not far off. Waving a file to the brownrider when he is close enough "G'day Mur'dah." Mon warbles a greeting to the brown dragon and Kera adds a tip of her head to the rider before Ka'el is the focus of her attention again. 'Whisk-whisk-whisk' The file drags gently over the rough talon and the greenhealer shrugs. "I'm doin alright. It's no secret Journeyman Cyrus got into a bit of a mess. I'm still tryin to figure out how things got so out of control so quickly." A little glance sent to her dragonmate, and Kera absentmindedly rubs over Mon's paw. Shaking out of her thoughts both riders "I don't think I need help with anything…unless, do happen to know anyone that can dig out some thick treeroots without damaging the tree?" A hopefuly lift of her brow and she chuckles to Mur'dah "I'm tryin to save some trees, not get them shreded."

Kanekith is off to greener pastures. … Literally. The feeding grounds are calling his name! He lumbers off instead of flying, though it's likely he'll take to the skies sooner rather than later. Ka'el watches Kera with a brow vaguely angled, though he merely chuckles a slow chuckle and gives his head a vague shake. Mur'dah is acknowledged with a nod when he arrives. "Tree troubles?" he asks the greenrider, looking back to her as she speaks of her predicament. "..You're talking forest trees or the decorative type? We have garden-folk who know their way around plants. They can probably help you. And Moncerath could possibly help with the heavy pulling."

Mur'dah snorts softly, tucking his hands into the pockets of his jacket. "He accosted Kiena," he answers with a shrug. "Is he gone yet, by the way? I heard a rumor he was leaving Xanadu…" Though he's not sure if that's accurate information or just a rumor. He includes Ka'el in that question too, looking at the Weyrleader, since…he's the Weyrleader and he'd know better than any rumors. "Could probably have Moncerath dig around it, then rig a sling she could pull on…" he suggests, adding to Ka'el's suggestion. "Why are they worth saving?"

Kera looks to Mur'dah a few seconds and her amusement fades quickly. Sighing and turning her attention back down to Mon's talons, she checks the delicate hide around each talon. "Moncerath and I took Journeyman Cyrus to the Hall a couple days ago. I'm sure the Galaxy rider assigned to watch him made up a report about it." Another shrug lifts her shoulders before they drop again. Never a good spot to be in when friends clash. Though clash is more than an understatement in this case. "It's one of the forest trees close to the cottage. Grown out towards the cottage and starting to grow into the basement." Thus her problem, how to save the tree, and her cottage from furhter damage without chopping the tree to bits.

"He's gone," Ka'el confirms with a nod to Mur'dah, nodding to Kera too as she does the same. "I hope that he … finds what he needs at Healer Hall," he says for her benefit. "Xanadu apparently was not the best fit for him." Understatement of the day there, especially after having spoken to the man during his time within the cell! But, moving on and forward… Tree problems! "Hm. I'm no expert, but it may be best to get rid of it. Sounds as if it may be more trouble than it's worth, if it's a large tree. There may not be a safe way to uproot it and replant somewhere. The woodcrafters could probably take care of it for you, if you approach them with the problem and have them take a look," he suggests.

Mur'dah looks pleased as he nods to Ka'el. "Good." There's a slight eyeroll, but Mur'dah is looking at Kalsuoth when he does it, so Kera doesn't see. Back to the greenrider, he looks puzzled. "Why not just chop it down? Use it for firewood in the winter. Plenty of trees around." A nod, as he agrees with Ka'el completely in this.

Kera deems Moncerath's talons and paws well groomed and tosses the little file in the basket near her. A squeaky chitter and a disgruntled little brown scrambles up and out of the basket. Kera snorts as he climbs her arm and settles on her shoulder "I warned you not to sleep in there." Reaching p to sooth the irritated brown, she peers back to the others, nodding "I'll see what they have to say. Maybe it can be saved, I happen to like the shade it gives my cottage in the summer." A pointed look to Mur'dah over that point but she continues on. "If it can't be saved, then there will be plenty of firewould from the upper branches alone. The woodcrafters will have a Gather day over the lumber the trunk will give." A faint grin slips across her face briefly.

