Cleaning Up Xanadu

Xanadu Weyr - Store Room
This large storeroom is lit with a series of electric lights, illuminating the smooth cut walls. Rows of shelving contain all sorts of items, while large trunks contain all sorts of clothing, and a mix-matched variety of furniture is stacked up in one corner.

The term 'spring cleaning' is well known and yet may not entirely fit, considering it is no where near spring and more so like early autumn. At least 'cleaning' is accurate? For that is the task to day, given to the Weyrlings to enjoy (or not). It is certainly no lesson and perhaps odd to request that they all gather at the storage room, but all will be revealed soon enough. Anoryn will be waiting for them by the door, leaning against the frame in a casual and almost smug mood, eyes bright and amused even though it is just shy of the morning hour where most have just finished with their breakfast and are off to work or duties. The Weyrlings would have had time to tend to their needs and those of their lifemates, seeing them settled before Rysith called to them with her rider's instructions. Once they begin to gather, the AWLM straightens just a fraction but leaves nothing to suspense, getting right to the heart of the task. "Morning, Weyrlings! So if you haven't heard or been told yet, you're all approaching the time that you'll be gettin' your right proper weyrs. No more barracks. Which means you'll need stuff," Stuff! "For your new homes. So you're all on store room clean up and reorganizing and before you all start groaning about it, listen! Once you get in there, you can form teams or go about it on your own. But anything you find that YOU like, you may claim. Just mark it and set it aside somewhere safe. Don't want to see no fightin' either. Some folks and other riders have been down recently to donate old stuff, so there's plenty to pick from." Anoryn grins then, pushing away from the door frame to then gesture for them to enter. "In you go now! This is still work, to a degree. Best get going now, less you want to spend a nice autumn day cooped up in there."

Mur'dah gets Kalsuoth settled before he wanders on down to the store caverns, tossing up a salute to the AWLM before he settles in to listen. And then he blinks, eyes widening before his brows furrow and he frowns, peering past her into the depths of the caverns. Looking a bit preoccupied, he shifts his weight a bit and then takes a low breath before letting it out slowly.

Maybe they're cleaning in preparation for spring? (Very early.) Or maybe they're cleaning up after spring? (Very belatedly.) Or maybe… maybe they're just cleaning. Either way, Soriana is not entirely enthusiastic about the prospect. Who knows what may lurk in the shadowy depths of the stores? But, she still shows up, and still gives a general sort of salute to Anoryn before listening. So… hmm? Weyrs? And… stuff? Huh. The long odds bet of 'cleaning to look for neat stuff' turns out to be right! That brings a grin to Soriana's face. Who knows what may lurk in the shadowy depths of the stores? In she goes to get started! Which… involves a lot of staring, at first. Where to begin?

Ka'el slips in. Maybe he's been here this whole time. Maybe he's been … luuuurking in the shadows! .. Or maybe he just now slipped in and is doing his best to pretend he's been here with everyone else already. He shuffles closer to the group of weyrlings present, flashing a 'ha, I've been here this whole time!' sort of grin. And uh … why are they here? He glances at the rows and rows of … stuff. Trunks. Furniture. Dust. .. and more dust. Probably a creepy crawlie or ten holed up somewhere. He glances at the faces present before zeroing in on Soriana and attempting to slip towards her. "Hey. So…what're we doin'?" he sort of whispers.

Idrissa is one of the last weyrlings to join up with the group during this 'spring cleaning' it seems. Her gaze flicks over the room, a soft ah escapes her and she soon clears her thraot. Oh well, they get to clean and find stuff too possible pick for there own weyr? Well that is nice, might as well clean stuff up an pick a few things, right? Sure!

Creepy crawlies and dust wouldn't be far off the mark! Some of the shadowy corners and more cluttered piles may have that, but mercifully there should be no tunnelsnakes! Or one would hope not or someone hasn't been doing their job! Anoryn moves into the store rooms as though already familiar with it's crowded and cluttered layout and she pauses by a pile of what looks to be mostly stacked wooden chairs, some old and worn, others looking newer and well tended for and well crafted. "Daunting, isn't it? Again, split in pairs or go at it alone. Either way, this stuff still has to be sorted and organized a bit better than it is. Remember, you see something you like, you can keep it… or at least put claim to it. Later when you get your actual weyrs, you may have to reconsider a few choices." she points out with a lopsided grin. "So if I were you, I'd probably start with basics and then go for the more…frivolous stuff." And there is bound to be some oddities tucked away in there! Some cool, others just… downright laughable at their tackiness. Oh the joys of storage cleaning. You never know what you'll find!

