Xanadu Weyr - Siebith's Weyrbarn

Covered in rough, weathered wood, aged by the weather and the sun, the irregular grayed clapboards outside of this weyrbarn lend the place has a rustic, masculine charm. White shutters and window boxes overflowing with brightly-hued tangles of flowers on the lower windows and flowering vines twine about the supports for the porch overhang add a feminine touch, softening the stark stone steps leading to it.

The worn stone floor of Siebith's area is just inside the large sliding door. The living area of the weyrbarn has an open, airy layout gives the utilitarian, bachelor-like plain white-washed walls and simple hardwood floors a sense of wide open spaces. A sturdy mahogany-toned table with chairs that somehow manage to match despite their variety accent the earthy, wooden tones of the kitchenette. The same dark reddish hues are in the door at the far side of the barn, as well as in the low-slung coffee table in front of the plush, worn couch. Dusky sea-blue rugs are scattered here and there. Dark golden curtains hang on either side of the many windows and partition off the loft up above, led to by a black wrought iron set of ladder-like stairs. Lilies arranged in glass vases on the tables provide a crisp of white counterpoint to the dark wood tones.

A new addition, the bedroom has walls of the same plain white, but the floors are made of newer wood, still shiny with polish. A four-poster bed of the same red mahogany takes up the most of one wall of the small space, a blue-and-cream linen coverlet spread on the wide mattress. A set of wooden bureaus take up the bulk of the wall opposite while another wall has been painted upon in the very center with a seascape mural, its crisp blue waters and sandy shores. The final wall is graced by a feminine-looking writing desk stacked with papers and bedecked with knick-knacks. Over the bed, a set of stained-glass windows allows golden-brown light mingled with white whorls and blue haze to shine into the room with the rising of the sun, though both panes are able to be unlocked and swung wide to accept lake breezes.

Middle of the night is a good time for sleeping for those worn out from the day's work, stresses and toddler-chasing. Said toddlers are sleeping soundly on their makeshift beds - small mattress-rolls placed on the floor just outside of the bedroom doors that can be removed each morning to clear the floor for traffic. Silence reigns in the weyrbarn, a silence that hasn't been all that long, for they were restless and difficult to get to sleep when they finally settled. It's been a trying evening and sleep welcomed. Unfortunately it's not fated to last. Afar off thunder rumbles in the summer sky and perhaps it's the sound that triggers something in Thea's dreams, for she whimpers, muttering something unintelligible in her sleep.

Sleep. That's a good thing yes. And D'had is no exception to those asleep. He is, and he sleeps deeply, an arm thrown over Thea's waist. Comfortable and content. That is until some distant sound reaches his sleep fogged mind. Its the thunder however. That he could go through without waking easily enough. He's by no means awake just yet, no, but he does shift closer to his weyrmate.

The double windows above their bed have been thrown open to allow whatever breath of air in this sultry night, the stained glass shimmers with afar off lightning, followed by more rumbles; the storm seems to be in no particular hurry to head their way. It's biding its time, gaining strength instead. Thea doesn't hear it though. Instead there's another muffled cry from the back of her throat as she flinches in her sleep.

It might take a good bit longer for D'had to recognize those sounds than it would if he were awake, but they do filter in eventually. "You okay babe?" he questions, having finally stirred from his deep sleep, unsure as to if she's awake or not.

Quietly moaned, "Noooo!" This is not an answer to his question, although he might not know that from the timing of it. There's no mistaking sound of distress in that singular word. Movement can likely felt by that arm he has across her - a restless tossing of her head back and forth on her pillow. Random flickers of lightening, still faint because they are far away, are enough to give him a glimpse of still-closed eyes and tears glittering on dark lashes.

D'had pushes himself up onto an elbow as he peers over her at that reply. Or what he at first thinks is a reply. "Shhh.." he tries to sooth without waking her, the arm that was on her waist shifts to gently tuck hair back over her ear.

Another flinch at the touch, her head jerked away from his fingers. Her movement, however, brings with it awakening and her eyes open at the same time she bites back a scream. Lips closing over that cry have it coming out more like a squeak while at the same time another flash of lightning reveals a rather wild-eyed searching from Thea's pale green eyes. Searching that ends when that sudden illumination allows her to see D'had's there. The poor man. He doesn't get much of a choice, he's grabbed and clung to.

"Hey now," Donn starts, arms wrapping protectively around her after that first wave of surprise at her sudden cling wears off. "What's wrong babe?" a careful inquiry, voice laced with concern even as one hand slides up to gently rub her back.

