Beachy Bathtime

Xanadu Weyr - Weyrling Beach

With a gentler slope to the water from the main beach and the way it is cut in like a cove, this is the most sheltered spot for bathing. The sand is the same white hue, there are just as many — or perhaps more — scattered shells. From here, one has a beautiful view across the lake, a scene more often tranquil than not.

Afternoon has settled on Xanadu Weyr, a beautiful day with a sunny cloudless sky and a nice wind to keep the temperatures down. The weyrling beach is likely busy with young pairs going about their daily business. Amongst those pairs is a petite beastcrafter and her green Aisuohkoth who are heading down towards the water, Jessi leading while Aisuohkoth stalks after her, the dark green is currently in stealth mode, or so she thinks anyway. "Aisu, you know everyone can see you, right?" This causes the green to pause, shoot a glance around, and then the stalking turns into pouncing after her chosen one, headbutting the young woman as she reaches her. "I'm going I'm going, I know you want your bath, sheesh." Nudge nudge headbutt, yep, the green's now impatient to get into the water.

Another pair is out to enjoy the cloudless afternoon, though they remain discretely off to the side. Anoryn has settled herself on one of Rysith's crossed forearms, the assistant weyrlingmaster's blue eyes keenly watching as various weyrlings busy themselves both in and out of the water. The aged green is watching too, head held high from where she rests sprawled on the shore, the only movement from her being the occasional twitch of her tail and the calm whirl of her eyes. They're a silent watch guard for now, though from Aisuohkoth's antics with Jessi as they wander to the water, there is a low chuckle from Anoryn. Occasionally, the older greenrider will speak up, mostly to bark something or another at a weyrling or to answer a question (or three).

M'trin and Volenth arrive a few moments after the petite girl and her pouncing playmate. Their journey is more sedate, with the former in swim trunks with a towel slung over his shoulder and a pail full of brushes and things to bathe his lifemate dangling from his hand. He takes the most straightforward path to the water's edge, while the young bronze slinks along at his side. This is less the purposeful 'stealth mode' of his sister and more the natural oiled grace that is already developing. "Deep or shallow," the human portion of the pair asks, and then nods at whatever response he receives. Anoryn and her green 'mate get an easy wave, then M'trin tips his head toward the elder pair and a bit out of the way of pouncing Aisuohkoth. Volenth seems to agree, speeding his gait before he goes splashing into the shallows.

Aisuohkoth doesn't mean to be hyper, it's just the way she is. She pounces ahead of her chosen one, splashing into the water as she gives a purrcroon of greeting to those nearby. Jessi has stopped at the edge of the water to glance around, giving a brief flicker of a wave in greeting to those around, a salute for the older green and her rider. Greetings finished, the greenling slips out of her clothes, settling them and a towel off out of splash radius(hopefully). The young woman, clothed now in a new-looking bathing suit of a soft purple hue, then moves to retrieve a brush and bucket from Gr'eg, who has just finished up bathing his brown. Once everything is in order, only then does she start to wade into the water and towards her frolicking green. Aisuohkoth, for her part, has most of her attention on something under the water luckily for her nearby clutchmates. Before Jessi can reach her, the dark green is diving after some flas of colour or other beneath the surface of the water. "Aisu.." The young woman sighs quietly, and now has to follow her playful lifemate deeper into the water.

As M'trin and Volenth make their straightfroward's path to the water's edge, Rysith is the first to hone in on the pair, her head turning subtly to follow their progress with a low, rumble. Anoryn however, is a little more polite about it and simply returns the wave and tips her head a bit in return. "Afternoon." Though she smiles friendly enough, her blue eyes speak volumes. Behave. But her look and her crisp verbal greeting likely goes to all the weyrlings, rather then just the lone bronze pair. The same greetings are returned by the greenrider to Jessi as well and then for some time the assistant weyrlingmaster is back to quiet sentinel duty. It doesn't seem as though the older greenrider is dressed for swimming, which may explain why she and her lifemate are lounging on the shoreline. That doesn't mean she won't go stalking after wayward weyrlings though and knock some sense into them if any get out of hand. And right now, Anoryn's attention seems to flicker to where Aisuohkoth's disappeared under the water.