Mur'dah glances around at the others here and then he sighs, looking resigned to the task. Not excited? Doesn't appear so. Following along after, he just shrugs and pauses by the chairs, running a finger over one of the nicer ones. But in the end he just shrugs and moves on. "Where do we put things? Like, the chairs go in the chair section, right? Where's that?"

Ka'el is just… joining Soriana's team, that's all. Anoryn did say they could work in teams, right? Right. "Cleaning," she tells him quietly, because she's got to start out there, but! The grin is not long in coming. "And looking for cool stuff." Never mind Anoryn's advice to start with the basics. Those are boring. "We're getting weyrs soon-" oh, hey, extra grin! "-and if we like it, we can have it." Or at least lay claim to it, but that's just a minor detail. The storerooms are their oyster, and she waves an arm to encompass all their dusty, crawlie-infested depths. Daunting? Yeah, maybe, but Soriana doesn't plan to stay daunted for long. There's buried treasure to be found! Hopefully. That, or there's… boring objects to be sorted. Nope. Still thinking positive. "C'mon, let's go see… uh…" Furniture, maybe? Or… oh! "Let's start at the back." That's where the coolest and longest buried treasures will be, right?

Ka'el's attention shifts to Anoryn as she speaks, glancing to the piles of jun- .. er, items that surround them. Soriana's addition has him nodding, though the word cleaning… uh. All this? He makes a doubtful face, looking from her to the piles and shelves of stuff, and back to her. Ha… that's a joke, right? But then, oh things get better! Weyrs? They get their own weyrs! To someone who has never had a private space in his seventeen years of life, that is something to get excited over! "So no gold plated statues?" he chimes in to Anoyrn, the joke accompanied with a grin. He's quickly forgetting the 'cleaning and organing' part of this activity and is largely focused on 'claiming my stuff!' He nods to Soriana, already beginnign to eye things. What doeshe want? What would look cool? He definitely needs a comfy lounging spot! "I'm guessin' wherever most've the chairs already are," is said to Mur'dah, smirking. Work smarter, not harder right? To Sori, he snickers. "If we find a dead body back there, human or otherwise, you're sortin' that."

Idrissa ponders while chewing on her lip, a faint glance is sent to the otehrs as she watches where abouts they may be heading it seems. She soon heads on over to some part and goes about looking through a box that is ontop of a sofa like table. She looks around it pulling open a drawer and so forth.. Lale..

Anoryn looks over to Mur'dah as he approaches the stack of chairs and flashes him a quick grin, "Pretty much the logic of it. Get this as… organized as it can be but still benefit you all in some way. Sneaky way of going about getting the store rooms cleaned and cleared before the winter clutter builds up. Won't be able to get it all done but… may as well try? So you thinkin' on starting with the chairs then?" she asks him, before casting a quick glance to the others to see how they're going about it and, of course, to be sure no one is trying to sneak off or shirk their part of the work! Not that the AWLM worries overly much on that.

Mur'dah smirks at Ka'el. "Oooooh, how stupid of me." Sarcasm at it's best, though he's clearly poking fun at himself rather than his clutchmate. Then he turns to Idrissa with a little smile. "Want to pair up?" Since they're the only ones left? "Though," he adds in an undertone, "I don't want to do this…" Glancing over at Anoryn when she speaks up, the boy just shrugs. "I don't know. Not really?"

Dead bodies go… with the other dead bodies? Probably. "What?" Soriana teases Ka'el. "You don't want to claim it?" Every weyr needs a skeleton or three in the closet! She heads toward the back, but is stopped by a crunch underfoot. Has she found her first creepy crawly? Soriana lifts her foot and bends down to take a look… "Oops." That was a light bulb! A dead one, to judge from the blackened hue of the glass, which raises the question of why it was in the storerooms at all. It's not like dead bulbs are useful… though dead and broken bulbs are even less useful. "Uh…" Soriana starts looking around for something to sweep this up. The multi-armed floor lamp isn't likely to help (though it may be the origin of the bulb), but the scarves draped over it… well, maybe?

"You never know! Someone might have donated or tossed something valuable in here," Anoryn chimes back to Ka'el, even if a bit late and maybe her grin is a little too wide. Is she joking or is she serious? And if she's serious, did she plant it herself? Perhaps.