A pop up lizard! Ka'el chuckles at Minimur's appearance from the basket, likely prompted by a bonk on the head by a dragon-sized file. "Good to know mine isn't the only firelizard who prefers not to listen to common sense," he says with a chuckle. "And … heh, good luck with the tree, Kera. If that's currently your biggest worry, I have to say that things already are looking up for you. And I hope it continues going in that direction." His eyes shift to Mur'dah now, and the brownrider is watched for a slow moment before he gives him a subtle nod. "Mur'dah," said lowly, "I'm sorry for your loss." He frowns a little, eyes dropping a moment before returning to him. "If you need anything…"

Mur'dah shrugs with a little smile. "You can always tear that one out and plant another one. A fruit tree, even. Good shade plus food." Food right outside your door? Dream come true. His posture shifts a bit when Ka'el says his name, back straightening as if expecting an order. The apology and the offer have him startled, and it shows on his face before his posture slumps a bit. "Ah. Thanks." He attempts a smile, fails, shrugs. "I'll let you know. I've been doing some deliveries. It's been nice to get out sometimes, but. Don't want to go too far." He shrugs again, shifts his weight, and looks away towards his lifemate. "Thanks," he repeats, not sure what else to say other than that. "How's Skyler?" He'd rather talk about life.

Kera leans a bit, still sitting on the ground, but half lounging against Moncerath's forearm. The little brown skitters down to Kera's lap, thus keeping her from moving much more. Propping her chin on her upturned palm, she nods with a smirk. "Tried to get him out of there earlier, but he was being a brat, so what's one to do right?" Returning Ka'el gaze steady enough, she must pass some kind of test, she simply nods, her gaze drifting around the clearing "I've got a couple ideas rolling around. Maybe one of them will prove useful." Always some new project she's got going. Canting her head when she notices a change in Ka'el's stance and voice, she looks between him and Mur'dah, she nods agreeably with Ka'el, though she doesn't parrot him. She's already told Mur'dah she was sorry. Hopefully he understood what she meant at the time. When he seems more than eager to not dwell on such thoughts right now, she nods quickly and forces a half smile to the Weyrleader. "Have you taught him the fine art of Sand-building yet?"

Ka'el nods understandably to Mur'dah, his expression muted. The Weyrwoman's passing might always be a sore topic, but he had to give his condolences. He should've done so a while ago, but so much happened all at once. At least things are, hopefully, calming down now. Though all eyes are on the queens. Who'll be the next to rise? There's still much to think about and possibly worry over. Skyler is not one of them, and thus he's glad to latch on to the topic. "He's good," he says, expression changing to a grin. "Was on my way to see him after landing. He's .. a lot. Keeps our days busy, definitely," he notes, chuckling. "We did take him to the beach, actually," he says, looking to Kera. "Not long ago. He wasn't so sure about the sand at first. Still not big enough for castle-making, so I've some time left to perfect the skill."

Mur'dah offers Kera a little smile and one for Ka'el as well. He appreciates the condolences, even though it's all still so strange and surreal to him. "Glad to hear he's doing well," he says quietly, but no less sincerely. "If you'll both excuse me, I need to go make my report." A smile for Kera, a salute for Ka'el, and the brownrider turns to head towards the offices.

Kera nods to Mur'dah as he departs to write up a report. "See you later Mur'dah." Watching him go, a sigh slips out and her hands start petting Minimur and Moncerath. A kid's first exposure to a sandy beach. Now that's a topic sure to brighten the darkest of days, hopefully. "I can't recall any little ones every disliking playing in sand, or mud." A little smirk, probably for past memories as a kid herself. "A few more trips and you and Sori may have trouble getting him to leave the beach."

Ka'el grins, chin inclining a bit. "He didn't dislike it. He was only ..unsure of it. Plus, he's three months. Give him time to grow into a beach kid!" He laughs, looking to the Caverns again. Skyler's in there! "It was good though…to be with my family. To.. put things behind us. Thea's pasing.." his smile melts, little by little, "has been hard. Hard on Soriana. Hard on me, and everyone." He inhales a breath then lets it go, nodding to Mur'dah as he departs. He watches him go, shoulders vaguely relaxing, but not by much. "Kera," he says, looking to the greenrider. "Do you plan on visiting Cyrus much?"