Though Volenth is already knee deep, M'trin takes a moment to stow his towel - tucking the edge of it under a rock well out of the reach of tide and optimistically splash as well. Kicking off his sandals, he pauses to give Anoryn a lift of dark brows and a bit of a crooked smirk followed by a casual salute that speaks to that warning in the woman's blue eyes. It doesn't seem like getting up to mischief is on his list of things to do as he shifts the weight of the bucket and pads barefoot through sand and surf, nudging Volenth's rear leg with his hip. "I am not going to climb up you with a full bucket so go deep enough to get wet." The command is met with a soft rumble, but the bronze does as he is told, smoothly disappearing beneath the water when he is deep enough, but returning to where M'trin waits waist-deep after a moment or two. "Is she going to get bathed or is she fishing, Jessi?" It's asked loud enough to carry and with a grin tacked on the end.

"Well, the plan was a bath, but I think she saw a fishy she wanted to get." Indeed, the green stays below the water for a long time, Jessi watching from as deep out as she can go and still keep head above water. Suddenly Aisuohkoth surfaces nearby her chosen one with a large wave of the water. She holds exactly what it was she was after, a fish, not a very big one but obviously big enough to be caught. "You just ate, Aisu. No I don't want a bite." Aisuohkoth purrcroons softly before she tosses the poor fish up in the air, playing with it like it's some sort of toy. Jessi rolls her eyes. "Show off." The felineish dark green continues to play with her food, tossing and wiggling it until it's dead. Only then, after a final offer of it to her chosen one, and a quick decline from the young woman, does the green finally slurp the fish down her gullet in one gulp. "Can we wash you now, please?" Indeed, apparently it is bath time finally, cause the green positions herself where her chosen one can start scrubbing with the brush and sand. She glances towards Anoryn with a sort of 'see what I have to deal with' kind of look.

Rysith cocks her head a little to the side for Aisuohkoth's return to the surface with a caught fish. The dark, aged green chuffs gruffly when the younger begins to play with her catch, but overall the older dragon doesn't seem to disapprove entirely. Seems Anoryn doesn't have to worry over M'trin or Jessi just yet, but other weyrlings do pull her attention away. With a resigned sigh, the older greenrider stiffly slides down from her lifemate's forearm and begins to stride across the shore. The issue seems nothing more then a false alarm concerning one young dragon's hide and once it's resolved, Anoryn seems set to return to Rysith and her previous seated position. But she slows to a stop instead near the waters edge and calls out in a voice that carries easily from Turns of experience. "You two fairing alright?" she calls, resting her hands on her hips and taking on a relatively casual stance. Hey, so she does speak!

M'trin chuckles as Aisuohkoth tosses and wiggles and plays with her fish, but it doesn't distract him from reaching down for a handful of sand and gently using a brush to spread it across Volenth's side. The bronze is less amused, chuffing his wry disdain for her foolish play, then eyeing the water in front of him with quickly whirling absinthe-green eyes. Without warning he dips his head beneath the wave and comes up with a fish, flicks it into the air and catches it on the way down, all without moving enough to disrupt M'trin's work. The man scolds, "Show off," and gives sandy hide a swat, but the dark bronzeling is too smug to take it to heart. "He's been practicing," M'trin notes. "Now sit still and let me scrub you, or you're going to be dirty and itchy." A waggle of his brush is enough to assure Anoryn all is well, then he goes about the big task of washing the second largest young dragon, albeit with the dubious help of one tiny golden firelizard who eventually deigns to make an appearance.

Aisuohkoth watches her bronzen brother top her showing off with a brief littlesnort. He may have been more efficient but hers was definitely more fun. Jessi is absently scrubbing with that brush over dark green hide, pausing after each patch to inspect closely to see that all the dirt has been removed, it's a bit hard to see on the dark hue of the hide. The green's side is effectively cleaned when something else catches her attention and the little felineish green is off on another adventure, diving beneath the surface again. "Airu, will you get back here?" Man, her green seems to have an especially short attention span today, must be all the boring exercises she's been making her do. "We're good, I think. If I can keep her attention long enough to finish scrubbing." The young woman sounds a bit frustrated, but there's also the hint of humour beneath. Aisuohkoth slinks beneath the water until she's just behind Gr'eg's brown Nyodeth that has been floating in the water lazily. First the tip of her nose emerges, then the green is hefting herself out of the water to pounce right in the middle of her brown brother, who bugles in surprise as he's ambushed! Jessi shakes her head a bit, she'll be getting it for that, she's sure, and she chances a peek at the Assistant Weyrlingmaster on duty.