Ka'el considers the dead body dilemma. "Mm. Nah. Not one that's been back here for who knows how long. I'd want a fresh one. It'd only make sense. New weyr an' all." Perfect, total sense! A smirk is given to Mur'dah, and he glances between him and the wandering Idrissa before being drawn back to the crunch underfoot. Gladly, not under his foot. Also, gladly not under a bare foot. "Oooh… That obviously was the first lightbulb on Xanadu you just broke. A treasure …. lost." He clicks his tongue and shakes his head before deciding to be useful and glancing around for some helpful cleaning item. Nope. Nope… Oh look! He moves off a few yards, grasping at an old, overly used looking string mop that's leaned up upside against a shelf of trunks. "Madame?" he bows to it, "Might I have this dance?" .. So maybe he wasn't planning on being useful at all! Cue a waltz. One two three, one two three. He dances a circle, though isn't distracted enough to miss Anoryn's quip. "Dibs on the first valuable thing found!" he declares.

Anoryn only shrugs when Mur'dah turns down the suggestion of the chairs, "Fine by me. But best start somewhere. Plenty to start with! There's some furs over there?" And she points in their general direction. "And I know they're good cause some of them were mine from storage. Never used but well kept back when I did a fair share of hunting." So maybe there are dead bodies somewhere? The AWLM flashes a grin and then eyes the waltzing Ka'el with a sharp look and not quite the approving smile. Spoil sport! "You may regret that claim!" she calls out to him before stepping away to begin pulling a few random items out for them to explore or organize — to put it lightly. Literally, they are odd and ends of everything and little objects too, the most annoying to deal with when trying to clear the clutter.

Mur'dah just sighs, shaking his head. Grumpy? Lifting a chair, he carries it to where the rest of the chairs are and puts it down (carefully at least) before going back for another. Moving furniture, tidying up…but claiming nothing for himself. He just works.

"Better save your marks, then," Soriana replies to Ka'el with a smirk. Because… aren't dead bodies bought and sold every day? Well, yes actually… if you're talking about things like fish bodies or wherry bodies. There's one right over there, half-hidden behind a precarious stack of boxes - a big-mouthed fish stuffed and mounted on a plank! Someone's prize catch, apparently. It doesn't look all that impressive, not that Soriana's paying it much attention right now. Instead, she's busy being grateful for boots - her own boots, specifically. She looks up at Ka'el as he goes off like he's got something in mind, then… sighs, and rolls her eyes at him as he begins waltzing with Matilda the Mop. Soriana bends down to one knee, picking up the glass shards with her hands. That's right, her hands. She's tough like that, or at least can be careful, and once she's got them gathered, she goes to get them thrown away. There's probably still shards somewhere. Nobody go barefoot in the stores for a while, kay?

Hee. Ka'el pauses mid turn with his apparent new girlfriend as his eyes catch those of Anoryn. Dance time is officially over! An innocent grin will help save him, yes? And so he flashes one of those as if she hasn't seen hundreds of them from weyrlings far more troublesome than he already. He leans towards the mop (but not too close because … uh, ew, used mop). "Another time. I've to get to work. T'was a pleasure." And the puts the mop back in its previous location only to have his attention be stolen by something else entirely. He reeeaches up, plucking a fedora like hat that was residing atop a precariously stacked stack of boxes and, after giving it a bit of a dusting, he plops it on his head. "How do I look?" Apparently this is a task he is going to have some trouble with: Focusing. Unlike Mur'dah, who is a model of focused attention! Look at him moving stuff. Being productive! His eyes draw to the things that Anoryn is pulling out now. Shiny! .. Ok, well not shiny, but still .. possibly interesting! Using his boot, he toe shuffels whatever's left of the glass shards into a little glassdust pile to be swept up whenever a broom is come across. See? He helped!

Idrissa pulls off the box that is ontop of the table and goes about looking through it, looks mostly like trash so she drags the box on over to an area that is for such things. She is half listening to the otehrs while being a bit lost in her job so to speak.

Mur'dah is focused in that angry, irritated sort of focus. Like a long fuze simmering away, and keeping busy is the only thing preventing him from blowing a gasket and getting angry and breaking something. But the cause of his tension and anger is unclear as he does his best to hide it, working away. "Hey," he says to Idrissa as he approaches her. "Help me move that?" he asks, pointing to a low table.