Inside those arms Thea's body is trembling as reaction sets in, her arms tighten as she half-gasps, "You're alive!" And starts to sob quietly. It's from relief, but he can't know that unless he puts two and two together. But then, why would that fact make her cry? Her reply to his question, when it comes, is muffled from under the dense tangle of hair and the fact that she's burrowed for comfort, her forehead resting in that space between his neck and shoulder. What's wrong? She chokes on the answer, "I saw it kill you."

D'had stares, hand on her back pausing in his confusion to her reply. "Of course I am," he replies with a bit of a chuckle, trying to brush it off. But then she's starting to cry and he's not sure what to do again. Confusion sets in once again and he puts hands to shoulders to pry her back enough that he can try to see her face. "Saw what??"

If he can see though the tumble of dark hair that curtains her face in the flickering light. He manages to peel her back enough to have his look, but she's not letting go - not even to sweep her hair off her own face. Thea's hands slide up to hook over the back of his shoulders lest he disappear or something. Ominous rumbles of thunder interspersed with those brief bouts of light that will assist his gaze in finding her, but really. She looks the same, if not distraught. Her face is pale, lashes wet but her breathing is slowing and though a few tears escape from the corners of her eyes, she's not sobbing anymore. She manages to get the words out, "The… feline." And then she's trying not to start again.

So maybe its not the time to laugh, but her answer to that earns an amused chuckle from the Weyrsecond. Arms wrap around her again, pulling her to him as he attempts to calm her once again. "What? Ya think that mean ol' beast can best me?" So maybe one could, but that's not the point right at the moment. "I'm here. I'm just fine."

He's alive to chuckle, so Thea's not minding that at all. Movement of her head nodding from somewhere near his neck. Yes, she thinks it could best him and yes he is here. Drawing some deep breaths and his scent in with them, she remains wrapped up in him as she calms. Wonderingly, "It was a bad dream." She's awake enough now to realize this, although the lingering emotions are harder to dispel. She shudders, "You had the twins, you couldn't fight it." It's been a month since that walk back through the deep forest and yet…

D'had brushes his fingers through her hair, trying to sooth those lingering emotions best he can. "As long as the three of you were okay.." he replies, which may or may not be the best idea. "You just said it. It's been a month. Nothing's gonna happen. We're all here, we're all alright."

"Wouldn't have been alright without you!" Thea's protest is loud enough it might wake the twins. Her eyes slide closed as she feels those fingers in her hair. It seems with them closed she sees too much for she opens them again right away, seeking him in the intermittent light the storm gives them. It seems a month of trying not to talk has led to this. A nightmare. Strong feelings will come out one way or another. It seems she needs to talk it out before it won't haunt her anymore. "It grabbed your neck. You couldn't breathe. Its claws were hurting the babes. I- I tried to get your beltknife, but it was like… glued in its sheath." She's beginning to tremble again.

D'had pulls her into his lap as best he can, holding her tightly and trying his best to calm her once again. Looks like him talking isn't helping anything. "Its okay babe. I'm here. Nothing happened. Nothing's going to happen."

Thea is easily maneuvered as always; she's never been one to protest being near him. Well, save for one occasion after which she had to have a new pair of boots commissioned. She curls into him. "I saw you die." It's a tormented groan. In the flickering light she leans her forehead against his to peer into his dark eyes - what she can see of them anyway. "I know you're alright, it was just… " So real. "If it were to happen, I couldn't bear it, Donn. How would you feel?" He is helping though. His nearness, his arms holding her tight. She just needs… "If something like that happens again, we need a plan. You'd need your arms free. That was the hardest thing. You're stronger. You know how to fight."

"Shhh.." D'had tries again. A hand lifts to tuck a stray lock of hair behind her ear as dark eyes meet her lighter ones. "I'd be devastated," he replies as to how he'd feel. "But I like to think if anythin' happened to ya I could keep goin' for them," a nod towards the door where the twins are still asleep on the other side. Of course where its so real to her because of that nightmare, its not so real to him. "You know you weren't gonna carry them both all the way back on your own."

Thunder growls; the storm is finally on the prowl and it's coming their way, lighting up the room more frequently now. After a thoughtful pause Thea breathes, "I would hope so." That he'd go on for Muir and Marella's sake. "I… could go on, just… " Yeah, it's not something she'd want to have to do or something she thinks about all that often. The tension finally eases as she lets go of her fear, but retains her hold on him, linking her fingers behind his neck. Reluctantly she has to agree, lips curving into a crooked smile, "True, I couldn't have done it." Rueful, "I'll never leave the Weyr without my crossbow again." She tilts her head to see him better, "All this has made me think though." Uh oh.