There's a brisk nod given to M'trin when the bronze paired weyrling waggles his brush to signal her that all is well with him and Volenth. Leaving them to their task, Anoryn turns instead now to Jessi. There's a sympathetic look given to the younger weyrling or perhaps it borders more on understanding. "You'll come to find some way of balancing her out," the older greenrider offers as cryptic advice. When Aisuohkoth decides to pounce her brown brother, that has Rysith up on her feet with surprising quickness for a green her age. Just ignore the sound of creaking bones, as some joints protest as she settles herself into an alert stance. Up until now, the dark green had been approving of both Aisuohkoth's and Volenth's obvious knack for catching fish. Now… not so much. Anoryn turns her head to give her lifemate a subtle glance over her shoulder and something must pass between weyrlingmaster and dragon, as Rysith is soon backing off with a deep, rattling rumble. "Jessi," she calls out and from her tone, it's obvious she's going to get in a bit of trouble for it. "You need to refocus Aisuohkoth's… games to other things. Have you considered that? Can't having her pounce all her 'siblings. It's distracting." And somewhat risky. While Anoryn doesn't scold her or seems overly angry, her tone is firm and serious. Her lips quirk slightly too, at some inner monologue she just happens to overhear.

Aisuohkoth is still smug, despite the fact that she pounced a defenseless brown brother, or maybe that makes it even better. But the green doesn't remain long enough for the brown to exact revenge, instead she's off again, paddling her way back to her rider for a nuzzle, pushing her head against her chosen one's stomach. "Yes, very good, but really, you shouldn't be pouncing your brothers and sisters." She tries to sound scolding, really she does, but she knows what it's like to be the smallest of a group of sibs. But then the Assistant Weyrlingmaster is speaking and Jes tries to hide the grin on her face. "I've tried..honest. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, depending on her mood." Dark green purrcroons at some unheard words and she seems a bit more interested in the older green now, something Rysith suggests has her interest piqued. Jessi, having learned to take advantage while her green is distracted, slips around the green to start scrubbing the opposite side from the one she scrubbed earlier. Well, at least with this side successfully cleaned, she has, erm, half of her job completed. But, already, Aisuohkoth's attention wanes and she's looking about for something else to get into, err, do. "Just stay here and let me finish washing you, then you can play all you want." An impatient flicker of wings, but the green stills so her chosen one can scrub at her stomach and chest.

"It will take some time to figure out what works and what doesn't. Key is to keep trying." Anoryn may not pick up on the grin, but she's still leveling Jessi with a mildly stern look. The greenrider has been at this for many a Turn, so perhaps she's seen similar pairs deal with similar issues. Or, it could even be personal experience. "Rysith was a lot like Aisuohkoth, you know. When she and I were young." She says with a half-quirked smile before her attention is drawn away briefly by the antics of another pair or some question fired her way. But it's handled quickly and soon Anoryn's gaze returns to Jessi, hands moving up now as she crosses her arms loosely over her chest. Rysith has returned to her previous spot, settling back to sprawling out with her forearms neatly crossed and her tail curled up over her hind legs. The aged green has focused her attention though on the young green and from the whirling of her eyes, she's doing more then simply watching the other.

Jessi manages to get most of Aisuohkoth washed, and as she's working on the very last patch, the green starts to get antsy again. "Targets? Umm, okay. But first we have to go to the barracks and get oiled." The green seems content with that and as soon as her hide is finished, the felineish green heads towards the shore, followed by her chosen one. Aisuohkoth will wait impatiently for her rider to dry off and get dressed, then they'll be off to the barracks. "I'll try, Ma'am." For the older greenrider.

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