Nope, innocent grin won't work this time! Anoryn has seen too many Turns of Weyrlings under her wing to fall for that one so easily, so Ka'el is given a warning look but nothing more before she's off again to begin pulling more items out. Satisfied, she dusts off her hands and finds a small stack of pillows on which to perch upon for a moment, blue eyes scanning the progress of the weyrlings. There seems to be not too much pressure put on them to find things, though she gives Mur'dah a curious look for his sudden focus and tense nature and likewise the same to Idrissa. "So have any of you put much thought into your weyrs at all? Or has the subject not crossed your minds until now?" she asks, lifting her voice to be heard clearly by all as her grin returns, "It's an exciting time. Soon you will have a space to call your own! No more crowded barracks."

Gee, thanks Ka'el. So helpful. Soriana keeps a closer eye on her feet as she heads back into worktime, plucking those scarves off the lamp one by one and draping them over her shoulder. They belong with clothing-type-stuff, not here with lamps and boxes and fish… and until they end up there, over her shoulder's a fine place for them. Maybe she'll even keep one for her own weyr! Though, at the question, she hehs a little, and shakes her head. "Nah… not really." Realized she'll have one? Sure. Thought about it? "Maybe one near the water." Luraoth'd like that, after all. Soriana smiles as she continues through the stores, picking up other bits and pieces of stray cloth as she explores. Here's some doilies! And here's a multicolored rug made from bright rags. Once she's got a good armful, she'll head over to drop all of them off in more or less the right area.

Ka'el keeps the newfound hat on because. .. well, it's easier to hold it that way until he finds a good hat section to put it in. And why not add another one on top of that one? He plucks up another hat, this one more cowboy looking. It obviously doesn't belong here, so he palces it upon his fedora and the double-hatted Ka'el gets to work looking for more interesting things! And kinda putting small things here and there. See? Organizing! … ish. His eyes flit to Anoryn just as he's lifting up a rather large, very chipped wooden frame. "No," he answers, shakign his head. "I've never thought've it. I've shared rooms so long I think my mind gathered that's how it'd always be. I've, uh…" he glances to Soriana. Oh, that's a good idea. Where to have a weyr! "I like the forest, but Kanekith's so big.." Wings tangling in trees. Scratches from branches. Not happy living! "Maybe near the forge.." Then, they'll both be happy. He pauses in his half-hearted work to more fully address her. "So how's it work. Like.. we just pick one that nobody's in? Are they built? Are" He hasn't picked up on Mur'dah's mood, far too engrossed with his own thoughts of his new home that's not even in existance yet!

Idrissa isn't tense, just is her normal quiet self, you know that quiet self back when she came to the weyr? Pretty much where she's been lately, in her own little world when not in lessons and with Tahryth. Mur'dah's voice gets her attention and she looks up curiously. "Sure. Over with the rest of them?" The question is caught from Anoryn and she shakes her head at the thought. "I haven't given it much thought, but then I've never really had a place of my own either." She smiles a moment. "Might be fun. Bet Tahryth will have a hand at setting stuff up in it."

Mur'dah shakes his head at Anoryn's question, pausing in his work to frown. "No. I…don't want a weyr." So…uh. What was he planning on doing? Sleeping on the beach?

"The coastal road by the beach is fairly popular," Anoryn points out to Soriana with a small smile as she lifts one of the smaller cushions and dusts it off, "If you're looking for something closer to water. All sorts of options, since Xanadu is not quite like a standard Weyr." Tossing the cushion aside, she turns her head then to Ka'el and laughs gruffly, "Not all the forest weyrs are secluded. One's on the edge are a bit more open. And of course they're free! Shards, we don't charge you for 'em. You can chose the location… not so much the weyr itself. You get whatever is available and vacant." So there IS a catch somewhere! "Already built but liable to be mostly empty. Hence this little project." And she sweeps her hands out to indicate the store room. Bah! Little? More like mind numbingly large! "It'll be strange at first to be alone, but you may come to enjoy it." Anoryn goes on to say, glancing from Ka'el to Idrissa with a crooked smile, only to fix on Mur'dah then with a curious frown. "No? What do you plan on then? Or is there a…" A slow grin and the greenrider chuckles heartily to herself as she lapses silent, likely assuming entirely wrong by the brown weyrling's comment. Is there a what?

