The Windy Waters: Night One

Below Deck - Aboard the Windy Waters

Its to be expected, the conditions of the cabins and lower decks. Bottom line: its cramped. With narrow passageways, the quarters are pretty tight, with every groan of the wooden hull echoing throughout her midst. The captains cabin seems spacious enough, though still nothing compared to larger ships that might see the waters of the world. The actual crew galley is also narrow, with beds built upon each other, utilizing as much space as possible; not at all luxurious. The passenger quarters, often used by the second in command or any high officers, often have a secured cot, a basin, and a small table and chair. The dining galley is at least one of the open spaces below deck, becoming host to all the crew during meal times with elbow room to spare, benches and tables all built into the structure.

After an hour or two spent in the crow's nest, Ryeokie had made his way back down and holed himself in his room until nightfall. Finally the crafter emerges, somewhat irritated. There had been something…or rather /someone/ important the crafter hadn't been paying attention to enough. He looks down the halls both ways, moving off to Py's room and knocking on the door. When no answer comes the crafter furrows his brows and moves to the dining hall, dark eyes scanning the room for a well known face. The crafter tugs at his loose clothes, fidgeting a bit as he continue his searching.

Pyriel isn't in his room, no. Nor is in the hallways or in the dining hall, though people were there to greet the starcrafter for sure. If he happens to ask around, it seems that the Harper Apprentice had wandered off after over an hour straight of singing for the crew and passengers. Several of them praise the boy's youth and experience, while others his skill. There are a few still who didn't seem so much to like the Harper's choice in musical selection. There is one lovely young woman who holds a glass of wine to her lips and smirks over it. "If your looking for the young Harper, I believe he was asked by the captain for a private concert." she purrs, tapping the glass with one of her long red fingernails. "Such a pretty boy…" With a laugh she wanders off at that, blatantly ignoring anything Ryeokie has to say in favor of sliding up next to one of the handsome sailors on board looking for some fun.

"/Private/ concert?" The crafter's normally low voice goes a few octaves lower and his face darkens somewhat. Ryeokie quickly spins on his heel, sparing no further glances around the room and heading to the hallways. Unfortunately, he gets a bit lost and it takes a while for him to find the captain's quarters. He stares at the door for a few moments before reaching up and giving a quiet knock. "Hello?"

Pyriel's voice is hard to miss, it was rather distinctive. "I won't justify. The way I live my life, cause I'm the one living it, feeling it, tasting it, and your just wasting your time. Trying to throw me a line, when your the one drowning. I like where I'm at on my back floating down in my own riptide. The water is fine." he sings as his guitar can be heard strumming away. He's certainly not doing the things that that woman below seemed to be suggesting. It really was, a private concert for the poor old captain. "I like to step on cracks. I go against the odds. You think my world is flat, but I like where I'm going! I leave when others stay, I never re-decide. I don't mind if you wait, but I don't waste my time, crazy, is just fine, cause I like where I'm going!" And it continues on like that for another couple of verses before the guitar strums out a final cord and several people clapping can be heard, as well as. "Ah! Ah fine voice ye have lad! Fine indeed!" Followed by agreement and several gafaws. It gets quiet for a while, and soft murmuring can be heard, until, "Aye! Night lad, rest well." And the handle on the door starts to turn.

There's a blatant sigh of relief at the sound of singing and the starcrafter slides to the ground, leaning against the wall and waiting for the apprentice to pack up and head out. As he waits, the crafter slides his glasses off, fiddling with them for a few seconds. Then he pulls his knees up, one arm resting straight and holding the glasses, the other bent to form a little crook which Ryeokie rests his head in, looking down and slowly closing his eyes.

The door swings open and Pyriel steps out, closing it behind him. He looks exhausted, and that sigh he drops so heavily as soon as the door is shut is a clear indication of that. He does let out a rather uncharacteristic squeak though when Ryeokie is right there, waiting. "Ships and shells!" he exclaims, placing a hand over his chest. Dude scared him alright. He frowns, unable to stir up the energy at the moment to do anything but that presently. "Yer like a stalker. Every time I turn around there ya are." he grumbles, actually stepping over the starcrafter to get past him. He was tired and cranky, and having Ryeokie suddenly show up /now/ when he was so tired was just a bit frustrating. "Come on lets go eat or something." he barks over his shoulder and wanders back towards the dining hall, guitar in hand.

Ryeokie looks up in protest, "I was out of your hair /all/ day. Besides the ship isn't that big, of course I'm gonna be around every corner." The glasses are slipped back on as Ryeo stands, letting out his own tired groan as he does so. Though Py's definitely had it worse. The crafter follows behind obediently, for once not even /attempting/ to get into close proximity with the apprentice. Hands are shoved into pockets and the crafter stifles a yawn, following the now familiar pathway he had frantically taken earlier….perhaps that woman was still there.

She is not. Likely she'd snuck off with that handsome sailor she was draping herself all over. Pyriel takes off for a moment to drop his guitar off in that closet they call a room so that no one gets any crazy ideas about him singing anymore this evening. When he returns, he drops heavy into a chair, and eyes the spread a bit before yawning himself. While the singing practice was nice, and he had picked up some songs that were likely not for someone his age, he folds his arms over the table and rests his head down over it. He really was cute with his hair pulled back like that into a baby fine little lick of a runnertail.

Ryeokie smiles and reaches a hand over, gently running his fingers through the boy's hair. His own head goes down on the table, propped up on folded arms as he watches Py. "Shards Py, they worked the crap out of you. And you just barely starting your apprenticeship." Ryeo shakes his head, disapproval in his eyes, but nothing too firey, it seems they were /both/ very tired at this point.

Pyriel makes a soft mmmph sound, his eyes drifting closed as soothing fingers stroke through his wimpy looking runnertail. "I'm so tired Ryeokie…" he breathes, all the fight good and gone just like that. If the Harpers kept at like this, the boy wouldn't have much energy to do any but. That would include his pension for punching and kicking things. But soon his breathing deepens with a sigh and it's clear that the boy had certainly drifted off to sleep right there at the dining table.

Ryeokie grins at the sleeping boy. After waiting a few moment the crafter stands, walking over to the other side of the table and picking up the sleeping harper gently. And then he's off down the hall, first to drop Pyriel off and then to head to his own room. Maybe the crafter could get in a bit of a nap before the stars came out tonight.

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