Special Delivery for Thea

Xanadu Weyr - Meadow


A large, slightly rolling meadow is set high enough above the riverbank on both sides to avoid suffering from flooding, healthy ground cover and grass spreading out from either side of the dividing river. Scattered amongst the meadow are a variety of buildings, each with a narrow path leading up to it from a main, winding road. Some are set under a few trees, while others sit by themselves.

Stables and a smithy are settled on their own plots, while trees border the northern edge of the meadow, and a faint outline of a fence can be seen to the east.

Kai and her dragon have landed by the river and made their way down to the river. Abeytuth is having a drink as she stands out in the cold water while her rider checks over her list of deliveries. Just another one to go. But she's tired and her dragon needs a rest. The rider herself is not in the water.

Iaserth landed not long ago and Slidra is approaching Kai, she smiles when she spots her weyrmate and kisses her cheek from behind lightly before hopping away, chuckling.

Thea walks through the meadow, softly humming to herself. There's a large swatch of emerald green material draped over one arm, fluttering in the soft breeze as she moves. Around her neck, nearly covered by her dark hair curls a brown firelizard. She nears the two riders and tosses them both a casual wave. "Afternoon there. Xanadu's greetings!"

Kai first turns, to give Slidra a hug, then waves up tot he person with…ooooh! Green fabric! "Ierne's duty to Xanadu and her Queens!" she calls out formally, but smiling. "Good afternoon!"

Slidra grins and hugs Kai back tightly and then she turns to wave at Thea. "Ierne's duty." She says formally with a big smile.

Thea draws up to the pair, having noted the knots both are wearing, tilts her head and replies, "And to Ierne's." Formal words, but the tone is easy, friendly. "Oh, this?" She lifts the arm holding the material. "Was a present. Making a dress from it, if I can find the ribbon to match in stores." There's a pause, and she blinks at Kai for a moment, "We've met before I think? What brings you to Xanadu today?"

Kai says "Transport, Ma'am. I had some deliveries for the Weaver Craft Hall and my dragon got thirsty. I'm ready for lunch mysef."

Slidra smiles and wraps an arm around Kai's waist. "I'm Slidra, Iaserth's green rider, nice to meet you." She offers with a warm smile.

"Ooh! Goods from the 'Hall? What nice things do you bring us today, Kai?" There's obvious delight in Thea's voice. "Can I help carry anything over to stores? I'm headed that way." She flashes Slidra a sunny smile, "Well-met, Slidra. Thea Seryth's rider." There's a pause, "Likely something up on the Serving tables still. Jeffin was to bake bubblies today."

Kai's eyes wide at the mention of bubblies. "That would be nice. Did you order some trim and thread?"

Slidra grins and licks her lips hungrily. "Hmm, bubblies." She says happily, eyes darting to the weyr and she blinks, nearly

Thea shakes her head, "No, I usually work with the wool from my home hold. Was going to see what we have in the Weyr stores, first." She coughs into her hand suddenly, hiding a bit of a smile at the obvious eagerness of the two older women when bubblies are mentioned. "Shall I help unload…" Her eyes slide over to the river and there's a bit of a blink, "…er, the cargo?" There's a wince for the stuff still strapped to the dragon, now likely soaked.

Kai signals her dragon with a silent messages. Abeytuth raises her head and wipes her dripping shin on her forelimb then steps carefully from the water up the embankment then settles down so her rider can climb up on her back. Kai climbs up to search through a couple of leather pouches, now mostly empty, and pulls out a few carefully wrapped bundles. "I have one here for Alicia….Cam'den, no, those are shirts….What is your name, ma'am?"

Slidra smiles at Kai and then at Thea. "Don't worry, your goods are undamaged." She explains simply. "Kai wouldn't get it wet, she's very serious."

"Name's Thea, Seryth's rider," She repeats for Kai as she steps closer to Abeytuth. She grins at Slidra and there's relief in her expression at the assurance the cargo is safe. "Not expecting anything for myself today. Ship brought me a fwool four-bale a few sevendays ago. Still working through that. What can I help you carry?" She lifts her arms to catch should Kai decide to toss her anything.

Kai says "Well…there is a small one for you here, actually…." She pulls out a large white envelope. "Looks to be a package with some thread and trim in it. Probably the matching thread. And there are some tunics, I think…." she pulls out a larger bundle, all neatly wrapped, "marked for Xanadu's general stores. Do you want to accept it here or shall I fly it over to a better location for unloading? I was here just to give Bey a drink."

Slidra steps up and smiles to Kai. "Just throw it to me, we'll drop it to someone in the weyr."

There is surprise written all over Thea's face, "For me? Huh. I wonder if he-" She doesn't finish the thought, however. "Here," she answers at about the same time Slidra speaks. She giggles softly, "Don't trouble poor Abeytuth. She looks a bit tired."

Kai holds out the package and drops it down to Slidra to catch.

Slidra catches the package and nods at Kai. "Got it." She calls out to Kai before stepping away from the dragon and the water so it doesn't get wet by accident

Kai says, "Thanks," to Slidra and drops down from the dragon's back.

Thea receives her envelope and her finger slides into the opening and neatly tears the packet open. Inside there is emerald-colored thread, a small pack of needles and some ribbon of dark brown exactly matching her hair. Folded at the very bottom is a smaller swatch of thin, sheer material in a very fine weave of the same dark brown. She's totally involved in her musing and starts off across the meadow, "Kav must've…" She's several steps away from the other riders before she turns about calling back to them, "Oh, ah, sorry. Must run, but you're welcome up to the Caverns to eat." She waves, then hurries off in the direction of the Weyr proper and the records room.

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