Soriana nods to Anoryn's mention of the coastal road. "Maybe I'll check it out, next jog I take." Because surely it makes no real difference where she does her mandated exercise? Well, at least the parts of it that aren't supposed to be done with the other weyrlings and in formation. She walks around the cloth section, putting down the stuff she's gathered. Fabrics to fabrics, and dust to… a cloud rising up from the other rugs Soriana's tossed hers onto. She coughs for a moment, and waves a hand in front of her face in an attempt to make it clear. It sorta does, but only sort of, and she's forced to beat a retreat before it tries to get into her lungs again. She'll be back to deal with you, rugs… unless someone else gets there first. Please, someone else? But, for now, she's headed back to… wait, what did Mur'dah just say? No… weyr? "Uh…" She stops what she's doing, turning to look at him.

Ah look, a spot for hats! In fact, there are a lot of hats here. Big and small. Some with feathers. Some with brims. Some made with straw. Some with fabric. But Ka'el doesn't relinquish his headgear just yet, listening to Anoyrn, the giver of vital information about living quarters. He'll need to pay more attention to the weyrs of the forest and less to the forest itself the next time he is there. And .. phew! He'll get a weyr and be debt free! Well, relatively. He grins as he leans against a pile of boxes that nearly go toppling, and would've if it wasn't for quick reflexes (with an under-the-breath curse to go with them). "Strange?" said to the AWLM. "Ha! I'm going to love it right off. No brothers. No apprentices. No weyrlings… no offense," said to the others with a crooked grin that pauses upon hearing Mur'dah. Uh…do what now? He's given a queer look, brow lifting. "…So…you're plannin' on livin' with your ma? No.. That'd require livin' in a weyr." The brow-arch continues. "Just gonna dig a hole for you and Kalsuoth?"

Idrissa glances to Mur'dah and tilts her head as he ponders the idea. "So.. Where you and Kalsuoth going to stay then?" She ponders where to well go! She'll have to go searching and looking for sure. Tahryth likes the idea of this and is already making plans of where the two are going to go searching it would seem. A glance is sent towards Ka'el at the no everything basicly and she shrugs a bit while smriking.

Mur'dah is suddenly interrogated and that just makes him stiffen. "We'll just…just…I don't know. Stay in the barracks or something. Leave me alone." And he turns to stalk off but then he snorts. "I am /not/ living with my mother." But there's something odd about his voice as he says it, and then he's trying to make his escape. Taking this drama train back to the station, so the party train happy time can continue without his cloud of DOOM hovering over it.

For a rider her age, Anoryn can still move with some swiftness and that is exactly what she does the moment Mur'dah begins to show signs of being put on the spot. "Don't worry about it," she begins to say, only to frown heavily and then push hastily to her feet as the brown weyrling begins to make his escape, "Mur'dah, wait!" She calls out, half concerned and half commanded and perhaps ignorable. The AWLM will not drag him back in kicking and screaming, but she will not look pleased and make a mental note to herself to hunt him down later or send others (dun dun DUN) to hunt him down. "To each their own," Anoryn says after an awkward pause, blue eyes turning to glance at each remaining weyrling before gesturing for them to continue. "To quote a age old saying. Along with 'home is where the heart is'." She murmurs with a faint and crooked smile. Another glance is given to the door, if Mur'dah did manage to escape and she shakes her head a bit. "So I think you three have the gist of this task, eh? I should check on the rest of the bunch." And a certain escapee, but she does not say that out loud. "Don't think that you can slack off while I'm gone! I'll be back shortly. Either myself or another AWLM until we break for lunch." They'll be watching! Before she steps out though, she uncovers a few more items for them to discover, most of them looking to be hand carved pieces, from mugs to plates and other knick knacks and everyday tools made from wood, stone, metal or even some from bone and shell. Have at it!

Soriana frowns at Mur'dah's answer, but she turns her gaze to Ka'el next, still with a frown, and gives her head a quick shake. Leave him alone. Like he says. Even if she then goes to look at Mur'dah's retreating back again, taking a step toward him… but since Anoryn's chasing him now, she… doesn't. Not now, anyways. She turns away, heading deeper into the storerooms. Cleaning, right. Like… oh, look. There's a table that's half-fallen into one of the paths, blocking it. It's kind of a nice table, too. A honey-colored wood, nicely polished. So she starts untangling stuff from around it, being quiet for now as she works.