D'had steals a kiss between those thoughts. "I know," he replies pulling back from her in an attempt to get out of bed and stand. "Let me get these," a nod towards the windows, "for we get rained on. Hmm." There's a bit of a chuckle then for the mention of her crossbow. "Dunno that's necessary…"

Thea's lips cling to his, her response is perhaps, thanks to that dream, more tender than it might ordinarily be. She allows him to go reluctantly, her hands slipping from around his neck, shifting onto one elbow so he has his freedom - at least to get that window. While waiting for him to return, she reasons, "I'm better with my crossbow than other weapons." Weyrling training had its limitations for her. "And they're still out there." He's seen the foresters reports; he knows that already. Impish now, she smirks, "Besides… I fancy a fur." For what exactly she doesn't say, but if he knows her, she may go hunting them.

"You know," D'had starts, reaching up to pull the windows closed. A grunt as one sticks tighter than he'd expected and then he continues that thought. "You don't need to go looking for trouble." That said and windows latched he drops back to the bed, moving back over beside her.

A brief spatter of windblown rain on the side of the weyrbarn delays Thea's reply. The clouds hold back for the moment, but out in front of the weyrbarn, Seryth curls tighter in anticipation of the coming storm. "My aim is excellent." Thea assures him smugly. He's seen the rug she used for target practice. Of course she neglects to mention those misses thanks to her emotional state at the time of firing. When he slides back into bed, she snuggles close, tucks her head under his chin. "It would be one… maybe two less felines for me to worry about."

D'had shakes his head. "Not what I meant babe," he replies, sliding in beside her. One arm sneaks around behind her as she snuggles in and he tilts his head for a moment to leave a light kiss on top of her head. "What if somethin went wrong? I'd be worried bout ya the whole time you were out there…" Like she'd ever agree to it if he suggested the idea of himself.

There's a contented sigh for that kiss to the top of her head. Teasingly, Thea tickles, tracing light fingers down his spine. "Welcome to come hunting with me," she notes. She still hasn't really said if she's going to do it, but if he knows her… "It's the only way to get furs without paying a stack of marks." Which she no longer has now that Thadan has disinherited her and cut off business ties with her. In the dark she pats around for his other hand, switches topics, "Got to thinking that there's folks who haven't seen them yet." She indicates the door with a tilt of her head, then tucks it back beneath his chin.

D'had sighs, and nods. A touch of contentment there until she brings that subject up. "Yours? Or Mine?" Talking about their families. Since her mother has already seen them and he's fairly certain she could care less about whether or not her father did. So it must be his. "Just bad timing here lately. I'll work somethin' out this seven. Alright?"

"Both." Thea answers promptly and firmly, which might surprise him. Rather than explain about hers, she focuses on his, so if he wants to know, he'll have to ask. Maybe it's the tone in his voice when he asks 'yours or mine' so she soothes, "At least there's no felines there?" At either place. "It has been busy lately." She'll agree to that! His promise to work something out draws a pleased sigh, "I've been wanting to visit aboard the Vega Run again." Her voice has a mixture of both anticipation and longing; it's been too long. Her seeking fingers find his hand, tickle at his palm. Hint hint.

D'had chuckles, "No, there's not is there," he agrees. "But how bout we get some sleep now. Hmm?" That's all the suggestion he has on that for now.

Thea doesn't pout when he doesn't take the hint - and her hand. Instead she laces her fingers between his, turns to snuggle at his side in a more comfortable position, curls up and draws his hand - and thus his arm with it, 'round her, leaving a kiss to the back of it. Outside the clouds unleash the rain in a sudden, steady downpour, the din on the roof enough to forestall further conversation. Likely he'll want to know why she'd think of bringing the twins to see Thadan , hopefully he'll ask before they actually do. For now though, all she says as she yawns is, "They should meet N'shen too." Then she's pillowing her head on his shoulder, staying close after her unsettling dream. Drowsy, lashes touching her cheeks, "Love you, Donn."

D'had nods. "Yeah.." he agrees with a content sigh as she snuggles in, "Will check into that with the rest of it." As for the why on her side, he'll ask that later. When his head isn't set for sleep. For now though, he nuzzles her neck, resting chin on her shoulder. "Lets get some sleep. Huh."

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