Kera chuckles softly and stretches lazily inher seated position, earning an scolding chitter from the lizard curled up in her lap. Scooping him up with one arm, she pushes up and off of Mon's forearm to stand, grabbing the little tool basket as she does. "Bet he'll be a beachbrat in no time." The topic of Thea comes back, as it will for many months to come, Kera's head dips a couple of times. "I can't imagine what he and his sister must be going through." A moments consideration "Hopefully their mates can help them through it." The question about Cyrus gets a curious headtilt. "I'll visit him and other friends when duties or time allow. Now that Mon and I can leave the weyr freely, .." least til her dragonmate is about to rise again " plans to spend the day shopping with N'talya in a few days. And probably will see him around the Hall in lessons and such." Sighing a little she shifts Mini up to her shoulder and gestures towards the cavern. "Hungry?" A quick pat to Mon's shoulder and then a couple of steps towards the cavern. "I am sorry for the trouble that occured Ka'el. I…" She just shakes her head "I just don't know what to say really."

"I ask because I feel compelled to tell you, as both your Weyrleader and friend, to be careful when you go," says Ka'el. "For a many who has been a member of our weyr for only a few short turns, he seemed very … though he said 'protective' I'd say it was more 'possessive' of you. It was radical, and in honestly a little disturbing how much he feels compelled to 'save' you from .. who knows what. Much of what he said made no sense and makes no sense to anyone but him, and unfortunately, no amount of reassurance seemed to get through to him." He shakes his head. "The last thing this Weyr needs is more reason to mourn. Not to imply that he'd hurt you but…it's hard to imagine any good coming from any of what he said. So .. if you trust him enough to visit, then do so with caution." He moves towards the Caverns too, not aiming to follow her, but he was going to head there anyway. For Skyler.

Kera listens to Ka'el, sighing low some as she walks along with him. A quick glance back to her dragonmate as the green stretches her wings out, the tips twitching a few seconds before the green relexes and folds them loosely to her when she curls up. Thinking about what her friend says, she offers a small smile. "I appreciate that you're concerned. He is over protective. But I wouldn't say possessive. That would imply jealousy. And he's certainly not." She gives a little shake of her head, falling silent as they step into the cavern. Nodding and offering a smile to some people heading past her, she looks back to Ka'el, letting him in front cause no one is gonna make the Weyrleader wait in chow line. Kera will try to draft in Ka'el's wake, so to speak, through the cavern. And picks up the conversation in a low voice "I know he's been.. yea alright intense, recently. I noticed he was upset about a sevenday or two before Mon rose." Seems to keep coming back to that for some reason. "I admit I was worried, but never did I think he would go on a drunken stupor, knowing guys out at the tavern. Then with Kiena…" She trails off, worry over the whole situation. "And all this happening when Xanadu mourns."
There's little worry for Ka'el about waiting in line. He has no interest in the food! He will later, when feeling a bit peckish, but for now his purpose in the Caverns have little to do with the delectable spread, tempting as it may seem. And thus, he ushers her forward while he himself steps out of line though still hovers near in order to hear her. A drunken stupor? "Maybe he has more problems than any of us knows. Healer Hall may be able to help him in ways we can't and he'll be a better Healer for it." A breath inhaled, then released. "I'm content that he's gone and no longer a threat here. Just keep in mind my words when you seek him." Blue eyes shift away from her towards the door that leads towards the Nursery, his smile making a mild comeback on his face. "Remember Kera, if you find trouble of any sort, come to me," he says, looking to her. "Send word to Kanekith if the help you need is immediate. For now though, I must go."

Kera pauses and nods to Ka'el, though she doesn't reply further about Cyrus or any danger he may or may not cause her or others. Waving to her friend as his path veers to the nursary. "I will Ka'el, but I'm fine and gonna stay that way. Wish everyone would believe me already." That last was mostly muttered though, another wave to her friend "Enjoy Skylor time Proud Pop!" Is called out before she turns back towards the food line. Minimur chitters for some attention, which he gets "Oh just wait minute, it's coming."

Ka'el definitely will! Enjoy the company of his son, that is. As for believing her … well, time will tell, and hopefully it will only have good things to say. He offers a smile and wave as he moves away from the food and towards the room that holds the youth of Xanadu. Or, at least the youths who need a place to stay while parents toil. He disappears within, anticipating a few moments of play before having to return to the grind that is running a Weyr.

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