In the barracks? What, is he crazy? And Ka'el is about to ask him this very question though does in fact catch that look from Soriana. Pft. Fine whatever. He'll let him be … this time. Though if he ever had a reason to seek Mur'dah out for something, this certainly is a reasonable one. Perhaps Anoryn will sic one of them on him if she can't find him herself. If that is where she's going. The AWLM is given a salute at her instructions (and warning), and he watches her head off before looking at the two left. Seconds tick. Thick … bloated … seconds of awkward silence. "Yeah, that wasn't weird," he snerks while moving to the knick knack box, pulling off the cowboy hat from his head.

Idrissa blinks once, twice and then well a thired time as she peers after Mur'dah. "Sorry…" Is murmured out after the fleeing brownrider. She glances owards Soriana and ka'el before she moves off to get back to work, you know over there in the corner and all..

Yeah, that was totally weird. Soriana sighs, but she's not going to go chasing after Mur'dah right now, so… about that table she's untangling. She glances up to Idrissa as she passes near, and gives her a small smile before turning back to… table! Okay, she thinks she can move it now. She stands up, and gives it a pull. There it is! It's coming free! It's… only got three legs, apparently. Not because of some fancy triangular design or anything, either, just because… it's missing one. Sigh. "Is everything here broken?" Or is it just the parts Soriana touches?

Yes. Soriana has the Broken Touch. Ka'el'd better watch out. He adjusts his hat, using a dusty mirror to peer at his reflection. Now that Anoryn is gone, a lot of his motivation to actually keep working is beginning to slip. "Think so," he agrees, glancing over at her with an arched brow. Not an 'omg why are you breaking tables?' brow arch but a 'look at how good I look in this hat' brow arch. "I think this is where items go to die. An' our real task is to find the things that're on their last leg.." a glance to that broken table leg, "and save them before they're too far gone to be of use and get sucked into the abyss of hopeless items." He turns now to look off after the ultra quiet Idrissa. She's been here all along, hasn't she? Yet .. he's hardly noticed, she's been so distant. "What was that all about?" he asks, the question directed to Soriana, apparently figuring she'd have some insight.

And what a hat it is! It raises questions, like… why are you wearing a hat, Ka'el? Or at least that's the one in Soriana's arched brow back. She moves the table out (thereby entirely blocking the aisle for a bit) and looks back to it. It is rather attractive. Just… she gives it a nudge and watches it wobble. "Maybe it could be fixed." Isn't that what Ka'el's suggesting? Find the things on their last (or last three) leg(s) and give them a second chance, before… Yes. The abyss. "From whence there is no return," she says, and there's a smirk on her face for a moment. Just a moment, and then a sigh erases it away, and she shakes her head. "I have no shardin' clue." So much for that Soriana insight! "Maybe he's…" she starts, and then her thoughts fail to supply anything useful, and she shakes her head again. "I thought… with Kalsuoth flying…" That things'd be better. Maybe not.

Ka'el lets that hat wobble, and he helps it along by giving his head a little shake. Weebles wobble, but they don't fall down! But hats will, and there it goes onto the floor. "I think that table isn't worth fixin'. I mean … when will you have the time? Plus, you're no woodcrafter. There's probably all sorts've supplies you need to get that leg back on well enough to not break off again. You'd probably be better off with…" he glances around. With what? Wiiith..ah ha! He gestures to a shaggy rug. "That. Who needs a table, anyway?" He glances to the storage room's entrance and pretends to look busy by shuffling through some things in case an AWLM a little less nice than Anoryn peeks in. "Heh. Maybe this is his dragon self," he says, glancing over to her again. "Forever pissed off at somethin' or somebody. You'd think he'd want a weyr to get away from everyone when he wants to."

Okay, yes, Soriana's no woodcrafter. And, it's true, she doesn't have time for… well, anything, lately. And… yet despite nodding to everything Ka'el says about it, at the end, she frowns and gives it another look. "Well, there should be a section for stuff that's worth fixing." So she invents one! And this here table's the first thing in it. There we go. "Is that what you're going to do? Lounge on rugs all day?" The shaggy one gets a nudge and a dubious look. "It smells funny." Sigh. On she goes, and she at least is still cleaning somewhat, though she's moving slowly enough that Ka'el the slacker should have no trouble keeping up. For a minute, Soriana leans in to untangle a piece of net (no, she doesn't know why it's there) before looking up to Ka'el. Now he gets the dubious look. "You've not got much room to talk." How much time has Ka'el spent brooding or prickling since impressing Kanekith? (Hint: lots.) Sori turns back to the cleaning, giving it a frown.

Well if she's going to put the table there, then he's going to put that scratched up frame there. Why? Because it looks kinda cool though one side if kinda broken off but someone could fix that. Maybe even himself. With some adhesive. And … what could go in the frame? The possibilities are endless! He goes to fetch the thing and places it alongside the table. There. He dusts off his hands. Phew! That was hard work. "I could lounge on rugs all day, but I've my eye on couches. Kanekith shouldn't be the only one with a couch." An extra comfy, nap worthy sofa! There's bound to be a treasure in here somewhere. He follows along after Soriana, eyeing knicknacks and picking up a cage of some sort while she untangles netting. "I've got lots of room to talk," he counters idly, opening the cage door. What was kept in this thing? A small avian? "I'm not that way nearly as much. And I only am when someone's bein' a prat to Kanekith." Or vice versa. Or various reasons inbetween which go unvoiced. "I'm not pissed off now, am I? Shells, I'm downright chipper at the moment, aren't I?" A smirk follows, accompanied by a vague lift of a brow.

The Fix Zone grows! Soriana gives that frame a head-tilted look, then returns to her cleaning. Another rug. A couple lamps. Slowly things begin to look more orderly, at least in this little area. The rest of the store rooms… nope, lalala, not thinking about how much rest there is right now. "Couches are good," Soriana acknowledges. "Get some pillows for it." Because, well, even the comfiest of couches don't always have padding in just exactly the right places. As for where that comfy couch is… yeah, she's not seeing one yet. Must be well hidden. Maybe behind this stack of… empty packing crates? Why are these even being kept around? Well, now they're being dragged over to help with stuff that needs sorting. As for Ka'el… she smirks a little, and steps closer to him. "Yeah. But…" Her voice goes quieter, now; meant to not carry to… well, anyone else. "You've got a girlfriend-" frustrating as that may sometimes be during weyrlinghood "-and nobody looking over your shoulder but V'dim." Unlike Mur'dah, whose mom's probably (definitely) reading every single report written on her son. "So… take it easy on him, okay?" Soriana lifts a brow, gaze steady on Ka'el.

Pillows! Of course. Ka'el nods his agreement at the proclamation. Pillows are so versatile! If he does end up with a nice rug, he can lounge on it with a pillow behind the head. And those same pillows could be used on the couch. And, hey why not take a few extra to bed with him? Pillows have now jumped leaps and bounds higher on his list of 'must haves' for his weyr! His hands clutch at the handle of a broom that's been uncovered (finally), and he gets to sweeping up the crust of dust that's accumulated on the floor. And webs of bugs and things of the like. He slows though as Soriana continues and eventually pauses altogether to watch her with a look that's first smirky (yay girlfriend!), though that begins to fade. "Take it easy? You think I've been takin' it hard or that he has it harder than anyone else?" he asks in a tone that suggests that's a laughable concept. "Sure, I'll coddle him if it'll make you happy. He is only what…twelve?" Or fifteen.

Soriana rolls her eyes at Ka'el. "No. You're not stupid, Ka'el." Her tone now is the one that says, 'So don't act like it.' "I think you've been ignoring him, because it's easier that way. So unless you're twelve, why don't you go work on your straps with him sometime?" One eyebrow rises above the other, regarding him like that for a moment. "I'm not asking you to coddle him. Just… he could use a friend." And Ka'el could be that friend? Maybe? Or maybe not. Soriana shrugs, and for the moment, her own cleaning is left behind as well.

Well, stop making stupid requests and he'll cease giving equally stupid answers, so says Ka'el's expression that he initially regards her with. Though the broom's handle is still held in his hand, the bristles fail to sweep across the ground as he keeps still to listen to her with a growing feeling of incredulousness that only marginally makes its way onto his expression. "Because I work with Jnelle on straps. She's just as good, if not better. And why is it such a big deal whether I've been talkin' to him or not?" he asks, inclining his own brow in return. He can't help but to snort and roll his eyes at the insistence that the brownrider can use a friend, and he gives the room a sweep across the floor. "If that's the case, he should go find one've them." Apparently excluding himself, or so it'd seem. His eyes drift again, drawn by the arrival of the AWLM that indeed comes to take Anoryn's place and make sure that things are happening that should be happening. Chitchat without organizing? Likely isn't one of those 'should be happening' things, and Ka'el looks to Soriana again before gesturing off. "Gonna sweep. Clean floors add to the illusion that things got done." He moves off to do so, sweeping with a vague frown.

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